Though all screaming aside, I'm back with another story. So basically Naruto is a Natural prodigy, almost perfect chakra control, very high battle iq though In iq he's not gonna be smarter then shikamaru or something. May be smarter in battle strategies on the spot but he ain't no smarter than shikamaru. He will have a strong sense of duty, he will infact be a Genius of Ninjutsu who would have guessed, he for sure will have a basic understanding of seals atleast for an Uzumaki and he will infact have a bloodline that would be voted by YOU and I mean the readers, don't worry he won't be super duper hyper op at the start. He will receive the bloodline most likely at chunnin exams or later.

Yeah and if you are reading this, be ware to be bored like hell cuz this fanfic has been written by a cringy 14 year old teen who for infact might be obsessed with JoJo's bizzare Adventure and is most likely Gay (that's more chances than you having a girlfriend or boy friend). Oh yes I won't do yaoi or Harem I kinda hate it. :D

Leahshhh begin!

Chapter 1

Today was October 11th, the day after the Kyūbi festival and the Birthday of the infamous Naruto Uzumaki, the infamous trouble maker of Konohagakure. He hadn't gone a prank today as his day was mostly spent on his apartment making sure Some Angry villagers won't attack him today as he really was injured yesterday when being chased by a mob of Angry villagers yesterday.

"Aah it hurts all over my body" he said groaning as he caressed the wound on his shoulder slowly rubbing an ointment that seemed to slowly heal his wound a little faster than before. 'I almost got captured by them yesterday' he said as he slowly exhaled his trapped up air from his lungs 'I want to get into the academy program too, I need to get stronger, aayeme-Neechan said that it was hard to get into the shinobi program, they mostly accept more aspiring children and many clan children from all over konoha' he put a finger up his chin lifting 'Now that makes me wonder how strong these Clan shinobi are? Especially the hyūga and the Uchiha, they must be crazy strong, would I even be a competition for them?' he then took his time to wonder what academy felt like before sighing again and with a determined face 'How ever hard it may be I won't lose to anybody. I am going to start training from now on. To become a Hokage and the strongest Ninja and to protect myself from these Angry villagers. Why are they trying to harm me any way?' he thought to himself before running off to the Nearest Training ground.

A few minutes later

"Ohh, this place is big" said Naruto as the blond arrived at the Nearest training ground being training ground 6.

'what should I train first in?, Maybe Taijutsu? Or physical training?' he thought to himself before quickly doing a few laps around the huge training ground and a reps few physical exercises he knew. Just half an hour later he finished all the reps of the exercises and running and began to wonder to himself about what he could do himself. 'Crap! I should have asked someone or read something about The basics of being a Shinobi. I cannot do anything but physical exercises or Taijutsu without any Knowledge about them' rubbing the back of his head he sat down on the shade of the tree in the middle of the training ground.

Little did he knew there was an old man watching him through a crystalline ball as the man kept watching the child for a few minutes before the child went somewhere.

Hokage Office

'He should be coming here any minute now' thought Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage of the Konohagakure no Sato. Chuckling to himself he felt a strong chakra signature and immediately recognised that '"He" had come.

"Hey jiji can I come in?" he heard Naruto call out from behind the door putting his crystalline ball aside he took his pipe and smoked it.

"Ah, Naruto my boy, come in" said the hokage inhaling the smoke from his pipe, enjoying the flavour he exhaled as the door opened revealing the hyperactive blond Uzumaki.

"Hey JiJi do you think you could help me with Training?, I just started training for the Academy and stuff" said Naruto as the man again inhaled the smoke before puffing it out and chuckling.

"I'd knew you'd ask that, I was kind of expecting you today" the hokage said putting the pipe on his desk as he motioned the still standing Naruto to sit.

"sorry, I couldn't give anything in your birthday but consider this as your birthday present." The old man went to the Nearest bookshelf of his office then another one pulling two scrolls out of each one and then going to his desk , opening the desk and then doing some complicated hand signs before taking a funny looking scrooll from a secret compartment.

"That's cool" Naruto muttered to the Hokage, the hokage put the five scrolls on his desk before, lifting the first one.

"This is the chakra theory scroll, it has complicated chakra theories for all of the Ninjutsu we use from day to day, and also the theories about chakra control and Nature transformation" said the hokage smiling as Naruto Understood all things he said as he was Smart unlike the Reader. The Sandaime then lifted the second scroll and opened it to show the blond some stuff that he cannot explain.

"this is the shuriken jutsu scroll it has the techniques and methods of throwing various shuriken or shuriken and kunai like wepons that us shinobi use. It also has a A-Rank Jutsu called shuriken Shadow clone that multiplies the amount of shuriken you throw" the hokage again said again putting the scroll as again the blond understood what it meant Unlike you as the Sarutobi lifted the third scroll.

"This is the chakra control scroll, it has the basic Academy to Jonnin level Chakra control exercises. Now, be ware about the methods listed in the scroll as they may be life threatening If you skip a step or two. Am I clear?" said the hokage a little harsh at the end but our little blond knew that it was for his own good so he complied to the Hokage's orders. The hokage gracefully put the scroll lifting the final scroll from the funny looking one.

"This is the basic Gennin level Ninjutsu that you will learn at the academy like the clone, substitution, transformation and the Shunshin." The Hokage said as he put the scroll down before lifting the final one.

"Naruto my child, this scroll right here is the special Taijutsu style of your father." The Hokage said as Naruto became a little shocked at the revel " I have a father?" said Naruto with his still shocked face as the hokage chuckled "well you had, and ofcource he loved you, he died at the day of the kyūbi attack. He wanted to give you all his techniques and belongings to you in the future once you became a chunnin or got married. I will eventually tell you more about him in the future." Said the hokage, Naruto got a little surprised but asked another question "why can't you tell me about him now?" questioned the blond, the hokage sighed.

"He was a strong shinobi and had many Shinobi enemies, if they found out about you they might kill you or interrogate or torture you" said the hokage as he gave the boy all of the scrolls he previously explained about.

"Oh, one more thing" the hokage said taking out a paper and writing something on it before folding it and giving it to the boy.

"Give this letter to the kazefumi weapon shop owner, he is a great friend of mine and will give you all the necessary materials to train. I will pay for all of your purchases till you become a Gennin." Naruto smiled taking the letter before getting out of his chair to the door of the office.

"Now all things aside, you should go train" the hokage said to the blond as he thanked the Sandaime for his kindness before going out of the office.

After he exited the room there one one and only thing in his mind 'who ever person my father was, I will be strong and make him proud' he then went to the kazefumi weapon store located in the south-east area of Konoha.

Kazefumi weapon store

"Welcome to Kazefumi weapon store little one what would you like" a man with greyish white hair, brown eyes and wrinkles all over his face somewhat like the Sandaime wearing a standard green haori.

"oh, yeah I am here to buy some Training stuff sir... The Sandaime said to give this to you" the blond siad to the white haired man holding out the letter that Sandaime gave to him, the man took the letter then unfolded it then read it.

Hey, this kid is "his" son, if you know whom I mean by looking at his appearance. He wants to train so I want you to give him all the things and materials he wants for training till he becomes a Gennin. Don't worry I will pay for all the things he had bought.- Sarutobi Hiruzen

'Minato's kid?' thought the shop keeper as he welcomed the Young Shinobi to the shop.

"What is your name kid?, I am Hare kazefumi" said the shopkeeper known as Hare as he introduced him self.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, future hokage" Naruto introduced himself, the man smiled showed the child all of the common shuriken and throwing tools that Ninjas use. "this is the Kunai and shuriken section, I cannot legally sell a child sharp kunai and shuriken but I can sell prop kunai and shuriken used at the academy" the man said holding out a show piece of the blunt weapon, Naruto nodded at the man and took a hold of the Kunai from the man.

"Oh this one's not sharp but might hurt" said Naruto holding the Kunai testing it's sharpness, "yes these are not dangerously sharp but could graze some one seriously if not used properly" Naruto passed the man the Kunai he previously held and then looked behind him and saw more of such weapons. "there are really cool wepons here" said the child with a shiny glint in his eyes observing every single weapon in his sight. "yeah kid, this is the biggest weapon store in all of Konoha" the man said smirking with his chest held high in all his might. "oh then, I'd like a few packs of these kunai, senbon and shuriken along with a right leg holster and an arm senbon carrier" said the blond as the man listened intently as the boy again continued "And I'd like a sharp enable iaito(blunt katana)" Hare brought him all those things before he packed the Kunai and shuriken into the holster and the senbon to the senbon carrier. I have put all of the things into the holster and carrier, oh and don't put too much chakra into the Iaito as it can become sharp overtime due to the chakra rubbing against its balde (sharp enable Iaito can sharper over time if the user channels chakra into them)" Hare then put the Iaito into the sheath and handed it to the blond and helped him put the holster and the carrier in his right leg and left hand.

"Thank you " said the blond as he ran off to the nearest training ground to his apartment being training ground 6.

2 Months Later.

"Its time to get started now" said Naruto as he took out the Kunai from his holster in his right foot and held them each on the craves of two of his finger. Lifting one hand up he threw all of the Kunai hitting 2 out of the four 'I still cannot throw shuriken even after a month of training, my pinky finger is completely irresponsive when I throw (yes this is a condition in many people), it just messes up my aim, I can only throw two like this. Man I need to do something about my pinky finger' he said as he kept his hand at the bottom of his chin. 'meh! I should probably try something other than shuriken jutsu, I haven't even touched the Taijutsu style jiji gave me.' Thought the curious blond as he took out the weird scroll from a small picket in his pant, opening the scroll he went to the shade of the tree before reading it.

The humming bird style is a style that focuses on disabling the opponent's reacion by over powering them in sheer speed, such speed can easily be obtained by using restraintment seals that increase the speed of the user when removed. This can also be implemented using the Shunshin jutsu or The Haraishn jutsu. Like a humming bird one must also have great agility and mobility while attacking the opponent. Like the hyūga gentle fist one needs to send pulses of chakra into the opponent's chakra disabling the tenketsu or chakra , but unlike the gentle fist the usage of kicks must also be present as the human leg is twice as strong as the arm. This can also increase the unpredictability of the user.

After he read the introduction of the style he grasped at a basic understanding of the style, in his mind it was simplified to 'fist, chakra, release, hit, kick, speed' he then practiced the katas a few times before doing them again aiming them at a log pushing chakra through them. Getting the part of releasing chakra muscle memorized he proceeded to practice just the katas on a log till his fists bled out.

The Next day he did the physical exercises, shuriken jutsu practice and Taijutsu practice before something came up in his mind 'I should go and get this restraintment seals that were mentioned in the scroll'

Kazefumi weapon store

"Aah, welcome again kid" said Hare as he welcomed the customer in.

"Thank you said Naruto as he closed the door behind him after entering the shop.

"so, what do you need now?" Hare said getting it of the shop counter and getting next to the blond wannabe Ninja.

"Umm, do you have any restraintment seals?" asked the blond , the shop owner led him to the seals section where there were different arrays of seals whidly used in the shinobi world.

"which one do you want, there are 3 types, torso restrictions and leg restrictions and finally full body restrictions." Naruto wondered for a moment before he made his decision "The full-bodied one please" Naruto said as the man handed him the full body restrictions "let me help you get them on" Hare helped the blond get them on as they were just a couple of leathered bands with sealing on them that will be attached to his arms legs and waist. "say seal activate and then they will be set to the first level out of 16 being 15 kg, 2.5 on each limb and 5kg on the waist. And to release say Seal Kai, it will release. And to increase the level say Seal level." The man said as the blond thanked him and left.

Training ground

"Seal Activate" Naruto said to himself as the seals he put on his body became heavy, Naruto struggled to even walk properly for a few minutes before his body somewhat got used to the added restrictions on his body. After trying his Taijutsu style and it's katas on a log for a few minutes and throwing kunai, shuriken wasn't a problem but senbons were very hard to throw due to the precision and power required to throw them were kind of messed up to the added restrictions.

"I cannot do much physical exercises with these restrictions on my body today" he said to himself as he pulled out the scroll from his pocket.

'Maybe I could read some chakra theories and other stuff' thought Naruto the blond boy, opening the scroll he saw the visual representation of chakra along with the chakra cords and coils where chakra flows and generates.


Chakra is the bond and balance of physical and spiritual energy present in a person. Chakra lies in everything and everyone for non shinobi it's latent for most of their life and for shinoby it's usually unlocked during their time in the Shinobi academy. Technically any one who uses chakra is classified as a Shinobi but even many people who are not Actual shinobi they have chakra.

Chakra is said to have been present in the world from the beginning but the Ríkūdō sennin founded Ninjutsu and spread it across the world in his journeys, thus he was known as the "father of all Ninjutsu" .

When chakra is molded in the correct way Ninjutsu can be done, the hand signs are the helpers in molding chakra. If someone has molded chakra in a specific manner for many times they can mold the chakra as if it were muscle memory and natural for them. The basic hand signs used are USAGI (HARE), TATSU (DRAGON), INU (DOG), I (BOAR), TORI (BIRD), NE (RAT), HITSUJI (RAM), USHI (OX), SARU (MONKEY), UMA (HORSE), TORA (TIGER) and MI (SNAKE). All of these above mentioned Hand signs have a special capability of molding chakra in a specific way to make sure that the jutsu is carried out perfectly and smoothly. The only way of molding chakra aside from hand signs are to make jutsus created with pure chakra like the hyūga clan's gentle fist which focuses on sending concentrated bursts of cahkra into the enemy's body.

Nature manipulation

Nature manipulation is one of the key components of chakra manipulation, it involves the user manipulate a force of Nature, Fire, wind, lighting, earth and water. The specific hand signs used for making certain Nature transform include TORA (TIGER) for fire and earth, TORI (BIRD) for wind, INU (DOG) for lighting and MI (SNAKE) for water. All of the above mentioned Hand signs can perform a jutsu in a complicated way, TORA AND TORI can be used to create a Fire Style: Fire ball jutsu and the INU and MI are used for making a water style: Lighting stream jutsu. Without a boosting hand sign a single hand sign only creates the basic element, like only TORA will make a small flame. Essentially the Elemental Nature or Nature affinity of a person is identified through the use of Chakra induction paper the paper will React in the following ways if the person has the following Nature affinity.

Fire: the paper will ignite and turn to ash.

Wind: the paper will split in two.

Lightning: the paper will wrinkle.

Earth: the paper will turn to dirt and crumble away.

Water: the paper will become wet/damp.

A person may have one, two or in rare cases three Nature affinities they are weak against each other like mentioned below.

Fire (火, Hi) is strong against Wind but weak against Water.

Wind (風, Kaze) is strong against Lightning but weak against Fire.

Lightning (雷, Kaminari) is strong against Earth but weak against Wind.

Earth (土, Tsuchi) is strong against Water but weak against Lightning.

Water (水, Mizu) is strong against Fire but weak against Earth.

After Reading the entire scroll through Naruto got a basic understanding of Nature transformation Naruto got of the shade and looked around before taking a deep breath. 'Theoretically this should work' Naruto thought to himself before memorizing the hand signs for certain Nature transformation before Doing TORA, TORI, and Mi before doing an additional UMA to stabilize the jutsu in his mouth before building up a layer of chakra on his throat o protect him from the violent jutsu. He then built up heat in his mouth and exhaled all of the chakra once and for all. The result was devastating the entire area where Naruto was training was covered in a hot must of violent air that cooked the grass on the ground making it look like a decayed planty mess that was well above 80 and any one who dare to step on the ground will be feeling like they stepped on hot burning coal straight out of a grill. If it wasn't bad enough there was still boiling mist on the air and the ground was still wet with hot water. While the ground was still burning Naruto was left coughing his lungs out in the grass. He got up and smirked and somewhat awed the destruction caused by his prototype of a jutsu. 'Damn, this destruction' Naruto thought rubbing his eyes to see if they were clear and well. ' Am I sick or something, or am I just hallucinating' It took a minute or two for Naruto to stabilize his balls before he re-read the scroll and made an improvement to the jutsu instead of doing TORA, TORI, and Mi before doing an additional UMA to stabilize the jutsu, he should also add an additional Tora in the last to protect his throat from the hot water (p.s the steam is not directly coming out of his mouth, it's coming out as water but once it reaches a few meters of distance it gets vaporized by the fire and broken down by wind into even thinner particles. This Jutsu is B rank at this level but will eventually become A rank after mastering), he then did all of the hand signs again TORA, TORI, Mi, UMA, using TORA to prevent his mouth from burning out and then using SARU to make the chakra Violent after it reaches the lips rather than from the mouth.

Enhaling and exhaling again the result was almost the same if not a little weaker because the water didn't get much time to boil outside than the inside but it was less harmful and thus did little to no damage, Naruto smirked looking at his work before excitedly running to celebrate completely forgetting about the weights he had worn just a few hours ago.

Ichiraku ramen

"Hey old man teuchi, Bring up a miso ramen" said Naruto, entering the Ramen shop sitting in the bench as an aroma of delicious ramen that would make any one droll.

"Oh Naruto, how long has it been. You haven't come to The stall in ages" said teuchi taking up the order of Miso ramen before putting the Ramen on the pot to boil it. Then from the back door came aayeme, a brunette with fair skin and brown hair.

"Oh, I was busy training I want to enter the academy in a year or two" said the blond as Aayeme came to his view.

"You sure look happy today" said Aayeme as she came up to the stall resting her chin in her hands with her elbows supporting the chin. Naruto loosed at her smiling as he said "well yeah I trained a lot today and also made a cool new jutsu too.. it's like woosh boom and like super hot and like fizzzz " said The hyperactive blond making weird sounds and hand motions as the lady sweat dropped at the last part.

"One miso ramen coming right up" teuchi interrupted the conversation of them both bringing the blonde a bowl of Miso ramen.

"Itadakimasu" The Blond Uzumaki cried out splitting the chop stick into two and holding them in his right hand before slurping the Ramen right down his almost burnt throat, savouring the flavour and lastly drinking the broth in one smooth motion. Several Bowls of Ramen passed by and The Uzumaki with the Never ending stomach of a black hole finally decided to be full. Naruto thanked the Father Daughter Duo, leaving the restaurant with a full stomach.

"Aah, the ramen was good today." The Uzumaki then proceeded to rub his Ramen full tummy before looking west, the sun was almost set. He wondered to himself about where he should go to next? But decided to go to his apartment to get some sleep. He was Tired to the core today and just wanted some sleep, he was just starting to get used to the weights but was still tired. He used chakra on his legs to become faster and get to his apartment quickly.

Closing the door behind him he went to his bed and lied down to sleep ready for the Next day.