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Zoro and Usopp vs. Phantom

(We'll be going over the fights that already happened before going to me and Kuragari's.)

"Usopp." Zoro looked at him. "Go find chopper if something happens we'll need him."

Usopp frowned. "B-But I must fight to prove that I deserve this weapon."

"You can prove you deserve your weapon later, for now go find chopper." Zoro commanded.

"Right." Usopp gave in. He dashed off into a nearby building for a good vantage point.

"Ha!" Phantom laughed. "All that talk just to run away, Oh well I guess I'll just have to kill you in his place."

Zoro turned towards his enemy before smirking. "Those weak little blades of yours won't work anymore." Zoro Stated. He rushed towards Phantom, surprising him with a burst of speed. "Ittouryuu: Hebi Kōshō!" Zoro flashed forward with a stabbing motion.

Zoro's blade crashed into Phantom's dagger before he could even ready his blades to attack. Coughing up undead blood; Phantom was propelled into a building. Zoro, not willing to risk waiting, immediately sprinted towards the building where Phantom was embedded.

"He wasn't playing about not trying back in the shop." Phantom coughed out blood in a pile of rubble caused by the crumbling wall . There were a few bruises on his back along with his dagger breaking. Something bound to happen when you were sent flying with enough power to break through stone. He reformed another weapon out of energy preparing to get up.

"Ittouryuu: Sanjuu roku pound hou!" Phantom heard Zoro call out. Noticing the sweeping motion of the attack Phantom immediately knew it was a powerful slash. He quickly jumped dodging the dangerous blade of wind before it could take off his limbs. The dust around them increased as more rubble began to fall around them. Phantom looked up from his position and noticed that the building behind him had been completely cut into pieces as a result of the attack.

He could probably destroy most of the buildings here* noted Phantom as the wind from the sword dissipated. Expecting Zoro to come charging for him he broke out of his thoughts and prepared his next attack. "Phantom. . ." He started to say as he readied his dagger with a crossed stance.

"Ittouryuu…! Zoro yelled, launching forward with bear-like destruction destroying part of the ground as he was charging forward.

Phantom was gathering massive amounts of spiritual power in his blades. So much to the point that his blades started glowing white. "Spirit. . ." Phantom slashed out with his daggers releasing all the spiritual power.

"Kuma no ashi!" Zoro shouted. His blade flashed out with another horizontal motion.

"CROSS!" Phantom shouted back, unleashing a white projectile.

Zoro's attack had launched a projectile of his own. It was a horizontal slash of wind much more powerful than a "Sanjuu roku pound hou" due to the slash being sent in a straight compressed line instead of spinning.

Zoro's attack was much stronger than usual and would cut through just about anything it came in contact with, but it wouldn't matter as Phantom's spirit attack was stronger.

The spirit compressed slash blew through all of the compressed wind and kept on heading on a straight path towards Zoro. Thinking he could take it the swordsman put his blade up to block it, but was met with shallow cuts along his body. The attack's spirit energy allowed it to bypass the blade and hit Zoro directly. "You're way too strong for a dead man." Zoro commented.

Clank! Phantom had ported towards the swordsman with his two handheld daggers clashing against Zoro's sword. "You're pretty strong yourself, after I kill you, I'll ask the boss to bring you back so that we can fight forever." Phantom said simply as he slashed out again pushing Zoro back and sending him slamming into a wall.

Zoro stood up with a little blood on his back. His right arm was trembling from the force of the attack. Even though he was stunned from the strength of his opponent he grinned. "You are powerful, let me draw my second sword to even the playing field." Zoro drew his sword and looked forward ready to fight.

Phantom however started talking to himself. Due to his pride he decided against attacking him. Eventually though he noticed that Phantom stopped before looking back towards him. "Hey you gotta come at me right now." He whispered.

Zoro not being one to disappoint shrugged. "Alright." He whispered back as he dashed forward.

"Oh no. The swordsman is rushing at me. I gotta go." Phantom dashed forward, throwing his blade out hoping to distract the swordsman. Zoro dodged the blade and clashed with the man, due to him using two swords his strength had been basically doubled as he knocked the man's daggers out his hands.

"Let's see you fight without your weapons." Zoro smirked, he grabbed Phantom's hands hoping to break them. Phantom tried pulling his hands out of the iron grip of the swordsman but through years of training Zoro's grip was too strong."Looks like this fights pretty much over now, huh?"

Damn it!* Phantom once again tried removing his hands from Zoro's hands, he managed to remove one and form a blade but before he could do anything his hand was gripped again.

"It's Over for you Gladiator, I won!" Zoro smirked devilishly and clenched down on Phantom's arms and was met with a cracking sound. Phantom's face twisted showing he was in pain. Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! All the bones in Phantom's hands were broken. "Huh? Why can't I feel the pain anymore?" Thought the confused Phantom. I'm sure my hands were broken. Phantom looked down, noticing white energy coursing through his hands.

Zoro smiled at his opponent's situation. "That was oddly satisfying. But I should probably not do something like this again, I wouldn't want to end up like Jay when he's angry. I didn't expect his hands to break so easily. I knew I had a lot of power but that… that was surprising."

"Forget this crap!" Phantom raged inwardly, visibly pissed. He clenched his hands as tight as he could and felt new strength surging into his fist. "Fine! I'll just beat you the old fashion wa…"

"Nitouryuu: Washi no Hikō." With his two swords placed in an underhand position, Zoro cut into Phantom with a V shaped slash. Phantom was sent flying into the air.

Jumping after him in the air Zoro positioned his swords once again. "Nitouryuu…"

"You've only got two swords. You sure you don't want all these for this!" Phantom exclaimed.

"Don't need it. "Zoro replied. "Nigiri tourou Modoru!" He yelled before sending Phantom crashing back into the ground.

Phantom rose up, unharmed from the attack though he didn't know why. "What's going on that didn't hurt at all?" Phantom focused the energy into his fist and began to walk forward. He then began to dash until he was right on top of a distracted Zoro. "Improvised technique: Phantom fist!" As the attack connected Zoro was sent flying across the clearing.

Phantom then felt the energy leaving his body and coursing through the area. Within a small period of time the entire area was covered in a thick fog. Regardless of that fact Phantom could still see.

Zoro stood up seeing the fog and immediately regretted not finishing the fight when he had the chance. He drew his final blade and placed Wado in his mouth. "I guess I really will have to go all out."

Phantom, seeing this, was slightly intimidated. He never had to handle three swords but before he could surrender, he remembered something.

Flashback 20 years ago.

"Hello you three. From now on you're all the family I got." A small voice said.

Phantom looked towards the voice to see a young child crying. The child couldn't have been any older than 8 and it was heartbreaking to see. "Hey. What happened?" Phantom asked gently, noticing the other two who were also interested in the answer.

"Daddy gave me a fruit and then fell asleep. After he gave me that, he wouldn't wake up. Then I saw a door and when I opened it you three came out. My daddy is gone now, will you three stay with me?" The girl asked.

Phantom and the other two nodded. "Of course we will. We're family now right?"

For the next year they got to know each other and they lived there peacefully until something else happened 10 years later.

End of Flashback.

"No! I can't lose! Not until I see my master... no my sister again!" Phantom shouted. Aura began to burst around him and his white ghostly form changed till it resembled that of a human. "I'll win and win and win and win and win. I'll keep winning until one day I'm strong enough to save her from him."

Luffy and Robin vs. Chīsana Yūrei

Gum Gum pistol!" A voice could be heard as a large block of stone was punched to pieces.

Luffy was trying his hardest to dodge all the rubble coming at him, however a few managed to get past and for those he just had to destroy them.

Robin had gone off somewhere looking for the others telling Luffy that he should be able to handle the child on his own.

Luffy drew his arm back before firing another gum gum pistol destroying three more pieces of rubble. Yurei picked up the surrounding rubble before clenching her fist causing it to close in on Luffy from all directions.

"Gum Gum Firework!" The strawhat jumped, Spun and began to punch out in random places creating the illusion of a firework. Most of the rubble was destroyed but a small piece got past cutting his cheek.

"Hey! That's cheating! You're not allowed to stop that attack!" Yurei shouted.

"You're dumb, this is a fight I'm not gonna let you win." Luffy replied, he didn't understand what the problem was but he knew what the girl said wasn't smart.

"I don't want to be called dumb by an idiot like you!" Yurei picked up some knives from a nearby shop, sending them out to attack Luffy.

"Hey! Only my crew mates can call me an idiot! Idiot!" Luffy jumped up stretching out his lungs before blowing a powerful wind blast, knocking the blades off course. "Gum gum breach!"

"Huh! I'm not an idiot! You are!" Yurei shouted, sending more random things his way.

"Yea! Well at least I'm smart enough to know not to use the same move twice!" He blew out all the attacks once more with his new attack.

"What?! All you've been doing all day is gum gum this and gum gum that! I've seen that gum gum pistol at least 10 times now!" Yurei countered.

"You never stopped it, have you?" Luffy smirked. "If it ain't nice don't break it… Or was it, if it's broken, fix it… Maybe, if it doesn't break, don't repair it... Yea! If it doesn't break, don't repair it!"

Yurei, who didn't know the term, was completely unaware that he messed it up. "Fine! Then I'll take things up a notch!" At first nothing changed, but then the wind picked up and started surrounding the young girl until eventually a tornado formed in front of her. "Brutal Tempest!"

Luffy noticed the tornado, he stared at it slowly advancing towards him. *I thought her devil fruit was lifting stuff. How did she do that? Can she lift the air too, or something like that?* Luffy scratched his head. *Or maybe she has two devil fruits?… No only Kuragari can have multiple fruits… Right?* Luffy held his head that was beginning to smoke.

"I hate thinking so much. It hurts." The pirate captain came to a conclusion, the smoke from his head going away. "I got it! I'll just stop thinking for the rest of this fight. It's like Jay always says if something doesn't make sense it's because the plot progression is bullshit… Whatever that means."

Luffy closed his eyes and focused; he felt for the change in the wind, he ignored everything that wasn't relevant. He ignored the shouting girl, he ignored the sound of destruction on the other side of the city, and he ignored the wind picking up around him. *Wait… The wind, that's what I'm looking for right, and why are there sounds of fighting? Was there more than one enemy that was powerful enough to threaten the crew?* Luffy was slowly being picked up until he was spinning in the air. *Oops I forgot about the wind, I should've focused more.* Luffy was then propelled high into the air before slamming back down into the floor.

"Hey Yurei? You almost done over there?" A voice could be heard.

"Shut up Phantom! I'm working on it!" Yurei shouted.

"Who the hell are you fighting!" Phantom asked.

Yurei thought about it for a moment before remembering when Robin called him captain. "Apparently their childish Captain. How about you?"

"Childish?" Phantom remarked. "That's saying a lot coming from you, I assumed I was fighting the captain but I guess he's probably the crew's swordsman. He's crazy powerful. I've only just made him draw his second sword."

"Luckily the boss didn't have to fight them. He would've had to bring out that beast again. One on one he can win but if he had to fight both he might lose." Yurei shivered remembering the beast from when they first met it. "That thing is likely capable of destroying the island and yet he somehow has it under his control… it's crazy."

"Yea let's hope we never have to see that thing again. Hey wait a minute? Where's Iza?"

Phantom asked.

At that point a new voice entered the conversation. "I'm fighting these two girls, there was a man but he was fighting with grappling techniques so I just removed my clothes and he gave up. The two girls are powerful, one has strange weather power and the other has a lot of weight behind her kicks."

(Yea he didn't automatically learn how to fight females. He gotta get over his inability to be in intimate contact with them first. Also I need to think for abilities related to that.)

Phantom and Yurei facepalmed at her tactics. Removing her clothes could've gone completely wrong depending on the guy. "Good luck Iza." The two told her.

"Thanks! Oh and Phantom, I was turned down again. Why don't you just date me?" Iza asked.

"I don't think you can keep dodging the question, gladiator." Yurei mocked.

"Fine then. Look if the boss is somehow defeated, sure. Until then no!" Phantom responded.

"What? But that's basically a no." Iza pouted.

Phantom began sweating and looking away as if the two could see him. His communication cut out for a second till it came back and the sound of footsteps could be heard."Oh no. The swordsman is rushing at me. I gotta go." Phantom acted.

"Damn it! He got away!" Iza complained. "Hey how's your fight going Yurei?"

"He just slammed into the floor after I picked him up with a tornado." Yurei told her

"Well if that's the case you might wanna focus right about now."


"Well based on the strength of these two girls a simple fall isn't gonna be enough." Iza explained.

"What?!" Yurei looked up, noticing a fist that barely missed her face as she dodged.

"Gum Gum Gatling!" Luffy's punches became faster until it seemed like he had multiple fists.

The young girl was immediately irritated. "Hey! I was talking to someone!"

Luffy however couldn't hear her over the fact his ears were still ringing from the fall.

The girl began to fly backwards at a quicker speed dodging what she could as she went. "Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Time out!" She was trying to fly upwards but like always she couldn't go any higher due to the restrictions on her abilities. "Damn he's gonna get me one of these times and there's no rubble on this part of the island."

She turned around. It seems she'd finally lose. She began to panic. *What happens when I lose? Will the boss feed me to that beast? I don't want to die. Than again maybe he won't care. Nah it's the boss, he's so mean. What happened to our old master?*

She decided that she might have to pull out her trump card but before she did, she wanted to try one more time. "Please stop!" She asked politely. The fist stopped just inches from her face. *Phew.* She sighed inwardly. *Luckily I didn't have to call on that form, I don't like it. It takes away my cuteness and changes my personality.*

Why are we stopping?" The pirate captain asked innocently. "I wanted to keep beating you up."

Honestly Yurei didn't even know herself. She didn't think that far ahead, after all only a dumbass would stop because they were told to. "Um… well as you can see the city has too many buildings, maybe we should take this fight to the open plains." She offered. After all, if they go to open plains she'll have an advantage due to the wind not being obstructed.

Luffy nodded. "Alright sure, that way you have to stop throwing things."

Yurei, who knew she was stronger with the wind side of her power, didn't mind as they made their way over to the open plains. She had to use her wind to bring them there as quickly as possible and fought against the urge to drop him because she knew by now it wouldn't affect him.

"So what's your name anyways?" Yurei asked starting a conversation to get her mind off of the fact they were enemies.

"I'm Luffy, I'm going to be the king of the pirates!" He shouted even though they were a few feet apart.

"Hmm, so you're one of those good for nothing pirates. Your kind is the reason everything on this island turned out this way." Yurei told him disappointed.

(From here on out it's an inner monologue till I say it isn't.)

"If it weren't for those pirates ten years ago, we wouldn't have had to summon the boss. We would've been able to live happily."

Yurei remembered what happened just 10 years earlier.

So yea flashback 10 years ago.

It was the 18th birthday of her beloved master and they finally finished building their city. It was completely abandoned so it was like they had the whole place to themselves. The city was modeled off pictures their master had and all the real props like toys and beds in each and every building were hand made. They had worked on it together for the past 10 years. They had no need for sleep, no need to eat, nor did they have anything better to do.

One thing the three had noticed about their master was how much she loved the sea. The girl's father had been a marine, a famous one at that.

Apparently he had come back one day talking about how his final rival had fallen, he never told their master who that rival was but apparently he was strong. Their master always said that her father was a strong man and that she'd protect this island in his stead.

They knew their master wanted to travel and explore the world freely but for some reason she felt an obligation to stay here.

On that day someone had arrived on the island. The woman was infinitely kind and beautiful as well. It reminded Yurei of Izanami, however that should've been the first clue. Izanami loved and was kind to them but she has a bit of a problem with others. She was always blood thirsty and has a thing for collecting a certain number of souls everyday.

This woman had the same kindness that Iza had with any of the people she was planning to kill. They figured out this woman was crazy the next day. When they woke up the next day they noticed their youngest member was missing.

Their master had summoned another person, one who lost their family before dying themselves. When they found her body it was bloodied and purple. Bite marks covered the body and when they looked up they saw why. Above them was a spider the size of a human being.

The spider morphed until it was changed into the beautiful woman that appeared the day before. "Sorry about that. Her body just looked so delicious." The woman said.

Yurei was furious. "Why the hell did you do that?"

The spider woman laughed. "Isn't it obvious? I'm a pirate, I can do what I want."

Their master spoke up. "Tell me, What's your name?"

The spider woman pointed to herself. "Who me? I'm kuhime."

Their master nodded. "I like to know people's names before they die. That way I can bring them back as a good soldier."

Kuhime laughed once more. "You think you four can beat me. You're not strong enough." Kuhime blitzed them, knocking them out before leaving the island. "If you ever find true strength we'll fight again, foolish girl."

When Yurei woke up again, she saw her master in the summoning area. "What are you doing?"

"We're not strong enough. I'm summoning someone more powerful." Light encased the area and a new being stepped out. One with a book in its hand and a helmet covering his face.

"Nice to meet you all. I'm Soulreaver." For some time they lived in peace until 2 years later. Soulraiser surpassed their master and took control.

3 years after that their master fought back against him and was going to win until the being summoned a monstrous beast that defeated their master and forced her into hiding.

Back in the present.

"It's been 5 years since then and we still haven't found our master." Yurei closed her fist angrily. "I swear when I'm strong enough that I'll defeat him."

(Inner monologue over)

They arrived at the plains and Yurei dropped to the ground. "If you're a pirate then I have no more reason to be nice even if you don't seem all that bad. I'll be going all out from the start, Potential unsealing." The girl slowly grew in age till she was about the same age as Robin. "I hate this form but I can't hold back!" Yurei shouted.

Luffy smiled at his opponent, one worthy of testing his new technique against. "This took me a while in the training room to master. Gear 2!" He shouted as his skin turned pink and smoke came off his skin.

Sanji's fight was explained he couldn't stand to fight a naked woman so he gave up. Nami and Mikita took over. Nami set up a rain cloud zapped the girl and Mikita finished it with a 10,000 kilogram press. They beat her the same way they beat Mr. 2. Apologies if you wanted to see that fight but there wasn't much there so I'd rather focus on these other fights that have more to them.

Oh and it ain't one piece without flashbacks so you gon have to suffer through some of those in this story. I'm not doing flashbacks already in the show, I'm only doing the ones that are present because of something I changed.

Zoro vs. Phantom

Zoro closed his eyes before opening them once more. *Yep the fog is still there. I should've finished the fight when I had the chance.* Zoro stood there in thought for a bit longer before coming up with an idea. *Maybe I can slash through it.* He prepared his blades before going into his signature stance.

"Santouryuu: Hyakku Hachi Pound hou." Three wind blades flew out Zoro's blades dispersing the fog, but only for a second all the fog rolled back in even heavier than before. *Alright so that doesn't work.* Zoro sighed knowing he would have a hard time during this fight.

Phantom faded into the mist before rushing at Zoro, slashing his right arm. "I don't know what the hell this mist is but I don't mind using it to win this fight." Phantom stated.

"No pride in battle, you're not worthy to wield a blade." Zoro paused. *Damn it! Am I starting to sound like Kui… no Tashigi.*

"Pride in battle? Of course I have it, I'm a gladiator. I'm no swordsman, I'm an assassin that'll use whatever I need to defeat my enemy. That is an assassin's pride."

Phantom flashed forward this time, clashing with Zoro's blade. "An assassin Huh? I have some of those on our crew, if you're only trick is this smoke then you're going to lose." Zoro told him.

"Ha." Phantom laughed. "Even if you were able to defeat me, you can't defeat the boss… the problem is that his strength is at least double my own. It would take you and your captain to defeat him. After you're weakened by us, you have no chance."

Zoro smirked. "Well then luckily for us, me and the captain aren't that good at fighting dead beings. There's two people on the crew that match us in strength, those two won't go down easily."

Phantom smiled, a flash of hope on his face. "Well then we'll have to see it play out, maybe you guys can win but if you're not even able to defeat me then you don't deserve the chance to try."

Phantom was propelled back into the fog. He circled around the area to attack Zoro from behind but his footsteps were heard allowing Zoro to barely block on time. *Damn it! This fog is making this fight extremely hard. I guess it really only affects me.*

Zoro threw Phantom away once again. *He's stronger than me, that's for sure.* Phantom thought.

"Phantom spirit cross!" Phantom shouted through the smoke.

Zoro turned towards the voice blocking the attack. That attack however was simply a feint. The real attack came from behind as Phantom had teleported to him and slashed him across the back.

Phantom began to laugh and decided to check on the others. "Hey Yurei. You there? How's your fight going?"

A voice came in from the other side. "Like shit! Shut the hell up so I can focus!"

Phantom sweat-dropped at that. "Damn my bad."

Another voice intruded the conversation. "Hey Phantom if you're having it so easy come help me with these two." Izanami said.

Phantoms voice began to cut out. "Oh damn he's getting back up I'll talk later."

Izanami was annoyed. "Damn it! Every time!"

Zoro knew if things continued in this manner he would lose. He stood there waiting, eyes closed deciding to rely on his ears alone. A picture formed in his mind he felt the layout of the land but the main thing he felt was the spirit of the swords held by Phantom.

(Phantom's daggers are completely made out of spirit, making it much easier to track for those that have experience with sword spirit. Zoro learned a small part of it in Alabasta and showed early signs of it by telling if a sword was cursed back in loguetown. And In my story he spends time training with my wraiths that also use spirit daggers so he would've learned to pick up on them by today. In other words, think back to what Luffy said about things that don't make sense and you'll get your answer.)

Phantom tried the same diversion but this time Zoro was ready. He dodged the flying slash before slashing out, getting a deep cut across Phantom's chest. "I can feel your swords." Zoro said. "You're gonna have to come with something new if you wanna win."

"'My pleasure." Phantom replied before shooting out his spirit energy in chains which Zoro slashed through. Phantom then rushed forward, slashing out coming into contact with Zoro's blade. They began trading blows; neither of them was gaining ground. Eventually, Zoro's strength won allowing him to take off one of Phantom's arms.

Phantom rushed his spirit energy from his blades to his arm bringing it back but once again losing the blades. "Damn it! Why do you keep doing that, don't tell me you're scared of my blades."

"Why do you keep whining? Don't tell me you need blades to beat me." Zoro mocked.

"Fine then, I'll just use my fist." Phantom said.

Once Phantom disappeared into the fog it was clear to Zoro that he made a mistake. Now that Phantom had stopped with his blades Zoro couldn't tell where he was. Phantom dashed in from the side aiming a punch at Zoro's chest. The attack connected sending Zoro flying across the street.

Zoro stood back up but was attacked once more knocking him back down. He tried to figure out the location by listening for footsteps or even breathing but none of that worked. Phantom was an undead being meaning he had no need to breathe and his footsteps always hit slightly above the ground resulting in noiseless movements.

The attacks kept coming, picking up in speed until another attack hit him every second. "Phantom barrage!" Phantom shouted as his final attack landed hitting Zoro in his chest once again but this time it fractured his bones.


"Hey Zoro I thought of something you might wanna try." I told him as we were training.

"Huh? What's that?" He asked.

"Well you see…."

End of Flashback.

Zoro finally thought of a plan. "Santouryuu…!" He shouted.

Phantom laughed. "Sorry but that's not gonna help you this is the end."

"Ouji….!" He continued.

Phantom rushed forward with his most powerful attack. "Phantom finisher!" He shouted hitting Zoro once more in the ribs but this time it felt as if he hit iron.

"Sanzen Sekai!" Zoro finished slashing through Phantom leaving his blood splattered on the floor.

Phantom fell to the floor. "What the hell did you do?"

"At the last moment of that attack I hardened all the muscles in my chest and managed to turn it as hard as iron, something Jay told me about. It's called iron body, I can only do it in one area at a time right now but it definitely helps when you know where your opponent is gonna strike."

Phantom passed out and collapsed on the floor. Right before Zoro passed out he looked up noticing a hand shaped hole in the clouds. *What the hell is that about?* He thought. Looking back down he saw a person walking up to the two fighters placing a hand on their shoulders as he passed out.

Luffy vs Yurei

Yurei stood still tryna think of the move she was going to make but that was her first mistake. "Jet pistol!" Luffy shouted. A force came into contact with Yurei; it was an attack so fast she couldn't even see it.

Yurei staggered to her feet. *Damn that hurt, was his strength multiplied with the speed or is it just the force he's punching with that makes him seem stronger. Luckily I had a defensive field over me or I would've lost right there.* Yurei remained on the ground, she would need all the energy she could get for this fight.

"I hope you're not holding back." Luffy entered his stance once more.

Yurei began moving the wind swirling around her. "I'm not, I'll need all the power I can get so I can't waste energy flying." She explained.

"Oh so you're not playing around anymore?" Luffy smirked.

"Of course not, I wouldn't dare after that last hit." She smiled. "I'd tell you to not hold back, but I'm sure you have no plans of doing that." Yurei got into a stance of her own ready to play both defense and offense.

Luffy felt the wind around him begin to pick up becoming stronger and stronger. "I'll win for my crew." Luffy stated.

Yurei chuckled and raised her hands into the air forming multiple large tornadoes. "Of course and I'll win for my pride." She told him.

Luffy flashed forward from his position, leaving an imprint in the ground, and becoming nothing but a streak leaving behind dust as he moved.

Yurei knew Luffy was coming head on. It's not like the pirate to attack someone from behind. Blades of grass began to swarm the area. Yurei gracefully changed her stance till her hands were out in front of her.

"Calming wind."

The wind began blowing against luffy slowing him down making him lose a little strength, and speed. He stopped deciding to wait it out. His skin remained pink with the steam still rising from his body. The only change the pirate could feel was that he felt strangely calm like the fight didn't even matter much. The pirate placed one of his palms forward waiting for anything to happen.

Now that Luffy was visible Yurei made her move. The sound of wind became louder and louder until suddenly Luffy was surrounded by tornadoes on all sides. All the tornadoes began closing in on Luffy with no signs of stopping, the wind roared deafening him in one ear.

Even though he was now partially deaf he could still hear the girl shouting. "Raging…!"

"Gum Gum…"

Luffy jumped into the air, twisting and preparing to unleash his attack. Yurei closed her hands making a crushing gesture.

"Jet tornado." Luffy shouted.

"Hurricane!" Yurei returned in kind.

The hurricane closed in on the tornado clashing with and threatening to subdue it. The tornado Luffy created held strong spinning faster and faster causing Yurei to be pushed back due to the pressure of the two attacks.

Luffy was struggling to not get cut. If it wasn't for his fruit he would have been crushed underneath the pressure but he remained spinning. Slowly the hurricane began to spin slower and slower until it completely stopped. Within the still slightly raging win you could see the dizzy Luffy fall onto the ground, his eyes spinning. *So dizzy.*

Luffy shook his head, getting his vision focused before falling into his stance and rushing at Yurei again. Before he could even get halfway he tripped over the wind Yurei used to stop him. Yurei wasted no time sinsing a blast of wind at him from her mouth. Luffy jumped to the side at the last moment before once again trying to get close. He flashed forward at insane speeds, the calming wind finally over. He decided to use the attack he was going to use before.

Yurei panicked, not having anything to stop him at the speed he's going. She began gathering as much wind as possible around her before condensing it into a perfect sphere.

"Gum gum jet bazooka!" Luffy roared.

At the last moment Yurei ducked under the attack before placing her hand on Luffy's chest. "Spirit section: Tempest push!" Luffy was launched into the sky at high speeds.

(If it's not clear, some of Yurei's attacks are based on wind style moves from Naruto. This attack is basically an almighty push.)

"Wow, your reaction time is fast!" Luffy yelled while in midair. He turned himself around to look down at the now grown woman who was still on the ground. Yurei was currently condensing a large amount of wind creating a large bluish hand of wind. (Martial peak hand attacks now. Copying all kinds of things, really.) She pulled her hand back getting ready to attack. Luffy's eyes turned to stars as he saw the hand. "Woah! That's so cool! How come you get to do something so cool!" He pouted. He liked his attacks a lot but he can't make wind attacks like that. His wind attacks were limited to a small tornado and a circular blast of wind from his mouth.

Yurei sweat dropped at the whole scene. *Ok so he's defiant not an evil pirate. He's just an idiot… oh well I already started the fight might as well finish it.* She thought to herself. She then threw her attack forward. "Spirit section: Hand of judgement!"

"Oh yea the attack… the attack!" Luffy quickly stopped his pouting and moved his body so that his head would face the ground. He expanded his lungs and began inhaling the surrounding air into them. His body expanded a bit as he looked to where the giant hand was. It was slowly getting closer and closer. Luffy stopped inhaling air, he then faced the attack directly and blew out all the air as compressed as he could. The attack traveled into the hand causing a small hole the size of a human body. This allowed him to safely slide into the opening and avoid the attack.

Luffy crashed into the ground kicking up grass and leaning a human shaped imprint on the ground.

Luffy looked down at the damage he caused from the fall then looked up to see a hand shaped hole in the clouds revealing the moon for the first time. "Oh, it would've been bad if I got hit by that." Luffy realized. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. "Glad I dodged that one." Even before his relief could finish setting in he looked up just to see a tornado approaching him at high speed.

Yurei smiled believing she had finally won with that final attack, but in that split second Luffy had tried a move I had told him about previously. He tapped his foot to the floor 10 times before vanishing out of sight even faster than his gear second movement speed.

(With this his gear second is actual movement speed not a copy of shave… why well that's because by making them separate it makes Luffy stronger and who doesn't like that?)

Shocked, Yurei began surveying the area. "Wh- Where did he go? Damn it!" Yurei began circling the wind in the area trying to find him. He's not below or behind me so…" She opened her eyes knowing where he was. "He's abov…"

"Jet pistol!"

The extended fist slammed into Yurei's outer shield. Her defenses were immediately overwhelmed and she found herself knocked onto the ground before she could even think. She began to bleed from the powerful blow but she stood back up.

Luffy stretched both his arms back to their fullest extent. He then shot them forward with maximum power. "Jet Bazooka!"

Yurei pushed her power harder, lifting up the ground itself to block the attack. The projectile she picked up was easily the size of a standard house but luffy punched through it hitting her in the chest sending her flying.

The attack was so powerful she was sent flying all the way back into the city with Luffy trailing after her. When they reached an empty section Luffy jumped up and enlarged his right hand slightly. "Gum gum…" He then began slamming it down on Yurei "Jet paddle!" He shouted as he sent her flying back into the floor. (Yep quick jumpforce reference moving on.)

Yurei got up from the floor, all of her bones felt like they were broken and her legs hurt like hell. *What the hell. Why is he so strong? Why could I fight the two girls instead? I could've fought the swordsman. He doesn't seem like he could fight me if I stay at range. I swear I fucked up one time and ended up like this, I gotta stay on my guard.*

"Hey Yurei. You there? How's your fight going?"

A voice came in from the connection.

"Like shit! Shut the hell up so I can focus!" Yurei shouted, hating the fact she got the captain of all people even more. She turned off the connection and got back to the fight.

"Hey are you done talking now? I was kinda in the middle of my next attack." Luffy told her.

"Oh my god! You're such a fucking idiot… wait I can use that." She said aloud though Luffy didn't seem to care.

Hey um… could you come here for a sec?" Yurei asked.

"Um sure…" Luffy walked up to her. "What do you need?"

Yurei placed her hand on his shoulder. "Nothing special I would just like to drain you of some of your energ-"

Out of nowhere Yurei was back on the floor. "That was just insulting." Luffy complained.

"Huh what do you mean?" Yurei asked, frightened.

"I'm not that much of an idiot!" Luffy shouted.

Yurei looked at him in disbelief. "Wait really?"

Luffy seemed shocked by the question. "No, I mean I'm not the smartest but I can tell when someone is tricking me if they're being that obvious. Ace used to do it all the time.

Yurei's face remained unchanged. "Wow… my bad I thought you were the type that would think someone was your friend if they gave you food."

"Why would they give me food if I wasn't?" Luffy asked.

Ok, still an idiot.* She thought of her next move for a second before touching his leg and sending a large force of wind at him, sending his foot flying and causing him to trip. She then stood up and put her hand over his head. "I win."

A few moments later Luffy's flying foot reached its maximum stretching limit before coming flying back and hitting Yurei in the chest.

The scene caused Luffy to start rolling on the floor laughing. "Y-You forgot I was made of rubber didn't you. You're not very smart."

He rolled into one of the buildings which was immediately picked up and slammed on him. "Shut the hell up!" After a few moments Luffy emerged from the pile of rubble. His gear second was gone and he fell to the floor exhausted.

"Damn it, my time is up. I haven't mastered that yet." Luffy began getting to his legs and walking towards Yurei.

Yurei stood up as well however that last attack had drained her of almost everything and she reverted to her child-like form. "You're looking tired, pirate." She mocked knowing she was just as worn out.

"I could say the same about you." The pirate replied. "How about we finish this in one more attack."

"Okay then." Yurei accepted. "Spirit series…" She shouted as she gathered all the wind in the area.

"Gum gum…" Luffy roared and he pulled his arms all the way back.

"Final slash!" She shouted as she threw a large blade of wind forward.

"Last bazooka!" Luffy yelled as he brought his palms forward. The two attacks clashed causing the compressed wind to expand and blow both of the fighters back unconscious.

"Well that was anticlimactic." A voice said as it walked up to both of the fighters.

Kuragari and I

As we were walking around we noticed the destruction everywhere. One of the areas looked like it had been struck by lightning which probably was thanks to Nami. Another place had a Luffy shaped imprint in the found and an upturned mountain of dirt. The final place we came across had multiple cleanly cut buildings and rubble everywhere. It seemed like no matter where we looked we couldn't find anyone.

The strangest thing is that when you looked up there was a giant hand shaped hole in the sky finally showing the moon.

"Hey where do you think everyone went?" Kuragari asked.

I activated my wraith world but couldn't find them. "Either they're deep underground or outside the range of my vision."

Kuragari hummed. "Oh so that's how that works."

"Yea let's continue looking." I told her.

As we continued looking even further Kuragari realized something. "Hey what happened to all the partying ghosts?" At that moment ghosts began to rise from the ground going up into the sky forming a giant ball of white. The ball of white slowly compressed until it formed the shape of a person…thing…ok figure. The figure began to descend until it was eye level with us. For a few seconds it was a stare off until a voice in my head manifested as a strange wraith clone. "Wraith of the first division, Soulraiser?" The clone that looked like an evil version of me seemed to recognize the being in front of us.

Soulraiser as he was called kneeled before him. "My king, what happened?"

The wraith clone seemed highly offended. "Don't kneel in front of me when I'm in this form! It's like you're kneeling for that kid!" He shouted pointing to me.

"Ay what the hell! I'm 18 so I'm an adult!" I shouted back.

"Oh please! Your dumb ass is still having problems with whether you're good or evil."

"What? No I'm not! I'm a good guy!" I protested. Kuragari began to laugh. "Ay! Whose side are you on?"

"I'm on yours. It's just that the joke was so funny. Do you seriously believe you're a good person? You're decent at best." Kuragari mocked.

Even the wraith clone laughed at that one. "See, even she knows."

Soulraiser raised his hand. "Um my king… you haven't told me how you ended up in this situation."

"Oh right!" The clone said. "I was trapped in this fruit. That bitch Enma and his demons were trapped too."

"Trapped? How?" Soulraiser questioned.

"Shit I don't know. I've been tryna figure that out myself. All I do know is that the inability to swim comes from the god of rain. There's only two fruits in this world that retain their ability to swim. The first is the one the rain god was trapped in after placing the curse. The second is the one with the black tortoise inside of it. It's user still loses the ability too swim, they can only utilize it in full transformation."

"Enma and his demons? Wait so you guys aren't demons? I thought all fruits were demons." I said, confused.

"Fucking dumbass you come from another world and can't even tell that much." Reisu mocked. (Wraith guy from my fruit, his name from now on is… drumroll please, Reisu Kami. Which translates to wraith god but oh well.)

"How the hell did you know I was from another world?" I asked, confused.

"Uh… cause yo dumbass won't stop talking about it. Besides, your spiritual energy differs from others; it shows that your energy is much higher than others, you must come from the main world. The main world is the world where all of reality is created just as the main form of afterlife governs over that." Reisu informed.

"Right, go on."

"Alright to explain the demon question, there were two divisions in hell. Division 1 and the original rulers were my wraiths and I, we had control over the dead and were the ones who governed over hell. Division 2 was Enma and his bitche… I mean demons and they gained power after the undead were wiped out. You can think of the two factions as two different names. Our faction was the undead faction, Zombies and shit like that. The faction of bitches or Enma's faction was called the void borne, Succubi and incubi and shit."

"How did you all get wiped out?" I asked him.

Soulraiser decided to answer this one. "We got wiped out by the 4 gods of this world. We were becoming too powerful so they wiped us out and banished us to the 2nd tier of the afterlife along with the other undead soldiers. Reisu the one sealed inside you and also the one you're seeing as a wraith clone escaped. A few others escaped as well. I decided against it because I knew I probably had some duties rallying the soldiers in the second tier. Suddenly though I was summoned here now I just wanna get back but I need to find a certain person to send me back."

Reisu took over. "When it comes to devil fruits ninety percent of the paramecias are Enma's demons. There are a few that are my people such as the spirit spirit fruit as well as the ghost ghost fruit. The logias are all elemental fairies that turn its user into that element which is why there are so few of them. The zoans are inhabited by animals of both old and new. Mythical zoans however are only held by the most powerful beings. All these beings can be seen as gods; the undead only have two. We have me inhabiting this fruit that you seem to call the wraith wraith fruit. Then there's one other called the neko neko no mi: model nekomama. On Enma's side you got the demon demon fruit which is Enma himself. You also have the kumo kumo no mi: model jorogumo. I'm pretty sure those four gods were turned into fruit as well though I don't know for sure." Reisu explained.

I nodded along now knowing that those benevolent gods in heaven got me fucked up. *Sure, just give Jason one of the strongest fruits. How the hell am I gonna surpass him if he had an ability on the same level as mine?* I thought. "Alright, out of the gods and Enma, who do you hate more?"

"Definitely Enma." Reisu growled. "I'm evil that's for sure but he is something completely different. He has no morals at all; he kills anyone who steps in his way and has no respect for his subordinates."

Hearing that worried me a little. I began silently hoping Jason wouldn't be influenced by his zoan as heavily as others do.

"Alright enough talk." Reisu commanded. "We gotta see if you're worthy of my fruit. You two will fight Soulraiser and should you lose you'll need to hand over your body to me."

"Huh what? You can't do that." I told him.

"Yea I can. You haven't noticed yet have you? Every time you die you're getting more and more powerful, however, that power doesn't belong to you. That power is mine so every time you die I get stronger. Eventually I'll have enough power to take over, I don't know when it will happen but nothing wrong with helping it along."

"Wait so can all devil fruits take over if the user reaches a certain level."

"No, they can influence you to a certain level but not take you over. The only ones capable of taking over are the mythical zoans. You better fight for your life in this battle."

"Wait, can you give us a moment?" Kuragari asked.

"Yea. no. Soulraiser start the assault." Reisu commanded.

"As you wish my king." Soulraiser sent a blast of wind pressure our way, we dodged quickly but his power was shown in the multiple destroyed buildings behind us.

"Ok what the hell? Why is he so strong?" I said as I was jumping out of the way of another attack.

"Hey Jay we might have to go all out to handle this guy!" Kuragari shouted over the noise.

"Yea maybe but if he keeps throwing attacks like these how are we gonna get close?"

"Can't we just teleport to him or you could just use your clones to beat him." Kuragari suggested.

"What? But that's boring." I complained.

"You're going to get us killed with that attitude!" Kuragari shouted. "In case you forgot I can't come back from death."

"Alright fine we can treat this fight more seriously but I'll save my clones in case we need them."

"Fine but if you get me killed I'm haunting you." Kuragari looked over at Soul Reaper who brought out a book and started flipping pages. "Hey Jay where the hell did he get that book?"

"Wraith magic: wraith push." He stated calmly as a bigger version of the blast from earlier came out. The massive projectile was sent at us, completely consuming us both.

Soul Reaper assumed that the fight was over from an attack like that. "Master, I've finished." Behind him was a large canyon in the ground created by the blast. Before his master could say anything he noticed the sound of his attack disappear. "What? Where did it go?"

As the smoke cleared Kuragari was shown with her left hand forward in an open palm. "Sorry to tell you but an attack that slow will never affect me."

A white streak passed forward and in front of Soul Reaper was me. I imbued my fist with energy before striking out. "Wraith fist!" Because the person I was fighting was a spirit the attack did twice the amount of damage sending him back an inch.

"Oh pretty strong, haven't had to suffer a hit like that in a while, unfortunately for you I don't flinch from damage. No matter how much damage you deal out I'll be fighting at full power until banishment." He explained.

Hearing this I finally realized where I saw the guy before. He was an enemy in a game I played and if he's still the same his casting time is slow. "Kuragari keep attacking, only dodge or absorb when needed! His casting speed is slow so you're a perfect counter!" Kuragari nodded, rushing up, slashing into the wraith with no remorse.

"Hey! That's cheating you can't attack while I'm charging my attack! What about your honor?!" Soul reaper yelled.

Reisu shook his head. *This is why we always left him at the back, he's weak to close range fighters.*

"Wraith magic: Wraith scythes!" He shouted and created multiple giant scythes in the air before striking down cutting through buildings but missing me and Kuragari.

"If you wanna win you gon have to come with something faster. I admit on our own it's an easy loss but with both of us you can't do much due to your problems. Zoro would probably be able to beat you if your attacks were scattered about as they are now. Your accuracy falls the more people there are." I mocked.

"Fuck you! Wraith Magic: Wraith eruption." The surrounding area began to explode. Kuragari, seeing this, placed her hand on the floor, stopping the attack completely.

"Wow so any wide range floor attacks can really be stopped with a touch. This glove is a lot stronger than I thought." Kuragari said.

We began attacking him faster and faster till eventually he finally fell. "Hey Kuragari let's finish this!" I shouted before pulling out my blades.


"Wrath of the two wraiths! Devastating slash!" The attack hit Soul reaper causing him to slowly disappear.

"Such an embarrassment." Reisu voiced. "It seems you've gotten weaker since we last met. Jay right? I guess you're worthy at the very least you have potential to surpass this weakling."

Soul Raiser, hearing his master's disappointment, decided to make one last move. "Fine then I guess I'll just have to bring him out!" He shouted. By my command, Nyrvir!" Suddenly a huge dragon came swooping in out of nowhere preparing to breathe fire until it was suddenly knocked out of the sky by a shadow. Reisu retreated back into my subconscious apparently to take a nap. Soul Reaper fully disappeared on his trip back to the afterlife.

The dust cleared revealing the second figure to be… "Ryushi!" Kuragari and I shouted. As the dragons battled it out in a trademark dragon vs dragon fight, you know a little bite here and some fire breathing there, a figure approached us.

(I have plans to make Nyrvir and Ryushi rivals so they'll have more fights later when I can justify them being so strong but as of now we're still at the beginning of the grand line so fights like that aren't necessary. Hope you guys enjoyed Luffy and Zoro's fight. Those were the two I focused on. Anyways, time to end this chapter.)

"Who are you?" I asked, gently.

The figure that approached us happened to be a cat ushering us to follow it. As it led us to a deep underground building we saw the rest of the crew laying there. "Hey guys, what's going on?" Usopp called out as we sat down he began to tell us all about how he fought an assassin single handed with a hand tied behind his back. Zoro, hearing this chucked a bottle at his head saying he fought the assassin while Usopp got lost and followed the cat back here.

"Wait so all of you were guided by this cat?" I asked.

Nami answered this one. "Before I passed out I saw a humanoid figure so I thought that's who guided me but now they're nowhere to be found."

"That makes more sense then you guys just following a cat I guess. Anyways Luffy!" I shouted.

"Huh? What? If you're tryna take some of the meat, you can't. I need it to heal." He hoarded the meat away before getting smacked by Nami. "Okay you can have one." He pouted as he painfully tried to give us one before completely devouring it the next second. "I'm sorry. I tried okay."

"It's no problem, Captain. I was just gonna ask if I can keep the cat." I explained.

"Go ahead." Luffy accepted immediately, leading to a very comedic scene of everyone protesting about bringing in a strange cat.

"How come you listen to him and not the rest of us?" Nami complained.

"Huh? I listen to you guys but Jay has future powers. So that must mean he had a reason. Right?" Luffy looked at me.

"Nah I just wanted a cat. Ima go take a nap in the other room, wake me up in the morning." I picked up the cat and carried it into the next room with me. I laid down with the cat next to me. The cat wore a confused but accepting expression on its face.

The next morning I was awakened by a loud slam, and a voice following after that. "What the hell Jay!"

Opening my eyes I noticed two things. 1 Kuragari was extremely angry and looked like she wanted to kill me. 2 next to me on the bed where the cat used to be was a woman who looked very mature in the way most guys see maturity. The girl was currently lacking any kind of clothes. That immediately told me why Kuragari was so mad. "Ok look I don't know what's going on here either."

Kuragari didn't accept that though and immediately began her assault. That's when the girl woke up before growing cat ears, clothes, and a tail. "Can you two be more quiet? If you guys are this loud I might reconsider my acceptance of this crew." The strange woman began to float up in the sky before seeming to lay down in the air. "I mean seriously who wakes someone up this early in the morning."

Kuragari grew angrier. "First of all it's 1:00 p.m. and second, who the hell invited you onto the crew?"

The woman pointed at me. "He just did yesterday, remember. Oh yea I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Akumi. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Kuragari turned to me with a dark expression on her face. "Jay you did what?"

"Listen, I don't even know this girl. I swear just let me go." I pleaded.

"Oh sorry about that, you guys only know me when I'm fully transformed." At that moment the woman slowly morphed until she appeared as a small black cat with two tails. She then turned back. "I ate the Neko Neko no mi: Model Nekomata. I apologize for all the trouble you've had on this island. I was the original master here but my necromancy got out of control and eventually I summoned someone who turned on me." She explained. "I plan to not do any form of necromancy as long as I have people to hang with. You guys don't seem half bad so I'll join your crew. You may be pirates but you guys are good people I can tell."

"Wait a minute you can't do that." I complained.

"Do what?" She asked.

"You're not part of the crew, you're a part of my group." I told her.

"Huh? Aren't those the same things?" She asked.

Kuragari, who finally finished beating me, decided to explain. "Jay here comes from another world, by joining his group that means if for some reason he leaves this world you gotta go with."

Akumi easily accepted. "Ok so you come from another world. Do you know my father? His name was Michael apparently that's where he came from."

I immediately recognized the name as the guy on the poneglyph but I didn't know him personally. "I don't think so. Tell me why did your father go by Marine god Taku?" I asked.

"Old name he used to go by back in his other world." She replied.

"Then yea I know him. He was a huge anime fan. I was wondering what happened when he went missing. I guess this explains it. Also explains why this place seemed like modern tokyo. Your powers also explain the ghost, so basically this entire island was constructed by you."

"Yea it was. Wait, you know my dad, tell me more." She demanded.

"Later first we gotta leave this island and introduce you to the crew."

We left the area and told the crew as we left the island we were greeted by the three who attacked the others. They hugged their old master telling her to have fun out at sea and they promised to protect her home. We departed from the island on our way to Sky island.

Alright a couple new things here but we'll go over the main one.

Akumi: Neko neko no mi: model nekomata

Basically turned her into a nekomata. A famous cat in Japanese folklore.

A little late with the chapter procrastination hitting hard. Anyways hope you enjoyed the first two fights. Feel free to comment if you have any questions. I'll just answer it in the comments instead of making people wait. If it's relevant to the next chapter it'll be answered outside of comments in the next chapter. Temporary break I gotta graduate real quick check the comment for more details.

Jay vs Writer

Jay: Ay bro we gon have a problem. I feel like you ain't showing me enough respect. I

Writer: What you mean?

Jay: Bro tell me why I got a 1k fight.

Writer: What's wrong with that?

Jay: Really bro? You really just asked that? What's wrong is Zoro got a 2k fight and Luffy got a 4K one like really you couldn't split that up 3k to him and 3k to me.

Writer: Sorry that's just how it happened bro

Jay: Nah fuck that run hands, right now

Writer: what you telling me you gon come to my earth to whoop my ass when you already died on yours, when the hell did you learn to drive anyways they ain't teach me that yet.

Jay: To be completely honest bro I don't know I just learned how to drive outa nowhere so I got my license that simple. And just because you said that one of these days I'm really gon visit yo dumb ass on earth.

Writer: Yea maybe in a 100 years

Jay: With the shit I plan on getting I can live that long if I felt like it. Oh yea quick question how many times can I die?

Writer: not gon tell you that but when you get there you stop coming back to life after death and the wraith gets a chance to take over

Jay: and when does that happen

Writer: Sorry not telling you

Jay: okay final question what's with the fucking plot progression you just doing random shit

Writer: I'm aware don't be hating.

Reisu: Y'all bros really started a conversation without inviting me cause I need all the ones. Writer bro I was supposed to be strong and evil as hell and now you telling me Enma got me beat. What the fuck?

Writer: Sorry bro I kinda want you to be similar to Kurama you know. Evil but can be reasoned with.

Jay: ay why you keep procrastinating you gon lose fans

Writer: you think I give a fuck as long as one person reads this shit ima finish the story cause there ain't nothing I hate more then a discontinued story.

Reisu: and if no one reads it

Writer: then I'll drop it until someone asks me to pick it back up. Anyways I gotta do some homework I'll catch y'all later.

Jay: alright peace bro.

Reisu: imagine having homework. Oh well bye.

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