Chapter 4: Five more minutes



"-ake u—"

"What you talking about?"

"It's time to wake up my boy!" *clap clap* "Get ready and come eat. It's almost time to go." The feeling of cold air hitting my body as the blankets were pulled off my bed. I tried to curl up into a ball to keep hold of what little heat and sleep I could but it slipped away with the blanket. "'Gosh I hate the cold.'"

In the doorway I see a silhouette of a man holding up and rolling up the blanket into a ball. I just got my pillow and placed it over my head hoping that his loud voice would be muffled. "Just five more minutes." I tried to say but it came out as a bunch of muffling instead of his. "Okay, you want five more minutes." Nodding his head then shaking it. "Sorry my boy if I do that then the food will get cold." Feeling a soft thud hitting my back, I think it was the blankets, he walked out calling back. "I will give you three and not a second more but since I am the most loving and gracious father that I am, I will keep your food warm that I slaved over." With a false sad tone he flicks the lights on and walks away.

"Come down when you have had enough of your beauty sleep champ."

Waking up abruptly I get a face full of sunlight causing my eyes to burn. Rubbing my eyes to get the spots out of my vision I tried to feel around for my blanket but it was not on the bed. Sitting up I took a look around trying to get my bearings. I am in my room but not the one I have been having in my dreams. In these dreams I keep on seeing people, sometimes with silhouettes or just their voices, but the only one I can see somewhat clearly is my 'dads' beard and hearing his voice. This has been going off and on about a year now and it's completely random. One minute I am at some type of school, the next I am running from a dog, but I like dogs.

Sitting up at the edge of the bed I stared blankly at the wall for a second trying to remember the dream, but gave up after feeling the chilly air, whatever it was nothing new. Rubbing and stretching my arms I jumped off the bed and made my way to the window to close the thick curtains to keep the cold air out. Before closing the curtains I took a look outside. I covered my eyes a bit to block the sun from hitting my still sleepy eyes. They adjusted to the light. Seeing that the sun is a bit over the building rooftops, this causes the light to hit directly into my room in the mornings which causes me a bit of a headache. Just think of this. You had a long day and you went to sleep in hopes of a wonderful dream and I think it's going somewhere but noooo~. The window is directly inline when the sun rises causing you to wake up and cut into how the story ends from your dream. What happens if it was some mystical prophecy from an all-powerful being that would tell you how to stop world hunger, stop evil overlords, or even tell you why you keep having the same f'ing dreams over and over and over again for every night.

*sigh* closing the curtains again "I might as well get up." In my tired state of mind I tried to make my way towards the door in the dark room, *thwack* "FFSHaahh!" Without paying attention my foot made direct contact with a thick book that I left out last night. I hopped on to my good foot and cradled my other in my six hands. Jumping around trying to rub the pain from my foot away that my other food got caught in my blanket and I toppled over like a tree. *thud* "ow."

"Palmer are you alright what was that noise?"

"Nothing, mom just tripped over some books." I called out while rubbing my little toe. Outside I heard footsteps when my mom came through the door. Not once, but twice I got blinded by bright lights early in the morning. As my mother came in, she turned on the lights, "Make that third time.", to see me laying on the floor holding my slightly bruised toe. My mom, with her 5'7" stature, looked like a giant from my height of 3'6".

Having my eyes adjusted for the third time this morning and wiping my watery eyes. I can now see that she is in her gray scrubs with puppies and kittens printed on them and having her brown hair done up in a bun. My mom, Anna, works as a dental assistant for our local Clinic. She's been working there evanescence I can remember. Seeing me on the ground she came over and lifted me up with ease. I weighed nothing in her arms. "Ah my poor baby that's why I told you to not be sneaking after we put you to bed. Now look, your little foot is hurt now." She said as she was hugging me to keep me from crying. "I was not sneaking, I was trying to close the curtains mom but I'm fine, look it's already healing." Removing my hands I showed her the small green glow from my hands covering the pinky toe.

Squeezing me tighter she gave a small sigh. "Sweetie, I know that it may hurt but you can't always use your aura to heal every little bump you get. Also you know that your father and I don't want you to be playing with your aura alone." "I was not playing, it just happened. Every time I get hurt it just shows up! It just shows up." I said again in a quieter voice again. "But I got it to not glow as much, learning to control it, the glowing did not go everywhere this time." I tried to defend myself.

She gave me a small boop on my nose to get my attention. "And where did you find out about controlling your aura from?" "I read it in the book." I pointed towards the offending book that caused me pain in the first place. With a surprised smile she picked up the book and sat on bed with me in her arms. "This book?" I nodded. "'Fables of Remnant: Over 101 stories for all ages', the book that dad got you? How did it teach you that?" Taking the book from her and starting to flip through the pages, "When we were watching that movie last night with that one old guy," "Haha, do you mean Spruce Willis?" "Yeah him, something that he said about how every story has a bit of truth in them. So why not these stories too?"

Finding the page I turned the book to show her. "'The Giving Huntsman', this one Huntsman fought off a Grimm who was attacking a village. He stopped the Grimm giving everyone a chance to live. Even though their village is in disrepair and the huntsman fought the Grimm he still offered to help rebuild. The huntsman gave his medicine to help heal the people, rebuild their homes and walls and taught them how to defend themselves from Grimm. Before leaving, the Huntsman left them a final gift. With some of his power he had left he gave it to the warriors who helped defend the walls. "With this power I give you a shield to protect you from harm, any Grimm who seeks to harm you will be repelled by the power of your soul but remember this. It's not an impenetrable armor, it will break, it will waver at times but it can also grow if you practice with it. Train with it, know your limits and it will become a true life saving shield, for yourself and for others."

"Because of what he did, others would try to unlock their auras to help fight against the Grimm but it would not always work. He was able to spread his aura to help and protect others but at the cost of leaving them drained." "Oh my, you have been reading a lot about aura haven't you? But how did you get that and got this idea?" Mom asked. "Well, I think he gave a little of his aura so he can start their own auras. Instead of letting the aura flow out of me I point it in a direction like a light? Then place that light in my hands on my foot and let it wash away the pain. Instead of controlling the light that I can't grab I just turn it into a flashlight. Then flash the light on the spots I want and it heals it then when it's done I just have to think of the 'off' switch to stop the flow… I think?" I questioned. "Better than getting blinded if I can just point the light on to something instead of becoming a ball of light." I said with a smile.

*Hahaha* "Wow, that is very clever and you are only 4 years old to boot. But you still need to ask us before you play with your aura. It can be dangerous." She said while pinching my cheeks. "Mooom, I'm sorry, please stop it." trying to release her grip. "I know that I am not supposed to but it just keeps showing up." Looking at my hands I see my aura rippling like water but then disappears like dust when it jumps off my fingertips.

She saw this and put her hands around mine, closing them and giving them a little squeeze. "I know baby but we just need to take one step at a time in figuring it out. Who knows, maybe you will be like the giving huntsman, but remember you can't be messing around without us watching you when you practice. Just in case something happens, okay?" Feeling a bit guilty I crossed my lower four arms around me and not meeting eyes with her. "Okay." With a smile I could not see but feel she raped her arms around me to give a tight hug. "Okay! Now go off and get ready since you are up so early and make sure to brush your teeth."

I nodded and hoped off of her lap to do as she said. Walking towards the bathroom I could hear the morning news playing in the kitchen. Opening the door I hopped on the stepping stool to face the mirror. I stood there inspecting my face seeing that dried drool sticking on my pale cheek, my dark brown eyes having slight gung on the sides and my short curly black hair sticking all over the place causing me to look like the main character of a show. My face turned a little pink in a bit of embarrassment. If anyone outside my family saw this. Reaching in the drawers I pulled out my toothbrush and hair brush to clean up my appearance.

"*-reports say that thanks to the quick response from our Kingdom of Atlas military and Huntsman. The Grimm activity at our borders have lessened by 4%. Thanks to this it helped to clear out a majority of Atlas's trade roots to other settlements and kingdoms. Now with other news-*"

Feeling refreshed I walked into the kitchen to see mom making pancakes for breakfast. The smell is making my mouth water. As I walked up to the table I saw another person happily munching on some pancakes, my little sister Sorrel. Making my way to the table Sorrel saw me and started singing "~Mer cake ~Mer cake." As she shows her piece of pancake on her plastic fork to get my attention. Seeing her so excited for pancakes so early in the morning made me smile a little but also tired with how energetic she is. Seeing my face smiling she began to giggle all the more. Sorrel was born two years after me when we moved into our apartment in Mantel. Thanks to dad finding some work in the city as a mechanic we were able to afford this place. Our apartment is a two bedroom and a kitchen/living room with a single bathroom. My sister and I share the same room but because she keeps on sneaking out to sleep with mom and dad I would have the room all to myself.

Thanks to our parents' effort we are able to have a roof over our heads to call home compared to the first year of us moving around. Going from place to place, friend to friend.

That time was the coldest I have ever felt in my new life. Even now it would give me shivers just thinking about it.

Let's not think about that right now and dig in.

As Sorrel and I ate the fluffy goodness I tried to listen in to the news but nothing new came on. Just the same propaganda for Atlas. Saying if you want to find purpose or just want to expand our horizons then atlas is just the place to start. For the future of Huntsman, Huntresses and potential recruits they would have the state of the art training at the prestigious Atlas academy. Talking about how it would teach you all the basic skills working as a "unit", "squad", and as a "leader" with a chain of command. This chain of command will help the individuals that have never worked together before to form techniques to integrate with any team.

"I am just not sure…"

"Sure about what?"

Hearing her voice behind me made me jump in my chair a little. "Haha sorry did I scare you honey?" Coming around she placed another pancake on my and Sorrel's plate. The smell of butter and syrup stopped my reply short. "~tank yu."

"Thank you mom." giving her a bright smile I went digging in.

Rubbing our hair affectionately she sat down along with us and ate together. "You are so very welcome my little munchkins, and Sorrel, no talking with your mouth full." Not hearing mom's words she went back to eating.

"I just wanted to know what you are, not sure, about. What's going on in your mind right now." Looking at me with her soft brown eyes waiting for my response, I just told her the truth.

"I am just not sure if I want to be in the military."

Mom just blinked at me then looked at the TV. With an idea of what I was talking about she got the remote and changed it to one of a cartoon. "Honey, you know that you are only four years old right? I know you are a lot more aware than you let us on, but that does not mean you need to have things figured out right away and it's ok to not be sure about things." Rubbing her forehead she continued. "Even though you figured out how to do things before we can even gotten a chance to teach you."

"Thinking back, when you were only nine months old, after you got the hang of walking on your own, you waddled straight to the bathroom and sat right on your little potty trainer. Hehe, you-"

"MOM!" I put my hands over my face to try and hide my embarrassment but I can still hear her laughter. Sorrel started giggling along too.

"Ahem okay okay, my point is that you are a very smart kid, my kid, but that also means that you are more aware of things than children your age should. I mean…" Shaking her head a little she looked at me and gave me a small sad smile. "I want you to stay a child a bit longer and let us adults worry about the bigger things for now. Can you do that for me Palmer?"

I can feel her worry in her words and the look in her eyes ready to tear up. Seeing that its getting my eyes to tear up too. "Okay I got it so please don't cry! Because if you start crying then I will start crying- now look Sorrel it about to cry too." I said and we both looked towards Sorrel, she was about to cry with a mouth full of pancakes and a fork with a piece of pancake sticking out towards us.

"No hic cry, cake hic eat cake and no cry." continuing to point her pancake at us. We both got up and hugged her. "Oh baby, don't worry we are not crying, we are sorry." Mom kept on giving her kisses on her forehead.

"Yeah Sor we are not crying we ar-aph!" I couldn't finish the words. I looked done and saw Sorrels fork sticking out of my mouth that is now full of pancakes. Looking back up I see Sorrel looking back at me with a pout on her face making her more adorable than angry. "Cake and no cry." I couldn't help but laugh a little and gave her a hug. "Thank you."

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