So fucking hot.

The heat was almost unbearable. It was one of those summers that seemed too hard to stand due to the temperature growing impossibly higher every single day. Despite it being late in the afternoon, the sun was raging up in the sky and Bulma questioned her decision whether to join her best friend who asked her out for a few drinks or to just remain in her own room, melting to death peacefully. However, she couldn't recall how long it had been since she took a day off to booze around with her bestie and came to the conclusion that, yeah! She very much needed a well deserved break from work, especially from a certain Prince of all assholes that kept bossing her to exhaustion on a daily basis.

Bulma rose from her comfy bed and gave a brief glance at the window only to welcome the infuriating sight of Vegeta doing every sort of kata exercise out in the open, under billions of degrees, apparently unaffected by the inferno that was radiating from the sun. He was soaking wet, dripping from head to toe and only wearing that ridiculous pair of skin tight shorts that were now glued to his flesh, barely containing his package that was shifting slightly with his every movement. Not to mention his god-like muscles shamelessly flexing, his pumped up pecs, shoulders going on forever, his abs deliciously engraved on his abdomen, deep v-shaped navel carving the path down to his prominent groin and that big bulge…

" Fuck! I don't need that prick to make me feel hotter than I already am." With that thought Bulma gathered her resolve and removed herself from the bothersome vision of the most defined specimen she had ever seen and walked away from the window to grab an oversized T-shirt that was long enough to work as a mini dress. She absent mindedly slipped into her favourite white sneakers, pulled her hair up into a decent bun and simply stomped out of her room. No bra, no panties, the less clothes the more comfortable and content she felt. Sure that no one would notice as she didn't want to dress to impress but merely go out to meet with her friend and have some fun chatting and drinking, her t-shirt was not in any way revealing nor something eye-catching for a man to be staring at. At least, she believed as much.

As predicted, when Bulma started to walk across the compound Vegeta didn't acknowledge her, not in the slightest. He as usual was too selfish and self absorbed in his own shit to even show a little respect for the woman who was giving him far more than he deserved. Bulma held her chin up and proudly ignored the bastard, as usual, happy to soon be reunited with her best friend. That thought alone was enough to cheer her up, metaphorically shaking the disappointment off of her like it was nothing.

Normally it was not a long walk from her house to the bar where they chose to meet up, but the raging fire that was dancing in the air didn't make it any easier for the blunette to endure, in fact, not so long after few minutes she was drenched in sweat and worried her baggy shirt would become entirely too small, hugging her curves in a way she did not intend to show.

Bulma made it to the spot in less than twenty minutes and was utterly happy to see her friend Chi-Chi sporting a big smile on her face, all her concerns about anything abruptly forgotten. Joy, that was all she needed.

"Hey Chi! I'm so glad to see you, it's definitely been too long!"

Her friend welcomed Bulma in the most loving way and after a few kisses and hugs the two euphoric women finally took a seat at the table ready to catch up on both of their lives. As they waited for the waiter to service them, they were happily talking and laughing over the silliest of things. Two hours flew by as the two cheerful women continued to savour their time together and Bulma at this point was feeling more and more relaxed sipping wine. Totally caught up in the moment, her world was slightly clouded by the effect of her drinking, a sense of lightness and pure delight, the sound of Chi-Chi's voice soothing her otherwise heavy heart. That was bliss.

As they ordered two more glasses Bulma noticed a guy making his way to their table visibly tipsy. The stranger proceeded to blatantly grab a chair and sit right next to Bulma, leaning towards her with his reddened eyes and stinky breath. The annoying man now dangerously close began to slur:

"Hey babe, my friend and I made a bet, yah know… he said you're not wearing any panties, ahah. I say you are but I'm not sure, so c'mon who is the winner?"

The utter shock plastered on both the women's faces was visible. Chi-Chi, who had been sending a text on her phone just stopped mid text and stared at Bulma in disbelief. She was sure the blue haired hothead would tell that prick to fuck off, but instead, Bulma–who was clearly not thinking straight seemed not to fully understand the gravity of the situation, and calmly answered:

"O-of course I'm wearing… panties!" For some reason she didn't sound very convincing maybe because she was not wearing panties, she was actually bare underneath and only then she realised her posture; she was so thoroughly at ease that her legs were open and her T-shirt had raised to barely covering her upper thighs, those guys must have noticed from under the table and likely enjoyed the view for who knows how long.

Very uncomfortable with the situation Bulma quickly straightened up, attempting to cover herself. The other guy made his way to their spot, he looked even worse than his friend that was holding a 40oz bottle of beer. The stranger was gulping down the liquid as if it was water and after a loud, disgusting, burp he too took the liberty of addressing Bulma as if she was some cheap whore.

"I'm the one paying for your drink if I lose, so you better show me proof sweetie, or if you prefer not to, I'll just taste for myself, whaddaya say baby?"

In that very moment Chi-Chi opened her mouth to try and ask for help, when suddenly the scoundrel sat next to her friend bursted into the most vicious laugh:

"Poor thing looking for some moron to rescue you two little sluts! Too bad no one else is here, you see? It's getting late and nobody is around, guess what? We own this shit and rather enjoyed your lascivious behaviour. You two just need a good fuck, don't you kitten?"

Panic. That much was written on Bulma's face, how the hell did they not notice the place had gone dark and empty? They took them utterly off guard, her heart was beating so fast she thought it may very well be exploding inside her chest. Her breath grew heavy, droves of perspiration coating the clothes and making them impossibly sticky. She felt lost and so was Chi-Chi. They were cornered, alone and vulnerable. Bulma was never treated like this before, as if she was a mere piece of meat ready to be wolfed down.

She saw the lurid hand lurking above her thigh, until a low, guttural growl echoed out of nowhere behind the larger man.

"I see you scums are in need of some kind of assurance, very well then. Do you wish to unfold the mystery of my unrevealed nature?"


How did he know? He was there! He came, he knew. Of all beings, he dropped his shielding mask of carelessness and ran to save them, to save her.

"How did he get here so fast and so suddenly? He never even seems to care whether I'm alive or dead…"

"Sorry man, the chicks are with us! You can take your minion dick and fuck off."

Oblivious of his mistake, he once again reached for Bulma's thigh, little he knew that in less than a blink Vegeta had his head smashed on the hard surface of the table that broke in half under the pressure of his attack, leaving the insulting male unconscious. All the while Bulma and Chi-Chi had managed to stand up and were now close to each other with their backs against the near wall, watching both in horror and relief at the Saiyan whose brutality could no longer be contained.

"You little shit! Look at what you done, you gonna pay for it-"

The second those words left the bulky one's mouth, Vegeta snatched his big bottle of beer from his hand and crushed it over his face in one swift motion, and before the fat man could hit the ground, Vegeta held his disgusting body halfway up from the ground, squeezing his balls and earning a shattering yell of pain from the man - clearly in agony. The offender was trying his best to speak, yet nothing came out but broken laments.

"Do tell, shall I rip your limbs apart now, or would you rather place a bet first? See if against all odds you'd wear your puny cock better shoved down your filthy throat or your stupid head stuck up your ass?!"

The agonized wails coming from the suffering man moved Bulma to feel compassion. She didn't want Vegeta to shed blood because of her, most surely either of those men deserved a lesson so not to try harassing women ever again, though. She wouldn't hesitate to report them to the police, but having them killed was too much for her conscience to take.

"Vegeta please, let him go! Chi-Chi called the police and they're about to be here shortly. Let him go, they'll be put in jail but please, don't kill him!"

"What the fuck were you thinking, you reckless woman? Are you so completely idiotic to go out wearing that pathetic excuse of a garment and think no shitbag would take advantage of you? When you look like a fucking hooker willing to be screwed raw? He is going to die by my very hands!"

Vegeta all but roared his sentence, she could sense his rage cutting the hair, he was a beast made of instincts and ancient laws of honour, she also bypassed his tantrums knowing he was protecting her in his own way, still he had to be stopped. Not overthinking Bulma run towards him and gently rested her forehead against the nape of his thick neck, softly whispering words of plea:

"Please my Prince…"

'My Prince?' Why did she call him that? Her words echoed in her mind like the most hidden mystery to her, nevertheless it seemed to work just fine as she felt his body slightly relax from the warmth of her breath. He paused, then with a snarl let go of the man's balls only to deliver a final blow, hitting him in the gut and leaving his flaccid body senseless beneath him. Finally, he turned his whole body so he was facing Bulma. She was visibly scared, after digging a hole through her soul with his piercing black eyes, he spoke, his voice trembling with barely contained rage:

"I despise you."

And like that, he was gone.

At the police station Bulma and Chi-Chi made sure they gave all the details about the unfortunate events so as to assure a long stay at the jail for those two low lifes, then with an affectionate hug Bulma bid Chi-Chi goodnight and let the officer on duty take her home. It was dark, not a sound could be heard as the air was filled with tension and shame, she knew it hadn't been her intention to either spoil the girl's night out, nor for Vegeta to intervene, literally saving her butt from that nasty mess. Bulma had to go find him. With shaky legs she found herself waiting just outside his room, still lost in thoughts as the door swung open only to startle the poor woman that was now facing a very frustrated saiyan:

"What the fuck are you doing standing behind my door? Isn't it enough that you ruined my training and abused my time already?!" Vegeta all but yelled at her face, his fist securely holding the towel wrapped around his waist.

"I only came to apologise to you Vegeta, no need to be this aggres-"

She didn't get the chance to finish her sentence when Vegeta grabbed her by the front of her t-shirt and dragged her roughly inside his room, slamming the door shut and pinning her there in one swift motion:

"Now you listen to me wench, whatever you're trying to do I suggest you stop at once. I don't give a shit if you get yourself in trouble, but never again use your cheap tricks on me, do I make myself clear?"

Bulma's face began to redden with fury, she most certainly did not use any trick - let alone ask to be saved by him of all people, knowing well enough that he would've insulted her and directed the blame at her, spearing her through her still tender heart.

"What the hell are you talking about Vegeta? Do you even listen to yourself at all?! Tricks? What tricks am I supposed to cast on you, pray tell? Oh, maybe you're dumb enough to truly believe I did it on purpose! That was actually my fault and that I deserved that shit of a man to just take me against my will, forcing his way inside-"

"SHUT UP!" Vegeta roared slamming the flat of his hand to the wall beside her head, the wall cracking under his pressure. She closed her eyes, too sick and tired of being harassed by men, if he wanted to keep up with his absurd tantrums so be it, she was done for the day. Bulma rested still, her chin pressed on her shoulder to her left side, holding back the tears that were threatening to flow down her cheeks in rivers of her exhaustion and frustration. All she could sense was Vegeta's hot breath being released in attempt to soothe his temper, he might have understood the depth of her distress and for some reasons his voice came out shortly after, softer than he intended it to sound:

"Your call… is one that I cannot ignore, a male being summoned by a female in distress shan't dare not to assist, unless he wishes for his honour to be slaughtered by shame."

At his uncommon revelation Bulma then opened her eyes only to witness a very uncomfortable Saiyan, his eyes locked on hers as if to search hidden answers within the maze of her blue irises.

"I-I didn't mean to 'call' you Vegeta, I'm not even sure I understand-"

"I am not talking about some insignificant device – interactions you humans are used to polluting your time with. It was your soul reaching out to mine on an entirely different level, something you clearly wouldn't understand-"

"Then explain that to me!" Her hands instinctively landed on both sides of his strong jaw, making him tense immediately at the sudden contact. He definitely was not expecting her to touch him, but made no attempt at shoving her off. Yes, he wasn't prepared for such sudden physical contact, but there it was a connection drilling beyond his walls that felt like pure relief. Vegeta was indeed a ruthless devil, yet her gentle touch washed over his hard resolve, feather-like wings brushing away the bloody rust from his abused bones.

With her warm, soft hands on his face it was as if the words all tumbled out of him unfettered; never had he felt such relief.

"How can I explain something so intangible to you…? It's something even I don't fully understand. I just knew, I felt your fear rushing through me as if it were my own and I knew that something had gone terribly wrong. I could feel your trembling soul, sensed the darkness surrounding you and it sent me into a rage. You drew me to you like a moth to a flame and suddenly, everything was flying at me as I was sucked into it. The only thing I could do was what I do best and that is to kill. But you… You wouldn't let me. You fool!" He cursed with a suffering hiss, closing his eyes to get away from her piercing blue gaze.

Bulma answered him shyly, caressing his angular cheekbone.

"I never knew… such a thing as fear could be so powerful. But, you know… When it happened, I pictured you. In the back of my mind, all I could picture past my fear was you. Something deep in me knows that you would come, is that what drew you to me?" She uttered softly, tilting her head gently to the side in a motion even the most animalistic part of him understood. She wanted to know him, she welcomed him into her world, her soul and… her touch. Vegeta turned his face the opposite way and her heart raced offbeat suddenly in her chest as if strangled. He took a shallow breath and caught her sweet, salty aroma that had evolved from fear and into something sultry.

Does he… want to kiss me? She wondered, then quickly silenced the thought. With the way he was looking at her, so deep into her eyes she felt like she could see straight into the dark depths, directly into his soul, she knew for sure. Vegeta blinked slowly and licked his lips. Bulma squeezed her eyes shut and took the plunge, pressing her lips against his. Vegeta responded to her sudden attack with vigour, his warm mouth pressed passionately against hers. Bulma felt elation rush through her like no other kiss had done before, as she parted her mouth in welcome to him, but instead of deepening the kiss, he drew back as if electrocuted: staring at her in a bewildered way. Bulma opened her eyes and all she could think was how badly she wanted him to kiss her again, but beneath his desire she saw him hesitate. Something she was surprised to see coming from the aggressive saiyan.

"Wait, there's something… Something more base than fear that sends alarm through my body, right now it grips me as if it's a warning. Should we proceed, then.." He said lowly, and Bulma understood that he was feeling just as nervous as she. She peeled her hands away from his face to ease their pressure, then clutched them in weak fists to her chest as she wondered what the right step was. Vegeta placed his hands on her shoulders after a moment's hesitation, holding them there so tight before letting up his tension. He didn't want to hurt her, he wanted to put his hands on her like she had him but not to hurt her. He wanted to give in to her kiss, he would trade his last breath if it meant he could feel her sweet lips against his again. Every fibre of him warred with this motion but in the end, he allowed it. In her presence, he felt relaxed. He could allow his racing heart to calm once he took hold of her and clutched her for dear life. Once Bulma had touched him he found, shockingly, he didn't want her to let go. In fact, he wanted to deepen their connection, somehow. Perhaps a kiss was the answer, like she had suggested.

She stared up at him and slowly placed her hands on his chest. It was warm, strong, and solid. She could feel the skin underneath her fingertips practically vibrating. It was so hot that she thought she should draw back but couldn't, instead she gripped tighter. Bulma's mind raced with an answer to his, one she didn't dare speak aloud for fear he would simply laugh at her. Souls that call to each other, to me that sounds like soul mates. But that's not real, is it? And if so… then, what do our souls want? Do they want to… come together?

"What is it?" Vegeta questioned, knowing by the look in her eye that something was on the tip of her tongue.

"I… I can't say. It's silly." She whispered sheepishly, then blushed. Vegeta was so taken aback by her flushed face that his own dared to heat in response. Was the reason she wouldn't say it something shameful? Just like the reason he hid the rest of his knowledge about the soul call from her. In saiyan tradition, you could only do such a thing with your mate. Was that it then, or just their souls wishing to mingle, nothing more?

"You don't have to tell me… I think I know." Vegeta said slowly, her gaze crawling back up to his as he did. Bulma's body reacted to the glint in his dark eyes that was all knowing; cleverly seeing through her facade and into her deeper desires.

"But… just so we're on the same page, enlighten me, what do you call this anomaly on Earth? I wonder if there's a word for it." He smiled, and Bulma felt almost relieved that Vegeta was back to his normal, teasing self. She leaned closer and traced just her nose and lips along his throat before whispering.

"Soul… Mates." She breathed, a hot breath tickling his ear. Vegeta felt a shock going through his chest once again before his blood thundered through him with the outrageous word she'd said. Then he remembered something so ludicrous he had to close his eyes and squeeze them shut to try and silence his offensive thoughts.

She's talking about mates, of all things as she's held in my arms, wearing nothing but a sheer scrap of clothing with nothing underneath it. It would have been so easy for them to just tear it from her body and… take her. The thought rolled through his mind then he gripped her tighter to his body, pressing her tight to him until their bodies crushed together, his hands squeezing her by the small of her back.

"Don't ever say salacious things like that to a man! To a saiyan, a mate is a very serious thing. I can't possibly understand how or why the gods would deem you and I are destined to be mates…But, somehow." He uttered into her hair as if choking on each word, drowning in her soft curls, the luxurious scent of them filling his nostrils and making his hips roll against hers as his mouth watered from her scent.

Bulma was frozen still for a moment, then closed her eyes in bliss, loosening her hands from his grip to move them back up to his face, moving it out of her hair so she could look into his eyes. She was lost in his inferno now, just like she had worried she would be one day. But at the same time, she couldn't imagine it a different way. Didn't want to.

"Somehow, we're drawn together, aren't we?" Bulma murmured, brushing her hand from his temple and through his hair. Vegeta lowered his eyelids and his pupils expanded wider, his predatory gaze now turning to that of a frightened, feral creature. She moved her thigh up to rest up against his hip, and felt his groin pressing up against hers through his shorts. He was so hard she wasn't sure how he could stand it. Vegeta's body tensed as she moved against him, his fingertips massaging into her back like hot balls of marble, hitting all her aching knots and loosening her hips.

"Don't you want to claim your reward, now? My Prince." She said softly, teasing him. Her prince had rescued her at last, and now it was time to reap in his rewards. Vegeta didn't know anything about how Earth prince's rescued fairytale princesses from burning castles and flame spitting dragons, he only knew how the temptation of her glossy lips was becoming too much to bear.

"Yes." He purred, then stole her words away with his lips. Bulma gasped then let herself melt into his lips, gripping the back of his flame like hair desperately as he took her offer and stole past her lips, tasting of her candied mouth and honeyed breath still tart with wine. His kiss was everything she had dreamed of, his touch felt just right. Vegeta felt that alarming sensation in his chest quiet with his kiss, becoming only a thundering, beating drum with the pulse of his blood as through their lips they became one system, but it wasn't enough to quiet his need. He slowly walked her to his bed as they kissed, letting her catch her breath as he moved to her neck, licking and sucking on it almost ravenously. His sheer desire to claim her, mate with her and answer her soul call silenced any doubts he had on the matter. Vegeta felt his canines lengthen and almost pierced her with them before she pulled him by his hair to kiss him, surprised upon seeing his lengthened teeth.

For a moment he was filled with anxiety that she would suddenly push him away and reject him for having a part of him so inhuman, but instead he saw her eyes warm on him with even more lust. She moved her hips against his in a silent answer and Vegeta took his opportunity before she could retract it, reuniting their lips once again, darting his tongue in her sweet mouth to get another sample of her delightful flavor. Bulma moaned and he nearly rolled his eyes back in pleasure from the sound. He wanted to make her make that sound over and over again. Vegeta pulled back from her mouth and licked his lips, seeing how her hair had fallen from its long ponytail and now was spread out on his bed.

She moved and squirmed under him, and he could feel her heat sliding against his almost painful erection now. Yes, she wanted to be mated. She had chosen him, body and mind, whether or not her soul had been instrumental in this or not. Vegeta stood and saw how her dress was now up over her hips, everything below her waist now exposed and waiting for him. Vegeta let the towel slip off his hips and revealed himself to her, smirking when after seeing his cock for the first time she groaned and reached down to spread her lips for him. He could just plunge into her now if he wanted but he would be no better than those savages that got off on just a glance at her beautiful, glistening pink labia and delicate blue curls. The aroused scent coming from her rushed up and filled his senses with hunger, and he wanted to sate it immediately. Vegeta understood why she was presenting herself to him, and moved her hand away, instead getting on his knees before her.

He'd never partaken of a woman in such a way, but he'd also never felt his mouth water for one before, either. Vegeta moved his face closer, looking up to her for her consent. Bulma gave him a starry eyed gaze and spread her legs further, whimpering softly as she moved her hands away to let him take over. He took that as his invitation and didn't hesitate to move closer and taste her outer lips tentatively with his tongue before parting them with it. Bulma took a deep breath and felt her body humming with each lavacious lick, her legs beginning to twitch each time he lapped at her, until Vegeta took hold of her thighs with both hands and squeezed them, growling into her heat. Bulma tossed her head back and cried out when he slipped his tongue inside of her and flexed it around; haven eaten up every drop of her feminine dew, going straight to the center of her nectar.

She trembled, indulging in the warmth of his mouth on her, the heated chuffs that sent shivers through her body as he looked up at her, and his dark eyes focused on her every expression and whimpered mewl. Bulma couldn't tear her gaze away from his, and found it encouraged her more until she was moving her hips up against his mouth and panting excitedly. He slipped one finger inside her, then two until she was rocking on his knuckle and drenching his hand with her wet heat. Vegeta closed his eyes as he sensed her walls quickening around his fingers, ones that not that long ago had been bloodied with the filth of her assailants. He made a come hither motion inside her, almost tickling her cervix. Her sweet spot was deep, he could just barely graze it with his fingers. But his cock, that would be no issue. Vegeta drove his fingers in her fully, then felt Bulma's body freeze up as she came, then shuddered with waves of her powerful orgasm that left her panting with exhaustion.

Vegeta slid his fingers out of her slowly, then slicked his erection with her juices until it was lubricated to the base. He ached to be inside her but he wanted to be sure she was ready to handle him after all she'd just experienced.

Vegeta looked up from his groin and watched how she pulled her dress over her head and tossed it on the floor to let her breasts bounce out of her top before crawling on her knees towards him, a wry grin on her face. He gazed up and down at her body and liked what he saw, his desire became that much intense after seeing her expose her pale skin and soft curves for him. His hungry gaze trailed back up until it met her predatory smile, then he grinned back at her, his dark eyes so dilated that no light passed through them.

"You enjoyed my mouth, are you sure you're ready for the rest?" Vegeta purred, but Bulma only chuckled softly.

"Are you?" She asked, and took his heated length in both hands, him drawing back in surprise. He hadn't expected her to reach out and touch him, could he even trust the clumsy woman with his sensitive organ?

"What do you think you're doing?" Vegeta snarled, holding her wrist to stop her hand from moving back and forth.

"I want to pleasure you with my mouth." She whispered, then stuck her tongue out and licked a dangling drop of precum from his tip. Vegeta shuddered, clenching his teeth. That was so fucking hot.

"Do it, then. Service your Prince." He sneered teasingly, moving himself closer to her mouth so she had no choice but to open it. Bulma widened her mouth and felt his girth slip inside and fill her mouth. She would service him until he was begging, Vegeta had no idea what he was in for with her. Her mouth and body were now loosened up from her orgasm and the lingering buzz from the alcohol, and with the intense desire she felt to please him she found taking his cock to the back of her throat an accomplishment she would surely tame his wild beast with. Vegeta grunted and gripped her head, burying his fingers in the silky strands. It took everything in him not to start bucking his hips wildly until he unloaded down her throat, the warm, sucking sensation was so fantastic.

He moaned when she pulled back and licked between his glans, cleaning any remnants of cum away, then swept her tongue around the strong, sensitive ridge, flicking the tip on his frenulum. Vegeta felt a warmth rush through him, hardening his cock and tightening his balls even further until he felt this tickling need growing in him, becoming more and more insistent until he pulled carefully on her hair, stopping the sensation before he covered her face with his climax.

Bulma looked up at him with a curious light in her sparkling blue eyes, then smiled coyly when he picked her up. Bulma snuggled up to him, kissing his face and mouth as he lifted one of her legs and let the other wrap around him. Both were hot and ready for one another, and the time had come that they could wait no longer. Bulma moved her pussy boldly against his cock, darling it to slip inside as she moaned needily, digging her nails into the back of his strong, bronzed back as she teased his shaft with her slippery heat. The touch of his naked flesh against hers made her crave him all the more, and when she moved to take him in her the motion came easily, yet she took him in her maddeningly slow. Bulma gasped as his girth stretched her before his length was fully enveloped, loving the sensation of their unhindered skin caressing another with nothing in between. Flesh to flesh, their liquids becoming one homogeneous lubricant. Vegeta smirked and cupped her bottom, bringing her in close to his body until he was sheathed to the hilt, balls deep.

They kissed hungrily, gripping one another desperately to force the other to move until both were grinding in tandem, wetness making its way down their thighs as Vegeta kept Bulma steady as he powered into her. She felt herself losing control with every thrust that broke her resistance and let herself become lost with him. Bulma wrapped her legs around him and found herself back against the straining wall, hairline cracks grew with each of his thrusts. Vegeta was growing more aggressive as her body became more permissive; the woman handing his saiyan strength with grace, and greed. Vegeta quivered with his need, he wanted to let loose with her but he feared if he fucked her any harder he'd send her through the wall, the indent of her body already obvious. But she took it in stride, with every blow to her lower abdomen, ardent streams pulsed out, drenching him in her wetness.

Regardless of how fragile she was, Bulma didn't show it. She demanded more in a chorus of cries and moans, scratching long, pink welts beading with blood down his already scarred back. Vegeta put her arms above her head, unaffected by the bleeding scratches her sharp acrylic nails had left all down his back. Vegeta held her body still by nothing by her wrists and the gravity that had her pussy putting all her weight onto the base of his steel hard shaft.

"Don't fucking stop, Vegeta!" Bulma panted, her chest rising with each ragged breath. Vegeta eyed her closely; watching how her eyes filled with desire turned into despair at the loss of movement. He drew back fully from her and watched how she struggled to gain leverage with her heels around his waist, but couldn't pull him back.

"Why did you stop, asshole!?" She cried out, struggling to get free from his one restraining hand holding her wrists gently.

He narrowed his eyes and said nothing as he took her face by the cheeks and glared into her. "Ask properly, you bawdy little brat." He said in a husky growl, watching for that spark of defiance in her eyes he loved to see so much.

"Vegeta, come on!" Bulma sobbed out in frustration, squirming hard enough to make her breasts bounce around for his appreciative gaze. Vegeta didn't respond to her improper plea, reaching to play with her nipple instead. He tweaked it between two fingers, rolling the tender nub until it grew hard and sent sensations down to her groin. He teased it until she was whimpering for him to stop, then sucked it into his mouth as an apology. Bulma gasped and revelled in the tender warmth of his mouth, then groaned as she felt his hot mouth trailing back down her belly.

"Vegeta please…. Fuck…" She whispered needily, "Prince Vegeta, please…" Bulma asked with more despair in her tone, though her blown blue eyes held only fiery lust in them. He snickered and released her wrists, letting her drop her arms and regain feeling in them once again as he rewarded her lips with his. He pulled her in by the waist until she felt her back hit the bed, his feverishly hot body atop of hers. Bulma mewled into his throat as his length grazed her throbbing center, his fangs doing the same to her throat. He repeated the same motion, stroking her slit with his length until he felt her slick fully coating him once again, and drove himself back into her welcoming warmth, his thickness fitting inside her snugly.

Bulma's soaking wet walls throbbed around him as Vegeta snickered, licking her throat. He could feel her fluttering pulse with his tongue, and pressed into her deeper, feeling pleased when she wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed him tight, taking him in fully until he wedged up against her sweet spot. She didn't have to beg for more this time as Vegeta unleashed his desire on her, fucking her deep and rutting against her swollen clit, fully unhinged.

The mattress creaked in protest, the springs inside snapping with loud twangs that only excited them further. Bulma could do no more than moan and scream for more as he stirred up a feeling of anticipation inside of her that grew more intense with each second, her legs squeezing around his back so tight that her heels dug bruises into his backside. Vegeta gripped her by the back of her thighs and pushed them to land by the sides of her head, pleased by her flexibility that allowed her to present her body in the proper mating position for the saiyan's seed to fill her at last.

Soon, Bulma felt her climax fast approaching just as his thrusts grew more deliberate, her thoughts going the darkest places as he felt his tip tickle her cervix again and again. I want your hot cum in me! Flood into me, Vegeta! Her senseless thoughts cried out, Vegeta's brow ticking as he picked up on it.

"Do you want to be bred, woman?" Vegeta growled, pausing to watch her regain her senses.

"W-what?" She asked innocently, biting her lower lip. Vegeta groaned and his legs shook as he held back his thrusts, eyes widening as she scooched up closer, taking his drooling cock fully.

"Are you asking if you can cum inside me?" She said in a breathy whisper, stroking her fingers through his messy hair, scraping her nails along his scalp. Vegeta shuddered, feeling like he would blow his load any second if she teased him any more.

"Yes…are you ready for your slutty cunt to be bred by royalty, kitten?" He seethed, letting his weight drive him deep until his head touched her anterior wall. Bulma whimpered and nodded her head, the small movement provoking him to take action immediately, throwing his body into each thrust that hit her a-spot deep, his heavy balls slapping against her slickness as Vegeta took full advantage of the woman's wide open legs. He gasped for air, his strong chest shuddering with exertion as he felt a swelling sensation at the base of his spine, brought on by her ecstatic cries, and the strong contractions of her pussy, gripping and milking him for all he was worth until Vegeta's resistance snapped and his orgasm flooded her womb, white washing her walls as his hips kept pumping, draining his balls until he was lubricated to the base in his own hot cum.

Bulma was in ecstasy, her head thrown back as Vegeta's warmth rushed through her body and she saw nothing but white. She revelled in her and his pleasure as they both shuddered and grunted. His face met hers for a kiss, its sparks igniting her lips. Unexpectedly, her entire body shook with another mind numbing climax, sending jolts down the backs of her legs until her toes curled, tears of relief leaking down her face.

Vegeta trailed kisses down her throat, then sucked her skin into his mouth and nibbled it, purring in satisfaction. He was still dribbling out cum as she wiggled to feel his softening cock still moving inside her, savouring the warmth filling her and surrounding her. Vegeta bit down on her throat and she gasped, pain shooting through her for only seconds before his fiery ruby synergy flooded her veins. His cock hardened inside her again once she bit down on his throat and mewled into it, her hot blue flame shouldering through his veins until they combined and created a soft lavender that was sheer bliss, release.

Vegeta was never leaving his woman now that he had claimed her, inside, out, their combined auras rushing through her veins like a luxurious lava. Now that both were combined, their souls could find peace. They had fought it for too long, mistook passion for anger and now they could see clearly the reflection of another in each other's eyes. The two ferocious flames had at last made peace, and saved their souls from another moment of pain. Amongst the anger, the hostility, and the burning lust their true purpose was found: Love.


"You belong to me now." He purred, and began to move inside her again, stirring up their elixir even further.

"My soulmate." She whispered, Vegeta gently nodding as he sank into her arms, falling into her deepest pool, where their spirits danced in harmony. Two lovers in a fiery embrace.