The Peverell Triplets

-TPT: Chapter 5-

The new year started off with the Potters discovering that they had restrictions placed on their vaults. When they had wrote to have a donation made to the order as they did twice a year, they were shocked by the reply they received from Gringotts.

'Dear Lord Potter,

You have recently requested for a sum of 50,000 galleons to be placed in a vault to the Order of the Phoenix. Unfortunately, your request has been rejected, due to restrictions placed by the Head of the Potter Line. Should you have any questions, please feel free to send a request for a meeting with your Line Head.


King Ragnok'

To say the Potters were shocked was an understatement. What did the goblins mean by Line Head? Surely that was James. Wondering if maybe the goblins made a mistake- despite that never being the case- he requested for a meeting with the so called Line Head the next day at 9 AM. They received a confirmation of the meeting. The Potters had no idea what was waiting for them.


The meeting was being held in King Ragnok's office and the Peverell Heirs were the first to arrive, being nearly 15 minutes early to have their papers ready. Ragnok had the paper that held the Potter laws- in particularly the clause affirming the Peverells' stations and power over them. In addition were papers- dated- to show how the Potters assets had been failing and showing the improvements once Ignotus had taken them over. They say Ignotus, but they were going to be sure to inform the Potters just who it was that was doing the actual work. And since Ignotus was the main head for the Potter Line, he had every right to put the goblins in charge of the assets. In addition, they had a list of the Potter's new rules and regulations about spending money. They were all curious about how the meeting would play out. Though Ignotus did warn his brothers to stay calm and not do anything rash.

The Potters arrived ten minutes late to the meeting, already showing disrespect. Especially since James was the one who had chosen the time. It did not help their reputation within Gringotts or with the witches and wizards inside. "I'm Lord Potter and my family and I have a meeting with King Ragnok." he informed the goblin teller arrogantly, letting people know. After all, to have a meeting with the King himself was rare and only saved for the most influential of families. He didn't realize how his arrogant claim would back fire.

"Ah yes, the meeting for 9AM that you requested and are currently late too." the goblin teller sneered, causing some outraged muttering among the bystanders. While many didn't show goblins the respect they deserved, any one could tell you that to be late to a meeting you set yourself with the King of Goblins was an act of idiocy. To get a meeting with the King was rare and hard to do. Not even the most bigoted of purebloods would dare show such lack of decorum. If they could even get a meeting in the first place. "I will have Griphook take you. But Mr. Potter, I will warn you that our King and your Line Head and his family are very important and busy people. Do not waste their time again." the teller informed him which caused the chatter to increase. The Potters had a line head? That was unexpected. And for there to be a meeting, it could only mean that the Line Head considered the Potter family a threat to the assets of the entire line. That much was common knowledge. That the Potters would show such disrespect to the ones who were now in control of their assets...such arrogance would surely be punished. Some present couldn't help but feel some joy at that.

"This way Mr. Potter and family." Griphook said after watching the Potters sputter and turn red for a minute as the chatter increased. Wizards and witches were good for somethings it would seem. James scowled before following, his wife and son behind him. Griphook refused to answer the Potters questions with anything more than "Your Line Head will explain." He stopped at King Ragnok's office door, but before he knocked on the door Griphook turned to the Potters with a smile that caused Matthew to whimper and his parents to flinch and recoil. "I feel I should warn you, ever so slightly about what you will be walking into- and only so you can not claim to be ignorant." Griphook said. "Your Line Head is a kind and forgiving soul. His brothers, on the other hand, are anything but...I suggest you be careful how you speak with your Line Head. Or else you will find yourself in quite the dire state, thanks to his brothers. They take things said to their brother...more personally... than he himself does. Just a...warning." he said savagely before knocking firmly on the door and allowing it to open. "I hope the meeting goes well Potter Family." he told the shaken family before leaving them to go into the office themselves. Proof of his own disapproval of them.

The Potters shared a nervous look. "I am a busy goblin Potters. Enter!" Ragnok's voice boomed, startling them. The Potters quickly entered, only to stop in shock at the sight of King Ragnok and three boys who looked to be younger than Matthew. What was going on? Was this a joke? "Kindly sit, my guests here have graciously agreed to take time out of their rather busy schedules to entertain your questions today. And you are already tardy. Not a good look for you I believe." Ragnok sneered while the two tallest boys looked at the Potters with such disdain and disgust it was humiliating. It was the shortest child though that shook Lily, he looked so much like Harry- even with the blank look that unnerved her. But surely, Harry couldn't be this boy. Deciding it was only her imagination or a coincidence, she tuned herself into the conversation that would so drastically affect her and her family.

"You can't be serious? These children can not be my Line Heads." James growled, not moving.

"You're right. The children are not your Line Heads. Only Master Ignotus, the youngest, is." Ragnok said with a bit of savage joy. They watched as James turned red in his anger.

"That is not possible. The Potters do not have a line head other than their Lord. You have no right to keep us from spending our money." Lily retorted.

"Actually, it is within the Potter Family Laws that should an Heir or Heirs be born to the Peverell name and claim their inheritance- then they will be placed in charge of the Potter Line finances should the current head be a threat to the finances of the rest of the lines' and the lines belonging rightfully to the Peverell." Ignotus said. "Hello Lord and Lady Potter. My name is Ignotus Peverell, current Line Head of the Potter family's finances. Beside me are my older brothers Antioch Peverell and Cadmus Peverell. Please have a seat, we are already behind schedule due to you lack of punctuality and decorum. I would not like to take more of King Ragnok's time than we already have. He is busy running a bank and nation after all." Ignotus said with a small, cold smile.

They found themselves doing as told. "This is not right. My family laws hold no such rule and the Peverell line is extinct. Not even those in the Potter family have been able to revive that name." James argued.

"Tsk. Tsk. You really should read up on your family's laws Mr. Potter. It states clearly here in the 111th clause." Ragnok said, passing over the parchment as evidence. It was one of the older clauses in the Potter Laws, that James had never looked over, nor his father or grandfather. "And of course I have the parchment that proves Master Ignotus's claim to the Peverell family." He added, allowing Lily to take that sheet. James was in shock as he dropped the parchment. Lily read over the sheet she had. Ignotus Hadrian Peverell. Severus was his godfather? Why had the man never told her? She glanced back at Ignotus, who she could still see her missing son in, despite firmly believing it wasn't possible. Antioch and Cadmus were on edge at the red head's glances at Ignotus.

"It says only if the current head is a threat to the standing and finances of the Potter Family and any others that rightfully belong to the Peverell. I am not a threat to the finances and standing of my house." James said, his anger showing.

"That's where you're wrong, I'm afraid." Ragnok replied, a grin on his face that sent shivers down James's spine. "These are magically dated to show their authenticity." Ragnok told him passing a few sheets of parchment. "These show that you have been, for the past eight years, burning through the Potter family assets, leading to it's fall in value and status. Already the main Potter vault that you make use of- once the fullest vault that had enough money in it too last nearly half a century, since you did not put any money back into it in the past eight year- has barely a 100,000 galleons remaining. You used nearly five decades worth of money in less than one. If you cannot call that dropping the status and value of this family's line, I can't imagine what you do consider such." he told them scathingly.

"Our assets, James. We had several shares and stocks. Surely that added to our family's financial status." Lily insisted, pushing the boy out of her mind for the moment. Cadmus barked out an incredulous laugh. "What?" she demanded angrily.

"Mrs. Potter, such assets need to be checked more than once a decade. The last you checked on any of these investments you mentioned was more than a decade ago. In your negligence, many of your investments fell through and were unfortunately robbed as you never withdrew your funding. In addition, the others you had that were successful, they halted that themselves when they received no word from you at their requests and inquiries." Antioch said with cold amusement.

"Here is the proof you need." Ragnok added, handing over another few sheets of parchment. "As I'm sure you'll notice. The last dated asset when under your control was the end of July, last year. It just so happens that the Peverell Heirs here came and retrieved their inheritance in August. And here, you'll see the changes and improvements of your previous investments after Master Ignotus took control." Ragnok said slyly after seeing their horrified looks at the shambles their investments had become. He watched their faces as they saw the improvements and the new sum that was now coming in thanks to Ignotus's contribution. "In addition to the removal of several assets you put up that were rather...poor investments. You'll see that there are investments on there that you pulled your support from. As you can see, in merely five months, more than ten times the profit has been made than when these were under your control. In addition, Master Ignotus has these profits in an entirely different vault that you don't have access too, I'm afraid." he grinned.

"This is ludicrous. The amount of gold coming in is...astonishing." Lily said in shock, looking at the boy is disbelief. She opened her mouth, but Ignotus spoke before she could.

"Oh. It wasn't my doing, of course. While I'm fairly decent with money- more so than you lot assuredly- I happened to have deferred the majority of the decision making to someone with far greater experience and money know how than I possess myself. He merely informed me of his decisions, and received my approval."

"Who could possibly make such drastic and profitable changes?" James demanded in disbelief.

"Why, the best in the business: King Ragnok." Ignotus replied with a smile, shocking the Potters. "Oh, why so surprised? It's well known through out the entirety of the wizarding world that goblins are the masters when it comes to money." he told them. "As you can see, it was a very wise move. The amount coming in might even make up for your dismal and absolute disgusting lack of self control and sloth."

"I believe in about two years time- maybe sooner, we'll see- that the amount they squandered without care might even return if not increase." Ragnok said thoughtfully. Ignotus nodded.

"Wonderful!" he said with a chirp. "Of course, now that you understand- even if you can't accept- that you nearly ran the Potter family finances into the ground, no doubt ruining your family's status and value which puts me as your Line Head, we can begin to discuss your new rules and regulations." he said with a smile.

"No! This is ridiculous! I refuse to believe that some spoiled brat is taking over my family finances. It is my money. These are my assets." James growled, having drawn his wand in his anger. Suddenly he had a wand at his throat, his own gone, and was starring into eyes of a dark gray that were hard as steel. Right behind him was the oldest boy Antioch, who also had his wand aimed at Lily to keep her from reacting. James was frozen in fear.

"Cadmus, Antioch, we spoke about this." Ignotus said with a sigh. "I apologize King Ragnok. I truly did speak with them before hand that they were supposed to behave." But Ragnok shook his head.

"He needs to apologize, Master Ignotus. Even I am in agreement that he went to far. He has made an attempt at an attack on you in our domain. He knows nothing of you and your hardships. Not only that but he is outright denying his family magic. He'll probably be hurt by it if he doesn't repent. And soon."

"I was not going to attack the child, I am not a monster." James snarled, offended at the thought. Never mind he had drawn his wand.

"I'm sorry if I can't bring myself to believe you. Now, apologize or I will have Ignotus allow you family magics to punish you themselves." Cadmus sneered, reminding James so much of a certain dungeon bat. That was when he felt it, the build up of magic that was slowly heating up.

"I'm sorry for drawing my wand and denying my family magics." he gritted out. The pressure dispersed and the wands were gone, the two oldest sitting next to their youngest. He was not returned his wand.

"Accepted, as I understand this is difficult. Be warned, as forgiving as I am, I will not tolerate such acts against me and mine again." Ignotus said coldly. "Now, to inform you of your new financial situation." he smiled. "You only have access to one vault for your everyday lives. The main Potter vault, which has been and will continue to have, an allowance of 300 galleons every month. I have also made the decision to forbid you from accessing or giving away Potter Family heirlooms- other than your own journals that you yourself had placed into the vault. Albus had received a warning and I have already retrieved the cloak you handed to him. Then there is Matthew's trust vault, which is only to be used for his schooling and education. That means tutoring, school supplies, and books, not brooms. Clothing outside of his school uniform is allowed, but that particular thing is not to exceed 300 galleons, as there are rather exceptional robes that can be bought for rather decent prices. His trust vault is also not to be used to pay Albus Dumbledore or his Order of the Phoenix. If you have him or another member as a tutor, special arrangements can be made. But even the best tutors to pureblood society are less than than 200 galleons a month. If someone demands more, you are being cheated. And before you think of finding a way around it, those funds will continue to be monitored and assessed that it is what it is, although I happened to look through the records and no one is currently being paid for his tutoring. If this rule has been broken, there will be a punishment." he told them.

"Albus and his order are saving this country. They are helping to train the savior of the wizarding world." Lily objected indicating Matthew who had been grumbling and complaining under his breath the whole time but puffed up in pride at his 'savior' title.

"It is my understanding that Voldemort-" cue their flinches. "Has been defeated and thus there is no longer any threat to our world besides our own close mindedness." Ignotus replied softly, making the Potters tense and refuse to say anything else about it. He grinned. "As for the savior business, he is no savior of mine. He is merely a spoiled ten year old who parades his privilege around and acts like an arrogant swot. So please keep your drivel to yourself, I do not buy into your propaganda." they bristled and paled at the same time which was amusing to watch. "Back to business. Matthew's trust fund has 1000 galleons placed into every year since birth. As does any child born to the Potter family."

"What about Harry's trust fund?" Matthew asked curiously, after hearing that. Antioch sent waves of calm to Cadmus, who was furious that the brat would bring up Severus's little imp. "I mean, we don't know where he is or if he'll ever come around again. What happens to that money?"

"You do not have access to anything that was Harry James Potter's by decision of the Potter Family Magics. Apparently, magic was unhappy of your treatment of him, before you abandoned him and he subsequently disappeared." he told them, glaring directly at Lily Potter. He continued, ignoring their denials. He had no desire to listen to them. "Now, the next item of business. You have one other vault and that is a vault for emergencies. But withdrawing from this vault is not allowed to go over 1000 galleons, and certainly not more than once every three months. Should you need to withdraw more, you are to send a request to me. And then I will decide whether to allow it or not. This money will also be strictly watched. And should you break the rules, again, there is a penalty. I encourage the two of you to begin working again, by the time summer comes around. Once I get into Hogwarts, you will be losing access to the Main Potter Vault." Even his brothers looked shocked while Ragnok merely grinned and prepared the contract. After all, he knew all of this already.

"What?" James shouted.

"Calm down and let me finish. All the money in the main vault will be transferred over to a lesser vault at that time. It will be that same vault any and all checks you receive will be deposited. As well as a greatly reduced allowance, since I understand you will be down one or two members in the house hold as they are starting at Hogwarts after this summer. When you have this vault, then you can pay your Albus and his order with the funds from it." James was about to argue, but Ignotus cut him off. "I plan on bringing the Potter family name back from the ruin you set it on the path of as it reflects on me and mine. But I have no reason to believe you are worthy of that same redemption. I- with the help of King Ragnok- will be rebuilding the Potter status and value from the ground up. And you will not claim the credit or glory of it. Maybe this will teach you a lesson of humility and humble you lot at some point down the road. Only time will tell." he told them. "Now, I have had a contract written out that explains all of this. You will sign this contract, and I suggest you read it. Should you break any of the clauses in it, King Ragnok and my self will be informed and there will be a punishment. After doing this, then you can leave. Know that all of your transactions from here to when you get your lesser vault will be monitored. And I suggest you monitor your spending. Should you empty the Potter Main vault before you have your lesser vault, you will have to send me a personal request for more money. As you will see mentioned in the contract, you are also forbidden from opening any other accounts in an attempt to bypass any of these regulations. You will also find a clause that states none of you can discuss anything that we have discussed here with anyone out side of those present- not by writing, speaking, signing, or any other forms of communication. Mrs. Potter can cast a detection charm that reveals the spell used if she desires. Not even the use of a pensive or legilimency can reveal the events that have happened here." Ignotus finished.

"And if I don't sign?" James demanded. Ignotus grinned.

"If you do not sign this rather generous contract, you will have any and all access to the Main Potter Vault and the emergency vault revoked. You will have zero access to anything relating to the Potter name other than the home you live in. As it is, all of the Potter Heirlooms within your manor have already been returned to their proper vaults. You will have access to only five of the 20 house elves living within Potter manor. The rest will be divided to other properties where they will have better company. I will pity the five who choose to remain with you. In addition to the removal of your access, you will also lose your title as Lord. You may be Lord currently but I rank over you as Head of the Potter Line and it is within my power to remove you should you be a danger to the Potter Family values as you have already been proven to be when you abandoned a magical child. I am merely giving you a second chance at redemption. It is too late to save Harry James Potter from you and you family. But this once Noble House has a chance of redemption. So make you choice now, James Fleamont Potter. This meeting has taxed my saint like patience as it is, and I am barely holding these two back from doing something to punish you for your utter disrespect to me as your Line Head." Ignotus told him firmly. James sighed in resignation as he began to read through the contract. It was simple, clear, concise, and there were no loop holes or tricks. It stated clearly what was written. James didn't have a choice. So he signed it, along with Lily, King Ragnok, and the three brothers. Once it was sealed, the paper flashed with magic. Without another word, James stormed out with his son complaining right behind him.

Lily Potter cast one last glance at the familiar boy before following after her husband and child. Her thoughts on what Ignotus Peverell had said about Harry, who had been missing for the past several months. 'What did he mean that it was too late to save Harry?' she wondered, running to keep up with the others. She was irked by the abandoned child comment, but decided to push it from her mind. She had a husband to calm and a crisis to divert.


Ignotus was more than relieved when winter faded into spring, which faded into summer. The time to go to Hogwarts was almost upon them, and he was excited. The past several months had passed with little happening. The brothers continued their training. As it was in his last life, Cadmus was mastering potions at a fast rate. Ignotus believed he would once more become the youngest Potions Master in the world. He also wasn't shabby with Herbology, though Ignotus easily reached the same level as his older brother. Antioch's specialties were lying in DADA and Transfiguration, much to their amusement. As for Ignotus, charms and healing were his preferred subjects, though he knew Herbology was a close second.

Research on the horcruxes wasn't progressing all that fast. They had narrowed the Diary down to Lucius Malfoy or Theodore Nott. But unfortunately, they couldn't just go up to either of them and ask. Instead, they would use Cadmus's similar looks to his last life to peak the interest of Draco Malfoy and Theodore Nott Jr. and in turn their parents. The cup was lost after Tom Riddle had taken it, leaving them no closer to it's location. The locket, Antioch remembered was in a cave, but the dangers around it were unknown to him still, and it was not a risk they could take just yet. And with the diadem being somewhere in Hogwarts, they could focus on it when they arrived. Maybe they would feel it like they could supposedly feel Voldemort?

The trio had eventually started going into the wizarding world and muggle worlds more, and Ignotus had even made a friend in Neville Longbottom and his parents. Things were looking up for the brothers, but they knew they couldn't let their guards down. Unlike what they had thought, James realized he couldn't fight Ignotus's claim, and had started work back as an auror early meaning they now had their lesser vault under their control. Thus, the main Potter vault was being replenished with fresh, clean, hard earned profits. Ignotus and Ragnok kept a close eye on the transactions and determined that none of their rules were being broken. However it was clear that the Potters were struggling as they still hadn't learned to reshape their spending habits, but their pride kept them from requesting more money from Ignotus. Antioch and Cadmus would never like the Potters, and neither would Ignotus. And his older brothers were proud of his decision, even if they felt they deserved far worse. Ragnok had continued over seeing the brothers' assets and things were getting better for many. Even the Gaunt line, it seemed had a chance to be redeemed, despite its detestable state at the beginning. Ignotus and his brothers didn't fully know what was waiting for them at Hogwarts their first year, but they knew that with each other they would make it through. They weren't alone this time, and they would always have each other's backs. And they had Death and the Goblin Nation to watch over them as they completed the trials ahead of them. That was enough for them for now.

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