[The Song "Nobody told me about Id" (Remake by Andrew Hulshult) plays]

A Large Demonic Titan rose from the large crevice as it roared greater than the loudest thunder, it smashed the entirety of the UAC facility with just a couple of swipes and breathed fire that burned a good portion of the area. It then leaned down as it locked eyes with its new opponent. The Doomguy cracked his knuckles as he slowly approached the beast, the atmosphere was deaf and the skies were black…Now is the Time…Two Titans meet, as it was written. Dr. Stan walked passed the Doomguy and stood before the Titan, he raised his arms in a prophetic manner and Tendrils began to erupt from the Giant, they slithered to Stan as they began to pierce his skin and dig themselves into him, it then lifted him up and consumed him as the two conjoined symbiotically. The Demonic Beast held the Doctor close to his chest and buried him within tendrils, The Doctor then spoke in a demonic voice that amplified with the Beast's size.)

Dr. Stan:"Now, You face something greater than any God- any Fool could ever fathom!"

(Doomguy cracked his neck and charged at the Doctor and Tendrils proceeded to fire at him, they swiped and slammed and slashed but Doomguy dodge each and every one of them, whether when they attacked simultaneously or one at a time with very little time between each other. After slamming one of the tentacles on the floor, the Behemoth Demon slid it across the surface in a sweeping attempt to kill the Doomguy, but of course he leaps before it strikes him and his vertical rise was great enough to land on a lower segment of the Titan. As he hung on one of the rib cages of the Titanic Demon, a pair of malformed and ugly hands ripped their way out of the segment of flesh that surrounded the Slayer and clawed at him, he barely acknowledged their pain though and proceeded to pull out the Chainsaw as he sliced off a good portion of limbs, he then used the super shotgun and forced it into the hole of missing limbs as he pulled the trigger. This caused the Titan to roar in pain as it swung it's arm to the Doomguy who just lept out of the way and grabbed onto the hand that swiped at him, it raised the hand that the Doomguy was latched onto and the Marine used his rocket launcher as he fired missile after missile at the Demon, it wore on the beast as the Doomguy lept from the hand and lunged towards the center of its body. It tried to swipe at the Slayer but he immediately busted out the Super shotgun and fired it at the approaching arm, knocking it back and disrupting enough of the Slayer's momentum to allow him an accurate landing. He then plunged the barrel of the shotgun into the spot he was trying to land on, the center of the Demon's chest. He then grabbed his heavy rifle and aimed it at between the Pectoral muscles as he proceeded to use the countless rounds as a makeshift saw to help him rip out the Beast's heart. Eventually, enough of an opening was made that the Marine saw the very man who summoned this beast as he laid there nearly covered in tentacles, sheltering him from the harsh elements outside. The Doomguy grabs Doctor Stan and rips him from the binding of Tentacles and bone, he then throws the mutated scientist to the floor as the Beast Writhes without its new found heart, Tentacles begin to swarm around Doomguy and wrap around him, he then pulls out the BFG and jams it into the Hole where the Doctor was inhabited and pulled the trigger. The Behemoth began to glow green as it then panicked and thrashed about, Doomguy pulled out his chainsaw and cut the BFG and himself free from the Tendrils, he jumped and landed epicly. The Beast only further panicked and thrashed about even more, its muscles began to pop individually and its body was breaking apart, it then screeched as it blew up into a rain storm of blood. The blood rained over the Survivors, the Doctor and Doomguy himself, he then looked up from his kneeling position and locked eyes with the Doctor's mutilated new form, he approached it and was less than a meter away from the Scientist as he spoke.)

Stan:"…So that's why he really likes you…I get it now-"

(As Doomguy jams his foot on his face, crushing it into brain matter and bone, he then lifts his foot and watches as the Doctor's Gored corpse begins to turn into ash, just like any other Demon.

Doomguy walks away as he then heads for a ship, in it are the four survivors, Commander Abel "Abe" Abdon, Corporal Clara "Eyeball" Yu, Private "Gunner" Rey, and Dr. Leonard Hargrove. These were the only ones aside from the Slayer himself to succeed in the mission, but just as he was about to set foot on the ship, a voice called out.)

?:"Leaving so soon? But we had so much fun together!"

(Doomguy turned around to see a man in a well dressed black and red suit [Played by Tom Ellis] he smiled creepily and approached the ship.

The Doomguy has a very intense flashback of the Devil standing in a field, Holding Daisy in his hands, then ripping off her head and jamming it onto a Pike, then smiling as he speaks "If only you got here just a few seconds sooner" and turns to ash.

Over the shoulder shot It all then snaps back to here and now as his smile grows.)

Abe:"Who the fuck are you?!"

Dr. Hargrove:"And why are you wearing a dapper suit?"

?:"My apologies, I didn't even realize I was being so rude to your new friends…My name's Lucifer, but everyone calls me-"


Lucifer:"The very same! And might I just say congratulations and well done on surviving this little party Dr. Myers and I planned…He's quite the gifted Scientist, very smart too, he's actually the one to figure out what the Slabs were capable of once you passed a current through them to activate it. Unfortunately, Genocidal Green Giant over here turned him into a blazing Welcome matt…Speaking of, Are you REALLY gonna stay here?"

(Doomguy cocks his shotgun, he's always been angry but the look he gave was unholy in rage and violence, like he just found the man that ruined his life and tortured those he loved.)

"Do you remember the Last Universe you stayed in? How the Knight Sentinels eventually fell and became Demons themselves?…Such a tragedy…Though I can imagine the frustration…By the way, I still have SO much I want to do with you, so come on…Hell's a waiting…"

Abe:"He ain't Stupid you dumbass! He's not gonna follow you into Hell!"

Lucifer:"Oh I bet he's smart, I've seen his work with handcrafted engineering… but the thing is, It's his choice not yours, and we both know our little gripe isn't over…"

(Doomguy growls like a deepthroated animal, his eyes were focused yet psychotic, he was going to beat this man to Death, and no matter how many times he comes back, he'll do it again and again, because the Oath was simple…Rip and Tear…Until it is Done!)

"You're not honestly still pissed about that little rodent are yo-"

(A Shotgun blast hits Lucifer in his shoulder and while he quickly heals the barely wounded scar, his jacket and shirt shoulder area was completely blown off.)

"Apparently so, To be fair though…you DID slaughter too much of my army, brutally murdered me a couple times, caused a rebellion within my own high ranks and even broke my daughter's heart-long story-So fair's fair…Now, Are you coming or not?…Someone needs to shut that portal up…And who Better to do the job than the man who slays Doom itself…?"

(A portal opens up and Lucifer walks through it, he laughs and it progressively goes from the actor's laugh to a lower demonic tone that shows the evil being within.)

(Doomguy grips his shotgun tight until it breaks in his hand.)

Abe:"You're gonna go for it aren't ya?"

(Doomguy Looks back at Abe as though he feels there will be an argument about the topic.)

"I ain't stopping you, I don't think anyone can stop you… That's one of the big reasons why you do it, right? Because no one else can do it, and if no one does it… Then there's no hope for anything or anyone… So go… Just do me a favor… Rip and Tear… Until It's Done!"

(The Song "At Doom's Gate" by Mick Gordon plays at the 12 second mark)

(Doomguy looks back at the Portal Lucifer left open and begins to walk towards it, he slowly builds up speed and dashes for the opening as he dives head first into Hell. Abe looks as the portal closes and so does the Ship's door, the Ship then begins to fire up its engines to leave. In Hell, Titans and Eldritch Monsters laid across the plain of fire and torture, Doomguy pulls out the Black Hilt from earlier and squeezes it until it pops out a laser blade similar to that of the Executioner, though instead of an Axe, it was a Sword. Doomguy somehow increased his fall speed as he aimed for one of the Titan's in the head and swung a slash, but before the violent contact was shown, the Title dropped


[Title Opening]

"Doom: The Altar of Anguish"

and the credits began to roll.)