Chapter 1: An Unspeakable Friendship

If there was one thing that Lie Ren was grateful for right now, it's that he can finally have a bit of piece and quiet whenever he is away from Nora. Don't get him wrong through Ren loves Nora a lot she has been his best friend since they were kids and they had been through a lot together. But Nora just has so much excitement and energy sometimes, and Ren just wants a break from that. Their is nothing wrong with wanting a little bit of alone time and he believes Nora would agree with him.

Currently Ren was in the library at Beacon Academy, its been a little bit over a week since he enrolled in his classes here at Beacon and Ren decided that it was time to see what the Beacon library was like. Once he arrived even Ren himself couldn't help but be amazed at how big and grand the library was, it has so many sections of different genres of books that the typical book worm would even faint at the sight of it. One of the hobbies that Ren loves to do is read because in his opinion its nice relaxing and peaceful.

Not only that but his father also used to read whenever he had time to himself and he used to read all types of stories when he was a boy. Ren guessed he must have gotten his reading habits from his father. As of right now the young huntsman in training was currently looking through the adventure section of the library since adventure was one of his favorite genres to read. Ren was looking at a book that might be of interest for him to read right now. So far he hasn't had such luck, until he grabbed one book that caught his interest the title was called tale of the two princesses.

"Hmm Interesting" Ren said, the title had grabbed his attention but now he has to see if this book will be excellent read.

Ren then took the book, as he was walking he was trying to find a table where he can sit and read alone in peace. However something caught his eye and he noticed and saw that Blake a member of his sister team in team RWBY was currently reading by herself at the back of the library. Ren had decided that it couldn't hurt to say hello to Blake since enrollment both of their teams had always hung out with each other. So Ren had went ahead and walked up to the table Blake was sitting at.

"Hello Blake" Ren said trying to get the girl's attention

Blake perked up as she heard somebody call her named she raised her head from her book and she was surprise to see it was Ren that said hello to her.

"Oh...hey Ren" Blake said as she set her book down to greet the quite member of team JNPR.

"Sorry, to interrupt your reading I just wanted to come by and say hello" Ren said as he slightly smiled at the faunus.

"I see" Blake said, it dawned on Blake that this was really the first time that her and Ren ever really interacted with each other. Sure she and the rest of RWBY had hung out with Ren and the rest of team JNPR ever since they enrolled in Beacon and took out that giant Nevermore together. But Ren and Blake had never really talked to each other before and that's because of her how quite the both of them are. Well for Blake she was kind of anti social but with Ren he was more of a reserved type of person. That and Nora kind of does most of the talking for him at least that what it seems like to Blake. Also they really only hung out with each other due to their leaders being good friends not because her and Ren are super close.

"I'm actually kind of surprised Ren I thought you would be here with Nora" Blake said causing Ren to chuckle a bit.

"Nora isn't really a bit fan of libraries, actually she along with Jaune and Pyrrha are actually out in the city right now checking out the surroundings" Ren said.

"So you decided not to go with them?" Blake asked.

Ren nodded "I said I would go with them to check out the city sometime in the weekend, I just wanted to check out the library that Beacon has and see if they have any interesting books to read" he replied.

Blake nodded accepting the answer she was actually kind of happy that Ren was a reader like her, maybe if possible she might have found a reading buddy.

Ren didn't say anything for a moment before asking "so where is the rest of your team?".

"Ruby had dragged Weiss much to her pleasure to Beacon's forge room to see if they can upgrade their weapons somehow and Yang I believe she went out to the city as well" Blake said as she went to pick the book she was reading back up.

"Ah so that gave you some time to catch up on your daily reading?" Ren said to the young faunus girl.

"Pretty much anything to not hear Yang and her bad puns" Blake said causing both herself and the two to chuckle again.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Ren asked the former member of the White Fang.

Blake for the most part likes to be alone whenever she was reading and not to mention she didn't want to draw attention to herself since she was hiding from the fact that she was a faunus from everybody, especially from a observant person like Ren. But it would have been rude of her to say no like that and it's not like Ren was a talkative person to begin with and to be honest, she was really enjoying his compony so what's the harm?.

"No of course not" Blake said as she shook her head.

Ren nodded in thanks as he pulled the chair from across of Blake at the table and sat down on it. Once he sat down he picked up the Tale of the Two Princesses book that he got and he begun reading it and Blake had went back to reading her book. For Blake it was exactly what she wanted being engrossed in her book while everything around her was quiet. It was almost like Ren wasn't even there since he wasn't making any noise at all besides flipping a couple of pages from the book he was reading. But Blake was a curious person every now and then she would take a peak at Ren to see what he doing and only to see he was reading his book hardly without making any movements before going back to reading her book.

Blake had seen Ren fight a bit and she had to say she was impressed, his movements and the way he fights it was graceful in a way almost ninja like. Blake blushed a bit as she thought about the other books she read. That aside Ren being a capable fighter that he is along with his reserved nature and the fact he doesn't draw attention to himself. He would have been the ideal partner for her here at Beacon. But she was hardly upset with choosing Yang despite how out going. playful and confident she is. Those were the things Blake like the most about her friend and partner so Blake has no complaints about Yang or Ruby but Weiss well...things could get messy with her.

Both Blake and Ren had continued to reading their books for a long time about almost two hours until Ren closed his book grabbing Blake's attention.

"Is something wrong?" Blake asked

"It's nothing really I should be getting back to my room Nora and the others should be almost back soon" Ren replied.

Blake got out her scroll and checked the clock and she saw that it was three o'clock, the cat faunus sighed.

"I guess I should go back as well Ruby and the others are probably almost back as well" Blake said.

"Well why don't we walk back together our rooms are across from each other after all, but do you mind having to wait a bit while I check this book out from the library?" Ren asked.

"Not at all" Blake said as she gave Ren a small smile.

Ren smiled "shall we go then?" he asked Blake as he stood up from the chair he was sitting.

"Of course" Blake said as she stood up from her seat as well after that Blake and Ren were walking to the desk where the librarian resided and it was during that time they started to talk a little bit more.

"So I was wondering what kind of book you was reading?" Blake asked.

"Ah...the book is called about the tale of two princesses from what I read so far it's about two princesses who resided in a kingdom the mother who was the queen a long time ago has fought with her mother who was a tyrant years ago and managed to defeat her and took over the kingdom making it peaceful. Over time she had two daughters and as she gotten older she couldn't decide which of the daughters deserves the right to rule. So she with the help of her advisors decided that the daughters should go on sperate journeys and that by their actions through their journey that the queen will decide who should rule the kingdom. I've only read about a third of the book though." Ren said.

"Sounds interesting do you mind if I can borrow the book after you finish reading it?" Blake asked the member of team JNPR.

"Not at all just give me about two or three days to read the story" Ren said.

"Ok" Blake said after that talk both Blake and Ren had reached the Liberian's desk where she was currently at after that Ren had checked the book out and after that he and Blake had started to make their way out of the library.

"What were you reading Blake?" Ren asked the former member of the white fang and current member of team RWBY.

"I was reading the book called the rough samurai it's about a samurai who is the son of a corrupt shogan who abuses his power and suppresses his people, and invade other lands. So the samurai runs away from his home and goes on a journey to other lands and gathers a lot of allies in order to defeat his father" Blake said.

"Ah I never pegged you as the action and adventure type Blake" Ren honestly said.

"Well I mostly like to read drama and maybe other darker aspects but I have been giving the action and adventure genre a try plus I guess it was the plot of the book that had me interested in the first place" Blake said.

Ren simply nodded Blake seem like the type to like books filled with drama, maybe horror and other darker aspects maybe he could recommend her some light hearted books.

"Do you mind if I can borrow the book your reading...if that's ok with you" Ren asked.

"Not at all I say give me a day or two I'm about mostly half way done with it anyway" Blake said.

Ren nodded after that the two of them didn't say much the rest of the walk they had little conversations here and there but it was brief and after a couple of minutes it wasn't long until Blake and Ren had found themselves at the front of their dorm rooms. Blake heard some noise coming from her dorm room.

"Seems like my team is back" Blake said.

"Seems like my team hasn't made it back yet" Ren said as he looked at Blake.

"Thanks for letting me sit and read with you Blake, it was actually pretty nice" Ren said as he smiled at Blake.

"Don't worry about it I actually had a great time talking with you about what types of books we like, we should do this again sometime" Blake said.

"You mean like hang out again and read in the library? Ren asked.

"That and maybe we can just hang out more often, we could go into town ourselves do you like tea Ren if so I know the perfect tea shop I saw here in Vale" Blake said.

Ren nodded this day had turned our better then he imagine, in just a short amount of time he developed a good relationship with Blake and he was happy to hear that Blake wants to continue to spend time with him.

"Of course Blake I would like that very much" Ren said as he smiled and held out his hand.

Blake smiled back as she shook Ren hand.

"Well I guess I'll see you later" Blake said.

Ren nodded back with the motion that he will see Blake later on and after that the two of them went back into their dorm rooms and unknown to them this was only the beginning of a bond that will slowly develop over time.

A/N: I have no idea I wrote idea why I wrote this the idea just suddenly came into my head I honestly think this might be the first RWBY story where Blake and Ren interacted with just two of them. If I had to give a reason why I just felt that Ren and Blake had a couple of things in common I thought that why not write a story about them developing a close friendship with each other and perhaps maybe...more who knows. Both of them had gone through struggles in their pasts and are doing their bests in their way to fix their mistakes. That's why I can see Ren could relate a lot to Blake in that scenario. So basically I just wanted to write a new take on different characters interacting instead of the same stuff we see in RWBY fics. For now I guess its a one shot but I really want to know what you guys think if this story gets some positives views I might continue it. If not well hey I'm just proud to write something different. But it is a bit hard to write Ren and Blake due to their personalities so they might be OOC so bear with me on that. Anyway don't forget to read review and follow the story until next time guys see ya.