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=Chapter 1: Out of A Safe Place=

When I was younger I would imagine that I could peel the layers of the pain, anger, sadness from the world and put it all into a box. Then put that box into a place that it wouldn't hurt anyone again but like my dad, (or I think he is my dad), says we are meant to take on the good with the bad.

Why would we take the good with the bad I would say. Why not just take all the good and push out the bad like how heroes would do.

Then my dad said if we always had a good day then we wouldn't need heroes right?

They are meant to come when you need them the most so they can't always be there. At times you need to be the one strong enough to take the hits and get back up yourself.

All the hardships that we take on day by day might be overwhelming. Sometimes we even want to quit but if we keep on pushing on we may find ourselves a bit stronger for it.

So we can be strong enough to lend a hand.

That was the last thing I can remember and I don't know why this came up. Maybe, this… lost it. Dang.

I get like this sometimes, when I start remembering my past and little blips appear. From my dad talking to me to watching TV. I am not sure why but I know this is not right, somehow? Too tired now. Will think about it later.

I am not sure why but I think I died. I don't even know how but that is what I am thinking of and now I am in limbo. I don't remember any bright light to walk to or an angel to fly me away.

I came to this idea because I was stuck in this empty dark space floating around not knowing what is up and what is down. I can't really move either, but I can spin around and think.

At least its warm enough to sleep in and dream to pass the time. I would try to remember things. They are small things but they come and go. Like what the man I think is my dad and I talked about and how I remember stories about this being called God and how he is supposed to guide all of us from passing on to a better place, but… I think I missed it.

I didn't get to meet the big guy from upstairs which is kind of a bummer but I am ninety percent sure I was that bad of a person... I think?

I did not see the other guy either and I hope it stays that way.

So yeah, I think I am in limbo.

*thump thump thump thump*

Oh yeah and this 'thumping' sound has been going on for a while now. It's better than complete silence and I don't think I can sleep without it now.

*humm huum humm hummm*

What is that sound?

A muffled humming is bouncing around me. It feels nice.

*humm huum humm hummm*

It's kind of like a song. How do I know it? I continued to try to remember the song but the power of sleep was overwhelming and I drifted back to sleep again.

*thump thump thumpthump thumpthump thumpthump*

Wha? I was startled awake from the non-rhythmic sound.

Muffled screaming came after then everything suddenly felt like it was crushing me and I couldn't breath.

It's too much, make it stop please make it stop! It felt like my sides were being pressed so hard that I would be crushed in half. The overwhelming pressure seems to be too much for me.

I don't know how long but it felt like hours being crushed and pushed through something. The next thing I knew everything was cold then I blacked out from my ribs snapping.

"AAAHHHH!" A woman is seen on a bed screaming in an old wooden cabin with two others. A young woman around her twenties at the foot of the bed and an older man guarding a door.

"Just a bit more, I can see its head," the young woman said. "One last push."

With one more cry the pregnant woman pushed. *Waah! wah! waah!* "You did it," the young woman exclaimed and the new mother breathed out an exhausted sigh but their cries fell silent.

The young woman looked down to the baby and saw that it stopped breathing. "what happened?" The mother asked with worry, tingeing her words. "What's wrong with my baby!?"

"What do I do!? They stopped breathing!" The young woman began to look like she was about to break down.

"Calm down," the man said, still guarding the door. "Do you know how to give CPR?" Looking back at the girl then she nodded. "Good, just remember to cover the kids nose and give short breaths, no longer than a second and do it quickly."

The young woman laid the newborn on the blankets and began administering CPR. In the old cabin nothing can be hurt but soft breathes from the young woman and the mother holding back her tears.

*cough cough Waah! wahh!* Then the child is full of life again.

"You did it, good." A man said. "Now wrap up the kid we need to go." tossing a blanket to the girl while going over to the mother and helping her stand.

"Give him here," the mother said, holding out her arm to cradle the newborn. "Are you sure you can-" from a single glare from the mother he sealed his lips shut. She began to wave light from her hands over herself and the pain on her face lessened a bit. "Let me hold my baby Anna, please."

Anna with one more look over the mother she handed over the baby. "He is a he by the way." she said while standing next to them observing the little guy.

As she was cradling him in her arms he began to cry again. The sound was as if he was experiencing immense pain. The mother quickly placed her palm over her son and began emitting light. In doing so she gasped in shock. "What's happened?" asked Anna with worry. "Ailia what's wrong?"

"He has a broken arm and a bruised rib." Ailia said while trying to steady her shaking hand. "This must have happened during birth."

"Can't you heal him like before?" asked Anna. Ailia shook her head "I can not. Only people who have their auras unlocked can my semblance affect them directly. I can only find out what's ailing the people if theirs are locked."

"If its that then you can unlock his aura and heal him, right?" Ailia shook her head but the man spoke "An aura is the manifestation of a person's soul which can give them a boost in strength, reflexes, endurance and many other things. Beyond what a normal person can obtain without it but there is a drawback." "It is the manifestation of our souls, the being that the grimm is constantly searching for to hunt and destroy. With it we become beacons in the night for all to see." finished Ailia.

"I never wanted my kids to be a part of that life *sab*." "I wanted them to grow up without this responsibility." Ailia began to tier up trying to hold back her emotions.

"Can't we just splint the arm and… " Anna trying to think of something, " maybe tighten up the blanket around his body to keep him from moving around?" wanted to add.

"The shock of him breaking his arm was enough to cause him to stop breathing. Any more stress could possibly…" Ailia left unsaid. A quiet befallen them in the old cabin.


The door of the cabin was hammered down by something big causing the man to step in front of the women and Ailia pushing Anna behind her. Then a loud roar bellowed outside but then was cut off by a woman's yell and another cracking noise bringing the door down.

With the black smoke billowing up from the dead grimm a woman stepped inside. "Is the kid out yet Rhodes!? We are going to be overrun if we don't get moving!" said before stepping right back out.

With a long sigh Rhodes turns back to the women "This will give the kid a chance to get out safe. Let me unlock it."

"No, I will do it. This way you can still be ready to use your semblance." Ailia said.

"You can't, it will be too much strain for you right now and we can't have you passing out when you are still recovering." Rhodes pointed out.

"This won't be my first time with aura exhaustion and I got this thing here and Anna to help me walk too." she said while getting her staff from next to her bed. "It will keep your hands free and focus on helping your loud friend."

Rhodes was about to argue but thought better of it. "Alright, my team and I will get you all out, please start." Turning outside to help his teammate and buy some time.

With another shaky breath Ailia reached up to her necklace and removed it. The necklace is has a small pendant with half of it white and the other black. She gave a silent prayer then tucked it into the blankets with the child.

She places her hand over her child's heart and chanted,

"For it is through empathy that we can form understanding. From this we find strength to persevere and become a force of stability, infinite in trials and pressure of this life. I release your soul and by my hand give thee strength.", letting her hand flicker out and having Anna help stand her up.

A bright green flash appeared to flow over her child's body then his breath became eased.

*sigh* "Alright let's go." Ailia said with Anna supporting her as they left the cabin and entered the cold night air.

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