It was any other summer day. The sounds of lawnmowers shaving down the grass to a mere inch was overwhelmed by the bass of a small boombox. The radio drowned out the sound of mowers nearly completely. Bulma was the sole audience, or so she thought as she sat contentedly outside in the grass sunning herself. She smiled to herself in her compact mirror as she applied another slick layer of her favorite Revlon lipstick; Fire and Ice. It was a hot red, scarlet pink shade that shouted out from her lips; tempting men with her kiss. The heat made the cream lipstick glide on like butter as she puckered, then smacked her lips, tossing the tube back into her open bag. Her cheeks and nose were shiny with zinc oxide sunscreen to keep the age spots away, a large, heavy pair of black sunglasses shielding her baby blues from the penetrating UV rays.

She thought she'd make herself comfortable out here while Vegeta trained inside the gravity chamber. It was such a nice, sunny day. It was a breezy 75° with 42% humidity. Just enough to make a little perspiration bead up on her back then roll away once the breeze passed by.

She poured a shimmering liquid from the brown bottle of Hawaiian Tropic coconut scented tanning oil with a measly 15% SPF into her hand and stroked it down her long, firm legs. She had already started up a nice, golden brown base tan and was ready for a darker tan. Bulma always kept her skin softer than a baby's bottom with her almost obsessive need to pamper, exfoliate and moisturize. Tanning was the one cardinal sin she just couldn't resist. She had always been pale, but she loved dark-skinned men of a heritage she couldn't quite place and so she attempted to imitate that look. Yamcha was her first choice, her bandit man. He was a desert rat, and good with a machete to boot. He was bronzed by the sun and kept her so toasty warm on cold nights. Bulma snorted to herself as she moved to the next leg.

Once city life had civilized, bathed and groomed him into a well-rounded, boyfriend-type baseball playing boy-toy, she no longer found him attractive. She wasn't sure if it was the flocks of fan girls, the loss of excitement she felt, or was it the reality check Yamcha underwent once becoming comfortable with women, and realizing that his first girlfriend wasn't at all like him. Bulma was vain, spoiled, had a bad temper and was high-maintenance. Yamcha had been as low maintenance as they came before he discovered the world of gym-bunnies, clean, running water and lo and behold; the fascination of pursuing a relationship with all things; a man, one she knew as Tien Shinhan. So now, she was alone. She was bored.

So why not have a little fun? She was single, in her prime, and pumped full of enough chemically produced progesterone to render her womb a hostile environment for any brave sperm that dared to venture there. Her object of affection this time was the saiyan she had re-homed and rescued after his death on Namek. Like an abused mutt, he was collared and fed, and given a nice little bed to curl up in at night. He even bathed now, unlike when Bulma first conquered Yamcha and experienced being bathed in the heavy, salty wet sweat of sex with a filthy, hairy man. That would later make her scrub herself down in cold water, shuddering as she stroked and caressed the dark bruises left on her hips from his calloused hands.

But now that Yamcha was gone and her skin left completely unblemished, she realized she missed that. Craved it. She craved it so much that she imagined Vegeta in his place, but less restrained. More like an animal, preferably something in between; Saiyan. The only issue was that Vegeta had a backbone, unlike her previous conquests, and he didn't let her bend him at will. In fact, he barked back. Vegeta stood his ground and he threw her threats right back, he snapped at her and would just so easily push her aside because she was simply 'in his way'. Bulma sighed and looked longingly towards the white ship on the lawn.

If only he would come out, come on to her, something . It was almost as if the saiyan was a shy turtle or more rather, an unextended organ that needed some coaxing out of his thick skin. Bulma grinned and with that thought; had a clever idea. She fingered her bikini top and her cheeks showed red even through the pasty white smears on her cheeks. She wanted to tease the saiyan out of hiding. So far, he hadn't seemed to respond to all her advances before that. That was unthinkable; she was Bulma Briefs, and no man turned her down. She was a beautiful heiress, a genius. She deserved, in fact, demanded whatever man she wanted and wouldn't be satisfied until she got it.

Bulma took a deep breath, removed her top and leaned back in the grass with her oiled legs spread in an open invitation. He was such a wild, untamed thing. She absolutely had to have him and she didn't care how it happened. She was tired of his lack of interest, and had thought of the perfect way to catch his attention once showing off her body didn't work.

Later that day, Dr. Briefs was working on the spaceship that Bulma had asked him to craft. She had been curious about space, and reasoned that space exploration could be to her benefit. She seemed fascinated with saiyans, after Raditz had died she had Krillin pilfer the scouter off of his face so that she could parade around wearing it; making a mockery of the dead saiyan. Saiyans, those burly, masculine men were to her just toys to play with. Sure they were strong, and had murdered thousands of people and even her boyfriend Yamcha, but she was still very attracted to them. Bulma was determined to get what she wanted, with no complaints from her latest science project.

"Hi, daddy. Are you almost done with the ship?" She asked sweetly, twirling her hair around her finger. The doctor was startled and almost bumped his head on the ship where he had been just attaching some wires.

"Well, no, not exactly. You see, I still have to do the finishing touches on the water filtration system, and I haven't quite finished reinforcing the interior locking mechanisms for the-"

"That's fine, why don't you just let me finish it." She said, patting him on the shoulder. Dr. Briefs looked hesitant, but after some gentle suggestions she convinced him to go have lunch while she finished the work on the ship. Bulma grinned to herself as she lifted up a jug full of a mysterious substance and chucked to herself as she dumped it in the water tank.

Vegeta paced back and forth in the small ship that he would be sharing for the next 6 months with the woman. He had been bribed into stepping foot on this ship, he was sure of it. He was shocked at the actions of the blue haired passenger on board with him. During his daily training session, the G.R had suddenly shut down completely. When he came out, angry and confused, he saw Bulma lying out in the grass, completely naked. He looked away to give her some modesty, but she had the gall to call him over. Vegeta knew that she was the culprit and called her out on her actions, but Bulma only laughed and admitted it.

"Yeah, I did it. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to hurt me?" She purred, and he looked back at her in shock of what she had just said.

"You couldn't kill Frieza, but you could easily kill me. You're upset you're not strong enough. But I have a solution to answer all of your… needs." She had said, and he had listened, but couldn't control his rage at that split second. He decided to show her just what she was asking for. He lunged at her, and pinned her down as he hovered above her, and showed her just how much her relentless taunting and teasing had gotten to him. He felt disgusting for how his body responded to hers, and ground his groin into hers as a threat while he bit into her throat. Bulma moaned and wrapped her legs around him, and he had instinctively jumped back; appalled that she would respond to his threat in such a way. Bulma stood up and began screaming at him once again; questioning his sexuality and why he wouldn't just fuck her already. Vegeta's rage simmered as she poked, and prodded in the chest with her nail and ranted on, and on, saying that she would press charges on him, saying that he had attempted to rape her, and he could barely see past the red in his eyes as she insulted his strength and intelligence.

"You're weak, just admit it. You can't control yourself when you're around a naked woman. What makes you think you have the discipline to become a super saiyan? Maybe if you had a baby with me, you could become super saiyan like Goku! See, that's why he could do it because he had something to protect-" Vegeta couldn't listen to another word she said. He slapped her with the strength of smacking away a fly. Bulma had fallen back and cried about how he should never hit a woman, and that he was rude and insensitive; but as Vegeta saw it, she was an insect and she deserved to be treated like one. She was buzzing around him, insistent, rubbing her filthy hands together and plotting to get underneath his skin. He had served in the Frieza Force with women, and they could take a beating. In war, gender did not matter. There were so many more important things to worry about than whether you were a male or female. He was tired. He just wanted one thing and it had been cruelly taken away from him. The least he could do was redeem himself by tearing those androids to bits. If he could no longer deal with this insufferable woman and snapped and killed her during the trip, then it was her fault.

Vegeta trained his eyes on the grass and had done the most low thing he had ever committed, and had agreed to go to space so that he could train. The only condition that troubled him was that she insisted on coming along in case something went wrong with the ship. He could see her reason in it, but he still had his reservations. To him, this showed the earth woman's true colors. To think he would share his space with her for so long had him fearing that he would lose his privacy and all sense of sanity.

"Oh no… Vegeta, I have terrible news." Bulma said as she came out in a towel, having just freshly showered. Vegeta didn't even give her a passing glance.

"What now?"

"This ship only has one bedroom." She said, and for a long moment he pondered on what his answer would be as he stared into space; reflecting on what his existence even was, and why he was in this ridiculous situation.

"So? I'll sleep wherever I have to. You may have the bed." He said flatly; such a thing was not a concern of his. He had not lived in luxury for most of his life, and the only good sleep he ever had before was in a cramped ship, induced by stasis gas.

"No, absolutely not. You must rest in bed, the hard floor will be worse on your body and it won't heal properly."

He thought he heard her talking but he could only focus on the rage simmering low in his belly. He had been snared.

"If you wish." Vegeta responded darkly, not giving her a passing glance. He was highly disappointed in the woman's lack of decency hidden by her 'humanity'. He was not a science experiment, a pet, and he was above the idea of shameless sex only started because you were in the same bed as the opposite sex.

Vegeta had been training in the gravity room on the ship when he paused to walk out of the kitchen and fetch some water. He looked all around himself, and saw Bulma sitting on the couch on a robe with a tall glass of water in her hand. He disregarded her, and turned on the tap, filling up his glass. He was halfway through drinking it when he realized that the taste was off and spit it out in the sink. Bulma stood up immediately and started screaming at him.

"Why would you waste our water like that? This is all we have to drink! You have no respect for me!" She shouted, jabbing him in the chest with her sharp fingernail.

"Respect? I am a Prince. You treat me like a lowly dog, and I'll have no more of it. I ask that you stop touching me, now." He said slowly and with all seriousness, a growl building in his throat. She kept poking, and poking him. Vegeta gripped her wrist and pushed her into the wall; showing her the offending hand. Bulma screamed and cried like she was being assaulted by a serial killer; her false fear was so much. Too much.

"Do you realize what you've done, you stupid woman? You have given yourself a death sentence. I will not enjoy it if it comes to that, I have better things to do with my time that defend myself against a hysterical female." He growled, and thought about snapping her wrist for a moment. If he did, she could no longer attack him with her finger. As he clutched it, and stared at the woman writhing beneath his shadow, he saw beyond her mask and saw her as a harmless creature. Not worth his time. He released the woman, and returned to his Gravity Chamber, where all was silent. And yet, he couldn't even have that without her invading his space and pounding on the door an hour into his exercise.

Vegeta had noticed something was wrong with him when he stopped to open the door and found himself looking at the woman differently than before. What had formerly disgusted him, now made him hunger for her.. flesh? Her breasts were loosely bouncing in her top as she waved at him, but he was barely paying attention to what she was saying. He panted; his eyes dilating as he felt his growing erection in reaction to her pheromones.

"I have something to tell you. There was a tragic mistake." She said, and this snapped him out of his fugue.

"The water has been contaminated." She said coyly, blushing up at him as she closed the distance between them.

"What do you mean?" His heart raced.

"It's been tampered with. The water contains aphrodisiacs."

Vegeta hesitated to speak.

"What does that mean?"

"An aphrodisiac is a chemical that increases your libido, meaning it makes you want to have sex." She said huskily, and placed her hands on his chest. Vegeta's pulse quickened rapidly.

"What…?" He seethed, and backed away from her touch.

"Don't you want to touch me..?" She asked, and he scowled. His body may be having a reaction but it was purely chemical in nature. The thought of touching her was repulsive.

"No. Leave me alone." He said, and slammed the door in her face to try and train with this annoying feeling running through his veins. He walked to the center of the room and simply sat down. He had never reacted to something so infuriating so…calmly. This was what he had dreaded, and he resolved that he may just have to go through with it, if that's what she wanted, he hoped it would finally make her be quiet. He had lost all self respect for himself now. Her puppet, sex slave. It had all come full circle back to what he had endured beneath Frieza's cruel hand.

Perhaps I deserve to be punished. He thought, and placed his face in his hands, hiding his sorrow.