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This story takes place just before the war begins in FOC. I do not own any characters other than my own OCs which will be revealed in this chapter.

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"Progress report."

"My liege, the Nemesis is almost complete and Omega Supreme is no more. All that is needed is to prevent the Autobots from escaping on the Ark. Bruticus is at the ready."

"Thank you Shockwave. You have served your cause well."

"Thank you, my liege." Shockwave bowed.

"Now. What of our fugitive?"

"Corruptor has not responded to any outgoing communication. It is highly probable that he has been killed."

"Do not be so negative Shockwave! Have faith in our precious Commander!" I quipped.

"Very well, what will you have me do?"

"Keep a watchful eye on the horizon. If you have the slightest impression of Corruptor's location, inform me immediately. I want his head on a pike."

Some time earlier...

"YYYEEEEEEESSSSS!" My brother and I shouted.

"In all of Cube(1), that was one of the BEST scores I've ever seen!" My brother shouted.

"Iacon rules!" I continued.

We were in the stands of a Cube game, it was the Iacon Wreckers versus Polyhex finals.

"Can you guys calm down? You're already way too big for these seats, do you really need to be so loud?"

"Hey, you try to stay quiet when the game of the vorn is going down!" My brother shot back.

I mean he's not wrong, we are way too big for these seats. My brother and I are both normally the biggest of the group, we're reverse combiners. (2) They didn't have any other seating so we had to sit without knees to our chests, but at least it was front row center.

After the game, we headed back home.

"That was awesome man, I'm so glad we went." My brother exclaimed.

"Agreed, it was fun," I replied.

The holo screen then appeared, Megatron was giving another lecture.

"Ugh, this guy again." I sighed.

"What? You got something against him?" My brother asked.

"No, he's just annoying. Autobots this, rebellion that. Boring."

"He does make good points though, we should take responsibility for our planet and protect it, the Decepticon government is doing just that."

"Are you really getting into politics?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm debating joining them."

"Y'know what, you're my brother and I respect you. If you want to choose this path then I will support your decision. I just hope you know what you're doing."

"I do."

"Alright, well I'm heading over to Macadam's. Wanna join for a celebratory ale?"

"How could I say no?" He chuckled.

We sat at the bar with bots cheering all around us.

"Great game amiright?" Macadam chuckled as he slid us two cans of Energon across the long table.

"You said it, big man!" My brother said as he raised his drink.

"Enjoy guys!"

"So if you're gonna get into the Decepticon military, you're gonna need a cool name." I chuckled.

"What? Like K-753 isn't cool?" He laughed in reply.

"Oh no it's awesome, but I think you might wanna change that."

"I have been thinking about it actually."


"How does Prosecutor sound?" He asked after a sip of his ale.

"Get a big gun and I'll say it's perfect."

We both had a good laugh and ended the day on a good note, despite my admitted disagreement with his decision.

As time passed during the war that followed, my brother gained a good reputation in the military. They said he was taking confirmed kills like it was nothing. He eventually became the commander of a squad of seven. But one day I got the news.

My brother was reported to be ambushed by none other than Optimus himself. He did not walk away from the fight, and neither did the rest of his squad. They were honored by Megatron along with the others that died on that day at their eulogy. But it didn't feel real. For Megatron, this was just a publicity stunt, something to make him seem relatable. His way with words reminded me of Liege Maximo.

From that day forward my hatred for everything grew. I hated Megatron for lying about everything and I hated Optimus for killing the only family I had. The only way for me to get peace is to take blood for the blood I lost. I need to join the Decepticons.

"Who are you?" The Decepticon at the drafting booth asked.

"It's on my file. K-754."

"I didn't ask for a bar code. I asked for your designation."


He finally looked up at me and stared at me in surprise.

"Listen pal, this is drafting for Seekers, not tanks."

"I understand," I replied.

"You need to have a fast alternate mode, a dropship isn't gonna cut it."

"My alternate mode is an F-15 fighter jet."

The bot in front of me laughed.

"That's funny, now what's your alternate mode?"

I then transformed into a purple and black F-15 jet and a grey tank.

The bot slowly stood from his seat in shock.

He stuttered for a moment before saying, "This guy over here is going to escort you to your dorm. H-h-hail Megatron."

"Hail Megatron," I muttered after I transformed back into bipedal form.

I was escorted by a black and grey Seeker through a large room that reminded me of an aircraft storage facility. There were Seekers everywhere.

I was led to one group of seven and was introduced.

"New recruit. Play nice."

All of them looked to the Seeker and then their eyes slowly looked up to my face.

They all burst into laughter.

"I think you got the wrong place pal! Jetfire and the other helicarriers are two buildings down!" A Green one exclaimed.

The others laughed even harder in response.

I deployed one of my personal rifles and pushed it into his chest.

"I don't care what you think about me, I couldn't care less. I'm here to finish my job and you're here to finish yours. Don't piss me off."

"Gentlemen!" A red and white Seeker called from afar, "Is there a problem here?"

"N-no, sir." The Seeker in front of me replied.

"Well, that's unfortunate. Who's this? Are you lost big guy?" The Seeker asked.

"No… sir. I'm joining the Seekers."

"I see. Well, let's hope you don't die on your first day."

Then he walked away.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Commander Starscream. He leads all the Seekers." A yellow Seeker replied

"I see," I replied, putting my rifle back into its holster.

We were then escorted to a room with null rays and grenades on the walls.

"Have you picked any weapons? These are top of the line null rays." A red Seeker asked.

"No need. I craft my own."

"Alright, man." He shrugged.

We were all in another room later on with a holo table and other seating with Energon drinks on a shelf.

"Should we be recreating when we should be training?" I asked.

"Oh trust me, we're gonna train. And once you start training, you're gonna be grateful for these moments of peace." The yellow one nudged me.

I sat down on one of the benches, taking up half of its space. The other Seekers played some sort of game on the holoscreen with the others watching.

I took this opportunity to clean some of my weaponry. I took out my rifle and began to do just that.

The yellow Seeker noticed and approached me.

"I haven't seen that model before, where'd you get it?" He asked.

"I crafted it. It's very similar to the V32 CYBR Corruptor." (3)

"Ah, I see. You know that would sell for huge money right?" He chuckled.

"My weaponry is not for sale," I grumbled.

"Fair enough."

There was a moment of silence before he asked me, "By the way, you never told us your designation."

I hesitated when responding, my numerals as my designation may not give the right impression in this situation as I had learned at drafting.

I looked down at my rifle again trying to think of a good one.

"Well? Did you forget?" The Seeker asked.

Yes, this one's perfect.

"I am… Corruptor."

(1) So Cube is basically Transformers Rugby. They actually used this game a few times in Cyberverse if you want more info on it.

(2) So I don't know if these guys have an official name for these guys or not, but basically they're like Overlord, Omega Supreme, and Nexus Prime where they have components but they aren't separate entities like typical combiners. For example, Overlord separates into a jet and a tank but they are still just Overlord. Same with the other two.

(3) Fanfic wouldn't let me type in the name properly, it's the gun from FOC that makes the enemy bot fight his allies.