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From on top of the main mast I sat looking down, I saw two sailors that were lazily slumped over one of the railings of the cruise ship they were on. I saw this ship while running across the water and while I had extremely high endurance I still got tired after a day of running so I decided to stop by and rest. Back to the two sailors they were just relaxing and looking out at the sea. The seagulls were annoyingly loud. I don't see how anyone thought that was singing, and it was pretty peaceful, funny how they didn't know they were being watched.. "Huh?" They looked down to see a barrel that hit the ship.

"Wait, is that luffy am I really gonna meet him this early in the series" I thought. In my thinking I accidentally let my wraith cloak fall and was spotted by one of the other sailors.

"Hey you get down from there, where did you come from?" the sailor asked. The sailor needed to be silenced so I dropped down and silently used dominate to control him.

"You didn't see anything here, turn around, walk away and go back to your daily life." Using dominate always seemed like such a waste when using it on the weak. Using it on stronger people at least allowed me to learn something useful. All I could do with the weaker ones was use them for espionage. I reactivated the wraith cloak and returned to my post to continue watching the two sailors who finally managed to get the barrel on board. That's when I used wraith world to observe the rest of the ship.

Inside one of the rooms of the ship, I saw a girl wearing what appeared to be a dress, "I can't tell who this girl is if that really is luffy down there which it appears to be with the presence in the barrel that means that the girl there must be Nami." Obviously nami wasn't the only girl there but who else had short hair and wore a dress this early in the story.

Their merriment was cut short by a horrified gasp from down below in the crow's nest that I was sitting above. "P-p-p-PIRATES! It's a Pirate ship!"

"This should be fun. The fighting is finally about to start." I thought with a grin on my face.

The Pirate ship had a large red heart on the main sail which made it obvious that it was Alvida's, all doubts I had before were gone and now I just had to get ready to fight, which was admittedly harder than it should be. I mean I only had one month of training. I'm not gonna all of a sudden become zoro level of skill so I was stuck searching for my weapon eventually I found combat knife I use for the assassinations I planned on doing. What 18 too young to kill. erupted from the eyesore, They started loading the cannons and after a few seconds flight they finally impacted, all missing their target instead hitting nearby. Large geysers of water blew into the air and shook the ship causing me to drop from the main mast though this time I managed to stay invisible and didn't lose my wraith cloak.

Inside, all of the passengers were screaming and panicking and running around like chicken with their heads cut off. This was pretty hilarious to me. I had a small itch to kill them before I realized I'm not meant to kill innocents, I really need to get these impulses under control. These people are people even if they are just characters in an anime to me doesn't mean they don't have families, calm down and don't kill. With all the talk of killing you would think I was a psychopath back on earth but no I was the quiet type who was generally nice to everyone and rarely committed crimes and even when I did it was just jaywalking.

On the enemy Pirate ship, Alvida was smirking as they finally scored a direct hit and broke the dolphin figurehead at the front of the ship. "Coby! Who is the most beautiful woman in the entire sea?" I heard her say, I swear, where is Brulee when you need her? Alvida seriously needs to look in the mirror.

The boy who I assumed was Coby, characterized by his light pink hair, said. "Y-you are of course, Alvida-sama." Though from the look on his face he knew how much the woman needed to slim down.

Alvida laughed or at least I assumed it was laughter you can never tell with some people, "Well done." Alvida said. Coby quietly mumbled his thanks.

"This will be our first good haul in a while." One of the men said, licking his lips and drawing a weapon.

Alvida's smile grew wider. "Beat them down, good for me alright" she laughed.

"What do you think you're doing, Coby?" Alvida noticed the boy shaking with a frightened look on his face and she snarled at him with a disgusted look on her face.

"I-I'm not really good at fighting." Coby stammered to the woman.

She kicked him to get him up and yelled, "Don't back talk to me! Get your ass into gear!" At this point I was ready to assassinate her but I'm not afraid to admit I might lose if I tried. It's like trying to assassinate an Olog; she might just throw me off of her.

Coby flew onto the deck of the ship and landed face-first into one of the walls. He slumped to the floor and tears appeared in his eyes. Alvida followed with her mace held high, terrifying Coby with her huge jump and the fact that she was going to hit him! He screamed like the child he was and scrambled out of the way, allowing Alvida and her mace to plow right through the wall. How did she even jump that high looking like that she must have some serious leg power yea I'll let luffy deal with her.

One of the Pirates grinned menacingly, "We won't be takin ya lives today, but we will be takin all ya valuables. Start handin them over."

Alvida shook herself and wandered over, "Anyone who argues takes a nice dive in that whirlpool." She gestured to the whirlpool next to the ship.

Outside, I saw a couple pirates off on their own. I decided to take them out quietly and raid the enemy ship. Hopefully I could get some of the money before Nami gets there. An orange-haired girl had used one of the hook ropes the Pirates had left behind to board the ship. She swiftly moved to the door and looked around several times before reaching for the doorknob. Before she had even touched it, it sprang open and spooked her greatly. She sprang back and took up a weird pose as I looked her over. "Hey, who are you?" She asked. "You don't look like the type to run with these low life pirates."

I grinned when I heard that. "Your right I would never run with these pirates. I'm meant for one crew and one crew only the one that had the pirate king and the greatest navigator in the world on it."

She smiled with a devious look in her eyes. "Oh and who would that be?" she asked.

"It's quite obvious when you think about it but I'll give you a hint she goes by the term cat burglar and she's not to popular as of now, I'm something of a fortune teller you see and the girl who claims that name will become the greatest navigator this world has to offer" I replied. "Oh and if you're looking for some treasure I left some down there, it's a pleasure to meet you Nami"

As I walked away she looked at me. "How does he know my name?" she thought horrified.

As I emerged onto the deck I saw Luffy fighting with a couple pirates, time to finally test out my abilities.

"Wraith speed" I said running up and jumping over to the fight "Wraith clone" I yelled! Dropping down to help Luffy with the fight.

"Gum Gum pistol" Luffy said, punching a pirate knocking him into another and effectively taking both of them out. "Hey who are you, you aren't trying to hurt coby are you"

"What? No! I'm here to help you fight these pirates and I have an offer if you'd accept. Are you looking for a scout on the pirate crew you're making because I'd like to join" I told him seriously.

"How'd you know I'm a pirate?" Luffy asked.

I looked at him with a smirk on my face. "You look like the kind of guy to become the next pirate king and you clearly don't have a crew yet if you're here on your own, so, what do you say?"

"Alright you can join but only if you promise to stay away from my meat" Luffy stated seriously.

"Of course captain." I laughed. "Thanks to my devil fruit I don't need to eat, let's finish taking out the rest of these pirates."

A few moments later the weaker pirates were all down for the count. Coby shivered, "A-amazing! You guys took out all those tough Pirates like they were nothing!"

Luffy rubbed his nose while chuckling, "Tough? Those guys were weaklings. No challenge at all."

"Honestly if you thought those guys were tough you're not gonna make it as a marine or a pirate." I said laughing.

Coby seemed to pout. "I bet I could beat you easily after I train for a couple years"

And with that, another loud crash could be heard nearby cutting our conversation short. Alvida had shown up once more.

Luffy picked his nose, "Oh hey, the whale lady showed up again."

Coby's jaw dropped while Alvida almost erupted in fury, Alvida snarled. "Coby, who is the most beautiful woman this sea has ever known." She asked filled with confidence.

Coby seemed to hesitate before a look of determination appeared on his face. "Not you," he hesitated again, "YOU SHOULD PROBABLY LOOK IN THE MIRROR YOU UGLY WHALE" Coby screamed

Alvida's teeth ground so hard her teeth cracked, "COBY!" She raised her massive mace ina blind rage, ready to end the pink-haired nuisance in front of her.

Coby shuddered, but stared at his oncoming death with steel in his spine, 'I…I did it! I fought against her!' He gulped and then yelled with pure conviction, "I have no regrets!"

Luffy moved in front of the bludgeon, "Great job!" His smile was stupidly wide as he once again used another one of his abilities and sent her flying.

"Captain they're firing there's a boat over here let's go" I yelled over the cannon fire.

We jumped with Coby onto the boat, and the orange-haired girl let out a shriek of fear as she almost fell off the boat. Luffy grabbed her and steadied her, taking care not to let her or the sack fall over. "Who the hell are y…" she froze as she saw me. "You again who are you how do you know my name"

"We can talk about that later, captain, I'm gonna go take care of those ships" I jumped from our ship onto the water and used a wraith cloak and wraith speed to run onto all the ships and knock out everyone aboard as the boat Luffy was on was finally left out of sight.

I really needed to learn some offensive abilities all my abilities are based on movement and espionage if I face someone who can tank all my hits I might have a problem unfortunately my devil fruit isn't meant for that so I'll have to train to get stronger which is probably easier for me since I can literally train until I drop.

"I guess I'll have to run to get to the island where zoro is. I'll do it tomorrow" I said to myself before I found a rock nearby and fell asleep.

New abilities

1. Wraith world(I see the world around me in the form of the souls of other people can see through walls and see in 360 degree angle about the size of a small university)

2. Wraith cloak(turn into a wraith can go through walls not be seen and can't be hit however I also can't hit others so when I want to deal damage I must turn back I also don't take damage from a fall has a cool down of 30 minutes though can be used again if I secure a kill or dominate someone and it last for five minutes)

3. Dominate(Those with weak minds or weak willpower can be dominated and controlled by me and after beating a powerful enemy I can dominate them as well dominated grunts only last a week while strong ones can be made to infiltrate their organization and relay information back to me.)

4. Wraith clone(can separate my wraith from myself to fight with me but that wraith can be seen and if destroyed I lose the wraith and have to take another one they can only be destroyed by elemental attacks physical attacks don't work on them can have more than one wraith to use as a clone shone in the next chapter)