AN - Explicit scenes and plots ahead.

Issei was happy. In just the past couple of weeks, his life had made a complete turnaround. He had been reincarnated as a devil and while dying wasn't something he enjoyed, he could say with certainty that he had never gotten over something faster than when he gained the knowledge that he now had a chance at creating a harem. He had awoken an ancient power that helped him take the life of the one who had ended his own and he was constantly surrounded by beautiful women causing his perverted brain to go crazy about what he would do with their breasts if any of them became his girlfriend. All in all, he couldn't see any possible way for the life he now had to ever fall apart.

That is until Kuoh Academy had a sudden transfer student.

It started with just rumors.

"The new transfer student and Rias were walking together outside of school."

"Did you see the new guy, he's so handsome and if what Aika said was true... *giggles*"

"The new guy was in the student council's office for like, an hour or something. I wonder if he and the President know each other."

"Don't tell anyone I told you this, but the new guy and Gremory-sama were seen by someone in our school in the mall together."

Rumors had always been something he had ignored. His previous notoriety as one of the worst members of the perverted trio had made it so that he had developed an ability to ignore them effortlessly and yet these were different. They had pierced through his metaphorical barrier rather effortlessly and led to Issei gaining his own suspicions. The one about his King's best friend only made him slightly curious before his focus went back to Rias.

And rightfully so he would say to any that asked. "The new transfer student" as everyone was referring to him as was the exact kind of guy that Issei was usually intimidated by, only that was before he had gained the strength that he had now. And yet something still warned him about the guy. Telling Issei that he shouldn't mess with him.

Standing tall above his own average height, at least by Japanese standards, "The Transfer Student" or Naruto Uzumaki as he had introduced himself was in a league of his own. The closest comparison Issei could make for him would be to that of an American football linebacker. And even then he wasn't sure if that was a good enough representation of the man's stature.

Not to mention the way he was in school. Even something as mundane as walking through the hallways made Issei feel like he was watching a shark on the prowl for his next meal what with the way the hallways cleared for him like a school of fishes avoiding an apex predator. Of course, many didn't like that but their false bravado was quickly put to rest without contest. Those foolish enough to even try and get into fights with him were always stopped by members of the student council before anything could happen. Issei thought to himself that it was probably more for the antagonizer's protection rather than Naruto's.

Now hearing that the two of them were seen together outside of school caused him a feeling of anxiety that he couldn't understand. The sole reason he hadn't done anything sooner was that there had been no evidence claiming what the rumors were saying was true. In school, the blonde and his King were as close as strangers, never seen together as some had said, and not once was there a moment where it seemed that the two shared any connection whatsoever.

Make no mistake, it wasn't like Issei was a jealous individual. Far from it. He knew people needed space, even if they were devils. It was just the fact that despite all the rumors going around, Rias had yet to bring it up to either him or any of his fellow peerage members, and that was driving him up the wall with apprehension. Why wouldn't she clear the air on this subject with her close friends, with him, her boyfriend, if there wasn't any truth to it all? Wouldn't that be the first thing someone should do?

This combined with the fact that there had been this awkward air surrounding the members of the ORC due to their King's random calls for rain checks for their meetings and he had decided that enough was enough.

And so that is what leads us to what he was doing today. Early in the morning so as to catch her before she was busy, he made his way to her apartment in order to confirm that his suspicions were just that. Suspicions. Luckily it wasn't a long walk as she had chosen to live close to their school, allowing for him to be there and in front of her door in less than 20 minutes.

Pressing the button that rang the doorbell, he awaited her response. Yet after waiting for more than 3 minutes with no response, he pressed it again, assuming that she had to be asleep or something as the last time he had been in her apartment, the doorbell had been extremely loud. But still, she didn't answer. And this time he had waited even longer, 10 minutes to be exact.

"Arrgh," he groaned, rubbing his hand through his hair while he huffed in annoyance.

Deciding that he had gone through all polite options should she be sleeping or otherwise, he stuck his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone. It was a new one that Rias had bought for him, saying that it was a gift for being both her boyfriend and her precious pawn. A click of her contact later and he was listening to the tone as it began to ring.

On the fifth ring, he was prepared to hang up and head back home as she was probably busy or occupied but the distinct sound of Rias' voice made him pause in his action.

"Issei?" The voice that had filled many of his past fantasies resonated through his phone's speakers. He noticed that her voice sounded hoarse as though she had just woken up and yet alongside it was the seductive undertone that had always made his pants tight whenever she spoke to him.

"What do you need that you had to call me this early in the morning?" She groaned out, her words ending in a whine that Issei excused as her probably stretching her recently awakened body. Just imagining her figure while she did so had him getting a little hot under the collar. That is until a random bout of embarrassment hit him as he processed her question.

Just how childish would his reason for disturbing her rest sound to her, especially given that as they were devils, reincarnated or not, the subject of jealousy was a rather foolish topic to them. Theirs was a mentality driven by power and prestige so things like envy, despite being one of their many believed sins, was something that the species as a whole considered beneath them.

It was this that caused Issei to hesitate in replying to his King's question.

"Issei?" He heard her say before her side went completely quiet though once more he thought nothing of it.

"Yea, um, I'm outside your apartment right now. Could you let me in, I think you were sleeping when I rang your doorbell. I want to talk to you about something." He began unsurely before finishing with what he thought was a strong voice.

It took a little while, but after a minute of silence the white noise resumed from Rias's side, confirming that she had muted, but for what Issei wasn't sure.

He wasn't allowed the time to think about it though as soon after, he heard the tell-tale sound of the phone being picked up and Rias's soft voice greeted his ears again.

"Sorry for that Issei," the redhead Gremory princess spoke, her voice breathy as though she had just done a 100-meter dash. He thought to question her on it but what she said next quashed that impulse. "I'm not home right now. I'm at Sona's and had to run to the kitchen to turn off the stove. What did you want to talk about?"

That explains why she wouldn't have answered even with how loud the doorbell is. Sighing at not being able to see her, Issei responded.

"Ah, well if you're at the President's house I wouldn't want to disturb you. This is something I wanted to talk to you in person about." He said as he began the walk back home. He would talk to her another day as ruining her day with Sona wasn't worth her listening to his jealous ramblings. She already was dealing with a lot as the heiress to her family.

"If you're sure," Issei heard her remorseful voice through the speaker. "Ah, I know," she suddenly spoke up, her voice filled with enthusiasm, "how about I *cough* go to your house tomorrow... aannnd~ we can discuss an appropriate apology for me not being there. How does that sound? Is that okay with you dear?" She trailed off sultrily.

Issei felt as though he could feel her breath through the phone, that's how erotic she sounded. And based on the feeling in his lower area, he could tell that his junior was feeling it too. Taking a deep breath in order to hide his excitement he replied, albeit she could tell through how fast he spoke.

"That's perfect, See you tomorrow then. Bye." He hung up without waiting for her to speak as he didn't want to embarrass himself and ruin what was to come if she heard how excited he was. The next day couldn't come any faster.

While Issei was focusing on whether or not he should wear cologne the next day for when he met with Rias, the girl of the hour wasn't even thinking about the conversation they had only moments ago.

"Ohhhh, oh, oh, oh, OH~!"

In fact, the crimson-haired young woman currently on her hands and knees on her own bed whose hips were being savagely hammered into couldn't think of anything but the blonde hunk of a man that Issei had been worried about. And while doing so, with what semblance of a mind that she had left, Rias couldn't help but think about how their relationship had started.

As the heiress of the Gremory family, she had responsibilities. One of those responsibilities was the continuation of her bloodline. And so it was decided between her parents and their close friends of the Uzumaki clan that when she became of age she would marry their son and help continue the bloodline of both the Uzumaki and the Gremory families.

An activity they were currently participating in as the Uzumaki heir admired the way Rias's massive breasts and round ass bounced and jiggled from the power behind each of his thrusts. Now that they were 18, it was only a matter of time before their marriage was announced to anyone that listened in the supernatural world.

Of course, that would mean that Rias would have to break her pawns heart in the process but he honestly wouldn't be surprised if the slut got off on that with how sadistic her queen was. There was no way you could be around someone like that for so long and not assimilate some of their quirks.

Pressing down on the back of her head, he forced it down bringing her ass further into the air allowing him to penetrate even deeper into her cunt. The muffled squeals of pleasure that left her mouth as she bit down on the covers beneath her were music to his ears.

"DAMN Rias you are tight!" It was as though her cunt had been replaced with a vice, that's how strongly she was gripping him. Only because of his immense strength could he keep drilling into her velvet tunnel without pause as he felt that if it was normal human in his place they would've been down an appendage at this point.

"Was that your boyfriend on the phone!? He sounded worried about you and yet here you are taking my dick!" He angrily growled, pressing the head of his cock against her cervix and pulling her head back by her hair as the overstimulated red-head grasped at the sheets in desperation. "You dirty. Cheating. WHORE!"

Rias cried tears of pleasure as she gasped and moaned while staring into Naruto's eyes from where he was now holding her up.

"Noo, I'm not a cheater. I love himmm~," she denied pitifully, her pussy getting even tighter at his accusation.


Rias jumped at having her ass slapped, a red mark of his open palm already forming on her meaty ass cheek as she continued to get railed by the powerful blonde. The bed beneath them was creaking and shaking from the strength behind their lovemaking.

"Fuck! Why are you getting tighter then you little slut!? Do you like the idea of being fucked by someone other than your boyfriend? You enjoy being stolen away from him huh, don't you!?"


"Answer me SLUT!" He yelled in a tone that allowed no defiance.

"YES! I love it! I love it when you fuck me! I love the thought of a big, strong, man, like you stealing me away from my boyfriend! I love the thought that you've ruined me for anyone but yourself as you rearrange my insides! Please keep fucking me! Don't stop, don't stop, please~!" She begged.

Naruto groaned deeply at that. Her erotic rambling caused him to nearly lose all sense of restraint as he reached around and grabbed her by the throat, gripping it tight enough to just barely feel like he was choking her before he proceeded to do just as she asked and lay it into her. Hard.

Using his hold on her neck, Naruto rammed into her plump ass cheeks powerfully, his colossal cock scraping against her cunt walls in such a way that she felt tingles from her womb all the way up to her brain.

"Just look at the way those fat tits shake! I bet I could fuck you in front of him right now and you wouldn't even care!" He mocked her.

"You can take me in front of his whole family for all I care, just keep fucking meeeee~!" She said before moaning as Naruto did a particularly hard thrust.

It was as though her soul was being torn apart and put back together over and over with each collision. At this point, even if Rias knew that God was dead she would have assumed that Naruto was his reincarnation with how good he was fucking her.

Wet smacks resounded off the walls of his bedroom as Naruto slammed against the near-comatose girl's hips. He ignored the feel of her legs kicking him in the behind as he continued to drive her towards a massive climax, his own nearing just as quickly.

As the pressure in her core built up, coiling up like a spring, Rias cried out in ecstasy as Naruto reached under her and pinched her clit, bringing her to an unexpected orgasm.

"Ooooh myyyy gooo-CUMMING, I'm cumming!" She wailed, her pussy experiencing orgasm after orgasm as it was bullied by her lover's cock, the bed getting soaked in femcum, and her pussy tightening to extreme levels as she unconsciously tried to bring her lover to climax with her.

The sound of Naruto groaning atop her as he planted his hips against her, filling her insides with his steaming hot load showed her success as her eyes rolled up into her head and her body went limp as the pleasure overload caused her mind to finally shut down, her consciousness fading as she entered a blissful rest.

Naruto groaned as he pulled out of the sexually comatose girl before rolling over and laying his body on the bed beside her. Just as he began to close his eyes and begin the process of falling asleep, however, a faint noise near the foot of Rias's bed caused him to stop. It sounded wet and rhythmic and when he got up to see what it was, he was greeted by the sight of his wife-to-be's queen masturbating with her eyes closed and her head tilted back while quiet breathy moans left her mouth every now and then.

Smiling as he realized that the night was far from over, Naruto made his way to where Akeno was now watching him approach.