The first sign Pope Francis III had that it was not going to be a pleasant day was his office suddenly erupting into a loud buzzing sound. He looked up to see a magical portal in front of his door out of which a massive black swarm of insects poured.

Pope Francis leaped from his chair and jumped back away from the swarm that was quickly filling the other side of his room to the point that he could no longer see his far wall. "Guards! Guards, I am under attack!"

The sound of the swarm changed, making it seem like he was being laughed at by hundreds of demonic voices then the center of the swarm opened up and out of it stepped a tall woman with long dark hair and dark piercing eyes. "Did you really think that you would be able to call for help?"

"D-devil! What do you want from me?"

Two brilliant white wings emerged from the woman's back looking entirely out of place, like a single rose sticking out of a field of weeds. "I am no Devil, I am an Angel. Here to deliver to you the words of Heaven."

"B-but..." He geustured fruitlessly at the angry black swarm that floated behind the woman.

She glanced at where he pointed then turned back to him, a smile on her face. "What, did you think God only loved the pretty creatures?"

"I-I..." his voice trailed off as he felt unsure what to say.

The woman sighed. "Look if anything I am more surprised that this is where I ended up then you are, but here we are. Anyway I came to ask you about the New Templar Order."

Pope Francis felt a cold pit form in the base of his stomach. The New Templar Order was a recent offshoot of the church who abandoned them after Heaven and Hell had agreed to peace. It was also one he made sure to send funds to under the table. He did not believe a Devil would ever offer peace in good faith.

"Everything we know of the Order should be in the rep-" He was cut off by the sound of his office door slamming open. The swarm of insects parted and out of it stepped a teenage girl panting slightly. Upon closer inspection he recognized her, Irina Shidou, a former exorcist who had been ascended to an Angel under the new system. Given that she was not attacking the dark haired woman that lent credence to her claim of being an angel, though who could say in these times.

Irina looked the woman dead in the eyes, "Taylor just because you are good enough at portal magic to bypass the Vatican's defenses doesn't mean you shouldn't have gone in through the portal room. And what did you do to the attendants sitting outside?"

"I didn't want Frank over there to be able to stall, and don't worry the attendants are just taking a nap."

Irina put her hand on her forehead, "Taylor, this is not how Angels are supposed to behave."

"Would you rather I killed all the first born sons of Rome?"

Irina glared up at the other angel. "Taylor that was thousands of years ago! You need to act in a way that is more fitting of being Michael's Queen in the modern era!"

Pope Francis sputtered, "Hu... Bu... What?!"

Taylor glanced at him and rolled her eyes, "Get your mind out of the gutter. The playing cards, I know you have been briefed on Brave Saints System."

Irina turned towards him as well. "I am sorry about this. Allow me to start over." She coughed twice then spoke in a voice that carried strongly, "Be not afraid for I am here to bring you the word of Heaven."

Taylor snorted, "Well I wouldn't go that fa-" Her voice cut off as Irina stomped hard on her foot.

Irina continued with a slightly strained smile. "We are here to ask for information about the New Templar Order."

Pope Francis opened his mouth to repeat what he had been saying to Taylor but was cut off as the other angel spoke up. "Don't bother, he was about to lie to me with how he didn't know anything beyond what was in the reports."

Irina turned back to the taller angel, "Taylor you need to have more faith in people."

"And you need to be more realistic. Just because you want to date a devil doesn't mean everyone suddenly feels that way about them.

Irina's face turned bright red, "Taylor!"

Seeing this filled Pope Francis with righteous fury and he finally found his voice again, "I knew heaven had abandoned the teachings of God when they agreed to peace with the Devils and the Fallen but to think they had fallen so far as to seek to lie with Devils! You are no angels you are abominations who have abandoned the way of God! This peace is nothing but a farce!"

Irina glared at him, anger plain on her face and a spear of light in her hand. Taylor placed a hand on her shoulder. "Irina calm down. Don't fall to Wrath."

The spear faded and Irina shut her eyes and took a deep breath. "Thank you Taylor."

Irina opened her eyes again and looked at him straight in the eyes. "I forgive you for your outburst. I am sorry for my rash reaction, I tend to overreact when people cast doubt on me for my relationship with Issei."

Taylor spoke with a serene voice, "How about you go out and do the whole fiery sword do not pass thing in front of the office. I will finish questioning the pope."

"Yes, I think that would be for the best."

Irina stepped back into the swarm and he heard the door shut. Taylor turned back towards him her face deadly serious. "Now that we are alone again and you have told me how you really feel, I think we should start again with what I had asked you earlier. Also you can nix the whole 'Be not afraid' thing, I doubt this will be a very pleasant conversation for you."