Before I start this story, I'd like it to be known that while I do have prior writing experience, this is the first story I've ever decided to write and complete.

This is also being written on mobile, so please don't tear me apart because the app decides to fuck with the story.

I'd appreciate any spelling or grammatical errors you notice being told to me as well.

As is typically the case,

speech will be: "Hello there.",

thoughts are: 'Hello there.',

Aggressive, or otherwise inhuman speech will be: "Hello there.",

and inhuman thoughts are: 'Hello there.' .

With that said, I hope you enjoy the "Hierarchy of Heroes".

Y'know, it never really occurred to me how fragile life can be.

You hear about it all the time, on the news, through friends and on the Internet, but unless you experience it yourself, it just doesn't seem like it affects you.

Personally? I wish I could go back to not knowing what true tragedy is.

I was on my way home from work that day, same as any other time.

My life wasn't bad, and I wasn't depressed or anything either.

I was just me, trying to get through life like anyone else.

I didn't even think something like this could happen to me.

I lived in the nice part of town, where there's no graffiti or whatever around, it was always clean.

So when the smell hit me as I opened the front door, I was caught completely off guard.

I don't think I will ever disassociate as hard as I did that day.

The sight that greeted me was something like out of a shitty horror movie; the mutilated corpses of my parents, my grandmother, and my youngest brother, all staring at the front door, their gazes as dead as I felt in that moment.

They had been positioned to look at whoever walked in first.

I felt sick, nauseous, dizzy, and completely out of it. 'This can't be real.' I remember thinking.

But I've always been a rational person, and so I knew I needed to call the police to my address.

Everything after that was a blur.

It was hard, back then, to see the faces of people you love looking back at you without any life in them. It still is, I suppose, but going through that shit leaves a mark on you.

For someone like me who hates the idea of suicide, thinking it cowardly, I couldn't help but laugh as my body was destroyed by a speeding 4x4 the very next day.

It wasn't irony.

I didn't kill myself,

but it was something.

I just never expected to wake up.

And there we go! The first teensy weensy chapter, a taste of how I write and the background of the guy we'll be following. In case it wasn't obvious, I purposely left out his name and location, as those will be different after the story actually starts.

That and I hate giving a character a place of birth and then having to pick and choose stereotypes to make actually good characters.

Now, if anyone actually reads this Imma

be shocked, but if you like it and want to see more, great! I'd appreciate a bit of understanding though when I say I'm pretty busy, so there isn't an update schedule unfortunately. I can't even promise it'll be updated often. But rest assured that it'll never be abandoned, as I hate when that happens to good stories, and I don't want to be like that.

have a good one!