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AN - Explicit scenes and plots ahead.

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"Ooh! Ooh! Naruto! Let's go over there!"

Grunting in annoyance, Naruto allowed himself to be pulled by the arm to yet another clothing store by his overexcited fiancé.

He and Rias, with some convincing on her part, had gone out on a date. Throughout it, they had gone to a cafe, watched a movie, and even visited a nearby arcade where he had a ton of fun teaching her just why he was the best at everything he did.

Of course, a date with a young and fashionable woman like Rias wouldn't be complete without a trip to a clothing store. So that's where they went. Now, though, Naruto wondered if he hadn't signed up for a trip through the seven layers of hell with how long and excruciating it had been.

The first store they had entered, it only took him thirty minutes to decide on and buy what he wanted. Rias, however, even after four stores and the eight bags that she was forcing him to carry, was somehow not finished.

Seated on the convenient couch placed in the back of the boutique probably for unfortunate souls like himself, Naruto watched as she browsed through section after section of clothing items that the boutique had to offer.

"Are you even going to wear all of this?" He asked while holding up the bags. "You probably already have some of this stuff in your closet with how much clothes you buy."

"Of course I'm going to wear them! That's why I'm buying them, you know? And stop complaining! Some of the things in those bags are for you, you know?" Rias looked back and winked at him saucily.

Before she could turn back to continue her browsing, Naruto placed the bags back on the ground, stood up, wrapped both of his arms around her slender waist, and pulled her against himself. His sudden and bold action drew a quiet yelp of surprise from his fiancé, but most of all it painted her cheeks with a bright red blush that showcased her embarrassment.

"W-what are you doing, Naruto?! We're in public right now!" Rias squirmed in his hold, unsure if she wanted to escape from his grasp or push herself up against him.

Looking around frantically, she was happy to see that no one could see them from where they were at. The racks were blocking them from being spotted by the cashier, and the only other people in the store were on the opposite side of the shop.

"You know what I'm doing. Can't you feel what your teasing did to me? I've been like this since I saw you dressed like this this morning." Naruto growled, pressing the bulge in the crotch of his jeans against her stomach.

Because they had no plans to do anything fancy, Rias had decided to wear a simple getup. A light pink, sleeveless sweater along with black pants was her outfit of choice. It was comfortable, and as an added bonus, it allowed her to show off what her mother gave her. What she wasn't expecting though, was for Naruto to lose control of himself so easily because of it.

"Let go of me you horny brute! I'll deal with your ravenous libido later!" Unfortunately for him, she was here to shop, not fuck! Besides, couldn't he keep it in his pants for one day?

"So you get to tease me and I can't retaliate?" Naruto nearly snarled. He had half a mind to drag her back into one of the changing rooms and have his way with her, but he couldn't because…

…Actually, wait, why couldn't he? The changing rooms were right behind them.

Rias shivered and, unbidden of her own worries, a familiar heat began to pool inside of her stomach as she looked up and into Naruto's violet-blue eyes. She hadn't been with him for very long but the look he was giving her was something completely unmistakable.

It was a hungry glare that screamed she was going to get fucked.

"W-wait, Naruto! We can't! We're in public!" Rias scolded him.

"Don't worry about them. All you have to do is focus on me." Naruto hugged her even closer to himself, pressing his growing hard-on against her stomach.


Biting down on her lower lip and looking down in between them, the Gremory princess felt a red haze take over her mind as she felt the shape of his bulging cock. Looking around the shop quickly, the little hesitance she had been holding onto disappeared as she made a decision.

Grabbing his arm and pulling him into one of the stalls, she locked the door behind them before looking up at her blonde lover with lustful and dazed blue eyes.

"W-well… what are you waiting for?" Rias asked him impatiently, her juicy red lips prating as hot, steamy breaths left her mouth every time she exhaled.

Her cheeks were pink with arousal, the sudden build up of warmth inside of her womb forming in tandem with the intense anticipation she was feeling. She was eager for his reaction, her heart racing and her cunt moistening as Naruto's hungry gaze pierced into her.

"Oh!" Rias let loose an excited gasp when Naruto decided to give her just what she wanted.

Pushing her up against the wall, he lifted her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist before diving into the pale skin of her neck. Deep exhales and strained groans escaped his lips as, whilst he attacked her nape, he also ground his clothed cock against her mound.

Rias tilted her head up almost instinctively, giving Naruto room to bite, kiss, and suck on her neck while her pussy burned with desire. His thick bulge pressed against her

"Ohh, Naruto! Nnghh, so good!" She moaned, grabbing and holding his head close as he nipped ravenously at her pulse-point.

"What happened to us being in public?" Naruto whispered huskily in between each kiss that he planted on her neck.

"I don't care anymore! Just keep going! Please!" Rias begged, putting a smirk on Naruto's face.

She really knew what to say to rile him up, huh?

With ruffled clothes and even messier hair, Rias glowed like the sun as they walked back home after leaving the boutique they had committed… less than moral activities inside of. The strange looks that her disheveled appearance was gaining her weren't even registered, she was so happy.

There was a spring in her step and an expression of pure satisfaction on her face as she held Naruto's hand with her own. Yet even with the level of bliss that she had attained, the redhead's doe-like eyes continued to occasionally glance at Naruto every so often with hopeful consideration.

"Yes?" He asked when she looked at him for the third time in the last thirty seconds.

"Oh! Um… well do you want to-maybe, do some more?" She asked hesitantly. "We could go to a hotel and, well, you know."

If it wasn't obvious already, Rias was incredibly horny. The switch that their unfortunately short session in the changing room flipped on had yet to be switched off. Her pussy was in dire need of some more of her blonde lover's cock. It was a burning hunger inside of her womb that needed immediate satisfaction. The only thing was, she was incredibly embarrassed to admit so. Just remembering how intensely he had fucked her less than fifteen minutes ago had her cheeks a blazing red.

Naruto was more than willing to continue from where they left off. It was only because they were in such a discoverable spot that he had cut their time down to so little then. Fortunately, there was a hotel within just a short walking distance, and he didn't let a moment go by before they were on their way to it.

Ten minutes later they were in a luxurious suite with a broad view of Kuoh Town. Had they been any more patient, the young couple might have enjoyed the room's high-end aesthetic a bit more, but with the way they were attacking each other, they were obviously far too horny to care.

Dropping back onto the large king-sized bed with his feet still on the ground, Naruto held Rias' hips as she immediately followed him and sat down on his lap. Their lips had been connected since they entered the suite, and with how passionate and hungry they were for one another, it didn't seem like they would be disconnecting any time soon.

"Mmm," Rias hummed delightfully.

Naruto had taken their lip-lock to the next level, bringing up his right hand to cup and massage her heaving breasts whilst his left hand went down her back and into her pants. There, he palmed her thick ass cheeks, playing with her doughy meat while relishing in the needy moans that his actions drew out of her.

A gasp and a whine escaped Rias' mouth as Naruto dug his fingers into the crack of her ass, reaching behind her to play with her clothed pussy as they made out. Pleasure shot throughout her core as she bumped and grinded against his thick fingers, wishing beyond anything that her panties weren't in the way so that he could drive them deep inside of her.

"Nng-Naruto! Please!" She eventually begged her blonde lover to go even further.

"Please what?" Naruto asked as he continued to toy with the crotch of her soaking wet panties.

"Please… just fuck me already!" Rias cried, pressing her face into his chest as he pushed his thumb over her clit. He even went so far as to pull at their strings with one hand, pressing them up into her asscrack and splitting her puffy slit down the middle, while the other grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at him.

He was pleased to see the dazed and hungry look in Rias' eyes. It made him want to ruin her. Maybe that was a desire born of his constant proximity with Akeno, but it was his own all the same. He wanted everyone in the hotel to know what was happening in this room, regardless of any soundproofing it might have.

So flipping them over, he pushed Rias down so she was laying on her back in the middle of the bed. Then, pushing her legs up so that he could see her soaked-through panties, Naruto followed her onto the bed. There, while kneeling over her, he used magic to get rid of both of their clothes, freeing his cock from its confines and allowing him to see her sopping wet pussy for the second time today in less than an hour.

"Hurry up and stick it in me~!" Rias' needy whine urged him to move faster.

Not wanting to disappoint, but also feeling just as eager to get into it, Naruto lined his throbbing length up with her slit and, without missing another beat, slid his cock into her tight womanhood till he was pressing against the entrance to her womb.

"Oh fuck! Yess!" Rias bit down on her lower lip as her pussy fluttered around his dick.

"Fuck, Rias… your pussy's perfect!" Naruto grunted out harshly, letting her legs rest on his shoulders and leaning over her slightly spasming body as he basked in the tingling sensations that always came when he stuck his dick into her gripping cunt.

Eventually, though, when the rush of intense feelings wore off and he could think clearly once again, he finally began what they'd both been eagerly waiting for. And because of how wet she was, he didn't have to hold anything back.

Screams and cries of pleasure quickly filled the once quiet hotel room as he began fucking into Rias with everything he had. Her juicy folds made wet squelching noises as he gouged out her depths, plunging his cock into her velvet tunnel again and again like a jackhammer.

Naruto wanted Rias to see stars when he was done with her. He wouldn't be satisfied with anything less. Leaning forward even further, he held himself up with his forearms and captured her lips in a dominating kiss that had her cunt clamping down on his cock like a vice. Their tongues danced, twirling around one another as the clapping sound of their hips meeting and the muffled moans vibrating in their throats continued to resound within the hotel room.

This new position allowed Naruto to thrust into her womanhood with pin-point precision, making it easy for him to hit her g-spot over and over. He was covering her entire body with his own, surrounding her entirely with his masculine form as he continuously slammed his dick into her cunt at a brutal pace.

Rias felt helpless, her mind's eye painting the lewd image that they must be creating as she was dominated completely.

"OH SATAN~! NARUTO! THAT'S SOOO GOOOD!" She wailed, her eyes crossing and her ankles locking behind him as an orgasm tore right through her.

Her body went rigid and her pussy clutched onto Naruto's cock as shudder after womb quaking shudder ran through her body. Yet even as she rode the high of her climax, the blonde remained merciless in his tempo.

"Wait, Naruto! It's too much! G-give me a seCONNND!" Rias screamed as she was forced into another mind-numbing orgasm right after her first one. It was almost enough to knock her into unconsciousness, but her spasming body and fuzzy mind held on to what little bit of energy it could find as Naruto's thick member pummeled her poor pussy into oblivion.

So engrossed in each other's bodies that they were, neither of the two noticed a pair of steely silver eyes staring at them from the room's corner.

Grayfia wondered where in the past she had gone wrong to be forced to witness such a sight. That wasn't to say it was a bad one, even she could admit that. But did her timing have to be so unlucky?

Already, a little over five minutes had passed since she arrived yet neither of the two devils showed any signs of noticing her presence. Maybe that was her own fault, though, given she was concealing her mana's signature at the moment. However, given the reputation of his family, she at least expected the Uzumaki to have been aware of her arrival.

It seemed that he still had some growing to do. Although, she noted with an imperceptible blush on her face, he definitely didn't need to grow anymore in the downstairs department. Was Sirzechs even half of that impossible size? Was it normal for a woman to cry out as euphorically as Rias was currently? Maybe if she were to…

The blush on her cheeks grew a significant degree when she realized what she was thinking about. How improper of a woman of her standing. Besides, she came here, not to admire the size or impressiveness of Rias' fiance's sexual organ, but to perform her responsibilities as a maid of the Gremory family. Seeking out her own pleasure came second to her duty, always.

So after ensuring she was no longer blushing like an embarrassed school girl in front of her crush, Grayfia cleared her throat and watched, silently confused, as only Rias froze and looked in her direction upon realizing that another person was in the room with them. Looking at the casual but annoyed way Naruto glanced at her before sighing and extracting himself from his lover's dripping wet snatch, she realized incredulously that he had not in fact missed that she was there. For whatever reason that she couldn't figure out, he had instead just ignored her.

"Grayfia! What are you doing here?!"

Focusing back on the matter at hand, she looked back at Rias whose face now closely resembled the color of her hair. She had covered herself up with the sheets sometime while Grayfia had been distracted with the strangely acting Uzumaki, but in doing so had left nothing for him to cover himself with. This left the Gremory maid with the hard task of ignoring the blonde who was now sitting back on the bed beside Rias without a care in the world while his still tall and throbbing erection bobbed angrily in the air. How such a thing fit inside of Rias, she felt, was a mystery best left unsolved.

"I've been assigned by your brother to watch over you while you are in the human world," Grayfia answered calmly while internally doing everything in her power to not glance at the blonde whose rock-hard body and jutting cock remained out in the open, glistening with sweat and what she could only guess as Rias' sexual juices.

Of course, he could use his magic to clean himself and put his clothes back on. Grayfia could also ask him to do so. The only thing stopping them was their mutual stubbornness that made it impossible for either to be the first one to budge.

"Why does my brother think I need an overseer? Didn't my parents say I was alright by myself?" Rias complained. "And besides, if anything happens that I can't handle, Naruto can take care of it with no problem."

"Yes, well your parents did tell him that, but…" Grayfia's brows furrowed.

"But what?"

Seeing Rias' upset expression, Grayfia cursed her master for putting her in this situation.

"Well… how do I say this? Your brother… he. Well, to put it lightly, he was rather insistent that you needed more than just the Uzumaki heir to keep you safe."

What Grayfia wasn't telling the now angrily growling redhead was that Sirzechs had made quite the spectacle over his little sister being "tainted" by her hyper masculine fiance. One of the few things he had said, and she was quoting this was, "Keep my precious Rias away from that beast!". But like she said, it was only one of the few things he'd said during his little tantrum.

It was only her intervention that stopped him from doing anything more drastic than assigning her to this position.

"He's always being so annoying! Ughh!" Rias groaned, throwing her arms in the air and falling back onto the bed.

Seeing Naruto's cock out of the corner of her eye, though, Rias licked her lips as she was reminded of the deep satisfaction she was experiencing only a few minutes ago. Beneath the sheets that covered her, her body still ached for more of Naruto's touch. Her womb still desires the blissful comfort of her lover's hot and heavy seed.

Everything in her screamed to get the silver-haired woman out of the room so that the two of them could resume their passionate lovemaking.

"Is that all, Grayfia?" Rias asked in hopes of speeding that along.

Grayfia could practically feel the redhead's desire to continue what she had interrupted. If it were up to her, she would have already been gone to let them do so. Sadly, however, it wasn't meant to be. So bowing lightly, she told Rias the sad news.

"…I must apologize, my Lady, but no. Your mother has also asked me to let you know that you have to go back to the manor temporarily for a reason that she did not tell me."

"Oh, come on!" Rias shouted.

"Once again, my Lady, I apologize for this inconvenience." Grayfia kept her head down low.

"Hahhh, it's alright, Grayfia. It's not your fault," Rias sighed but made sure to reassure the beautiful woman. She was only the messenger after all, there was no need to get upset at her.

"Just give me a minute to take care of something."

Sitting up and going onto her hands and knees beneath the stares of both her family's maid and her fiance, Rias crawled on the bed towards Naruto, her desirous eyes locked onto his prodigious cock. What she was about to do embarrassed her, but mostly, it made her salivate with lustful hunger. She couldn't leave her soon-to-be husband without taking care of his needs now could she? Surely, Grayfia, as a married woman herself, would understand her worry.

"Satan, it's so hot," Rias gasped as she wrapped her fingers around Naruto's girth. Looking back at Grayfia one last time, she smiled awkwardly before turning back around and looking up at him apologetically. "I'm sorry for making you wait so long but I'll make it up to you now, okay? So just sit back, and relax."

Grayfia, meanwhile, was dumbstruck as she watched Rias become entranced with her lover's pulsating member. There was a lewdness to her every move that sent chills throughout the maid's body. A light gasp escaped her lips when Rias kissed the blonde's tip, moaning all while she did so. Was such an act really so pleasurable?

'Sirzechs was right to worry. Rias has been corrupted by this lustful beast.'

Yet no matter how wrong she knew this was, Grayfia could do nothing but stay rooted to her spot as she looked upon the erotic spectacle. Soon enough, the wet sounds of Rias' slurping and the deep and heavy groans that showcased Naruto's pleasure took over her senses.

It was mind boggling how quickly things had proceeded. Grayfia wasn't prepared for any of it. Like when she first arrived, neither of the two young lovers were paying any attention to her. And because of Rias' sideways positioning, the stunning milf could see everything happening in explicit detail.

The redhead's juicy lips were sealed around Naruto's tip, sucking and slurping on it with wanton hunger. Up and down she went, constantly flicking her tongue along the underside of his length as took more and more of him into her mouth.

Drool ran down the sides of his length and tears pooled in the corner of Rias' eyes as his tip hit the back of her throat. Light gags escaped her throat, but she refused to give up until she knew she had taken him in completely. So looking up at Naruto through teary eyes, she gave him the signal to take over.

Grayfia wasn't able to stop the gasp that left her mouth the moment Naruto's large hands took a hold of Rias' head.

'Surely he doesn't plan to-'

Abruptly, her thoughts were cut off and a hand covered her mouth in astonishment as Naruto used his hold to drag Rias the rest of the way onto his cock. A loud and wet schlick-like sound echoed in Grayfia's ears as Naruto planted the last few inches of his cock down Rias' throat.

Witnessing this sight, and the concerning way the redhead's eyes became half-lidded, Grayfia became furious. How dare this man treat Rias that way! But before she could even take a step forward, a deep and almost orgasmic moan left Rias' mouth.

'She-… she likes it?!'

Never, ever, EVER, had Grayfia been as mortified as she had been right then. She couldn't even imagine her and Sirzechs doing something as lewd as this, let alone actually going through with it! So to witness what she was currently, it was like looking into an alternate reality.

'But… does it actually feel good?'

Watching the way Rias moaned and looked up at Naruto through blissful eyes despite his rough treatment, Grayfia's curiosity unknowingly peaked. Certain thoughts were flitting through her mind. Thoughts that a married woman such as herself shouldn't be having. But she couldn't help it if the cause of said thoughts was right in front of her, right? At least, that's what she kept telling herself whenever the thought of betraying Sirzechs entered her mind.

Eventually, it seemed, Naruto grew tired of just holding himself still inside of Rias' tight throat because his hands that once rested on her head were now gripping bunches of her luscious red locks. A silent conversation passed between them before, with Grayfia as their witness, he began slowly dragging her lips up and down his veiny length.

The mature woman bit down on her lip and did her best to remain calm as Naruto's grunts and groans reverberated throughout her entire body. Her satin panties moistened slightly as his deep baritone voice penetrated her core. It was like nothing she'd ever experienced before.

Whenever they had time to make love, Sirzechs was gentle with her, treating like a princess. This sexual deviant, however, was brutalizing Rias' throat as though she was a cheap sex toy and not the actual princess that she really was.

"Fuck, Rias! Tighten that throat up for me! I'm about to cum!"

Grayfia unconsciously held her breath upon hearing Naruto say that. Transfixed wasn't even close to an accurate description for how focused she was on the lurid sight she was being given. She felt like she was sitting on set in some sort of pornographic film, not watching two horny devils of practically royal blood have the most debauched sex that she could ever imagine.

Rias' drool was now running down Naruto's cock in thick rivulets, dripping from his balls onto the bed sheets beneath them continuously. Tears trailed down her cheeks, and what little makeup she had applied that morning was now completely ruined. Yet despite her disheveled appearance, Grayfia had never seen Rias look so happy.

When Naruto grunted once again and his toes curled in the carpet, Grayfia swore Rias' eyes shined with delight. She could see the way the redhead pushed him along, taking in deep breaths through her nose and humming to vibrate her throat and mouth around his cock.

'To have learned such a method of enhancing pleasure, how many times must they have already done this?'

Soon enough, Naruto's hips jerked and, after one last heavy groan, Grayfia watched in awe as Rias slid her lips all the way down to the base of his cock. She watched with perverse desire as the redhead's throat bulged again and again as pulse after pulse of the blonde's hot and sticky load blasted down her throat.

"Ohh, shiiit…" Naruto groaned, closing his eyes and holding Rias' head down to make sure she swallowed every last drop of his seed.

Grayfia's ears were ringing and her cheeks were bright pink now as the sound of Rias gulping down Naruto's semen took over the room's atmosphere. Her nose twitched, a light haze overtaking her vision when the strong scent of the blonde's cum finally reached her. It was thick and heady, burrowing into her brain like a lustful parasite and seizing control over her mental faculties one after the other.

When a few minutes had passed and Rias was finished with her task, Grayfia had to pretend that she wasn't affected. She gulped silently as Rias gave Naruto's length a few more kisses before planting one final long one on his tip. She secretly admired the fact that even after all of that, his dick was still standing tall.

"I'll be back, hopefully by tomorrow." Rias said while using magic to clean and dress herself. "So don't do anything stupid or stick your dick into anyone else while I'm gone, okay?" She said and gave Naruto a kiss goodbye.

"Yeah, whatever," he scoffed, earning a pointed stare from his fiancé that he huffed in annoyance at.

"Whatever. Come on, Grayfia. Let's go now so I can get this over with."

Standing beside her family's maid, Rias expected the signature red Gremory teleportation circle to appear beneath them at any moment. When it didn't for a few seconds, though, she was left confused.

"…Grayfia?" She turned to look at the still dazed silver-haired woman.

Snapping out of it, Grayfia lowered her head towards Rias apologetically as a plan was concocted in her mind.

"…I'm sorry, my Lady, but If it is fine with you, I'll be staying in the human world. Between you and I, I could use a break from my Lord's antics. I'm sure, as his sister, you can understand."

"Yeah. Unfortunately, I can," Rias grumbled at the thought of her brother's bothersome personality. "Then I guess I'll be seeing you both when I get back."

Having said that, she started the teleportation spell, painting the entire room red as the Gremory family's magic circle appeared on the floor. But right before she was transported to hell, she had one last thing to say.

"Oh, and Grayfia, since you're staying, please make sure to keep an eye on him." She smiled wickedly at Naruto. "He's far too horny for his own good. Thank you!"

And with that, she was gone, leaving Naruto and Grayfia in the room alone.

"I swear, when she gets back…" The blonde growled out before standing and walking towards the bathroom. "I'm gonna take a shower. You're free to do whatever."

He didn't care that his every move, or rather, his dick's every move was being watched with laser focus by the thick milf still present in the hotel room with him. She had seen everything he had to offer already anyways, what was a little more.

Besides, Naruto's focus was on the bath he was about to take because while he didn't have to, he often found satisfaction in taking them whenever he could. This was one of those times.

It was a decently sized bathroom. One with a separate area at the front to clean yourself, a bath right after it, and a stand-up shower in the opposite corner of the room. All-in-all, it was about a quarter of the size of his own bathroom back in hell, but it was good enough to get comfortable.

Sitting on the stool in the washing area, he began shampooing his hair while the tub filled with near boiling hot water.

"Hahh," he sighed, happy to finally relax after a long day.

While he didn't mind her energy, he always made sure to enjoy the peace and quiet that he was given when he was alone with just his thoughts. Now he just had to wait until Akeno or one of the others found out that she had left for his peace to once more be interrupted.

"Excuse me." Naruto opened his eyes and turned towards the bathroom entrance as a soft and feminine voice called out from behind the door. Opening the door, they didn't wait for any approval as they joined him in the bathroom.

At first, steam hid the mystery woman's more distinct features from Naruto's view, but as she got closer and her details grew clearer, Naruto's eyes widened and his cock pulsed with life as he realized who it was.

"Grayfia? What are you doing here?"

Clad in nothing but a towel far too small to cover anything but her nipples and pussy, the silver-haired maid was causing all kinds of havoc inside of Naruto's lust-driven mind with her unexpected presence.

"I've come to wash your back, Lord Naruto. If that's fine with you, of course." She said, bowing low enough for him to see deep into her large and mouth-watering cleavage.

Naruto licked his lips in hunger at the sight. He was captivated by the slight shine they had, the bathroom lights reflecting off the light layer of mist that covered them. In fact, her entire body now had a slight sheen to it as steam clung to every part of her that wasn't covered by the towel. Naruto wouldn't be surprised if in the next ten minutes the towel itself started to become transparent as well because of the moisture in the air.

Just thinking of that image got his blood pumping.

But seeing as she was still bowing and waiting for an answer, he forced himself to focus. For now, at least.

"Go right ahead. Just make sure not to let Rias know. Who knows how she'll react if she finds out that I'm already breaking one of her rules." He chuckled, turning back around to let Grayfia work.

Had he continued looking at her for one more second, he may have seen the derisive look she gave him upon hearing his words.

'Truly, he's nothing more than a brute,' Grayfia thought, her expression souring at the thought of how carelessly he was treating his relationship with her King's sister.

'…And yet, why is it that it is this same brute whose body I can't keep my eyes off of?'

Her silver eyes traversed over every inch of his exposed back. There wasn't an ounce of fat on Naruto's frame that she could see, his dense and sinuous muscle flexing and contracting with every move that he made in a way that had Grayfia damn near drooling. She couldn't wait till she could put her hands on him. The thought alone sent thrills throughout her body.

"Of course. Then if you'll excuse me, I'll get started right away."

As she stood behind him, Grayfia was glad the room was so full of steam. It was the perfect cover if Naruto ever asked her why there was a blus currently covering her face. Sure, her devil composition made such temperatures nothing more than a slight nuisance, but maybe he didn't know that. Especially given her affinity towards ice.

Picking up the bottle of soap, she poured a generous amount of it onto her palm and rubbed it between her hands. When Grayfia was sure that enough lather had been built up between them, she slowly ran her hands up and down Naruto's back. She had to bite down on her lip to keep the moan that threatened to escape her mouth from leaving as she felt his powerful frame.

"Let me know if you feel any discomfort," she whispered gently.

Naruto hummed in response, his muscles loosening and his body becoming less stiff as her touch soothed him. The mix of hot water and her dexterous fingers softly spreading soap all over his back felt amazing. It was like a balm on his soul, dragging him beneath the roaring tide and letting him rest and flow with the calm currents below.

Only a single part of the blonde's body remained stiff and rigid. Although, as Grayfia pressed her plump breasts against his back and wrapped her arms around his front, it became less of a mystery why it did. Then, as if she wanted to drive him even further up the wall, the thick milf began rubbing her soapy hands across his front while moving her chest in circles against his back.

Naruto groaned and closed his eyes as her fingers trailed further and further down his front, starting from his chest to his abs, until finally, the tips of her fingers began running over the beginning's of his crotch.

"Does that feel good?" Grayfia asked him, her voice laced with desire as she kissed the back of his shoulder.

Occasionally, she would peek out from his side and get a glimpse of her final goal, its immense size intimidating her, yet at the same time pulling her towards it with a level of attraction she couldn't resist. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced. It messed with her head and defied all logic and reason.

After some time, it got to the point that she could think of nothing but the long, thick, appendage that was sticking out from Naruto's crotch. And as her thoughts drifted lower and lower, so too did her hands.

"Mmm," Grayfia moaned, her eyes going half-lidded as she felt the weight and girth of his veiny length. Its heat burned at her palms, piercing through her body and mind and reminding her of the hot, steamy sex that he and Rias had only just had.

'It's so big~,' she thought hotly, pulling his length up and against his abs. 'And his balls too.' She almost came at the sight once his hanging nuts were revealed. 'There must be enough semen inside of each of them to impregnate entire households of devils.'

Idly, Grayfia wondered if she'd gotten herself into something that she wouldn't be able to handle. That part of her mind was quickly killed off.

Leaning forward even more, and resting her head in the crook of Naruto's shoulder, she carefully wrapped her soapy fingers around the pipe that was his cock. Two hands she had used, yet still more than a third of his dick remained out of her grasp. That, not so little, inconvenience did little to deter the horny milf, however.

Not another second passed before she began jerking him off.

"Ughh, fuck," Naruto grunted, closing his eyes while his abs tensed as Grayfia alternated pressure on his dick with both of her hands. Adding onto it, she kissed, licked, and bit down on the blonde's shoulder, enhancing his pleasure through the combined sensations.

Wrapped around him like she was, the silver-haired maid might as well have been a succubus, not a devil. Her slippery hands were traversing along Naruto's cock with unmatched grace, tugging on his length like a trained professional. Every stroke she gave him sent pleasurable shivers up through his crotch, drawing moans from his lips as her hands continued running up and down his dick.

She was completely immersed in her self-appointed task, enamored by the shape and feel of his cock, its immense girth and stunning length stirring the deepest depths of her soul. Trailing her fingers across his throbbing veins, she moaned at the nigh infinite vitality she could feel thrumming throughout his shaft. And as she rubbed her thumb over his tip, the hungry milf licked her lips as thick dollops of his sticky precum added to the slickness already covering her fingers.

Her breaths came out heavy as she dropped one of her hands to his big and heavy balls, lifting and massaging them like they were the most precious things in the world.

Everything inside of Grayfia, from her tingling breasts to her dripping wet folds, screamed at her to drop to her knees and worship this blonde-haired God. The only thing stopping her was what little pride she had left. But as she listened to Naruto moan and groan blissfully beneath her touch, that too soon vanished.

It was like something inside of her had awakened. Something that wanted Naruto more than even the air she breathed or the food she ate. A hunger had grown inside of her, and the only thing that could satisfy it was in between the blonde's legs.

Uncoupling herself from his body, Grayfia moved quickly to appease him upon hearing his groan of disappointment. Even though it was practically impossible given the circumstances, she didn't want his dick to lose any of its stiffness because she had been too slow. The thought somehow broke her heart.

Nevertheless, as she kneeled between his legs and beheld his cock up close for the first time, Grayfia froze. Her eyes that were once lidded with desire were now opened wide, and her hands stopped in the air just out of reach of Naruto's throbbing hardness.

'What am I doing?' She was horrified. 'How can I ever face Sirzechs again after this? How can I look my son in the eyes after committing such an act?' Grayfia was on the verge of a mental breakdown once she became aware of her actions in the last few minutes. But just as she went to glare in anger at the one who she felt caused this in the first place, she was suddenly distracted.

Unaware of Grayfia's inner turmoil, Naruto grew more and more frustrated the longer he was made to wait. His dick ached to feel her hot and wet mouth surrounding it, her full lips looking so good as they stretched around his girth. Just imagining it made his dick jump, so wrapping his hand around the base of his length and raising it above her face, he dropped it onto her lips.


Grayfia's eyes widened and a sound of surprise escaped her mouth as she felt the entire weight of Naruto's cock smack her in the face. Just like her palms, the warmth it exuded penetrated deep into her skin. Except this time, temperature wasn't her only issue.

Even after cleaning it thoroughly, Naruto's cock still emitted a brain melting musk that silenced all of her chaotic thoughts. She tried to fight the voice inside of her head telling her everything would be alright if she just gave in, but in the end—and after barely half a second of trying—the stronger of the two wills won out. After that, Grayfia couldn't even recall what it was that she had been worrying about earlier. All of her attention was now on the manly appendage currently resting on her face and blocking her vision.

"Good, now that you're focused again, we can move to the tub and you can start tending to me. Also, make sure not to get distracted again, alright? My fiancé left me like this, so as her maid, it's your responsibility to make sure that I am left with no discomforts, okay?" Naruto asked as he lifted his dick and tapped her on the cheeks with it.

Grayfia's pussy burned as she was debased by both his words and his cock. This was nothing like her times with Sirzechs. This man truly was a brute. There wasn't a chance in hell Rias would've been able to empty him out completely so his reasoning was complete bullshit. Yet something inside of her yearned for him to continue telling her what to do. To make her follow his every lustful command. And so, instead of turning the cocky blonde into an icicle, Grayfia bowed her head and stood from her kneeling position to follow right behind him.

The tub wasn't small, but as they both got in and water overflowed into the separate drain, it was clear that they were going to be sharing plenty of skin contact.

Naruto didn't mind. If anything, with his legs spread out and Grafia facing him while kneeling in between them once again, he felt like he was on top of the world.

The water temperature was perfect, and as he relaxed further into it, resting his arms on either side of the tub, he almost forgot why they had even entered it. Although, the feel of Grayfia's hands tentatively reaching out for his cock was a great reminder.

"Haahh," Naruto sighed, closing his eyes and leaning back against the tub. "I want my balls to be empty by the time we leave the bath. Am I understood?"

"Y-yes, of course m-my lord," Grayfia stuttered out while blushing.

"Good. I don't care if you're Rias' or the Gremory's maid or whatever. When you're here, in front of me, you're just my slut, clear?"

Grayfia nodded her head, her silver eyes shining with clear eagerness and submission. Although, her embarrassed blush still remained on her face.

"Good girl," Naruto brushed a hand over her head and watched as she preened under his attention. "Now get to it, this will be your test to see if you're actually worth anything."

Grayfia's hands shook with anticipation as she listened to his words. Encircling the top half of his shaft, for some reason, she couldn't help but think that its girth felt larger and more menacing in her hands now that she was about to suck it. That both scared and aroused her. In the end, though, her arousal and desire to follow Naruto's demands won out, so bending down until her head was eye-level with his cock, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue tentatively.

Naruto shivered pleasurably as he felt the warmth of her mouth wash over his cock. It was a strange feeling, the difference in temperature of her breath compared to the bath's. But when the tip of Grayfia's tongue finally brushed against the head of his dick, his head fell back and a deep groan left his mouth.

At the same time, Grayfia's mind exploded as her mouth was assaulted with the strong flavor of Naruto's cock. She was careful in her exploration of it, making sure to cover every inch of his shaft with her saliva as she licked up and down. Every now and then she would focus on just his tip, lavishing it with attention and slurping on it depravedly as she lapped up and swallowed his thick pre cum.

This drove Naruto wild.

"Ahh~," Grayfia moaned, looking up at him hungrily while slapping his tip off her lips and tongue. "Your dick tastes so good, my lord. Mmm~" She mewled, opening wide and taking his big, flared head into her mouth.

"Fuuck, that's it. Wrap those pretty lips around my dick," Naruto groaned as she flicked her tongue across the bottom of his tip.

Hearing his moan of pleasure, Grayfia wasted no time before she began treating his dick like it was the finest delicacy she'd ever tasted. Closing her mouth around the head of his dick, she started off by slowly bobbing her head on the blonde's shaft. When she felt it throb inside of her mouth in response, she mentally smirked in triumph.

'I'll show him just how much better I can be than Rias or any of those other girls that he's been with.'

Swirling her tongue around his dick, she sent wave after wave of pleasure shooting throughout Naruto's body. Each bob of her head brought his dick deeper and deeper into her mouth until finally, she could go no further. Releasing him with a loud pop and a wet kiss to his tip, Grayfia gasped heavily as her red cheeks and sore mouth were given a short breather.

"Wha-why'd you stop?" Naruto almost growled. Just when it was getting good too.

Grayfia's response, though, had him frozen like a deer in headlights. "You're cock's too big~" she whined, unknowingly charging her voice with what had to be the lust of Aphrodite herself.

It was the only way to explain just how sexy she sounded. Unless, like he felt earlier, Grayfia was actually a sex demon in disguise.

To add to that theory, it wasn't as though she had left his dick without any care. Even while her lips took a break from pleasuring him, her hands had never stopped moving. And now, with the slick layer of saliva she had left on his cock, they twisted and milked his bulging member with ease.

Naruto couldn't stop the moans her ministrations drew out from him even if he wanted to. Dragging her hands up and down his length, she dropped one of them down to his balls while once again sucking the first few inches of his dick into her mouth. Honestly, Grayfia might as well have been a trained professional with the way she was taking care of him.

Naruto's head dropped back because of the onslaught of pleasure. "Shiit, are you a fucking Succubus?" He moaned, his hips jumping as Grayfia giggled around his shaft.

Wet slurps and sensual moans filled the room as she closed her eyes and immersed herself in her task. Ignoring everything but the girthy shaft currently filling her mouth, she moaned as she slobbered on his cock. Drool ran down her chin, her stretched out lips spilling saliva and precum all over his length, adding even more lubricant for her hands to effortlessly glide over what she wasn't currently sucking on.

Trying her luck, tears filled her eyes as she hit the back of her throat with his thick head. The silver-haired maid sputtered and gagged around his dick as she struggled to take him deeper. But even as her eyes watered and her mouth grew tired, she refused to give up.

That was when a rather dirty idea lit up her mind.

'Lets see how you handle this,' she thought.

Looking at Naruto to see his reaction, she smiled around his cock while shifting her body further up. Then, while holding both of her big and juicy tits in the air, she wrapped them around his cock, suffocating the blonde's length in their soft and warm embrace.

"Oh fuck," Naruto winced, his muscles tensing and his teeth clenching as his dick was incased in the heavenly prison known as Grayfia's tits.

As she jerked him off with her massive breasts and blew him at the same time, the comfort of the bath's heated water was the last thing on his mind. The double pressure along with the combined sensations that Grayfia was giving him had him trembling beneath the water.

Loud and wet claps echoed in the steamy bathroom air, filling the room with the sounds of Grayia's passionate efforts. His nuts rose, waves of toe-curling bliss hammering into his body as she used her pillowy breasts and full lips to milk him for all that he was worth.

Eventually, it all grew to be too much.

"Oh fu-fuuuck, Grayfia! Here it comes!" Naruto warned her.

Although, with how violently it had been pulsating inside of her mouth and between her breasts for the last few minutes, Grayfia already knew his end was coming. If anything, she was surprised Naruto had even lasted this long.

'But I guess I'm basing that off of how short Sirzechs usually lasted. Naruto is a completely different beast compared to him.'

So using her tits, she pushed him the rest of the way. Her mouth was open in front of his cockhead, her tongue out and her eyes closed as she eagerly awaited the first of many cup-sized blasts of Naruto's semen that she knew would spurt out of his flaring piss-slit.

'Come on,' she moaned, mentally cheering him on, her massive mammaries slapping against his crotch so hard now that the water around them was being displaced. 'Don't hold back! Give me everything!'

"Oh! Ooghh-fuck! Here it comes!" Naruto's mouth fell open and his thighs tensed as he felt his dick and balls throb and rise respectively.

'Yess!' Grayfia happily kept her mouth open as she heard his final warning. Right after that, his dick grew almost double in hardness before, with one last violent throb, her reward finally came.

Even after watching just how much he'd came with Rias less than an hour ago, Grayfia still somehow couldn't believe just how productive Naruto's balls were. After just the first two shots of his hot and sticky off-white cream covered her face from the chin up to her forehead, the big-titted maid quickly realized she had to change her game plan.

"Fuuck! Take it Grayfia!" Naruto gritted his teeth and hissed out blissfully as she sealed her lips around the tip of his cock.

She wasn't going to let another ounce of her lover's precious seed escape. That was one sin she refused to commit. So sinking her fingers into her pliant breast meat, she used them to wring his balls dry, all while moaning and swallowing wave after wave of his thick and salty semen right as it entered her mouth.

'There's so much~' Grayfia moaned mentally.

She didn't know if she could take in much more. Her stomach already felt slightly bloated, but Naruto's dick refused to stop releasing and so as his maidslut, she refused to stop swallowing until he had finished giving her everything. She wasn't going to let a single ounce escape her.

The taste of Naruto's seed was intoxicating. It was like one of those human drugs. She knew that after this there wasn't a chance she wouldn't be hooked on it. A constant fix of it would be needed or else she would go crazy, or worse. Even now as his release finally began tapering off, her hands continued pulling at his cock until every last drop of his mouth-watering essence had piled on top of her tongue.

Only when Grayfia was certain that nothing else remained in Naruto's balls did she release his cock from her mouth's wet and warm embrace. Still, her hands continued to hold onto his shaft, slowly and absent-mindedly jerking him off while she looked up at him with a mouth full of cum.

"Ahh~," Grayfia opened her mouth and showed him its lewd contents. Lifting her tongue and moaning as its heat spread throughout her mouth, she wanted nothing more than to swallow the rest of his thick and creamy load. It was only her desire for him to see her doing so that stopped her.

When Naruto finally looked down at her, he watched her play with his cum through narrowed eyes, taking in every detail that she so sensually displayed. Occasionally, he hissed while his body tensed as she continued messing with his sensitive dick. He hadn't lost an ounce of hardness even after his orgasm, and with the way she was currently pumping him, he knew it wouldn't be long before he gave her another.

"Fuck, Grayfia," Naruto groaned as she closed her lips and swallowed the seed that remained in her mouth.

She made a show of it, trailing her hand down her throat to her breasts and down through her cleavage as though to show him just where his cum as she swallowed it. And to add the cherry on top, she licked her lips clean, all while making sure her smoldering eyes were locked with his.

Naruto couldn't contain himself after seeing that. It was as if Grayfia had tossed a bucket of gasoline into the fire burning inside of him, turning the small flame into a roaring bonfire. A rough growl rumbled in his chest as he stood up out of the water, his teeth bared and his eyes filled with a feral hunger as he lifted her out with him.

"N-Naruto!" Grayfia cried out in surprise at his sudden move, clutching onto his shoulders for support as he carried her out of the bath.

She blushed bright red as she realized her position. Naruto was holding her bridal style, his strong arms effortlessly keeping her up as he walked. But instead of exiting the bathroom like Grayfia thought he was going to, he brought her to the shower before maneuvering her body so her back was pushed against the tiled wall.

"Oh!" She gasped as he immediately followed suit, her eyelids fluttering and her legs wrapping around his back as he pressed his hard-on against her sopping wet slit.

Grayfia had almost forgotten just how sensitive she had gotten. It was a given, though, seeing as no matter how horny she was or how wet she became, her focus never strayed from the blonde sex-god currently subjugating her mind and body in their entirety. Now that said god was the one doing the focusing though, her mind was free to experience the plethora of blissful sensations running through her.

"Shit, Grayfia. Your pussy's drenched…" Naruto groaned while grinding his dick against her folds. They were slick with her arousal, covering his dick in her naturally cool lubricant as his cock spread her labia apart. Fumbling around to his side, he turned on the showerhead and hummed pleasantly as hot water splashed against his head and back. While doing so, however, his cockhead brushed against her clit sending her spiraling down into a pool of bliss.

"MMmm~ yes! It's drenched for you!" Grayfia cried, grabbing onto the back of Naruto's head and pressing their foreheads together. "Please! Nnghh~! Stick your big fat COCK inside me! Please master!" She begged, her ankles locking behind him while her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she was hit with a harsh and sudden orgasm.

Grayfia's arms tightened around the back of Naruto's neck as wave after wave of rapturous pleasure rolled throughout her body. A tsunami of pleasure was assaulting her nerves, sending white-hot signals to her brain of the bliss she was experiencing. It was almost too much for her, her newly-gained depravity losing out to the veritable ocean of satisfaction she was currently receiving.

It was a reminder of just how new to this all she was. Naruto was the second man she had ever been with, and Sirzechs had never treated her like this. Refusing to touch herself as she took care of her blonde Lord was coming back to bite her in the ass, and yet, for not even a second did she regret her decision. Especially not as her mind numbed oh so amazingly.

In the next half a second, though, Grayfia remembered just what it was that she had requested from Naruto.

"Jus… just, hahh, give me… a secoNNN–!"

Throwing her head back against the tile, clenching her teeth, and digging her nails into Naruto's back, Grayfia squealed like a stuck pig as he pierced her cunt with his cock. Either he hadn't heard her second request, or he'd chosen to ignore it in favor of giving her what she'd begged for earlier.

Either way, Grayfia was well on her way to becoming the first devil after Satan to see the pearly gates.

"Fuuck," Naruto snarled through gritted teeth. Grayfia's pussy was gripping him like crazy. He had only gotten around half of his dick inside of her, but with that alone his entire body was tensing and shivering from the insane amounts of pleasure she was giving him.

It was a good thing he already dropped who knows how many loads that day because if he hadn't, he doubted he would've been able to hold on for much longer. Naruto let loose a low growl as her pussy did its best to try and wring the cum from his balls. Her walls were massaging him with criminally precise movements, spasming and contracting divinely around his cock as she shuddered in his arms.

"You know, I could've sworn Rias told me a while ago that she had a maid with your name who was married. That woman wouldn't be you now would it?" Naruto asked, now slowly pushing and pulling his dick in and out of her cunt's fluttering walls. "Because I would feel terrible knowing that I was fucking someone else's wife."

Stars danced in Grayfia's vision, his words barely a whisper in her ears as she struggled to keep what little coherence she still had.

"Mmm-noo~. Not me~" She whimpered, her mouth falling open as Naruto thrusted into her languidly. Dazed though she was, her body still responded automatically, refusing to let the blonde stop giving her the ecstasy it craved.

"You sure?" He asked, holding her by the chin and forcing her to look him in the eyes. "Who else could Rias be talking about if not you?"

By then, tears had built up in the corners of Grayfia's eyes as she endured Naruto's slow and methodical pace. His dick was stretching out her womanhood, hitting her most sensitive spots with each deep plunge, driving her insane as more and more pleasure compounded in her body.

"F-fuck! Please!" But as her heart raced and the fire in her abdomen grew even stronger, Grayfia realized she could do nothing but tighten her hold on Naruto and pray she stayed conscious until he was finished.

"No answer?" Naruto asked her teasingly, knowing just why all she could give him were choked sobs and silent pleas. "I hope your husband doesn't mind me cucking him then." He grinned hungrily before gripping onto her thick ass cheeks to keep her body still. He was feeling just as impatient as she was. Such a slow pace did nothing for him. He needed more, so more he would take, and Grayfia's snug hole was perfect for that.

Goosebumps covered the silver-haired woman's skin as she felt the air in the change around them. Time slowed to a halt, and neither the sound nor the feel of the water cascading over both of them registered in her senses. Looking into Naruto's dark blue eyes, a full body shiver hit her at the unending amount of lust she could see pooled inside of them.

It woke something up inside her, filling her mind with a sudden bout of hesitation.

"Yo-you know what-fuck, Naruto. May-maybe we-Mmnh! Shouldn't do this after all…"

"Maybe you're right." For a moment, it seemed as though Naruto was going to listen to her. "But… maybe, just maybe. You're wrong." But like before, Naruto showed Grayfia just why she was correct to have called him a brute. His savage grin was the last thing she saw before a complete and all encompassing whiteness took its place.

When she came to, she was met with two completely unrecognizable noises. The first Grayfia was quick to identify as Naruto's voice. He was grunting like an animal as he pummeled her pussy. His lips were on her neck, sucking on her skin and giving her hickeys that she would proudly display now that she was staying in the human world.

The second, though, she didn't know who it belonged to.


'Wait-huh? I-is that… me?' Grayfia realized, a scandalized blush covering her face as she listened to her own uncontrolled screams.

"Fuck, Grayfia! Take this dick you slut!"

Naruto was destroying her. Right after he gave her that final grin, he timed his thrust back into her slit perfectly, slamming his cock into her deepest depths and cramming every last inch of his girthy shaft into her tight wet love canal.

His balls clapped off of her ass as he used her cunt like an onahole. Her walls were constricting around his member, squelching and spraying her sticky femcum onto his crotch and coating his dick in her juices. The floor beneath them was a constant mess of their mixed sexual fluids as the shower did its best to wash down the quickly replacing liquids.

"Nnghh-Naruto! Master! You're going to drive me insane!" The blonde gritted his teeth as Grayfia dragged her nails down his back. Regardless, he ignored the pain, refusing to stop pounding her cunt for even a second.

Naruto savored every high-pitched whine and drawn-out breath that she released. It gave him pleasure knowing that he was making her feel so good, the debauched part of his mind lighting up as he listened to her sweet sounds of satisfaction.

"Ohh! Fuck yess! Your dick's stretching me out so much!" Grayfia's abs tightened and her teeth drew blood as they sunk into her plump bottom lip. Another mind-bending climax was washing through her system, dazing her momentarily, and causing her to tremble violently in Naruto's hold.

Seeing her cut, Naruto kissed her, licking her bleeding lip until it stopped before aggressively making out with her. At first, Grayfia surprised him as she fought back against his kiss with equal fervor. Her hands trailed through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp as their tongues twirled and danced together inside of their mouths.

Eventually, however, she could fight back no more. The sensations were too strong for her to ignore, forcing her to break off from their kiss before hissing in pleasure. Dropping her head down to his neck, she tried to distract herself by repaying him for the marks he had made on her skin, but her eyes narrowed defiantly as she came to realize just how tough his skin was.

"Mmm! So fucking good!" Grayfia moaned into Naruto's neck as her pussy was absolutely destroyed by his cock. She was being fucked into the shower wall, the blonde's girthy shaft almost too much for her tight little pussy as she surrendered completely beneath his dominating thrusts.

"Yeahh! You like that?! You like me fucking you like this you filthy slut?!" Naruto snarled, his chest rumbling as he pounded into Grayfia's cunt without a hint of mercy.

"YESSS~! I love it!" She wailed, gasping for air while clawing at his back.

Her desperate cries for more were music to his ears, sending blood straight to his crotch and giving his already raging arousal even more fuel to burn. Rocking against her, he grunted as Grayfia suddenly squirted around his dick, drenching his cock with her slick and driving him to fuck her even harder.

Bending his knees and holding her in the air, he used her slippery hole as nothing more than a convenient sex toy, lifting and dropping her curvy body onto his dick over and over. Each time he dropped her down onto his cock, his tip struck her cervix, causing her walls to flutter and constrict around his throbbing length while she screamed out filthy, depraved words of bliss-filled euphoria.

"Fuck, Grayfia! I'm gonna cum!" Naruto groaned, shutting his eyes and tensing his thighs as his nuts clenched. Thrusting up into her he met her falling hips and filled her spasming cunt to the brim with his length again and again. The sound of their sexes colliding echoed in the bathroom, filling the air with wet meaty plaps as her plump ass cheeks repeatedly crashed into his hips.

"Do it! Cum inside me! Creampie my CHEATING PUSSY~!" Grayfia screamed, her mouth falling open and her tongue hanging loose as she bounced on Naruto's cock. Nothing mattered to her anymore. Not as her hole was made into the blonde's personal pocket pussy.

"Fuck! I'm gonna fill you up, you cheating slut!" Naruto groaned, gritting his teeth as he felt his orgasm fast approaching. Tension had been building inside of his gut, and as he closed his eyes, he grunted hoarsely and slammed his dick to the hilt inside of Grayfia one last time as her constricting walls caused that tension to snap like a toothpick.

Dazed and on the verge of passing out, Grayfia was barely conscious when she felt it. The first thing that brought her back was Naruto's dick expanding inside of her womanhood. After that, everything in the world narrowed down to two things. His cock, and her womb.

Quivering in his hold, and pressing her face into the crook of his neck, Grayfia let out a long and drawn-out moan as she was pumped full of her illicit lover's steaming hot baby-batter.

"MMMmhh-ohh, Satan! YESSS!" She threw her head back and screamed as shot after shot of Naruto's thick and heady cum painted her walls. The potent heat that steadily flowed inside of her, filling her fertile chambers more and more with each heavy pulse of the blonde's throbbing shaft, dropped her right into a puddle of bliss.

'This must be what heaven must feel like,' Grayfia thought euphorically, tightening her legs around the back of Naruto's hips so his tip was pressing right against her cervix.

Her womb eagerly accepted everything he had to offer, but unlike when she sucked him off, in almost no time at all, her core was completely stuffed to the brim. And with nowhere else to go but out, her cunt overflowed with the excess of his release. It drew a whine of sadness from her, but other than clamping down her womanhood on his cock harder than she had been, there was nothing she could do to stop it from happening.

"Ughh-shit! So fucking good…" Naruto groaned, his legs shaking beneath him as he pumped the last few bits of his cum deep into Grayfia's snug and welcoming hole.

Once he was done, Naruto moved forward till Grayfia was pressing against the shower wall before slowly and carefully pulling his dick out from her sensitive hole. She whined pitifully at that, already missing the feeling of his cock stretching her out, but as her eyes grew hazy and her legs gave out the moment he rested her down on her feet, it became clear to her just how out of it she had become.

Although Grayfia gasped, as in the next second she found herself laying flat on her stomach on the hotel room's bed, dry and disoriented. The sudden move confused her for a moment, but a loud crack followed by the stinging and sharp pain of Naruto slapping her ass brought her focus back to reality almost immediately.

"Wha-you want to keep going?!" Grayfia asked him nervously.

"What do you mean, keep going? That was barely even a warmup," Naruto chuckled, grabbing her cheeks and spreading them with his hands.

"Fuck… I mean just look at this ass," Naruto groaned, his eyes narrowing as he played with Grayfia's fat cheeks. She wasn't like his other girls. Sure they were all thick in their own rights, but there was something about mature women that held him in an unbreakable chokehold.

"MMmph!" Grayfia jolted, gripping the sheets beneath her when she felt him grind his dick between her cheeks. "W-wait, Naruto… I'm, I'm sore!"

"Yeah?" He smirked down at her.

Even though she couldn't see his face, Grayfia still felt shivers crawl down her spine as she imagined what he was going to do. It was a pathetic excuse, and they both knew it. As a devil, and an Ultimate Class one to boot, there was no way she could be put out of commission that quickly. Such a reality was as impossible as the moon becoming the sun. It just couldn't happen. Not in this reality.

"How about now?"

That was why when Naruto, with a small flare of mana, restored the miniscule amounts of stamina that Grayfia had lost, she looked back at him in confusion.

"Why did… What was the point of that?" She couldn't help but ask.

The savage grin that Naruto gave her along with him dragging his hips back till the tip of his dick was nestled between her gooey pussylips made Grayfia regret even asking.

"I think the answer to that is pretty obvious." Naruto moved his hands up to grip onto her waist.

And right after that, with nothing but a single harsh grunt ringing in her ears, all Grayfia knew was white.

The next day came and the Silver and Blonde duo could be seen cuddled up beneath the blankets in the hotel room's bed. Almost an entire twenty-four hours had passed since Grayfia had joined him in the bath, and what an amazing twenty-four hours it had been. The two of them christened every square inch of the luxurious room.

Not even the balcony had been safe. Naruto made sure he fucked Grayfia especially hard out there. He doubted anyone heard them anyways given how high of a floor the room was on. But by the embarrassed way his mature lover had been trying, and failing, to hide her moans while he bent her over the railing, she hadn't been sharing in his thoughts.

"Satan, Master… you must've really wanted to get me pregnant with how much you came inside me." Grayfia looked up at Naruto, her Lord, her lover, and maybe even the future father of their child's peaceful visage teasingly while resting a hand over her cum-filled womb.

He was laying back with his arms behind his head, eyes closed as Grayfia rested her head on his chest. They were both naked, and because of that, she felt like she was hugging a space heater with the amount of warmth he was exuding.

"And what if I did? You gonna have my kid?" Naruto asked her cheekily. "Let's not forget about the fact that you have a husband. What would poor old Sirzechs say if he found out I got you pregnant?" He laughed while wrapping an arm around her side.

Snuggling even closer to him, Grayfia hummed quietly as she listened to his strong and steady heartbeat. "Who cares about that idiot. I'll just tell him someone from my family had blonde hair if the issue comes up." Forgive her for not caring as much as she should, but Naruto's pulse was soothing her quite spectacularly. Already, her body felt twenty pounds heavier as the sandman began calling her name.

At the same time, Naruto wanted to say he was surprised by just how vicious Grayfia was towards the one she swore her vows to, but after hearing some of the things she said—both about her spouse and not—while they were getting it on, he honestly couldn't anymore.

"Maybe if we're lucky it'll inherit the Uzumaki genes." Naruto rubbed his hand up and down Grayfia's side while thinking about the fact he was actually contemplating this.


Taking a peek down at Grayfia without moving too much, Naruto saw that she had fallen asleep which, if he was being honest, was not surprising in the least. While she was an Ultimate Class Devil, he simply outclassed her in regards to stamina because of his heritage. But, if there was anyone who could tire him out, or at least get close ro doing so, it would definitely be her.

Even now, for all the energy that he usually had, Naruto wouldn't mind catching a few hours of rest before doing anything else. So that's what he did…

…For the next hour and a half that is.


Groggily waking up to the sound of someone loudly clearing their throat, Naruto groaned as his sleep was interrupted. He wasn't even given the chance to see who it was before they continued, but when they did, he groaned even harder as he realized he was going to have a very long day ahead of him.

"What do you two think you're doing?" The angry voice of his beloved fiancé reached his ears.

Looking at her, Naruto took in the new clothes she was wearing. Her pants had been replaced from one of the ones she had picked out when they went shopping yesterday. That, and her top too. Instead of the sleeveless sweater pants combo, she was now wearing a black, long-sleeved crop top and a light brown mini-skirt that left her midriff and long legs exposed. He only remembered them because it was one of the outfits she modeled for him that caused his dick to instantly harden. And truthfully speaking, the same thing was happening to him now.

Sadly, while he could appreciate her beauty, he knew there was no point in answering that question. Rias had eyes, and based on the way they were currently glowing he also knew that no matter what answer he gave he would more than likely be hit by her family's signature magic right after. While it may not hurt him because his defenses were strong enough to easily tank it, it definitely wouldn't be worth the hassle that came with wiping all the human's memories within the area when his volatile wife-to-be destroyed the hotel.

Thankfully for him, he had backup in the form of his tired silver-haired lover whose annoyance towards having her sleep disrupted surpassed even his own.

"What do you mean? I'm doing exactly what you told me to do." Grayfia looked at Rias while hugging Naruto even closer.

"Wha-what are you saying Grayfia?!" Rias glared right back at her. "And get off of him, already! That's my fiance, not your husband!"

"Did you not tell me to watch over him?" Grayfia asked, looking up at Naruto and running one of her hands up and down his chest. "Ever since you left, I've been keeping a really close eye on him. This is just a part of that," she purred, looking back at Rias through half-lidded eyes.

Stepping back slightly, the red headed devil was baffled at what she was hearing. "Are you not ashamed of yourself?! My brother's your husband!"

Grayfia, though, was seemingly prepared for anything Rias would say. "What is it that you are trying to insinuate, my lady? All that I did, I did because you told me to. Your brother and our marriage has nothing to do with that."

"Oh yeah! Then I guess he won't mind if I tell him what you've been up toOO!"

Seeing where this was going, and knowing that Rias was just being her usual jealous self, Naruto decided it was time for him to step in. A small materialized chain later and he yanked her into the bed with them. Now with her on the opposite side of Grayfia, held by his other arm, he could begin his—hopefully short—questionnaire.

"You wanna tell me what's actually bothering you?" Naruto asked. "Because we both know you could care less that Grayfia is cheating on your brother."


When he was met with nothing but silence, Naruto considered prodding her some more. But before he could, she started whispering so quietly that he had to strain his hearing to pick her words up.

"I don't want you to forget about me because you found a woman better than me," Rias said and hid her face in his shoulder.

This drew a sigh from Naruto. Thinking about it, he should've known this would be the case. He didn't know how many times he'd already reassured her, but it had to be in the dozens by that point. He just wanted to sleep so why oh why did the being above have to punish him? Was it something that he did? Or maybe it was something that he was doing. Either way, Naruto wanted to sleep, and there was one sure fire way of achieving that objective that he knew both Rias and himself would enjoy.

Kissing Grayfia's forehead, Naruto asked her to give him a bit as he shifted over. Then, while holding Rias by her hips, he flipped them over to an empty space on the bed and without pause, flipped her skirt up and pulled her panties to the side revealing just how aroused she really was.

"W-wait, Naruto! Didn't Grayfia just say you two have been having sex for an entire day?! How can you even keep going?!"

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked her incredulously. "I have to keep going. I can't let the woman I'm going to be spending the rest of my life with think I don't want her."

W-what are you saying idiot?!" Rias blushed, pulling a pillow over her face to hide the blush now covering her cheeks. Although, peeking out from the side, she glared up at Naruto. "And what about ruining marriages? Is that something you have to do too?"

At that, Naruto's response was to laugh, a reaction that earned him an even harsher glare from his fiancé. Seeing that, he was quick to relieve her of her worries. "Ahh are you worried about your brother finding out? Don't worry, he'll never know."

Once he said that, Naruto dragged his cock down Rias' drooling folds and lined himself up with the entrance to her core.

"Wait a second! N-Naruto," Rias shouted while at the same her legs unknowingly wrapped around the blonde's back. "That's not the issuUUE~!" She squealed, her eyes rolling back into her skull as Naruto mercilessly impaled her with his cock.

From that moment on, until they were both fully exhausted, Rias' mind blanked on everything beyond the pleasure she was receiving. All the while, Grayfia remained on her side of the bed, sleeping soundly and without issue despite the loud moans now filling the room once more.

'I hope you're ready, Rias. After all, while I will be serving you both, for him, it will not be as his maid, but his lover.'

A long chapter for Grayfia. Not really sure where it came from to be honest. It just sorta happened. Though, I hope you all liked it.

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