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Natsu carefully got out of her and had to swallow the rush of arousal after seeing his seed dripping down in the sheets - he would save that for later and let the blond rest a bit. He then laid down by her side and pulled her in his arms; she came willingly and wrapped herself over him, throwing a leg over his hips. It made him chucke.

"Are you ok?" He was slowly running his hand on her arm. She nuzzled his neck and nodded.

"Why don't you speak up?" He gently moved her head up by her chin to look at her eyes.

"I can't…" she weakly replied.

"Can you spell your name?" He teased her.

"..." She scrunched her face up for a moment and then let a sigh escape "I forgot my name". He laughed out loud and kissed her deeply.

"I told you so…" he kissed her temple. His free hand held onto one of hers and brought it to his lips for a kiss.

"You spoil me too much", she nuzzled into his neck again and gave him a soft kiss on his clavicle.

"This is payback…"


"You took very good care of me… if I got discharged today, it was because of you…"

"You put on the effort… you were a great patient".

"Wow… apparently, I did fuck your brains out… did you forget how I almost drove you insane?"

"Well… I know you were still doing your best for me…"

"I was…" he pulled her for another kiss. "But I wanted to be doing this since I found you again in that bookstore"

"You were going to take me to bed straight away?"

"If you think about it, I kept you in bed with me for almost a month straight…"

"Ha ha… true… you are a real charmer, Mr. Dragneel". His hand was now touching her leg laying on his hip. It seemed like he could not stop touching her.

After a moment of silence, he said "By the way… I didn't expect you to be so kinky…"

"W-what do you mean?"

"What do you think?" Natsu looked at her with a raised eyebrow, letting her know exactly what he meant.

Lucy's face turned pink and she slapped his chest.

"S-shut up!"

"Why? The deed is done and I will never forget it"

"Natsu!" She whined from her hiding place at his neck.

"Come on…" he ran his hands through her back, and felt her shiver. "I just want to know what you like so I can keep you by my side and happy… btw, this seems to be working too" he repeated the movement on her back and felt her body trembling and her breathing became more erratic. "You like that, sweetheart?"

"I… I also want to know what you like…" she abashedly murmured. "I… I want to keep you happy too…"

He felt his control snapping again, overloaded by her cuteness, and he grabbed her chin to force her to look at him.

"Your existence makes me happy, anything you do makes me happy, seeing you aroused makes me happy, making you embarrassed like this makes me happy…" He gave her another deep kiss, full of his feelings for her.

She pulled back from him after a while and rested her forehead on his to catch her breath.

"Then… let's keep exploring what we like and make each other happy, ok?" She looked at him through half lidded eyes.

He smiled and said, in agreement with her words. "No shame, no embarrassment… although, I will still tease and bully you when you are adorable like this." Natsu proceeded to shower her with kisses in her face and neck. Lucy giggled.

"Hum…" she disentangled from him.

"Where do you think you are going, Heartfilia?" He looked at her disheartened and grabbed her hand before she could move away.

"So, I'm Heartfilia again?"

"Only when I'm angry at you"

"Why are you angry at me"

"You are taking away my toy…" he looked at her breasts and gave a lascivious smile, "toys". Lucy rolled her eyes.

"I'm going to clean myself up… it is a bit uncomfortable…" she blushed slightly at how he stared at her dripping pussy. "I will also pick up the food I brought… I'm sure you are hungry".

"No!" He forcefully pulled her in bed and pinned her down.

"What? Why" she tried to struggle without success.

"It is my turn to pamper you" he nibbled her jaw, and proceeded to kiss down her chest.

"It is not necessary… if you don't want the food, just let me go to the bathroom quickly"

"Don't worry, let me clean you up", he left a mark on the curve of her breast.

"I… I need to use the bathroom" she murmured, embarrassed.

"Oh… that is ok then… sorry!"

He quickly helped her up and handed her one of his clean shirts, so she would be more comfortable.

"Thank you" she gave him a sheepish smile, while the pink haired man put his boxers back on.

Natsu gave her a quick peck on the lips as an answer and guided her out of the room.

The firefighter couldn't contain the smug grin on his face after seeing how much she was struggling to walk straight. "Here you go, sweetheart. I'm gonna get the food". He kissed her forehead before going to the kitchen.

Lucy got in the bathroom, took a seat at the toilet and gave herself a moment to freak out. What happened earlier was one of the most intense experiences she has ever had. It all happened so fast, she couldn't believe it…. She hadn't even had the time to tell him she was in love with him! Sure, they liked each other, but she needed to be honest with herself. And based on their records, she should not wait too long to let him know exactly how she felt.

Meanwhile, Natsu was in his kitchen grabbing anything they might need to eat the burgers she brought and setting the table. He figured she would not want to eat on the bed, because she hates food crumbs on the sheets, so he was setting the table for them.

The noise of the shower running reached him, and he could not stop grinning. That has been incredible… indescribable… he never thought sex could be like that. But maybe it wasn't that simple… maybe it was only like this because he was so in love with her. He's never been in love before, so he couldn't really confirm it.

Now, his main concern was to let her know how he felt and make sure she would be happy by his side. He wanted to make it special… He would have to think about a plan… he would absolutely not ask his friends…

The phone ringing interrupted his thoughts. He saw it was a video call from Gray.

"Hey Stripper… what you want?"

"That is rich coming from you… where are your clothes?"

"Oh…" Natsu realized what he was wearing and proceeded, deciding to ignore his friend, "So?"

"I just wanted to know if you wanna hang out today… it is your first day of freedom, after all…"

"Where is this coming from? Is Juvia busy?"

"I don't hang out with you only when she is busy…"

"But she is, isn't she?"

"Yeah…" Gray pouted on the screen. "She is out with Gajeel tonight…"

"Hahaha… Gajeel is so adorable!" Lucy interrupted the conversation, fresh from the shower, including wet hair, and peaked over Natsu's shoulder to talk to the black haired man.

"Hey, Blondie! Thought you were busy with work…"

"I had to come and celebrate his discharge, you know… I can make it up to work tomorrow…"

"Of course you had… I see you enjoyed your 'celebration'..." He said sarcastically, "btw, you look great on the shirt… is it a fashion choice to wear men's clothes or what?" Lucy went completely red, now that she remembered what she was wearing… and not wearing. He could not see below her waist, but it was still embarrassing.

"You finally got the chance to put the wand in the chamber of secrets, Fire Dick… good for you!" he continued with a grin. "I will let you go back to your activities, kids… Don't break the bed! Bye, Blondie!" And he hung up before either could say anything.

Natsu and Lucy exchanged incredulous looks.

"P-put the w-wand…"

"In the chamber of secrets…"

They burst out laughing at these words.

"I seriously… don't know where… Ice Princess gets these… expressions" he muttered between peals of laughter.

"You grew up with the guy… you should know…" Lucy cleaned the tears from her eyes, and set down to eat.

"He is a pervert… Better to not probe much…" Natsu grabbed his burger.

"You call him a pervert, yet he seems really serious about Juvia"

"Oh… you have no idea… She is really good for him and they make each other happy… Still, it is disgusting seeing them together…"

"Like what your friends say about seeing us?"

"We are awesome… The stripper is not, so there is really no comparison" Lucy chuckled.

"It is a shame the food is cold"

"Well… it was worth it… I don't regret the order of things tonight" He gave her a sly smile and Lucy blushed.

"Ahem… hum… tomorrow, I will have to go to the office, so…"

"You can sleep here and leave in the morning, right?"

"I was going to ask…" she seemed happy with the plan.

"Of course!". He gave her a warm smile, still too worried with plans on how to confess to her.

After they ate, Lucy went to wait for Natsu on his bed. It was his turn to take a shower and she had some messages to send.

"What are you doing?" Natsu asked, snuggling up to her and kissing her neck.

"I wanted to let my colleagues know I'm arriving a bit later at work tomorrow…"

"Excellent…" he kissed her. "Wanna have breakfast tomorrow? I know a really good restaurant nearby"

Her eye lit up. "I would love that"

"He he… you are such a glutton for breakfast…" he gently bit her earlobe. Lucy just giggled, before Natsu captured her lips on a kiss again.

"I like you" It was important to the blonde to make it clear, and she was simply so happy that it just blurted out of her mouth, interrupting the breathtaking kiss. She blushed, as she stared at the pink haired man.

"I like you too". He answered back, trying to contain the joy.

"No... I... I like like you"

"I like like you too", he was amused at her cuteness, and simply kissed the corner of her mouth.

"We… I mean… I…" she continued staring at his Adam's apple to avoid his gaze. "I… had not said anything before… I thought… it was important to… you know… tell you… since you… since you said we are… ahem… go-going out". Her embarrassed expression was enough to make his heart melt.

"He he… " he took a strand of her hair to play between his fingers and waited until she looked at him to continue. "You are my girlfriend" the intensity in his eyes made the breath get caught in her throat. "You are mine… and… for as long as you have me, I'm yours too"

Lucy's eyes filled with tears at these words and she lost any ability to articulate her thoughts.

"Me… me t-too"

Natsu gave her a kind smile "good… because I want to fuck you hard at least one more time today"

She cried out surprised when he suddenly inserted two fingers in her pussy.

"W-what? Where… did this come… from?" She asked between moans.

"What do you mean?" he asked calmly, opening her shirt up. " I told you I was not going to hold back anymore" he licked her nipple before engulfing it in his mouth.

Lucy grabbed his head to hold it in place.

"I… I can't… I can't keep up with your m-mood swings…"

"Mood swings?" He raised his head from her chest and looked at her with a teasing smirk. "What do you mean?" He kissed her deeply before she had a chance to answer.

"You…" she pulled away and he moved to kiss her neck. She shivered. "You were saying… Ahn… we were all… N-natsu… this is good…" she moved her head to give him more access to his neck.

Natsu chuckled and moved to whisper in her ear and suck on the lobe. "Continue what you were saying… it is an order" He rolled her clit between his fingers.

Lucy's body trembled once again as she came. Natsu kept up his pace to make it last, while his mouth was back to her beautiful breast.

When it was over he straightened up to look down at the satiated woman in front of him. She was breathing deeply and had an arm over her eyes.

"My my… what a kinky princess…" he moved her arm away from her face, as it was akin to a crime, in his books, to shield her beautiful expression from him. "I order you around and you come on my fingers… how lewd…" he licked his fingers that were wet with her juices.

She looked at him and covered her face.

"I like everything about you… I love your abashed side… your slut side…" he pulled her hands away and looked in her eyes, before marking her neck. "wow… even your pupils dilate when I call you a slut… you really are a kinky princess…"

"I… I don't understand… the change in mood…" she pulled his head by his hair to make him look at her. She struggled to find words… and granted, her mind was a fuzzy post orgasmic bliss.

"Tell me more…" he had a teasing glint in his eyes, when he took hold of her lips again.

"Argh… you know what I mean" she huffed in frustration and embarrassment, pulling away from him.

"I do, but I want to hear it from you" he gave her that sly smile that had the potential to drive her mad.

She let out a frustrated sigh and decided to comply. "One moment you are… hum… all caring and delicate towards me… the next you are dominant and…" she avoided his eyes "all sexy…"

Natsu chuckled at her adorableness.

"Yeah… so? You don't like it?"

"I…I really like… both… It just confuses me how fast your mood changes… I feel like I can't keep up…"

"You have been keeping up with me well enough, though", he grazed her neck with his teeth and she let out a shaken cry.

"Truth is, sweetheart…" he whispered in her ear "I'm always in the mood to get it on with you… you are my girl and my slut in the sheets…"

"But" he continued intently staring at her eyes "if it bothers you, I can do things differently… your happiness and comfort are the most important things to me" he caressed her face. Lucy's heart skipped a beat at the worry in his eyes.

"No… as I said… I… really like it" her cheeks flooded pink "does… does that make me… kinky as you were calling me?"

Natsu's smile broadened and he approached his lips to hers again. "It makes you my perfect partner…" he whispered, letting their lips touch at every word. "I love the sounds you make… I love seeing you all submissive…" his control snapped and he turned her onto her stomach.

"Here is something only you know about me, sweetheart…" he kneeled between her legs and pulled her to her knees. "I love to dominate you in bed". He rubbed his cock in between her legs to coat it in her juices.

"I told you I would not hold back anymore…" he repeated in a hoarse voice, as if still trying to keep some semblance of control, in spite of his words "I wanted to ease you in on this new side of our relationship… but when it is just you and me… and you are so…so…" he gave a guttural grunt while rubbing his dick harder against her pussy, knowing he was hitting her clit at every movement, "adorable and soft and receptive… well… I simply can't calm down…" he grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them, since he had not yet paid enough attention to that incredible part of her. He let out a rough sigh at the feeling, at the same time she gasped.

"I… I like it too, Natsu… ahn...I want to be your kinky princess"

"Then I will take good care of you, sweetheart"

With that, he shoved his dick deep into her pussy. Lucy cried out in pleasure.

"You feel fantastic, princess… your pussy tights around my dick every time I thrust into you"

Lucy was unable to articulate any words, only throaty moans could be heard from her.

"Let's try something new…let me know if you don't like it…". He then pulled her arms from under her to hold them behind her. She fell flat against the bed and the sheets muffled her cries.

"Wow… I guess you really like it… you are clenching down on me like crazy…" she hid her blushing face on the sheets.

Natsu pulled her arms until her back arched out of the bed.

"I need to hear you, princess… Do you like it?"

"Y-yea… yes!"

"Good… I like it too", he grunted.

After a few minutes of that position, Natsu felt he was close to cumming, but since he wanted to hold it off for a while longer, he pulled out and replaced it with his tongue. He sucked on her clit, without changing position, making sloppy sounds.

"Ahn… I-I'm c-cum…"

"Not yet, princess" Natsu stopped what he was doing and straightened up. Lucy cried out in frustration, slamming her first in the bed.

"Why…" she turned to look at him with tears in her eyes, but shut up, when she saw him pumping his cock, ready to insert it back on her.

"Only when I let you…" he shoved it into her hard.

"N-natsu… I c-can't…"

"Cum for me, princess…" he grumbled at the same time rubbing her clit.

Lucy lost control of her limbs and fell back in bed, cumming hard. Natsu squeezed her butt, as he bursted deep inside her.

For a moment, the bedroom was silent, except for their heavy breathing; they laid splayed on the bed, trying to find their bearings.

Slowly Natsu left the bed and was surprised at how shaky his knees were. He got a towel in the bathroom and a bowl filled with warm water.

Back in the bedroom, he saw Lucy had not changed position. Chucking to himself, he approached her.

"Turn around, sweetheart, please", he asked, placing the bowl and towel on the side table, and helping her move. He placed her on the pillows, laying on her back. She complied like a doll and he softly caressed her cheek, under her closed eyes.

"Did I push you too far, princess?"

She opened her eyes, and his breath got caught in his throat at the depth of emotion he could find there.

"Not at all…" her voice was hoarse, but her smile was genuine.

"Let me clean you". Delicately, he wiped in between her thighs and could hear Lucy sighing in contentment.

"All done… you good?"

She turned her face to him with a smile, "couldn't be better… thank you".

He laid by her side and pulled her to him. "It is my job to pamper you…"

"Heh...I thought my days of being spoiled were over"

"They are just beginning, Ms. Dragneel", he murmured in her ear and held her until they fell into a deep and satisfying sleep.