Idea/challenge to a Mass Effect story.

There are many stories where humans develop a new form of technology that does not need element zero, but what if there is another singularity that is unique to humans? How the citadel will react to that?

Hello. I got this idea from two different sources to create a Mass effect Story, the first one is the Robin Willian movie Flubber, theother one is a tv series, Tomorrow people. And I got this idea to combine them to create a new plotline that can be used as a Mass Effect story

I got the first part of this idea some time ago after Robin Willian's death, when that happens many channels began to play his movies. One of them was Flubber. That is when I saw, that this new element can control gravity, generate and amplify energy and repel kinetic energy. That thing could be used to replace element zero and be that key to developing human technology.

On the other hand, we had Tomorrow people, which attracts my attention is that all of the humans that had powers had the same powers telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis. The only difference is that they had different levels of strength and only the elite could make full advantage of their powers. This is like the Asari; they are the only species in the Mass Effect universe that all the members of their species had powers.

I believe that these elements can be used in two different ways.

Number one.

At one point in history, humans began to be born with special powers, it could be the same as Tomorrow people (telepathy, teleportation, and telekinesis). Or any other that you want, at first were only a few ones, but after a few decades all the humans born had those powers.

With time they began to study those powers and by studying them they began to develop new technologies. For example, by studying their telekinesis they began to understand anti-gravity or by studying their teleportation they began to develop FTL technology.

With time they learn that their powers come from a new form of energy and sometime after that they develop a new element that can produce that energy and use it to advance their technology.

The main point of this idea is that technology will revolve around these powers, in many stories the human society will evolve around either elements zero or any other element or tech that the author of the story chose. But in this case, it is the tech that will revolve around these powers.

About the relationship with the Citadel, the humans will not join the citadel, I always wondered why they need to join in the game story, join the same group where one of their leaders attack you and now you had to reduce your forces and allow them to enter your territory and share with them all what you had but do not receive the equivalent in return.

About the Asari, they will be curious because the humans not only look similar to them but are also a species where all their members are born with powers like them.

Number two.

In this idea, the humans develop by accident a new element that could be like the Flubber, (how it works and what it does, not the part where that thing looks like it is alive). And soonit becomes an everyday part of their lives, years later they learn that the reason why babies were born with special powers was that their parents were exposed to the energy of these new elements, that until that moment they believe that it was harmless and that energy create changes in their DNA and now these powers are part of the human genome. It has the advantage that it has no negative effects that affect babies in a negative way.

In a few words, the new elements will give them powers just like the elements zero give the citadel species their biotics.

The relationship between the Asari and the citadel will be the same as I mentioned before.

Suggestions for both ideas.

These are suggestions that can be used in both ideas if you want.

As I said the humans will not join the Citadel.

The events of the first contact war will happen years later than in the original story.

The humans will not be present when the reapers destroy the citadel.

The humans remove all the mass relays that point towards their territory, that was one more cause of tension between the council and Earth, but when they reappear show up and begin to destroy their homeworlds they realize that the only safe place is where there is not mass relay network and had to move towards the human territory.

I wrote two stores that use similar elements in the case that you want to see them, their names are ExoSquat Meet Mass Effect (one-shot) and The Irregular Blade Effect (in progress). Both are crossovers with other series, in case that you want to read them.

If you want to create your stories based on these ideas, please send me the link so I can follow them.