"Hey Blake" Yang said from the top of her bunk bed as she looked down at Blake who grabbed the tale of two princesses book from the self next to their bunk bed.

"Yes Yang" Blake replied she hopes that Yang wasn't going try to make another poor joke. In the past two weeks that Blake knew Yang, the cat faunus knew that Yang had a bit of a teasing side and also she likes to tell very bad jokes.

"You know I am noticing that you and Ren are getting along quite well these pass couple of days" Yang said as she smirked at Blake.

"Uh ok, I don't really see the big deal with that sis" Ruby said as she was busy reading a magazine of different weapon designs that huntsmen use.

"Agreed,unless your applying that in Nora's words that Ren and Blake are together together" Weiss said she was currently sitting at the desk area doing her homework.

Blake simply rolled her eyes "it's nothing like that Ren and I just happens to share the same hobbies" Blake calmly said.

"Well don't tell Nora that, Blakey" Yang said causing Blake to sigh.

"You really think, Nora would get mad at Blake for hanging out with Ren too much? Ruby asked.

"Come on Ruby do you actually believe Nora, about them not being together together even I can tell Nora likes Rin a lot" Yang said.

"I actually agree, it's quite obvious Nora is in denial about her feelings still I have no idea how Ren puts up with her" Weiss said.

"Oh come on Weiss Nora not that bad she just energetic that's all" Yang said.

"Your just saying that because you two share the same brain" Weiss said as she looked at the blonde.

"Hey not all of us are as boring as you ice queen" Yang replied.

"Hey!" Weiss said.

Blake merely shook his head "guys it's nothing like that I'm just hanging out with with a friend that's it" Blake said she stood up and was about to leave the room.

"If you say so Blake, just remember to be careful and try to be considerate of Nora and her feelings" Yang said.

Blake sighed but didn't say anything as she merely left the room and closed the door leaving Weiss, Ruby and Yang to themselves.

Ruby turned to look at Yang "you don't think Blake hanging out with Ren will cause a issue right?" the silver eyed girl asked her sister.

"I hope not sis but hey let's hope it goes smoothly unlike Jaune trying to hit on Weiss" Yang said causing Weiss to snort.

Meanwhile with Blake she was outside the hallway and she saw that Ren was already outside waiting for her.

"Oh,Ren I'm sorry did you have to wait for awhile" Blake asked the reserved member of team JNPR.

Ren merely shook his head "not at all, are you ready to go?" Ren asked the cat faunus.

"I am,does the rest of your team knows your heading to town with me?" Blake asked as she and Ren started to walk down the hallway.

"They do" Ren simply said.

"Ok and was Nora ok with you hanging out with me today?" Blake asked.

Ren didn't say anything at first but he said "she seemed ok with it...but I could tell she was disappointed because she wanted to hang out with me today" Ren said.

"Oh I'm...sorry Ren I had no idea" Blake said she didn't mean to cause an issue of Ren and Nora's relationship.

But Ren merely shook his head and gave Blake a small smile.

"Don't be it's not your fault,besides even though Nora and I spend a lot of time together we do have different interests on certain things" Ren said.

"That's true you guys are your own person you can't just force your interests and ideals on the other" Blake said as she thought about what the white fang has become and Adam.

Ren looked at Blake and noticed how lost in thought when she said in her last statement. He wonders if somebody had forced her in something she didn't want to do.

Ren is not the one to pry on people personal struggles. But a part of him did want to ask Blake what was she thinking but he thought better of Blake feels the need to talk about something so personal he will listen. After all Blake was his friend after all.

"You know maybe getting some tea would be helpful for the both of us,it could help us clear our minds" Ren said as he left out a soft chuckle.

"No arguments here" Blake said as she smiled at Ren.

After that it wasn't long until the two students left Beacon and they managed to catch a bullhead to town.

The tea shop was at the food and restaurants sections in Vale. It was looked nice and their wasn't that many people and it also had an area where people can sit outside to chat and do other activities.

Once they went inside Blake and Ren went into the front of the register and the former white fang member turned to look at Ren.

"What kind of tea do you want?" Blake asked.

Blake saw that Ren had a bit of a surprise look on his face.

"Blake you don't have to pay for my tea, I can pay for it myself" Ren calmly said to the cat Faunus.

"True but I'm doing it because I want to, seriously Ren it's no big deal trust me I'm not going to go broke" Blake jokingly said.

Ren didn't say anything at first but then he gave Blake a small smile.

"Ok, you can just order me some green tea" Ren said.

Blake nodded and she went ahead and ordered Ren some green tea and some black tea for herself.

The cashier told Ren and Blake that their tea would be ready in five minutes. Blake said ok and thanked the cashier and her and Ren went ahead and sat in the seating area outside of the tea shop and both of them got their books out.

As they sat down Blake couldn't help but at Ren,he seems so calm and peaceful and thoughtful unlike Adam who was serious rugged and rugged.

Ren reminded Blake so much of her father if Blake was honest if she brought Ren home to Menagire he would get along greatly with her father. That's when Blake felt the heat on her cheeks.

"What am I doing, why am I thinking about bringing Ren home to my dad get it together Blake" Blake thought.

"Blake, are you alright?" Ren asked as he noticed that Blake face was a bit red.

Blake left her thoughts as when Ren had asked her that question.

"Y-yeah I'm fine thanks for asking Ren" Blake nervously said.

"Are you sure your face is a little red" Ren said as as he had a concern look on his face.

"Yeah, I'm fine it's just a little hot that's all" Blake said as she took a deep breath and calmed herself down a bit.

"Ah well it is a bit hot today but if you say your ok then I'll take your word for it" Ren said.

Blake smiled but before she could say anything a worker came out with two jugs of green and black tea.

"Here are your teas" the worker said.

"Thank you" Ren calmly said as he nodded his head.

"Thank you" Blake said.

"Your welcome I hope you guys enjoy your tea" the worker said as he went back into the shop.

"So I guess we should began then with our thoughts" Ren said as he grabbed a jug and began pouring some green tea in his cup.

"Sure so I'm interested to here your thoughts so what did you think about the rough samurai?" Blake asked as she began to pour some of her black tea.

Ren raised his cup blew the steam off his tea to cool it a little bit. The huntsman to be took a sip from his tea and sat the cup down on the table and took a minute to gather his thoughts.

"I like the book I just can't help but appreciate how the samurai does go out of his way to help people even if they are from different lands from his father cruelty" Ren said.

Blake nodded "I did as well I just love that the samurai and his friends despite many of their differences were able to unite together and eventually defeat his father and saving and making not just his land and but the other lands a better place"

Blake then took a sip from her tea "I wonder if we would ever get to a point where we can put our differences aside and treat each other with the same kindness and respect" she said.

"Are you referring to the Faunus and how they are mistreated?" Ren asked causing Blake to widen her eyes a bit.

"Hold on does Ren knows I'm Faunus...he can't can he I mean he was always very observant but he most likely making an example" Blake thought.

Blake calmed herself and looked at Ren "yeah that's one example their just so much corruption and hatred going on I just don't know how I can make a difference" Blake said.

"Well you are taking a that first step Blake" Ren said as he gave Blake a small smile.

"How so?" Blake asked.

"Well you came here to Beacon to be a huntress by helping and protecting the people your showing them no matter how different your race or ideals are, in the end we are all people and that we should work together on making our world a better place like fighting and getting rid of the Grimm" Ren said.

Blake noticed that Ren was voice had an edge when he mentioned the Grimm and she wonders why.

"You know Nora and Ren didn't really talk about themselves too much about their past I wonder did something happen to their families" Blake thought.

"Although I wouldn't call this first step since I basically ran away" Blake thought she then looked at Ren trying not to think about her past.

"You know I didn't peg you as being a idealist Ren" Blake said causing Ren to chuckle.

"I prefer optimistic, I guess I got it from Nora she always want willing to seeing positives in any situation" Ren said.

"I see, is there anything else you want to mention about the book?" Blake asked.

"I think it was also a bit sad you knew how painful it was for the samurai to having to kill his father" Ren said.

"Yeah you despite his father doing those horrible things you could tell he still loves him" Blake said.

Ren nodded in agreement as he went ahead and poured himself another cup of tea.

"Well I guess do you mind if we give our thoughts on the tale of the two princesses now?" Blake asked the reserved beacon student.

"Ah well it's interesting for sure you have the father who was a ruler of a nation and he was getting up their age but he had two daughters" Ren said.

"The older daughter who was wise strong intelligent and independent and sure of herself but she still loved her father and younger sister" Ren said.

"Then we have the younger daughter who wasn't as skilled nor as talented as her older sister but she does make up for it with how hard she works and her kindness had earned her a lot of friends and admirers" Ren said.

"But when the father send the girls out to help certain towns in their nation the older daughter delt with things in a fast matter which lead to infighting among the villagers and while the young daughter managed to band the village together and through their efforts they managed to make the village a better place" Ren said.

He then camly continued "after both of the daughters returned the father chose the youngest daughter to be the next ruler and it was over time the older daughter jealousy and lust for power clouded her judgement and she ended up fighting her younger sister with her younger sister winning in the end and the older sister escaping" Ren said.

Ren then took another sip of his tea "I think that the king made the wrong decision in the end" he calmly said shocking Blake.

"Why did you he think he made a mistake?" Blake asked.

"Because instead of just letting the younger sister be the next ruler he should have made both of them co rulers if that had happened maybe the older sister wouldn't have let her jealousy anger and hatred get the better of her" Ren said as he took another sip from his tea.

"Sometimes we all do need that special person to keep us from falling down a darker path" Ren said.

Those words struck Blake because of what happened with Adam and she noticed how much he changed. She wondered if maybe she could have done more to help him and see the errors of his ways.

"Maybe but Adam he so stubborn I don't think he would be willing to change" Blake thought.

"So what are your thoughts Blake?" Ren asked his friend.

Blake left her thoughts as she pour another cup and took a sip from her tea.

"At first I thought that the father did make the right decision in choosing the younger daughter over the older one but you really showed me a different perspective on what he could have done it's actually refreshing" Blake said as she smiled at Ren.

Ren smiled a bit and nodded back "even if it's fiction some of the lessons and choices the characters have made you can relate it and learn from it so that way you won't be able to make the same mistakes in real life" he said.

Blake smiled "is that why you like you read a lot then?" she asked.

Ren didn't say anything at first as he took a slow breathe before answering.

"Yes but my father use to read a lot when he had some time to himself and he use to read me stories when I was a boy...I guess I gotten my love from reading from him" Ren said.

"I see sounds like your father influenced you a lot" Blake said.

Ren nodded normally he doesn't share that much about his pass but he was starting to slowly open up and trust Blake. Even though he hasn't know Blake for very long Ren feels like he could go with Blake with almost anything just like with Nora.

"Well I think we had enough tea, are you ready to head to the book store?" Blake asked as she smiled at Ren.

"Of course" Ren said as he smiled back.

After that the quite duo grab their books and got up from the table and made their way out of the tea shop.

It didn't take that long for Blake and Ren to reach a bookstore in town it was a large bookstore and it has a couple of people inside.

"Mind if we can go to the drama and dark fantasy section I know it's not your the types of books you read-" Blake said

"It's fine their nothing wrong in trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone lead the way" Ren replied.

Blake nodded as she lead them into the dark drama section and the pair did find some books that did interest them a bit.

One book was called the shinobi raised in darkness and Ren and Blake both told themselves they can start reading it on Monday during their book club meeting.

The pair had spent about a over an hour at the bookstore before they made their exit.

"Blake before we head back do you mind we can grab a bite to eat?" Ren suddenly asked.

"You sure?" Blake asked.

"Positive plus I doubt the others wouldn't be too worried about us and maybe we can start reading shinobi raised in darkness soon" Ren said.

"You bring up a good point do you mind if we can get sushi?" Blake asked.

"Sure also I'm paying for the both of us" Ren said.

Blake started to say something but Ren tapped his finger on Blake's nose.

"I'm not taking no for an answer Blake think of it as a way of me paying you back for the tea" Ren said.

Blake sighed but she smiled at Ren "fine you can pay for us this time".

Ren nodded "I think I did see a sushi place near by shall we go then?" Ren asked.

"After you sir" Blake said after that both Ren and Blake had headed their way into the shusi shop, it only took them a few minutes but Blake and Ren had made their way into the restaurant and to Ren the designs of the restaurant it reminded him of the buildings and places they had in Mistral.

The duo went inside the restaurant and Ren ordered himself some uramaki sushi and Blake ordered some sashimi.

Ren paid for the food and once the worker gotten their orders the two of them sat in the restaurant and ate their food.

Blake was having a good time she came to Beacon to get away from everything to have a fresh start and while Ruby and Yang were great and Weiss...she has a ok relationship so far with her.

She didn't expect to find someone who has a lot of things in common with her and not to mention she didn't expect to find someone she could easily go to for advice.

Ren is humble wise patient and...yes he is handsome Nora was really lucky to have him.

Blake remembers what Yang said and Blake wasn't a fool she knows Nora likes Ren a lot and she doesn't want to get in a way of a possible relationship between them. Her and Ren were just friends and that's it...right?.

Blake didn't let those feelings get to her because once they finished she and Ren had begun to read the shinobi raised in darkness.

The two read the book for about an hour until they both decided that it was time to head back as they both realized it was almost three.

So the duo left the restaurant with their books and they took a bullhead back to beacon and it wasn't long until the two of them were by the front doors of their room.

"Ren you know I had a great time" Blake said as she smiled at Ren.

Ren nodded and smiled as well "I did we should do this again soon just the two of us and also we can bring the others with us to town too"

"Sure I would like that a lot actually" Blake said more of just her and Ren going hanging out together then bringing the rest of their teams.

"I guess we'll see each other until dinner...oh and Blake?" Ren asked.

"Yeah?" Blake asked.

"Remember what I told you earlier at the tea shop you are taking that first step to your dream and you'll get their eventually" Ren said.

"Thank you Ren, that's really sweet of you to say and I think I really needed to hear those words as well" Blake said.

Ren nodded "Ill see you soon Blake" Ren said.

"You too Ren" after that the two of them went inside of their rooms with both realizing they both learned a bit about one another and that their relationship became a lot closer as well.

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