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AN - Explicit scenes and plots ahead.

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There were many things that Naruto learned to tolerate while living in the human world. From the monotonous routine of going to school every day, to the humans themselves that seemed to do their best to annoy him at every step. All of these things were matters that the Uzumaki heir had long since learned to ignore.

There was no point in losing his cool over things as petty as those, right?

One person, though, wanted to make sure that that entire statement became false.

Naruto found it increasingly harder with each passing day to not create a bloody stain of one Issei Hyoudo. It was as though the young dragon gear wielder had somehow forgotten just who it was that had beaten him into the ground only weeks earlier.

Glaring at him whenever they passed each other in school, taunting him when he thought he couldn't hear him, and many more transgressions were testing the limits of Naruto's patience. As an Uzumaki, it was obvious just how low those limits were. Yet Issei continued being a constant nuisance.

It was getting to the point where Naruto was weighing the consequences of killing one of the top families of the underworld's servants.

He doubted much would happen in the end, especially given just who the boy was offending. It wasn't a joke to say that lower-class devils were basically ants when it came to how devils of high birth and status could treat them. The problem with just getting rid of him though, was his sacred gear.

Naruto didn't know the level at which the Gremory family valued Issei. Were they invested in the dragon boy's abilities? Maybe they just wanted him around to act as Rias' guard dog until his inevitable passing. It wasn't a mystery just how many hosts the legendary Heavenly Dragon, Ddraig, had before landing on his current perverted host's arm.

Although, all of these questions brought Naruto to that sad conclusion that, unless he just said fuck it, and killed the idiot for even daring to look in his direction, let alone glare at him. He would have to let him be for the time being. At least it was clear that they didn't care what he did to him so long as it wasn't fatal.

Still, Naruto was a petty person born to an extremely petty mother who made sure, in his upbringing, to let him know that no disrespect to his person was to ever be forgotten. To those that did end up doing so, she told him that as the sole heir of the Uzumaki family, if he didn't teach them their place, then she would beat his ass until he was shutting out of his dick and passing out of his ass.

Naruto doubted that threat still held up to this day, but there was no way he would ever forget his mother's words after how passionately she told them to him. So even if all Issei had been doing was glaring and talking about him badly to his dumbass friends, the desire for revenge was still there and in serious need of satisfaction.

His idea was a simple one.

"Ohh~! Yes~! Fuck mee~!"

It came to him while he was having some raunchy fun with his girls in Rias' club room. He was balls deep in his fiance's cunt when Akeno, who was pressed up against his side, whispered hotly into his ear.

"Mmm, fucking the daughter right after fucking the mother behind her husband's back? How many women do you plan to steal away from the Gremorys?" She moaned into Naruto's ear when he reached around her back and grabbed her by her plump ass. His fingers were digging between her fat cheeks, going straight for her burning hot core that was dripping all over the inside of her thighs.

"Satan yess…" Akeno rested her head on his shoulder and attacked the crook of his neck with her lips, planting wet kisses all along his neck and leaving behind dark purple lipstick marks all over his tanned skin.

"Is Sirzechs' next?" The fallen angel devil hybrid panted out heatedly while still practically making out with his neck. "Will Grayfia be the next woman you have moaning your name? Will you melt her icy exterior and conquer her heart just as you have with us?"

If it was Akeno's goal to rile him up with thoughts of stealing Rias' big brother's fiance away from him, then she had done more than just succeed. She has also implanted in him an idea that could help alleviate some of the annoyance he had been feeling towards a certain dragon boy.

But still, with the images of Grayfia crying out in pleasure beneath him floating in his `, he needed something or someone to release all of his built-up desire onto. Luckily for him, he was still fucking his redheaded lover into the couch, and while she was barely coherent after the many hours that they'd been at it, she was all too eager to accept his even harsher pounding with muffled moans and cries of delight as he slapped her ass and fucked into her tightening cunt even harder.

Planting his hips against Rias' fat butt, Naruto clenched his teeth and grunted hoarsely as his dick spasmed inside of her. He was plastering her walls with his thick seed, painting her pink depths white, and stuffing her womb with his virile ball batter until every square millimeter of her core was coated in his essence.

Rias sighed blissfully as she was filled to the brim with Naruto's hot cum. Her entire being relaxed into the couch as his warmth spread throughout her core.

After pulling his dick out from her depths, earning him a quiet groan from the satisfied girl, Naruto wasted no time moving to push Akeno onto the ground right next to the couch.

"Oh~, what's gotten you so worked up?" She asked while looking up at him teasingly, as though she wasn't the one who had got his blood boiling in the first place.

Naruto just grunted and told her not to worry about it before spreading her legs and grinding his dick against her slick folds.

Akeno gasped with a blush on her cheeks, her arousal spiking and her pussylips quivering as she felt her Uzumaki lover's immense girth brush against her sensitive clit. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, a combination of desire and anxiety filling her mind and body as she awaited what Naruto would do next.

She was about to tease him some more. Though right as she was going to, Naruto suddenly slammed his dick into her eager folds, shutting up anything else she was about to say and blanking out her thoughts as an inexplicable amount of pleasure took over her mind.

Later that very same day, Naruto could be found at the front door of the Hyoudou household. Raising his arm, he knocked three times and stepped back to wait for whoever would answer.

He didn't have to wait long, as less than 10 seconds later, the door opened and who he assumed to be Miki Hyoudo, or rather, Issei's mother, greeted him.

"Hello?..." She asked with obvious confusion shining in her eyes.

Naruto took a quick moment to take in everything about her. Her face, while showing that she was a woman of mature age, still held a beauty that he could enjoy. Call him what you will, but the blonde Uzumaki was a man who knew the types of women that he liked, and MILFs were one of them.

She was wearing a low-cut blouse that slightly exposed her shoulders and showed off a deep cleavage, nearly drawing his eyes to look into it if not for his some last minute self control. Long loose pants hid her bottom half from him sadly, but from what he could see, Miki Hyoudou was an attractive woman. For a human, that is.

'This will definitely be worth it,' Naruto thought, grinning to himself mentally.

Miki, meanwhile, was beyond confused. She didn't know anybody that looked like the tall and muscular blonde in front of her, and she was certain her husband hadn't mentioned anyone looking like this to her either. So who was he?

"H-how may I help you?" She asked a little nervously, his imposing figure intimidating the smaller woman. His practically form fitting clothes did little to hide just how strong of a body he had, and that scared her.

What if he wasn't here with good intentions? What if he wanted to rob her? Or worse, what if–

Before her irrational thoughts could go any further, Naruto answered her question. Putting on a smile, one that was kind and, he hoped, also looked slightly unsure, he said, "I'm sorry if I scared you. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm Issei's friend from school. We were supposed to be working on a project together so that's why I'm here. Did he not tell you about me coming over?"

Miki visibly calmed down upon hearing his explanation. Her brows furrowed in concern once more, however, at his words about her son.

"No, he didn't tell me anything about that…" She trailed off despondently.

Shaking herself out of whatever funk she'd found herself in, she smiled up at Naruto. "But anyways, why don't you come in first and then we can talk further. I'm sure it's not been very comfortable standing out there in the sun for so long."

Chuckling amicably and telling her it was alright, Naruto followed Miki inside without complaint.

Of course Issei hadn't told her about a project they were working on together. They weren't even in the same grade. Though, Naruto wasn't going to be the one to tell her that.

Leading him to their living room, Miki prompted him to take a seat on the couch while she went back and prepared them something to drink. He would've declined the offer, but seeing as she was just being a kind host, he only said thank you and let her be on her way.

While she was away, Naruto looked around for a bit and took in the room around him. There was nothing special to see, only family pictures and normal household decorations, but he could tell just from those items that this was the house of a family that loved and cared for one another. And it was that realization, as sadistic as it sounded, that made him all the more ready to do just what he had planned today.

A few minutes later, Miki returned with two cups of steaming hot tea in her hands. Thanking her again when she placed his cup on the center table in front of him, he waited until she took her seat a small distance apart from him before speaking.

"You have a beautiful home, Mrs. Hyoudou," Naruto said with a smile on his face. "I can tell you take pride in your duties as a housewife." He was referring to the fact that everything was practically spotless.

It was almost to the level of how clean his family's castle was in the underworld, and that was with hundreds of maids. Of course, the scale was different but it was still impressive for a single person.

"T-thank you," Miki stuttered out with the tiniest of blushes on her face. She wasn't used to being praised for what she had accepted was something expected of her. She couldn't even remember the last time Gorou or Issei had expressed their thanks for the housework she'd done for them, but that was normal to her so she never complained.

Thinking about her husband and son, a rueful sigh left her lips. Naruto's eyebrows raised at that.

"Is everything alright? Did I say something rude?" He asked kindly, hoping to get the ball rolling finally.

"No! No, you're fine," she placated him quickly. "It's just…"

Awaiting what was inevitably coming after that, he wasn't disappointed when her shoulders drooped in sadness before she began telling him whatever problem it was that she was currently having. He couldn't help the glance he took into her cleavage, though. Her tits were just far too enticing. Plus, his look confirmed something he had already guessed.

She wasn't wearing a bra.

"I'm sorry to say this, but Issei went out with his dad earlier. We don't know why, but he's been acting differently recently so we thought that maybe a father son trip could be helpful for him."

Naruto pretended to act like he was surprised by that bit of information. He had already sensed that Issei and his father weren't home. He wouldn't have come here if they had been. Although, it would've been amusing seeing their reactions to what was to come.

"Really? Issei didn't tell me anything about that. Maybe I should come back another day then."

Seeing his look of surprise and hearing his words, Miki hurriedly added on to it. "And I'm sorry about that. It was something out of the blue, but he'll be back later so you can stay until then if you'd like. There's no need for you to leave!"

She didn't know why, but she didn't want the blonde to leave. Maybe it was the comfort of having someone to talk to. Or maybe it was his charming smile that she wouldn't admit caused her cheeks to become ever so warm. Either way, she dreaded his departure.

Naruto could see just how distraught she was at the thought, and it caused him to smirk internally. He hadn't even used any magic, and yet already she was growing to desire his company.

"Here," he patted the cushion right next to himself. "Why don't you sit over here so we're not yelling at each other across the room." Naruto wasn't sure how she would respond, but depending on the way that she did, he would have all that he needed going forward to know just where he stood in her mind.

Miki blushed, but in the end put up no fight with what he said. Moving so that she was now seated less than a foot away from him, she felt her heart hammer inside of her chest as the young man scooted even closer so that the space between them was almost negligible. She swore she could feel the heat radiating off of his body, they were so close together.

'Why am I letting this young man tell me what to do in my own home?' She thought, her mind in disarray at the confliction of emotions and feelings taking over her body. That jumbling of thoughts reminded her of what had been plaguing her mind since before Naruto's arrival, drawing a sigh from her lips as she thought of her son and the strange way he was acting.

He was practically a completely different boy now. Miki couldn't even recognize him behind that constant look of anger that he had on his face.

"I'm not one to boast, but I've been told that I'm a pretty good listener. So whatever's bothering you, you can tell me and I swear that I'll give you my complete attention." Seeing the woman's sudden despondence and assuming it was about Issei, Naruto rested his hand on her shoulder and lent her an outlet for her grief.

Miki, though, was hesitant to share what she was feeling at first. However, that was before Naruto began to lightly massage her shoulders with the hand resting on it. She groaned and her eyes closed as his strong fingers worked the kinks in her shoulder like an expert masseuse.

After that, it was pretty much like everything she'd had bottled up came pouring out.

Miki told him just how worried she was about Issei. His change came out of nowhere, and neither she nor her husband knew how to deal with it.

The craziest thing, she continued, was that this change wasn't even the first time she'd seen him acting strange. Only a few months ago she caught him in his room with a beautiful and half-naked redheaded girl. She couldn't believe it at the time, and honestly, she still couldn't believe it.

Issei dating a girl? It was crazy but not hopeless. But Issei sleeping with a girl?


Miki made sure to tell Naruto that she didn't hate her child, but she was certain even he could understand where she was coming from. Issei didn't have the most approachable personality for most women so she could only imagine the type of girl that redhead was.

Naruto's eyebrows twitched upon hearing her bring that up. He had made sure to listen attentively, but now that Miki brought up the moment he knew to be when Rias had reincarnated and healed Issei, he felt a burst of possessive anger surge through him.

He'd already been told of it happening a while ago, but the thought of any of his women being naked around that idiot still had him somewhat pissed. Still, thinking about that and getting angry was counterproductive to what he was doing here in the first place.

"Maybe Issei found someone that could tolerate his, less-than-normal hobbies," Naruto said, still massaging her shoulder comfortingly.

"Yes, maybe he has. But I still worry for him. As his mother I just can't help it," Miki said in response. She was deeply enjoying the feel of his large hand on her shoulder. It was a nice distraction from her worrying thoughts about Issei and what was going on with him. It wasn't like her boy to be so dark and gloomy all the time.

"Mmm… thanks for being friends with Issei, Naruto. I know it must be hard dealing with his… tendencies."

"It's not a problem at all," Naruto chuckled.

Miki said it before, but she was in heaven. Contant housework and a recent hobby in gardening had made her shoulders and back tense and ache constantly. This massage, as light as it was, was bringing relief to her so deeply, that she was certain her soul was lightening as well.

Now if he could only work his magic on her other shoulder as well. Then everything would be perfect.

Luckily for her, Naruto could easily pick up on her desire for more. Momentarily taking his hand off of her shoulder, he replaced it with his right hand before reaching around her back with his left hand and massaging her left shoulder at the same time as he was doing her right.

Miki jumped slightly at the change, but relaxed and let loose a pleased sigh in the next second when she felt Naruto's strong hands begin kneading the aching muscles in her shoulders.

"You don't hav-Mmnn," she tried telling him he didn't have to do this for her. Her own body cut her off, however, as a moan escaped her mid sentence.

Blushing in embarrassment, Miki wondered just what was wrong with her. As good as it felt, this wasn't right. This was her son's friend after all. She bit down on her lower lip as another moan threatened to leave her. Was she so deprived of affection that she had to seek it out from someone younger than her by more than two decades?

"There's no need to worry about anything," Naruto reassured her. "You're my friend's mother. This is the least I can do after giving me such delicious tea and allowing me to stay in your house."

Miki's blush grew at his wording. 'Because he wanted to? Does he not know how that sounds?'

She couldn't help but wonder if he meant what she was thinking. But there was no way such an attractive young man could be interested in someone like her. He could have anyone. She was an old woman with crow's feet by her eyes. Not even her own husband paid any attention to her looks anymore so she was definitely misunderstanding what he was saying.

"Is what I'm doing feeling good?" Naruto's voice suddenly cut through her negative thoughts.

"Mhmm, i-it feels amazing," Miki squeaked out a reply. Her heart was racing and she didn't know why. It was like she was a high school girl in front of her crush again only her crush in this scenario was a young man less than half her age.

Naruto grinned at that and moved his hands from her shoulders to rub the back and sides of her neck.

Miki felt chills run down her spine. For such large and rugged hands, Naruto was extremely skillful with how he used them.

"Ohh yes, right there," she moaned unconsciously as he hit a rather tough kink in her neck.

Her eyes fluttered closed, her thoughts clouded in the pleasure his hands were giving her. It made Miki wonder what else he could be skillful in using them for. That thought caused her core to begin heating up.

Miki crossed her legs in an attempt to stem the feeling from growing any further. All that ended up doing though, was make her fidget even more under Naruto's touch while the heat continued to spread throughout her body uninterrupted.

"Is everything alright?" Naruto asked her, pausing his ministrations.

He knew exactly what was happening to her though. He knew a bitch in heat when he saw one. His dick was already rock hard just from how lewd her moans had been and was begging for its release.

Yet, this made him wonder. Were all MILFs this lewd or was he just an extremely lucky bastard? If it was the former rather than the latter, he might just have to take Akeno's suggestion into mind. Grayfia was up there with Venelana in terms of beauty. The only problem was, that he doubted she had any attraction to him whatsoever. But that was a thought for another day. First, he had to focus on what he was doing right now.

"I'm okay. Please, don't stop. Just keep going." Miki almost whimpered when he took his hands away from her.

She didn't want him to stop. Not at all. She was so into it, that she didn't even notice him not only moving his hands back onto her shoulders but even going further underneath the top of her blouse. When she did, however, instead of telling him to stop, she only pushed her chest forward more in hopes that he would go even further than he already had.

Naruto saw no issue in giving her what she wanted. Brushing his hands across her goosebump-covered skin, he made his way down until they were making contact with the top of her breasts. Her lack of bra made doing so that much easier.

Miki took in a sharp breath when she felt his fingers finally make contact with her bare breasts. Disbelief towards what she was doing filled her mind. A shudder ran through her body. But she couldn't help how good it felt to have his rugged fingers sinking into her soft tit-flesh.

'I'm sorry dear, but you'll have to forgive me just this once,' Miki apologized mentally to her husband. 'There was simply no way I could resist such a young and virile man's passionate advances.' As twisted as it was, it appeased some dark part of her heart, allowing her to sink into the blonde's touch and forget about any remorse she may have felt without it.

Naruto had gotten her complete devotion the moment they first made eye contact. But it was only now that she realized that.

"Oh God, Naruto!" Miki moaned his name as his large hands fully encompassed her breasts. He was groping her twin orbs now with great enthusiasm, playing with her tits and squishing his fingers into her pliant meat but at the same time ignoring her nipples that begged for his attention.

Naruto enjoyed listening to Miki's moans, relishing in her mewls and whines of unfinished pleasure as he trailed his fingers ever so closely to her stiff and sensitive nubs. He knew she wanted more, but the temptation to tease her was far greater than anything he could avoid.

Cupping Miki's breasts, Naruto admired the surprising softness of her twin orbs. She was a human yet she'd clearly been blessed with fine genetics because her tits were still large and springy in her maturity. Of course, she had nothing on a woman like Venelana, but it was still nice to know he wasn't going to be fucking some sagging grandma. Besides, it was impossible for a human woman to stack up to someone as beautiful as his mature Gremory lover.

Naruto momentarily let go of her tits to bring his hands down to her hips. Once there, he lifted her slightly and pulled her closer to himself so that her back was pressed against his front and she was almost completely sitting in his lap. This gave him easier access to her front, and in turn her chest which he instantly went back to groping once he finished moving her.

Miki felt like a toy in the blonde's hold. It turned her on just how easily he could move her around. Like she weighed no more than a feather. Her pussy leaked at the thought of him carrying her in his muscular arms as he plowed her cunt mid-air, conquering her eager depths the same way he was currently laying claim to her tits. Through complete domination.

"Please," Miki begged as Naruto kissed the back of her neck, arching her back and pressing her sensitive breasts into his palms. Her nipples were aching for stimulation. She needed his touch or else she would go insane.

"Please what?" Naruto asked her teasingly. "I can't read your mind, you know? You have to tell me what you want."

"My nipples! Please touch them!" Miki could feel tears of frustration forming in the corners of her eyes.

Despite seeing that though, Naruto still smiled at her teasingly and asked, "Are you sure? Wouldn't that be inappropriate? I am friends with your son after all." All the while still cupping and weighing her tits with his hands shamelessly.

"That's, well…" she hesitated to answer, her chest rising and falling as the reality of what she was doing hit her. When she did speak up, however, her words not only surprised Naruto, but even herself.

"Issei will never know." Eyes widening, a jolt of electricity went straight down Miki's spine and right to her crotch upon registering her own words. Disregarding her own flesh and blood, all for the blonde who was currently subjugating her body with immense pleasure, stripped from her brain something fundamental about motherhood.

"Oh yeah?" Naruto smirked. "What about your husband?" He whispered into her ear, by this point egging her on just to do it. He wanted to see how far he could go with her before she snapped.

"What about him?!" Miki's nipples could rival diamonds by then with how hard they were. Her son was one thing, but her husband was something she had already come to terms with. Thus, she disregarded him almost immediately.

All she cared for or wanted at the moment was Naruto's touch. Gorou and what he might think about this was the last thing on her mind.

Laughing at that, Naruto decided she'd done more than enough to earn herself some relief. So trailing his fingers around her nipples, he soaked in her needy whines and moans for but a few more seconds before finally, and without any warning, he pinched her stiff and sensitive nubs between his pointer and middle fingers.

As soon as he did, Miki's eyes rolled into the back of her head and her mouth fell open but no sounds came out. She was screaming out silently, the long-awaited and built-up satisfaction too much for her to properly vocalize. Eventually, though, she gasped, seemingly coming back to life as her body seized atop Naruto's lap whilst a shuddering moan left her mouth.

"That's it," Naruto's lustful voice coached her through it. "Just let it all go."

And let it go Miki did. She was cumming from just him touching her breasts and nipples, a feat she hadn't thought possible until now. Her thighs quivered, juices seeping through her panties and ruining the crotch of her pants as her climax hit her like an earthquake.

It had been a long while since she'd last felt pleasure as intense as this. It was almost too much for her to handle. Luckily for her, Naruto removed his hands from her body to let her orgasm run its course.

He understood that she wasn't like his other lovers. Unlike devils, Miki would require a more gentle approach seeing as she wouldn't be able to handle the way he made love to his supernatural partners. Yet still, that need for caution didn't mean he couldn't accelerate the process a little bit. A fact that Miki realized when she finally came to.

"Oh my," she said, bringing her hands up to her chest in disbelief. She was still slightly dazed from her climax, but there was no mistaking what was happening.

Her hazel eyes widened and her jaw dropped as the first thing she saw when she could focus again was Naruto's large and pulsating genitalia currently jumping up and down right in front of her face.

The weird thing was that Naruto's unabashed boldness in taking off both his pants and boxers and exposing himself to her wasn't what took her aback. No, as surprising as it was, she was far past caring what sexual acts the blonde male did in her presence.

What did catch her off guard was the sheer size of the monster hanging between the tall blonde's muscular legs. Hard and throbbing, Naruto's penis- 'No…' she thought sensually. This wasn't just a penis, this was a cock. One meant to dominate and destroy the image of sex whatever woman he decided to fuck had. With a womb stretching thickness and a prodigious length that would surely reach past their innermost walls, no woman would ever be the same after a night spent with the blonde. And currently, it was aimed at her.

Miki's womb quaked at the thought. Her eyes trailed the heady beads of precum that dripped from his tip. The smell was intoxicating, making her light-headed and invading her senses. It pervaded every corner of her mind, suffocating her in his musky scent and sending her into a lustful daze.

She was trying and failing to maintain her focus, but as she continued to take in deep breaths of his musk-tainted air, Miki knew it was a lost cause. She was like a panting dog. There was no way she could resist the temptation building up inside of her. Her body was burning hot with desire, and Naruto whipping out his massive cock and waving it around in her face wasn't helping.

Eventually, Miki couldn't hold back any longer. Her lust had corroded any reason she once had, and all that remained was pure arousal. Every cell inside of her body was screaming at her to reach out and grab the blonde's throbbing length, and with her subconscious taken over completely by her sensual yearning, there was little to no hesitation in her to follow through with said action.

Taking her hands away from her chest, Miki gasped as she wrapped her palms around Naruto's turgid shaft. She couldn't help but marvel at its unnatural size, her hands, even when put together, not being enough to cover the entirety of his cock.

'It's so much bigger than his,' she thought drunkenly, tremors running throughout her body that brought her core to life once more.

Then there was the heat that it exuded. Miki felt like she was in a sauna the way Naruto's dick boiled the air around it. Her nostrils flared as she continuously inhaled his musky scent, getting drunk off his heady smell while her hands unconsciously moved up and down his big and meaty length.

Before Miki even knew it, she had already brought her face even closer to his cock, her steamy breaths making it twitch as she eyed the thick drop of off-white precum that clung to his tip. Her slightly parted lips opened even more, releasing her pink tongue that was all too happy to slurp up whatever of his salty essence that it could find.

"Fuck," Naruto grunted, his thighs tensing and his right hand gripping the top of Miki's head as she sucked down on his tip with her soft lips enthusiastically. She was bathing his mushroom head with her tongue, ensuring not a single square millimeter was left untouched by her eager assault. If the Uzumaki heir had any doubts about her skills before, they were dead and gone now.

'He really is so much thicker than Gorou. If I'm not careful, I might dislocate my jaw,' Miki thought to herself salaciously.

She was humming happily as she busied herself with her self-appointed task. That being, to empty Naruto's balls of his seed and swallow everything down into her stomach. Just the thought sent a pleasurable buzz through her body. To do so, however, she would need to be able to take more than just his head which was her limit at the moment. A goal in which she was currently doing her very best to reach. Only, it would take her complete focus and an unending amount of enthusiasm to get even close.

The Hyoudou matriarch was on cloud nine with Naruto's dick in her mouth. Comparing him to her husband earlier might as well have been a sin. The two were like night and day, and she didn't know why it had taken her so long to realize that fact. Loud gags and wet slurps filled the living room as Miki sucked on Naruto's cock with reckless abandon.

She couldn't even remember the last time she'd done something like this for Gorou. Nor could she recall the last time he had even requested such a thing. What she did know going forward, was that her lips were meant for only one man, and he was the one currently groaning under her lustful ministrations.

Did that make her a bad wife? Yes, but who cares. The ring on her finger was already soaked in the release of another man who was not her husband, so what did it matter anymore what else she did… and speaking of which?

'It's just his precum but it tastes so good~!' Miki's eyes narrowed lustfully as his powerful and salty flavor covered her taste buds. She just couldn't get enough of the tall blonde's lewd essence. His cum was her drug and she needed more of it.

Jerking Naruto's cock even more excitedly than she had been already, the sexually motivated MILF moaned hotly as his dick jumped inside of her oral cavern. She was doing her best to take him deeper down her throat, but his enormous girth was causing her to struggle immensely. Unsurprising given her lack of experience with anything close to his size. Luckily for her, the blonde had the perfect solution to her dilemma.

"Move your hands," he told her, and hearing just how serious his tone of voice was, Miki didn't try to deny him. She also was curious as to what he had planned, and so, albeit reluctantly, she removed and dropped her hands from his cock to her sides.

Naruto didn't let a moment pass before he showed her just why he wanted her hands out of the way. Gripping her hair, he tensed his hips and dragged her lips further down his cock. Miki gagged and spluttered around his shaft but otherwise did nothing to attempt to stop him or remove herself from his cock. It was like she was content to be his little fuck sleeve the way she stayed limp under his grasp.

"Fuuck…" Naruto threw his head back and released a guttural moan at her lack of resistance. Back and forth, and ever so slowly, he moved her deeper and deeper down his cock. Then, taking a look down at her, he was met with her hunger and tear-filled brown eyes looking right back up at him, begging him to use her even more.

'Shit, is this bitch for real?' Naruto thought, surprised at just how much of a slut Issei's mother was. That was fine with him, but he couldn't help but send his condolences to her husband because there was no way he wasn't ruining her cunt for anyone but himself after seeing that.

Taking his shirt off, he tossed it behind him without care before groaning as Miki's throat clenched and spasmed around his cock. Her lips were wrapped snugly around him, sucking him further into her tight wet orifice all while her tongue battered against the underside of his dick in a sensual frenzy. She hadn't even taken more than half of his length past her lips, and yet already the cock hungry MILF was wondering if it was possible for her to take in any more.

In the end, that question was answered for her, as a minute later she found herself with her lips planted against the base of Naruto's dick and her nose pressed against his crotch. Her eyes were rolled back into her head, her cheeks were bright red, and tears were rolling down her cheeks as his cock cut off her airflow.

Miki was doing everything she could to not pass out, but she was finding it harder and harder to do with each passing moment. Darkness was encroaching on her vision, yet just before she was taken into the land of unconsciousness, she suddenly found herself able to breathe again as her throat was cleared of its massive invader. That ability, however, was quickly removed when Naruto dragged her plush lips back down his cock.

He was using his hold on her hair to use her mouth like a pussy, shoving her head on and off of his dick at an ever-increasing speed. He even went so far as to drive his hips forward each time he was pulling her towards his pelvis, paying no mind to her sputters and gags of struggle as she made it clear she loved what he was doing with her moans of contentment that resonated across his dick.

"Shit, Miki…" Naruto grunted with his eyes closed. Her saliva was dripping from his balls, his large orbs slapping against her chin again and again and ruining her comely features. She looked more like a slut than a mother but the blonde doubted she even realized or cared, what with how her eyes were glossed over as she hollowed her cheeks around his cock.

Miki's pussy was a veritable waterfall by that point. The couch cushion beneath her was ruined by her constantly dripping arousal, its plush material completely soaked through with her juices and in need of a deep cleaning before it was ever sat on again. Her hips were gyrating and her thighs were shaking as the heat in her core grew to a blazing inferno that spread throughout every corner of her body. Nothing could stop the bliss she was feeling, her rational judgment expunged from her being as the world narrowed down to three very important things. Her cunt, Naruto's cock, and her lips wrapped around it.

Naruto felt his balls clench as Miki vacuum-sucked his tip. She was a ferocious lover, never giving an inch—literally—as she attacked his cock like an ever-faithful servant worshiping their master. That thought made him wonder.

'I do need to start recruiting for my peerage soon.'

But besides a nice piece of ass that he could fuck whenever he wanted, what else could Issei's mother offer him. It was a thought Naruto realized he would have to come back to later. Because at that very moment, his nuts tightened as a familiar sensation overtook him.

Miki, as amateurish and unpracticed as she was, was about to receive her first helping of his built-up release because of that very unpredictability.

"Fucking shit!" Naruto gritted his teeth, the veins in his forehead showing as he quickly reached his peak. "Here it comes, you slut! Don't spill a fucking drop!"

Growling out his warning, Naruto locked Miki's head in place and fucked her throat by himself for the last few seconds. The mother of one moaned whorishly as he did so, her eyes fluttering closed and her throat muscles contracting forcefully whilst her lower body jumped and spasmed as sparks went off in her vision. She was climaxing for the second time that day, yet not even two hours had passed since they first started.

The moment Miki came down from her high, out came Naruto's. She thought she could hear his release coming more than she could feel it. It roiled in his balls, his eager swimmers threatening her with their unending potency while his dick throbbed violently in her throat. Opening her eyes and looking up into his dark blues, however, she was unprepared as his cock bulged out even more in her throat all before what had to be a tsunami of his thick and steamy cum blasted out of his tip straight down her esophagus.

Miki's dazed eyes widened in astonishment at the scale of Naruto's orgasm. Once, twice, then thrice, his dick jumped in her narrow gullet, pouring wave after thick wave of his thick nut into her stomach. Her throat was working overtime just to keep up with everything he was blessing her with. But even that wasn't enough. When one shot would taper off, another would quickly follow. It was because of that, that even with her devout enthusiasm, what felt like liters of his seed that she ended up not being able to swallow blasted back up and out through the sides of her mouth and nostrils. The outcome after all of that was, her entire upper body being covered in a messy combination of her saliva and Naruto's semen.

The blonde groaned in much-needed relief once he finished cumming. Releasing Miki's head, he watched as his dick fell from her lips before she collapsed back against the couch while coughing. However, as he was still as hard and raring to go as he was in the beginning, and with her legs spread out across the couch as she slumped back into it, Naruto found the perfect opportunity to move on to his next target.

Lightheaded and lacking clarity of vision, Miki jumped lightly as the cushion between her legs sank into itself like someone had taken a seat on it.

"You're not finished yet, are you? Because I'm just getting started." She heard Naruto say lustfully. The tears in her eyes were dwindling in abundance, allowing the breathless MILF to see the blonde's new position.

Kneeling in between her legs with his hands gripping onto the outsides of her thighs, Naruto looked more like a Greek God ready to take one of his conquests to bed than a young man in the same grade as her son. Her eyes trailed up from his still-hard cock, up past his washboard abs and strong pecs, all the way up to his smirking face. He was bringing feelings to the forefront of her mind that she didn't even think were possible.

Then, as though he could feel her desire, Naruto brought both of his hands down to the crotch of her pants and mercilessly tore open a hole big enough to expose her juicy cunt to his eager gaze. Miki felt a sweltering heat fill her core as he admired her cunt, his wide blue eyes focused on the small landing strip of hair that she had above her folds. She only hoped that the blonde liked it more than her husband ever did.

Naruto, meanwhile, was not only liking the small bit of hair that she had, but loving it. Not too much, but not too little, it was the perfect balance of maturity and sensuality that drove him crazy. It didn't help his arousal that it was also something completely different than what he was used to seeing after growing used to his demonic lovers regularly removing their own pubic hair using magic.

Leaning forward, he reached down between them and dragged his rock-solid shaft up and through her sopping wet pussy lips. Miki moaned as he did so, his expansive girth spreading her folds. He was sending shivers of rapturous bliss down to her very soul, scrambling her sense of self and ripping away any bit of reasoning she had left.

Grinding his length against her moist opening, Naruto smirked as Miki cried out his name. She was clearly on edge, and as much as she loved the way it brought chaos to her senses, his teasing wasn't helping.

"Mmm-fuck, please! Just give it to me!" Miki ended up begging him with tears in her eyes. She was shaking, his veiny length sending tremors of eye-rolling euphoria throughout her form as he ground his cock against her sensitive cunt.

The grin on Naruto's face told Miki all she needed to know about whether or not he was going to listen to her. He was going to take his time driving her insane, and he was going to enjoy it all the while.

Strangely enough, Miki didn't know whether or not she hated that knowledge. Not that it mattered, however, as in the next second all of her thoughts went blank while her entire body locked up. Her legs shook on either side of Naruto's hips and her fingers dug into the couch cushions beneath her as the blonde suddenly decided to add another piece to the puzzle.

Her clit, hard and begging for attention, didn't go unnoticed by his keen eyes. There was no way he wouldn't take the chance to increase the pleasure any of his lovers were feeling, especially if it was the first time he was sleeping with them. That was why, as soon as he saw that his mature mistress' focus wasn't entirely there, he attacked.

Sneaking his hand down to Miki's crotch from her thigh, Naruto grabbed his dick and slapped his tip down on her sensitive nub before grinding the head against it in continuous circles. The stimulation was almost too much for her to handle, her mouth falling open and her eyes rolling back as what felt like a thousand volts of pure electricity zapped the intelligence from her brain.

Miki mewled beneath Naruto, her shaky legs trying and failing to wrap around his back to force his dick inside of her. Her cunt was soaking the underside of his length in her arousal, bathing the bottom of his dick with her sticky cum as she shook and shuddered from the series of miniature orgasms that his teasing was propelling her through.

Looking down at Miki's teary-eyed expression, Naruto decided he'd had enough fun playing around. It was time to truly get started. So bringing his other hand up to her chin, he held her head in place and forced her to look up at him. Then, while at the same time positioning his tip at her steaming hot entrance, he gave his soon-to-be MILF lover a warning that sent thrills throughout her body.

"I hope you're ready, because by the time I'm finished with you, you're gonna have another kid to raise."

Miki didn't know how or why, but somehow just hearing him say something as audacious as impregnating her drove her right over the edge once more. With her eyes rolling back and her head lolling to the side limply, she was unprepared as Naruto chose right then and there to impale her juicy cunt with his hard and throbbing meat stick.

Miki felt like a bomb had gone off inside of her head as Naruto's veiny length gaped open her poor cunt and forced her walls to stretch and accommodate his unholy girth. Barely a quarter of his shaft had been pushed past her split folds, yet already the quivering brunette's tight love tunnel was begging for a moment's rest.

'Oh my fucking God!' Her teeth were clattering together as her young lover's prodigious shaft split her in two.

"You're too big!" Miki cried out deliriously. He was ruining her, removing any trace of her husband's meager penis from her memories and replacing it with the feeling of his massive cock conquering her cunt and dominating her mind, body, and spirit.

On an instinctual level, she could tell that she would never be the same again.

Naruto, meanwhile, was biting down on the inside of his cheek in an effort to restrain himself. Miki's mature pussy was like a warm and inviting bath, urging him to sink himself completely inside of it and give in to his baser desires. He had to force himself to hold back lest he ended up pressing forward, because as amazing as the idea sounded, he doubted slamming the rest of his dick into her enticing depths would go well.

Miki's mind was in disarray because of the sensations running throughout every corner of her body. Her eyes were glassy and her cunt was clamping down around Naruto's tip as his member took over the entirety of her conscious being. But even with how dazed and on edge she was, her spasming walls refused to let go of his dick, unwilling to part with her most pleasurable partner to date.

Naruto nearly bit through the skin of his cheek upon feeling her womanhood grip him so tightly. His other lovers were tight, especially in Koneko and Asia's case, but comparing them to Miki was like comparing apples to oranges. Her tightness was a completely different breed. It was as though he had stuck his dick into a hot, wet, vice. One created with the sole goal of milking the cum straight from his balls. The thought drove him up the wall, arousing him to the point that he was breathing out through his nose like an angry breeding bull. Taking into account his abysmally low patience, it was a surprise he had held out this long.

Thankfully for him, before he truly lost it and did something rash, Miki began to move her hips on her own. At first, she was tentative, her movements filled with a clear nervousness and hesitation that slowly diminished as she accustomed herself to the size of his cock. Once she had grown more comfortable, however, it was like she was a completely different woman.

Naruto gasped as she clamped her cunt down on his cock again. He had to grip onto the back of the couch as his legs nearly gave out from beneath him. Her ribbed walls were massaging his length, milking his throbbing dick and forcing the blonde to grit his teeth as pleasure overtook his senses.

"Do you like that?" Miki asked him slyly, her eyes filled with a lustful hunger. Sweat coated her forehead and her bottom lip was stuck between her teeth as she ever so slowly ground herself further onto his dick.

'This minx!' Naruto couldn't believe what he was witnessing. He already knew Issei's mom was a complete slut, what woman wasn't after being deprived of the pleasure they desired for so long, but he never would have thought she would be so proactive in their time together. That was more something he expected from a woman like Akeno or Venelana. He had obviously misjudged her though because it was clear now that Miki had a hidden side that she was only able to show when she had become more comfortable. Although, something told Naruto that he was probably the first one that she had unveiled it to. Something that he was more than happy with.

"Mmm, you're dick is stretching me out sooo much~" Miki's sultry voice rang in his ears like the temptation of a succubus.

Naruto hoped she knew what she was doing to him because it was getting very hard to contain himself. His thigh muscles were tensing with every move that she made, drawing deep and throaty grunts from him as he sunk deeper into her tight warmth.

"Fuuck," he groaned, his fingers digging into the soft material of the couch behind her.

Adding in his own movement, Naruto hummed throatily while listening to Miki hiss in both pain and pleasure. He was coring out her insides, the pleasure eventually winning out in the mature woman's mind as he ground and pressed his girthy member against her g-spot. Every bump and groove in her womanhood drew deep groans of delight from him. They scraped against his spongy tip, massaged his engorged length, and brushed against the many pulsating veins that lined his dick.

When he finally stopped pushing forward his tip was kissing her womb yet almost half of his dick still remained outside of her. Naruto doubted that would change any time soon. He had to grit his teeth at the vice-like grip that she had on him with just the amount he already had inside of her. There was no way in hell he was fitting anything more inside of her without preparing her further.

On the other hand, Miki was losing her mind as Naruto dug even further past her swollen lips. Her cunt was on fire as he sunk his unreal thickness into her snug hole. Then, when he collided with her poor and lonely womb, for just a moment, the woman felt like she'd been hit with something supernatural.

Hugging the young man hovering above her down to her body, Miki shook and shuddered while moaning into his ear as she squirted around his cock like a broken fire hydrant.

It was only a few milliseconds later after the feeling had passed that another one that was just as delightful took its place.

Naruto, galvanized into action by her squirming and moaning beneath him, took matters into his own hands as he slowly and carefully fucked her clingy cunt while keeping her body still with his own. Her breasts were pancaked beneath his chest, scraping her nipples against his musculature as her body rocked back and forth with each of his deep and heavy thrusts.

His assault on her body was all encompassing. His larger body eclipsed hers, pressing her much smaller form down into the couch as he bullied her pussy into submitting to him. Her legs raised up on either side of his hips were the only things anyone who entered the living room would be able to see of her at that moment.

Miki doubted that her husband would even recognize her with the way she was moaning and squealing underneath the blonde's strong body. The loud cries of excitement and drawn out mewls of near knocked out bliss didn't even sound like her anymore. At least, not like when she would lay with her husband, that is. But that occurrence was self-explanatory.

"God yes!" Miki moaned as Naruto wrapped his arms underneath her head and rested his head in the crook of her neck.

There was no way she was going to be able to think of her husband the same ever again. Naruto was converting her into his personal fuck hole. Molding her dripping folds into his perfect cock sleeve and treating her like nothing more than a convenient sex toy.

Miki loved it.

Not a day would go by in the foreseeable future where she wouldn't look back at this moment in time fondly. Or raunchily for that matter.

Pressed into the couch with her hands caressing her lover's strong abs, Miki felt her insides shake as he plowed into her with slow yet deep thrusts.

"Fuck, that's it… tighten that shit up for me." Naruto's groan reverberated inside of Miki's skull. His deep voice and heavy breaths tickled her earlobes, bringing goosebumps to her porcelain skin.

Sweat was dripping from her body, her eyes were half-lidded, and had he not been holding her in place with his own, her back would've long since been arched up from the rapturous feelings of bliss traveling throughout her nervous system. She was on the verge of breaking through to another level of pleasure due to the blonde's masterful ministrations.

Naruto was rolling his hips against her crotch expertly, inserting and removing the three-quarters of his dick that now fit inside of her with professional finesse. He was slow with his pace, ensuring each time he plunged his dick into her heated cavern was filled with ample sensuality so as to bring his mature lover to the peak of satisfaction. He wouldn't forgive himself if he did otherwise.

Then, raising himself up and looking down into her barely open eyes, he brought his head back down and brought Miki into a soul-searing kiss. Jumbled with lust as her mind was, she didn't hesitate for even a second to respond to his advances. However, she did find it hard to fight back against Naruto's domineering lips after being out of practice for so long.

Now with her mouth occupied and their tongues in the midst of a lurid game of tug of war, Miki squealed into the blonde's lips as he suddenly began pounding away at her drooling cunt. He was setting a grueling pace, slamming his tip into her womb's entrance over and over again with little to no restraint. Yet the pain that would once rack her system was now replaced completely by pleasure.

Miki was seeing stars with every collision or their hips. Her cheeks were red with exertion, and had she not been kissing Naruto, she was certain that her moans would be heard by the neighbors. Instead, all that escaped were her muffled moans and cries of enjoyment.


The sounds of their sex, or more specifically, their colliding sexes echoed throughout the Hyoudo's modest home. Lewd claps and wet slaps filled every nook and cranny of the two-story residence, playing the tune of their debauchery like a speaker playing a porno.

It was actually that very reason that none of their neighbors felt like complaining. They had already done so for years before as the sole son of the brown-haired family blasted his pornos for all to hear.

Breaking apart from their kiss, they both gasped and moaned in near perfect sync. Their bodies were melding together almost perfectly, sharing the sinful heat built up from their embrace and elevating the level of their passion to even greater heights.

"Yess! Fuck me! Ruin me, Naruto!" Miki screamed euphorically. Her walls were fluttering around his length, welcoming his deep penetrations with open arms. "Harder, baby! Please! Fuck me harder!"

She was on cloud nine. Yet like all humans when they reached a peak, she craved more. Wanted more. Needed more.

Luckily for her, Naruto was more than happy to oblige. But a few milliseconds later, she understood the reason he had been going so "easy" on her.

"Oh, my fucking GAWD!" Miki cried out like something biblical had hit her.

All she could see was white, and for a moment, she felt weightless. She thought that maybe she had bitten off more than she could chew. Had she died and gone to heaven? Was Naruto's dick that good? She felt like laughing, but it was then that, like a bucket of cold water being poured over her head, reality came rushing back in.

At first, Miki was numb to it all. The first thing she could properly feel at all was the fact that she was shivering, and not in the way one might shake while cold. No, this felt like the kinda shakes someone had while going through withdrawal. Only instead of hers being caused by a lack of something, this was caused by her having too much of it.

The second thing she felt was her core spasming and contracting around Naruto's rapidly penetrating cock. It seemed that even while under, the blonde had never stopped reaming her insides. Not that she was complaining because this was the exact reason she had been shaking. The pleasure overloaded her senses and temporarily knocked her out, but it was just what she asked for, and the mother of the one who probably hated him the most, loved it.

Crying out like a whore, she did her best to clamp her walls down on his piercing length like the slut she wanted him to see her as. Her juices were dripping from his swinging balls, staining the couch in her essence but none of that even mattered to her slightly delirious mind.

No, all that did, was the hunky blonde who was currently mating her for anyone who walked into the living room to see.

Said man was currently losing his mind as her pussy gripped him with insane pressure. Naruto groaned as she milked him, clenching his eyes shut and shuddering bodily as his dick throbbed ominously. His hips were a blur, his nuts slapping against the horny MILF's thick ass as he mercilessly fucked her pussy raw.

"Fuck!" Naruto grunted, the muscles in his jaw now hurting, he had been clenching them for so long.

"Mmm! So good! You're fucking me so good, Naruto!" Miki's euphoric screams rang in his ears.

The veins in his neck were popping now, blood pumping throughout his entire body as he brutally slammed himself home into his bitch's juicy opening again and again. The time for restraint had long since passed. Now all he wanted was to plant his seed deep inside of her womb.

Meanwhile, blissfully unaware of his mother's current situation, Issei sighed frustratedly as he held the fishing rod his dad had given him, that–as the old man put it–was the beginning to helping him relax.

"You see Issei? Isn't it nice to just be out and away from all of that… you know, computer stuff for a bit." He turned to his father who was seated beside him.

They were both sitting in lawn chairs at the edge of a dock his dad had brought with them for this impromptu fishing trip. Two coolers sat on the ground near them, one filled to the brim with drinks, and the other with just ice in it for the fish that they caught. If they caught something that is.

"Whatever you say, dad," Issei said tiredly, slumping into his chair and staring out at the lake they were at. Had he been in any better of a mood, the view may have invoked feelings of awe to him. At the moment though, all it did was annoy him. His mind was far too busy thinking of all of the humiliation he'd been subjected to for the past few months by a certain blonde.

'I'm gonna get that bastard back if it's the last thing I do.'

Gorou's brows furrowed in concern at the angry look his son was unconsciously sporting. It was the very reason he had brought the boy on the trip they were currently on. He hoped that, with a little exposure to the outside world, maybe whatever was bothering him could be, not forgotten, but explored. It seemed that Issei would need a little bit of a push though, to even start if the quickly growing enraged expression on his son's face meant anything. So clearing his throat, he decided to try and be a positive influence on his son's life for once.

"You know, Issei, when I was around your age. My father, or your grandfather, whatever you want to call him, took me to this exact same spot whenever I felt sad or upset about something."

Issei could see that what his father was talking about was taking a lot for him to say. His grandfather's death had affected the man greatly. It was one of the only times he had ever seen his dad cry.

"…I can admit that I haven't been the greatest of fathers, but I want you to know that you can tell me whenever something is bothering you. Whether it be about a girl, people in school, or maybe even a game that you are having trouble with." Smiling, Gorou tossed his fishing line out into the water. "Whatever it is, you can tell me and I promise, that as your father, I will do my very best to help you."

Looking over at Issei, he reached over and placed a hand on his son's shoulder comfortingly. "So tell me, son, what is it that's been bothering you so much lately."

'Give me the strength to help our boy, Miki.'


Back at the Hyoudou household, Miki couldn't even remember where she was, let alone the fact that she was married.

Gourou? Who or what was that?

"That's right! Keep cumming on that dick!"

Gorou had long since been banished from her mind. All that existed in it now was Naruto and the pure physically destabilizing pleasure he was giving her. The 18 year old young man was giving her what she had been craving her entire married life. A good and hard dicking down.

The outside world had vanished, leaving just her and the blonde who was currently rearranging her insides. They had changed positions who knows how many of her climaxes ago, and now she was on top of him, bouncing on his cock like a common whore while endlessly singing praises to his skill as a lover.

Naruto's hands were on her hips, helping her jump up and down on his erection while at the same time he thrust up into her from below. The pleasure this gave them was immense, and he had to bite the inside of his cheek to hold back from brutally fucking the rest of his length into her inner walls.

Luckily for him, he was already on the edge of his release, and at any moment it could arrive.

"Fuuuck, Naruto! I love your dick so much! It's so big inside me!" Miki screamed out wildly, throwing her head back and moaning as his cock scraped against her pleasure spots again and again. Pushing her head forward and latching onto his neck with her lips, she moaned, sending goosebump inducing vibrations through his collarbone as she kissed and sucked at the skin of his nape.

Hugging her head close, Naruto grunted and groaned at her fervent assault on his neck. He had to actively stop himself from healing the marks she was giving him to prevent her from wondering about his strange physiology. It wouldn't do her any good to know that he wasn't a normal human now would it?

Grunting a little more harshly than he had before, Naruto moved his arms down Miki's lithe back and clasped his hands together. He had her locked in place, unable to move, and based on the horny MILF's whines of desperate need, she really didn't like him doing so. That was too bad for her, though. Her velvet walls had brought him to the precipice and he wasn't going to wait another minute before he blew his load inside of her.

"Shit, Miki! I'm-!" Naruto clenched his teeth as her quivering hole gave him the last push that he needed to finally reach his release.

"Yes! Do it! Cum inside me!" Miki cried, slamming her ass down onto his lap with a gasp of bliss as his dick expanded inside of her walls.

"Fuck! Here it comes!" Naruto barely bit out right before his dick blasted her womb with the first thick shots of his hot and sticky seed. Closing his eyes, he grunted and groaned throatily as his balls pulsed and contracted with each massive shot of his life-giving essence. Miki's walls were spasming around him, her own climax hitting her violently as his endlessly spurting length plastered her insides.

"Fuuck yess! Ohh God, you're filling me up completely!" Miki moaned euphorically, grinding her ass against his crotch enthusiastically. "How are you cumming this muuch!" She screamed, helpless to the pleasure taking over her mind as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body slumped forward onto his chest.

Her core was steadily growing hotter and hotter with each passing second that he pumped her full with his virile essence. It was like a volcano had erupted inside of her, coating her walls with its burning hot magma and searing the sensations she was feeling into every neuron in her body.

Fucking up into her like a man possessed, Naruto didn't stop thrusting even while he painted her walls white. Her moans and cries of bliss were music to his ears, driving him forward as he emptied his balls into her hungry depths.

"Fuck!" Naruto shouted, his muscles relaxing and his body trembling as he finally reached the end of his lengthy climax. He was slightly lightheaded after that, his heart racing in his chest as a sense of satisfaction coated his entire being.

Miki was no different. She felt completely drained after the brutal treatment Naruto had, at last, finished giving to her poor defenseless body. Not that she was complaining, mind you, as behind that exhaustion lay a deep and almost heavenly level of gratification.

"Mmm," she hummed to herself as she felt his seed slosh around inside of her womb. Naruto's dick was still inside of her, but she knew that the moment he pulled himself free from her womanhood, everything he was plugging up would come pouring out from her abused folds.

What she didn't know was that Naruto wasn't planning on pulling out any time soon…

A few hours later, Issei and his father arrived back at their home with smiles on their faces. Entering through the front door after unlocking it, they laughed and joked with one another about the things that had happened on their short fishing trip.

"Ha! Did you see the size of that bastard!" Gorou clapped Issei on the shoulder. "If only my line didn't snap! We woulda been eating fish for months!" He laughed heartily.

Trailing behind his dad, Issei scoffed at what he'd said. "Yeah right. Who was it again that was huffing and puffing after reeling in only a single fish?"

"Alright, no need to hurt my feelings like that," Gorou winced playfully before looking around his strangely empty home. Miki usually would have been making dinner around this time, but he couldn't see or hear her anywhere.

"Did your mom say that she was going somewhere before we left?" He ended up turning and asking Issei. Maybe Miki had told their son about her plans before they left and he didn't hear them talking. It wouldn't be the first time he's missed something she's said, and Gorou doubted it would be the last.

"Uhh, I don't think so. Why? Is she not here?" Issei said, his expression revealing the confusion he felt because of his father's sudden questioning.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out…"

But before the search could even truly begin, Gorou sighed in relief when the sound of water running in the direction of his bedroom reached his ears. It seemed Miki was just taking a mid-afternoon shower. So turning to Issei once more, he sent the now at peace boy to his own room to clean himself of his fishy stink before continuing to his own room where his wife was showering.

Now up close, Gorou could hear the showerhead running along with what he assumed were the sounds of Miki's humming. His brows furrowed slightly, though, as what sounded like a muffled moan or cry of some sort was barely registered by his ears. Focusing on his hearing, however, proved to be pointless as the sound didn't occur again.

'I probably was just hearing things,' he thought, shaking his head and focusing on letting his wife know that he and their son had come back.

Knocking on the door hard enough for her to hear over the water, he yelled through the door for the same reason. "Just knocking to let you know we're back, Miki!"

"Miki?!" He yelled her name again, thinking that she may have not heard him the first time.

"Oh! Gorou! Mmn-we-welcome home, dear!" Miki yelled out to her husband from inside the shower, bringing back the sounds he had thought were just his imagination. Her voice had come out dreamy and inattentive like someone telling someone else what they wanted to hear just to get rid of them faster.

Gorou didn't know if she was doing it on purpose, but it worried him slightly. He also didn't know if she knew just how arousing her tone of voice was.

'Wait a minute… Is she doing what I think she's doing?'

"Maybe I could join you in there?" He asked, hoping and praying that she would say yes. Because if he was right in his assumption, then his wife was currently masturbating, and he definitely didn't want to miss that. Gorou could practically see it, the image causing a drop of blood to drip from his nose at the eroticism of it all.

"Nngh-no! Go shower in the guest bedroom! I'll be out in a little bit!" Miki yelled at him with finality that made a pout instantly form on his face.

Really though, he should've expected such a response. It had been ages since they last had sex and his wife was at the peak of her maturity. Her libido was probably going through the roof and he as her husband had been failing to satisfy it.

Looking down at the crotch of his pants, Gorou sighed sadly at the fact that he was definitely gonna have a case of blue balls if he didn't take care of his little problem soon. He only had himself to blame though. So, with great reluctance, he turned and made his way out the door and to the guest bedroom where he would take a cold and lonely shower.

What Gorou didn't know was that right behind the shower door, his wife was currently being reamed from behind by a man less than half his age.

"I thought that idiot was never gonna leave," Naruto grunted into her ear from behind.

"Don-don't talk bad about him. He's still m-Mmnh-my husband, " Miki attempted to remain steadfast in her core values as a housewife, but after the day the two had spent together it was pointless to even try.

Not to mention the breathy way she was moaning as the blonde had her pressed up against the wall of her shower.

"Oh yeah?" Naruto growled as he ground his hips against her cushy ass. "Well if he's your husband, why am I the one coring out your insides right now instead of him?"

The two of them hadn't stopped fucking after all. Naruto, after letting Miki rest for what he deemed a sufficient amount of time, went right back to ruining her sloppy hole for anyone but himself. From the couch, the dining room table, the bed, and now the shower, he had made sure no matter where she was, the memories of their time together would forever be recalled.

The only reason none of their tryst's evidence had been found by the two male Hyoudos was due to a light application of correctional magic. Any "damage" that they'd caused had been fixed, otherwise, Miki would've been discovered by just the scent of their debauchery alone. Even now, he was using a small amount of magic to keep everything but the sound of the shower running from leaving the room.

Of course, Naruto did this without her knowing. But that was a matter for another time.

Slapping her right ass cheek, he watched, pleased, as it rippled before groaning as her cunt tightened up on his cock. Her lips were slick with an abundance of her arousal, the oily liquid dripping down from her folds and lubing up his dick as hot water splashed against their backs.

Sawing into her, he pushed and pulled his hips ever so slowly, dragging his dick from her clingy depths before reintroducing it right after. Naruto had his bottom lip stuck between his teeth at the sensations her fluttering walls were bringing him.

Miki, conversely, was being driven to the brink of insanity. "Just fuck me already!" She begged after finally reaching her limit. Her velvet walls were hugging the Uzumaki's shaft the tightest.

Gritting his teeth at the eye-rolling squeeze, Naruto followed her demand with immediate action. His balls, still heavy with his seed, slapped against her clit ceaselessly. There was a beast like ferocity to the blonde's movements, his hulking body mashing her against the fogged up glass barrier.

Miki thought she could see the gates of heaven, Naruto's thrusts carried such an unrelenting intensity. Each collision of their hips drew gasps of elation from her lips, rising in volume with every passing second. The thought of her husband possibly being outside and listening to the sounds that she was making didn't even enter her subconscious.

"Ugh~! Ohh fuck~!" Miki screamed as she came undone beneath her younger lover's powerful strokes once more.

Following right behind her, Naruto planted his hips against her ass and roared as his balls roiled with a fresh load of his hot and heavy cum. Closing his eyes, he grunted in time with each shot of cum that he pumped right into her tight, wet snatch, emptying his balls inside of Miki's cunt and basking in her moans of pleasure-filled reverence.

She was crying out his name like he was her God, and by that point, he might as well be.

With her eyes rolling back into her head, her tongue hanging loosely from her open maw, and her muscles spasming as electricity assaulted her system, Miki was borderline delirious. Her core quaked, a thrilling feeling hitting her as Naruto's dick stuffed her womb so full that his cum began dripping from her folds in excess.

"Ughh," Naruto groaned before hissing pleasurably as he dragged his dick out from his unsteady lover's depths. He could've gone for a few more hours, but he knew for sure now that Miki wouldn't be able to handle any more of his lustful desires. She couldn't even stand up on her own anymore, her legs were so wobbly.

It was a shame, but he wasn't going to potentially hurt her just to get a bit more pleasure.

"That was great," Naruto said to her with a smile on his face as he held her tired body up against his own with one arm while turning off the water with the other.

Miki moaned throatily as she realized she could barely even nod her head against the blonde's chest to agree with him. That was more than great. He had not only fucked her, but shown her just what she had been missing throughout the entirety of her marriage. Never did she feel so completely and utterly satisfied as she did now. Sure, it would take a while before she could walk properly again, and sure, her currently blissful state was gained through cheating on her husband with her son's friend. But in the end, it was all one hundred percent worth it to her.

'I would definitely do it again if I had the chance,' she thought happily before yelping as Naruto lay into her thick behind with a multitude of "soft" smacks to each of her round cheeks.

"By the way, I'm definitely gonna need a way to contact you, 'cause there's no way in hell I'm not tapping this again," he said, lifting her to her toes with his grip on her behind, his rugged palm sinking into her marshmallowy ass-meat.

What she didn't know was that he was using his hold on her to also insert a small amount of magic into her to give her a little boost in stamina. It would help her keep herself up a bit, but the soreness would still remain as he was never that adept at healing magic.

Miki blushed at his words but didn't fight his hold on her body. She even went as far as to press herself even closer to him, taking in the natural warmth that the Uzumaki male exuded. His request wasn't even a necessity at this point. Just as he had said, there was no way she was letting such a handsome and–arguably the most important factor–well hung man get away without her ensuring they could meet again.

In the dining room and watching TV, Issei and Gorou were eating some pizza that they'd ordered some time after realizing Miki wasn't going to be making dinner like usual. For a bit, Issei had complained, but after the third sigh of annoyance, Gorou told him that she was probably just busy and couldn't make it. Thus came the pizza.

"Hey, pass me a slice of the pepperoni," Gorou asked while staring at the TV screen.

"Wha-! But it's the last slice!" Issei yelled angrily. He was planning on having that slice last.

"And I'm your father. Now pass it on over." Gorou smirked at the defeated look on his son's face as ended up being forced to give up the last slice of their mutually favorite pizza. Taking a bite, he hummed in satisfaction when the glorious taste of melted cheese and pepperoni hit his taste buds. Nothing could beat that, that's for sure.

'Well, nothing but Miki's cooking of course. Sorry darling.'

After making his mental apology, Gorou was about to take another scrumptious bite of his pizza when, like the devil upon hearing his name, his darling wife's voice met his ears from behind him.

"Oh~? I'm sorry. Did you boys end up having to fend for yourself?" She asked as she entered the dining room.

Her eyes hovered on the dining room table for only a moment, but if either her husband or son had been looking they would've spotted the blush that sparked to life on her cheeks. Memories of the things she and Naruto had done where her family was now eating without a care in the world only hours before were entering her mind one after another. From her screaming out his name, to her losing her mind as he plowed her cunt like he was trying to break the table.

The mature woman's mind was already creating plans for how she was going to see him next. Not to mention the things they would do. Naruto, after receiving her phone number, had made a quick escape out of her bedroom window less than ten minutes ago. Yet the thoughts alone made her realize that her newly worn panties were already in need of a change despite the short time that had passed since the blonde left.

"M-Miki! What are you-!" Gorou sputtered as he turned around to greet his wife.

Of all the things he was expecting, his wife in a sheer white nightgown that barely hid anything from view was definitely not one of them. Didn't she see that their son was here with him?

"Hmm," Miki hummed quietly, completely ignoring his reaction to the way she was dressed.

Wondering what had his father so stunned, Issei also turned to look at his mother. When he did so, his jaw dropped and he instantly turned away upon seeing just what she was wearing.

'That's my mother. That's my mother. That's my mother. That's my mother…'

Repeating this mantra in his head, Issei did his best to contain his usually out of control perverted thoughts. Still, even as he reminded himself of their familial relationship, the image of his mom's hourglass figure hidden beneath the thin layer of cloth she was wearing would forever be seared into his memory.

Gorou was lucky enough to be able to look without guilt. That, however, didn't stop the shame that coursed through him as he popped a boner at the sight. It also reminded him of how long it had last been since they shared any intimate moments together.

But as Miki continued to linger in the doorway with her arms crossed and her eyes going from the table to him in irregular intervals, Gorou assumed poorly that she was upset at them for buying pizza.

"Miki, dear. I'm sorry, but if you want, we can throw the rest away," he offered rather pathetically in her eyes.

Did he think she couldn't see that there was barely even a single box left?

Taking a moment to stare at him, and by that, Miki meant really just staring at him up and down, she realized just how little Gorou stacked up to her blonde lover. The thought disappointed her. Whether that was in her husband, or herself, she couldn't say. All that she was left with, was the realization that in just half a day, Naruto had shifted her view on what made a true man permanently.

Sadly, Gorou just didn't fit that bill anymore. Maybe when they were younger he could. But definitely no longer. With that realization achieved, Miki, instead of growing sad or otherwise depressed, actually smiled.

"It's alright. You can go ahead and enjoy yourselves. I'm gonna head to sleep early though because I had a tiring day." she said, walking up to her husband and kissing him on the cheek.

"Love you dear. Love you too sweetie," she said her final goodbyes to both male Hyoudos before turning around and making her way back to her bedroom.

"Y-yeah. Love you too honey…" Gorou barely got out as he watched Miki's hips sway back and forth right up until she exited the dining room. Once she was gone, he slumped back into his chair with a blush on his cheeks.

"Dad… what the fuck just happened?" Issei asked him shakily.

"I don't know, Issei. I really don't know."

What Gorou wouldn't tell his son were the hundreds of impure thoughts flitting through his mind about his wife. Was she seducing him? It couldn't be that, otherwise, she wouldn't have told him she was tired… Right?

Maybe she wanted to show off for him? But in front of their son? What was up with that?

In the end, Gorou only had one thought that summed up everything that his wife was with how easily she had created this level of chaos in his mind.

'That woman is dangerous.'

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