The Peverell Triplets

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Summary: After an impromptu visit to Lord Death's realm the year before Harry's first year at Hogwarts; Harry, Severus, and Tom discover that they are connected on a level deeper than anything they thought possible. With a new life and new family in each other, the triplets have quite a few missions ahead of them: Collect their Hallows. Learn their roles as Masters of Death. Get rid of Voldemort. Avoid as many of the spider's plans as they can. Do not kill the Potters when they get to be too annoying. But first, to get used to their new lives and the feeling of a family. Just what do they have to look forward too as the Peverell Triplets: Masters of Death?

The Peverell Triplets

-TPT: Chapter 1-

Severus Snape decided that despite the gray sky above him, this new place was still rather fetching and beautiful. A large meadow of flowers surrounded by a dark forest with a clear stream cutting across the meadow- a large willow tree on its bank. Just beyond the trees, a tall and distant mountain range encircled the entire space. Glowing gates at the summits in the four main points of direction: North, East, South, and West. He was taken from his thoughts by a slight shift in the air around him. He looked over, and his eyes widened in shock as he saw who else was in the meadow with him. A tall man he never thought he would see again. Tom Marvolo Riddle: before he lost his sanity and humanity to dark magic and resentment. The man who was once a brother to him. Said man also seemed surprised to see him- but not where they found themselves. Then there was the child. And oh, if Severus didn't know this child. "Little Imp. What happened to you?" he breathed in horror at the sight of bruises and undernourishment. Horrified that the boy he knew was ten looked to have not grown- but rather shrank- in the past two years Dumbledore had him in Albania searching for any news on Voldemort. He went up to the small boy who's impossibly green eyes were wide in awe at the sight around him.

Severus knelt before him, taking in his form. It had been far too long since he had seen the child he had practically raised, after Lily and James put all their attention and affection towards the older Potter twin. The Boy-Who-Lived, according to Albus. 'They left him with Lily Potter's muggle relations shortly after you left for Albus's cockamamie mission in Albania. They never checked on him after the first month. Upon realizing the Potters had basically just abandoned him and weren't coming to check on their youngest anymore- well, you can see the result of their hatred and resentment towards the Potters before you.' A new voice said. The trio looked over to see the tall, skeletal figure of Death in his robe of starless night and a dimly glowing scythe of wood and bone.

"Lord Death." the trio said, one in awe and two in building dread. The deity before them nodded.

'There is much to discuss you three.' he informed them.

"Yes, there is. Why are we here? How could this happen?" Severus asked, finally getting back on track and releasing his fury at the small boy's condition. "What is going on?"

"Why is Sev here? I sort of get why he's here." Harry indicated Tom. "But why Sev?"

"I need more of an explanation about why you're here too." Severus said to the older man, completely confused. He knew that Voldemort had not been killed the night he attacked the Potters, but by all intents and purposes, he should still be an insane shade barely surviving by possessing any hapless creature he came across. "And why you are okay in his presence if you know who he is and what he's done." he added to his little imp.

"As you know, I created several horcruxes in my quest to cheat Death." Tom told Severus who nodded. To his shock, Harry also nodded his understanding. What had Severus missed in the three years he was gone? "The night I attacked the Potters- while being utterly insane and imbecilic, I might add- my curse rebounded. And a sliver of my soul embedded itself in the one who rebounded the curse while my body disintegrated due to it being too unstable to handle anymore curse magic." Tom explained. Severus thought back to that night. Voldemort had not killed Lily or James that night, wanting them to suffer and blame themselves for their dead children. After all, by then Tom was no longer Tom and relished in emotional torture. Then Severus's eyes widened as the last half of his friend's words clicked.

"Harry rebounded the curse?" He looked at the two of them, who nodded. He was flabbergasted. "Why didn't you tell me Imp?" Severus asked Harry softly. After all, he had been the one to look after Harry whenever the rest of his family would leave Harry behind in their thirst of fame after the twins were two years old. He treated Harry when his weak constitution reared its ugly head. He tutored Harry in both muggle and magical subjects. They spent several hours just the two of them, all through the week during summer and holidays. Even when he was still teaching in Hogwarts he kept in correspondence with Harry, and they visited every two weekends. Merlin, the boy helped him grade his first- and second-year potions essays. Why hadn't Harry come to him about this?

"I didn't want to worry you Sev." Harry explained with a small smile.

"Worry me?" he asked, not following.

"If you knew, you would worry about Dumbledore finding out somehow." Tom replied in understanding. Severus sighed, unable to argue with the man. Then he sent a sharp look at Tom, who raised a brow. "I'm not fully the Voldemort you knew when he attacked the Potters, Severus. I'm the soul piece that was in Harry. The first few years, Harry's magic healed the insanity caused by the soul magic, leaving me sane once more. My consciousness began to wake up around the time Harry was six, but I wasn't strong enough to communicate until Harry was with the Dursleys for a few months. After that, Harry and I became companions. I used my knowledge to help his injuries heal and continue the studies I knew you had been working on him with. And he helped me to understand just where I had gone wrong in my campaigns that went from being about saving magic to killing anything not pureblood." Tom actually looked ashamed and disgusted. "There is much to make up for. Far too much magical blood has been spilled." he said. Severus nodded.

'When Harry arrived here, the soul piece in him came too.' Death said. 'As for the reason Severus is here...One of Voldemort's followers had heard some secondhand information about you turning spy for the light.' Death began.

"But that was under my orders." Tom said, confused. "I told him if a chance arrived that he could fall into Albus's circle, he was to take it."

"And I did. That partial prophecy I overheard after you had already lost most of your sanity. You thought it was the Potters or Longbottoms. I knew you weren't in your right mind to listen to Lucius and I explain it wasn't a full prophecy. So, when you got it in your head that it was the Potters, I went to Albus and begged him to send them somewhere safe." Severus shrugged. "And since Lily was still like a sister at the time, I was worried. Albus understood that and the rest fell into place after that. But then Harry came and then you attacked him..." Severus sighed. "I'm sure you understand where I'm going with this."

"And I'm not angry. I know how much you care about him. Voldemort will be furious when he realizes someone killed off his prized potions master though." Tom said in amusement.

Death nodded. 'And he will be dealt with once we figure out who he was.' The trio looked over at him in confusion.

"No offense, Death Sir." Harry gave a small smile. "But we're dead. We can't exactly go after him...can we?" he asked, eyes narrowing in thought. Somehow Death grinned and it sent chills down their spines.

'You three are not dead. You are merely on the verge of it. Which brings us to our main topic of discussion.' Death said, waving a bony hand as smoke wrapped around the four of them. 'You three know the story of the Deathly Hallows, correct?' the trio nodded. 'The story, as you know it, goes that the one who collects all three Hallows will become my master. That is incorrect. The truth is that I have three masters. Each possessing a gift from me to help them with their responsibilities as my masters- our story twisted into a tale for children.' Death said as the smoke took on vaguely human shape.

*'The oldest, Antioch, possessed the Elder Wand.' A smoky wand appeared in the figure's hand. 'Antioch's responsibility as my Master was to deliver certain souls to my realm- ones that were twisted by evil and malicious intent. Souls that were no longer mortal.' Death explained as the human shapes condensed and mutated. 'The elder wand, however, was not an unbeatable wand like the story said. It instead conducted his emotions and desires easily and more accurately than any others or their wands could. Understand that the Peverell family was a very important family even then, and they had many enemies who wouldn't hesitate to target his younger brothers if the chance arose- many of these that did so were the same souls he was responsible for ferrying to me. He only wanted to protect his brothers and it showed in how fiercely he did so. His defeated enemies could not accept that his desire and will to protect his family lead him to train himself beyond the standards others had set. So instead, rumors spread that it was the wand that was unbeatable.' The smoke showed many figures whispering to each other behind Antioch's back. 'Thus he was ambushed and out numbered. And soon, Antioch Peverell succumbed to his many injuries, before his attackers killed each other for the wand.' Death told them as the smoke showed Antioch fall to the many numbers around him, followed by the mob around him save the winner.

'Then came Cadmus, the middle brother, who possessed the Stone of Resurrection. And no, it did not bring others back from the dead.' Death continued after a few tense moments of silence. The smoke shifted into a new vaguely human shape that possessed a small stone set on a cord around his neck. 'Cadmus's responsibilities as my Master was to help souls that passed but were lost, find their way to my realm. As he was a healer and potions master, he was often with these same souls when they passed or were known by them to some degree.' The smoke showed Cadmus making potions before giving them to others that were hunched and ill looking. 'The stone had two functions: As a beacon for the souls to find him.' The smoky stone seemed to glow from a distance, and had what they could only guess, were normal souls gravitating towards it. 'And as a gate for those souls to pass through.' The smoke shifted once more, showing the smoky souls that seemed to be sucked into the stone. 'His desire had been to help his brothers by taking the strain of working so closely to the dead onto himself, so the other two didn't have too. Working with the dead has a cost. But Cadmus was strong and had his brothers to support him. They kept him sane and safe from himself.' They watched as the smoke showed the three figures together, Antioch and Ignotus creating a barrier around Cadmus, before Antioch's smoky form faded. 'Antioch's soul eventually found it's way towards that same gate. Ignotus was unreachable. Thus, Cadmus was alone when his eldest brother went through. Without either of his brothers there, Cadmus Peverell succumbed to the affects of working with the dead and died in a horrible accident.' A potions explosion that caused the smoke to become formless. 'The stone disappearing during the investigation- taken by a thief who would make it his family's heirloom.' They could feel Death's fury at the reveal, feeling it themselves.

The trio were silent, unable to help the sorrow that seeped into their souls the longer Death continued the story of his Masters. 'Then, there was Ignotus.' Death's voice shuddered. 'Ignotus was the youngest of my Masters. He possessed the Cloak of Invisibility- my cloak.' Death told them, the smoke showing the last of the brothers putting on the cloak and disappearing into the smoke. 'Ignotus's responsibility as my Master was to keep the Balance between Life and Death. Where there was excessive death; he saved.' The smoke showed Ignotus saving a group of soldiers during war, hidden away from their view. 'When living outnumbered death; he ended.' Mirroring the previous image, Ignotus did nothing to help the soldiers dying around him. 'The cloak kept him undetectable. It kept him safe as he did what was required of him.' Death watched the smoky figure of his last living master. 'Ignotus only ever wanted to help his brothers where he could. Take their stress away. Make sure they lived, and didn't devote their entire lives to their responsibilities. Despite what you may think, I was actually in agreement with Ignotus. I cared for my masters and wanted them to live fulfilling lives. I was happy watching over them as they grew into their abilities and roles. Neither Ignotus or I handled his brothers' deaths very well. Ignotus mourned them for the rest of his life, and despite being Death, I was unable to keep their souls with us. They had no choice but to move on. Ignotus had to take on his brothers' roles to keep the balance.' the smoke showed Ignotus doing his brothers work, but it was made difficult with the lack of their gifts from Death to help him out. 'Yet, I was unable to let that happen. So afraid of losing him as well. Eventually, Ignotus had no choice but to use his cloak- our cloak- to keep out of my reach so he could continue the roles of his brothers. Ignotus was left alone to handle the burden all on his own, when I should have been there to help. And I lost him. His death was my fault.'

'Unlike the story you were told, Ignotus did not greet me as an old friend. He didn't have time. As soon as he passed his cloak to his child, he died himself from the exhaustion and pain of his roles. And thus, he was out of my reach.'*

Death finished the story of his masters as the smoke showed Death reach out for Ignotus's soul, only for it to disappear. A sad silence laid over them all. Harry was unable to stop himself from hugging Death, startling the deity out of his thoughts. Death returned the hug, touched by the thoughtfulness of the child before he reluctantly separated from him, to continue their discussion. 'One of the results my Masters were supposed to have was being unable to leave me. Unable to die.' They looked at him in confusion. They were just told the heart wrenching tale of how Death did lose his Masters, so-? 'I understand your confusion. But this had three requirements. Ones that were, unfortunately, not fully met during my Masters' first carnations.' Death explained as the smoke dissipated around them.

"First carnations?" Severus asked.

"Requirements?" Tom echoed. Death nodded to both of them.

'The first: My Masters must not turn on each other or draw the blood of the others during one life time. The second: My masters must be aware of their duties and roles for a century in length, and work towards them. And the last: They must step foot in this realm together in one of their life times.' They nodded.

"Why are you telling us all of this, Lord Death?" Severus finally asked.

'My Masters have had three life cycles to this point. The first requirement was reached during their first life cycle, several centuries before. And the last one was met today.' He explained. Their eyes widened as it began to click just what they were hearing. 'As for the second one, now that you are aware of the situation- eight years from now it will also be met. Thus ensuring your connections to me and each other. And ensuring your official status as Masters of Death.' he explained to them.

"W-we're-" Harry began in surprise. Death nodded.

'You are my Masters' third life cycles. And hopefully the last. As time passes, you will eventually obtain a better understanding of the duties that will come with it. The truth is though, that there is too much for us to do before you even think about preforming those same duties.' Death eased them after he had given them time to absorb his words.

"What do you mean?" Tom asked curiously.

'First, we must return you three to the realm of the living. But you will need to make decisions as you will not go back the way you arrived. Voldemort's shade and sympathizers needs to be disposed of. Unfortunately, due to Voldemort's slipping sanity, I know that Antioch's memory for most of the horcruxes are hazy. But I will help with that search. Cadmus's attacker needs to be found and dealt with. Finding your hallows is also a priority, and circumventing the war that is to come. There is already too much death and Ignotus will need help to restore this balance before you can properly take you mantles.' Death explained. The trio shared a look before nodding at Death. 'Before leaving here, you three will be taking a potion that'll make a few changes. Cadmus, you will have the toughest decision to make. You three will be returning to the realm of the living, but as triplets.' Their eyes widened. 'It won't take too much work to repair the damage done to your body, but only if I revert it back to it's younger state. As for Antioch, he will be a separate being entirely from Voldemort, though the horcruxes will need to be dealt with before the shade can be disposed of. You three will find yourselves in the same place in the span of two days after waking up. It is temporary. When the chance arrives, you will need to go to Gringotts, where King Ragnok will help get you settled into a proper home and explain a bit more about the bonds between you three. He will know what needs to be done.' Death explained to them. Antioch and Ignotus looked over at Cadmus. It was going to affect Cadmus more, after all.

"What will we be doing about Severus Snape though?" Cadmus finally asked.

'Severus's attacker is under the impression that he killed Severus Snape. I will be taking your body- which will be repaired and reverted by the potion you'll be taking- and placing it where it needs to be. In the mean time, an unidentifiable body will be in place of where Severus was and it'll be spread that Severus Snape died after he was discovered to be a traitor to Voldemort.' Death explained. Cadmus thought for a moment before nodding. 'To make your existences easier, Severus Snape will be deceased on all records as well as being your godfather.' Cadmus nodded his acceptance.

"What about our appearances when we get back, in comparison to our childhood selves?" Antioch asked curiously.

'The potion you're taking will change your appearances just enough from your childhood selves so no one makes the connection right away. As for the obvious relations however, there is an extinct family with connections to Peverell, Prince, and Gaunt. It's easy enough to slide your existence into the family while ensuring that it is known that you were hidden for reasons of safety.' Antioch nodded his acceptance and after a final glance with each other, the trio turned to Death.

"We're ready." Death grinned.

'Let's get started shall we?' he asked, as three vials of potions. 'Drink it all and soon, you'll be returned and reunited.' the trio didn't hesitate. They trusted Death, after all. One vial later, and darkness swan through their vision.