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In more positive news, Sevens is almost here in the west! And I'm really happy that the dub keeps the VAs from the Rush Duel video game. Can't wait to see how the dub plays out.

One thing I am going to proceed to bring up really quickly, my good friend Muk left a review and he asked why it was I had changed "Sevens Road" to "Seventh Road". Honestly, I was thinking that was what the name would get changed to in the dub for the anime and the card. Was wrong, but I still think, for a hypothetical alternate universe version, "Seventh Road" just works a bit better. Also, Yuga having the catchphrase of 'Jackpot' relates to the seven motif as well. Thought it would be fitting.

With that, it's time to get this chapter going. Everyone, let's get ready for the rush!

Disclaimers: Yu-Gi-Oh belongs to Shounen Jump, Yuya Takahashi, etc.

"Uh… guys?" Romin soon spoke up, making Yuga, Luke, and Gakuto all turn to her as she got her phone out, "It's not just us…"

The three guys looked over her phone, seeing it was on Chirper, and then gasped upon seeing people all over the city posting information and questions about the sudden transformation of Duel Disks to the seven shape.

"Oh no…" Luke paled.

"It's all over town…" Gakuto added.

All Yuga could do was nervously laugh a bit at this happening. He glanced up to see the mysterious man was now long gone, and the drone nearby was still inoperable. Luke then quickly kicked the drone away, making it clatter some distance.

"We should probably leave before any of those goons come to look!" Luke yelled, starting to run first.

Yuga, Romin, and Gakuto all realized he had a point and quickly followed after Luke.

Once the four were all some distance away from the building and into a park, they all took a bit to catch their breaths from the hurry they all had.

"What happened in there… stays in there…" Luke told the trio.

Gakuto just gave a small nod, while Romin was still catching her breath. Yuga, however, was silent and leaning against a tree. Without another word, Luke walked off and left the three there.

"Yuga? You ok?" Romin soon asked.

Yuga didn't end up responding, making her get a bit closer. He was certainly alright, but a bit more winded than the rest of them.

"Well… now that we're done with this… I think we should prioritize getting home…" Gakuto figured.

"Leave that to me," Romin assured the two.

On Our Seventh Road

Chapter 002: The Kid Powered by Dragons

The three were now in a limo, being driven by an old butler. He looked to be about in his 40s or 50s, in the sort of stereotypical outfit you'd see on a butler in fiction.

"Thanks for your help, Kaizo," Romin spoke.

"Anytime you need assistance, milady, I shall oblige," the butler, Kaizo, responded.

"It pays to have rich families sometimes," Romin stated simply.

Gakuto gave a small roll of his eyes, not that Romin seemed to notice, and he leaned back into the seat. The two then glanced over to Yuga, who's eyes were closed at the moment. Romin leaned in a bit closer to him, then blinked a little.

"He fell asleep?" Romin spoke in surprise.

"Looks like it…" Gakuto exhaled.

"Well… uh…?" Romin started to speak.

"I know where he lives, so I can get him home. Not sure if his folks will be there, but we'll see…"

Romin just gave a silent nod and sat down, though she occasionally glanced over at Yuga as he slept peacefully.

Luke was soon back home and laying in his bed as he stared at the contents of his deck. His eyes soon wandered over to another deck box that was on his desk. He then glanced over to some packaging that wasn't in the trash, which was of two different structure decks. The first one appeared to be focused around Dark monsters and was clearly a lot older than the other.

'The deck that I thought would let me beat sis. I did beat others, but her? Nope…' Luke thought.

"Now, we discard our hands and draw until we have five cards!" Luke shouted boldly as he discarded his hand.

"I activate my Trap Card, Shadow Imprisoning Mirror!" Luke's sister yelled, the card flipping face up, "All the effects of your Dark monsters can no longer activate!"

'Why her structure deck came with that card when it had Dark monsters as well… heck if I know. …yet, mine didn't have Light Imprisoning Mirror…' Luke thought with an irritated look on his face.

With a heavy look on his face, Luke took the damage and his life points dropped to zero.

"Watch out, sis. When you try a Rush Duel, you won't know what's coming…" Luke said to nobody but himself.

Romin soon watched as Gakuto carried the sleeping Yuga back into his home. Romin quickly snapped a few photos of the address and where the house was, then got her phone tucked away as Gakuto returned to the limo so he could be brought home as well.

The next day had arrived and it was a calm and peaceful morning at the school. Romin sat down and dusted off her desk a little bit before she saw someone walk over to her and smiled upon seeing it was Yuga.

"Hi Romin," Yuga greeted.

"Oh. Hi," she responded as Yuga sat next to her.

"Thanks for helping me get home last night. …the running around made me more tired than I thought I was…" Yuga explained.

"Don't worry about it," Romin assured him quickly, "You alright after that?"

"Yup. Good night of rest really helped," he smiled.

Classes kept on going and, as Yuga observed some of his classmates, he could see that they were all still confused about the changes to their Duel Disks. By the time lunch and recess break rolled around, people were sitting around the cafeteria and talking about it.

"I sent a message to the Goha Corp, and they didn't respond," one student informed.

"I hope I don't need to get this dumb thing replaced. I don't even duel, I just need it for the ID system…" another added.

Yuga simply smiled as he took a few steps forward and was about to say something… only for Luke to run over and drag him back.

"What was that for?!" Yuga nearly yelled, only for Luke to move him lower and out of sight.

"You were about to say you made Rush Duels, weren't you?" Luke asked in an annoyed whisper.

"Well… yeah."

"You idiot! Did you not hear me say that what happened at the building stays at that building?!"

"...I was half asleep at the time, so no…" Yuga admitted.

Luke just stared a bit, then got a serious look, "Those Goha Goons are probably looking for the source of the problem! Who knows what'll happen to you if you admit to it! It is in your best interest to lay low and maybe not even duel!"

"Luke… what sway do you have over me?" Yuga questioned.


"None. We've known each-other about… a day now. You don't really have anything to influence me…"

"Are you not worried about your Duel Disk being shut down?!"

Yuga got out of Luke's grip and took a few steps away, while Luke just glared at the partial blonde a bit.

"Why don't you settle it with your cards?" Romin sarcastically suggested to the two.

Both turned to see that Romin was nearby them and had been watching their little exchange. The two turned towards each-other, then turned towards the exit to the playground.

"I was kidding!" Romin added on.

By then, it was too late. Both boys were hurrying out of the classroom now that they had their break period and headed outside. All Romin was able to do was sigh, then follow after the two of them.

Yuga and Luke soon stood out at the playground of the school and glanced at each-other. Several other students had gathered around to watch the duel between the two.

"Let me make one thing clear here! If you two go over our break limit, you're both in detention! Got it?!" Gakuto yelled.

"Got it," both nodded.

Romin soon walked over to Gakuto's side and gave a confused look.

"There's probably no stopping them, so we should just let them get it out of their systems…" Gakuto quickly spoke.

"I'm so sorry. I just suggested it as a joke…" Romin apologized.

"Let's go, Rush Duel!" Yuga and Luke yelled.

(Yuga: 4000; Luke: 4000)

"I draw!" Yuga announced, proceeding to draw for turn. He looked over his opening hand to see Dark Sorcerer, Hydro Magician, Cure Shot, Piercing!, and his drawn card was Shining Shaman, "...I don't know what Luke uses… better play it safe…"

Romin and Gakuto both watched the two before Yuga made his play.

"I shall normal summon Dark Sorcerer into defense!" Yuga declared, proceeding to summon said card.

(Dark Sorcerer; Lvl: 4; ATK: 1500; DEF: 0)

"I'll set two cards face down. Turn end," Yuga announced, setting Piercing!, and Cure Shot onto the field.

"Alright! My turn, I draw!" Luke shouted as he drew for turn and then saw his opening hand. It consisted of one Spell Card that he drew for turn, one effect monster, and three copies of Disjerky Dragon, '...I bricked.'

Luke shakily exhaled a little as he looked over the contents of his hand again before he gave off a confident grin.

"What are you smiling about?" Yuga asked.

"You're about to find out! I activate… Painful Choice!" Luke yelled, causing the card to appear on the field.

"Isn't that card forbidden?!" a spectator yelled in confusion.

"Limited to one as of the most recent banlist," another person responded, "It had an errata that limited its effectiveness."

"I'll reveal five cards from my deck, and you choose one to add to my hand!" Luke quickly explained, proceeding to then pull out the contents of his deck to select the five cards, then he held them up with his other hand.

'Two copies of Assault Wyvern, two copies of Axe Dragonute, and Dragon Encounter…' Yuga thought, seeing the five cards via projections, "Give me a moment to read their effects and think."

"Go right ahead. Certainly a painful decision…" Luke remarked.

"Boo~~!" Romin shouted.

"That was a terrible joke!" Gakuto added.

'Assault Wyvern can special summon another Dragon monster after it destroys a monster in battle, so long as the dragon is in Luke's hand. Axe Dragonute is powerful, but it goes into defense after it attacks a monster. …he chose two Lights and two Darks, which means he might have something that synergizes with those. …no, focus. Okay, Dragon Encounter… he gets to special summon a Dragon monster if I normal or special summon anything… wait…'

"Question about the Trap Card you made an option. Is this for any Dragon monster?"

"No level requirement!"

Yuga nervously exhaled, then took a shaky breath, "Take the Trap Card."

Luke gave off a smile as he added Dragon Encounter to his hand, then sent the remaining four cards to his Graveyard, "As part of Painful Choice's effect, I can only summon a single monster this turn. And I have a perfect friend to do so."

All Yuga could do was blink a bit as Luke made his play.

"I'll set one monster face down, and I'll set one card that could be literally anything," Luke announced as he set both cards onto the field, "And end my turn."

Yuga gave a quiet nod in response as the now growing crowd looked over the action.

"Well… that card can be anything…" Romin observed.

"'I'll set a card that could be literally anything' is usually code for 'it's a card you know I have in my hand'," Gakuto explained, "Probably means it's the Trap Card he added with Painful Choice."

"My turn. Draw!" Yuga announced, proceeding to draw Spell Archer, another copy of Cure Shot, and Recovery Force, "I shall start my turn by setting one card facedown."

"That's fine," Luke stated.

With that, Yuga glanced at the field and then towards his hand as he thought about his next action.

'He set a monster card facedown. Probably means it's got a flip effect. …do I risk summoning Shining Shaman and Hydro Magician to go for a powerful attack? Do I just summon Spell Archer?' Yuga thought as he looked at his hand for a moment, then took a moment to calmly exhale, 'Not worth the risk.'

"I shall switch Dark Sorcerer into attack, and then activate my set card, Piercing!" Yuga announced, going through the motions, "This turn, I can inflict piercing battle damage!"

"Piercing…?" Romin asked.

"If the attack is successful, then Luke will take damage equal to the difference between Dark Sorcerer's attack and his set monster's defense, on the assumption that the defense stat is lower," Gakuto quickly explained.

"Battle!" Yuga announced, "Dark Sorcerer, attack his set monster!"

With that, his monster charged forward and struck through the card that Luke had set.

"You've fallen for it! Go Morphing Jar!" Luke yelled, with the card flipping face up and the jar monster simply grinning before it exploded.

(Morphing Jar; Lvl: 2; ATK: 700; DEF: 600)

(Luke: 4000-3100)

"Now, we discard our hands and draw until we have five cards!" Luke happily proclaimed.

Yuga nervously exhaled as he discarded Hydro Magician, Shining Shaman, Spell Archer, and Recovery Force. He then proceeded to draw Dark Liberation, Child of Wind, Cyc, Defense Draw, Seventh Road Illusionist, and Seventh Road Magician. Luke, meanwhile, drew Forced Back, Graceful Charity, two copies of Insurrection Dragon, and another Dragon that just made him grin.

"Turn end," Yuga nervously spoke.

"Alright! My turn! Draw!" Luke shouted, ending up with The Flute of Summoning Dragons. He gave off a small wince, then proceeded to set one card, "Turn end."

"My turn. Draw!" Yuga spoke, drawing Pyro Magician.

"I'll activate my Trap Card, Forced Back!" Luke shouted, "Since I control no monsters, I can activate this card! The monster on your field is sent back to your hand!"

Yuga sighed as he put Dark Sorcerer back into his hand and then considered his options a little, quickly realizing he had no choice but to play into Luke's plan, "I will resummon my Dark Sorcerer."

(Dark Sorcerer; Lvl: 4; ATK: 1500; DEF: 0)

"And right into my plan! I activate my Trap Card, Dragon Encounter!" Luke happily declared, with the card flipping face up, "Since you summoned a monster, I can now special summon any dragon monster from my hand!"

"Guess he's bringing in his ace…" Yuga mumbled.

"Right now, in my galaxy, seven supernovas unleash a gamma-ray burst! It's too late to stop me now! It's too late to stop me now! I say it twice because this monster strikes twice as hard! Take flight, Rush Dragon Dragears!" Luke proudly shouted out as loudly and dramatically as he possibly could.

(Rush Dragon Dragears; Lvl: 7; ATK: 2500; DEF: 1500)

"Behold! My deck's ace monster!" Luke happily proclaimed.

"Pause. Let me read it really quick," Yuga requested.

"...huh?" Luke blinked.

"Never seen the card. Let me have a minute to read its effects," Yuga spoke.

"Oh, ok. Go ahead," Luke said in a calmer tone of voice, allowing Yuga to take a bit to read the projection of the card.

"...is that allowed?" Romin soon asked.

"It's not a hard written rule, but it's at least common courtesy to let your opponent read a card if they've not seen it before," Gakuto told her.

Yuga read over the card's effect and stats a little bit, then proceeded to give Luke a wave to indicate the duel was good to keep going.

"Alright. Go ahead and continue your turn! Let's see how you beat my ace!" Luke shouted.

"I'd like to see that as well…" Yuga mumbled, "...I'll tribute my Dark Sorcerer! Come forth, Pyro Magician!"

(Pyro Magician; Lvl: 5; ATK: 1500; DEF: 800)

"And now, also in defense, I summon Child of Wind, Cyc!" Yuga spoke, putting the card onto his field.

(Child of Wind, Cyc; Lvl: 2; ATK: 400; DEF: 600)

"I'll set one more card," Yuga continued, proceeding to set Defense Draw, "Turn end."

"My turn then! Draw!" Luke shouted, drawing Piercing!, which made him smile, "Just in case, I'll set one card facedown."

Yuga simply gave a nod in response to this.

"Now, I activate my own copy of Piercing!" Luke grinned.

"Uh oh…"

"Battle! Rush Dragon Dragears, attack and destroy Pyro Magician! Explosive Dragia Stream!" Luke shouted out, with his dragon charging forward.

"When you declare your attack, I'll activate my Trap Card, Cure Shot!" Yuga announced, with the card flipping up, "I gain life points equal to the level of one Water monster in my Graveyard times 100, and you take that same amount of damage! I chose my Hydro Magician!"

(Yuga: 4000-4500)

(Luke: 3100-2600)

"You'll still take the damage!" Luke shouted as Dragears destroyed Pyro Magician.

(Yuga: 4500-2800)

"I activate the effect of Rush Dragon Dragears! I send one random card from my hand to let it attack once more! Go, Gias Charge!" Luke announced, closing his eyes and sending one card to the Graveyard, "Dragears, additional attack! Dragon King Strike!"

"I'll activate my second copy of Cure Shot! Second verse, same as the first!"

(Yuga: 2800-3300)

(Luke: 2600-2100)

"And now, before the damage is dealt, I activate my last Trap Card, Defense Draw! I'll take no battle damage from this attack and I get to draw one card!" Yuga announced.

The dragon still managed to destroy Yuga's monster, but Yuga's life points had remained at 3300. Luke then checked the contents of his hand to see the card that was discarded was Graceful Charity. Yuga took a moment to exhale, as Luke just motioned for him to take his turn. With that, Yuga drew two cards for turn, then closed his eyes to think a moment, 'I got at least… four or five right now? And… no other monsters. …luckily…'

"I normal summon my Seventh Road Illusionist!"

(Seventh Road Illusionist; Lvl: 2; ATK: 100; DEF: 1200)

"Seventh Road Illusionist's effect! If it is the only monster on my field, it can be used as two tributes for the tribute summon of a Spellcaster monster! However, when I use this effect, I can't summon any other monsters this turn."

Luke simply grinned a bit as Yuga proceeded to tribute the monster.

"To all the things that block me… the walls, the mountains, and even the planets!"

Yuga then placed the card onto his Duel Disk as a light shined from it, "I will carve a road through them all!"

The monster soared into the air as seven stars appeared before the monster descended.

"Let's do this, Seventh Road Magician!"

(Seventh Road Magician; Lvl: 7; ATK: 2100; DEF: 1500)

"Alright! Now we're talking! Ace should counter ace! But, still, even with all the cards you have in your Graveyard, there's no way you're- what are you doing?" Luke boldly spoke before he saw Yuga checking something.

"Checking the contents of my Graveyard. Just need to refresh my memory real quick," Yuga quickly explained, seeing that it had Seventh Road Illusionist, Child of Wind, Cyc, Pyro Magician, Dark Sorcerer, Hydro Magician, Shining Shaman, and Spell Archer, meaning he had Water, Light, Wind, Dark, and Fire currently. With a smile on his face, Yuga looked forward, "I'll set one card. Turn end."

With that, Luke blinked a bit, then drew for turn. Luke looked at his hand and he winced a bit. In his hand was Terraforming, Allure of Darkness, Card Destruction, and two copies of Insurrection Dragon.

"I have one line. I activate Allure of Darkness!" Luke shouted, "I draw two cards and then banish one Dark monster from my hand. However, if I don't have any Darks, I discard my entire hand."

With that, he proceeded to draw two cards and looked them over. He saw that he drew the third copy of Insurrection Dragon and the third copy of Assault Wyvern. Luke's face paled as he saw he had no Dark monsters anywhere in it. He closed his eyes and discarded all of the cards to the Graveyard. He clenched his fist before looking at Seventh Road Magician with no fear in his eyes.

"Battle! Rush Dragon Dragears, attack!" Luke shouted out.

The large blue dragon flew forward, ready to swing in.

"Jackpot! You've fallen for it," Yuga grinned, "I activate my Trap Card, Dark Liberation!"

The card flipped face up, and Luke gasped in shock.

"I shuffle four Spellcaster monsters from my Graveyard into my deck and destroy all of your attack position monsters!" Yuga shouted, returning Pyro Magician, Hydro Magician, Spell Archer, and Dark Sorcerer to his deck.

Four beams of light shot up from the Trap Card, which collided into the dragon and caused it to explode. All Luke could do was stare in disbelief.

"Draw!" Yuga announced, not even bothering to look at what he drew for turn, "Battle!"

All Luke could do was pale.

"Seventh Road Magician, attack Luke directly and end this duel!" Yuga shouted, "Carve open the road of victory… SEVENTH MAGIC!"

The beam from the magician's sword flew forward, striking at Luke and wiping out what remained of his life points. This ended up causing Luke to slip onto his backside from the force of the attack.

(Luke: 2100-0)

"Jackpot!" Yuga cheered.

The crowd soon cheered for both of them, with Yuga simply smiling and waving a little bit at them.

Luke let out a heavy sigh before he turned to his Duel Disk and drew the top card of it to see what it would've been, which ended up being the Spell Card 'Dragon's Inferno'. His eyes widened as he drew the next four cards from the top of his deck, seeing Darkflare Dragon, Lightpulsar Dragon, Black Dragon Collapserpent, and White Dragon Wyverburster.

"If I didn't attack, I would've been able to win!" Luke yelled before he just groaned in frustration.

Yuga happily cheered and then got up atop a slide so that he could speak aloud, "Ladies and gentlemen! If you want to know where Rush Duels came from, look no further than yours truly! My name is Yuga Ohdo, and I am the creator of Rush Duels!"

The students looked on in shock and amazement at this revelation, while Luke just put his face to his palms.

"I will not be able to explain how I did it, but I will provide answers about any mechanic changes to the game of Duel Monsters that we all know and love!" Yuga added on before he went down the slide.

A few minutes had passed as Yuga went around answering some questions from his classmates, while Luke and Gakuto both walked away to keep the drones away from Yuga as best they could. Romin held a hand up to her head and briefly moved it along her forehead. Yuga took notice of this and walked over to her.

"Are you alright?" Yuga asked.

"Oh? Uh, yeah. I'm fine. Head just bothered me a little, but I'll be okay," she quickly assured him.

"If you're sure," Yuga responded.

Romin simply gave a thumbs up to him. Yuga then walked off to another part of the park, with Romin continuing to rub her head a little bit. She ended up stopping not too long later, then just calmly exhaled.

Card Database

(Features all new cards that debuted in this chapter)

(Cards Pre-Rush Duel, in order of appearance)

Shadow Imprisoning Mirror (JP: Darkness-Absorbing Magic Mirror)

Continuous Trap Card

Effect: Negate all Dark monster effects activated on the field or in the Graveyard.

(Cards Post-Rush Duel)

Cure Shot

Normal Trap Card

Requirement: When an opponent's monster declares an attack.

Effect: Gain LP equal to [the Level of 1 Water monster in your Graveyard] x 100, and inflict damage to your opponent equal to [that monster's Level] x 100.

Shining Shaman (JP: Luminous Shaman)

Type: Spellcaster

Attribute: Light

Level: 2

Effect Monster

ATK: 500

DEF: 0

Requirement: Send this face-up card from your field to the Graveyard.

Effect: 1 face-up Level 4 or lower Spellcaster Type monster on your field can attack directly this turn.

Painful Choice

Normal Spell Card

Requirement: You control no face up cards.

Effect: Select 5 cards from your Deck and show them to your opponent. Your opponent selects 1 card among them. Add that card to your hand and discard the remaining cards to the Graveyard. After this effect resolves, you can only normal summon once this turn.

Piercing! (EN: Pierce!)

Normal Spell Card

Requirement: None.

Effect: Choose 1 face-up monster on your field. If it attacks a Defense Position monster this turn, inflict piercing battle damage (if the ATK of the attacking monster exceeds the DEF of the attack target, inflict the difference).

Morphing Jar (JP: Metamor Pot)

Type: Rock

Attribute: Earth

Level: 2

Flip Effect Monster

ATK: 700

DEF: 600

Requirement: This card flips face-up.

Effect: Both players discard all cards in their hands, then draw five cards.

Disjerky Dragon

Type: Dragon

Attribute: Light

Level: 7

Effect Monster

ATK: 1800

DEF: 1800

Requirement: During your turn in which your opponent used a Trap Card, send 1 other face-up Dragon Type monster from your field to the Graveyard.

Effect: Return this card to the hand, then Special Summon 1 Dragon Type monster from your Graveyard face-up to your field.

Assault Wyvern

Type: Dragon

Attribute: Light

Level: 4

Effect Monster

ATK: 1800

DEF: 1000

Requirement: This card destroys an opponent's monster by battle.

Effect: Tribute this card, Special Summon one Dragon monster from your Hand or Graveyard except Assault Wyvern.

Axe Dragonute

Type: Dragon

Attribute: Dark

Level: 4

Effect Monster

ATK: 2000

DEF: 1200

Requirement: This card attacks.

Effect: It is changed to defense position at the end of the damage step.

Dragon Encounter

Normal Trap Card

Requirement: When your opponent Normal or Special Summons a monster.

Effect: Special Summon 1 Dragon Type monster from your hand face-up to your field.

Dark Liberation (EN: Dark Revelation)

Normal Trap Card

Requirement: When an opponent's monster declares an attack, shuffle 4 Spellcaster Type monsters from your Graveyard into the Deck.

Effect: Destroy all Attack Position monsters on your opponent's field.

Defense Draw (JP: Guard Block)

Normal Trap Card

Requirement: Your opponent declares an attack, during the damage step.

Effect: Make the battle damage you take from this battle 0, and if you do, draw 1 card.

(Original) Seventh Road Illusionist

Type: Spellcaster

Attribute: Fire

Level: 2

Effect Monster

ATK: 100

DEF: 1200

Requirement: You control no other face-up monsters apart from this card.

Effect: You can treat this card as two tributes for the tribute summon of a Spellcaster type monster. You cannot summon any other monsters after you activate and resolve this effect.

Forced Back (JP: Kickback)

Normal Trap Card

Requirement: You control no face-up monsters.

Effect: Select one monster your opponent controls, return it to the hand.

Graceful Charity (JP: Angel's Charity)

Normal Spell Card

Requirement: None.

Effect: Draw three cards, then send two cards from your hand to the Graveyard.

Insurrection Dragon (JP: Leatherlife Dragon)

Type: Dragon

Attribute: Wind

Level: 7

Effect Monster

ATK: ?

DEF: ?

Requirement: Place 4 Normal Monsters from your Graveyard on the bottom of your Deck in any order.

Effect: This card gains ATK equal to [the number of monsters on the field] x 700 until the end of this turn. Once this turn, this card cannot be destroyed by your opponent's Trap Card effects.

(Erratted) Rush Dragon Dragears (EN: Multistrike Dragon Dragias)

Type: Dragon

Attribute: Light

Level: 7

Effect Monster

ATK: 2500

DEF: 1500

Requirement: Randomly discard one card from your hand.

Effect: This turn, if this card destroyed a monster by battle, it can make a second attack during that Battle Phase. You can only activate this effect once per turn.

Attack Name: [First Attack] Explosive Dragia Stream (JP: Striking Light Blast of Explosive Supremacy. EN: Concussive Electrostatic Shockball) [Second Attack] Dragon King Strike (JP: Dragon King Strike of Annihilative Supremacy. EN: Inferno of Infinite Destruction)

The Flute of Summoning Dragons

Normal Spell Card

Requirement: Lord of Dragons is face-up on your field.

Effect: Both players can Special Summon up to two Dragon type Monsters from their hand.

Pyro Magician

Type: Spellcaster

Attribute: Fire

Level: 5

Effect Monster

ATK: 1500

DEF: 800

Requirement: During the turn you Normal Summoned this card.

Effect: Send 2 face-up Spellcaster Type monsters from your field to the Graveyard. Then, draw 2 cards.

Child of Wind, Cyc

Type: Spellcaster

Attribute: Wind

Level: 2

Effect Monster

ATK: 400

DEF: 600

Requirement: You have another face-up Wind Spellcaster Type monster on your field.

Effect: Add one Level 4 or lower Spellcaster Type monster from your Graveyard to your hand.


Normal Spell Card

Requirement: None

Effect: You can add one Field Spell Card from your deck to your hand.

Allure of Darkness

Normal Spell Card

Requirement: None

Effect: Draw two cards, then banish one Dark attribute monster from your hand. If you do not have any in your hand, send your entire hand to the Graveyard.

Card Destruction (JP: Hand Obliteration)

Normal Spell Card

Requirement: None.

Effect: Each player with cards in their hand sends their entire hand to the GY, then draws cards equal to [the number of cards each player sent to the Graveyard by this effect].

After a while, we've reached the end of the second chapter, just in time before the start of the dub. Hope that we'll be able to have fun with the dub, regardless of how things get changed. Elements from the dub will be adapted here and there, depending on how I feel it flows. We will see in due time.

So, getting back to this, another thing I feel is worth mentioning and this is important, this is an AU from the canon version of the show. It'll be heading in another direction and, while there will be some overlaps early on, we will be going in a different direction soon enough. Just try to bear with me on this.

Now, let's get the two big elephants in the room out of the way. First off, Kaizo is now a human instead of a robot. Honestly, I was planning to give Romin a butler character and even made a future plotline with said character, and I've honestly thought Kaizo was a bit superfluous and could be cut out of the story. So, I just took the name and gave it to a new character. If this were hypothetically a show, same VAs would be in the spots.

And then there's Luke losing. I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Luke as a character and he never really grew out of what made him not very likable to me. I will try to not bash him, but do expect him to at least lose every once in a while.

I will remark there are some episodes of Sevens that I've yet to watch, so I wasn't aware that Card Destruction had actually appeared in the Sevens anime until I wrote this chapter. Huh. Neat.

If I had to pick a favorite part, I think it would be just having Yuga win the duel. I didn't exactly plan it out so Seventh Road would have enough attack points to wipe Luke out in one direct attack, but it kinda worked out that way.

And to say something super quickly, the opening for the Sevens dub has come out. And… uh… it feels incomplete. It has a good melody, don't get me wrong, but… there aren't ANY lyrics whatsoever. It feels like they forgot it.

Anyway, see you for whenever the next chapter comes out. Not a clue when that'll be, but stay tuned.

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