Harry's POV

Today was a big day for Harry, not that he knew it yet. Today was the day he turns sixteen and a lot of truths were revealed to him. It was nearing midnight and he was watching the broken clock counting down the seconds until it was midnight. This was a ritual he completed every year and this year was no different. Harry knew that tonight he should be able to finally leave the Dursleys. At least he had high hopes.

Soon Harry began to feel pain when he knew that he shouldn't be feeling any. What many people don't realize is that Harry reads all the time, whatever he can get his hands on. He has read books on magic, and he knows that he doesn't get his majority until next year. So, what is this pain? He also knows that there are no creatures in either of his parents' bloodline so he shouldn't be getting a creature inheritance either.

Eventually the pain subsided, and Harry got up to sneak to the bathroom to look at himself. He had to know why he'd been in so much pain. He snuck as quietly as possible to the bathroom and closed the door before turning on the light in the bathroom. It took everything for him not to scream.

When he looked into the mirror, he saw his short unruly black hair changed to long flowing blonde locks. His emerald almost Avada Kedavra colored eyes turned hazel and no longer needed his glasses. His lips were plumper and cheeks were more defined. His body had grown even more feminine than it was before, he was almost certain he had become a female. He took off his clothes to make sure and sure enough he was now a she. She had grown decent sized breasts, definitely warranting a bra.

She put back on her clothes, that were still way too big on her, and crept silently back to her room. When she got there, she noticed a letter laying on her bed that hadn't been there before. When she got closer to the bed she noticed there were actually two letters. She decided to open the letter on top first.

My Dearest Child,

If you have received this letter on your sixteenth birthday that means that you've finally discovered the truth. I know this has more than likely come as a huge shock to you, but this is your real gender. You were born as a female and your father helped me name you. You mustn't blame your father for not telling you the truth, my star.

He doesn't remember you being his daughter and when I made you male it was to protect you. I am almost certain you are a spitting image of my mother Dorea. Ask your Aunt Narcissa to show you a portrait of her. I'm sure you are wondering what your name is and it is Cassiopeia Dorea Prince. Your father is Severus Prince or as you probably know him Snape.

What you don't know is that Severus and I were married when we were very young. We were still in school, but we hid the marriage from everyone except those we were closest too. We told Narcissa and Lucius and eventually Sirius and Remus. Even though Sirius and I grew up together I wasn't sure he'd approve of Severus.

Severus courted me and boy did I make him sweat. I want you to know that he adored you, and you were his princess. He'd do anything for you. Go to the bank and request that he get cleansed, you probably need a good cleanse too. Also do not trust Albus Dumbledore.

With Love,


After she finished reading the letter Cassiopeia realized that she was crying. She couldn't believe all of this was happening to her. Why did she need to be hidden? Why didn't her papa trust Dumbledore? She knew why she didn't trust the old man, but why didn't her papa? She looked down and noticed the other envelope and realized that it was from Gringotts.

Dear Heiress Prince,

We were alerted to the fact that the potion and glamour making you a boy has broken. We request your presence as soon as possible. This letter will become a portkey at precisely 11:00 am.


Chieftain of Gringotts

Cassie decided she might as well get some sleep before she has to face the music. So much has happened in a short amount of time, what will happen next? She does not know but will find out later. She laid down and let the darkness consume her. Sooner than she would have liked she heard a banging on her door to get up. She was ready to start panicking, her family would have a fit if they could see her. She decided that she would stay as quiet as possible and wait until the portkey was set to take off.

Luckily the Dursleys were in no mood to bother with her today and didn't come back after the first time they banged on the door. After a few hours of accepting owls from her friends and sending general replies, she found a way to bind her hair. She's read a few books on Olde Magic and Pureblood Rituals and Culture. After reading her mother's letter she knows for sure that she is a pureblood and cannot have her hair down when she goes to the Alley today. She took one of Dudley's old shirts and found some scissors. She cut the shirt into a ribbon type of thing and tied her hair up into a bun.

When the clock turned eleven she saw the letter glow and she grabbed onto it quickly. She felt a pull in her navel and was transported to Chief Ragnock's office. She landed slightly more gracefully than she used to, meaning she actually landed on her feet.

"Heiress Prince, you are a hard woman to contact." Chief Ragnock informs

"My apologies Chief Ragnock, but this was the first missive I ever received from the bank." Cassie explains, "And please call me Cassie."

"You are forgiven Cassie; we have much to go over today. First thing, do you have a house elf?" He asks her in awe that she would give him leave to use a nickname.

"I have an elf that would claim me as his owner." She says thinking of Dobby.

"Why don't you call your elf and have him get you some clothes befitting your status?" Ragnock asks

"I have no money on me at the moment." Cassie looks ashamed

Ragnock snaps his fingers, and a card pops up on the desk, "Drop two drops of blood and it will connect to your vaults."

Cassie does as she's told and watches the card glow as it connects to her vaults.

"Dobby!" Cassie calls

*POP* "Master Harry Potter sirs calls Dobby?" Dobby says looking around for Harry

"Dobby, my name is Cassiopeia now. You can call me Cassie; do you understand Dobby?" Cassie asks the crazy elf.

"Dobby understands. What can Dobby do for Mistress Cassie?" Dobby asks

"Can you take my measurements and go get me something to wear? Something similar to a Noble Lady would wear Dobby, just one outfit for today please." Cassie asks her friend.

"Dobby cans be doing that. Dobby be back in a jiffy." Dobby takes her measurements in about two seconds with a tape and then leaves.

"Now that we have that taken care of is there anything you need before we start Cassie?" Ragnock asks

"My father doesn't know that I'm his daughter right now, he needs to be cleansed, and I'd prefer to have him here with me throughout this process." Cassie almost pleads with the chieftain.

"I believe that can be arranged." He touched an orb on his desk and spoke in rapid fire Gobbledygook, "He'll be here within the hour. Are you hungry?"

Cassie just nodded trying to hold in tears. It has been a very long day and it wasn't even lunchtime yet. She just wanted to know why all of this was happening to her and wanted her father to know her. She looked on the desk and saw tea and an assortment of fruit and biscuits. She decided she should probably eat something considering she hadn't had anything all day. Just as she started to eat there was a pop as Dobby came back with a dress for her. Ragnock directed her to the bathroom for her to change. Dobby also had the sense to get her things from the Dursleys, so she now also had her wand.

*Snape POV*

Severus was having a long summer break. He had to deal with a nosey old coot and a sane dark lord. A sane dark lord who wanted to court him. The problem with that being he felt like there was something missing in his life, but he didn't know what it was. A few moments after letting his thoughts run away from him, he got a missive from Gringotts.

Lord Prince,

Come to the Bank immediately. This note will turn into a portkey in ten seconds.

Chief Ragnock

Severus didn't have much time to think as he was transferred to the bank and landed in a seat. He stared at Ragnock with a look that he would give Longbottom.

"What ever could you need so urgently Ragnock?" Severus drawls

"Take this potion and then we'll talk." Ragnock hands him a potion and gives no room for arguments.

He takes the potion and soon enough he sees memories flash past his eyes. Memories he forgot that he didn't even know happened. He remembered his daughter, his little star. Oh Merlin, his child, how could he forget his child? James. It was all James, he wanted to protect everyone from Dumbledore.

*Cassie POV*

Cassie walks out of the bathroom in a modest green dress and her hair pinned up with magic. She immediately noticed her father in the chair next to the one she had been sitting in. She looked at Ragnock and he nodded at her.

"Daddy?" Cassie asks timidly

"Cassiopeia, my little star." Severus cries and goes to hug her close. That is when the dam finally breaks for Cassie, and she starts crying. She finally had her father; she finally had a family.

"Dad, why did you hate me as Harry Potter? It never made sense to me, and it still doesn't." Cassie was highly confused.

Severus thought for a moment, and it did not make sense to him either. James and Sirius were his best friends as a child. Whenever his mother could sneak away from his father, she would take him to meet with her old friends Dorea and Orion Black. Even though Severus was a Slytherin the three of them never stopped being friends, although Lily Evans sure did try to stop them.

"I think Dumbledore messed with my head more than your Papa did." Severus decides

"Well, I can tell that for you right now. I need an inheritance test from Cassie anyway, we can do one for you as well, Lord Prince." Ragnock interrupts and they both nod.

After giving three drops of blood each, two sheets of parchment started showing words. Cassie was definitely shocked by what she saw, but when it comes to her what is normal.

Full Name: Cassiopeia Dorea Prince

Severus Snape (Father)

James Potter (Bearer/Mother) Deceased

Dorea Potter nee Black (Maternal Grandmother) Deceased

Charlus Potter (Maternal Grandfather) Deceased

Eileen Snape nee Prince (Paternal Grandfather) Deceased

Tobias Snape (Paternal Grandfather) Deceased

Narcissa Malfoy nee Black (Godmother)

Sirius Black (Godfather)

Draconis Malfoy (Godbrother)


Heiress to Prince Lordship/Ladyship

Heiress to Potter Lordship/Ladyship

Heiress to Peverell Lordship/Ladyship

Heiress to Black Lordship/Ladyship

Heiress to Ravenclaw Lordship/Ladyship


Natural Occlumency (100% Blocked by Albus Dumbledore)

Natural Legilimency (100% Blocked by Albus Dumbledore)

Parseltongue (Blocked by Dumbledore, broken at age 12)


Gender/Identity (100% Blocked by James Potter, broken naturally at 16)

Wandless Magic (75% Blocked by Albus Dumbledore)

Plus, the previous ones mentioned


Hatred Potion (Keyed to Slytherins, Severus Snape, Malfoy Family)

Submissive Attitude (Keyed to Dursley Family, Molly Weasley and Albus Dumbledore)

Loyalty Potion (Keyed to Albus Dumbledore, Weasley Family, and Hermione Granger)


Illegal Marriage Contract between Hadrian Potter and Ginerva Weasley

I sat there in complete shock reading the parchment. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. How could this be happening to me? I guess the best question would be, why does this always happen to me? What was Dumbledore thinking when he did all this stuff to me? I don't understand. I handed over the parchment to my father and then I immediately let out a sob.

After a few moments I feel arms around me and realize that my dad is hugging me tightly. I could tell he was trying to stay strong for me, and take care of me but was struggling to do so.

"Ragnock, please tell me that the marriage contract is null and void." I could hear the pleading in my voice.

"Well, the contract says Hadrian Potter and I believe your birth name and your legal name is Cassiopeia Prince. So, yes Cassie the contract no longer affects you, not that it should have in the first place." Ragnock placates me and I start to calm down.

"Little Star, I am so sorry." Dad says to me still hugging me and I look at him confused.

"Dad, you have nothing to be sorry for. None of this is your fault, all of it can be traced back to Dumbledore." I say sternly.

"Lord Prince, do you want your inheritance test done?" Ragnock asks, trying to ease some of the tension in the room.

Dad shakes his head in the negative, "No, I believe we've had enough excitement for one day. I'd like to take my daughter home now."

Ragnock nods and shakes both of our hands before letting us leave from his private floo. Dad still had me wrapped in his arms like he was afraid I would disappear from his sight any second. I guess I was so out of it that I didn't realize that we had ended up in Malfoy Manor. Honestly, I suppose that I should have expected it. Honestly, who else could dad turn to? Uncle Remus doesn't have his memories, Uncle Sirius doesn't either and he's a little touchy when it comes to dad lately. The Malfoys are truly the only family we have at the moment.

"Severus? Who's this?" Aunt Narcissa says as she walks into the receiving room.

"This is James and I's daughter. You don't remember her because James messed with everyone's memories to protect her. You are her Aunt and godmother." Dad explains and I smile a little bit.

"Hello Lady Malfoy." I say respectively although I really wanted to say Aunt Cissa.

She looks ready to cry as she looks me up and down. She shares a look with dad and when he nods, she rushes over to give me a hug. We are both just full on sobbing at this point. Living with the Dursleys I never expected to feel this much love in my life. I now have a dad, a very loving aunt, and hopefully I'll have a brother and a better uncle than I had before. I think I could get used to being a girl instead of a boy.