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A gift-fic for a reviewer of mine, I hope you enjoy it! :)

Azure eyes squint trying to find the light switch in the kitchen, it was another restless night a night of which consisted of tossing and turning.

After a few moments Junior was unlucky enough to find the switch, instead his hand blindly moved across the counter trying to find at least the fridge to reveal some light.

With a sigh the URTV continues his obscured search until suddenly, he feels an uncomfortable warmth radiating a few steps ahead of him.

"Maybe someone's left the oven on, jeez- and people wonder how friggin' house fires are started."

After a taking a couple of steps Junior's hand tightly grabbed ahold of the fridge's handle, but in a matter of seconds he suddenly realized how cold it felt.

Without hesitating Junior pulled with all his might, to only yank out the handle alongside his hand but there is a problem, the handle starts to drip.

But can a handle drip after it is forcefully ripped off?

Well at the time, Junior thought so and figured it was completely normal considering the strength that he used.

"Well, fuck. Gaignun's gonna get mad at that one." He swore biting his tongue upon picturing the awful bill that he'd need to pay afterwards, only U-DO knew of the amount of water that the Foundation used on a regular basis.

Let alone thinking about the repairs was enough to piss him off, however his thoughts are interrupted once his hand meets- another hand.

"Someone's feeling "rather" friendly today, I do wonder why you're not your usual feisty self?"

Junior's eyes widened before attempting to stop the rage from reflecting back out into his words, praying to dear god that Albedo hadn't disturbed the others whilst they were sleeping.

In a rather comical fashion Albedo awaited with folded arms, to hear his twin's pissed off reply,

Initially without an response the redhead switched on the light at long last, to only then be greeted to his brother's face much to his dismay.

With the best of his ability the red twin finally speaks, trying to hold his overwhelming temper together.

"Albedo. Do you know what bloody time it is?"

With a laugh he smiled upon hearing Junior's question, self-aware that he was moments away from making his brother's rage erupt.

"I do, three in the morning."

"Aren't you used to staying up at odd hours of the night?"

In indigestion Junior scoffed before sitting down on one of the kitchen chairs, waiting for the kettle to hopefully go off silently. "Yeah, I'm awake all the damn time due to the bloody nightmares you give me."

The white twin merely shook his head, unable to understand as to why, he wouldn't've enjoyed his dreams considering that he never did manifest a psychical form as often.

"Oh, stop lying to yourself Rubedo! Admit it, you quite enjoy those dreams of yours don't you?"

Junior suddenly raised his hand, showing the amount with his fingers. "Two nights I've had this week, two nights of decent dreams and the rest are filled with you!"

"How unfortunate that you have to dream of such a distasteful face, and here I thought that you were happy to see me again."

A wide grin spreaded upon seeing Junior snarl back, almost able to grab his throat from the table. "There he is, my old Rubedo!" Even though his laugh sounded mirthful Junior couldn't help but remember how darkly he used to laugh.

"Please," The red twin cringed away, "Just stay quiet, I already have to pay a bloody bill."

A white brow is raised trying to hold back the immense laughter in the process. "Oh my dearest, that wasn't a handle that you merely pulled."

Petrified beyond belief his azure eyes widen upon seeing Albedo's left arm stream down with blood, with of course one of his digits gliding across the wound.

"Sweet pain," Albedo sighed in a way of reminiscence, "How long has it been since you've inflicted it onto me, Rubedo?" Much to his surprise Junior goes deep into his thoughts, going past the many battles that he'd been through before this very moment.

From what he could remember Junior vaguely remembered, one time upon entering the space-time anomaly.

Everything from witnessing Sakura be psychically abused in front of his very own eyes, to then seeing his own simulacrum mock him, questioning him as to why he hadn't killed off his twin as of then.

But in truth despite all the hatred that he felt that day, Junior wanted to save him with the best of his ability.

Unbeknowst to him however, Albedo's true salvation had only resided in death much to his indiffence.

Shaking off the memories Junior finally agreed at a response to give, "The only moment that comes to mind, is the one time where I-" Junior suddenly choked on his words, unwillingly wanting to continue further.

Dissatisfied yet oddly concerned Albedo moved his chair a little closer, to get a few words out from his twin.

"What's wrong? you seem a little tense. Rubedo."

Albedo whispered at long last, finally keeping his tone down to a much more quieter and tolerable level for Junior's ears.

Considering that he was talking to Albedo all of people, Junior couldn't say anything stupid or "uneducated" as he'd easily pick him up on it.

The redhead's fingers brush through his crimson head before finally replying back, "I just have a lot on my mind, I was wanting to say the space-time anomaly actually."

The awful sadistic expression resumed onto his white twin, let alone hearing the name of the location had made a few memories jog around in his memory.

Regardless Albedo wouldn't've had a hard time trying to reflect either, all this was merely done to fuck with him.

Oh and of course in a matter of seconds Junior knew, he knew that grin from a bloody mile away.

That bastard was starved, craving nothing else but his brother's hatred not even becoming a Testament had changed him at all.

"What a perfect little setpiece it was."

With a sigh Junior walked off towards the kettle before slowly pouring the water into the cold mug, "You're never gonna change, are you?" Albedo joins him with a smile, "Either will you. with that rash behaviour of yours."