I had this crazy idea floating around the crazy place called my imagination.

The voice 'speaking'

Jack 'thinking'

In a small desert town called Jasper, a normal small town in America on the road to L.A, all that's in the town is three schools, some store's, a fast food drive-in called KO burger drive-in where our story starts.

Jack's pov

A teen with a gray shirt and a paper hat on, under that but hair as black as night, with deep stormy blue eyes 'Sometimes I hate this job' I thought to myself as I worked in small burger with yellow almost white sun dye walls with a red roof called a KO burgers drive-in 'but a mission is a mission' i thought 'the only good thing about this i get to stay with mom which i haven't seen her in a while and i'm close to the desert so my friend will be happy.

"Welcome to KO drive-in where every patty's a knockout, may I take your order?" I said maybe for the millionth time.

"Yea, two super combos with extra fries." The customer ordered.

"Okay dos numero twos anything else?" I replied 'wait for it.' I thought as I got the order ready.

"Yeah some advice, how do I get an awesome job like your's?" You could hear some laughing in the background through the inter-com.

'I can kill him, please the world wouldn't miss him and his blood would be well worth it.' a voice said in the back of my head, my friend always feels like a desert, dry and harsh but in a way beautiful and protective. The desert always protects its secrets and sometimes he's as cold as gobi.

'Trust me my friend, I would let you if I could, but unfortunately I can't let you.' i replied

'But he's such a jerk.' the voice said

'How about you use the sand to clog up his engine, at some point.' i replied 'if his car flaps it's not my fault.'

'Yeah sure that will work.' The voice agreed reluctantly that all of that was in seconds but i replied "So that's we're not as funny as we think we are combos with a side of bite me Vince."

He stopped laughing "What did you say?" Questioned Vince.

"$5.59 sir at the window." I put the food on the window and stopped Vince from taking the food without paying for it. 'It would be bad if his food was poisoned.' a voice said

'You read my mind.' I thought back, "Thank you, have a good day sir." 'have a nice stomach ache.' the voice said, I was biting my tongue at this point to avoid any unnecessary accidents. 'don't kill him, don't kill.' I thought to myself.

Hours later

Just as I walked out of work my phone started ringing him "Hey mom, yeah I just got off. No, I'm not going to dance as experience tells me I should never cut a rug besides me and shu can't dance to save our lives." i said as I passed a motorcycle 'this may not make sense but I feel a lot of negative emotions coming off that motorcycle'. The voice said "I love you. Yeah I love you too mom got to run bye.."i hung Hello beautiful where have you been all my life." I said to myself as I got a feel of the bike as he took notice of the two purple cars going by and got a bad feeling about something, 'the negative emotion just got worse.' The voice said 'I've got a bad feeling about this. Can I count on you to help, my friend.' I asked 'of course.' my friend said and of course my instincts were right and started chasing after Arcee and i Managed to get on.

The motorcycle said. "Scrap." Before the motorcycle started moving on its own.

"Wow!" I yelled and exclaimed, me and my friend never went this fast.

The motorcycle barely got past the two purple cars. It had gone down the road a little bit when it said "Do not let go." The motorcycle said.

"No really, like the thought ever crossed my mind ?" I asked. 'Hmm I guess you were right, my friend.'

'Of course I'm right, like there was any doubt.' the voice said

'Plus it sounds like a girl, better not let Sensei find out.' I thought.

'Seems like it.' the voice said 'six o'clock.' The purple cars caught up to them when the motorcycle pressed on the brakes pulling backwards and causing the cars to crash into each other. The motorcycle drove down the road while the two cars regained control.

Me and the motorcycle went into an alleyway to try and lose the purple guys.

"What are you?" sounding totally cool since i was having a time of his life, but i had an idea one me and my friend would like.

The motorcycle said. "I do not exist, tell anyone about me and I will hunt you down."

'Yeah right like that would ever happen.' i though

'Maybe you can show her what a shinobi can do.' the voice said

'Agreed shu, this should be fun.' I replied, as she drove away "I have a better idea." I ran up a wall when one car drove by the second 'mind trying some new blood, my friend.'

'Sure might be worth it.' Shu said, A sand wall was as thick as I was wide, which was about 38 inches thick that trapped the second car. The car tried to ram the wall but it would move an inch.

"I warn you now, leave now and never return" but the car wouldn't listen and continued ramming the sand wall "as you wish, you have sealed your fate, Sand coffin." I said the sand wall started wrapping around the car "sand burial." The sand started to crush the car.

'Bluh that blood is disgusting, it's not human blood, it tastes more like energy.' shu said

'You mean there was no human in there.' i asked in shocked

'Yeah, maybe there is more to this mission than what kazekage thought.' shu said

'Let's find out' I said as I ran down the wall, when I got down the first car came around the corner "oh great." i said

'Yeah and he's not happy, run!' Shu yelled the last part and I did just that and as fast as I could go but with my sand armor on that wasn't very fast.

"Hop on!" the motorcycle said, coming up against me.

At this point they were getting tired of chasing after us and pulled out their guns but the troop's aim wasn't worth crap. All of them missed us but some were going close to the people around us. I duck my head as close as I could as we got on the highway.

"Why are those guys shooting at us?" I said with my voice started to sound worried

"There's no us kid, and there are no guys." the motorcycle said

'Boy she's nice, can't she see we are with her.' shu said

I Looked back down the highway and I found a yellow and black urbana 500 Chevrolet camaro join in the chased

'I had a good feeling about him.' Shu said 'watch him, he's got something planned.'

I was laughing a little when he rammed into the two drones and spun them out. "Friend of yours." i asked

"Family." the motorcycle said

'Maybe she does have a soft spot.' Shu said, Okay I was having a little too much fun with this. The two cars caught up with the camaro and made him spin out as we were coming up to a dead end part of the road that was not finished. We jumped the cement blocks and landed on the slanted hill going down to the storm drainage.

"Whoa." I looked up and a kid was there.

"You have no idea." I got off the motorcycle and when the cars showed up they did something I did not expect. The cars transformed and were equipped with blasters right in front of us. We got out of the way when the motorcycle transformed too and I was right it was a girl not only that but there was going to be a fight.

"This ends here cons." and like before they could not aim a worth of crap since she was fast just like me when I'm running without the sand armor, she jumped and landed on one before kicking them in the face as the other one tried to shoot her but was too slow.

"What are they?" I heard the kid ask, I think his name is raf but till i found out i'll tell him the kid. he is a young teen named raf he has brown spiky hair with red glasses in a yellow and orange shirt in blue jeans sitting next to me.

"Big metal robots that transform into cars." Was my simple reply.

The girl was putting up a good one vs two against the two drones with punches and kicks, I think I heard her say "This... is... for... Cliff..."

'She is too mad to fight.' Shu said, The drone got their second wind at this point and started shooting her again. she started flipping back but this time one shot had hit her 'see what i mean.'

The girl got up and was hurt but by the looks of it I think she was mad more than hurt.

The yellow guy took a step back and stepped on the kid's toy car by accident and looked down as the yellow guy started buzzing.

The kid said. "No problem really." In reassurance.

The next thing you know the yellow guy took a shot from the drones. It sounded like it hurt the yellow guy as he was laying on the ground with the drone pointing it's gun at his chest.

The kid said "Leave him alone," he yelled as he went through some hand signs "phoenix- fireball jutsu !" throwing some fire balls at the purple drones.

'Oh this is going to be fun.' Shu said "Kid, let's show these off-worlders, what we can really do, agree?" I asked, "Can you do any other katon jutsu?"

"Yeah." he said, "I know some of my family's katon jutsu."

"Perfect, let's go to work." i went through a set of hand signs 'shu you ready .' i asked

'You know it, young anubis.' Shu said "sand shuriken." I sent some sand blasts with another force to send one back some feet. I went through another set of hand sighs "air bullets." sending the other one back the same feet.

The kid followed up with a great fire-ball and some more phoenix- fireball jutsu which gave me a great idea "can you do that again, you just gave me an idea." The kid shook his head in agreement

"keton: Great fireball/ Futon Great Breakthrough." me and the kid at the con's back with fireball being increased by the air blast, sending the purple con sending flying back some feet but when they got back up they were badly burned when they got up they shot at raf they hit but it my sand shield turning it to glass but it was enough to protect him but he was hurt from the glass, i used a sand shunshin in front of everyone "big mistake." me and shu said at the same time we both agree when it comes to hurting kids, everyone that does, they don't walk away, the last slowly, I went to a series of hand sighs "Giant sand tsunami." a ton of sand started coming out the desert and trapped the purple con "giant sand burial." and the sand crushing anything it touches when it was done i turned to the kid "name, rank and village?" i simply asked

The kid stood up straight, "Rafael Jorge Esquivel Uchiha, Genin and Konoha sir." Raf said, "How are you?"

"Sabaku no jackal, chunin and suna." I replied

"What as in Sabaku no gaara the Sunagakure." raf asked

"Oh You mean jij-san." i replied "yeah he's my grandpa come on, we need to head back to town."

"Wait, that means you have..." raf started

I interrupted, "Yes, Raf, me and Shu are partners and good friends."

The next day

I walked out of school passing some transfer girl that came from Japan, I went down to the parking lot looking around for Raf and I found him under a tree waving me over.

"Hey Raf let's just keep what happened yesterday between us okay." I said since I had a mission to compete and i didnt want anyone to get hurt.

We heard some beeping in the background as if it was a car's horn "Hey Jack look." Raf said.

"Oh great, not now." I said as I really didn't want to deal with them at this moment the yellow bot pulled up and open the door "He wants us to get in." I said.

"Not just me." Raf corrected.

"How do you know that?" I asked with my expression being one of curiosity.

"You have your tricks and I have mine." Raf said knowing what we were talking about "Yours is over there." Raf then said pointing to the blue motorcycle that I immediately knew who it was.

I walked into the alleyway, when the motorcycle followed me a sand wall stopped her from going any further down the alleyway "what do you want." I said on top of the roof the motorcycle transformed into a beautiful kunoichi.

'Do you think we can trust her.' shu asking

'Maybe only time will tell.' i replied

"Relax kid, I just want to talk to you." The motorcycle said inching a little bit closer.

"What do you want this time? Are you here to try and hide some more?" I asked as I jumped off the roof only for the sand to catch me.

"Kid, there's a lot you don't understand." said the kunoichi.

"Try me, you're a race of aliens fighting in a war for who knows how long that i can understand earthlings go from one war to other like candy, but what I don't get is why you lost your temper i get it you lost a friend i understand that i truly do i lost my uncle last summer and my dad three years before, but you are a warrior you should've known better, a person temper is a powerful tool and terrible weakness, and if those purple guys come back you don't have to worry my protection i can handle myself just fine."

The kunoichi was visibly getting tired of my dressing down. "Look Jackal was it, your personal safety is exactly why Optimus prime has requested your presence." The blue girl said as she was crouched to try and hide her full size from any more humans finding her.

"Who's Optimus and what's a prime?" I asked "is he your kage

"You may be different but you are still in danger because you are one of the few to have ever seen us." She said as she was still trying to get me to go with her.

'Young anubis you have a young Bunny behind you.' shu said

'Oh great.' i replied

"Dude what you are waiting for, go with." someone said from behind us.

We both turned around and saw a Asian girl peeking around a corner and with a single word from the blue girl said "scrap/crap." we both said

'Oh this is going to be fun.' Shu said sarcastically.

Time ship, On our way out of jasper.

"Woohoo!" screamed the Asian girl from behind me.

"Can I please kill her or at least shut her up." Shu said, holding his ear's that's almost a good idea.' i replied

"Why exactly are we taking her?" I asked with a bit of annoyance in my voice.

"Rules." Was all kunoichi said not sounding happy about having to take her as well We drove to some mountains and it look like we were going to crash right into them.

I yelled "whoa." i thought 'if you die, i'm going to kill her.' Shu said, we were going to crash but a door opened up to reveal a road going inside it.

All around us was an old missile solo with computers in one area. Me and miko said "whoa."

Raf said."cool." as he was behind Jack and Miko inside Bee's alt mode.

Their were bots two were the kunoichi and the yellow bot, the other two was a bot that was a red and white and from the looks of him he is the teams medical officer and scientist over by the computers , up next was a green bot walking forward and he was biggest of the four he looked like the heavy hitter of the team.

'What do you think shu' i asked

'Think you can trust them, their warriors and good at heart, the girl's been hurt at heart, the yellow bots is the youngest but has seen war he also can not speak, the med bot is the oldest and has the most experience, has lost lost a lot friends over the war and the last one is the heavy hitter but has a kind heart for his friends, look behind me the heart and brain of the team is coming, he's very power and noble.' shu said

Everyone was talking but i tooned them out til i heard some big foot steps come from behind us so we turned around and one of the biggest bot I have ever seen was right in front of us, if i had to guess that' s the bot called Optimus prime

"We are autonomous robotic organism from the planet Cybertron also know as Autobots my name is Optimus prime leader of the Autobots." pointing a finger to the yellow bot "This is Bumblebee our scout."Optimus said

The yellow bot started buzzing with Raf translating for Miko "hi, hey thanks for the save and how did you two do that back at the drainage ditch?"

"Later." me and raf said

"This is bulkhead our wrecker and Ratchet our medical expert." Optimus said, pointing to both of them

I stepped forward and asked "Why are you here?" I asked, a little worried for what his response might be.

"To protect your world from the Decepticons, this is Arcee my second in command." Optimus prime said, pointing to the kunoichi "this is my second in command designation arcee." was leaning against a wall.

"The jokers who tried to bump us off last night." Arcee said so now I know what they were called.

"Oh okay, you mean the guys we were fighting last. Also why are they here?" I asked.

Optimus knelled to get a better look at us and said "That's a fair question Jackal in part they are here because our planet is uninhabitable ravaged by centuries of civil war."

"Why were you fighting a war?" Raf asked.

"For most over control of our world supply of energon fuel and lifeblood of Autobots and Decepticons alike. The combat was fierce and endured for centuries. In the beginning I fought alongside one who I considered a brother but in war ideals can become corrupted and thus Megatron lost his way." Optimus said.

"Aw, was there going to be a quiz?" Miko said very rudely.

"Ok well, What does Megatron or any of this have to do with us?" I asked.

"Megatron hasn't been seen or heard of in a long time. But if his return is imminent as I fear it could be catastrophic and now that you know of our existence, I fear the Decepticons know yours." Optimus said.

'Great another group of people after us.' shu said

'Yeah at least this time we have the upper hand.' i replied "Got it. If we spot any strange vehicles, call 911, can we go now." I said as I really just want to go home and report all that I found.

"Are you insane!" Miko shouted. "I'm living here in bot-swana and I will not allow you or anyone else to shatter it." Miko said, pointing her finger at me "and what kind of name is jackal.

"Just call me Jack, naming the sons after an animal is a family tradition." I replied

'Besides what's wrong with being named after an animal.' Shu said

"For the time being it is best that you three remain under our watch at least until we can determine our enemy's intention." Optimus said.

"Optimus with all due respect, the human children are in as much danger here as they are anywhere." Ratchet said.

"Children." I said it was an offense to me since I know I am older than a child in Human terms.

'Besides it's my job to protect him.' shu said taking offence to that statement

"They have no protective shell. If they get underfoot they'll go squish." Ratchet stated as he put his foot down to emphasize his point.

Optimus putting his hand on his hips, Optimus simply said to his medical officer. "Then for the time being Ratchet, we must watch where we step." A long sound of blaring much like an alarm going off and a screen flashing bright green.

"What's that?" I asked, covering my ears.

Bumblebee beeping and Raf translated for us "proximity sensor someone's up top."

"It's agent Fowler... again." Ratchet said with annoyance.

"I thought we were the only human who knows about you guys" i asked

'Get it too shut up, before I make it.' shu said, i though a sand shurkin at the alarm

"Ah that hurt, what's going on."

Optimus looked at and Jack answered. "Special agent Fowler is our designated liaison to the outside world. As he tends to only visit only when there are issues. It may not be best if you meet him at this time."

Looking at each other, Raf, Miko and I made our way behind a staircase. We didn't have to wait long for agent Fowler to come out of the elevator. He was a large African American man with short hair wearing a grey suit, white undershirt and black with white striped tie "Seven wrecks, thirty-four fender benders, a three hour traffic jam, and on a particular note numerous reports of a speeding motorcycle of unknown make and a black and yellow muscle car." Fowler walked up towards the railing "So anything to get off your tin chest, prime?"

"They're back, aren't they?" Fowler asked with a hard look in his eyes.

"If you are referring to the Decepticons I hardly believe they would ever leave your planet as it's too valuable." Optimus stated.

"Then it's time to wake up the Pentagon." Fowler replied.

Hoping to deter him from his choice, Optimus said "Hear me agent Fowler. We are your best, possibly your only defense against the Decepticon threat."

"Says you." Fowler challenges "their five nation's of ninja's looking into this"

"Hey fleshy did anyone get hurt on that freeway? Team prime knows when to use force and much to use." Bulkhead retorted back, tearing off a claw-like device and crushing it.

"BULKHEAD I NEED THAT!" Ratchet yelled

"Enough." Optimus boomed "Military involvement will only result in catastrophe. Perhaps you can condone widespread human casualties, Agent Fowler but I however can not."

"Then do us both a favor and handle it under the radar." as agent Fowler got into the elevator he turn around and said "or I will." The elevator door closed and Bulkhead walked up and said "Pretty-big ball-bearing... For a human."

"Agent Fowler is only concerned for his world Bulkhead as he should be." Optimus said, the bots started talking but i turned to miko and raf, "name, rank and village?"

"You first." miko replied looking serious, Me and raf repeated what we said either "miko nakadai, Genin and land of spring, wait you mean have the first tail beast trap in your gut."

'I'm not trap stupid you girl, i can come and go as a please!' shu yelled

I rubbed my ear. "If you mean shukaku then yes and he doesn't like when someone says he is trapped, in fact he has a few words for you." I said planeting my hand on the ground, "bijuu partial release." sand started coming from desert forming into a sand raccoon with blue stripes and and yellows

I'm not a trapped beast, me and Jackal are partners. I am free to come and as I please, if I was to be fully released young jackal would die and I would destroy everything in sight. think before you speak girl." shu yelled

"What is that thing?" bulkhead yelled

"I am not a thing!" Shu yelled, "My name is Shukaku no Sabaku."

"Ok shu we get it your point my friend , ill you play later promise." I said , starting to rub my stomach "can you please come back in, please." shu silently agree and returned back into sand

The end

Tell me if you all want more or this story will stay a one-shot just thinking to get off my mind.

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