Beads of sweat sprayed from Vegeta's face as he blew out each labored breath, pushing his muscles to the limit. He'd been working himself ragged since the last time Bulma rapped on the door and told him of their 'unfortunate' situation; which she seemed oddly pleased with.

He dodged a punch from his imaginary opponent, then imagined the sound of his fists landing as he connected his fist and knee with the gravity-thickened air. Currently, the gravity was only set to fifty times Earth's. A gradual start would be more beneficial on his body, plus he had lots of time to work up to its highest setting. That is, IF he managed to last that long.

Vegeta tangled with his shadow, anticipating its movements and killing his sparring specter. He stopped in place, imagining Bulma's face as his hands wrapped around her throat. With his luck, she would like that. He grimaced as his guts twisted and announced their desire for nourishment and water. Vegeta listened to it and attempted to hear past the steel wall to see if she was still up and about. It had been hours, perhaps she was asleep by now. Vegeta shook his head and stormed towards the door.

Don't be foolish, Vegeta. She's a tiny woman, no need to avoid some weak little thing you could squash within seconds. He reminded himself, and opened the door. Looking from side to side, he saw the hallway was clear. On the opposite side of the ship, he heard the blaring of the TV and figured she was snoring in front of it as usual; he'd found her that way a few times in the months since moving into the Briefs residence. Vegeta hauled his ass towards the kitchen, his parched mouth craving something refreshing. Upon entering, he swung open the fridge and looked through its contents.

A sealed jug of orange juice seemed safe enough, not leaking when he gave it a test squeeze. Vegeta thought she could have injected it with a needle, but that was silly. Bulma had to be above that level of desperation. She had to, or else he'd have nothing to drink. Vegeta put his lips to the opening and quenched his thirst desperately, the tart drink doing the job though it was pulpy and sticky in his throat, unlike water. He wiped his mouth and panted, crushing the half empty carton in his hand before putting it back.

He still craved something with more to it, actual food. There had to be some of those magic capsules stored here somewhere, ones that could contain entire houses like the one she inhabited on Namek.

An entire house full of food is what he thought he could eat at that moment as he dug through the drawers and found nothing but raw vegetables and ingredients to make dinner, nothing he could readily eat right now. Vegeta growled and slammed the door shut, for once wishing her ditzy mother was around to turn those ingredients into something palatable. Vegeta had no knowledge of what went into those intricate little recipes, he only knew of barbecued meat, or raw everything. Scouring planets didn't give them much time to sit down and cook meals, so hunger was satisfied quickly with whatever was available.

"Are you hungry?" a soft voice queried, making a shiver run down his spine. Vegeta tensed, not turning to look at her as Bulma entered the kitchen. She crossed her arms over her tightly cinched robe and huffed. She shouldn't even be catering to him, but she came out here looking for something to eat and found him rummaging through the fridge like a stray dog. Bulma almost wanted to laugh at him, if it weren't for how she still felt scorned by his clear rejection earlier that day. Maybe she took the wrong approach before by thinking the aphrodisiac alone would be enough to tame him. It took charm, something she had plenty of.

Vegeta glanced over his shoulder and scoffed. "How can I know anything in this kitchen is safe to eat, let alone stomach your dreadful cooking?"

The insult stung but Bulma shrugged it off, strolling towards the refrigerator and smiling blissfully as she began taking out the veggies, meat, a container of pre-cooked rice, small black seaweed papers and a few bottles of sauce. Vegeta raised his brow but didn't want to show that he was too eager, crossing his arms as he watched Bulma wash her hands and dry them before getting to work. He would be watching to make sure nothing she used required that tainted water. A while later, Vegeta was watching with interest as Bulma rolled her creation up and cut it into segments, then drizzled a sweet chili sauce on top and placed tasty little tidbits of raw meat on top of the formed rice ones. His stomach growled audibly, his shameful mouth filling with saliva as Bulma presented him with a large tray filled with sushi for the both of them.

"There, hopefully it's not too dreadful," she said, holding back her attitude carefully as she sat across from the prince. Bulma watched to see him take his first bite, but he seemed to be doing the same thing back at her. After a moment of staring, Bulma made an exasperated groan and picked up a piece of sushi, tossing it in her mouth and chewing it for him to see. Satisfied, Vegeta picked up one of the odd morsels Salmon Nigiri, thinking it was safe since it was simply fish and rice. He'd never had it before, so he was hoping it was good. He grimaced as he picked up the cold, slimy item, then tossed it in his mouth and chewed it quickly. He wasn't trying to give her a show of savoring her cooking, he only needed to soothe his hunger then leave.

Vegeta was surprised when he tasted it, his taste buds firing off with joy. The rice was sticky, tangy with vinegar, but the salmon was smooth and sweet, perfectly balancing the flavors. Bulma watched him from the corner or her eye but didn't let him see her smile, covering her mouth partially with her hand as he began to consume most of the nigiri. He reached for another nigiri, but Bulma startled him when she pushed forth a small bowl with brown liquid inside. Vegeta noticed her action and scoffed, wiping rice off his cheek.

"Try it…You'll like it, I promise," she said innocently enough, then dunked hers into the sauce and took a bite to show him it was safe to eat.

"Hmph," Vegeta grumbled, then after a moment, he did the same, dipping it in the sauce experimentally. With a sigh, he took a bite, and found that the addition of soy sauce made the sushi twice as tasty if that were possible. He frowned as he chewed, staring down at the table. He could feel her gaze on him, and heard her soft giggle as he chewed his food as fast as he could, attempting to satiate his hunger and make sitting across from her as bearable as possible.

"So, how is the gravity chamber working for you? I can tell you've worked up a sweat. You know the ship has a fully functional show-" she began, but was cut off by the sound of his fist hitting the table, the cup of soy sauce splashing on the table.

"I did not choose to board this ship in order to exchange pleasantries over dinner with you, I chose to go to space to train and nothing else., Vegeta cut out bitterly, watching the words hit her immediately afterwards by the shocked expression on her face.

"All I'm asking is how it's functioning! You expect me to sit here in silence for the next six months?!" Bulma exclaimed, her fist following his example.

Vegeta was silent, then smirked at her as he pushed his plate away and stood up, leaning over the table.

"I would very much enjoy it if you did," he responded in a purr, then turned around and headed to do just what she suggested; a nice, hot shower was just what the doctor ordered. He didn't care to listen to her shouts for him to walk back and apologize to her, or demands for him to at least thank her for the meal. In his mind, he owed her nothing. He was serving his sole purpose by training on this insufferable journey, all so that he could save her planet from the androids once he became a Super Saiyan. To ask for anything else from him was asking a bit too much in his opinion.

Dishes clanged with the energy of her anger as Bulma washed the emptied plates she and her ungrateful guest had shared. She understood Vegeta's hesitation to forgive her so quickly, after all she had done this to the both of them, her despair overwhelming her logic. If she had known better, she would've left a tank of clean water in case they didn't want to be horny all the time. She set a plate in the strainer angrily, attempting to figure out the male enigma that was Vegeta. Had this been Yamcha in their honeymoon years, he would've been overjoyed by a space trip with nothing to do but roll around on the floor of the spaceship with no disturbances. And yet, Vegeta seemed resentful, even disgusted by her. Bulma frowned and dried her hands with a towel, deciding perhaps tonight wasn't the night.

She'd been selfish and foolish to think that some aphrodisiacs thrown in the water would be enough to break down the barriers between her and the mysterious stranger who occupied this space shuttle with her. Regret filled her, and weighed down her heart as Bulma stared off into the distance where she'd last seen Vegeta as he turned his back on her and walked away. After a moment of this, Bulma turned back and opened the refrigerator, taking out a large bottle of wine she had intended to share with him in the midst of their space lovemaking; a fanciful romance not even fit for her mother's Harlequin books.

"Idiot. Idiot!" Bulma cursed herself as she dug around in the drawers for a bottle opener.

She hadn't thought to bring one. Bulma had the mind to bring three entire cases of wine, but no bottle opener, and they were all corked shut. Just my luck! Bulma struggled with the bottle, yet to no avail. She tried removing the cork with a knife, poking it with toothpicks to try and get a stream of wine to trickle out, even jamming a straw in it, only for the plastic tube to buckle and break. She slumped down onto the floor, sobbing pathetically. Not just because of the wine, but because of her failure. Stupid, stupid! She cursed herself, wiping the tears from her eyes with the back of her wrist.

It had been a few hours later when a pair of bare feet stopped suddenly upon discovering the sleeping girl on the kitchen floor. Vegeta looked around, observing all the tools she had failed to implement in her struggle to open a simple wine bottle. He had come looking for some water now that he thought she was asleep; resolving that if the aphrodisiac had too intense an effect on him, he could just relieve it by himself in bed afterwards. If he was being honest, maybe he needed a release. Vegeta craved to relax, but he didn't have the capacity to achieve it beyond making himself exhausted enough to sleep through the night. The only other thing that worked was something too shameful to admit, stimulating himself to whatever images his mind conjured up to enhance his pleasure.

He wasn't going to lie to himself and say he currently found looking down the woman's barely tied robe to be totally unpleasant. It wasn't, in fact, he could already feel the beginning twitches of blood traveling below his waist. Stifling his arousal before it could have too much of an effect, Vegeta turned his concentration on opening the contraption she'd had so much trouble with. Vegeta picked up the wine bottle, sloshing the burgundy liquid around as he noticed the highball glass on the counter and snorted at the absurdity of it all. He recognized the dark alcohol as his former overlord's favorite beverage, frowning. Vegeta opened his palm and heat radiated from it, steam beginning to build up inside the bottle as the heat caused enough pressure for the cork to pop out and hit his hand with an audible -POP!-

The sound woke Bulma, whose fuzzy eyes took some blinking to convince they were really seeing what they did currently. Vegeta was sniffing the open bottle of wine and - finding the pungent liquor not unpleasant - he poured some into her glass and swirled the dark red liquid around. His shadowy figure was lit up only by the ambient night lights as he sniffed the blood-like concoction once again before bringing it to his lips and taking a sip. Bulma's body awoke fully upon hearing the husky sigh that escaped his lips as he took in his first sip and enjoyed the flavor of the wine on his tongue. Fascinated, she tried her best not to move, but he'd noticed her stirring immediately with a gasp a few moments ago, and chose not to address it.

Now that he was pleased with the flavor, Vegeta decided he liked the wine enough to drink it and poured himself a glass.

"Let me guess. You'd like some as well?" his deep voice prompted her suddenly, making Bulma jolt in place. She wasn't sure what to say, so she just nodded, then noticed her robe falling open and tightened it before standing up to fetch another glass.

"Thank you for opening the bottle, Vegeta.."

He didn't answer immediately, instead taking another gulp.

"I see why they shut this liquid so tightly. It could be dangerous in large amounts," he said with a playful smirk, and strolled away to go plop down on the couch. Bulma's heart was racing with excitement so much that her hand trembled and she nearly missed the glass while pouring. Vegeta's amicable mood gave her hope, maybe they could save this trip after all. Maybe even… No. Bulma stopped pouring half way, wanting to pace herself just a bit. After all, they had all the time in the world.

She followed his example and walked over to the couch, sitting on the opposite end so that there was a cushion between them. Yet, now that they were here, what were they supposed to do? Bulma hadn't thought through the different scenarios that could happen, seeing as she assumed Vegeta would drink the water and immediately jump her bones; skipping the 'getting to know each other' part entirely. She spat her tongue out and made a slight blech! sound. Vegeta's head rolled to look over at her lazily from where he sat, seeming annoyed by her sound.

"Don't tell me the wine isn't to your liking after all you went through to get it open?" he snorted, eyeing her half empty glass and figuring she had slugged it already.

"No! It's not that, uh…I was just thinking about something…" she muttered, taking a small sip to hopefully excuse herself from explaining further. Vegeta humphed, going back to staring out the window as if there were some entertaining things out there.

"I wish I would've brought some books, games, anything really…" Bulma sighed, leaning over a little to see where he was looking. Vegeta jerked back tensely, gripping the armrest as if he was ready to spring from the couch any moment.

"So…You didn't think we'd have any time for anything but your devious plan to harvest my semen?" Vegeta said flatly, not even amused by her lack of foresight. Bulma's cheeks heated with embarrassment and she glanced away from his piercing black eyes, finding his gaze too intense for her liking. She felt like he was dissecting her like a cadaver, attempting to find the blight deep in her crevices.

"Well, regardless. We don't need the regurgitated drivel your people rely on for entertainment," he said slowly, almost cautiously even though his insults cut at her.

Bulma didn't answer him for a while, refusing to argue with him now. They'd argued enough, and she wasn't about to defend all of history's media and recreational activities just for the sake of it.

"Well, what do you suggest we do for fun?" she finally prompted, noticing how the burgundy liquid in her glass now looked a bit reduced.

Vegeta thought about her question for a moment, drinking his wine.

"Before I came to Earth, I never knew about your obsession with entertainment, the desire to read, consume media and find enjoyment from participating in formatted games… I have never found entertainment in such a way," he said, crossing his arms with the stem of the glass still grasped in his fingers.

Bulma blinked and tried to comprehend his meaning, but all she could wonder was: Hasn't this guy ever had fun for a DAY in his life?! How… sad that must be. She walked away and found the wine bottle, bringing it back so she could refill both of their glasses.

Once again, Vegeta was staring off into the void of space, and this time she joined him, squinting her eyes to try and see better. "I spy with my little eye, something… red!" Bulma said enthusiastically, and Vegeta furrowed his brow at her because of her wording.

"It's a game we can play without needing anything! Just our eyes. It's called "I Spy." I'll describe what I see, and you have to try and figure out what it is by my description."

Vegeta scoffed at this, but didn't seem to entirely dismiss the notion. He glanced out the window yet again, this time looking for something red. It wasn't that hard to find, seeing as they were currently passing a large red planet.

"Planet Vlunca. You can't miss it."

"Yes! Planet.. what? Yul-kah?" Bulma attempted to sound out the word with her clumsy Earthling tongue, which was unfamiliar with intergalactic speech.

"Vlunca. It means 'Savage'."

"Oh… is it inhospitable..?"


"Oh. That makes sense," she responded softly, pondering the environment of the red giant looming overhead.

"How do you know it's inhospitable?"

The question hung in the air between them for an indeterminate time, until they had completely passed the planet.

"Vegeta?" She asked carefully, wondering if he had forgotten her question.

"I spy something green." Vegeta announced, making Bulma jolt in place before looking out the window in a hurry to see what it was before they passed it once again. She gasped upon seeing the sparkling nebula before them, with ribbons of pink, purple and blue, with twinkling white stars speckled all throughout. Yet, she saw no green to speak of. She searched the flashy, fabulous clouds and stars of the Crab Nebula, her blue eyes twinkling with the lights of the stars. Vegeta sighed as he waited for her to realize that green wouldn't be found in it, she had to look outside the nebula or else she would miss it entirely.

"I spy with my little eye something beginning with a 'P'," he prompted, snapping Bulma out of her concentration. She shook her head clear of the distraction and glanced at him curiously. Vegeta was anxiously tapping his fingers along his bicep and his left eyebrow was twitching as if he were getting very impatient.

"A 'P'?" When Bulma repeated the letter, a light bulb went off in her head and she immediately began searching for something outside of the massive Crab nebula.

"A green PEA galaxy! Oh wow!" she gasped, seeing the small green light on the outer rim of the Crab Nebula, just barely visible. Vegeta flinched from the ringing in his ear due to her shouting and nodded.

"Yes. Are we done with this silly game yet?" he grumbled, remembering he had a glass of wine in his other hand and giving it a sip. Bulma did the same, smirking as her lips kissed the cool glass and the tart liquid slipped past. As she gazed at him, she watched the way his throat bobbed and how his tongue passed quickly over the rim of his bottom lip to clean up any drops of liquid.

"Not yet. I spy with my little eye, something red."

"Didn't you do that one last time?" Vegeta huffed, feeling oddly exposed as her big blue eyes stared him down.

"Yes, but that one was in space. This one is closer," she said with a sultry smile, and he growled and looked away from her, annoyed.

"Isn't there some rule about this you're going against?"

Bulma put her finger to her chin and looked up to some spot on the ceiling. "Mmm…. No."

"Fine." He sighed, and began looking around for something in his nearby vicinity that was red.

All around he saw chrome walls, with barely any decoration to give them color. The floor of the ship was a dusky blue color with grips to keep them from falling over, no red there. The couch was a dark gray shade, with similarly colored blue pillows and a white throw blanket folded across the top. There were plenty of things to look at in his surroundings, but nothing red. Not a damn thing.

"I spy with my little eye, something on you," she giggled, and Vegeta whirled around to look at her in surprise.

"On me?!" He asked warily as if a red laser from a sniper rifle was focused on his forehead.

She giggled and nodded.

"Something red. On me," he repeated, and glanced down at his chest, legs and arms. He was wearing nothing but black sweat pants and a white tank top, not a bit of red. As Vegeta struggled to look at his own back, Bulma placed one finger on his shoulder and tapped. He turned back around with a gasp and she stopped him by placing her hand on his cheek, the other hand still hanging onto a practically empty glass of wine with a pool of red liquid in it.

"My wine glass?" he said, raising it up so that it sloshed and nearly dumped out on the two of them.

"Very close! It's not in the glass," she answered softly, stroking the smooth skin of his cheek.

"I'm almost touching it," she whispered, and his heart raced from her softly spoken words as he gazed upon her moving lips, covered in the glossy red sheen of her lipstick that was unnatural to the human body.

"Lips," he said, gulping.



"Un-uh. Well, yeah they are a bit red, but that's not what I'm looking at," she laughed, her blushing cheeks beaming at him.

"Tongue." He gulped, licking his parched lower lip once again as he could see hers playing at her upper lip, cleaning away a stray drop of wine from her last sip.

"WINE!" Vegeta shouted, making her startled this time, she flinched back before nodding her head with a laugh.


"But… where?" he questioned, looking down at himself once again to see if he'd gotten a drop on himself.

Bulma looked coy and removed her hand from his cheek to finish off the last bit of wine in her glass. Vegeta felt his face growing hotter by the minute as he questioned what on his body was red that he couldn't see; a mixture of frustration and embarrassment filling him as he did the same and downed every bit of liquid in his glass with four large gulps. He set his glass down on the coffee table and took hers, placing it next to the still half full wine bottle.

"You can't have any more of this until you tell me where it is, Woman," he said sternly, crossing his arms as he stood in front of the table and grimaced.

She looked surprised before slowly coming around, her hesitation clear in her silence. Bulma was suddenly shy, when before she'd been so bold that he'd pushed her away. She was afraid of him doing the same now, and so she quietly pondered her options, attempting to reason with herself about how to approach the subject in a way that wouldn't make him angry again.

"Well, you have a wine stain on your neck. It dripped down your face and, well– if you want to remove it, we'd have to use the tainted water…"

"I showered in it earlier and I was fine," he huffed, though 'fine' was debatable. In the shower, he found himself aroused but he wasn't sure if it was from the aromatics in the water, or if those visions of her from yesterday when she announced that the water was contaminated in a lace top, with her large breasts barely concealed to his eyes. He'd almost fallen into her trap at that very moment, at least his body had.

"Find a way to take it off without the water, then," he smirked, this time questioning his own sanity as he dared the woman to use her own filthy imagination that he knew she possessed. Maybe it was the wine, or maybe that tainted water was kicking in.

Bulma recalled how he had presented the prompt of 'tongue', and looked at his chiseled throat longingly, licking her lips as she eyed the wine stain and thought how easily it would come away if she could just lick it.

"Whatever you're thinking about, just do it and get it over with," he growled, gripping his biceps with his fingertips anxiously as his body hummed with anticipation.

Bulma nodded and came closer, then tucked a long strand of blue hair behind her ear as she leaned impendingly closer to him, and then he felt the unmistakable warmth he was waiting for as she dragged her pink tongue along the hollows and grooves of his throat; feeling each vein and corded tendon of his tensed neck. She cleaned away the wine almost immediately, but she wanted to keep licking up the salted dewdrops of his aphrodisiac-tainted sweat. Vegeta gulped and attempted to brace himself by widening his legs as the woman pressed herself into his side to clean the mess up more comfortably; her soft, warm body pressed against the resistance of his tensed, muscle hardened one. Bulma swallowed the delicious sweat up from his neck and kissed the hot flesh there, waiting for him to protest. He didn't, he was letting her kiss his neck. Bulma's heart raced and she felt passion flood through her veins anew as she grazed her teeth along his neck and whispered into his skin,

"You taste nice."

Her hot breath made the hairs on his neck stand on end, his fingers unlatching from his biceps to cautiously settle on her back. "Make sure it's all gone… I spy one more thing in your silly game."

Bulma dragged her tongue from his collar bone to the edge of his jaw, then gently scraped her teeth along his jugular. Apprehension and excitement raced through him in tandem as his warrior instinct told him she was a threat, and his body was tempted to spring into action– yet, it was not to harm her back. Thoughts of biting her neck back appeared in his mind, and suddenly hit a roadblock. That was when he gently pushed her away from him, attempting to regain his composure.

Bulma backed away, confused and blushing as Vegeta turned to cork the wine bottle back up and gather their glasses.

"W-well, what was it you saw?"

"The clock. It's time for bed," he said with a sigh, and breezed past her. Bulma's body froze and her throat tensed to shout at him, to take action and be a man, but something stopped her from doing so. She'd made great leaps in their relationship now, and she didn't want to mess things up now that he was feeling more safe around her. Bulma glanced at the clock and saw that it was 3 a.m., and supposed maybe he had a point. In space, it was harder to keep track of the time when the sky was pitch black, but now that she realized the hour she noticed that her body did feel more sluggish than before–especially with a few glasses of wine in her system. Bulma followed him out to the kitchen, holding her robe closed with one hand as she watched him rinse out their glasses then set them in the sink, still gulping to recover her breath.

Once he turned around, she smiled at him and stopped him in the doorway. "Thanks for playing a game with me tonight. I think I'll check the autopilot route then go to bed."

"I'll come with you. I don't want you smashing any of the wrong buttons by accident."

"I'm fine, Vegeta. Really, I'm not that drunk," she reassured him, but he wasn't having it.

"Lead the way," he grumbled, nudging her forward by pressing his hand into her lower back. Bulma blushed from the gentle touch and nodded, taking his advice.

Once they had made sure the systems were all set on a safe course, free of asteroids or large planets, they headed off to their respective quarters to go to bed. Both lying awake, wondering what games they would play tomorrow.