Roughly just a few Weeks after the kyūbi attack the village had started to be back to normal way. Although a few things still made the condition same as before like the death of their yondaime hokage and all the loved ones that people lost in the attack. Houses were destroyed and roads were shattered, the area where the shinobi fought the beast there was still demonic chakra, if any normal civilian were to go to that area they would have died in just a couple of hours. Though some good things also took place, the people became wiser with their life shaking experience, people learnt to move over in life and most importantly they learnt how dangerous the life of a shinobi could be in action.

Buy most importantly a storm was brewing today, the Sandaime Sarutobi Hiruzen sat at his office doing all the paperwork for the reconstruction of 30% of the village, mountains upon mountains of paperwork sat there in his office filling almost half of the office. Hiruzen silently murmured about The damn paperwork 'damn, how did you do so much paperwork ?... I should have asked him when he was still alive' he silently looked at the photo of the blond Hokage wondering how the village would run if he was still alive. He silently cursed himself for the few minutes before going back to doing his work silently as no one was there to hear him.


"Damn, why is it so silent today" a guard said almost asleep as he looked at his partner for work

"man, I wish that some thing interesting would happen today" the guard again said as he yawned

"choose what you wish for" the other gurd again followed suit "it might as come true" just a few seconds after he said that a huge trembling noise entered their ears as the earth started to shake as if Kami himself was angry at them

"who is that" the same guard said again pointing at a lady who seemed to be in her twenties with light blond hair and wearing a grass green haori stomping comming towards them with intention to enter the village along with a white haired guy with green clothes and a red coat over and a black haired teen holding a baby pig who silently followed the enraged lady

"T-Tsunade-sama" the guard on the right said shuttering, he tried to stop Tsunade but instead contributed to destroy even more of the already destroyed village by being flung into multiple buildings by Tsunade. Who was really infuriated at that moment and oh boy you know you don't mess with Tsunade Senju when she's angry.

Hokage Office

Hiruzen still sat there silently doing his paper work, silently starting to murmur something about How the Yondaime did his work so quick. His ears rang up as a chorus of shockwaves win an equally loud sound rang in his ear. He knew exactly what was coming at that moment. All the towers of the paperwork fell as the room became an ocean of papers. He then proceeded to cry anime tears silently waiting for the inevitable.

"T-Tsunade-C-chan?" he questioned to himself silently trembling but still wondered if he had done some thing wrong. The door burst opened with a slam as a huge sound rang across the Village.(ok Tsunade was practically raised by Hiruzen so it fits that he calls her Tsunade-chan~)

" YOU DAMN, OLD MAN" the demonic voice of Tsunade broke the windows of the Office and other people's houses that were unfortunate to be near the Building of the Poor leader. A boom sound again resonated the building as several sound barriers were broken by the Slug Princess.

Hiruzen gulped as a hand held on his Hokage robe's collar tightly, Hiruzen silently cursed at himself for what unknown reason had he made his former Disciple angry for.

" YOU DAMN OLD MAN, WHY DID YOU SAT THAT MY GRAND CHILD WAS DEAD?" the slug sannin said to the old man as the Hokage's face changed a bunch of shades. First scared, then shocked, and lastly confused.

"Wait something is not right here!" a voice interrupted them and this time it was the white haired man, Jiraya. Shizune, Tsunades apprentice seemed to Also agree. Tsunade looked back at the two with an equally confused face while the Poor Hokage let the air trapped in his lungs let go and rubbed the sweat off his face using his hands while silently thanking Jiraya for saving him.

They then went on to discuss about what was the Mis understanding till they finally came to a conclusion.

"You Mean That That Bastard Danzo Sabotaged your letter, in order to insure that he got a Hold Of MY Grandson Naruto so that he could make him an emotion less Puppet" The slug sannin repeated the conclusion of their discussion, all four of them on the room got an angry glint in their eyes, heck even TonTon the pig was furious and kept "oinking" until Tsunade threatened him to stop.

"No I'm positive he wouldn't, no one except Naruto's parents, you, Jiraya and Kakashi know of Naruto's existence as of now" the hokage Said as for a moment they all stood there with confused and equally terrified expression about who this other person is, but neither one of them all questioned it as there was No point in asking.

"Sensei I would like to Adopt Naruto" Tsunade said "as he is the last remaining thing to remind me of Kushi-chan" she started to sob a few tears before she wiped it again.

"Its okay Tsunade-chan you could raise him, But..." the hokage said to the blond

"But what?"

"I'm for sure positive that the council wouldn't l village et you raise, mainly "that man"ig he knew of Naruto's existance" the hokage of a named Konohagakure no Sato said, After hearing the village leaders words Tsunade again gained a thoughtful look on her gorgeous face along with her fellow sannin and student.

"Then couldn't we just Raise him outside of the village where no one knew he existed?" Jiraya, No doubt the smartest person on the room asked, the hokage seemed to agree with that Just by his body language any one could figure it out.

"That's a good idea, But Tsunade will constantly be in the run" the respected leader said and the slug sannin seemed to agree with that by nodding her head, she said one thing "I would do anything to protect Naru-chan, even if it meant I would be constantly on the run" in a ball of courage the slug sannin forged her will to raise Naruto constantly on the run along with Shizune

"Just make sure to bring him at the time of entering the academy, as in order to be a gennin someone should spend 4 years in training In the Shinobi academy" Sarutobi said to which Tsunade again agreed upon Along with Shizune and TonTon.


Tsunade, Jiraya and Shizune along with their pet TonTon and Naruto

After getting further away from the gate they started to have conversations about the read head

"Ne, Tsunade don't you think that this boy is fated to be special" Jiraya questioned the blond about the boy, to which she happily replied

"Yeah, Naru-chan has the blood of the strongest people in history, he has the blood of almost all of the hokage running through him" she said while carefully hopping from tree to tree

"Minato Died, he couldn't be the child of prophecy, but he left his will in this child, I have to doubt to this boy being the child" he said, Tsunade carefully listened to he white haired man along with Shizune. Tsunade found it amusing that Jiraya would always say that, first to the red head kid in Ame, then Minato and then Naru-chan.

"If that child exists, I also don't have doubt that Naruto won't be it. How'd you find about this prophecy child any way?" she said curiously to the white haired man who just chuckled and again said "You know about Rikúdoū Sennin right?" to which she nodded as he continued " He had Two children, The older one carved for power while the younger strived for peace, the elder one formed the Uchiha clan and the younger Formed the Senju, Uzumaki And the Namikaze clan" he said as Tsunade was shocked to hear that Her Naru-chan had the blood of all these clans flowing through him, Jiraya again continued " In every era there is a child of prophecy, the only one that we know for sure is your grandfather, Hashirama Senju. Who started the Hidden village era" he said Tsunade was even more shocked due to the revelation

"Once the violence and tensions in an era are at their all time high, a child of prophecy will be born to create peace but Hashirama never made eternal peace, it was just an illusion. So He was a failed prophecy child" Jirara again stated facts as Tsunade's eyes were now out of her sockets due to the mental shock

"as for why I believe this kid is the child, is because in one of my travels I came across an ancient inscription that stated " When the blood of all his descendants becomes one he will be reborn into this world to unite all people with his love to fight the might of the beast"" he said as his bystanders got a lol of confusion "so, what exactly does this mean?" Tsunade asked with Shizune looking more confused then ever.

" Like I said before, the younger brother was the founder of Senju, Uzumaki and Namikaze clans, when the blood of these three clans is is one person, the younger brother will be reborn and spread his love and friendship with people to battle this "beast"" he finished as Tsunade and Shizune got confused the rest of the trip as to who this "younger brother" is and what this "beast" is?