Hello! This was a journal entry for my English class, and of course I turned it into fanfiction, because that's all my brain can ever focus on. The writing prompt was this quote:

"The longer we listen to one another - with real attention - the more commonality we will find in all our lives. That is, if we are careful to exchange with one another life stories and not simply opinions."

-Barbara Deming

So without further adieu, here is a very strange crossover!

"You're a horrible person! You don't have any idea how to be a good leader!" Obito yelled, stamping his foot.

Loki sighed. "A good leader is supposed to bring the kingdom to prosperity through whatever means are available to them. And sometimes sacrifices must be made. I don't expect you-"

"You mean you would do anything for a bit of power! I bet you would even kill people!" The twelve-year-old shinobi cut in.

"You are a ninja! Your entire job revolves around killing!" Loki pointed out, exasperation colouring his tone. "Morals has nothing to do with being a successful leader!"

Obito glared, his sharingan activating unconsciously. "What would you know about morals?" he shot back "You don't even have any!"

At that point, a young stag stepped between the two arguing brunets. "Hey, let's stop arguing for a minute, please. Can't we find something to agree on?" Bambi pleaded.

Loki glanced scathingly at the deer. "And what do you suppose a ninja, an ice giant, and a stag could possibly agree on?"

Obito also turned his attention on Bambi, arms crossed, sharingan still spinning, waiting for an answer.

Bambi blinked thoughtfully. "Well... Obito, you want to be... Hokage, right? That's your title for your leader?" He waited for a nod of confirmation before turning to the Asgardian. "Loki, you wanted to be a king. And I have always looked up to my father, the previous King of the Forest."

Obito narrowed his eye and gave a suspicious look to the jotunn, who gazed back condescendingly.

"Both of you probably had someone telling you that you couldn't do it, or someone who tried to stop you." Bambi continued.

Obito thought of his silver-haired teammate, proclaiming that an idiot like Obito could never become Hokage.

Loki's mind turned to his adoptive brother, first in line for the Asgardian throne and therefore an obstacle in Loki's path.

"...so maybe you could work together instead?" Bambi finished.

The shinobi and the ice giant were now studying each other contemplatively.

'I bet there's a lot I could learn from an Ice Giant.' Obito mused, 'Maybe then I'll be strong enough to beat Bakashi and become Hokage!'

'It could be beneficial to have a whole city of mercenaries as my allies.' Loki thought, eyeing the young shinobi. 'If I train him and he becomes the 'Hokage' of his city, he would be indebted to me.'

At the sight of Obito's determined grin and Loki's scheming smirk, Bambi decided to flee to the relative peace of the Nara compound. He was only here to visit relatives, anyway.