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"Who the hell are you?"

"Ya fool, ya fool! The name's Killer Bee, though some call me the eighth Jinchuuriki, ya' see? Now can you please tell me where I can find a boy named Naruto Uzumaki?"

Naruto was in absolute bafflement. For one, there was a crazy man who was practically shirtless that was rapping in his face while moving his hands in some sort of rhythmic pattern that he didn't understand. And all the while, Killer Bee as he called himself, looked completely serious.

He could tell Fuu was in shock as well, if the expression on her face was any sort of sign. It showed just how bizarre the situation was if Fuu of all people was surprised, considering she was probably the most eccentric person he knew before he met the man before him.

"Are you deaf, ya fool?" Killer Bee asked once again, raising an eyebrow over his dark shades. "Don't just sit there and drool!"

Wait…was the man writing those lyrics into his notebook? What the hell?

Naruto took a deep breath. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki."

Fuu looked angry at him for a brief second before stepping in front of him protectively.

"He might be with the Akatsuki," she whispered gently.


Naruto instantly became wary. He did recognize the headband on Bee's head, which was the well-known symbol for Kumo, a rival of Konoha for a long time. If the man before him really was part of the Akatsuki like Fuu thought, this would not end well at all. Especially considering the fact that Naruto decided to be an idiot and tell the man his name despite knowing that a group of S-ranked shinobi were after him specifically.



[Observation failed.]

[Target's level is too high.]

[Would Player like a partial observation?]


Damn it. Yes.

Name: Killer Bee

Title: "The Rapper"

Occupation: Guardian of Kumogakure

Level: ?

HP: 100/100

MP: 100/100

Chakra: ?

STR: ?

VIT: ?

DEX: ?

INT: ?

WIS: ?

LUK: ?

I mean, I can see that he's a rapper, all right. Naruto thought sarcastically.

"You're Naruto Uzumaki?" Bee asked, tilting his head.

Naruto nodded. "Yes."

"Alright, come with me, ya fool! Ima' take you to the Killer Bee school!" Bee rapped with efficiency. "Then I can teach you how to be this cool!"

"Wait, wait, wait," Fuu interrupted, looking distrustful of the whole situation. "How the hell can he trust you? We don't even know who you are!"

"Didn't ya' hear my rapid verse, ya fool? I'm the Jinchuuriki of the Eight-Tail, and I'm trying to make sure my buddy here doesn't fail!" Bee pronounced, his voice taking an aggressive edge. "Now don't distract me when I'm with Nine, or there's gonna be one less Jinchuuriki in line!"

Fuu looked furious as she listened to Bee's verses. "Don't push me aside like that! I'm a Jinchuuriki as well, you know?"

Bee smirked. "Of course I know that you little midget, but treating two brats is over the budget."

"What did you just call me—"


Good timing.

[Hidden Quest: "Encountering the Jinchuuriki" Completed!]

[Quest Details: Meet and converse with the other nine Jinchuuriki spread around the Elemental Nations.

[3/9 Jinchuuriki Found.]

[Rewards: Skill Tree Point, Exp. 1800.]

Amazing! Well, there are clearly advantages from this. One, I know for a fact that 'Killer Bee' is a Jinchuuriki. Which means I can trust him to a degree. And second, 1800 Exp. and a Skill Tree Point! That's crucial considering who I have to fight in a month's time.

Though Naruto quickly realized with a frown that he couldn't trust all Jinchuuriki. Especially red-haired ones.

"Fuu," Naruto said, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Don't worry, I trust him. He's a Jinchuuriki for sure."

Fuu placed two hands on her hips. "And how would you know?"

Naruto grinned. "Trust me. When I know I know."

"He has some good senses for a brat. If only the weird girl could understand that!" Bee stated in response.

"You said you wanted to be my teacher?" Naruto asked the strange man.

Bee nodded. "Yessir."

"Why? Why did you come all the way from Kumo for me?" Naruto inquired, narrowing his eyes on suspicion. That was the only part of the story that he truly didn't understand.

Why would Bee, a Jinchuuriki no less, come so far for Naruto? The question alone kept him from believing Bee entirely.

"It's a favor from an old man, ya fool! Killer Bee has much more important things to do than take a young kid to school!"

Naruto sweatdropped. He didn't miss how Bee winced at his own line. "Did you just repeat the same rhyme as last time? Whatever, please don't answer that. Who's the old man you're speaking of?"

"Jiraiya, the Toad Sage. I tried reading one of his books and couldn't keep my eyes off the page," Bee said, his eyes turning weirdly glinty at the end.

This is just getting weirder and weirder.

"Why would one of the legendary Saanin care for what I do?" Naruto questioned.

Bee sighed. "It's clearly a personal issue so I won't really try and bother, but are you sure that's how you should be speaking to your Godfather?"

What the…


Naruto couldn't believe his ears. Firstly, this crazy man who was a Jinchuuriki has apparently travelled across the entire nation to train him just for a favor that he had with his godfather. Oh yeah, and also, that godfather happened to be JIRAIYA of the Saanin, someone who he had never seen in his entire life.

He genuinely couldn't trust a single thing he was hearing, but he had come to resign with the weirdness of his life by now. Naruto was mostly frustrated by the fact with how much he DIDN'T know. At this point someone could say his father was the First Hokage and he could believe them.

Fuu had excused herself a minute later, saying she had to train as well, but Naruto just believed she couldn't bear to hear another one of the man's rap any longer. Not that he could really blame her, though. Killer Bee had said that their training would start immediately, meaning Naruto wouldn't even have a single day of break after the Preliminary exams. Hell, it wasn't even an hour.

"My rap is just the best, Killer Bee is clearly a level above the rest!"

Naruto tried not to sigh as he watched the man continue to groove on his own as he walked. He was currently being led to a training ground which Bee had apparently booked for two weeks straight. Naruto really wasn't sure what to think about the man. Clearly, he was strong. Probably the strongest person he had ever seen. Definitely on par with the current Hokage, who was weakened by age and well past his own prime. There was something about his aloof demeanor and causal thinking that made him think so. Others would assume that it was because he was a fool. Naruto knew it was because it was incredibly hard for Bee to take most things seriously with how powerful he was.

They entered the training field, a large expanse of serene green that moved with every breeze of wind. The tranquil sun stared down at them through the expanse of clouds with golden rays of benevolence, easing his skin with the gently warm, but not hot heat.

Naruto sighed in relief. "What a beautiful—"

The blond flew backwards as he felt a fist squeeze into his belly, his eyes bulged outwards and he immediately spit out some blood as he was knocked back at an incredible speed, but not as incredible as the sheer amount of pain he was feeling at the punch.

Naruto felt his regeneration immediately get to work, but it simply wasn't fast enough to tear away the pain.

"What the hell are you doing?!" He groaned out.

Naruto tried to stand up, struggling to even do so.

Killer Bee looked almost smug. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. During a fight, I'll make sure you'll always be ready. In a fight, it isn't always so slow and steady."

Naruto felt a serious migraine begin to pop up. This guy is a serious lunatic.

Killer Bee crossed his hands. "I'm going to train your speed if you wanna beat Lee, cus' that guy is a whole 'nother breed, ya see?"

Naruto nodded in agreement for once. "You're right. Lee is faster than any other Genin that I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure he's never actually gone all out either. At my current state, there's simply no way for me to keep up with his speed during a fight."

Killer Bee smirked. "I'm sure your buddy Lee is fast, but in a race with me anyone would end up last. Keep up with me during a fight, and I promise you'll be able to keep the green boy in sight."

How did he even know about Lee? Whatever, Naruto was afraid to ask. The blond simply nodded once more, before going into a battle position.

Killer Bee's grin widened. "You better be ready, ya fool!"


Naruto couldn't speak. He was afraid something was broken in his throat that prevented him from doing so, but he was also pretty confident it was just the shock from what just happened.

The statement that he took a one-sided beating didn't do justice to what exactly happened. A beating insinuated that he had somewhat tried to fight back. No, it was a massacre. Naruto couldn't have done anything. He didn't register one hit on the fool, and worse, the man rapped the entire time he did so.

Naruto wasn't sure how he was moving—actually, he was pretty sure. If it weren't for the Kyuubi in his head, he was pretty confident that he would be dead by now. He imagined someone like Sakura having to go through this training and plainly shuddered. Wow. That wouldn't end well.

Killer Bee dismissed him from his training after an hour, saying that the training period would increase per day, which was something Naruto tried not to imagine.

Regardless of all his complaining, Naruto knew he had to do something extreme to defeat Lee. That boy was a league above him at the moment, and the only way to catch up was doing something like this. He was fortunate Killer Bee was a crazy man, and not actually normal like Kakashi. His Team-Sensei would have most likely insinuated on the dangers of such training, and limited the effectiveness of it.

Naruto went to the ramen stand that always stood for him during his darkness of times, which quite frankly, was one of them right now.

"One miso ramen please, with extra pork," Naruto asked Teuchi with a downtrodden expression.

"Coming right up, Naruto!" Teuchi said cheerfully.

Naruto took a seat and patiently waited, feeling his aches and pain slowly begin to fade away as he smelt the wonderful scent of freshly cooked noodles and crispy pork slices. He closed his eyes and simply relaxed.

Ahhhhh…I could drown in this feeling forever…

"Ah! Naruto!"

Naruto tried not to curse at whoever greeted him, and instead opened his eyes to the visitor who sat next to him. It was certainly a surprise when he saw Kakashi of all people there.

Naruto's eyes widened. "Kakashi sensei?"

Kakashi eye-smiled. "Yo. The one and only."

"What are you doing here?" Naruto asked casually, the hint of suspicion to going amiss by the senior shinobi.

"Getting ramen, just like you in fact. Even Jonins need time to relax here and then, you know?" Kakashi responded ever so smoothly.

Naruto scoffed. "I assumed your idea of relaxation was…different from the rest of ours. Regardless, I don't find it a coincidence that you come here the exact same time as me. Look underneath the underneath, right?"

"Touché. Well, can you blame me for trying to find out how my little Genin student was preparing for the Chuunin Exams?"

Naruto smiled smugly in response. "Oh, you came for that? Don't be afraid, I found a suitable teacher." He took a sip of the tea that Teuchi had given him with a wink.

Kakashi simply nodded, as if he didn't care at all. "Oh, great. A shame, though. I was going to ask Ebisu, a special Jonin, for a favor."

Naruto almost spat out the tea, which would be a waste of the wonderfully made brew. "Ebisu? Are you kidding me?"

Kakashi chuckled. "I'll admit, I don't think it's the best choice considering who you're fighting."

"I guess you'll be training Sasuke?" Naruto asked, already the answer.

And thus, he wasn't surprised when Kakashi nodded in confirmation.

"How's that going?" The Genin asked nonchalantly, taking another sip of tea.


Of course he won't tell me a single thing. I expected too much from this guy.

Teuchi placed his bowl of ramen in front of him, and Naruto felt his mouth water at the sight. Bringing out his chopsticks, he began the feast. "Itadakimasu!"

Kakashi received his ramen a few seconds later, which made Naruto realize something with a start. The thought was so shocking that he almost dropped his chopsticks.

There was simply no way for Kakashi to eat with his mask on, was there?

Kakashi knew this too, he had to!

"I have to ask, who exactly is your sensei?" His sensei asked, blowing on his ramen through the mask like a dunderhead.

Naruto smirked. "Someone."


Naruto attacked his bowl a second later, trying to finish his ramen as quickly as possible. He was surprised to see Kakashi had already finished his bowl.

He ate his ramen at the precise moment I looked away to eat, and pulled his mask down and up at the perfect moments to give the illusion he wasn't eating at all. This guy is something else… Naruto thought with a frustrated expression.

Kakashi waved at him. "Alright then, Naruto, I'll be going."

"Bye, sensei."

He disappeared in a twirl of leaves, leaving Naruto alone with himself at the ramen stand. He took out the standard amount of money and gave it to Teuchi, who simply gave him a confused expression.

"Your sensei said his meal was on you."

Naruto felt his eyebrow twitch.


Naruto blocked another punch, before dodging another kick. He parried the incoming hook with the palm of his hand, and then flipped over the incoming barge with practiced ease.

He was doing it!

He was actually doing it!

"Is it just me—" He dodged another fist. "Or have you gotten slower?"

Killer Bee laughed. "I decreased my speed by a whole seventy percent, ya fool!"

Of course. There was no way he could have gotten faster in such a short amount of time, after all. Naruto shouldn't have brought his fragile hopes up.

Killer Bee brought his hand down, ignoring the parry with sheer force, before grasping Naruto's shoulder tightly. Naruto felt his control over his body disappear entirely as he was launched into the air with a heave from his current sensei.

He paused in the air for a millisecond before coming back down, where he was caught by the shirt midair.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Great, now I'm being treated like a ball now as well."

Killer Bee dropped him. "A ball of snow which will only get bigger as it rolls down, soon enough you'll be the fastest Genin in town!"

Naruto immediately pulled his hands out, bending his hands at the contact with grass before pushing outwards, putting himself back on his feet. "I don't see that happening in a month. And aren't you only staying here for two weeks? There's simply no way for me to get faster than Lee."

"You don't need to be faster than him, ya fool!" Killer Bee exclaimed.

"But you just said—"

"Listen here, ya' idiot blond. You're right, you're a droplet, he's a pond. But in terms of ninjutsu, he's nothing. But you, you're everything!"

Naruto sweatdropped. "That was a horrible line."

Killer Bee clapped his hands. "Alright, it's time for the next lesson. But before that it's time I make a confession. Your physical skills are lame, but your rap is subpar. But with me teaching you, I'm sure you'll make it far!"


No, there was simply no way. He had to fight Rock Lee, godamn Rock Lee in a couple of weeks, and his teacher wanted to teach him how to rap.

This couldn't be happening.

It was happening.

For the next hour, Naruto had to listen to Bee explaining the importance of rap and its influence on music culture. Then, of course, he made Naruto rap on his own, where he sighed disappointedly at every lyric Naruto rapped and simply frowned.

"Rap is gonna die if I leave it to this generation. Y'all expect the talent to appear as if it's some type of magic conjuration!"

That's why I don't want to rap, ya fool! Naruto thought with an annoyed expression. Oh no—it's actually spreading.

"I think we've done enough rapping, sensei," Naruto gritted through his teeth. "How do I defeat Lee?"

'Defeating that boy is no easy task, ya hear? Now tell me all of your capabilities and I'll give you a right steer!" Killer Bee responded, and then proceeded to write the lyrics into his notepad.

"My capabilities? Well…my elemental affinity is water. I have a few jutsus that I can perform against him. Shadow clones, uhh…" Naruto trailed off.

He seriously couldn't tell Bee about his shadows–that would lead to a whole lot of trouble and questioning that he would rather avoid right now. Especially in the midst of the Chuunin Exams, where a bunch of people would be gathered. He also didn't trust Bee to keep his mouth shut.

But he could tell him about his Iron Skin.

That was a much more believable ability, and Naruto was confident that it wasn't that rare of an ability to have anyways. There was probably more than just a few shinobi in the world who had such a skill, if he was being honest.

"I can do something called chakra hardening. I prett much gather my chakra around my body and harden my skin as a result. Though I'm not sure if its some kind of resurfaced bloodline or I made some kind of new technique. I can hold the ability only for a short amount of time due to the strain it puts on my body," Naruto said, hoping Bee would bite on his lie.

The man looked like he was listening to Naruto's dying last words. "Hmph. Well that makes things easier. This fight definitely got a bit less breezier. Now I'm just gonna believe all you said was lies, until I see it with my own eyes."

Understanding his message, Naruto complied.

Activate Iron Skin.


[Skill: Iron Skin- Lvl 1 Activated!]

[Usage takes 10 MP and lasts for one minute for a skill cooldown of ten minutes applies.]

Naruto could practically feel his skin harden slightly, though the weight of his body didn't change one bit. Thank Kami skills existed.

Killer Bee stepped forward, before lightly punching Naruto's fist.


Naruto was surprised he was able to make Bee stop rapping even for a minute.

Killer Bee placed his hand below his chin in a thinking position. "While this ability isn't very original, it throws the idea of definite failure down the urinal. I firmly believe you have a chance, now don't waste it and go right back into your battle stance!"

Naruto sighed and went back into his Taijutsu stance, preparing for another beating.

Yet this time, it didn't hurt as much. Killer Bee's hits weren't hurting as much. Granted, he was barely trying, but it still meant a lot considering he didn't purposefully weaken himself this time. It showed just how crucial his skill, Iron Skin, was, and will be in his fight with Lee.

Lee was a monster in terms of speed, strength, agility, flexibility, and basically everything that was needed in terms of physical ability. Naruto was a jack of all trades who picked up a few skills and talents here and there in his travels.

What he needed to do was hard-counter Lee with pure durability. That was the only path to victory. Either that or summon his shadows, and he knew that wouldn't be possible.

And he couldn't do that with just Iron Skin, nor just Iron Clones. He hadn't actually used his Iron Clones ability yet, but he knew what capabilities it would have. Naruto wasn't sure just how strong the ability was, and he needed to do that soon. He would have to use every advantage possible to beat Lee, no matter how dirty it was.

And for that he had to do something else.

Use Skill Tree Point.


[Skill Tree Unlock used.]

[Choose between the two skills shown.]

[Perfect Henge Lvl 1]

[Iron Touch Lvl 1]

Information, please.

[Perfect Henge Lvl 1]

[Info: Turn into a perfect Henge, meaning even sensors will not be able to detect your transformation while active. There is no cooldown but chakra consumption is high.]

[Iron Touch Lvl 1]

[Info: Make anything you touch receive the properties of iron. The object has to be in the contact of your hands while doing so. It consumes 10 MP, and the amount of time the object remains as iron depends on chakra used.]



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