Guys, it's me, RJ Writing Ink. Comet vs. the Forces of Evil is on a short hiatus while I get more chapters written. Also, I am currently working on another fanfic for Amphibia. With the show about to end, I want to contribute to the fandom at least once. Go read it: Teen Boy in a Frog World. It's a story where the Calamity Trio are genderbent, and Genderbent Anne is recapping the series leading up to the climax of the episode "The Beginning of the End." That was the last episode when I started writing it.

Don't worry. I'll be back to work on Comet vs. this Summer. I just need a break before I get so burnt out I start hating my own creation.

UPDATE: I realized that it would take too long to finish an entire story like that, so I scrapped "Teen Boy" and am just doing a one-shot with a Genderbendt Anne.