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He ran down his nose from her shoulder to her ear and held her tight. Lucy just let her head roll to the side giving him space and placed her hands on his arms. He could hear her heart beating very fast, just as his. He felt this overwhelmed feeling of joy with how clearly she was enjoying his attention and was receptive to them. There was a part of him who was afraid of a more violent reception.

His left hand was running through her beautiful golden hair while the other started to caress her stomach and her sides. He couldn't help himself, as the feeling of her was driving him delirius.

He wanted more, and without even realizing what he was doing, he started nibbling and running his lips and tongue all over her neck and shoulder.

He vaguely noticed how hard Lucy was holding into his arms, with her nails sinking on his skin. He couldn't think clearly, moved by instinct, natural physicality, absolutely drowning in her smell, taste and sounds. The only thing in his mind at that moment was to keep doing his best to elicit the enticing sounds Lucy was making.

Meanwhile Lucy had stopped thinking. She was lost in the way his hand was running through her hair and the hand on her stomach was traveling higher up each at every caress. She wanted him to touch her everywhere. She wasn't sure where this all came from. But she was going to take whatever he wanted to give her.

Suddenly she felt him gently running his tongue through the same path he had been nuzzling. And she gasped a bit louder. He answered with a growl of his own.

"You taste so good too".

He was now kissing her neck and clavicle with open mouth kisses and tongue. The hand on her stomach was running through her sides until her hips. The other one was tugging on her locks. She was squirming on his arms in what she sure hoped he would understand was an invitation for more. She threw her head back and gasped for air. She faintly felt like she should be embarrassed, but she was way too lost in the moment to care… she tried to contain her moans a bit though, or she was afraid the neighbors would come to see what was happening. To find her standing in front of her dressing table rubbing herself on her best friend, while he sucked her neck and caressed her body. It was an incredible experience, but she really didn't care for an audience.

When he noticed Lucy trying to stifle her moans by biting her lips, Natsu decided to do something about it. She had the most lovely expression on her face of pure pleasure and he needed to hear her too. So with the hand that was on her hair, he wound it around her neck, gently squeezed it, and brought her head close to his. After running his tongue through the shell of her ear he said

"I need to hear you".

With that he tipped her head to the side and bit the juncture of her neck and shoulder.

Thankfully his other arm was back to her waist, because at this point, with a loud moan, Lucy's legs gave away and she almost fell down if not for him holding her.

Worried, Natsu turned her to face him, he propped one of his legs in between hers and held her face with his hand. The other was on her hips holding her against him, and she had her hands on his biceps. Their foreheads touched and they were breathing heavily.

"Are you ok?"

Lucy looked at him with a smile, nodded.

"Did I hurt you"

She put her hands to his face and brought their lips closer. With her lips almost touching his she said:

"You could never hurt me". Their lips lightly touched as she talked. She proceeded to kiss his jaw, now that she was able to touch him. She wasted no time running her hands through his broad shoulders as she had envisioned so many times.

"My legs gave away. You are apparently that good, Mr. Dragneel". She whispered in his ear, before pulling it into her mouth to suck the lobe gently.

Natsu grunted and grabbed her ass to lift her up. She quickly encircled her legs around his waist and leaned her forehead against his. Their noses touching, he made his way to her bed, where he sat down with her straddling his lap.

She hugged his neck and brought her hands to his hair. Natsu couldn't stop groping her ass and brought it closer to his groin. Lucy gasped when she felt the growing erection between her legs and, acting on instinct, grinded herself on it.

He brought his hand to her throat, the other on her ass, and held her face closely to his.

"You are going to be the death of me"

Without missing a beat, she whispered "It will be worth it".

With that, they moved together in a hungry kiss. Both lost in years of suppressed desire. Hers consciously, his not so much. They moaned in each other's mouths and tasted how much they both needed this.

"You taste better than food and this feels better than fighting", he said breathlessly.

She smiled and kept kissing him and hugged him like she had dreamed of doing for years.

Natsu was surprised by how enthusiastic she was in answering his advances. That must mean she wanted him just as much as he wanted her, right? But, how long did she feel this way? Why didn't she say anything before this? It didn't matter now, all that mattered was that she was here, and he was surrounded by her smell, taste and sounds.

His hands were now starting to explore under her shirt. He was tracing the soft skin of her stomach and made a move to take her shirt off. She understood what he had in mind and rapidly complied.

"Oh Mavis, I never thought I would get to do this", he said. Immediately he latched onto her throat. His hand pulling her hair from behind and his other hand circling her waist to bring her groin closer to his.

She was scratching his shoulders, unable to voice what she wanted. He noticed the desperation on her gasps.

"Tell me what you want", he ordered

"I... I can't... I…" Lucy murmured between gasps and moans.

"You what?" Natsu asked while slowly kissing the swell of her breasts, which were held high by her bra... When he ran his tongue in the vale between her breasts, she grinded herself harder against him, gasping:

"N..Natsu, please…"

"What do you want, Lucy? If you don't tell me how will I know?" Natsu teased her with a smile. His hands were on the sides of her breasts and his thumbs were brushing the underside. He still didn't take his mouth away from her skin.

Lucy was growing impatient with the teasing, even though it was insanely good. So she moved her hands to her back to unclasp her bra. At this point, Natsu took a moment to watch what was going to happen.

She unclasped it, but kept it in place with her arms, for a few seconds until he looked her in her eyes. What she saw there was an emotion too powerful to name and felt herself reciprocating with the same intensity. Without warning, he kissed her and she took the bra off. He noticed it and stopped what they were doing to hold her by her shoulders, at arm's length, and appreciate her perfect perfect breast. He gave a longing sigh. To tease him, she delicately pressed them together with her elbows and sent him a teasing seductive smile, biting her lower lip.

At this point, Natsu's restraint snapped. He grabbed her and maneuvered her to have her laying down and him hovering over her. He held her by the neck, while he finally brought his lips to her perfect nipples.

She was gasping and moaning, with tears in her eyes, and he thought he would die of happiness. He never imagined this could be so good. He did his best to remember all the things he overheard in the guild through the years and what, out of those things, might make Lucy happy. As much as he was enjoying himself, he knew it was all the better because she seemed to enjoy it even more.

"You are so so perfect". He gasped out of breath not wanting to stop his sucking.

Her hands were on his hair, keeping him doing exactly what he was doing. "H-How did you get so g-good at this"? She moaned loudly and arched her body toward his, blinking away the tears of pleasure accumulated in her eyes.

"I know my mate". He answered briefly, not on the mood to waste time

"W-Why didn't we try this b-before?" She asked between moans. He was now sucking her other breast.

Natsu chuckled at that. "Because I was an idiot".

She gave a strangled laugh among her gasps. He started kissing up her beautiful neck, and got to her ear. "You taste even better than you smell. You are driving me crazy, Miss Heartfilia".

He could smell her arousal with his words and noticed that dirty talk was a turn on for her. All the better, because it was a turn on for him too. She couldn't put together coherent sentences and he could only hear a faint breathy moan of yes.

Following a deep desire, he turned her on her stomach, pushed his erection in between her legs, moved her hair from her neck, laid down on her back and bit her neck. She screamed in pleasure and he felt a level of connection to this amazing woman that he never felt imaginable before. He heard her asking for more, and, if he had ever been able to deny her anything before, now it was no longer possible.

With his hands on her breasts again, something he was sure he would never grow tired of doing, he started lightly biting down her back, until he reached her butt.

Lucy's head was devoid of any thoughts, she could only feel what he was doing to her. A part of her wanted to touch him too, but she was putty in his warm, capable, dragon slayer hands. When he bit her neck from behind, she felt something expand on her chest that was not connected to the level of arousal that was rising in her. She couldn't understand it, nor did she want to at the moment. She only knew she needed more of him, or she might never recover from the frustration if he were to stop then. Luckily, that seemed highly unlikely.

When he got to her butt, she felt him tugging her shorts, she immediately helped him take them and her panties off, knowing he was actually asking her consent with that. She hoped he understood she was as eager for whatever was going to happen as he was and didn't want to stop.

But then, he didn't move and she grew confused. Furrowing her brows in a silent question, she looked over her shoulder and saw him kneeling in between her parted legs looking at her as if she were the most delicious meal he had ever regarded.

"Why did you stop?" she whined breathlessly.


"Natsu?" She whined again.

Natsu had a very hungry look on his eyes, and an expression of carnal lust she had only read about before. That made her even wetter and she repeated his name in a breathy whisper full of all of her pent up desire. He looked her in her eyes and she was surprised again by the intensity of feelings there. She knew it was the same expression she had, and knew there would be no return now. Their feelings were bare to each other and she felt more connected to him than ever. And more aroused than she thought it was humanly possible. Her blood was boiling and she needed him to do something.

Luckily all of this took less than 5 seconds, because before she combusted, he grabbed her ass hard and moved her to a kneeling position. He rubbed his clothed erection between her buttcheeks and she could feel the length and the pressure. When he slapped her ass hard, she bit the duvet to muffle her scream and threw her head back.

"You like that?" He asked while massaging the red area.

She whimpered and weekly nodded her head.

He grabbed her by the hair and brought her flush against his chest to whisper in her ear. His hand sneaked around her to pinch her nippples hard. She had tears of pleasure coating her eyes again.

"Then let me hear it. I want to hear you scream. I want you to scream my name when you come. The name of the man who will give you all of this over and over and over until you forget who we are".

She couldn't move her head very much and was breathless from his treatment of her body, but she was strong enough to whisper

"Y-yes... I-I will scream your n-name".

"Who do you belong to, princess"? He asked before biting her lobe delicately.


"Who owns your body"?


"Say my name then" he bit her neck again and she gasped loudly.

"N-Natsu" she mumbled and choked on her own gasps.

Suddenly he grabbed her neck and lightly squeezed it in the way he knew would make her drip

"Louder, princess"

"N-Natsu" She said a bit louder, but still shaking with arousal

"You like being choked by me?"


"You like being used by me"?


"Good girl" He said in her ear, lightly squeezing her neck and running his other hand on her inner thigh, but purposefully avoiding her slit.

She could feel his erection tugging her butt and growing bigger by the second. She couldn't help but rub herself on it.

He immediately pulled her closer, immobilizing her movements. A hand holding her waist. The other now on her breast again where he roughly pinched her nipple.

"Oh no, princess, if you want something you will have to ask... if I like how you ask, maybe I will give it to you so… Tell me what you want now". He said in a growl.


"More what, princess", he bit her neck and she almost fell on the mattress again, luckily he was holding her. Now, his hand so close to her pussy she was sure he could feel the wetness running down from there.

He brought the hand that was in her inner thigh to her face and showed her how it glistened. He made an appreciative grow in her ear, which only made her wetter and she squirmed to try and put some pressure between her legs to alleviate the tension there.

He noticed and moved his hand to her throat. "Stop that. Now. I didn't even touch you, and you are this wet.. you are such a kinky princess".

He brought his wet fingers to his mouth and she heard his moan again. She took his hand from his mouth and brought it to hers. Turning her head to look at him, she sucked his two fingers and swirled her tongue around it, tasting his skin and a bit of herself. She hollowed her cheeks and sucked on them a bit harder staring straight at him. He moaned and pulled her closer, which only made her groan in his hands. She tried to touch herself, but before she could, he stopped her.

"No, no, princess... Today, this place is mine. If you don't behave, I will have to tie you up".

She answered in a sultry voice with a smirk on her lips and so close to his, that they touched with each word she spoke "I don't understand why you say that as a threat".

Natsu growed and kissed her hard, no gentleness, just the need to dominate her and make it clear that he was in charge. Lucy was thrilled by his response and let him dominate her. At that moment, she was his kinky princess, his pet, his slut.

He turned her again and laid in bed with her still kissing her hard. Her hands were in his hair pulling him closer and submitting to him with everything she got.

She broke the kiss to beg him in a desperate voice. "Please, more…" she rubbed herself in his erection again. "I-I need you... I need more of you… make me yours"

Natsu stopped sucking on her neck and kneading her breasts to look at her with a serious expression. Very seriously, with that intense look on his eyes and pure carnal lust expression on his face he told her.

"You are mine already, you have always been mine. There is no turning back now. I will do whatever I want and you will take it quietly, or you will be punished. You understand?"

She was breathing heavily and lost her words at the dominant presence on top of her. She didn't think it would be possible to get more aroused than she already was, but she guessed she was wrong.

She shakily nodded and he slapped her breast. She gasped and tried to rub herself in him again.

He pressed her neck a bit harder and leaned in to bite her lip. "Out loud, princess, or I will take even longer to give what you so desperately want"

"Yes, I understand. Please, please, please touch my pussy. I'm going crazy", she whined without thinking or processing her words, throwing her head and arching up her body.

Natsu chuckled again against her lips and moved both hands to her breasts.

"You keep saying stuff like this, and I will keep you in this bed for the foreseeable future".

Suddenly, he let go of her. She was surprised by his abrupt departure and looked at him in shock. He was now looking at her whole naked body with the same hungry expression as he looked at her back.

He slowly kneeled down in front of her open legs. He looked at her and saw that same intense emotion he couldn't quite name, that was also coursing through him. He saw the lust, trust and submission that boiled his blood hotter than his own flames. He would give her the world at that moment. He just hoped he wouldn't die of arousal before fulfilling all of these silent promises to her.

Slowly he started kissing around her beautiful pussy: it was perfect, because it was hers. It had the most addicting smell and he knew he would never stop craving it. He pulled one plump lip to his mouth and sucked on it. Lucy was gasping and moaning and turning at this point. He thought he saw her pulling her own hair. After doing this for a few seconds, he licked her slit from bottom to the top, where her clit was swollen and emanating heat that only he could feel.

At this point she screamed and came. He noticed she produced even more of that addicting liquid he tasted on his fingers. He wanted to tease her for coming so quickly, but decided to keep licking her, even when she tried to push his head away.

Deeming her wet enough, he inserted two fingers and started to pump in and out and curl them from inside. Lucy stopped struggling and moaned with the new sensations going through her body.

"This is my new favorite meal. I will never tire of your taste". He said without even realizing the words were coming out, still suckig her plump clit

Lucy was holding her own breasts and pulling her nipples, at this point. She didn't even answer, she might not have even heard him. She locked her legs around his head and he felt he couldn't let go, even if he wanted - not that he did. He wanted to see her cum in his mouth again. When he gently bit her clit, and curled his fingers inside of her, she climaxed again hard and long. It was loud, wet and messy. It tasted like heaven and Natsu wanted it to last forever. She also sounded so sexy when she came that he almost burst on his own pants.

When he was certain she was done, he looked up and saw her laying in front of him, breathing heavily, with an arm thrown over her eyes, her hair fanned around her, her skin glistening. He felt like his heart and dick would explode.

He laid on top of her again, and gently took her arm away from her eyes. When they looked at each other, he knew he was deeply deeply in love with her, and have been so for years now. He wanted to kick himself for not realizing it sooner, but instead he promised he would make up for all the time they could have been doing this and haven't. He was going to make her come over and over and make her happy for as long as she allowed him to.

He kissed her roughly, because he knew she liked it and this was no time for mushy stuff. He wanted to fuck his mate and, unless she said otherwise, there would be nothing to stop him.

"Did you enjoy that, princess?" He asked in her ear, in that voice Lucy was absolutely in love with.

"Yes, you made your princess very very happy". She answered in a faint voice, but her arms were holding him against her hard.

He looked her in her eyes again, and had to hold back the overwhelming feeling of love, and continue this roleplay they started, for which he was also getting addicted and he knew it was turning her on again.

"You taste so good, princess... I didn't want to stop sucking and tasting you"

"Is that why you are so good at sucking pussy then?"

"Keep using this language next to me, and I will tie you to this bed and won't stop eating your pussy until you faint". He said in a growl in her ear before biting her lobe.

"Sounds like a challenge. I accept it". She answered with a sexy moan.

"You drive me crazy, Miss Heartfilia" He roughly kissed her again with his hands roaming over her body. She was scratching his back and he loved that pain.

"I want more" She asked in a faint voice again on his ear.

Knowing how much he was enjoying hearing sweet Miss Heartfilia talking dirty, he asked looking in her eyes.

"What do you mean, princess, are you not happy with what I gave you?".

She donned a fake innocent demeanor. "Well… I feel hungry for more of you". With that she touched his erection and he hissed on top of her.

He held her hands on top of her head and bit her lips.

"You are a slut princess. You came on my face twice and now you want my cock."

Lucy nodded and licked her lips. Rubbing her thighs together.

Natsu pinched her nipples which made her gasp and arch her back to him, having her hands captured on top of her head. Natsu thought not for the first, nor last, time that day he was going to cum without even touching his dick.

"Where do you want my cock, slut princess?"

"Wherever you decide to give it to me. In my hands, my boobs, my mouth, my pussy"

Natsu growled and leaned in to suck her breasts again, hard. Lucy gasped and arched herself to give more of herself to him.

He let her go to take off his pants and she sat down to watch him. He watched her and saw her lick her lips when he took them off.

"My little slut was such a good girl, giving me such a tasty dish, I will let her do whatever she wants with me now!

At that, Lucy looked like Christmas came early, and wasted no time to kneel on the bed to lick his pectorals and run her hands through his body as she had been dreaming for years. Natsu thought again he might explode with pleasure and thought about warning her. But again, he didn't want to break the illusion of dominance he started and decided that, if it happened, it happened. They would have plenty of opportunities to try different things and he was pretty sure he was not going to be done after the first load.

After he let her play with his body as much he could handle he grabbed her head and brought it to his cock.

"I want you to make it nice and wet, princess. Will you be a good girl for me?

Lucy was holding to his thighs and looking at his dick. She could only nod and without waiting for his answer she took it in her mouth.

"Fuck, princess", she hear Natsu groan above her and smiled.

She looked up at him, with his dick in her mouth, and he felt he had never seen anything more enticing. He cursed again and put both hands in her hair and forced her to take more of him. She couldn't go as far as her throat yet, but she knew he wouldn't mind. She wasn't sure what to do, so she paid attention to his sounds, and to use her tongue freely. He asked to make it wet, and she was happy to comply.

Natsu was in heaven and he felt like he would burst at any moment. He never felt anything so good in his life, and thought it would be better to cum now and regain a bit of sanity before pounding her pussy to oblivion.

At that thought, he exploded, he grabbed her head in place and came all over her mouth. Lucy held herself still with her mouth opened, and eyes closed, tasting him. She swallowed some and some dripped to her breasts. He was pumping in and out of her mouth and grunting.

When he was done, he looked at her and almost came again. She was the sexiest creature he has ever seen, kneeling on the bed, with her breasts exposed, her hair falling down her back and cleaning her face with her long slim fingers. She looked at him when she scooped some of his cum from her breasts and put it in her mouth. She gave him a teasing smile and her eyes shone with defiance

He attacked her again. Pinning her to the bed and kissing her into submission. The fact that she let him subdue her, and laid there soft and responsive was driving him crazy. He was still hard for her.

"If you pussy is half as good as your mouth, princess, I don't know what I am going to do"

"I'm sure you will find something interesting to do with your slut" she answered in a teasing voice, running her leg up his calves and scratching his back. She pulled his earlobe to her mouth and sucked it. Natsu was losing control.

He kneeled in front of her and grabbed her hips. She stretched like a cat and arched herself for him. He ran a hand from her breast to her pussy and fingered her to make sure she was wet enough for him. She gasped and he heard her saying yes.

"You are perfect... And mine…" He pinched her clit, which make her scream

"Please… I need your yummy cock in my pussy", she begged, completely lost to the pleasure.

"I'm making sure your tight pussy is wet enough, princess"

"I'm ready for you, I've been ready for so long…" she said between gasps.

Natsu was lost after that. He aligned his cock to her entrance and shoved at once. Both of them moaned loudly and embraced each other.

The feeling of connection was overwhelming and intoxicating. Natsu held her neck again and kissed her as sweetly as he could. A bit as an apology for the way he shoved himself into her.

She brought her lips to his year and said in a breathy moan:

"You feel so good inside of me" Natsu growled and bit her neck again, which made her squeeze him.

Natsu started moving slowly and laid his forehead against hers. His eyes were shut so he could feel better the sensations of making love to his best friend and now mate. Her body was made for him, her naughtiness matched his and he thought he would die of happiness at any moment. He regretted not starting this sooner, but he figured this was indeed the perfect moment for them and he would cherish every moment with her.

Lucy didn't believe this was finally happening. Or that she let herself fall in the little roleplay so easily. It was so enticing the way he was looking at her and dominating her that she couldn't help herself. The feeling of him inside of her was something she never imagined it would be, it surpassed her wildest fantasies. And she wanted more.

She started to move her pelvis against his and moved to kiss his neck. She found his ear and whispered something she already knew by this brief experience would break him and drive him insane.

"Give your princess more. Pound my slutty pussy harder with your delicious cock"

Natsu impaled her hard and stopped. Lucy brought his lips to her ear while pulling her hair from the back hard. He said:

"You want more, princess? You like having my dick buried deep in your tight pussy?"

"Yes… yes…" Lucy started to shake her hips to feel more of him.

Natsu sat on his hunches and brought her legs around his waist. Lucy arched herself and supported her body on her neck and shoulders. Natsu grabbed her ass and pumped on her hard once. Lucy moaned, then twice, Lucy moaned louder, by the third he started to pump her on a rhythm that made her see stars and scream.

"You like that, slut? Like having my cock buried deep in your pussy?"

"Yes, I love your cock in my pussy. Do it harder"

Natsu leaned down and bit her breast. Lucy was screaming and he felt her getting wetter. She might already be close to another orgasm.

"Your breasts are perfect. Your pussy is perfect. You are perfect."

Lucy was holding to the covers and moaning uncontrollably. She knew she was close, but didn't know what to do to get there.

"More… harder… I'm so close" she begged between gasps

Natsu was pushing her down on his cock with as much strength as he could without hurting her. He took a hand to circle her clit and Lucy convulsed around him and squirted.

He didn't stop circling her clit until she was done. At which point she laid still with her eyes closed and uneven breathing. He was pumping her slowly now. Waiting to make sure she was ok.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "That was incredible. You are so good, Mr. Dragneel, please don't stop".

He smiled and got off of her. Lucy gave an indignant gasp until he sat down on her bed and made a hand gesture for her to sit on his lap

Lucy smiled broadly and got up fast. She felt a little faint, almost toppling over, so he grabbed her by her arms and pulled her to him"

"Tsc tsc princess... You are helpless aren't you"

"It is not my fault, you just fucked me so good, I lost strength in my body"

At this point she sat on his cock with her back to him and his hands found her neck and breast.

"You keep saying these things and I won't stop fucking you untill you forget your name…" He whispered in her ear before biting it.

"Is that a promise?" She asked teasingly.

With that, he planted his feet firmly on the ground and started fucking her sitting down while holding her to his chest and massaging her breasts.

"Your big cock feels so good"

Natsu then held her by the throat and found her clit.

"Cum for me one more time, princess".

Lucy was close to cumming again at this point and placed her hands on his knees to push herself down on his cock.

"That is it, princess, fuck yourself on my dick. I'm about to cum inside your tight pussy"

"Please wait for me, I'm so close"

Natsu pulled her back to his chest by her hair, held her still against him and circled her clit with his magically warm fingers.

Lucy cried out and came again on his lap. Before she was even done, Natsu stood up with her still impaled in him and shaking through her orgasm, put her on her fours - her arms were weak, so she laid face first on the bed - grabbed her by the hips and pound her tight pussy until he came. Natsu let out a loud growl of relief and laid her down, squeezing her to the bed.

Luck was slightly shaking and he ran his hands on her body, through her breasts until he reached her clitoris. She gasped and took his hand away, which he took as confirmation that she was too sensitive after cuming recently.

They were breathing heavily when he got out of her. He saw his semen run down her thighs and he felt his dick stir again, at the enticing sight of having marked her with a part of him. Before he gave in to his impulses, he stood up to pick up some tissues to clean her up.

He figured she would be more comfortable like this.

When he returned, she hadn't moved, but was breathing heavily with a peaceful smile on her face and eyes closed. He cleaned her with the moist cloth, warmed by his magic.

When he was done he spooned her and kissed her neck from behind. He ran his hand on her soft skin along her waist and hips and Lucy trembled.

He whispered in her ear: "Cold?"

Still with minimum movements she shook her head no.

He suppressed a conceited chuckle and made himself warmer for her anyways.

"That was amazing", she said in a tired and soft voice.

Natsu kissed her again and ran his hands the other way they came.

"It was".

"You didn't fulfill your promise though".

Natsu startled, jumping away from her and turned her to him.

"What? What do you mean?" He asked with fear in his voice, thinking she meant he somehow hurt her or did something she didn't want to.

She finished turning until she was facing him and, with a smile, put her hands on his face.

"I still remember who I am and who you are and what we did"

He smiled in relief and leaned to kiss her.

"Who said I was through with you?"

She looked at him surprised and said:

"I still have to pack for my mission and prepare one week worth of food for you, though".

He grunted and hid his face on her neck

"How am I supposed to let you go after this?"

She chuckled softly and said "I thought this was to make me going easier for you"

"Well, this plan blew in my face, ok?" he answered disgruntled.

"Hum… Actually you blew in my face…" She said laughing quietly.

Natsu stopped kissing her neck and straightened up to look her in her eyes. She was faintly blushing and had a very timid smile on her lips. Without warning he kissed her again and plunged two fingers in her pussy.

Lucy broke away from the kiss and gasped

"Again, now?"

"Yes! Now. I need you now." He said in a low, dangerous voice.

She reached her hand to his penis and was surprised at how hard it was again.

He heard her gasp and laughed in her ear

"It never softened, princess, I was just being nice and giving you some breathing time before my second course".

"How many courses are we going to go through tonight?"

"It depends how hungry I am. And I will tell you right now I'm still starving."

He then slapped her breasts. Lucy whelped in pleasure and he took her jaw in his hands.

"I will fuck you until you feel my cock on you for a whole week with every step you take". Lucy felt herself melting between her legs with his voice tone.

After that, they couldn't take their hands off each other. Natsu's stamina was near endless, as Lucy knew from being his partner for all these years. Natsu knew what to touch and say in her ear to make her keep going.