"Boy!" Normal Speech.

'Boy!' Normal Thought.

"Nista!" Power/Technique.

"Loki" Demonic/Dragon Speeches.

'Loki' Demonic/Dragon Thoughts.

Summary: At seventeen years of age, Atreus and his father found themselves in another realm, one that was unfortunately filled with the less crazy, but irritating versions of the gods they had slain. Can they live their life in peace? Or the supernatural world of DxD will be forced to know the full might of THE God of War? Atreus will try to make sure that won't happen… anytime soon at least.

The story will focus on Atreus, with Kratos being a side-character most of the time.

Warning: There will be a lot of smut, lemon and 18+ stuff in this story. Read at your own risk! You have been warned

Son of War

Chapter 17

"Phew, there we go." Atreus said with a smile as he got up and stepped back to take a better look at the new wolf house he had made for Fenrir in a corner of the backyard of his house.

It was not something too complicated, being made out of wood and somewhat resembling the old wolf house he used to stay in at their first home, though Atreus had added a little bit of a modern touch to it, using a blueprint of a dog house that he found on the internet. The materials to make the house were simple to find, with him and his father going to the countryside and chopping down some trees that his father had determined to be having wood decent enough to build something from.

"Hey boy, why don't you check out your new house?" Atreus then called as he turned around to look at Fenrir. However, when he saw his pet wolf acting like he did not hear a word he just said, Atreus couldn't help but cross his arms on his chest and give the realm crossing wolf a look before calling him again, raising his voice a little "Fenrir."

"Woof!" Finally, his pet wolf turned his attention away from Rias, who had been happily playing fetch with him using a rubber ball for the past thirty minutes while he made Fenrir his new house to stay. To say Rias had been shocked when Atreus brought her to meet Fenrir had been a huge understatement, since she clearly did not expect him to have a pet wolf.

At first, Rias had also been a bit nervous around Fenrir because of his size and feral look, but it hadn't taken it long for his crimson haired friend to come to absolutely adore his pet wolf, who had also developed a strong fondness of Rias in return after a single time that she came over and gave him a delicious treat that she bought from an associate in the Underworld.

Regardless, it was actually not that difficult for him to explain Fenrir to Rias, and also Akeno, after introducing them to him, a decision that he had made after realizing that sooner or later the two devil girls, who took turn coming to his house every day in the week, would discover there's a large wolf in the backyard of his house.

Atreus had told them he and his father had found Fenrir while hunting in the woods, which was basically the truth, and decided to adopt him into the family after saving him from a sickness that left him in very poor health, which was also basically the truth.

Kratos, on the other hand, had only been slightly surprised that the wolf had managed to create a realm tear powerful enough to get to them. Since Fenrir had always obeyed his commands, and proved his worth, the man had no problem letting Atreus continue to keep him around, as long as he could take care of the wolf himself like before.

Explaining his pet wolf's name to Rias and Akeno had also been quite easy. All that he had to do was tell them that he named Fenrir after the Fenrir from Norse mythology. There could never be a better name to name your pet wolf, a fact that both Rias and Akeno and even Fenrir himself agreed with.

Atreus was also aware of the fact that somewhere out there, there was another Fenrir, just like how there was also another Loki. It's hard for Atreus to imagine a peaceful encounter between the four of them, but regardless of what's going to happen he would not hesitate to do what was necessary if the other Loki and his Fenrir wished them harm.

After all, the other Loki was said to be an evil god, and his creation Fenrir was regarded as one of the most dangerous beasts in the world, with fangs that could slay gods, and even other powerful beings of this world. It's hard for him to imagine either of them would like it if they found out there's another Loki and another Fenrir.

"Oh wow. The wolf house looks great, Atreus." Rias praised as she and Atreus watched Fenrir getting into his new house, checking the interior for a second before turning around and barking joyfully at them as he lied down. The house fit him perfectly. "Aw!"

The crimson haired girl cooed in delight before bringing out her phone and taking a photo of Fenrir in his new wolf house.

"Rias, Atreus-kun, lunch is ready!" Akeno informed them from inside the house before stepping out to look at Fenrir. In her hand was a large bowl with lots of raw pork, the three of them had bought for him from the local grocery store earlier that morning when they went shopping. "Nice house you got there, Fenrir. Here's your lunch, big boy."

Saying that to Fenrir, Akeno then walked over to him and got down on one knee in front of Fenrir to put the bowl down before him, letting the wolf get out of his house and start eating away at his lunch. Pork and beef were nice and easy to acquire, but Atreus wanted to give Fenrir some venison or those of other game animals, so he intended to bring Fenrir with him and his father the next time they go hunting.

"Come on, let's go eat before the food is cold." Getting up, Akeno then reminded Atreus of Rias, being the one making lunch for them that day while Rias was tasked to play with Fenrir.

The past few days, Rias and Akeno had always shown up at his house together; almost every single day of the week as well except for Sunday to do the household chores and cooking for him and his father, while not charging them even a single penny more than the amount of money one of them would normally charge doing these kinds of jobs for their clients.

It's hard for Atreus to not see the reasons why they did it, especially when they had made it a competition of some sort to see who could do a better job at taking care of the house and making him happy with their cooking, while at the same time trying to impress his father.

"Oh wow, you really went all out this time, didn't you, Akeno?"

Atreus couldn't help but ask in amazement upon walking into the kitchen and seeing all the food that Akeno had made for the three of them on the dining table. Most of the dishes on the table were Japanese, but he could see some western side dishes as well, and the only reason he knew that was because Rias had made some of them for him before, as western food was one of her specialties beside Japanese and Chinese.

"And there are also my favorite cookies too. I really am in for a treat today." He then said with a grin, noticing the bowl of cookies on the table and immediately grabbing for himself a piece.

With the exception of Mimir because he couldn't eat, everyone in his family loved Akeno's cookies, even Fenrir, and considered it the best snacks that they had ever had in this world.

"Ara ara, I am glad that you like it, Atreus-kun." Akeno giggled while gracefully covering her mouth with a hand, making Atreus grin but Rias glared slightly at her with her arms crossing under her bust, having no choice but to accept that Akeno had scored another point for the time being.

Tomorrow, however, not only would she have her chance to impress him, but also his father, who was always at home on Sunday unless he was out hunting or fishing with Atreus.

Speaking of whom, the man appeared to have helped Kiba overcome his drive for vengeance, as her knight had returned to his former self, no longer pushing his friends away or looking like he was about to kill someone. Sure, Rias could tell that he still harbored some grudges toward Excalibur, but her knight did not look like he wanted to actively seek out Xenovia and Irina, or even Kokabiel and his fallen angels to get his hands on the swords and have the chance to destroy them all by himself, which would surely get him killed.

Because she had been cooking with Akeno at the time, Rias did not know the clear details of their conversation, but she highly doubted that the man had revealed anything that would have allowed them to know more about him and Atreus.

At the same time, however, Rias couldn't help but wonder if he had ever been in the same shoes as Kiba. For the man to be able to help her knight so well, wisdom alone might not have been enough, even though Atreus' father always gave off the feeling of someone who could teach the most valuable lessons.

The man definitely knew what it's like to be driven by vengeance, anger and hatred for something, or someone and knew how to overcome such things – or at the very least, to live with it.

Regardless of what they talked about; Rias was glad that her knight had returned to normal.

After lunch, Rias and Akeno spent the next few hours doing their homework with Atreus, hanging out with him for a bit more before taking their leave from his home after they had finished cleaning up the place, allowing the young man to have some time for himself on the first day of the weekend without worrying about the household chores.

"So, how's it going with the ladies, lad? Did you guys have fun?" Mimir asked after Atreus had brought him out of the hidden storage room under the shed, which Kratos had built in the backyard to keep his weapons after realizing that summoning the Leviathan Axe from somewhere else would make the weapon tear another hole in the roof of their home if he continued to keep it in his room along with the blades and the spear.

Regardless, because of Rias and Akeno's near constant presences in the house, Atreus had had to find a better spot to hide Mimir, as there would be a lot to explain to do if they ever discovered a talking, reanimated head in his wardrobe. Since the shed was the only place that they did not need to clean up, Atreus had decided to hide him in the hidden storage room underneath it with his father's weapons whenever they came over or when he and his father weren't home, with all the things that he needed to kill time, mainly a laptop with full WIFI connection so that he could watch his favorite Korean drama tv shows and a chopstick for him to use to type on the keyboard.

"You know, just the usual." Atreus answered as he closed the trapdoor and left the shed after collecting some herbs, ingredients and grabbing with him some tools to grind and mix them.

"Is it now?" The smartest head alive asked humorously before he decided to ask "You know what, lad? As funny and amusing as it might be watching the girls compete for your heart, don't you think that it's about time you do something about them?"

Beside them, Fenrir barked loudly, as if to agree with Mimir, making the reanimated man laugh before pointing it out as Atreus put him on the table he had set up near Fenrir's wolf house.

"See? Even Fenrir agreed."

"Do what, exactly?" Atreus questioned, out of curiosity more than anything else as he sat down and started mixing the herbs he had brought out, throwing them all into a bowl before grinding them using a wooden pestle. "I mean… it's not like I can just choose and not hurt the feeling of the other…"

"Then don't." Mimir interrupted with a small chuckle "As far as I can tell, polygamy is a common practice in devil society…"

"Are you seriously suggesting that now?" Atreus couldn't help but ask, giving Mimir a look as Fenrir came over to look curiously at the bowl his owner was mixing the herbs, wondering if the mixture that had begun to start glowing a yellow color was edible.

"Well, that's just something that I learnt recently from Lady Aphrodite."

"Mimir, you of all people should know that she can't be taken seriously. She's probably trying to mess with me and make my love life complicated when she told you that." Atreus reminded his second father figure with an amused chuckle, making the man laugh again. "But yeah, I have been thinking about asking Rias out. I mean… she's really beautiful, amazingly talented and all but… I still don't have a clue on how to do it. And what about Akeno? You think that I should ask her out too and date both girls at the same time? Sounds pretty greedy if you ask me."

"Why not? Long as they don't mind, I am sure that you can manage to keep them both happy." Mimir then added "And don't forget that you are a god, lad. Some gods are known to have multiple lovers, especially those from Greek…"

"And I don't need you to also remind me that I am the grandson of Zeus, the all-fucker quite literally." Atreus interrupted in monotone, making Mimir chuckle in amusement before getting up and kneeling down on the ground in front of Fenrir with the bowl of crushed herb in his hand. "Okay Fen, stay still."

With that said, Atreus put his index and middle fingers inside the bowl and scooped up some of the mixture inside, making it glow and emit small magic particles of the same color before reaching out and drawing a symbol on Fenrir's neck, at the same time simultaneously chanting the cloaking spell that he had learnt from Freya.

"Leyna." The moment he finished chanting, the snowflake-pattern symbol that he had drawn on Fenrir's neck shone brightly with a golden aura before dimming away, leaving the wolf feeling curious at what he just did "That should do it. We still need to bring you to Aphrodite so she can enhance the spell. Gotta make sure that the gods we might run into won't know that you are not a normal wolf."

"Woof!" Fenrir barked loudly in understanding before leaning forward and licking at his face, making Atreus and also Mimir smile before he got up.

"So, you will go to Olympus now, lad?" Mimir decided to ask.

"Yeah. I am due for another maintenance check on my bow with Brok and Sindri anyway, so why not? Today is my day off from works, and father won't return till seven tonight anyway." Atreus said before he brought his knife and used it to carve a magic circle on the ground. The teleportation magic he had picked up from the devils had been coming in handy, as Atreus had been using it to go to Olympus on his own, and also to go on many hunting trips with his father in Europe.

Sure, now that Fenrir was with them, using his interdimensional rift creation ability would be much faster, but his pet wolf needed to know the exact location of the place he wanted to travel to first. Fenrir had never been to Olympus before, so it'd be impossible for him to create a rift between realms for them to travel there together.

"Well then, see you later tonight, lad."

"Yeah, see you, Mimir. Have fun watching those Korean dramas."

Atreus smiled at Mimir before closing the trapdoor of the hidden storage room and then leaving the shed, locking it with magic to make sure that no adventurous thief would be able to break in and discover what he and his father kept inside.

"Alright, you ready to see Olympus, boy?" Atreus asked while petting Fenrir's head after he had rushed to his side, making the wolf bark joyously at him before they walked together into the magic circle that Atreus had drawn on the ground.

The symbols that he had drawn then lighted up and teleported Atreus and Fenrir away in a flash of light.

Arriving in Mount. Olympus, Atreus and Fenrir did not waste any time to leave the area of teleportation, a station of some sort for visitors and guests of the Greek divine world. Bringing out a map that he had borrowed from Aphrodite a few days back, Atreus quickly found his way to Brok and Sindri's new shop with Fenrir following closely at his side, the wolf drawing some attentions from the people around them but none bothered enough to give him a second look.

With minotaurs, centaurs, satyrs and various magical and mythological beings walking on the streets of Olympia city, minding their own businesses beside the humans, mortals who had earnt for themselves a place among the Greek gods, the sight of a wolf that was only slightly larger than the normal ones wasn't something so strange for anyone to feel curious about.

"What do you mean these cost 10000 hacksilver?! You're trying to rob us?!"

The moment that the two of them arrived at Brok and Sindri's new shop, which was built in the land that they had bought from Aphrodite, Atreus was slightly surprised by a loud female voice coming from inside the building.

Curious, Atreus walked over to the front door and looked inside, finding Brok and Sindri standing in front of their workshop facing a group of four women, with the one appearing to be arguing with them being an incredibly beautiful and attractive young woman with long, straight silver hair and aqua colored eyes. While the other three standing behind her dressed themselves in a matching light armor uniform, she was dressed in a form fitting business suit that hugged her huge bust and showed off the womanly curves of her body nicely. In addition, she also wore a pair of black heels and a wing-shaped hair clip that was clad in pink lacing on the right side of her head.

"Rob ya? Woman, you are looking at some of the finest swords my brother and I have…" Responding to the white haired young woman in his usual aggressive, rude tone, Brok suddenly stopped, noticing Atreus standing outside of his shop with Fenrir at his side, who was also looking curiously at the scene inside of the building with his head tilting to the side.

This also caused the four women arguing with him to turn their heads and look at Atreus, with Fenrir being given a simple glance.

"What's going on?" Atreus couldn't help but ask and finally made his way into the shop with Fenrir. Sindri looked at the wolf nervously, but only because he was afraid that he might leave dirty waste on his sparkling clean floor.

"Kid. Good timin'. Come on in." Brok demanded as he strutted toward Atreus and pushed him toward his workshop until he was standing in front of the white haired young woman and her companions "Ya are good with using weapons, right? So, why don't ya tell these Valkyrie ladies here why 10000 hacksilver is such a good deal for these weapons?"

He requested with a gesture of his hand toward the stack of weapons that he had laid on the counter of his workshop. Atreus, however, was far more interested in the name Brok had just called them than the stack of weapons.

"Valkyries?" Atreus repeated, before asking in surprise "You guys are Valkyries?"

Ever since coming to this world, Atreus had been surprised by many things, similar yet so different to those from his world. However, this had to be the first time he was truly taken aback, not just because he had met the Valkyries of this world for the first time, but it was also because he did not expect them to be the fearsome and mighty female warriors who were tasked with the responsibility of taking the souls of mortals to Valhalla after their warrior deaths. It wasn't just because of their appearances, but also because they did not give off the same feelings as the Valkyries of his world.

When Atreus and his father went on the quest to free the Valkyries from a curse that corrupted them and forced them to remain in their physical forms by defeating them in combat inside the hidden chambers of Odin, he could immediately tell they were about to face an incredibly powerful opponent the moment that they stepped foot inside one of those prison chambers. Battling the Valkyrie, and especially their second queen Sigrun, had to be some of the greatest challenges that he had ever faced alongside his father.

The four Valkyries standing in front of him, meanwhile, did not give Atreus the same feeling, even though the white haired one had a surprisingly high level of magic power. The other three looked like they could hold their own in battle, but neither of them appeared to be on the same level as any of the Valkyries he had faced... at least magically.

"Yes, we are Valkyries. I assume that you have never seen or met a Valkyrie before." The white haired Valkyrie answered with her hands on her hips. Though, she did not look offended by his question in the slightest.

"Well, yeah." Atreus nodded his head and said. Since they were on Olympus, it wouldn't so difficult for them to overlook it.

Technically, she was also right. He had not met a Valkyrie of this world before.

"So, you guys are looking to buy these weapons from Brok and Sindri, right?" Atreus then asked as he turned to look at the stack of weapons on the counter and picked up a sword, twirling it around to test its weight and balance.

As much as he wanted to know more about the Valkyries of this world, Atreus understood it might come off as rude asking the four way too many questions about their profession, and decided to leave the matter for later.

"Yes, and they want us to pay 10000 hacksilver for just five swords and three spears, can you believe it? You do know our currency, right?" Atreus nodded his head again to the white haired Valkyrie when she asked him.

Though at the same time, he couldn't help but notice the apologetic smiles on the face of the other three, making him come to the realization that their sister might be the only one trying to bargain the price with the Huldra brothers.

"I mean… I am sure that you won't find better weapons than this around here." Atreus said as he the sword in his hand a twirl, showing her just how well made the weapon was "See? Perfectly balanced and weighted. The handle is a bit small for my hand, but it should be a perfect fit for… you. Here, give it a try."

He then gave the sword to one of the other Valkyries, who took it in her hand and tested it in a similar manner that he had done.

The other two, meanwhile, were excitedly petting Fenrir, who greatly enjoyed the attention.

"It is indeed very balanced and fit my hand perfectly." The Valkyrie said with a nod of her head as she continued to test the blade out.

"Yes, Brok and Sindri seem to have made the sword specifically for you, so I have no doubt that it will serve you well; better than any sword that you have ever held in your life." Atreus said, with Brok and Sindri nodding their heads repeatedly in confirmation and agreement.

"But last time they were in Asgard, they sold a sword for only 1000." The white haired Valkyrie, meanwhile, did not look convinced as she said with her arms crossing on her chest.

"That was 15 years ago, Miss Rossweisse." Sindri pointed out, leaning out from behind his brother in a nervous manner "Not to mention that we made these weapons from Asgardian steels, the same material that we used to craft the armors for the first group of Valkyries. They are not easy to come by, you see."

"Ask ya grandmother, she'd know the quality of the steel." Brok scoffed, before his tone became surprisingly soft, as he leaned forward and asked with a smile while rubbing his palms together "How's Lady Gondul, by the way?"

Atreus couldn't help but widen his eyes in surprise and amazement while looking at Rossweisse. She was Gondul's granddaughter? Now that was another unexpected surprise.

Gondul, the Valkyrie who had awaited them at the end of Surtr's Hidden Trials in Muspelheim. Of all the Valkyrie that Atreus and Kratos had fought, Gondul had had to be one of the most dangerous and formidable of them, as her strength and powers were only after to the Valkyrie Queens, Sigrun, Gna, and Freya themselves.

And also, while Atreus had never seen Gondul without her Valkyrie armor, he had heard stories from Mimir that Gondul was a transcended beauty. Aphrodite was a prime example of the fact that a god of this world could just be like their counterpart from his home world, so Atreus couldn't help but wonder if this Gondul was just like the one who had fought alongside him and his father in Ragnarok with her sisters.

"My grandmother is very well, thank you for asking." Rossweisse answered before she took another look at the sword in her sister's hand, and then the stack of weapons on the table. After a moment, she let out a heavy sigh, before summoning a small bag of coins "Okay, fine. I will pay for them."

"Pleasure doing business with ya." Brok grinned, taking the bag of hacksilver from Rossweisse. "So, is there anything else we can grab ya?"

"Sorry, but thanks to you, I am officially broke." Rossweisse said with tears in her eyes, making Atreus sweat drop.

"I guess it's time for us to leave." The Valkyrie Atreus had given the sword to speak to her sister with a hand gripping her shoulder before looking at Atreus, giving him a thankful smile as she said to him "Thank you for your opinion, young man."

"Glad to help." Atreus said, before making a gesture for Fenrir to come back to him, allowing the other two Valkyrie to stand up and return to their sisters. After that, the Valkyries left the weapon shop, and Atreus waited till they had disappeared to ask Brok and Sindri.

"So, is Gondul really her grandmother?"

"Why yes! One of the nine original Valkyries, who is so stunning she can literally drive us men insane. Not a bad way to become mad though." Brok said mesmerizingly, and even Sindri had a similar look on his face. It was his first time seeing the Huldra brothers having such expression, and Atreus had to try his best to hold back his laughter. "Ya can imagine how beautiful lady Gondul is just from looking at her granddaughter."

"Though, it seems that she has also inherited Gondul's habit of bargaining for a much lower price when shopping." Sindri then pointed out, making Atreus chuckle in amusement. So that's why the other Valkyrie had that apologetic looks on their faces.

"Isn't she Odin's bodyguard?" Sindri then asked as he looked over to his brother "It seems the job doesn't pay that well."

"She's what now?" Atreus asked in surprise.

"Don't overthink it, kid." Brok said as he walked back behind his workshop and started hammering a red hot blade of a sword that he had taken out of the furnace with his barehand. "The All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Fucker is a lazy slob these days, so being his bodyguard means that she has to do everything for him. I suppose the girl has it in her to endure the one-eyed bastard though, since I heard she's currently holding the record for the longest duration of being his escort."


Atreus asked with another forced chuckle. He could only wish Rossweisse the best of luck, because while the Odin of this world was nowhere near as evil as the one he and his father and Freya had fought and defeated, Aphrodite did tell him that the All-Father of northern pantheon was just another pain in the ass nowadays, knowing only the comfort of his godhoods just like almost every other gods in this world, including Zeus.

"So kid, where did ya find this big pup?" Brok suddenly asked, breaking Atreus out of his musing while Sindri continued to back off nervously from Fenrir.


"Hah, I won again!" Aphrodite cheered loudly as she showed them the cards in her hands, making Atreus facepalm while Brok and Sindri could only stare at the goddess of love in shock.

"That's it. I'm fucking done playing!" Brok declared in annoyance as he got up from his chair, with Sindri following shortly after. Aphrodite simply laughed before she collected their bet money and started counting how much she had won from all three of them the whole night.

Atreus, meanwhile, could only sigh as he watched his money, almost all the money that he made from delivering pizza, getting taken away by Aphrodite. Maybe he stopped testing his luck in these types of games, especially against someone who was surprisingly good at it like her.

She had only lost to him and the Dwarves once before, but Atreus couldn't help but feel that it had been because she pitied them for loosing so much money to her.

"Well, it's late so I better head back before my father started getting worried." Atreus told Aphrodite as he got up, making Fenrir, who had been sleeping on the floor next to him, wake up and do the same. It was almost midnight, so he had been on Olympus for almost seven hours, not realizing how fast time had passed as he hung out with the Dwarves at their shop, helping them out with their business as much as he could and playing card with them and Aphrodite, who had come to see him when she found out that he and Fenrir were with the Huldra brothers.

He had already sent Mimir a text to inform him and his father that he would come home late. Mimir had responded with a text to tell him to have. His father, on the other hand, had told him to be careful and vigilant just as Atreus had expected him to.

"Your father? Getting worried? I actually have no idea that those words can be said in the same sentence when talking about your father." Aphrodite stated in amusement. Earlier on that day, she had also enhanced the cloaking spell that Atreus had put on his pet wolf, making sure that it would work on the gods of her world.

"You will be surprised. My father actually…" Before he could finish, his phone went off, making him take it out and seeing that it was his father who was calling him "See?"

He showed the name on the screen to Aphrodite, who snickered before she turned away and allowed Atreus to finally answer his father's call.

"Yes, father. I am about to…"

"Atreus, something is going on at your school." His father interrupted before Atreus could finish telling him that he was heading back. "Return as soon as you can."

"Understood, father. I will be there in a sec." Atreus told his father hurriedly and ended the call, making the Huldra brothers and Aphrodite look at him curiously. Putting his phone away, Atreus then looked at Fenrir and asked him "Fenrir, can you open a rift back to our home?"

Answering him with a soft whimper, Fenrir did not waste any time to do what his owner requested him to, using his fore paws to tear a rift in front of him.

"What the fuck?" Brok asked as he and Sindri stared at Fenrir in surprise.

"Atreus, what's going on?" Aphrodite asked him in curiosity, but Atreus knew that he did not have time to explain it to her.

"Sorry guys, but I gotta go." He told them before leaving with Fenrir, passing through the realm tear his pet wolf had created to return to their home together.

"Up here, Atreus." Arriving at the backyard of his home, Atreus looked up when he heard his father's deep voice coming from above and saw the man standing on the roof of their house with Mimir in one hand. Atreus immediately jumped onto the roof himself, walking over to stand next to his father before turning his gaze over to the direction where he was looking.

"You can see them, can't you?" Kratos asked, making Atreus silently nod his head in confirmation. He could see several figures wearing the uniforms of Kuoh academy flying in the air above the school buildings, fighting black winged beings who wielded in their hands weapons made of pure light.

Even if he couldn't see their faces clearly from so far away, it wasn't that difficult for Atreus to figure out that the group of Kuoh students were the combined force of Rias and Sona's peerages as they fought against a greater number of fallen angels. The devils were holding their owns well despite being outnumbered, but one did not need to be a seasoned warrior to know that they was slowly and surely loosing.

The real problems to them, however, were on the ground. Atreus could see several humongous, three-headed dog-like creatures wreaking havoc on the schoolyard, shooting balls of fire at the ones they were fighting them. A bolt of lightning then blasted out of a large magic circle that spread out on the sky striking a three headed hound and knocking it back, before a blast of crimson and black demonic power annihilated the creature completely, showing that Rias and Atreus were among the devils on the ground.

"Are those…"

"Cerberi." Kratos said seriously, recognizing the signature features of the hounds of Hades in his homeland.

"Rias and Akeno are fighting them." Atreus said before turning around to rush to his room and grab his weapon. However, he was stopped by his father, who reached his hand out and grabbed his shoulder before he could go anywhere "Father, I have…"

Atreus tried to reason with his father, knowing that the man wouldn't let him risk exposing who they were to the rest of the world. At the same time, however, he couldn't let his friends continue fighting the battle that they were clearly losing either, knowing he had the power to help them turn the tide.


"I will come with you." His father interrupted him and said much to Atreus' surprise. "We will not let anything happen to them."

"Brother, are you sure about this?" Mimir asked, even though he did not sound like he wanted to stop Kratos from coming with his son. "The number of people who will know about you and your son will increase significantly after this battle is over. The likelihood of a god hearing about you and your son will increase, and they might not be friendly."

"Then we prepare ourselves for them, brother." Kratos answered Mimir before he looked at his son, squeezing his shoulder firmly as he continued "This time, we will be ready. You are ready, Atreus. Whatever consequences of the choices that we made tonight, we will all face them together."

"Yes, father." Atreus nodded his head and smiled at Kratos.

"Not to mention that we cannot let anything happens to the girls either, especially not after they have proven themselves worthy to the young lad, right brother?" Mimir asked while looking at Kratos, making Atreus snap his head over to look at him.



"Not you too, father!"

"Go get your weapon, boy. We will leave as soon as you are ready."

"Yes, sir!"

"And you will come with us as well, boy." Kratos then said as he looked down at Fenrir, making him bark back in response "Let's see how well fare against the three headed hounds of my homeland."



Rias Gremory knew that she and her childhood friend Sona and their servants were fighting a losing battle.

The weather seemed to respond to the intense battle that was taking place in Kuoh academy, as the midnight sky began to rain heavily with lightning striking the trees and lightning rods on the rooftops of the tallest buildings around them.

Just a couple of hours ago, she had received a phone call from her servant Issei Hyoudou, who told her he had made contact with two fallen angels under Kokabiel's command as they came to his home and told him that their leader wished to have a meeting with the devils in charge of Kuoh town. As quickly as she could, Rias had called Sona and together, they had headed to Issei's house along with their queens after informing the rest of their peerage of the situation, telling them to be ready.

As she had expected, Kokabiel had been there to meet them, declaring his hope of starting another Great war by killing them both, the sisters of Sirzechs Lucifer and Serafall Leviathan, leaders of their people. He could have done it right there, if it weren't for the fact that he wished for them to entertain him with their struggles to stay alive.

And so, Kokabiel had proposed a fight between him and his force, a fight that would take place at Kuoh academy. Rias and Sona knew what was waiting for them, but they had no choice but to accept his challenge.

The two of them had wished to keep it a secret from the rest of Kuoh with a special barrier that would be maintained by Sona and her servants. It would keep the normal townspeople from seeing the supernatural battle inside the academy, but Kokabiel's army, a combination of fallen angels that followed him and stray exorcists, three of whom had the ability to wield the three Excalibur he had stolen, proved to be too much for a single peerage to deal with alone.

Not only that but he had also summoned a group of Cerberi to fight them. Fortunately for them all, none of them were the original Cerberus, the true three headed guard dog of the gate of hell whose strength rivaled that of the gods, but him having those Cerberi at his disposal meant that he had the eldest child of Typhon and Echidna with him, as they only followed the first of their species.

Rias did not know how he was able to convince Cerberus to join him when he was known for his loyalty to Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld, but it was the least she wanted to worry about when facing such fearsome foes.

So together, Rias, Sona and their servants had joined forces to fight the army of fallen angels, stray exorcists and the Cerberi. Having managed to strike an alliance with Xenovia and Irina the day before, the two had come to their aid, and they were currently fighting stray exorcists and enemy Excalibur holy sword wielders with Kiba, who had unlocked his balance breaker with the souls of his deceased comrades' supports.

Knowing that she would not be able to beat them Excalibur to Excalibur, Xenovia had revealed the holy sword that had chosen her as its wielder, Durandal, summoning it to wield the weapon in battle. Since it was one of the most powerful holy swords in the world, the reforged fragments of the true Excalibur could not compare even with their unique abilities, allowing Xenovia to easily overwhelm the enemy holy sword wielders on her own until they were aided by other stray exorcists.

Rias and Sona along with their Queens, meanwhile, had been fighting the Cerberi with the supports of Koneko and Issei in the center of the schoolyard, leaving the battle against the force of fallen angels in the air to their other servants. Their battle against the three headed monsters had been incredibly difficult, as it took several direct hits of their demonic powers to kill even one of them. To make it even worse, with each Cerberus being reduced to nothing but ashes, a new one was instantly summoned and attacked them with even more aggression.

Rias knew that very soon she and her friends would run out of their demonic power and couldn't continue fighting. Even now, the crimson haired young woman could feel her reverse depleted quickly.

The entire battle itself had begun to get worse and worse for the young devils, with their only victory so far had been the death of Valper Galilei, who was slain by Kiba before he could fuse the three stolen Excalibur into one. Asia had been the one who had been keeping them on their feet with her Sacred Gear, but the girl had her limit, while with each enemy that they cut down, a lot more showed up to fight them, seemingly unending in sheer number alone.

"Rias, we need to think of a better strategy. We cannot keep on fighting these monsters head on like this." Sona shouted from the side as she used the water of the rain to summon a large water dragon to restrain a Cerberus, allowing Akeno to strike it with a massive bolt of lightning. The beast howled in pain, but the spell was not strong enough to kill it and only served to make it more aggressive.

However, even after saying that to her childhood friend, the heiress of Sitri devil household knew that it was impossible for either her or Rias to come up with a good plan to get them out of their current situation, not when the Cerberi did not give them even a moment to properly catch their breaths.

"We are gonna need more than just a plan, Sona." Rias gritted her teeth in frustration and looked up at Kokabiel, who smirked arrogantly down at her as he casually watched the bloody battle beneath him in his floating throne. They were exhausting their demonic power fighting his minions, and yet he hadn't even joined the fight yet. Rias and Sona had already contacted their elder siblings, so they could only hope that they could hold on until Sirzechs and Serafall arrived before the situation got even worse for them and their servants.

"So, this is the full extensions of your power. I must admit… I am severely disappointed." Kokabiel stated loudly for them all to hear, the smirk never leaving his face he looked down at them like ants beneath his feet.

He then shifted his gaze to Akeno, who had struck down yet another Cerberus with a powerful lightning spell, and spoke to her in a mocking tone.

"Not bad. You are the only one here who have exceeded my expectation." Akeno glared murderously at him as she floated in the air using her devil wings, but Kokabiel was unfazed by it "Though, You are after all, the daughter of Baraquiel."

"Shut up! Don't you dare mention that man in front of me!"

With a scream, Akeno unleashed the full might of her lightning magic at Kokabiel, a massive magic circle appearing before her and releasing multiple bolts of lightning so powerful everyone could feel it.

Kokabiel, however, simply raised his hand and blocked the attack, brushing them off like they were nothing.

"You know, I think if you had used the power you inherited from him there, you might have left a scratch on my hands." Kokabiel said with a smirk before he created a medium light spear in hand "Regardless, I think before I kill those two and initiate the second Great War, I will remind Baraquiel of how bad of a husband and father he is."

With that said, he flicked the spear at Akeno, who had her eyes widened in shock as it flew at her at the speed she could not react to. Kiba Yuuto, who was the only one who could see it, ran as fast as his legs could carry him, but deep down, he knew that his speed wasn't going to be enough for him to reach Akeno in time.

Fortunately for the devils, before the light spear could reach Akeno and pierced her chest, a silver arrow flew through the air and destroyed it midair on collision, shocking everyone including Kokabiel himself.


Before he could look for the one who shot that arrow with such precision, everyone in Kuoh heard the howling of a wolf, and turned to that direction to see two figures, incredibly familiar to the devils who had met them, standing on the rooftop of a building across from Kuoh academy with a wolf behind them howling to the sky behind them. A bolt of lightning then struck behind the three, lighting up the area just enough for them to see their faces.

"Rias, are those…" Sona asked, but when she looked to her friend, the look on her face was enough for Sona to know the answer to her question.

There's now hope in the eyes of her childhood friend, for the people who had just arrived while being accompanied by their pet wolf were none other than Atreus and his father.

Together, Kratos and his son jumped off the building and landed on the street just outside of Kuoh, with Fenrir following shortly after them, jumping from building to building to get down behind his owners. The moment that their feet touched the ground, every single fallen angel and stray exorcists within Kuoh Academy felt an overwhelming presences coming from the three, as they stood straight up and ready their weapons.

Instantly, the fallen angels and stray exorcists realized that the father and son, along with their pet wolf were a far more dangerous threat than every devil they were fighting, or anyone that they had fought in their life. If it weren't for the rain, then Kokabiel would have realized that he was sweating while looking at them. The three did not radiate any form of power, but for some reasons just looking at them sent a shiver down Kokabiel's spine, and he knew that the two were incredibly dangerous, especially the muscular, ashen skinned man who wielded in his hand an axe and carried on his back two dark steel blades, with the chains wrapping around the gauntlets that he wore on his hands.

"Ready yourself, Atreus."

"Yes, father!"


"Hey. Just want to let you know a Bloodless dude friend of mine found out who took your dog, Zaggy boi!"

"What, who?!"

The black haired young man dressed in red asked in surprise, immediately getting up from his bed to look at his training partner, Skelly, who ran into his room to directly inform him of the news he had just learnt.

"Never mind that, just tell me where they are right now so I can go bring Cerberus back, and give them a piece of my mind." He declared in annoyance, grabbing his sword which he had been sharpening for the past ten minutes, the blade glinting dangerously as he imagined what he would do to the bastard that dared to kidnap his dog.

Before Skelly could answer him, Zagreus suddenly felt a looming presence behind his back, and saw Skelly widening his sockets in surprise before getting on his knees to bow.

Turning around, Zagreus was not surprised to see an imposing, muscular giant of a man who wore a red toga just like him, with the additions of a skull pauldron on his right shoulder and a burning laurel wreath on the top of his head. The man walked to him, before he eventually stopped right in front of the young man, who looked up at him and met his gaze.

"Father." Zagreus addressed the man calmly "If you are here to stop me from going to the human world to rescue Cerberus, then you…"

"You have 10 minutes, boy." The man said in his deep, booming voice, looking down at his son sternly "Just like the last time, you have 10 minutes in the human world. A second more, or try to run off, then I will send Thanatos and the Furies themselves after you."

"All four of them at the same time? Didn't know you were capable of spoiling me, father." Zagreus jokingly said as he twirled his sword around and put it on his shoulder, smirking at his father before saying "Fine then. 10 minutes it is. Should be more than enough time for me to bring our Cerberus back."

End of Chapter 17

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