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Chapter 10: Decision

Date: Thursday. 18/November/20XX

Time: 10:55

Location: USA- New York City -Presbyterian Hospital – Near Dr. Richard's room.

Jodie and Andre Camel were walking in the hallway of the hospital. Camel held files with a GAMMA cube mark, while Jodie held a small black cube. The angel of the cube was curved inside.

"You called me to hold these things?" Asked Camel looking at two big folders.

"Ah… sorry for that Camel, but Akai can't help me with them; because he is targeted by the black organization." Explained Jodie and gave him an apologetic look. He sighed and said "Ok…Ok..." then his gaze turned to the cube mark on the file.

"This organization is deadly, be careful." Commented Camel looking at the file and the weird cube.

"Yeah, when it comes to an old case that belongs to an important person, they become completely serious. That's why we sometimes ask them to help us in some secret operations and cases." Explained Jodie. They almost reach Dr. Richard's room.

"You know a lot about this organization."

"Eh? Ah Yeah, I went with James once to this organization, but there was something weird about it."

"What is it?" Asked Camel raising an eyebrow.

"I asked one of the members about GAMMA and said it is considered a small part of the main basement of the Galaxy organization."

"G-Galaxy organization!?"

"Shh! Don't raise your voice…" Jodie tried to shush the gorilla. "Nobody must know about it."

"Uhh. ok..." Replied Camel and Jodie opened the door. The room was designed especially for Dr. Richard. The walls of the room were colored dark green with several photos attached to the wall. There were two long cabinets behind the office two long black sofas in front of the office and a table between the two sofas.

Max, Akai, and James were inside waiting for the others to come. James turned to Jodie and Camel. Meanwhile, Max was far from them leaning on the wall, not saying a word. Like a piece of iron Menachem leaning on the wall, his amber eyes staring at the ground. The system in his cube head was scanning and refreshing the orders he received from an unknown location. "Oh…. you came so fast …So, did you find it?" Max's stare suddenly moved to James who was asking the agents. Ali felt Max was receiving orders but didn't talk.

"Yeah, it was at the same place which Max told us about, but we didn't find any member of GAMMA." Said Jodie and Max's machines became whirring, trying to return to his balance as he began walking. James was about to talk something "All right, then-"

##You didn't find any GAMMA members? ## Max Interrupted James as he spoke in Japanese and the FBI -except Akai – looked at him surprised. "You know how to talk Japanese?" Asked James and Max instantly replied. ##Yes, I can. Ali had installed all the languages in my system, and it's stored right here. ## Max explained and pointed at his metal head.

"Incredible." Commented Camel and the door behind them opened showing Omar. "Hello again!" Greeted Omar with a grin.

"Hey, kid… So, did you bring your tiny thing?" Asked James and Omar answered with "Yep!" and a grin. Then he felt the small blue fox go out of his pocket and jumped on Omar until it reached his shoulder.

"K-Kawaii." Thought Jodie putting both of her hands at her mouth. Omar tried to ignore Jodie's childish look. He looked around and asked, " Where are the others?"

"The doctors went with your sister to perform examinations and come back to talk about the case."

"Looks like we have to wait."

"Yes, young one."

"All right." Said Omar, putting his hands in his pockets, walking to the sofa, and then sitting on it. After several minutes, Ali and Waleed entered the room.

"Yo! Everyone" Began Ali talking in Japanese and said, "Meet my uncle Waleed." Ali stepped aside to show him his uncle and the agent's eyes widen when they saw Waleed. It was the first time they meet Waleed in person.

"Good morning." Began Waleed Introducing himself. To the agents' surprise, he can speak Japanese. "My name is Waleed Thamer Kanata. The older twin brother to Kareem. " He finished and bowed a little putting his hand on his chest then returned to standing. They heard about Waleed once from Kareem that his older brother is bigger than him, but not that big.

"Wow, He can understand Japanese and all of them are Titans." Akai Thought raising his eyebrow. James walked to Waleed and introduced himself. "Good morning, my name is James Black. the chief of the FBI in Japan, and those are my reliable agents Akai, Jodie, and Camel." Said James and introduced the others to Waleed, and the agents greeted him. "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir."

" It's a pleasure to meet my late brother's friends". He said with a warm smile. James was smiling then turned. He signed for Ali to come aside without letting anybody notice it. Ali saw the sign and turned to talk with James.

"Ali- Kun. We've talked about not getting more people into this case. It would be dangerous if anybody found out about it."

"Don't worry…My uncle knows about the case a long time ago."


"Yeah, Jack Scott tried to kill his kids once."

"K-Kill his kids?!"


"What happened with him?"

"I don't know; he didn't tell me the details yet, but told me that Omar and Layan must listen to it too."

"O-Ok-" They felt heavy steps coming closer and turned to see Max walking to the agents with a serious look on his face. ##You Didn't Answer My Question. ## Max's sudden change in tune brings everybody's attention in the room except Omar who fell asleep so fast on the sofa with his tiny blue fox.

##Did you see any agent nearby the items? ## He was staring at Camel and Jodie as he walked to them.

"No, we didn't. We only saw the items where you told us about, right Camel?" Asked Jodie turning to Camel.

"Y-Yeah and we found a small paper with unknown writing." Said Camel pulling a small, folded paper and handing it to Max. Max took it and opened it up and read it in silence. His face returned to normal then said ##Good. ## with folding the paper and putting it in his pocket.

"What did it say?"

## It says ' Don't stick your nose in my business. '. ## The agents gave him a dotted look and Ali was like "Oh, God…." and made a facepalm. Waleed was hiding his laugh. He was already sitting on the opposite sofa where Omar was sleeping.

"Max…What did we talk about speaking like that?" Asked Ali Max annoyed. Max turned to him and answered. ## I didn't. The message says that. ##

"Really? Let me read it."

## I refuse. ##


## Because you will ruin it. It has a GAMMA stamp mark on it. ##

"Come on, I won't ruin it. I am not that little kid anymore."

## I hope you are right. ## Ali tried to ignore Max's last comment. Then Max pulled out the small paper again and handed it to Ali to read it.

"That moron…" He squeezed the paper with his cyber forearm and a flame surrounded him. "I won't let him get away from it…." The agents -except Akai who smirked- stepped back as they saw the scary aroura surrounding the cyber-armed agent.

##Don't ruin the paper and give it back to me. ##

"You must burn it."

## That's why I told you not to read it. Next time listen to what I say. ## Said Max and the door opened behind him to show Bamsi, Hassan, Hakima, and Lilo (AKA Layan) enter the room. Layan's facial colour was better than before, and her amber eye colour was shining, but her right hand was bandaged, and still wearing the black hat.

"Hi there!" Said Lilo and waved. Waleed Turned to see figures coming from far away. Waleed hadn't seen his brother's family since Kareen died in the explosion. He wished to contact them but couldn't because they were in completely different dimensions. He thought that he was imagining when he hear and saw Layan's length hadn't changed 12 years ago.

The old man couldn't tell if it was Kareem's family or not -even though he can recognize Layan's voice-; because he wasn't wearing his glasses. He was also wearing a hat, so nobody notice his identity since he was known around the world.

"Where did I put my glasses?" He thought with a sigh and searched in his pockets for his glasses.

"Hi, Lilo!" Said Jodie and Lowered at Lilo's level and said "So, how do you feel right now?" She saw Lilo moving her arms and legs front and back. Then raised her thumb and said, "Better than before!" With a grin.

"Can we move aside to let the others enter?"

"Of course!" Answered Jodie and Layan grabbed Jodie's hand and moved aside with her to let the others enter. Bamsi went first and sat on the opposite sofa that Waleed was sitting on, while Hakima went near her brother Bamsi and made a space between her and Omar to let Layan sit between them.

Then Hassan walked to the sofa which Omar was sleeping on it. As he passed his sleeping brother and pricked him with his finger waking Omar from his sleep along with the blue fox. Omar and the tiny fox looked right and left until their gaze turned to Omar's brother Hassan.

"Oh, you came guys?" Asked Omar rubbing his eyes and the small fox yawned. Hassan rolled his eyes "No, you still dreaming." Answered Hassan with a smirk. He missed messing with the twins, but Hakima caught him off guard.

"Hassan…Don't mess with him."

"Ok…" Hassan Replied in defeat. He didn't notice his uncle who was still searching for his glasses. "Hassan…" He turned to Omar who was half awake.

"Hm? What do you want?"

"Aren't you going to say hi to Uncle Waleed?" Hassan raised an eyebrow with a questioning look on his face.

"Uncle Waleed? Where is he?" Omar didn't say anything only pointing to his uncle who was on the opposite side. Looks like he didn't find his glasses.

"Omar, did you see my glasses?" Omar looked at the blue fox and gave him a confident look with asking. "Can you do this, Flash?" The small fox 'Flash' nodded. He jumped and fell on the table. He turned right and left until he found Waleed's glasses. It was far from Waleed's reach. He pulled the glasses with his small mouth until it became in Infront of Waleed's hand.

"It's at the table in Infront of you Uncle." He finally grabbed his glasses and looked around blinking. "Thank God. I thought I'd lost it." His gaze fell on Flash and chuckled" Oh, it was you who find it? …. Thank you little one." Flash bowed and went back jumping onto Omar's shoulder.

"Good job, pal." Said Omar rubbing Flash's head.


Tr: "Hassan?" He turned to his uncle who stood up. Hassan smiled and said

"أهلين عمي. بعد زمان."

Tr: "Hi uncle. It's been a while."

"يا مرحبا! يا مرحبا بابن أخي! كيفك؟"

Tr: "Welcome! Welcome my nephew! How are you?" Began Waleed with his usual greetings. As soon as Waleed saw Bamsi. The only thing they did was "Hi, How are You, sir?"

"Hello, I'm doing great. What about you?"

"I am doing Good …My name is Bamsi Othman …You are Mr. Waleed Kanata I presume…." Said Bamsi putting his hand forward to make a handshake. Waleed accepted it as he talked.

"Yes, that's me …and you are that ophthalmologist Doctor, right?"

"Yes, Rumors are so fast, aren't they?"

"Yeah, you got it right." And laughed.

Omar looked around and saw Layan talking with Jodie.

"What are they talking about?" Thought Omar and curiosity overcomes him. He walked to them to find out …..., and to check on Layan.

"Wow! It's good to know about it!" Said Jodie joyfully and Layan answered "Yep! It is!" with a smile. She then asked "Miss Jodie…"

"Yes? Lilo?"

"You said that you wanted to tell me something…What was it?"

"Oh yes, I almost forget about it…, but nobody must know about it, ok?" Layan nodded and saw Jodie sign for her to come closer to whisper in her ear, and she did. In less than a minute Jodie whispered in her ear and Layan turned to her excitedly.

"Woah, but What does it mean?" Asked Layan with a sheepish smile and Jodie laughed. Layan didn't know why Jodie was laughing only looking at her with question marks around her head.

"You will find out about it when you grow up. All you have to do right now is to recover, ok?" Said Jodie Putting her finger in Infront of her mouth with a wink.

"Ok!" and Layan gave her a grin.

"*COUGH* Layan…" she turned to see Omar crossing both of his arms. "What are you doing?" Omar Asked her raising his eyebrow. "I am talking with this nice young lady. Why?"

"K-Kawaii," thought Jodie and her eyes sparkled. Layan turned to her and put both of her hands on her cheeks and said, "Please! Don't pinch my cheeks!" Omar and Jodie looked at her questioning.

"E-eh? Why?"

"Because the last time you did that. They became like a fresh tomato." They Both gave her a dotted look and laughed.

"Ok…Ok ...I won't." She wiped her tears of laughter, stood up, walked to Camel, turned to Layan, and gave her a wink. Layan in return raised her thumb with a grin. Jodie chuckled and walked to Camel. Omar gave his sister a suspicious smile. The only thing Layan said to his brother was, "What do you want?" in a bored yet strict.

"What did you two talk about?" Asked Omar looking at his sister.

"We've talked about Something that the boys won't understand it." Answered Layan, putting a finger at her mouth with a grin. Then walked to the sofa and sat nearby Hakima.

James, Ali, and Akai were talking about something while holding some of the GAMMA files.

" I have to go." Said Akai looking at Ali and James.

"The B.O. again?" Asked Ali who was still searching on the files.


"Ok, go on and tell me the details when you are done." Said James then Akai turned and walked to the door. Omar was scratching his head mumbling "Something the men won't understand?" still did not know what his sister meant. He got the creepy feeling of being attacked from behind, so he turned fast to see Akai walking to the door.

"Mr. Akai?" Akai turned to Omar.

"Where are you going?"

"I've got something urgent, and I have to go. Need something?"

"I want to know about the Culprit specifications …" Replied Omar trying to remind Akai. " Did you notice anything when you were fighting him? …Well, since you've seen the culprit who attacked my brother. "

"Aha…good you've reminded me before I leave. Listen…" Akai lowered at Omar's level and whispered in his ear.

"Mhm…Mhm…A crow tattoo on his neck?"

"Is there something wrong?"

"It's identical."

"Identical with what?"

"Identical with Layan who told Ali before she lost her memory."

"Do you think it has to do with the figure who attacked you?"

"I am not sure about it; because the person who attacked me was very fast. It was like a part of a second."

" So fast that you couldn't make a reaction."

"Yes…" Omar looked down defeated. "That explains half of what happened." Said Akai and stood up. "Do you know that your actions and the way you think reminded me of a kid I met a long time ago?" Omar raised his head looking at Akai questioning. "A kid?"

"Yeah, as I remember, he said that he was the 'Sherlock Student'. " The 'Sherlock student' part made Omar chuckle turning his head and said, "Don't worry, we have that kind of people who take the 'Sherlock Student' act more personally than I do." Akai followed Omar's gaze which is centred on Layan. "That will make the combat more exciting when they meet."


"All right, see you later …Kiddo." With that, he left the room closing the door behind him. Omar smirked and went deep into his thoughts.

"Oi, Omar." Omar turned to Ali who was with the others waiting for them.

"What are you doing over there? Everybody is waiting for you." Ali said while everyone was waiting for Omar to sit with them too.

"Coming!" He ran and sat nearby his youngest sister Layan who was already sitting near Hakima and Bamsi on her left side.

"All right, we will start from the beginning when Mr. Kareem Kanata and Mr. Khaled Othman died in the explosion." Began James tapping on his laptop.

"On that day, Ali was the only one who managed to get out alive. To find out the culprit and keep Ali safe, we changed his name to Edward Armstrong as a second name and put him in the witness protection program as Mr. Kareem Kanata ordered before the explosion occurred. " Began James explaining and turned the laptop to the others to see the video. It was showing a building which contain three floors was on fire.

Waleed's hat covered his eyes. Hassan didn't say a word, while Omar narrowed his eyes a bit at the video. Even though they saw the video beforehand, rewatching it again made the salt sprinkle on a deep old wound.

Bamsi mumbled, "OH, god.". Bamsi heard about the explosion which occurred 12 years ago. He knows that one of the explosion victims was his brother but didn't know that the other victim was his sister's husband.

Bamsi's sister was only looking at the video. Too many emotions were coming at one time, but She didn't know what to do or react. Even though she had seen the video when GAMMA told her about Kareem's and Khaled's death, repeating the same incident made her feel she went to the zero point. To where she saw the video for the first time. Layan had read all of that from her mother's eyes.

Hakima was still listening to the agents until she felt a small hand over her right hand. She turned to the right to see Layan with a worried look in her eyes. "Mom? Are you all right?" Hakima tried to hide her sadness and smiled at her daughter. "Yes, I am, my dear. Do not worry about me."

"Then why is everybody kind of …. upset?" Layan whispered in her mother's ear. Hakima didn't know what to tell her.

"It's a long story to tell you, darling. I will tell you about it later."

"O-ok." Layan felt someone poking her and turned to Omar annoyed.

"Could you please stop this childish behaviour? Can't you see I am talking with my mother right now?" If it wasn't because of his sister's weird accent he wouldn't be able to hold his laugh, but he tried to hide it -from the way Layan speaks in British- until he managed. He took a breath and looked at her 'trying' to keep cool. "I will, but you have to be quiet in return."

"Why should I?"

"Because we are trying to find out how did you lose your memory." Actually, he was half lying

"Ah-ha That how is it…. Why didn't you tell me that from the beginning?"

"You're the one who started it and didn't give me a chance to explain myself." They were whispering in their talk and jumped when they felt someone staring at them. The twins slowly raised their heads looking at Ali who was giving them a warning glare. Layan put both of her hands at her mouth realizing what Ali meant while Omar gave him a bored look. The FBI agents were still talking about the incident.

"We've told Kareem's father (Mr. Thamer Kanata) to keep this incident secret and never tell the media about it since Kareem was an important member of the Galaxy Organization, and his identity as a Galaxy Agent must be hidden." Added Camel and continued explaining. "But we've noticed that after the incident, the assassination attempts had decreased especially in the middle east and the surrounding countries,…." Everybody knows about the assassination attempts except Layan who lost her memory after the car accident. Ali noticed the question marks around Layan's head. How did he find out? Nobody knows…..

"….And Increased in foreign countries."

"What are the other foreign countries?" Asked Bamsi with full attention. Waleed say Layan was whispering in Omar's ear. When she finished, he turned to her shocked and she nodded and then returned and looked aside, while Omar opened his phone and began tapping on it. Their actions made Waleed wounder. "What are these two brats up to?"

"It's Countries with high population density and advanced technology like China, USA, Russia, and recently Japan had been added to it." Answered Camel and handed Ali the papers.

"I see…"

"Pardon sir." Everybody turned to Layan who was raising her hand. "Can I ask you a question, pleeease?" The agents looked at each other and looked at her again.

"Yeah, sure." Said James while tapping on the laptop.

"When did assassinations start to increase?" The answer to her question was obvious, but since Layan had lost her memory. They don't have a chance other than to tell her. She is the victim after all, and her memory recovery is considered 80% of the key to solving the mystery behind these murders.

"It started 12 years ago, young one, …" James answered, and saw her biting the top of her thumbnail. He felt that she had remembered something "But why are you asking?"

"Hm?" She raised her head and realized that James was asking her." Oh uh…. Because I think it has to do something with the Knight Company, which specializes in Technology and medicine."

"K-Knight Company?" James repeated the company's name wondering why she choose this company exactly.

"And why do you think it has something with this company?" Ali asked, trying to help her remember indirectly about any thread that would help them catch the criminal.

"Because there was a biiiig display list written on it. ' 12 years of successive magnificent achievements, and all these thanks to your trust in us.' Or something like that… " Layan began talking and moving her arms as she explained what the screen looks like. Her actions were like a 5-year-old kid telling a story to her parents.

" And this company opened two months after my father and uncle Khaled died in the explosion." Omar supported his sister's theory by showing them his phone which displayed information about the company (The date of opening, the company's owner, how it started, and so on….).

"Not to mention that the owner of this company was trying to buy all my father's companies a long time ago, " Omar said and gave his phone to James while Layan nodded saying "Yep! Yep! Wait … " Trailing off she looked at Omar confused.

"What? Buy my father's company? But wait…. Who is my father?" Too many questions were rooming in her head. She doesn't know whom to ask…. Or…Maybe she does…Her eyes travelled to her left as she looked at her mother who was listening carefully. Don't blame her; Hakima said that she will tell her after all, but she needs to hide her extreme excitement at the main time.

" And I think he is still trying to buy these companies from my brother, right Brother?" Omar finished as his confident gaze centred on the Arabian agent.

"Y-Yes." Ali Said surprised about how Omar and Layan found out about these pieces of information.

"Hmm…. That makes sense." Jodie commented while looking at Omar's phone.

"Well, in this case, we will visit this company and collect more information about it," James said and handed the phone back to Omar.

"Ahh, good." Layan exhaled happily and made herself like a bar of melted chocolate. She heard a small cough and looked around to see Hakima giving her ' The Mother Stare.' To adjust her way of sitting.

"S-Sorry." She mumbled and adjusted her seat so fast. Everybody in the room made themselves didn't see anything. That made Waleed smile "These two are a replica of Kareem. One for his intelligence and the other for his stupidity."

"Oh, God."Ali thought in defeat " I hope this day passes peacefully without these brats making trouble." Then he coughed loudly to bring attention.

"All right, let's go back to the topic," Ali nodded to the agents and began talking.

"After investigation of the incident, we've found that only these three people have a weak Albi." he walked to the whiteboard and placed five photos.

"Why five instead of three?" Everyone in the room Thought the same as they looked at the photos.

The first photo (to the right) was for a Black-haired guy. His eyes were black with a tattoo on his neck and a scar on his right cheek. His black eyes will make you feel that he is ready to tear you off, even if you haven't done anything for him.

Meanwhile, the second one (to the right) was for a blonde-haired guy with brown eyes, shaved beard, and an eyepatch at his right eye. With a uniform, a big cigarette in his mouth and a hat -which is familiar with the cowboy hat-, this made him between a cowboy and a gentleman.

The middle photo was of a young lady who was between her 20s and 30s. Her curly hair was brown, and her eyes were shiny green. She was wearing glasses and a brown fedora. Her confident look will allow you to trust her with your life. Is she a detective? CEO? Engineer? Nobody knows …. until now.

The fourth photo was completely opposite from the third energetic one. It was for a guy with a white lab coat, and an exploded red with lined white hair. Not to mention the idiotic look of that old scientist -or maybe a doctor- will give you a final decision. Which is not to give him any trust. Even though he looks like a fluffy old man with a big and messed beard. This made me sometimes wonder if he was working as a blacksmith beforehand….

The last photo shows an Asian guy with black hair and a side-parted hairstyle. He was wearing glasses and a lab coat with a nametag on it. The nametag was remarked with a 3d cube which belongs to GAMMA.

"That guy…" Thought Omar looking at the last photo. "I haven't seen him in a while…, but the others look so familiar too…, but why she is involved with them?" Omar was looking at the photos doing his best to remember, "I Think Hassan knows them better than I do…." He turned to his brother Hassan. Hassan was furious -you could tell by looking at his obvious yet tightened vines- and wanted to say something for a moment, but he tried to remain calm and didn't say anything. Omar knows what 'Hassan is trying to keep cool' means but tried not to scare his little sister.

" Takashi Namada. Age 48. He is an engineer who had been with Mr. Kareem Kanata since college and worked together for 28 years." Started Edward explaining as he wore his glasses and pointed to the fifth photo.

" He was found unconscious in his office and bleeding from his head. We managed to save him, but he went through an ICP, so it was hard for him to memorize what exactly happened…. The only thing he remembers that he heard was a sound of metal friction and a sudden hawk scream before he lost consciousness."

"And how did he hear a hawk sound when he is in his office?" Wonder Bamsi as he crossed both of his arms.

"Maybe he heard a recorded hawk sound before he gets attacked." Tried Waleed to guess it correctly, but it wasn't correct.

"No, it was a real hawk."

"HUH?" Everybody looked at Edward surprised.

"Then what kind of hawk sound was it?" Layan popped up again with her questions. Edward closed his eyes and began humming.

"Hmm…. As I remember, one of our agents asked Mr. Namada the same question….," Layan's eyes sparkled like a child who will be rewarded." But he said that he can't remember."

"Oh…"Layan blinked saying "Ok." And yawned. It's not the first time for her to try to get in front of a huge wall like that, but the worst part of it is that she never gives up on it.

(WARNING!: THE NEXT SENSE MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR SOME READERS! BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU READ! Note: I will put a line to notify you when you read.)

"Do you know who is that agent who asked him?"

"Yeah," He answered as he walked to the photo in the middle and pointed at it. "It was Detective Sara Amjad." Kareem's family never expected to hear that name at all.

Layan on the other hand, was yawning and fell asleep instantly. As soon As she closed her eyes, she heard a loud yell...

"إصحي ليان!"

Tr: "WAKE UP LAYAN!" Shivers ran through her body as she looked around to find both of her hands and legs handcuffed to the wall. She tried to move them but couldn't; she is weak and can't put in too much effort due to her seizures.

She didn't know what kind of negative feelings she had now…. remorse, guilt, sorrow. Not to mention the terrible smell in the room that may burn the lungs alive.

She heard a small tick and tried helplessly to raise her head and look forward to see Detective Sara's right arm grabbed by a masked guy with the regime soldier's mark on his suit. Under Sara's arm, there was a large container with an unknown clear liquid substance.

As soon as Layan saw some gray foam at the top of the fluid. Her realization made her freak out and start breathing fast.

"ليان...طلعي فيني..."

Tr: "Layan…look at me…" She took a sudden shaky breath as she looked at Sara. She was beaten so badly and bleeding. Layan wondered how she ended up right here. What did she do to see the person who considered her as her closest sister like that? Is it because of her intelligence? Her father's archenemies? Or maybe…Because she exists?...

The Negative thoughts and the dangerous depression would kill her if Sara wouldn't bring her to reality.

"إياكي تلومي حالك على إللي صار... فهمتي؟"

Tr: "Don't you dare blame yourself for what happened.… Understand?" Layan was speechless by Sara's detective skills.

"-ك-كيف عرفتي؟ -"

Tr: " H-How did you know? -" Layan was always amazed. How could Sara know that Layan is blaming herself? Sara want to comfort her and buy more time until the support came.

" يلا ولوو! شو بدك ياني أرجع أتعرف عليكي من جديد؟ نحنا أخوات تتذكري؟"

Tr: "OH COME ON! Do you want me to get to know you from the beginning? We are sisters remember?" Despite Layan's secretive personality, her face is always betrayed her no matter how she stays quiet or silent. She can't feel her sudden change in facial expression. Indeed, Sara and Layan aren't sisters by blood, but their relationship and worrying about each other made them one of the strongest sisters bound.

"أي، بس الأخوات بيحمو بعض...و...إنتي ..."

Tr: "Yes, but sisters protect each other…and…you…" Layan tried to hold her tears as they were about to fall from her orange-coloured eyes.

"إنتي راح..."

Tr: "You will…..." Sara Had lost her temper and burst out angrily. She won't be able to wipe Layan's tears as she used to do to her anymore.

"!حاج تبكي يا بكاية!"

Tr: "EOUGH CRYING, YOU CRYBABY!" That loud voice made the tears fade away so fast. The one who should take care of was the soldier whose ear was near Sara. He blinked several times trying to concentrate.


Tr: "O-Ok." Mumbled Layan and tried to calm down. She looked at the soldier wondering. "Why isn't he moving? Is he a robot? Even though I saw him trying to get his balance earlier…."

"إسمعي ما باقي كتير وقتو يجو يطلعوكي من هون."

Tr: "Listen there is not a lot of time until they come and get you out of here."

"و-و إنتي؟ و-وين راح تروحي؟"

Tr: " A-And W-What about you? W-Where are you going?"

"لا تخافي علي. بقدر أدبر اموري، بس ممكن أطلب منك معروف صغير؟"

Tr: "Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself, but can I ask you a small favour? "

"أكيد ليش لأ؟"

Tr: "Sure, why not?"

"بدي منك تعتذري لحسان بدلاً عني.ما راح اقدر احضر العرس."

Tr:" I need you to apologize to Hassan instead of me. I won't be able to attend the wedding." Said Sara giving her an apologizing yet sad smile.

"ل-ليش؟ مو انتي العروس؟ كيف ما فينك..."

Tr: "W-Why? Aren't you the bride? How can't you …" Layan's realization took more time than it used to. The Masked guy heard a tune sound which was a sign to start his work. He tightened his grip around Sara's arm which made her scream in agony. Layan's realization had finally arrived, and terror overcomes all her senses.


Layan saw a small fly come above the liquid and fell instantly inside. The fly's corpse dissolved instantly in the clear liquid. After she had seen how the fly died, she panicked even more.

"Wait! WAIT!" Layan yelled trying to stop the masked guy and get free from these handcuffs. He wasn't listening. He starts dragging Sara's arm into the unknown clear liquid. The steam was coming out of it. Despite the deadly and disturbing smell in the room she took a deep breath and burst out angrily.

"I KNOW YOU WANT ME! IAM HERE! YOU WANT ME! NOT HER!DON'T HURT SARA! " The masked guy jerked and tried to ignore her. Layan's temper had exploded. She took another deep breath and yelled with all she had of strength along with what she had left of air.


Layan who was taking deep breaths knows that she was completely messed up but felt relaxed from the inside. She didn't want to see close people to her die. That let the smile find a way to her lips.

The masked man looked at Layan with cold yet deadly eyes. The only thing that he did was let go of Sara's arm which was handcuffed as he started talking.

"SHUT…" He grabs an axe and aims it at Layan's head.


"UP!" He finish and throw the axe at Layan's head and Sara Yelled. "NOOO! "

His eyes widen when he couldn't aim at her head. What scared him more was Layan's reaction.

"What? Scared of the truth? Or should I complete the rest?" Layan was grinning at him like a psychopath. The masked guy had it calmly pulled his gun and started talking.

"No one knows about these things, but…" He walked to her as he raised his gun preparing it and aimed it at her head. "Since you know about it. I must shut your mouth forever." The only thing she did was laugh as she said "Heh, what a coward. If you think you will be brave by doing this then do it. After all, I wonder how a 'MAN' will shoot a little girl. Even the word man is kind of cheap for people like you. " And closed her eyes. The masked guy grabbed Layan's hair ."URGHH." Layan gritted his teeth and the masked man burst out angrily at her.

"YOU V!LE DEMONE!YOU MUST DIE!" The sound click came from the gun and Sara's yell was the last thing she heard.


"OI! WAKE UP!" Her twin brother's voice was coming out of nowhere.

"Ungh…. Huh?" She opened her eyes again to see Omar and the others looking at her shocked. Saliva was dripping from her mouth. "You ok sis?"

"W-What happened?" Asked Layan as she rubbed her eyes and yawned. Hakima sighed and wiped Layan's mouth. She knows that the twins had their father's actions but doesn't reach to yell while sleeping. Layan gave her question marks not understanding what is going on.

"You were crying and yelling in your sleep." Everybody where still looking at her. Her face blushed as a tomato as she apologized.

" S-sorry for cutting you in the middle of the meeting."

"Your face is read. Are you ok? My nephew?" Waleed asked as he typed on the phone. Asking like never seen or heard anything.

"R-R-Red? N-N-N-No, no you m-must be mistaken w-with someone else, s-sir." She said and turned her head to Hakima who whispered, "*sigh* It's ok, go and wash your face." Layan nodded in return and stood up from the sofa. She didn't know that she is a terrible liar and the person who asked her was her uncle. Well, nobody told her yet. As she walked to the door Ali started asking her.

"Where are you going? We're not done yet." She jerked and turned slowly to her brother and the others. Her face was still red.

"You can C-C-C-Continue without me. I will-I -I wash my face. I-I -I won't b-b-be late." Her talk was flattered as she walked like a robot.

"Ok, don't be late. "

"O-O-Ok-k-k-key." She finished as she get out and closed the door.

"Oh, god," Omar followed her instantly, "She doesn't know where the restroom is!" and closed the door behind him. Omar knows that his sister knows the way to the bathroom, but he also trying to run away from Hassan. The FBI agents were still trying to understand what they heard. Jodie and Camel were turning to the wall trying to hide their laugh.

"Well, that was unexpected." Began Hassan commenting.

"Agreed." Added Waleed who put his phone on his ear.

"Neither her silent cry nor the language she spoke." Finished Bamsi and James said, "That means that she had remembered a part of what she had seen in the prison."

Ali gave Hassan a look and tried his best to keep his sister away from the investigation. " Even what she had said during her sleep might be true, but we can't depend on what she is going to tell us; Layan's memory is still blurred. "

"Does that mean we need to wait until she recovers?" Asked Hassan raising an eyebrow. "No, we don't need to." Answered Ali giving his older brother a look again to tell him to stop asking.

"Hm? Then how we are going to know who did that?" Bamsi asked this time.

##I can help you. ## They all looked at the source of the voice to see it coming from Waleed's phone ## We also had been attacked. ##

"Could you introduce yourself please?" Asked James crossing both his hands.

##Sure, my name is Jaber. I am 15 years old and the 4th son of Mr. Waleed Kanata."

"He is very formal in his talk," Camel Whispered to Ali.

"That's because he is studying at the University of Cambridge, and he is known that he is always formal and polite in his talk." Explained Ali "Never expected him to adapt to the atmosphere there so fast." Ali crossed both of his arms with a smirk.

"Woah…" Camel never heard of a 15 Y.O kid studying in a university before. He is now either dreaming or watching the wounder of reality with his eyes. Jodie was near James. Writing down every single piece of information that could help solve this 12-year-old case.

"Good now, could you please tell us what happened on that day?"

## …. ## There wasn't any response on the other line.

"Mr. Jaber?"

"Jaber? …. My Son! …Are you listening?" Waleed raised his voice

##Huh…W-What? ##

"Mr. James was asking you about what happened on that day."

##Y-Yes, sorry for not responding so fast. ## Apologized Jaber through the phone and took a breath before he started.

##All of that happened a year ago, I and my twin sister Jumanah went to Sherwood Pines camping to spend our holiday there. ## Began Jaber explaining what happened, but his voice was hoarse and tired.

"Do you remember the time or date of the incident?"

##Yes, I do remember both; it was the 26 of October in the morning…...Like around 8 o'clock, but to be honest there was like bewitchment in this place. ##

"B-Bewitchment?" Repeated James raising an eyebrow "What do you mean?"

## When we set our camp near the Oak tree forest, we heard Echo coming from the forest. I told my sister to stay near Sherwood Pines building while I went to check for the source of the voice. As soon as I entered the forest the fog came off so fast that I couldn't even see the sun. ##

"Did you check the weather on that day?" Asked Ali as he sat on the sofa near Waleed.

## If I didn't check the weather I wouldn't come in the first place, but what makes it weirder is that the news said that it will be clear. ##

## When I tried to go back to the campsite, I heard Jumana's scream. I ran to the place where her screams came from. As I reached her there a black Alpha wolf was preparing to attack her, but I charged at him to give her time to escape. ## As Jaber was done talking the place was quiet.

"Wasn't Jumana near the camp building?" Asked Waleed annoyed.

##She said that she was near the camp, but she didn't find anybody. the fog came all of a sudden, and she heard a growl behind her to see that black wolf and started running. ##. Jaber's reply made Waleed tighten his grip around the phone and Ali saw it.

"He still can't believe that it already happened. Even though it's true." Thought Ali and heard Jaber continue talking.

"Hmmm…I see…So you are telling that the reason for the sudden fog is the black wolf who tried to attack your sister?" They heard a rattling sound and Jaber answered. ##Yes, and a cursed one. ##

"Cursed one?"

## I know that nobody wouldn't believe what I am going to say but I swear that the wolf's eyes became bloody red and started talking. ##


"B-Bloody red?"

"And started talking?"

##Yes, He says something about a disaster that would occur in the middle east but didn't tell me where exactly. ## That brought Hassan's attention.

"Did the black wolf tell you when?" Asked Hassan Hoping to connect the dots correctly.

## No, but he asked me about the connection between the sun, the moon and amethyst before I black out and find myself in the hospital. ## Jodie was trying to believe the story of the cursed black wolf.

"Do you think that the 'cursed wolf' trying to send a message through his question?"

## I think he was asking about us. ##

"Who do you mean saying 'us'?"

## My cousin's twins (Omar and Layan) have eye colour that is close to one of the sun's spectrum colours, while (me and my sister) eye colour is similar to the moon's colour, but I didn't know what he meant by amethyst. That's my theory. *cough* ## He stopped talking for several seconds. Bamsi and the others were trying to believe what they heard. It was like a fiction story.

##Oh, I almost forgot. ##


## There was a scar on the wolf's right eye and the right side of his neck. Not to mention the tattoo on the left side of his neck."

"How did you know that there was a tattoo?"

## It was glowing red. Also, The tattoo shape was a crow.##

"I see, " Said James. "In this case, we will send agents to that place to recheck the incident's site again."

##Mr. James, I want to ask you about my cousins. ## James raised his head looking at the phone questioning.


## Are they all right? I've heard that they are both in a coma. ##

"Yes, they are both fine. Omar woke up a week ago and Layan woke up today."

## Really? Thank God. ## Despite his hoarse voice, Jaber was relaxed.

##Is there any question you need an answer for you sir? ##

"No, we don't have any questions at the main time. If we needed any other explanations, we would ask you again."

## You're welcome Any time, Sir. ## Waleed turned off the speaker and put the phone on his ear. He talked for several seconds and closed the line.

"Well, that's what happened with them."

"But doesn't that sound weird?" Camel crossed his arms as he talked and everybody looked at him, " If it was real, how did the wolf talk or attacked them specially?"

"Even though I still couldn't believe it. It is sadly true." Sighed Waleed.


"When we found Jaber, he was in a pool of blood with several wolf claws scars on his back and a bite mark on his left shoulder. We barely managed to save him."

" What about Jumana?" Asked Jodie.

"The workers found her bleeding from the back of her head, but she managed to call for help before she blacked out."

"I heard him that they have been attacked init was the 26 of October in the morning

"Oh god." Mumbled Hakima said, "It's the same day when Omar and Layan attacked. On the 26 of October. The only difference is that it was in the evening."

" Then it was planned."

"I am afraid it is , sir."

"I see," Hummed James and said, " We will start conducting investigations from now on to make sure that the words of the sons of Mr. Kareem and Mr. Waleed are correct because they were Barely awake when they were attacked," He turned to Jodie and Camel." Jodie, Camel starts the investigations. I will count on you with this."

"Hai!" They both went out of the room and closed the door behind them.

" And to keep the kids safe, we will put them with the fifth victim in the witness protection program. If we found anything new, we will inform you immediately. " Finished James as he turned off the laptop.

" Thank You, Mr. James." Said Waleed and everybody stood up and left the room except Max who was quiet during the whole meeting. Ali was waiting at the door. He raised his thumb to James and closed the door behind him with Max staring at him.

"That robot is scary. He is Like my father's ghost." He shook this thought away and followed the others. Hassan stooped and looked around." By the way, where are the twin brats?" Wondered Hassan looking right and left.

"Maybe the restroom is far from here." Bamsi guessed looking right and left too.

"It's all right it's not that far from here." Said Hakima and they both looked at her.

" Huh? How do you know?" Asked Bamsi crossing both of his arms.

"It is the mother's scenes, little brother." Answered Hakima pointing to her head with a smirk.

" How could you tell if your 'sense' is right?"

"It's something the men won't understand." She chuckled and followed Ali. They both looked at each other.

"Did you understand what she meant, Uncle?"

"Nope, but I was wondering." Bamsi turned to him, " Who is the fifth victim?"

Somewhere else in the hospital

"This lady in my dream…" Layan thought deeply, "Why do I feel like know her before….and very close communication."

"You feeling good, sis?" Omar asked Layan with a grin.

"For the millionth time, I am fine!" Layan groaned and looked at him irritated, " Why are you keep asking me the same question?"

"Because your 'Nightmare' means something, sis." She had enough. He keeps saying 'sis' here and 'sis' there.

"The only thing he will do next is say *HISSSS* like a snake to me." Layan thought as she turned to him with a cold look, "And if you keep babbling at the same topic you will regret it later." Omar looked behind his sister and at her again. "And stop calling me 'sis' or 'Lilo'. Mom told me that my name is Layan, not Lilo. Understood?"

(W.N: She will kill me if she finds out that I call her Lilo:p Let's keep it as a little secret between us, ok?)

"She is like a little baby."

"Ok, understood." He shrugged and didn't say anything else. "Good." As Layan turned, she bumped suddenly into a lady who was grabbing a phone and fell on her back. "*OFFF!* Ouch…." the black baseball hat also fell off Layan's head.

"You ok sis?" He hurried to her and bends one of his knees to help her stand up.

"I am so sorry!" Said the lady instantly as she bend and grabbed the black baseball hat, "Are you alright kid?" Asked the lady as she handed the black hat to Layan. Omar looked at the lady shocked.

"Y-Yes, I am good," Layan put the hat at her head and raised her head with saying. "… Thanks for the ….h…at." To the lady only to stop as her eyes widen.

"O-Omar?" Asked the lady looking at Omar as she stood up. Omar only nodded not believing his eyes. "In this case the girl is…." She looked down to see Layan, who suddenly remembered what this lady told her.

"We are sisters remember?"

" S- Sis-ter…. S-Sara?" Layan's tears in her eyes,

"Layan?" Sara bend her knees again at Layan's level worried about her. "What's wrong? Are you ok? And…. why are you and Omar in the USA?"

"I -I finally remember youuu." She finally remembered this lady as her tears fall like a crying baby and hugged her. "R-Remember me?" Sara repeated while turning to Omar questioned. "* sigh* It's a long story to tell."

End of Chapter 10