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Chapter 12: Days in the UK (Waleed's twin kids)

"Have…. "She plugged up the courage and asked again,with raising her head and looking at Jaber in the eye,

"Have we met before, sir?" Jaber tried to hide his surprise by looking aside. He didn't know what to tell her even though the answer was obvious. He put his hand on the back of his neck as he began,

"I…." He couldn't tell her because the sudden interruption came right away.

"There you are!" That sudden interruption was behind Layan making her jump, "Oh God." Thought Layan, "How did he find me? I am in deep water." She swallowed and turned to see her twin brother glaring at her.

Jaber waited to see what will happen next. If that guy is a threat, he will use his karate skills. He didn't know that the boy behind Layan was her twin brother Omar.

"Where did you go?" Omar asks Layan crossing both of his arms and waiting for her excuses. Layan gave him a sheepish grin,

"Hi, Omar…." Layan waved for him but looks like he was mad. How did she know? He didn't smile, simply. Now, Layan realized that she would take a respectable lecture from Omar. Her smile faded with lowering her hand and looked down at the ground waiting for Omar to begin.

"How could you…"Started Omar talking with clenching his hand, "How could you enter without waiting for me?"

"Eh?" Layan raised her head with a dotted looking in her eyes. Jaber's eyes did the same. Is that why Omar was mad? Or maybe he has something else in his mind?

" I also love reading books," Said Omar looking at her sadly, "Have you forgotten the covenant between us?" He turned his face aside like he was hurt and said, "I am disappointed in you." Layan panicked and tried to comfort her twin brother Even though she didn't remember that they made a covenant beforehand. Jaber put his hand at his mouth trying to hide his laugh when he saw Layan talking to Omar.

"I- I am sorry bro!" Flattered Layan as she apologized, "I -I won't do it again. Please, don't be sad!" Omar's eyes darkened and lowered his head with his shoulders shaking.

"Brother?" Layan walked to her brother grabbing the book with her tiny hands. "Are you all right?" She asked with her worried tune. Layan saw him falling to his knees and hurried to check on him. She raised Omar's head to see tears in his eyes from laughing. He was laughing in silence.

" 'I am disappointed in you ' you say…..." Layan's face turned red and clenched her tiny hands, "We will see who will laugh more." She heard a voice and turned to see Jaber on the ground wheezing too.

"Y-You too sir…" Her face became dark red with embarrassment. She raised her leg and kicked Omar in the abdomen. She placed the book in the cabinet and walked out of the Novels section. Jaber stopped laughing and raised his head to see Omar trying to stand up.

"You ok there?" Hurried Jaber to Omar. He offered a hand to help Omar stand up.

"Yeah, thanks for the help…"

"Does she usually do that?"

"Yes, She does that whenever she is mad…...umm" Omar accepted the offer and grabbed Jaber's hand. He tried to stand up from the ground slowly feeling a sudden sting from his back but didn't show it in front of Jaber as he let go of his hand. Omar had a sudden thought that he had seen that guy before but where exactly, "…What's your name?" Asked Omar as he looked at Jaber,

"Jaber Waleed…." Answered Jaber and saw Omar's gaze still at him. That made Jaber uncomfortable,

"W-What's wrong?" Asked Jaber,

"You moron." Mumbled Omar, "It's me! Omar! Your cousin!" He said excitedly and lowered his mask showing his face. Jaber's jaw dropped. "Unbelievable…" He mumbled and started to laugh slightly, " Is that really you? My Uncle's the foolish and reckless son, Cousin Omar?" Asked Jaber pointing at Omar.

"What do you think titan?" Yelled Omar crazily, "What's up, cousin?" And greeted Jaber. Jaber still tries to believe that the person standing in front of him is Omar. Then a wide crazy grin was drawn on his face,

"Ha Ha!" They both slapped each other's hands and hugged.

"It's a miracle to see you two alive!" Said Omar happily.

" I could say the same for you guys!" Exclaimed Jaber happily, "I am glad that all of us made it out alive!" They let go of each other, "Let's see where she went." Explained Omar, "She might get lost." And walked out of the novels section. Jaber instantly confirmed that the short girl was definitely Layan.

At that time, Layan saw Ali from afar checking a book about Human Development. She didn't go to them. She still wants to explore the place by herself. She walks forward to see a girl wearing a hijab sitting on a couch. The girl was reading a Sherlock Holmes book.

"How smart am I…" Thought Layan annoyed, "I returned the book to its place." Layan walked to the books near the couch to check if there are any interesting books. She pulled around five books to check if they deserve to be read.

The girl – who was reading – felt someone was looking at her several moments ago. She raised her head to see nobody. She thought that her brother was here and trying to scare her from behind, so, she turned her head aside to see Layan sitting on the near couch checking on several books.

"Is this…" Jumana's mouth opened for a second, "Layan?" She wanted to know. She stood up and walked to where Layan was sitting.

"Excuse me…" Layan raised her head from the book looking at the source of the voice until it is centred on Jumana. She was the only one who was near the couch.

"Yes?" Asked Layan blinking twice, "What can I help you with?" Jumana couldn't speak at first. They hadn't seen each other since the funeral of Layan's father, and many things had changed since then. That's why is it kind of …you know …embarrassing and strange feeling. She shook this thought away and plucked up the courage to ask her,

"May I ask you about something?"

"Sure!" Answered Layan with a childish smile, "Ask anything you want, and I will do my best to help you."

"Are you Layan?" Asked Jumana shyly with a small smile. She saw Layan's amber eyes shined when she looked at her. Jumana's smile faded when Layan didn't respond and asked her again,

"Pardon…Are you listening?" Layan still didn't answer, Jumana came closer and sat on the opposite couch. Layan still didn't answer, and that sometimes because of seizures which came suddenly without warning, and the first sign of it is to look blankly at the emptiness. That made Jumana worry more. She Saw a tear falling from Layan's eyes,

"Are you ok?" Jumana put her hand on Layan's shoulder. As soon as Jumana's finger touched Layan's shoulder, she took a sudden shaky breath and look around until she saw Jumana sitting on the opposite couch,

"I am sorry if I disturbed you with my question." Apologized Jumana looking sadly at Layan, "I think I've mistaken between you and someone else." and stood up to walk back to her seat, but Layan reacted fast,

"N-No, wait!" Layan grabbed Jumana's wrist before she walked away. She wiped her tears fast before Jumana turned her head to look at Layan questioning.

"You didn't disturb me at all." Layan tried to explain fast, saying, "It's Just that you've reminded me of someone when I saw your eyes when you asked me." Explained Layan with an apology smile. That raised the hope inside Jumana.

"Oh," Jumana blinked twice, "Is that so?"

"Y-Yes, My apologies about that." Said Layan and changed the topic, "You can sit near me if you want to." Said Layan happily and made a space for Jumana to sit in by moving the books from the seating and placing them on the table in Infront of her. "That's so nice of you! Thank you!" Layan respond with a Childish grin while Jumana sat near her.

"About what you told me earlier…." Began Layan speaking and Jumana looked at her cousin listening.

"You got it right…. My name is Layan…Usually, my family and relatives call me that…." Explained Layan looking at the lights up, "But…." Her gaze moved to Jumana asking her, "How did you know about it? …. Or should I say…. Do we know each other? ...Uh, no …I mean …. met before? Naaaah..." Layan rubbed her head nervously and turned to Jumana, "I think you understand what I mean, right?" Said Layan with an apology smile. Jumana chuckled and nodded in return,

"It's true…." Sighed Jumana looking at the ground, "We know each other by heart…and met several times ago…" Jumana wanted to remind her cousin, "But …. I wonder if we remember each other by heart…. What do you think, young sister?" It sounds weird to ask someone with memory loss this question, but it looks like someone remembered something. That talk had a hidden key that no one knows it other than Layan and Jumana. Now Layan's memory refreshed. Jumana smiled confidently When she saw Layan's lips begin moving,

"Bingo!" Thought Jumana and waited for Layan to speak,

"Jumana?!" Layan's tears fall when she asks, "You are my cousin Jumana, Aren't you?"

" The one and only." Said Jumana with a warm smile, "Exactly as promised, you still have your Eagle-eye even when you still can't remember well, congrats, sister." Said Jumana with a warm smile and saw Layan still tearing up. She chuckled trying to hold her tears and opened her arms wide, "Want a hug, ladybu-" She couldn't finish her sentence and Layan hugged her without hesitation.

"I-I miss you s-sooo *SNIFF* much." Said Layan between tears, "I thought I-I won't see you again. I am happy to see you again and alive." Layan was like a baby hugging her sister. Jumana couldn't resist Layan's talk and hugged her in return with a small tear falling from her eye.

The boys were looking at them from far away. They changed their direction and didn't talk about it. They both know that the long absence affected all of them, especially Jumana and Layan. They were like sisters more than cousins in their relationship.

The boys are now in the human development section. "By the way," Omar began talking bringing Jaber's attention, "How did you become that tall? You're taller than me, around 20cm (0.65 feet)."

"Well," Said Jaber shaking the back of his head, " It's kind of hard to explain," His gaze was on the ground as he explains, "I began to grow up crazily after the incident."

"Doesn't it have to do something with the heredity?" Omar didn't want to make Jaber remember the incident, so Jaber won't become affected by its ghost. Jaber looked at his cousin questioning, "What do you mean?"

Omar sighed looking at Jaber, "Did you forget that our family has tall people or what?"

" Really? Like whom?"

"Our Grandfather Thamer Is around 2.1 meters tall (6.8 feet). Uncle Waleed is 1.78 (5.8 feet), and my dad is around 1.74 (5.7 feet). Not to mention my other uncles, but I didn't see them until now; so, I can't tell how tall they became." Jaber was speechless, "H-How did you measure their tall?" Jaber saw Omar chuckle and pointed to his head confidently, "With this…, cousin. They used to call me several annoying nicknames because of it."

"Ooh, I see." Said Jaber putting both his hands in his pockets. He saw Ali from far away,

"Look! That's Ali!" Said Jaber excitedly, "I haven't seen him in a while! I will go and greet him!" Jaber walked to greet Ali not giving Omar time to respond. Omar's eyes widen when he noticed a small scratch scar mark on Jaber's neck arising from his back.

**Last Night**

"Are you telling me that he had been acting weird after the incident?" Asked Omar his uncle trying to understand. Omar was alone talking to his uncle on the phone,

##Yes. ## Sighed Waleed through the phone.


## He growls a lot and sometimes howls like he was a wolf during his sleep. Even his sister in the other room hears his voice. ##

"And what did you do to solve it?" Asked Omar curiously.

## We took him to a psychologist who said that it might be because of the trauma from the wolf attack. ##

"Oh, God." Thought Omar and asked his uncle, "And did they find a solution for his condition?"

##Luckily, they did; after 5 or 6 sessions he recovered completely, but…## The 'but' word brought Omar's attention more, ##Jumana told me that His episodes came back again in the last month. ## There was silence on both phone lines. Omar didn't respond because he swear that he heard something familiar with what his uncle said.

## I just want to tell you that so you or your sister don't be afraid of his actions. The good news is that He is recovering, but he still needs more time. I am sorry my nephew. I couldn't tell you in front of the doctors…. ##

"W-Why are you apologizing uncle? I understand your condition and why you couldn't though." Said Omar wondering, "You didn't do anything wrong. I will try to help you. Also, I found out why does Jaber acting like that."

## R-Really?## Waleed's Voice was filled with hope.

" From what you've told me. He has Zoanthropy."

## Pardon, but what does it call again? ## Waleed Couldn't understand his nephew due to his deep British accent.

" It is called Zoan…thropy."

##What is that? ##

"It's a mental disorder which causes the person to think that he is transforming into another animal. Most of the cases think that they transformed into a wolf which is familiar to Jaber's condition."

## I think I've heard something familiar, but I am not sure where exactly…. ## Omar heard Waleed mumble with himself and asks Omar again, ## From where did you know about that condition? ##

"From Layan."

## H-How did she knows about it? ##

"Layan needed to study psychological illnesses because she was running research for her Bachelor of Anatomy. "

## A-Are you serious?## Omar could tell that his uncle is trying to believe that Layan is studying this profession.

"Yes, But I don't know if she will continue or stop the research."

## How long has she been running it? ## Waleed became serious.

"One Year and a half. She paused before she travelled to Turkey."

## That's quiet long…. ##

"Isn't it."

## *SIGH* What about you? ##

"Me? Well, I am studying Nuclear Engineering-"

## W-What did you say?! ## Yelled Waleed all sudden dry yet angry tune. Omar couldn't resist the loud voice which made him put his phone away while his uncle still yelling, ##Among all the professions that are available. You two brats choose these!? No wonder they are chasing you four right now!…. ##

"C-Chasing us?" Repeated Omar wondering. Waleed realized what he said During his anger, "Who are chasing us, uncle? Does it have something to do with my father?" Omar heard an alarm from the other line.

"U-Uncle?" Omar became worried, "Uncle Can you hear me? What do you mean by 'chasing us'?" Then he heard someone yell 'LIGHT NIGHT! JACK SCOTT WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!' and a sudden curse coming from his uncle,

##I will call you later to finish this nonsense. ## Said his uncle and closed the line leaving Omar stunned with too many questions in his mind.

**Back to the main time**

As he remembers, His father was a scientist, inventor, and specialist in network security. He also had an Asian -not the engineer. Another one. - friend who specializes in anatomy. Both had been attacked because they had refused an offer made to them. Not to mention that other Asian guy who had been attacked several years ago. Does it have to do with that guy who is called Jack Scott? And since when Uncle Waleed had been working in GAMMA?

Omar was sweating while looking at the ground and thinking. He didn't feel a hand on his shoulder shaking him back and front. Raising his head, he saw Ali and Jaber looking at him wondering, "Are you ok, cousin?" Asked Jaber and Ali said, "What is wrong with you? You hadn't been yourself since the incident."

"It's nothing." Answered Omar wiping his sweat, "I am doing well."

"Stop lying to yourself," Omar jerked while Ali and Jaber moved their gazes to the source of the voice to see Jumana and Layan coming toward them, " You slept late at night, and scratched the site of injury again."

"W-What?" Said Ali and Jaber asked, "What injury?" The girls were now behind Omar who turned to his sister with a sigh,

"Really?" Omar raised an eyebrow with a mocking grin daring her, "What is your proof?" He could see that she is still mad because of what he did earlier. She grabbed Omar's hand squeezing it and grabbed his collar lowering it to her level with the other hand.

"What is that?" Asked Layan showing him his hand in front of his face,

"W-What's with my hand?" Asked Omar trying to run away from the proof, "There is nothing on it-" He shoved his hand and his collar from her grip and was cut off in his talk by his twin sister again,

"There is dead skin from the site of injury under your fingernails. Omar." Said Layan crossing both of her arms, "You were also sweating because of catching a cold."

" I am sorry for that." Said Jaber bringing everybody's attention, "I think he caught it from me; I had a cold right now." Jaber raised his head to notice that Layan's eyes widen for a moment then returned to normal. She moved her lips saying,

"It may be because of you having a cold, but I don't think It is the main reason."

"Huh?" Jaber blinked twice raising his mask, "Why?"

"Because Omar went out of the hotel when it was raining. Not to mention that I saw him taking cold medicines before we came. No wonder you're wearing a mask."

"Fine, you caught me." Sighed Omar in defeat, "I needed to make a call with someone and couldn't let you know about it." He raised his head to see Layan giving him a sharp side-eye,

"I don't care at all." Said Layan dryly and walked with Jumana passing Omar, Jaber, and Ali.

"She is mad at you." Commented Jaber from behind.

"Obviously," Added Omar and heard a loud 'AHEM!' making both of them jump. They both turned to see Ali crossing both of his hands in anger and his eyes darkened,

"What did you do to her?" Asked Ali quietly.

"I…. kinda pranked her." Answered Omar with a sheepish grin. The boys saw Ali take a deep breath and exhaled,

"Omar…" Began Ali, "You know that Layan still doesn't remember everything right?"

"Yes." Said Omar and Jaber instantly realized that he need to give the brothers some space, "I will go and check on girls." Said Jaber and took the book from Omar's hand. He passed Ali walking out of the human development section.

"She changed a lot after the incident and still gets confused so fast whenever new things happened around her."

"….." Omar didn't say anything. He knows that already, but he was annoyed by it.

"*Sigh* At least try to take it easy with her. Her seizures are worsening instead of getting better." He regretted saying each word that came out of his lips, but he can't keep it.

"W-What?" Omar raised his head, "Worsening? Why?"

"We…. still can't figure out the…. main reason... I think because of her weak body. Layan was like that since she was born…..." Sighed Ali running his hand through his hair. He turned his back to Omar who was still not believing, "Stop embarrassing Layan and try to make good memories with her. She…... won't live long." Ali regretted telling Omar the truth. Sooner or later Omar will find out. He walked away leaving Omar alone between the books,

"Why? Why it must be her?" Thought Omar, "I didn't tell anybody about it. Why is this nightmare not leaving my head? Why is it becoming my reality?" He felt something falling from the left side of his cheek and instantly wipe it not leaving a trace. He followed his older brother's traces until he found them standing at the entrance waiting for him to come. They finished buying their books so fast. As soon as he reached them, he saw Layan pulling out a book and handing it to him,

"S-Sorry for kicking you in the abdomen." Without looking at him, she said, "I will make sure it won't happen again." Omar took the book looking at her wondering, "It's ok …I've kinda deserved it anyway…., but what about you?" She turned her head looking at her brother from the side of her amber eye,

"Did you take a book to read?" Asked Omar his sister who was still staring at him. What is happening with her? It's been a solid confusing minute and She still not answering his question. Only staring at him.

"Layan?" Asked Omar and Layan finally answered, "Thanks, I'm good." She walked away while talking, "I don't like reading books anyway." That was shocking for her brothers and cousins. They know that Layan was the one who was in love with reading books. If she didn't buy a book, she might turn the place upside down. Does the car accident change her thinking technique?

Omar knows why she is like that but didn't say anything. His sister needs space. The only thing he said was, "As you like, sister." And turned to Jumana. He lowered his hat with saying "Pleasure to see you again." and walked to Ali who was waiting for them to come. It's not of Omar's usual to act like that and Layan knows why. She chuckled and was about to follow him,

"By the way, you didn't tell me." Layan stopped as she remembered something and turned to Jaber, "Who are you?" Layan asked Jaber concerned, "I remember I saw you somewhere, but where exactly?" She put her finger horizontally at her chin narrowing her eyes as she tried to remember.

"Oh, I didn't introduce myself well." Jaber scratched his cheek and said, "My name is Jaber. I am Jumana's older brother. I and Jumana are twins."

"So, you are my cousin." Layan raised an eyebrow,

"Yes, I am."

"Ok, good to meet you again, cousin." Her talk was strict and dry,

"Heh, I could say the same for you."

"Layan!" They turned their heads to see Omar calling Layan, "What did we say earlier?"

"Comming!" She turned and hurried to her twin brother, not allowing Jaber to respond.

"This is weird…." Said Jumana, "She suddenly changed." She worried about her cousin. Layan never acted like that before. Jumana saw Ali waving for them to come.

"Come on, they are waiting for us." Said Jumana and followed Layan, but stopped when she didn't see Jaber nearby her. She turned to Jaber to see him still standing. He remembered when Layan's eyes widen for a moment,

"She does remember me." Thought Jaber, "But she still trying to remember more about me." His thought made him conclude with a side smirk.

"Jaber, Come one!" Jaber blinked twice, "Sorry I slipped a bit." Said Jaber his usual excuse and walked with his sister. His ears were red as he remembered,

"Good to meet you again, cousin." Layan's words were spinning in his head. He shakes this thought away and replaces it with other thoughts, "No, No I need to be careful of what I am thinking. I must concentrate on my future and studies. " When he raised his head, they were out of the bookstore following Kareem's kids.

(W.N: There might be some annoying senses. Be careful when you read.)

**Somewhere Else**

Hamsters. They are everywhere on earth. Many people saw them cute and love them, but that strange guy loves them so much…Why am I talking like that? Because he is running tests on them. He stays in his huge lab which is around 80 meters in width under his basement. Unfortunately, his basement's location is unknown, and there isn't any clock to check the time.

Items everywhere on the ground, hammers, an anvil near the roof of the basement, a drill near his head, and Exposed wires near water. It will make you wonder if that man had entered a world war with this lab.

He was sitting at his table with many laboratory glasses on there. He heard a ding sound and turned to the burette and began to spin the key slowly. The burette started dropping transparent drops on the beaker. The beaker was filled with purple solution. The scientist started counting as soon as he saw the drops started dripping in the beaker,

"Two…. Three…Four…and…" As soon as he saw the solution in the beaker changed to dark blue, he wear his gloves and use big lab tongs to grab the beaker. He hurried to the other side of his lab trying to not fall because of Scattered tools on the ground. Finally, he reached the microscope panting. He placed the beaker on the table and sat immediately on the chair trying to take a breath.

" Oh, god." Thought the old man, "I need to get some air instead of working here, but I need to finish this experiment first." He went out of his thoughts when he heard Chirps. He turned to see the bounded hamster to a squared iron metal trying to escape.

"He He~ sorry little buddy. I've kinda got a nap while I was working." He chuckled and got up from his chair walking to the hamster,

"I should thank your boss who sent you to spy on me;" He removed the thick gloves throwing them in the hazard trash and wearing another new one,

"Now I can run other new experiments -I've made recently- on living creatures." He finished with a loud slap and a psychopath grin scaring the hamster even more. He turned to his microscope wearing his glasses and started working right away. The hamster felt that that guy won't do anything for him at the main time, so he took his last nap.

"It's done!" The scientist's voice woke the hamster up, "This experiment will solve a lot of mysteries if I prove it!" The amber-eyed scientist moved to the hamster,

"Mr. Hamster." The scared hamster raised his head looking at the scientist in fear, "It is an honour for me that you will be the first living beings to take a dose of this human-communication solution." He spoke like a gentleman and used the pipette to fill it with a blue substance. He opened the hamster's mouth using forceps and feed it to the bounded panicked hamster. You can see that the hamster is watching his life in front of his eyes while this scientist tries to force him to drink this solution.

"Come on little buddy. We are almost done." That crazy scientist was firmly grabbing the forceps and trying not to hurt the small hamster at the same time. As soon as he saw the pipette empty, He let go of the hamster's mouth and exclaimed, "Now we are done!" He opened the tiny handcuffs and put the hamster quickly in a sealed cage and locked it,

"Take a rest." The scientist removed the gloves and threw them in the trash, saying, "It should take an affection in 24 hours. If it worked or didn't. I will set you free in both situations." And walked to the middle of the lab thinking. He heard his phone ringing and pressed the respond button with a sigh,

"Hello?" Spoke to the scientist in Japanese, "Ohhh Agasa- San! It's been a while! How are you my friend?" Said through the phone happily and his facial expression changed,

"A favour? Of course, I can! I am all ears!"

"Uhm…Uhm…Aha…I see…" Hummed the scientist and said, "Listen, how about I visit you and help you with it? It's kinda complicated if I explained it to you over the phone." Suggested the scientist,

"Afraid if they Find out? HAHA! You are funny my friend. I can take Max's place and go out easily! I made that robot look like me for these kinds of situations. So, don't worry. My identity will be safe." Explained the scientist,

"Okey, I'll see you in 5 days. Goodbye." He said and hung up the phone. He stretched and yawned rubbing his eyes. Suddenly he heard a voice and realized that the guy came back. He walked to the lab's corner where a squared device was on the ground. It was designed for travelling and teleporting.

Small light blue squares appeared suddenly, forming a figure who stepped out of the device. His hair was bright brown and...his eyes were weird. The sclera (the white part of the eye) was purple while the pupil and the iris were white. He is wearing a black uniform, a long black coat, and a black mask. There was a long katana behind his back. The blade of the katana was purple with some white plant decoration at the sharp end of it.

"Welcome back, Jassem." Said the scientist and 'Jassem' raised his head and looked at the scientist,

"D-Dad?" Said Jassem blinking twice, "H-Hi." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he exhaled, he opened his eyes again to show it look like a normal human being. His eyes were amber colour Just like the scientist's eyes.

"What takes you so long?" The scientist crossed both of his arms annoyed, "You said that you will make a fast checkup on Layan and come back…" Jassem's father raised an eyebrow and 'Jassem' sighed in return, " Actually I didn't stay long with her;" Began Jassem explaining by rubbing the back of his neck, "OMEGA called me again to finish a task they couldn't handle. Even though I took a vacation for two weeks."

"I see." Rubbed the scientist his shaved beard, "It's ok then. I will talk to the manager and find out a solution for this nonsense." He turned and walked out of the lab followed by his son,

"Yeah, I would appreciate it. I spoke to them several times and they won't listen to me." Said Jassem while taking off his sword and his black coat and hanging it on the cloth hanger. The scientist walked to the kitchen and then to the kettle. The scientist plug up the courage to ask his son,

"So, ..." Began The father speaking raising his voice, "How ...are they?" he pressed it on and turned to Jassem again who is at the kitchen door, "Did you meet them all?"

"I... don't know what to say." Jassem hesitated, "There are good news and bad news." The scientist took a deep breath and said, "Start with the bad news."

Jassem told him everything happened. Beginning with How did they attack Omar and kidnaped Layan, and Finish with how Ali lost his forearm. He also told his father about the return of the twin's seizures and Layan's memory loss. The old man tried to hold his emotions but couldn't handle them,

"F$#Q!" He angrily gritted his teeth, "They are trying to kill my family because of me." His eyes darkened for a moment. Jassem was annoyed too but didn't know what to do. He saw his father raise his head and said dryly, "We are going to visit Japan in 5 days. Prepare yourself." His amber eyes were sharp and filled with rage,

"B-But Father." His father looks at him, "You can't get out. They are still looking for you."

"The whole world knows that Kareem is dead 12 years ago, but not Max. I will bring him back and use the Cyber mask to cover my whole face." Said Kareem and walked out of the kitchen and finished, "After that, we will make a small visit to their headquarters."

"You mean..."

"Yes." The answer made Jassem swallow nervously and nodded. Kareem went out of the kitchen fast and didn't use the kettle to make his usual coffee, but Jassem was grateful that his father didn't drink a coffee.

He remembered something, took a photo from his pocket, and looked at it. It was a picture of him and Layan in the hospital which took it several days ago. Both were smiling and making a 'V' sign on their hand. He smiled, "See you soon, Young sister." And walked to the lab to see his father's latest experiments.

He didn't see anything interesting and was about to leave only to hear a small whispering voice,

"Hey...Hey!" Jassem at first thought that he was imagining and needed rest. His ears were telling him otherwise,

"HEY! YOU SUNEYED IDIOT!" He turned again to the source of the voice and his jaw opened. It was coming from the cage, and what is inside the cage? Nothing other than the hamster...,

"What is wrong with you? Either you are deaf or an idiot." Said the hamster crossing his tiny arms. Jassem closed his mouth and walked to the cage,

"What?" The hamster raised an eyebrow,

"You...can talk." Mumbled Jassem and asked, "How can you talk? "

"What is wrong when I can..." The hamster realized, "Wait..." The hamster's eyes widen, "I CAN TALK?!" stated the hamster and looked at Jassem, "HOW?!"

"I don't know either! I am the one who should ask!?" Answered Jassem with a shrug. He looked around until his gaze centred on the blue liquid. The hamster saw the amber-eyed agent sigh,

"I guess I found why..." Said Jassem looking aside. The hamster followed Jassem's gaze, which was centred on the blue liquid,

"To be honest. Your father is one of the craziest scientists I've ever seen in my whole life." Commented the hamster looking at Jassem again. Jassem chuckled and turned to the hamster,

" From this side, I totally agree with you, Dawson."

"D-Dawson?" Repeated the hamster wondering, "What is that?"

"Your name..." Explained Jassem, "Since you can speak and going to stay here. Why can't you have a name?" Jassem scratched the back of his head with his hand adding,

"Unless you want to run out of here..." The hamster was speechless,

"I know it sounds weird, but My father usually doesn't keep the living being trapped forever... you know...Most of his experiments don't kill the test; If the results didn't show in 24 hours, he sets them free." He finished with putting both of his hands in his pockets.

Jassem's words were rotating in the hamster's mind. He lowered his head not saying a word. Jassem on the other hand knows what the hamster is going to do anyway, so he walked to the tank and opened it to let the hamster decide, "It's up to you now, pal." He was about to walk away if the hamster didn't start speaking,

"I've never been treated like a living being since they brought me to the lab for the first time." Jassem turned to the hamster. To his surprise, the hamster didn't escape,

"Instead of treating me like a cute little pet, they trained me to spy and steal from other apartments. Not to mention when they tortured me. Every. Single. Day." He clenched his tiny hands,

"And when I needed them, they sold me to the enemy... They attached a small bomb to my body!" The rat spoke angrily while walking out of the gate and looking to the ground,

"When your father caught me. I was scared. I thought it was my end, but I was lying to myself. I didn't expect him to keep me alive...He removed the bomb...and make me speak..." The hamster shook his head, "Heh, the media wasn't lying when they said that his name matches his actions." He released his grip and raised his head looking at Jassem,

(Quick Note: Kareem in Arabic means Generous, Honorable, Decent, Gentle, etc...)

" And about that name... Dawson..." The hamster chuckled, "I kinda liked it."

" So, ..." Jassem was patiently waiting for the answer, "Are you going to stay with us?" He was like a kid waiting to have a new pet,

"I will If you feed me cereals and sunflower seeds every day." He saw Jassem pull a towel and lower his hand with the towel on it. The hamster – Or Dawson- jumped in, "Welcome to the team, Dawson." Said Jassem with a smirk,

"Thanks." For the first time, Dawson felt pertinence, bringing a smile to his lips, "Can I talk to your father? I want to thank him."

"Sure!" Exclaimed Jassem and walked out of the lab- with holding the hamster in his hand- looking for Kareem,

"Father! Guess who joined our team!"


Date: Sunday 23/November/20XX

Time: 7:20 (In The Morning)

Location: Near Sherwood Pines Building

"The movie was marvellous!" Layan happily raised both her tiny, clenched hands,

"Yeah!" Jumana agreed with Layan, "It was interesting and mysterious." Layan nodded in return and saw Jumana sign for her to come closer.

"Hm?" Layan wondered and leaned closer to her cousin who whispered in her ear,

"Really?" Layan's eyes sparkled and saw Jumana put her index finger at her mouth with a small shush, "Sorry,...What is it about?" Layan asked keeping her voice very low, "A guy was on a plane for his business. After his plane fell due to the bad weather, He found himself on an island and what he can do to survive. It's full of breathtaking situations." Explained Jumana and Layan got excited even more, "What is the name of this movie?"

"It's called Cast Away."

"Wow." Said Layan, "Even the name of the movie is hiding a secret! Ok! When can we watch it?"

"Sorry girls." Jaber cut the girls in the middle of their plan, "No more movies at the main time."

The boys were sitting in the back seat of the car while the girls were sitting in the middle. Ali and the driver were in the front seat. They were almost reaching the campsite,

"Oh, come on!" Moaned Layan turning to the back seat, "Don't be harsh like that." This time Omar who was playing on his phone participated,

"Try to do something else other than watching a movie." Suggested Omar and Layan returned to her seat whispering to Jumana, and returned again saying, "But we didn't meet for a long time~, right Kitsune?" The Waleed's twin kids wondered who she meant,

"Who is Kitsune?" Asked Jumana and saw Layan's pocket moving and a small fox head showed. Then it went out of Layan's pocket jumping on her until it reached Layan's shoulder,

"Oh, I didn't introduce you to Kitsune. Say hi Kitsune!" Said Layan with a grin holding Kitsune in her small hands. The tiny fox squeaked and jumped.

"It's so tiny." Commented Jaber and saw another fox on Omar's shoulder squeaking. That made Jaber look with his dotted eyes at the small fox. Layan returned to her seat and said to Kitsune,

"Kitsune." The small fox looked at Layan, "This is my cousin Jumana. She is like my older sister. How about you greet her?" The fox nodded and Jumped to Jumana's lap,

"Hello, little one!" Said Jumana holding Kitsune in her hands and the fox responds with a small smile and bow.

"She is so small and cute!" Jumana gasped as she almost melted in cuteness,

"I completely agree!"

"Does this fox know how to do small tasks?" Asked Jumana her cousin, "Well actually I don't know what this tiny robot can do..." Said Layan scratching the back of her head, "How about we ask her when we reach the campsite?"

"That's a great idea!" The boys heard the girls talking and giggling,

"At least they would forget about the movie, am I correct cousin?" Whispered Omar to Jaber, "Yeah," Spoke Jaber, "Try not to let them watch movies when we are there. Understood?" Finished Jaber with putting his index finger in front of his mouth. Omar nodded in return and did the same. The small blue fox – who was on Omar's shoulder- tried to imitate them but in an idiotic way but lost his balance and fell. The boys couldn't handle it and burst out laughing along with the blue fox bringing everybody's attention in the car. Layan, Jumana, and the pink fox looked at each other,

"They lost it, didn't they?" Asked Layan pointing her thumb at them, and the girls respond positively.

"Be ready Kids!" Said the driver, "We've reached our destination!"


"Layan. Sit down." Ali ordered his sister with his annoyed eyes looking at her. She sat grumbling and saw Jumana trying to hide her laugh. Jumana's funny look made Layan try not to laugh by holding her hands at her mouth. In the end, the girls giggled.

They finally reached the parking station, and the twins went out of the car holding their bags. The boys went to help Ali and the driver in carrying their bags and equipment, in preparation for camping. Meanwhile, the girls were exploring the place, and not to forget that Layan was taking pictures.

"Look! A tree! Look! A rock as same as my size! Look a little ladybug! She is so cute!" Layan was pointing everywhere and taking photos. Jumana watched her cousin in silence,

"Even she still can't remember, She'll never change. God, I miss these days." Thought Jumana with a sad smile.

"Woah..." Layan stopped when she stared at the building, "Is that the building?" Asked Layan while pointing at the building and looking at Jumana. Jumana nodded to her with a warm smile. Layan's smiles widen,

"Awesome! Oh yes...before I forget." Said Layan turning to her cousin, "Can we take a picture of both of us? " The small fox jumped on Layan's shoulder.

"And Kitsune too." Chuckled Layan and looked at Jumana again, "So,...Can we ...take a picture ...if you don't mind? " Said Layan putting both of her index fingers against each other and waiting for the response,

"Why are you asking?" Asked Jumana and her short cousin looked at her, "Of course, we can!" Said Jumana and grabbed Layan's hand, "We need to choose a good background for the picture first." And walked in the wide place until they found it. It was one of the Sherwood Pines Modern Buildings with the sun giving it a shade making a beautiful view.

"There it is!" Jumana joyfully said, turning to her cousin, "What do you think, Layan?" She asks,

"It's a breathtaking view!" Answered Layan while she and the fox's eyes were shining like a little kid, " I will prepare the camera!" She pressed several buttons and said, "It's ready!"

The girls adjusted their camera, raised it, and turned its lens toward their side, "On my mark..." Notified Layan, "Three ...Two... One...Say..." They didn't feel the figures who were behind them,

"Cheeese!" Shouted the girls and pressed the button. A sudden fast flash appeared in a second and faded. Layan took the camera from Jumana and watched the photo. They gasped at what they saw.

" A-Ali , Jaber, and Omar?" Spoke Layan looking at the camera,

"It's impossible. How did they do that?" Jumana wondered and turned around along with Layan, "We didn't hear their –"

"BAAAAAA!" Jaber and Omar's foolish faces make the forest filled with the girls screaming and Ali's ways of problem-solving began. The birds freaked out at the sudden punch sounds. Several moments later, There were popped-up buries on Jaber's and Omar's heads.

"What did I say about scaring the girls?" Ali's Cyber hand was still steaming, and tapping with his foot on the ground,

"If I saw you do that again, I will use another way." He cracked his human hand angrily,

"Sorry." Said the boys to the girls with their faces directed to the ground. Ali walked away to continue helping the driver. Jaber and Omar stood up and was about to leave. The girls were still trying to understand what is going on,

"What do you think , sister?" Jumana asked Layan,

"Dunno..." Layan shrugged and looked at the camera, "To be honest they added a good view to the background." She pressed the button and called them, "Hey Brother! Cousin!" The boys turned their head to her, and heard her saying,

"The photo is Marvelous!" They saw Layan running with holding her camera followed by Jumana,

" Take a look!" Omar grabbed the camera from his sister's hand and look at it with Jaber. Their strict faces relaxed as soon as they saw it,

"Wow!" Omar looked amazed, "This photo is a masterpiece!" commented Jaber trying to find the correct word,

"Yeah!" Chuckled Jumana, "It wouldn't complete without you guys!" Added Layan,

"But are you guys alright?" Asked Jumana worried, "He punched you so hard."

"What are you talking about?" Jaber looked at the girls annoyed, "It doesn't hurt an inch, right Omar?" He warped his huge arm around Omar's neck squeezing him,

"Yep, as You heard him." Omar chuckled as he supported his cousin and tapped on Jaber's arm to let go.

"Oi! Brats!" The four turned to Ali, "We need assistant here!"

"Coming!" Said the boys, "We want to help too!" Said the girls and followed them. Omar and Jaber looked at each other with a grin and turned to the girls,

"Why are you girls so slow?" Omar began mocking, "I don't think they will make it." Jaber joined the match.

"Oh no you don't." Jumana accepted the dare and Layan tried to run as fast as she could to make it,

"Wait for me I got little legs!" Shouted Layan making everybody laugh.

In the deep forest, far away from the building, there were two bloody red eyes looking at the four kids,

" H̴͓̱̼̖̒̒́m̸̤͉̟̱̹͌̈͊̈́͒m̸̡̘̗̝̩̐͝ḿ̶̰͙̺̂m̴̡͖͙̲̜͂̂͆͗̃.̶̢̼̙͍́͛̓̕͘.̶̧̖̟̬̗̊̀̄.̷̨̧͕̰̮̆̍̂̇͝.̶̦͓̹͈̄͊̐̚.̷̯̠̈́͛̕ " That 'monster's' voice was deep, harsh, and sharp. The figure stepped out of the darkness making the light show the figure's face. What a surprise... he is similar to a wolf, but not any normal wolf. A HUGE, BLACK, WOLF, with a scar on the wolf's right eye and the right side of his neck, and a tattoo on the left side of his neck... His long tongue went through his sharp teethes and a wide scary grin appeared on his face,

" N̶͉͓̾͌̔͐̿e̷͕͋w̵̠̣̱͇͎͑͌ ̶̣̥̳̗́s̸̳͚̈́͑̈́̌̚ŭ̸̢̝̞̐͜ͅf̵͍̥̆͗̽̈f̷͓̺̃̃̍̓ḛ̷̢̮̽̓͂͠r̵̢̩̪͈̗̅͒̌̕͝ę̷̠͙̬̓̓ȓ̵̜̱͇͊s̷̱̅̑ͅ ̷̝͎͑a̶͇͒̚p̵̣̟̺̖͍̓p̸̧̠͔͓̩͐͗̄͠ë̶̦͕̝̗́̈͝à̵̱̙̊͜ͅr̶̻̟̀̇e̶͕͆͐d̷̬̺͇̩̒̂͛͜.̸̨̛̲̤̮͜ "He chuckled , " T̵̛͓̩̩̝̔̾ő̸̜̄̕̚d̴͖̟̱͠͠ͅa̵͉̙͈̓̊͜ỷ̴̢̳̮̲̉ ̴̛̬̖̲̙̅̎ẅ̵̼̝̺̑e̸̛̯͈̩͑̾̔ ̴̢̭͝w̷̹̗̣͑̓͋͝i̵̢͆ḻ̶̖͈̈́l̶̪̲͝ ̴̯͖̫̗̕h̵̬̰͙̚͜a̷̭̋v̵̦̈͐̌e̵̡̞̿̋̓̉ ̷͇̥̹͉̚͘͝m̶̤̾̌ǫ̶̮̐̄̽̉r̴̗̹̳̓ë̴̱́͋͒̕ ̸̤̔̀̍f̶͈̘̭͛̽̌̽u̶̥̅̍n̸̨̥̜͈͝. " The silent chuckle turned to a creepy laugh. The black wolf's laugh echoed. He waited and stepped back into the darkness of the forest.

End Of Chapter 12: Days in the UK (Waleed's twin kids)