AN: So, for your information, Seki does talk in this. I'm not sure if he talks or not in canon, but I can't write a romance entirely without dialogue. This oneshot is an expansion on their canon reunion.

It was a shock to see Seki-kun, the epitome of an irresponsible time-killing boy in middle school, show up to the reunion in the shell of a grown-man. She would be lying to herself if she claimed she never thought of Seki kun since Middle School. It was impossible to go through a boring lecture without wondering what sort of shenanigans Seki would have been getting into. Even during interesting lectures, Yokoi would think absently about how great it was that Seki wasn't there to distract her.

It was a shock, however, that after so many years, she still couldn't help how her gaze was drawn to him. If she was a poet rather than a preschool teacher, she might have compared it to a moth's attraction to a flame, well maybe not attraction, he was Seki-kun after all, underneath his manly, composed appearance. Watching him was simply a bad habit, an addiction that even time couldn't take away. It didn't mean anything.

Despite this assessment, the fact remained that during dinner she couldn't help but glance over periodically, avoiding his notice each time. He didn't seem to have the same problem she did, it appeared. As the waiter finally came by with the drinks however, she was proved wrong. They had ordered the same drink and when the waiter asked who had the lemon sour they both responded at the same time. His gaze snapped to hers at her words, and her cheeks warmed. He smirked a bit as he accepted his drink and paper wrapped straw. Still smirking, he removed the wrapper and did something out of view before the wrapper vanished. Anyone one else she would have suspected of littering on the floor, not Seki. He had done something! The smirk on his face as his gaze flicked her way confirmed it. Unable to resist her curiosity, Yokoi ducked under the table under the guise of dropping something. There, dangling from the edge of the table was a chain little paper men. Paper chains was no way for a grown man to behave! What if the someone spotted it? Holding the small basket she had "dropped" Yokoi snagged the paper men, intent on hiding them.

A hand on her wrist stopped her, and her cheeks burned as Seki looked down at her, his pleased grin defeating her glare. He nodded his head subtly towards the hallway, before announcing to the table. "Excuse me, I need to make a quick phone call, I'll just be a minute."

Yokoi deliberated for just a few seconds before making an excuse of needing to freshen up in the ladies' room and following him out. She met up with him just outside the door.

He reached into his pocket when he saw her, a smirk on his face. "I thought I might need these tonight for a bit of incentive." Seki pulled his hand out and revealed the robot family in their entirety.

Yokoi couldn't hold back her gasp. "You brought them to a bar? Robot Jr. is far to young to be in such an environment!"

Seki chuckled. "I brought them to a middle school reunion to greet their biggest fan again."

Yokoi blushed. "You act like I'm the kid in the situation, but we both know you're the one playing with papermen in a bar."

He quirked his lips at her, and she tried to ignore the butterflies they inspired. It was truly unfair how handsome he had grown up to be. "I like to keep busy. I also like to get your attention."

"Well, you have it. What do you intend to do with it?" Yokoi crossed her arms, feigning confidence.

"I have a deal for you. I lend you Robot Jr. so you can make sure he stays out of trouble, and you give me your phone number so that we can make a date for Robot Jr.'s parents to pick him up from your sleepover." Seki quirked an eyebrow at her, like he was laughing at her, but not in a bad way. "The catchup packet says you're a preschool teacher. I'd say you're qualified to babysit."

Yokoi couldn't keep herself from grinning in return. "This date you want to set up, would it be a normal date?"

"Never," Seki replied in an offended tone, "but, I'll make it worth your while."

There were the butterflies again. "How could I say no?"

Seki beamed and handed her Robot Jr. tenderly, his fingers lingering on hers long enough for sparks to fly up her arm. "We could always cut and go now you know."

She gasped. "Not a chance!"

Seki chuckled. "Didn't think so."