CHAPTER 3: Meeting The Family

"Where did Captain Hook buy his hook?... The second hand store."

"Why do the fingers refuse to agree with the thumbs?... This is because the thumbs can be opposable."

"Oh, What does Spiderman do on his day off?... He surfs the world wide web! Yeah that's a good one." I inwardly laugh at what I am coming up with that I did not notice that Mark moves me into a new room. "Here is the infant you asked for Doctor, and the current medical report." Said Mark as he handed over a clipboard to a man with hair very gray bordering on white. "Looks like I am in this Docs office." Facing me towards the Doc. "Ah, thank you Mr. Hudson. Has there been any new development with his health? Any side effects or early signs of a semblance to manifest?" As he takes a look at my arms and my ribs.

"As far as we have noticed none had surfaced and as for his health, it is not being hampered by his aura being unlocked so soon. In fact his fractured arm and bruised ribs healed up quite well. I believe it was due to the mother unlocking and healing him. Because of that he was able to guide his own aura to instinctually heal himself." That caught my attention, listening closely to the conversation I wondered what this aura thing they brought up and who are my parents.

"Are my parents also some type of animal too? Are they some type of spider people!?" Just imagining my parents coming to see me with spider heads or eight big old eyes staring. *spine tingles* "ohhh that gave me a shiver." Getting out of my imagination I tried to focus back on what they were saying.

The Doc nodded at what Mark said "It is indeed quite interesting how children can have an easier time manipulating their own aura but it's even rarer to see an infant become able to." Shaking his head he turned to me. "But it's still quite dangerous for him, even more so, so soon that he doesn't have the mentality or any training to stay calm in stressful situations. There have been too many causes were the young or inexperienced happen to unlock their auras during Grimm attacks, but in doing so, they would be a more prominent target for the Grimm. Rarely any would survive in those situations when their negativity is going off in the midst of danger."

"Yeah, but on these few rare occasions…" Mark says while gesturing towards me. "... it gives them enough of a chance to make it out, but I see your point." Grabbing the clipboard from my carrier, he handed it to the Doctor. "Here are the latest scans of his aura levels. We can do the test like you asked but there is no mental or physical drain. Just a slightly higher output than normal." This gave the Doctor a pause in his reading to look back at the expelling aura levels. "Barely even two percent, no indication of manifesting a semblance, even if it's possible it's far too soon to tell."

"So, it's like an energy within me that I can manipulate and heal wounds, but if I have it unlocked it would attract these monsters called 'Grimm', who can sense and track these people more easily then compared to those who did not have their aura unlocked." The idea of monsters having the ability to find me wherever I am feels like a nightmare on the Freddy Krueger level of fear. What is a Freddy Krueger and why am I scared of them? "Something about having a mental strength or control to keep that from happening? If that doesn't work I just have to be strong enough to kick their butts to cover it." I tried to clench my hands but it feels like even the air is too hard to squeeze.

"It seems to be a passive stream or better yet a leaky faucet that has not been shut off completely. Did you test if the aura barrier is up around their body?" "Yes sir but there was no sign of bringing his aura forward. With the scans or physical testing to indicate it being instinctual healing and has not stopped. Could it be a passive effect?"

"That could be it but it's still too early to find a solid reason for it. We just need to follow up if anything else has developed but in the meantime can you bring in the parents. It's time for this one to meet his family." The Doctor smiled while Mark returned it with his own.

*knock knock knock* The sound of knocking from the door got our attention. "Well speak of the Gods and they will appear, that must be them. Mr. Hudson please let them in and that will be all." As Mark walked past me out of my vision, I couldn't help but worry about what was about to happen. Most of my time I was stuck in a box with nothing to do but sleep with no one else besides Mark to keep me company. "The anxiety of what is to come and alone to face it. Oh great, here comes the waterworks, hold it in."

Anna's POV

"Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Greylock please come in and have a seat. Thank you again Mr. Hudson." Entering the room I felt a slight pressure and nervousness in my stomach came over me. I could hardly say a thing but I gave a slight nod towards the doctor as he greeted us. "Thank you for meeting with us doctor and I wish to personally thank you for taking care of my wife when she was administered here." Hearing my husband's words reminded me how frightened he was. Trying to calm him down after hearing I was in the hospital was near impossible, over the scroll, until I agreed for him to come see me. I reached out and gripped his hand, giving him a squeeze of reinsurance. "Yes Doctor, thank you for taking care of me." giving him a thankful smile.

"Your most welcome-" he was cut off when a faint whimper came from the carrier on the desk. "Ah, didn't mean to leave you out of the talk now." As he walked around the desk my husband and I just sat in the chairs watching as the doctor lifted him up to cradle him against his chest and began to sway. I saw his little arms again. All six of them. It was a surprise when I was delivering him that I thought it would be hard to carry him but he was just like any other baby. Just cup the head to lie down the baby and adjust them to make them comfortable in your arms.

In mere moments the whimpering subsided. "This one here has been through quite a bit during his time here. He has been under strict observation from our medical staff and enough time in the incubation pod that I can say, with certainty, that his injuries during birth and the aura fatigue did not have any lasting damage."

"Also thanks to you the quick action of resuscitating the child helped no brain damage. The first few moments of an infant taking breath is the most important to build up that natural instinct we all have when born." The first time seeing him passed out and not breathing filled me with dread. Worrying if I was too late or I hurt him with the compressions. Nothing can really prepare you for things to happen in the field. "Speaking about aura, everything examination and testing of aura shows that it's working correctly as it should be. In Spite of this", Hearing those four words just made my heart stop. ,"we are still far from understanding the inner workings of our auras. To this day we keep discovering new findings of aura affecting people in different ways."

This got me to take a breath to calm my heart. "What… what do you mean doctor? Is it something hurting him or affecting him in any negative way we should be aware of?" My husband. "Oh nothing like that it's actually benefiting him more which is odd." As he said that he pushed over a sheet of paper. Reading it it says aura levels and average aura levels then I saw it. "His aura output levels are slightly above the average of children who happen to have their auras unlocked when young. Not many cases of them have one in the first few minutes of their birth."

"This child is the first I have seen who has an aura that is overflowing and no side effects currently visible. For causing something occurring I recommend a checkup for the upcoming month." Looking at the child again I see him sound asleep. I guess the doctor saw me staring and he gestured to me. "Do you wish to carry him for a second while I get the other papers for signing?" I nodded as he came over to me. He was placed in my arms and without stirring awake he kept on sleeping. He is so small in my arms I couldn't help but take in every inch of his face. The small pudgy face with his arms cradled agents his chest with each hand covered by mittens of different colors. I guess I was in my own little world that my husband lightly squeezed my shoulder to get my attention.

"I am sorry, what did you say?"

"I asked what will his name be Mrs. Greylock. For finishing the documentation. Have you both decided?"

Looking at my husband he looked back at me. "I always like the name Palmer. What do you think?"

A born traveler, always experiencing new things and meeting new people. Being free in this world of strife and challenges he can overcome. Thinking about Ailia and how she wanted to always be with him she reached into her pocket and pulled out a pendant. Its design is of a round shape with two claps, one side has an ebony deer and the other side is ivory fox. "She wanted something that would never be taken away from him. To teach him anything can be worked out even when things shrewd his sight." Placing the pendant into his small hands his fingers latched onto it but he still slept. "Grin, His full name will be Palmer Grin Greylock."

"Our son."