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Now, here we begin with the first chapter.

Chapter No.1: Where Am I?

"I am a young Arabian girl, navigating life by following instructions, striving to do what is best for myself and others. I embrace the twists of fate, whether they bring fortune or adversity." - (My OC)

Date: Unknown

Time: Unknown

Location: Unknown

In the depths of a quiet suburb, a massive blue portal materialized out of thin air, lingering ominously for a period of 2 to 5 minutes. Abruptly, a figure emerged from the portal, collapsing to their knees and gasping for breath. However, this figure was not a bizarre monster or creature. Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that it was a teenage girl. Her disheveled black hair framed her face, revealing a bruise under her right eye and a small wound on the left side of her forehead. It took her several minutes to regain her composure and rise to her feet, clutching onto a large black cloak. Her legs trembled as she struggled to maintain her balance.

"أوتش ... يا راسي."

Tr: "Ouch … my head." the girl muttered, placing her hand on her throbbing forehead. With tired eyes, she surveyed her surroundings, taking several minutes to piece together the events that had transpired.

The narrow alleyways.

The encounter with the drug dealer.

The relentless pursuit by regime soldiers.

The horrifying experience of being imprisoned and subjected to relentless torture.

The deafening sound of a missile striking nearby.


Tr: "wait," she paused, a thought flickering in her mind.

"أخوي حسان!"

Tr:" My brother Hassan!" Her eyes widened with a mix of hope and worry.

"لازم أروح أدور عليه!"

Tr: "I must go and find him." Another realization struck her as she glanced at her left arm, only to find that the device attached to it was missing,

" الجهاز! لك كان هون! بس كيف!"

Tr: "The device! It was here! but how!" She thought. Panic washed over her as she frantically searched through her clothes, including the crumpled black cloak she clutched in her left arm, but the device was nowhere to be found.

"أنا متأكدة أنو هو هون، لا هون ... ناه! ... آوتش!"

Tr: "I am sure it's here…. not here… Naah!... Ouch!" She exclaimed, frustrated by the fruitless search. Suddenly, she doubled over in pain, clutching her abdomen tightly, momentarily ignoring the ache that permeated her entire body. She had spent a mere five days in prison, unjustly detained and mercilessly tormented. The lack of mercy shown towards the elderly, women, and children, especially within the prison walls, haunted her thoughts. She recalled the desperate cries of children begging the soldiers to be reunited with their families. She tried to ignore the echoes of torture and moved her lips,

"ما لقيتو... مانو هون"

Tr: "I didn't find it…It's not here." she said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"ليتك لو كنت معي ... عنجد الأمر مرع...أوتش!"

Tr: "I wish you were with me …...it's really cree… OUCH!" Her sentence trailed off as another wave of pain surged through her body, causing her to wince. She longed for the presence of someone familiar, someone who could offer guidance and support, but she was alone.

Her family.

Her relatives.

Her friends.

Their whereabouts were unknown to her. All she knew was that she had arrived here, fleeing from danger with the aid of the device that had mysteriously vanished.

"إهدئي... إهدئي."

Tr: "Calm down …... Calm down." she whispered to herself, taking deep breaths to steady her racing heart,

"إذا ضليت أبكي وقاعدة هون ما راح أقدر ألاقيه."

Tr: "If I Kept crying and sitting here, I won't be able to find him." Determined, she wiped away her tears and let out a sigh, attempting to regain composure.

"هلأ أول شي لازم أقوم شوي شوي."

Tr:" Now first thing I must get up little by little." she resolved, gripping the tattered cloak tightly in one hand and using the other to push herself up from the ground, despite the pain coursing through her body. She took a deep breath, standing upright.

"ممتاز، هلأ لازم أعرف وين أنا، أخوي علي لا خوف عليه هو ذكي فينو يلاقيني. بعد كل هالشي الجهاز كان بجيب المنطو تبعوا."

Tr: "Perfect, Now I must know where am I. There is no need to worry about my brother Ali; he's smart and resourceful. After all, the device was in his manto's pocket," She thought while looking at the manto. Even though the manto was crannied - which makes you wonder for a moment that it went through a war and was covered with dust and dirt, she was grateful. She suddenly remembered what happened in the prison several hours ago.

*Flash Back*

In the dimly lit prison cell, Ali sprinted down the corridor, pursued closely by another man. As he rushed past the door, there was a glimpse of his sister inside, sitting on the cold, dirty floor. Her hands were shackled to the wall, and her tattered clothing revealed the extent of her injuries. Bruises and cuts covered her limbs, and her once pristine black manto was now stained with blood and dirt.

" #$%, All my friends had been captured…" the soldier cursed, glancing outside. He turned his attention back to the girl, his anger evident in his voice.

"AND ALL THIS BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU &$#%!" With a swift motion, he struck her forehead with the back of his pistol, causing blood to trickle down her face. Surprisingly, the girl did not react or show any signs of fear. Instead, she stopped trembling and locked eyes with the soldier.

"Wait…... Is she dead?" he wondered aloud, stepping closer to her. But before he could make another move, she delivered a powerful kick to his abdomen, causing him to gasp in pain and double over.

"Gahhh!" he groaned, clutching his stomach and struggling to catch his breath.

"No…You moron …." Began the girl.

"I am not dead."

"*COUGH*…. *COUGH*…You brat…. *COUGH* …. how can you be this strong after all this …" Said the soldier and tried to stand up but fell down.

"You haven't seen anything... If I weren't handcuffed, I would make you and everyone responsible for this regret it for the rest of their lives." Said the girl looking at him with her bright yet dangerous amber eyes. A wicked smile crept across the soldier's face,

"HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!" The soldier laughed uncontrollably The girl couldn't help but wonder if he was a deranged psychopath.

"What's so funny?" she boredly asked,

"You brat…. How will you escape this prison in your horrible condition? You WON'T ESCAPE." The girl didn't respond. She was thinking of something more important.

"Ughhh…. My head hurts me." Thought the girl and heard the solder's voice again,

"Tell me you brat…." She raised her head looking at him with tired eyes.

"Who are your parents?"

"Not telling you." Answered the girl , her voice steady despite the pistol now pointed at her forehead. The soldier's laughter subsided, replaced by a cold, sinister gaze.

"Why do you need to know their names anyway?" Said the girl ignoring the pistol which pointed at her. The soldier was surprised by her reaction.

"Aren't you afraid of death? Your life is in my hands now." He taunted..

"No, I'm not. Why should I be afraid? I won't benefit anything from being afraid, and " the girl replied, her tone filled with unwavering confidence. " I believe that miracles happen…. don't you agree with me?" The soldier fell silent, taken aback by her response. Without warning, he pulled the trigger, and a deafening bang filled the room. But the girl's brother, who had heard the gunshot, rushed back to the prison cell, his eyes widening in horror.

"Oh No…. LAYAN!" he cried out, racing towards the source of the sound.

"MAX! SCAN THE PLACE!…" he shouted, but there was no response. Panic began to set in as he realized his companion had disappeared.

"Max? #$% Where did he go!? I don't have time." he muttered, continuing his desperate sprint.

Inside the prison cell, a thin wisp of smoke escaped from the gun's barrel. To everyone's surprise, there was a hole in the wall behind the girl, but she remained unfazed. Her attention remained fixed on the soldier, who wore an expression of disbelief. "What a surprise…I liked your courage." he muttered, his voice tinged with admiration.

"What do you think am I? I'm not a coward to handcuff a GIRL on the wall…." the girl retorted, her eyes narrowing at the soldier. His anger flared up, and he glared at her with malice. (W.N: Oh No..*glup*)

"And you have the courage to talk to me like that? You still won't tell me your parents name, will you?" he sneered.

"Over my dead body." she shot back defiantly.

"Humph…Whatever." he scoffed, raising his gun once again, aiming it at her head. "Any last words? Brat?"

"Yes, who are you?" she asked, curiosity gleaming in her eyes.

"Hmmm…Since you're gonna die I will tell you …. My name is Kevin Yoshino…." he replied, a smug grin stretching across his face.

"A sniper who had been working as an agent at Navy SEALs and disguised as a soldier to catch and kill the twins who are my older twin brother and me, but the main question is…." Thought Layan trailing off, her gaze intensifying as she locked eyes with Kevin.

"Ok…One last question then ,go ahead." she said, and saw his arrogance evident.


"Who sent you?" she inquired; her voice laced with determination.

"I will not tell you his name, but since you're going to die anyway ; his code name is The Bloody Vampire." Kevin responded, his grin widening.

"I see…." she murmured, her mind working quickly.

"That's all you want to ask?"

"Mhm…" Her calm response made Kevin hesitate, sensing something amiss.

"So, you want to die…." Said Kevin but was cut off by Layan.

"No, it would be suicide more than dying. I am a young Arabian girl, navigating life by following instructions and striving to do what is best for myself and others. I embrace the twists of fate, whether they bring fortune or adversity." the girl declared, her eyes darkening as she lowered her head.

"Hmmm…. impressive…. Now I REALLY want to know who your parents are…Since you won't tell me, I will find out myself." Kevin muttered, his amusement turning to curiosity. Suddenly, he lunged forward, raising his gun once more with an evil grin drawn on his face.

"DIE," he shouted, pulling the trigger. But before the bullet could reach its intended target, a figure swiftly stepped between the girl and Kevin.

"W-What!?" Kevin was shocked. It was a person with a distinctive hairstyle and a cleanly shaved beard. Their eyes, just like the girl's, shimmered with bright amber hues. Dressed in a white shirt, pants, and a pristine white coat, they exuded an air of authority. With a flick of their wrist, they deflected the bullet, which clattered to the ground. The girl's eyes widened in astonishment as she took in the figure standing before her.

## Don't. Shoot. Her. ## The figure commanded, striding towards Kevin. Layan noticed a logo on their attire - a Cyber Cube - and tried to read the text on the back of their coat.

"R- Robo Gama? Cool! I liked the name!" Thought Layan.

"What!? You …." Kevin gritted his teeth, attempting to shoot again and again. However, each bullet merely tore through the figure's clothes, leaving no mark on their impervious form. Kevin continued firing until he ran out of ammunition.

" #$%" he cursed, throwing his pistol to the ground in frustration. He reached for a UZI, his gaze locked on the figure.

##Kevin Yoshino… You're under arrest…## the figure declared, clenching their hand into a fist. In one swift motion, they struck Kevin's stomach, causing him to lose consciousness and crumple to the floor. Retrieving a small cube, the figure pressed a button, ## Teleport to James Black. ## and Kevin disappeared in a flash of bright blue light.

"Umm…. Sir?" Layan stammered, but the figure remained silent, their attention focused elsewhere.

"T-Thanks for saving me…" she stammered, her voice filled with gratitude. The stranger's gaze suddenly shifted to Layan, who flinched and closed her eyes in fear, bracing herself for what was to come. Without a word, he approached her, unlocking the handcuffs that bound her. Layan trembled, fear coursing through her veins.

But then, something unexpected happened.##Kid …. Your Body Temperature is 25 Degrees Celsius. Your health status is in danger. ##a voice spoke, interrupting the tense atmosphere. Layan's eyes flew open, confusion evident on her face. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Eh?" she uttered, her voice laced with disbelief.

"Wait…Papa?" Her eyes widened in disbelief as she looked at the person before her.

## Incorrect. My name is Max. I am a robot who have been created by Kareem Thamir Yahiya Kanata. Your father. My main mission is to protect his family, especially the twin brothers. ## Max explained, his tone devoid of emotion. Layan couldn't hold back her tears any longer, they cascaded down her cheeks.

"My father did that? …" Layan's voice trembled, her emotions overwhelming her. Suddenly, a yell echoed through the room, and her brother, Ali, appeared. He was sweating and clutching a gun tightly in his hand.

"LAYAN!" Ali exclaimed in a British accent, his voice filled with relief. He rushed towards her but stopped short, unsure of what to do or where to begin. Layan tried to stand, but her weakened state caused her to stumble, coughing violently. Max swiftly moved to catch her, preventing her from falling to the ground.

##Don't stress yourself. You are still injured. ## Max advised, gently helping her to rest on the ground. Ali rushed to her side, his eyes filled with concern, but he couldn't bring himself to meet her gaze. He didn't know how to handle seeing his sister in such a vulnerable state; it was his worst nightmare come true.

"Layan! Thank God! You're alive! Quick wear this!" Ali said, his voice filled with urgency. He removed his long black cloak and draped it over her small, frail body. "Keep wearing this until we get out of here."

"Th-th-thanks." Layan spoke, her voice barely above a whisper. Gratitude and relief washed over her as she clung to the warmth of her brother's gesture.

"I'm very sorry for being late. I didn't mean to be late. I …." Ali's voice trailed off, his emotions threatening to overwhelm him. He couldn't bear to see any harm come to his family, especially his beloved sister. Now, his worst fears had become a reality right before his eyes.

"Thank you. I know you would come to her to save me." Layan whispered, her voice filled with love and trust.

"You were?" Ali's voice cracked, his emotions evident in his trembling words.

"Yes, you're my brother. Who can I trust except you and my family?" Layan's voice was filled with conviction, her unwavering faith in her brother shining through.

"Layan…" The loud alarm blared throughout the prison, jolting them back to reality. Max walked towards the prison door with a determined stride.

##We must get out of here. Ali, keep your sister with you. ## Max commanded, his robotic voice cutting through the chaos. Ali nodded, his protective instincts kicking into high gear.


"What's happening?" Layan asked, her voice filled with concern and confusion.

"Don't worry, everything will be ok. I will do everything and anything to make you safe…."Ali reassured her.

"Promise?" Layan asked, raising her index finger, a small smile gracing her face. Ali couldn't help but grin.

"You won't change your habit, will you?" he thought to himself, a mix of amusement and affection in his gaze.

"Of course, I promise!" Ali declared, intertwining his finger with hers, sealing their promise. Layan's smile widened, a glimmer of hope shining in her eyes.

*End of Flashback*

A small, nostalgic smile played on Layan's lips as she recalled that moment. Despite his disappearance for twelve long years, her brother had never ceased to protect and understand her. He remained the caring and devoted sibling she had always known.

But as she reminisced, a wave of questions flooded her mind. Where had he been all those years? Why had her father's name ended with "Kanata"? The pieces of the puzzle were slowly falling into place, yet there were still missing fragments that eluded her. It seemed she would have to wait patiently for a moment of tranquillity to unravel the mysteries that shrouded her family's past.

Her mother and grandfather had always told her that her brother had tragically perished alongside their father when the war engulfed their country. And yet, here he stood before her, alive and fiercely protective. The truth behind his disappearance and the enigma surrounding her father's name would only reveal themselves with time.

Layan knew that answers would come, but for now, she had to focus on the present. The urgency of their situation demanded it. As they navigated the dangers that awaited them outside the prison walls, she clung to the hope that someday, the truth would be unveiled, and the missing pieces of her family's history would finally fall into place.

"أي صح، قديش الساعة؟"

Tr: "Oh right, what time is it?" Layan wondered In a weak voice; Her curiosity got the better of her. She glanced up at the sky, noting the darkness that enveloped the surroundings. It was clear that night had fallen, but she still had no idea of the exact time. Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind. She remembered the small watch tucked away in her brother's cloak pocket. Perhaps it was electronic and had a built-in light, allowing her to see the time even in the pitch-black suburbs.

With a glimmer of hope, Layan carefully retrieved the watch, her fingers trembling with anticipation. She shook it gently, listening intently for any signs of life. To her relief, she heard the familiar *Tick Tick* sound, indicating that the watch was still functional. She whispered a silent expression of gratitude in Arabic, "Thank god."

As she examined the watch, she noticed that its glass was cracked, a testament to the hardships it had endured. Two square buttons adorned the other side, piquing her curiosity further. With a mix of trepidation and intrigue, Layan pressed one of the buttons, and the watch instantly came to life. A soft beeping sound accompanied the appearance of a small red dot on the display. Surprisingly, the sound was not as loud as she had expected, leaving her puzzled.

Her mind raced with questions. Why was the sound so faint? What purpose did the red dot serve? The mysteries surrounding the watch only added to the enigma that surrounded her family's past. But for now, Layan focused on the practicality of knowing the time, and...try to focus on the immediate task at hand.

"يا ورطة! شلون راح أوقفوا؟؟"

Tr: "Oh trouble! How am I going to stop it?" Layan exclaimed, her voice filled with nervousness. She anxiously rubbed her temples, desperately trying to silence the incessant beeping by pressing the same button. But her attempts proved futile as the beeping persisted, growing louder with each passing moment. Frustration welled up inside her, adding to her already mounting anxiety.

In a moment of desperation, Layan accidentally pressed the broken screen of the watch. To her surprise, the beeping abruptly ceased, replaced by the display of the watch's brand mark. Relief washed over her as the silence enveloped the surroundings, calming her frazzled nerves.

She couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief, grateful that the unexpected noise had come to an end. However, a lingering sense of curiosity remained. What had caused the beeping in the first place? And why had pressing the broken screen resolved the issue? The watch held more mysteries than she had initially anticipated, leaving her with more questions than answers.

"لازم أكون حذرة أكتر المرة الجاية."

Tr: "I must be more careful next time." Layan let out a sigh of both relief and frustration as she gazed at the watch in her hand. The beeping had finally ceased, but now she was faced with another challenge. The display on the watch showed various details, including the date, time, and location, but the broken screen made it difficult to read. Layan, however, didn't care about the broken screen at all,

"Cool!... Now let's check the t... i…m... e" Layan said in a British accent, her voice filled with excitement. But as she trailed off, she noticed something was wrong.

"Wait a minute." She narrowed her eyes.

"… Isn't it supposed to be... a normal watch?... I remember hearing the *tick ** tick* sound, What if it's an old-fashioned watch but with the latest technology? Is there even such a device doing this? How fast the time became? Or maybe because I didn't talk or think for a long time? Am I hallucinating? Or …Ugh. These days in prison made me lose my mind. Now I am talking to myself like an idiot…But…... "

##UGHHH! TOO MANY QUESTIONS, STOP TALKING ALREADY! YOU BIG-MOUTHED MORON!## a voice interrupted her thoughts. Layan jumped at the sound and got irritated by what she heard, even though whoever said that was right.

"Hey! Who said that? If you think you're brave enough to say that in front of me then Show yourself!" Layan looked right and left preparing to fight but didn't see anyone.

##DOWN HER YOU IDIOT!##Layan looked at the watch, which showed two square blue 'eyes' looking at her,

## I am the one who said that.## The electronic watch ...spoke? That made Layan blink,

##What? ## Asked the watch raising an eyebrow, ##Why are you blinking? Don't you want to fight?##

"I was right…" Layan mumbled.

##Right about what?## The watch asked.

"About the fact that you can talk…..." Layan trailed off, her voice filled with confusion.

##OF COURSE, I CAN TALK! IS IT THE FIRST TIME YOU SEE A TALKING WATCH!?## The watch exclaimed, causing a commotion in the surroundings.

"Shhh! Lower your voice! Your causing noises!" Layan whispered, looking around.

##FINE! But Why Are You Trying To Stay Silent?##The watch whispered back.

"I was running away from the prison -because my brother told me to - and found myself here…wait…I am the one who should ask not you!" Layan said, regaining her composure.

##Fine Fine, Don't Piss Off…. How About That. You Ask Me Questions And I Will Answer You, And Vice Versa. Ok?##

"Hmmm …. Sounds good to me. Ok." She hummed for a moment then agreed.

##Alright. Go ahead. What Do You Want To Know? ## The watch said in a boring tune.

"Who are you?"

##Isn't It Obvious? I'm A Watch! DUH!##

"I know that you're a watch, but that's not what I meant." Layan clarified.

##HUH …. Then What ?##

"Your name. Since you're a gadget or device or whatever… there should be a name to you. It's not like you going around without a name, right?"

##O… You Meant That. My Name Is Watt-1000 And Try To Be Clear With Your Questions. ## the watch, named Watt-1000, replied.

"O... K…good name there." Layan said, ignoring Watt-1000's last comment.

##Ok Now It's My Turn. Your Ali's Younger Sister. Aren't You?## As he posed the question, a flicker of surprise crossed her features. "Y-Yes, I am …. But... how did you know? I have never met you before."

##He shared your specifications with me, and I meticulously analyzed them. And as for our conversation, well, I possess an artificial intelligence, or an A.I.,## Watt-1000 explained simply, his voice tinged with a hint of pride. The revelation seemed to astound her, as she let out a low whistle.

##Surprised? ## He inquired, a touch of smugness lacing his words. Yet, his satisfaction quickly dissipated as her response fell short of his expectations.

"Not really. I have encountered and interacted with numerous robots boasting an 'A.I.' However, encountering one housed within a watch is a novelty," she countered, her tone betraying a hint of skepticism. Watt-1000 found himself taken aback by her unexpected retort, and he could have sworn he detected a muffled comment about his propensity for anger and rudeness. An irritated huff escaped the device.##Hey! I Heard That!##

"Ooo ~...my bad~. I had assumed you were incapable of hearing me, considering you tend to babble incessantly," she retorted, her irritation evident in her expression. Layan's remark struck a nerve, for he had indeed been prone to outbursts." Can you at least stop yelling? Isn't enough what happened at the prison? Whenever I remember it, it sends me creeps….It wasn't like a cartoon prison, you know. It's ...worse than I thought." Layan trailed off as she looked at the ground. It's not that easy to recover. Especially when you're at the age of roses.

##F-Fine I Will Stop Yelling… I'm Sorry… ## Watt-1000 conceded, his voice laced with contrition.

"It's ok." She replied. she replied, her words barely above a whisper. Grateful for her understanding, he silently acknowledged her gratitude as she averted her gaze, plunging the space into an eerie silence.

A question lingered in his circuits, compelling him to raise an inquisitive eyebrow and emit a thoughtful hum. The movement caught the attention of the teenage girl, her eyes narrowing as she awaited his query.

##You Look Too Young Comparing With The Way You Talk And The Information You Have.## Watt-1000 observed, his tone laced with curiosity. Layan's features twisted in confusion at his remark.

"Yep…. Everybody said the same…." she replied, her response laced with caution as she attempted to shield her perplexity.

##How Old Are You? ##He pressed, his voice filled with genuine concern.

"I am have become….15 Y.O. several days ago." she revealed, her words tinged with a hint of hesitation.

##And You Know About Robots, Right? ##he mused aloud.

"…. Yes…. I know…. But…. you can say that I am a beginner…." she confessed, a sheepish grin tugging at the corners of her lips. Unbeknownst to Watt-1000, her admission of being a novice slipped past his notice.

##Well, That's Interesting…...##he responded, his curiosity piqued by her unique blend of youth and wisdom.

"Now it's my turn." Layan continued, "They are two questions."

##Alright! Ask Without Introductions. ##Watt-1000 said in a boring tune.

"You so mean compared to a watch ~" Thought Layan then looked at the electronic watch.

"Fine, what time is it?" She asked with a strict tune.

## It's 2:50. ##

"The 24-Hour technique or the A.M. and P.M. technique?"

##24-Hour Technique, What's Wrong With That Kind Of Question… Its Boooring. ##

"Good, and where am I?" Asked Layan ignoring Watt-1000's complaints.

##Not Telling You. ##

"HUH! WHY!? IT'S NOT FAIR!" Layan protested.

##Find Out Yourself. After all, It's Quite Obvious. If you need help, I will give you a hint. Turn on that onion in your head; so I can see how smart you are. ## Said Watt-1000 mocking yet daring her.

"Fine. Humph, gadgets these days are really rude." She pouted and looked away. She needs to organize the information she got.

From what she heard from Watt-1000, Layan deduced that it was 2:50 at night. "This means there is not a lot of time till dawn like 2 or 3 hours. Perfect! Now the timing problem is solved. Great job over there!" She smiled to herself.

"Now I need to find out where am I. " Layan looked around. The place was very dark despite the light out there. She could hear car noises and other sounds too. "Wait" Her train of thoughts stopped for a moment. "Why there is noise out there? and it's very loud. Isn't it supposed to be less because of the night? It's like ..." Putting her thumb and index finger on her chin, Layan lowered her head in thought. This caught Watt-1000's attention.

##So, Did You Find Out? You Have Been Thinking For 3 Minutes.##He asked and heard her saying inapprehensible words.

"The City That Never Sleeps." She whispered, then her amber eyes sparkled with realization.

"We're in New York City!" Layan exclaimed cheerfully, looking at Watt-1000.

##Are You Sure? ##

"Am I sure ...? Of course, I am! One hundred percent."

##Your Right, How Did You Know? ##Watt-1000 asked, impressed.

"From the time, lights and the noise." Said Layan as she points to the lights outside, explained,

"Most cities became less noisy at night, but this place is different. The noise is quite high, and you could tell – of course- that there are people - a lot of them - out there despite what time is it. I heard some Ads out there talking in the English language American accent precisely, which means that I'm in a foreign country. I asked myself 'Why there is noise out there? it should be less because of the night' or sort of…... anyway, I instantly remembered 'The City That Never Sleeps' and the city that has this nickname in New York City, it's quite a known nickname for this city after all. There are indeed other cities around the world with this name, but the language and the accent cancelled all of them. *" Layan gave Watt-1000 a confident look, waiting for him to see if her theory was right or not.

##Bingo! You Got It In Less Than 5 Minutes! I Have To Admit, You Are Talented. ## Watt-1000 praised.

Layan blushed and sheepishly replied, "Hehe...than…. Guh!…ACK!..." Couldn't finish her word, she tensed and tightened her grasp and fell , clutching her chest in pain. Gritting her teeth, she gasped for breath.

##Hey! Young one ! can you hear me? Are you ok?## Watt-1000 asked with concern.

"I'….m …... Fi…ne…." Layan managed to say between breaths.

##Stop Lying To Yourself. That Doesn't look like 'Fine'. Listen, Go And Lend Yourself Against The Wall Until You Feel Better; So I Can Tell You What To Do Next. Ok? ## Watt-1000 instructed and Layan nodded making her way to the wall. she leaned against it for support and winced in pain as she felt the coldness of the wall against her back. Watt-1000 heard her mutter, "It hurts."

## Calm down, everything will be okay. I'll send SOS messages to your brother's friends so they can come pick you up. Hang on until they arrive, ## Watt-1000 reassured her.

Layan didn't respond, focusing on her breathing. Watt-1000 quickly sent out the SOS messages, but he noticed that his battery charge was rapidly decreasing.

##O…No…I Must Hurry Up Before It's Too Late. ## Watt-1000 muttered, realizing the urgency of the situation.

End of Chapter No.1

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