Freed sprinted blindly through the forest, tears clouding his eyes. Behind him he could hear a low buzz pursuing him, but in front of him he could see light streaming through the trees and hear cars driving down the road. He just needed to get a bit farther and he would be able to escape this hellhole.

His hope were immediately dashed as a cloud of monstrous wasps blocked off his escape. He turned around hoping to escape only to see that his every avenue of retreat was cut off by the horrible creatures.

A moment later a figure stepped through the swarm. It was the devil he had been sent to kill, the one he had escaped from only moments earlier, now though she was carrying an odd staff capped with an ornate crescent moon.

The devil gave him a glare, "You need to stop running, your escape attempt is GIVING ME A HEADACHE!"

The devil took a deep breath, "Instead how about we make a deal. if you can kill a single one of my pretty pets, I will let you go."

Freed smiled, controlling this entire swarm must be making the shitty devil quite exhausted if she was willing to let him escape that easily. Maybe he would be able to complete this mission after all.

Pulling out his light sword freed dropped into a relaxed stance, "You're on, you arrogant shit."

The devil smiled as a single one of her horrific hornets flew out in front of her. Freed was about to lunge when a bright light started gathering inside the crescent moon on the staff. The devil then raised it and ponted it at her insect before shouting, "MAGIC! MAKE MY MONSTER GROW."

The horror started expanding rapidly, Freed rushed in striking with his blade only for it to halt on the monster's exoskeleton, sending sparks flying everywhere. Desperate Freed sprinted into the swarm hoping to escape, only for it to part for him. As he rushed through the trees he could hear the deep thrum of the monster's wings and the sharp cracks of trees splintering from its charge. Moments later it pinned him and Freed understood exactly what all his victims had felt before him.

Taylor looked at the crushed and melted body of the exorcist before glancing at the staff in her hand. Idly she wondered how Serafall had convinced her to make such a thing, it was oddly hard to say no to the eccentric Leviathan. At least this one was useful, even if the incantation to activate it was a tad embarrassing.

Shaking her head she set her swarm on the remains, no reason to let that meat go to waste. As she walked away she wondered if feeding her swarm was the most good that creepy exorcist had ever done.