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Name: Liberari Unum

Aliases: The Skirmisher

Age: pre-canon; 16, canon start; 17

Hair color; Navy Blue

Eye color; Purple

Height 5'4

Weight 155 lbs.

Race: Asian/Caucasian mix.

Attire: Armored Traveler's garb. Armored/Padded Traveler's Pants Pants, Modified belt for extra storage, Leather. Combat boots, slotted for small blades. cloak with extra pockets on the inside. Modified, up-armored ski-mask. Modified, Grimm-mask with a jingasa-like hat attached on top. (colored in a color scheme of Red, Dark Grey, with yellow-orange accents)


Drifter's Pledge;

Hand Cannon,

Magazine 20,

Fires corrupted slugs that stack and explode,

deals extra damage to grimm/grimm infused beings. Deals extra damage to Aura

Drifter's Pledge Flavor Text: Nothing kills a Hunter faster than another Hunter. ~Rogue Huntress.

Libera Me:

Flavor Text: In every world, the threads of fate fasten us down like cargo... I will sever the fate of as many as I can. ~Liberari Unum when asked about his semblance

Type: Sword/Rifle Ammunition: Magazine 25, sword 70

Heavy/Vortex Frame; this unique frame allows the user to alternate from heavy overhead swings to whirlwind heavy attacks.

Intrinsic: This weapon has two separate ammo deposits and does not consume sword ammo on normal attacks. Increased heavy damage and heavy attack ammo cost.

Beacon Infirmary, 1 year before canon

"Ah you're finally awake." With those words my mind instantly snapped back into focus, as I tried to rise from my laying position. Failing that, I looked at the dusty old hunter from the previous fight… Wait, this isn't the Valean Wilds… "You gave us a pretty big scare ther-"

"Where am I?" I looked around, scanning my surroundings, "Where are my weapons?" Something didn't feel right, I tried prop myself up on my non-dominant hand only for the old hunter to stop me by holding me by the shoulder...


How did his hand get past my arm?

I looked down to see an absence where my right arm should be, my eyes shrunk to pinpricks and my voice came out shaky and faint as my gaze locked onto the bandaged stump, "W-what the hell happened to my arm?" The hunter grimaced, then he spoke.

"Kid... It was the only way to keep you alive." The old hunter looked down, "Amber, wanted to be here when you woke up so she could... apologize, but the arrow in her back has her restricted to a wheelchair till her aura can finish repairing her spine. I've already had a talk with Professor Ozpin about a prothesis, but he wants to talk to you first. He'll be here in half an hour..." He turned to leave, "Hey kid," he stopped for a moment, "You did your best out there. Thanks for that." He left.

I was alone, and yet I could feel strings starting to form... I kept on feeling at the stump, yet I still felt as if my arm was still there... The memories bleed back into existence...

Unnamed Village, Valean Wilds, 1 week ago...

For sixteen years, I have gazed at foreign stars... Sixteen years since my previous incarnation shattered in his world... Sixteen years since he died, and I was born on this hell world. I have learned from his tragedies; my ability made it easier as well...

We all wish for the ability to know exactly what holds us back, what holds us down and ruins us... I can see those strings... Whether it be the darkness surrounding my entry to this world, or from my semblance's evolution, I have become capable of manipulating the strings. I can see pass any lie, be it verbal or-

"Get down here kid! Your food's ready!"

The shopkeep's voice broke me from my musing. I better get that before it goes cold, besides most burgers are best eaten with the cheese melted. I hopped down from the roof, aura flashing as it absorbed the impact, and took a seat next to a maiden whose strings seemed greater than the rest.

"Hello there." She looked at me as I received my Burger. "You know, you seem a bit stressed out, I've heard that the best way to get rid of stress is to just talk about it."

"Um... Who are you?" She seemed a bit confused, I'd give her that though. It's not every day someone dressed up in a brightly colored Masqeurade Mask and a weird hat suddenly showed up and talked to you about stress of all things...

"I? I am The Skirmisher, after all, I have aided many who later decided to turn their blades gainst me. The Alias helps my civilian self not have to deal with such... Ruffians. I'm sure you know of such dealings... A maiden such as yourself, traveling alone..." I look to my burger, "The depravity of some people out here... Lying, Stealing, Killing, and all for what? Such craven fools will only yield to power overwhelming... And even then, I've heard rumor of one who could steal such might..."

I looked back to see that she had vanished... I placed some Lein on the table and left my burger to cool as I took to the rooftops. Perhaps I should've used the honeyed words of the Ahamkara. She was running, unaware that I could see her and see the ones tailing her. I paused as the trio vanished from regular sight, and readied my hand cannon, following from just far enough behind to avoid detection. Though my semblance helped with concealment as well...

Valean Wilds, 1 week ago...

I arrived, concealed by my semblance, as they were preparing to do some sort of ritual... I'd have to give a monologue, and hope that they didn't ignore me...

My deactivated my semblance, and the strings that held to me returned to their rightful place in nature as I walked by the group. "It seems I was right, little light..." These wilds are filled with those who'd do nothing more than lie, cheat, steal and kill... And I wonder why the Brother Gods left this world to wither away..." I looked at the leader, the one performing the ritual, and saw her entire past... "After all, what kind of Gods would let a child be enslaved and tormented by her 'Family'? Isn't that right, Cinder Fall?"

Cinder's eyes became dangerously sharp and narrow as she aimed her bow at me, "How do you...?"

"How do I know? Because it is my ability. My curse, to know the tragedies of another's past with just a glance, even if they forgot the trauma themselves. Now then, you can either shoot me and be done with it. Or you can stand down, and finally learn what happened to your birth parents..." I saw her hesitate as the string began to bind upon themselves. My hand ready to tighten them into an immobilizing trap if need be. "So, what is it going to be Cinder? Finding your Truth, or continuing to live this lie?" My hand outstretched, either to ensnare, or embrace.

She hesitated for another moment, then her eyes hardened as she moved to let her arrow fly... At least, right before the very strings of uncertainty and yearning immobilized her as her allies let the unconscious Maiden go.

"Well, I was hoping it wouldn't turn out like this... Guess I'm the fool for having hope in this cruel world..." My weapon, Libra Me, manifested itself from severed strings in my left hand, "Oh well..." I shifted into a ready stance as Drifter's Pledge manifested at my side, "Let's Dance!"

Emerald fired one of her chain sickles at me as Mercury charged forth. I grabbed the chain and forced Mercury to divert his attack lest he get tangled. Emerald attempted to recall her chain only for the mechanism to get caught on the green wires I wove into the chain. It didn't stop them from peppering me with ammunition.

I attempted to make a swing at Emerald with Libra Me when everything went blurry, she used her illusion semblance... As I felt a barrage of attacks come from all sides, I activated my semblance once again and broke through the illusion, entering a stealth of my own as strings began filling the air around us. Afterall, what is an illusion, but a lie fed to the eyes? Mercury came at me, hanging close to the ground as he approached, I knocked him back with a Whirlwind attack before I began peppering Emerald with potshots from Libra's Rifle mode.

"Emerald," I pulled at the strings weaved around her, "You could learn why you were abandoned... Don't you at least want to know the truth?" I was knocked back as a molten arrow from Cinder splashed off of my aura, bringing it down to around 20%... The strings around us faded, and I was surrounded... My semblance burned through my aura. But before the trio could use the advantage in numbers, a dusty old Qrow entered the battlefield standing on his weapon as the dust cloud from his entrance faded...

Cinder looked at us, then to the unconscious maiden, and fired an arrow at Amber. Before I could think, my body moved on its own. The last thing I felt after my aura chattered was a burning pain replacing all feeling in my right arm.

Then the world was consumed by darkness...


I awoke, to a horrifying vision of what could've been.

I Witnessed, Atlesian Airships trading salvos with each other as Grimm swarmed the streets of Vale.

I Witnessed, Two teams be ripped apart by tragedy...

I Witnessed, the Brothers breathe life into this world with four Relics...

I Witnessed, The witch's fall into madness, into immortality, and eventually, into darkness...

I Witnessed, all that was to be, be erased and replaced with a future I could no longer discern...

And so the world grew brighter, as voices began to fade in and out of hearing...

Until the light shined so bright, that it was blinding...

"-e's -ake! Ge- -row!"

A rewrite, condensing two chapters into one...

A lot has changed I believed,

Yet the more things change, the more they stay the same...

Per Adacia Ad Astra

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