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I walked away from the writhing Decepticon leader behind me. I'm sure Soundwave will collect him shortly. I leapt onto a tall rock from which my shield was born and closed my optics. I held my arms up at my sides and let the power flow. In order to traverse the stars to Unicron, I must adapt.

I then leapt into the air in a backflip and shifted into an ancient starship. My thrusters slowly powered to life as I hovered, aiming my nose toward my destination. Then once they hummed to life, I blasted into the sky at the speed of light. I travelled through solar systems and galaxies for two deca-cycles. As I flew, I began to feel weak. The Corrupted Heart within me, while being a source of unimaginable power, is not unlimited. I soon learned that I was very similar to the primes of old, I needed to absorb energy from a star. The only difference between myself and the primes: I do not need a harvester.

I eventually found a star that was not in the vicinity of any planets hosting life, this will not tip the scales. I flew directly into the star and plummeted through its surface directly to its core. I lay dormant inside the star for an entire solar cycle, or what would be one on my home planet, before continuing my journey.

I finally came to a colourful planet filled with life. Could such a lively planet really be the facade of the Dark God of death and destruction?

I entered its atmosphere and transformed once I made it to land. I looked around at all of the plantation thriving on this lush planet. As I walked through the forests, using the power of the heart, I was able to learn about the present and future of this planet. It was host to savage creatures that dominated the land,(1) but would soon become host to a more intelligent species who would turn this planet into a vector of pollution and war. That sounds familiar.

I approached a large body of water, in which the Heart compelled me to enter. I walked along the seabed, observing the aquatic life flourishing above me. Some creatures were small and harmless, others were much larger and more ferocious. Once at one of the lowest parts of this vast ocean, cracks started to form below my peds. I put my servos within one of the cracks and ripped it open, clear-cutting the ground around me in a 3000-Klik radius. All that was left was the centre of a distinct circular orange metal mouth, its signature mandibles retracted. As soon as I revealed it, the ground began to tremble intensely, causing all the wildlife around me to flee. Then, something entered my presence, I turned around to be met by another Cybertronian, adorned with purple and grey paint and hrons similar to his sire.(2) He looked at me with a mildly confused expression and reached his servo out to my face. Once he touched my forehead, my consciousness was sent elsewhere. I was no longer in an ocean, in fact, I was in space. However I could no longer sense the constant presence of Primus in this universe, it was only Unicron. As I turned in zero gravity, I then saw the massive planet to my left. While I am quite large, Unicron clearly dwarfed me.

"Who disturbs my slumber?" The booming voice inquired.

"It is I, the knight of Prima. I am here in order to restore balance to the universe. You have begun to wake, which endangers every living being in the universe if there is nothing to stop you, so here I am."

"And you think that a lowly Cybertronian such as yourself can stop me?"

"I am no mere Cybertronian."

"Foolish child. You are merely an ant beneath my feet. How dare you come into my presence with such authority! If you had not been of my own kin, you would have been eradicated in seconds."

"I am not of your kin. I am an engine of balance, not chaos."

"You are the product of my lifeblood, are you not?"

"Partially, yes."

"Then, my son, you are a product of me. Half of your power is derived from me. You have great capability because of this, you may turn out to be useful."

"What are you implying?" I inquired.

"That you would be better off joining your father, as my herald."

"To what cause? Total chaos and annihilation of all life?"

"I am appalled by the mere existence of any petty race boasting independence. I find their corruption revolting, they are all destined to fall into chaos, destruction and death by their own making. I think of myself as merciful to bring that upon them swiftly, saving them the suffering they will wrought upon themselves."

"To what end? Do you only desire to drift through an endless empty universe, devoid of all life with no further purpose?"

"My mission would be complete. I would find satisfaction in the fact that I prevented the evil that intelligent life would bring."

"You hypocrite! How dare you speak of evil when you yourself are the source of it! You see imperfection and your only solution is to simply eradicate everything in existence? If you are let out of confinement, you will leave unbalance and chaos in your wake. Joining your cause would be completely against my purpose. You in fact were partly the creator of what you seek to destroy. You call yourself a father, but a father's mission is to care for their offspring, not only create it. You are completely devoid of any compassion, you leave no room for error, no forgiveness, no patience, no love. You are the opposite of good and just."

"YOU DARE CRITICIZE ME!? I AM BEYOND TIME ITSELF! You should choose your words more carefully when consulting a god!"

Then the same bot that transported me to this plane approached me in zero gravity. Looking to the Heart, vacant in my chest, he plunged his fist through it. I screamed in pain, my consciousness shifting in and out of this psychological universal plane. Once I eventually returned to the ocean in which I found the Chaos bringer, the purple and grey bot had his servo on the Heart, not inside it as I would expect. I was not damaged, not physically. This bot was releasing a dark power directly into my system, with the Heart as a gateway. This purple energy engulfed the Heart internally in a purple smog, which eventually tainted the colour of my entire body. Once it reached my mind, however, is when I really started to lose control. My body began to change drastically. Spikes began to protrude from my shoulders, chest and head. My armour began to reformat, creating a more menacing look, similar to Unicron himself. The bot in front of me finally began to speak through two voices once I was completely corrupted.

"With the power of chaos, you are reborn: Primus Unicronus."

With no further control of my own body, my consciousness pushed to the side as it were, I leapt out of the water and transformed into my starship form. I blasted out of the atmosphere in seconds toward a neighbouring galaxy. I flew directly through several different planets, destroying them in the process. One after the other until 20 were destroyed, and I was forced to watch. I then transformed and fired a massive beam of energy at one of the largest stars in the galaxy, causing a supernova, eliminating a quarter of the galaxy.

"Destruction, chaos, death. Does it not bring you a rush of pleasure and satisfaction? Does it not envigerate you that you have in fact saved lives? The planets you just destroyed would become hosts to races that would eventually hunt and terminate all of humanity soon to come. You have succeeded in saving an entire race." Unicron spoke through my mind.

"But according to you, humanity's fate is sealed as well. Their fate is exactly the same."

"Even yet, you cannot deny the adrenaline you feel at this very moment. There is nothing in this universe that can satisfy you like destruction. That is where you take after me."

I am enraged. I can no longer take the corrupt ideals this hypocrite is attempting to feed me. I cannot allow him to control me, if he does, I myself will send the universe into disarray. I will be what unbalances the universe. That cannot happen.

The Corrupt Heart now began to awaken from its current state of further corruption. The pure power of will began to take light once again. With the new dose of darkness and evil flowing through me, the Heart must now match that power with its opposite. I was able to take back control for only a moment, enough time to transform and encase myself in another star in another galaxy.

"What are you doing!?" The Dark Lord screamed within my mind.

With the energy I now collected, the Heart was able to purge most of the evil within me and distribute it equally with the good. Now I have completely purged Unicron's control of my body, with the result being immense. With the Heart compensating with new power from this star against the dark power providing a sensory overload, I emerged much more powerful than before. My spikes retracted and my colour returned, but I decided to keep the armour, it suited me.

I burst out of the star, now completely depleted of all life, and flew directly back to Unicron.

Entering the atmosphere once again, I plummeted toward the ocean where I encountered Unicron. Once inside the sea, I transformed and began to channel enough energy to put the god of darkness into a much deeper slumber. Then a hand was put on my shoulder. Fine, I guess I'll take care of you now.

Without turning my body, my arm snapped over to him and grabbed his neck in a choke.

"Stay out of my way, or you will regret it," I said bluntly.

"I cannot. Unicron must awaken." The purple and grey bot replied simply.

The bot kicked me away from him with both legs, flipping backward once he broke free to face me again. He then sent several blows surprisingly quickly at my abdomen considering we were underwater. He jabbed me five times in the chest very quickly and spun around, driving the back of his ped into my face, making me turn upon impact. I then received two shots to the back from a firearm which made me take a knee on the ocean floor.

I quickly dashed to him and sent several hooks at him, only some of which he dodged. I then grabbed his chest plate and tightened my grip, leaving dents where my fingers were. I then lifted him horizontally by the chest and slammed him into a nearby rock over and over again until he let go of my arm.

I growled out of frustration and forced my fist toward his abdomen. My fist plunged through his armour, tearing out several vital wires. He groaned and wheezed once I finally stopped.

"You think you can defeat Unicron? You think you can stop what's coming?" He coughed, "This isn't some training course you can dominate."

Wait… what?

"You cannot kill a god, not even the primes could. You're still the same rookie you used to be…" He smirked.

"Who are you?" I asked simply as his purple Energon began to pollute the water around us.

"Let's just say I was an observer… a very long time ago. You rose in fame and valour ever since that day at the elite course. We, however, were pushed aside. Good thing Megatron sent you on that suicide mission and you never returned. This is not another Cybertronian battle you can win. This is intergalactic, this is beyond what you can perceive... You won't even make it past the first turn." He laughed in between coughing.

That last sentence was oddly familiar.

"I bet he won't even be able to start." Another slightly raspier voice said behind me. I turned to see another bot, slightly heftier than the one writhing behind me, adorned in blue. As I was observing, this new bot was sending a punch directly to my face.

I doubled over, not expecting the impact until the last second, but once I repositioned myself I replied in kind. I sent a barrage of attacks toward the blue bots' abdomen and face, most of which had a slight effect on him. He was heavily armoured. He replied in kind once more, much more effectively. I was able to block some of the hooks with my forearms, but he quickly replied with an uppercut to my exposed abdomen. I involentarily grunted from the force of the impact. I grabbed his head while I was hunched over and flipped him over me, once he was on his back horizontally above me, I grabbed his backplate with my other hand and repositioned my first hand's grip to the armour protecting his neck. I then pulled down hard, breaking his back over my knee.

I then threw him at the ground expecting him to be either severely injured or dead if I'm lucky, but he got up and started to aim a blaster at me. Alright, time to finish this.

I then deployed Executioner and dashed toward him, slashing him rapidly. He was able to dodge half of the attacks but was injured from the rest. Once dazed by my last attack, I sent an upward slash from his lower abdomen to his face, making him double over onto his front on the seabed.

With both bots taken care of, I turned to face what I could see of the chaos bringer, only to see yet another bot standing in my way.

"Hello, Corruptor. Good to see you again." He mused in a familiar tone.

"And who are you supposed to be?" I asked, now annoyed by enemies constantly appearing out of nowhere.

"Allow me to jog your memory."

This bot was huge, slightly bigger than Megatron. In almost every aspect he was similar to Megatron, the most notable being a much more futuristic fusion cannon on his right arm, of which he was now adjusting by typing into a holoscreen on his arm.

He now aimed the cannon at me as it began to charge. I placed my peds into the ground, preparing for the impact of the blast. Once it hit, it was not a single round, but a continuous burst of energy like a railgun. Then it hit me, all three of these bots I have in fact met before, somehow they have all transformed into new, more powerful bodies. The final was no doubt the very one who ruined my life before this one. Megatron.

The energy from Megatron's cannon was intense, much more powerful than the last time I confronted the Decepticon leader, but so am I. I began to absorb the power of the cannon, redirecting it back to him with my own beam of energy just like last time. Both beams fluctuated constantly, fighting over dominance just as before. Megatron pushed back hard, just like before, his beam overpowering mine. My peds began to drag backwards in the rock seabed from the blast. I then began to muster up the power to absorb and redirect even more. However, now Megatron had Unicron on his side. He then began to fire so much energy at me that my body simply could not handle it. I was experiencing a sensory overload, as it were. Once the beam of energy from Megatron's fusion cannon completely overthrew my own redirection, It backfired. The explosion was so immense and so powerful that I was literally fired out of the atmosphere like a round from a null ray. I was sent far into space, damaged heavily. As I drifted, I pondered the situation in my state of deliriousness. I was so dazed from the impact I could barely think straight. Eventually, I drifted into a state of unconsciousness.

I woke on an unfamiliar planet, or moon by the looks of it. My body was severely damaged even still. I painfully sat up with a groan and stood on this dark dusty planet, several random rocks levitated in the unstable gravity of this place. As I scanned my surroundings, I was surprised to see a femme, adorned in green and red highlights.

"Greetings." It introduced in two voices, one feminine, the other older and wiser sounding.

I instinctively deployed my sword and demanded, "Who are you?"

"One moment." She said simply. She approached me as her eyes began to glow white. (3)

I was lifted into the air slightly by an invisible force, as the dented and scratched parts of my armour miraculously were pulled back into place.

"Don't flatter yourself, I'm the one repairing you." She chuckled.

Did she just read my mind?

"Yes, I am Alpha Trion."

"Wait… how is that possible? The primes died eons ago."

"I am not the original Alpha Trion, I am in fact, a reincarnation." She replied.

"Why am I here? What is this place?" I inquired further as I was slowly put back down on the desolate ground.

"This is simply the first planet your course of endless drifting was obstructed by. I have travelled here from Cybertron to speak with you."

"Why?" I persisted.

"Because you, while powerful, cannot enslave a god. Especially the god known for chaos, destruction and death."

"Then what do you suggest? It is my purpose to maintain balance." I refuted.

"That may be so, universal stability is vital to its very existence, however, you cannot merely muster up enough power from the Corrupted Heart in order to return the God of Darkness back to its eternal slumber. You need help."

"From whom?" I emplored.

"There are only two beings in the entire universe that can accomplish such a task now that the primes are no more. However, one of them is bound to his planetary form and is no longer an option."

"Are you referring to Primus?" I clarified.

"Indeed." She replied.

"And may I ask who you suggest may be of the same capability as Primus himself to aid me in incapacitating Unicron?"

"What all Cybertronians have been brought up to know is that at the beginning of time, Unicron and Primus were the first and only two gods. They battled for millennia which created all of the known universe. However, what you do not know is that there was a third titan. This third child of the One is the goddess Gaea.(4) She was created as a utopia among the battles of Unicron and Primus. Unicron is the god of darkness and suffering, Primus the god of light and peace, Gaea is the goddess of life. Her lifeblood, Rarified Energon, is the very foundation of all Cybertronian life. It is the very material used to forge sparks. It is a very limited resource among the multiverse, which is why Gaea has never intervened in the infinite battle between Unicron and Primus, she has been encased in her planetary form since the day she was born. She was even rumoured to be the planet Earth, of which instead Unicron resides. She, similar to Primus, has not had a consistent source to her lifeblood, trapping her within this very planet we stand on today. Quite a coincidence, wouldn't you agree?" Alpha Trion smiled.

"Indeed… Was that your doing?"

"How did you know?" She smiled, revealing a large magnificent book and quill.

"My past self was very knowledgeable, he went through a phase of Cybertronian history, one file spoke much about Alpha Trion's Quill."

"I see." She replied simply.

"What lies ahead for me? Do I complete my mission?"

"Who really can ever complete an infinite mission, my friend?"

"You know the answer to that question," I replied sternly.

"I do, but sharing it with you may create a different outcome. I'm afraid I must remain silent on this matter." She answered.

"Very well. Had you not stated that Gaea was a 'utopia'? Why is this planet now a desolate wasteland?" I inquired.

"With the lack of Rarified Energon at Gaea's disposal, her ability to create and sustain life diminished, causing all life on this planet to crumble and die. In her grief, she… went offline by her own doing."

"She terminated herself? That explains why I have never sensed her before… So how are we supposed to revive her? If Rarified Energon is so rare, how will we get enough to resurrect a planet?" I persisted.

"That… I cannot share with you. I must let you run your natural course as it was intended, as you must let the rest of the universe do the same." She replied.

"Very well. Will I ever need your assistance in the future?"

"Undoubtedly." She smirked.

I then gave her a respectful nod and walked away. Alpha Trion disappeared behind me as I sat down atop a floating rock. While this is a desolate wasteland as I had mentioned before, it was peaceful. It was quiet, the levitating rocks had some amazing qualities to them, and the endless starry sky was awe-inspiring. I sat with my legs crossed at this rock and focused my mental energy. I allowed the Corrupted Heart to aid me once more, in guiding me toward my mission.

My mind drifted for what seemed like eons. I began to see visions of Alpha Trion, Unicron and a giant green female titan… Gaea. I then began to see images of black holes, my sight followed the light being sucked into them until everything was black. Eventually, after a while of falling, There were sparks of white light like lightning randomly. I continued falling as the sparks became more rapid until eventually everything slowly turned into a blinding white.

I then awoke from my vision, pondering what everything meant. I looked at the stars and noticed that they were now different as if time had passed since I began meditating.

"Hello again." A familiar voice said behind me. I stood and dismounted the floating rock.

"Do I need your help already?" I inquired.

"Already? It's been two vorns since I've seen you." Alpha Trion replied.

"Interesting, I must have been put into temporary stasis during my meditation." I realised aloud.

"What did you see?" She asked.

"A solution. Hopefully." I replied.

She then closed her optics and began to levitate slightly above the ground. She raised her arms in front of her as a small ball of white energy formed between her hands. I was slowly being pulled upward with her as the ball became larger by the second. Then suddenly, she expanded it around us, blinding me from the brightness. Then, once she retracted the dome, we were in empty space. We have been transported to another location in the universe.

"Did your solution look something like this?" She asked, gesturing to a black hole in the distance behind her.

Without a word, I approached it.

"I will have you know, there is not a single thing in this universe that can resist the pull of a black hole, not even Primus or Unicron. If you go in there, you may never come back." She warned.

"I have to try. I trust the wisdom of Prima." I replied in a determined tone.

"Good luck to you, Corruptor." She said somberly.

I then stopped moving toward the black hole with my thrusters and let the gravity take control. It pulled me slowly, but it got faster the closer I got. I quickly looked around me at the stars and galaxies in case I would never see them again. I'll admit, there was a part of me that was panicking. Probably Knockout.

I then turned back toward Alpha Trion as I fell at increasingly rapid speeds, my sight seemingly being enclosed by nothing but blackness. I watched as a circle of light and colour rapidly shrunk in my vision, until I could see nothing at all. Nothing but blackness. I could still feel myself falling, even if it was hard to tell sometimes, but I knew I was constantly moving extremely fast. I even created a light source in my hand like a headlight, but the light quickly bent back behind me.

Eventually, just like in my vision, there was a flash or spark of white light to my right. Then again in front of me, and again to my left, until every other second, there were sparks and bolts firing all around me. Eventually, they were so constant and so loud that my systems could not handle it. My optics fuzzed out and my audio receptors began to ring very loudly. I recalibrated them as I continued to fall. Once they finished, all I could see was a blinding white light. Then, I was suddenly in space again. I looked above me to see a white hole, firing out all kinds of energy, the most abundant being light. I transformed and landed on the moon of the nearest planet, or crashed I should say. I was so dazed and in shock by the experience, I just had that my body simply could not comprehend or accept it. I vomited on the moon's surface. I staggered to my peds, struggling to even focus my vision properly. Eventually, I got back to my senses and began observing the white hole I just emerged out of.

"Who are you?" A deep commanding voice demanded behind me.

I turned to see a white coloured bot with wings and an axe, who oddly enough greatly resembled Optimus Prime.

"I could ask you the same thing." I shot back.

"I am Nova Prime. Knight of Unicron. Now I ask you again, who are you?"

"Unicron?" I asked, dumbfounded that a prime other than Megatronus would serve Unicron, especially one who resembled Optimus.

"Indeed, who do you serve?"

"I serve no one. I am dedicated to the balance of the universe. As we speak Unicron is emerging to destroy all life, if you say you serve him, then you are my enemy." I said bluntly as I deployed my sword. Before he could reply, I charged him. I don't have time for debating, I must get what I need and find a way back to Gaea as soon as possible.

I went for an immediate hard left slash, with enough momentum to follow up quickly after Nova Prime blocked it with the blade of his axe. He held strong against me as I tried pushing into him. He then pushed back hard, making me take a step back, only to receive a kick to the chest.

"Stand down. You will not win." He demanded, brandishing his large axe.

"What makes you so sure?" I mused as I deployed my sheild and fused it with my sword, creating an axe of my own.

I let out a battle cry and charged, once he dodged my downward slash, he replied with a hit from the butt of his axe to my right abdomen. I then swept his legs and started a downward slash, which he blocked with the handle of his axe. We pushed back and forth while he was on his back, the blade of Executioner getting increasingly close to his cranium plate.

"Unicron… is not a destroyer… he is… a peacemaker!" Nova Prime exclaimed through struggling.

I immediately got off of him.

"What are you saying?" I asked.

"Unicron was never an evildoer. He has saved countless lives from the God of Order, Primus."

"God of order..? Where am I?" I thought aloud.

"Nova, what is going on?" A disembodied voice asked.

Then a wise-looking red and purple bot began to materialize behind him.

"Alpha Trion." I sighed, relieved.

"Indeed I am," He turned to me. I was shocked to see a male Alpha Trion, with a long wise beard.

"You… are not the Alpha Trion I know."

"How can that be?" He asked, "I am the only one."

"I know another who claims to be Alpha Trion. It is in fact a femme, a reincarnation of the prime."

This Alpha Trion looked at me in a confused, wondering expression. Then without a word he opened the Book and Quill.

"...Judgement?" He presumed.

"Where am I?" I demanded in response.

"You are in universe Primax 207.0 Epsilon. You have just arrived from universe Primax 206.0 Epsilon. You have just travelled through the multiverse."

(1) This is prehistoric Earth. Judgement is currently strolling through Pangaea.

(2) Just in case my description wasn't very good, this is Cyclonus. And just a disclaimer, I don't care what you say, he was Skywarp NOT Bombshell... at least in this universe.

(3) Green highlights... why does that sound familiar? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is a brand new universe, and every universe has its similarities, doesn't it? This is in fact Symphony. The same Symphony from Rewrighting Cybertron who is a reincarnation of the wisest prime to ever live. This variation has been created much earlier than the Symphony in Rebooting Cybertron, who then realizes she is a reincarnation much sooner. She embraces it much more than the other Symphony, actually fusing her consciousness with the late prime. As she is Symphony, she is still a mystic, which means she still has her telepathic abilities as well as Alpha Trion's wisdom.

(4) Gaea is a real character. She did not have much on her wiki page so a lot of this backstory is improvised, but Rarified Energon is actually a thing canonically in some universes.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Please review what you think