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SPN100 Challenge: pound

DEW Challenge: a character of your choice & start

Sam's resolution for Dean to eat more healthily isn't off to the greatest start. 100-word drabble.

Written for the 'Drabbles Every Weekend' challenge at SPN BigPretzel on LiveJournal.


I'll Start Tomorrow

Sam finally located his brother in a diner, tucked away in the booth farthest from the door. "So, how's the New Year's resolution going?" he asked pointedly.

Dean looked up, cheeks bulging from tearing a huge bite out of his gigantic bacon cheeseburger, an expression of guilt flashing across his face.

"I'll start tomorrow," he mumbled through his mouthful.

"That's what you said last week."

"Chill, it's just one burger," Dean protested.

"A one-pound burger," corrected Sam.

"Sorry for the delay," announced the waitress, placing a large bowl of onion rings on the table. "The other sides are coming now."