It wasn't the first time we've met, but I don't think it counted while he was unconscious, nor while in the crossfire between myself and father. But seeing him right now looking at me like this, full of happiness and excitement, well….a bit of trepidation like I originally had, all the anxiety and hesitation, it just vanished right here and now.

I had a brother.

It wasn't a sudden revelation, but it was seemingly finally recognized in my mind.

However…..I had no idea how to act.

How was I supposed to act towards my 'Little Brother'? It was easier when I treated other people as siblings in the past since they weren't connected to me by blood.

Honestly, I don't think he even realized the strain between myself and his parents. Oh kids weren't stupid, he obviously knew that we didn't get along and we were estranged, but the extent, he probably didn't have the depth of experience to really understand.

Perhaps my relationship with Venelana and my saving him beforehand also warped his perception a bit to make him think it also wasn't nearly as bad as it actually was.

That was, if he even knew about me and Venelana.

That was probably an awkward conversation that one of them had to have with their child. And perhaps the thought of them forced to go through with that conversation made me a little happy.

"Can I call you Big Brother?" Millicas asked after a moment of silence since our introductions.

…..that caught me completely off guard.

"Yes." I forced out.

I wasn't against it just… was sudden and I wasn't prepared.

I just had to remind myself that he was a Kid Kunou's age and missed a lot of social nuance.

Millicas brightened up immediately, like an invisible wall between us broke. "Big Brother, look!" He fiddled at a small pouch on his waste and his arm reached deep inside of it. It was obviously much bigger on the inside. And he pulled out a sword.

It was a real sword at first glance, made of stern materials even by my minimal inspection, however it was missing an edge. "I got a sword too, and I was practicing!" He practically pushed it into my hands.

I hesitantly grabbed hold of it and I was right, it was a fairly decent sword. It could take hits from my other swords and hold on for a while.

The benefits of being raised by nobility.

There was a twinge of…envy but it was squashed fairly quickly by just his genuineness he was showing.

"It's a good sword." I admitted, not sure what to say still.

"I can make it fly too!" He grabbed it back without hesitation and seemingly cast a spell to make it levitate. "I can't get it to move yet, but I'm practicing a lot so I can be like you." He smiled happily.

"….you're practicing?"

"Uncle Okita is training me." He nodded happily, taking his sword back and putting it away.

Right, I hadn't thought about him in awhile. I was mildly curious to see how strong he really was, because our 'fight' wasn't a good indication of that. Not only was he holding back, but he was a killer. The simple fact that he wasn't 'allowed' to kill me already severely hampered his strength to a high degree.

"I can….show you how to do that?" I offered. "Making it fly, I mean…"

"Really?!" His eyes lit up.

I looked at Venelana and she just slightly nodded with a smile. "Yeah, It's not too difficult."

"Daddy….." Kunou snuck up behind me, peeking out from behind while she grabbed hold of me.

She was looking at Millicas strangely.

Millicas seemed to stare at her in confusion and surprise for a moment before smiling. "Hi, I'm Millicas Gremory." He introduced himself politely, if stiffly. Sort of like he was copying the 'correct' and 'noble' way to greet someone, but somewhat stumbling because he's still a kid.

"I'm Kunou." Kunou's tails lightly swayed. "…..He's my daddy." She sounded sort of….defensive with that statement.

"It's nice to meet you!" Millicas I guess didn't catch the undertone and just continued. "I'm his brother, I hope we can be friends!"

[It's funny.] Ddraig sounded humored by this whole thing. [You can fight Gods, you will behead your enemies with a grin if you feel like they deserve it. You can destroy mountains with a flick of your wrist. But you're out of your depth and fumbling when dealing with a child.]

Fuck you, Ddraig.

{Leave him alone, he's doing fine.} My Zanpakutō chimed in.

Thankfully, Yasaka came up, scooping Kunou into her arms. "It's a pleasure to have you join us, Millicas. I heard all about you, the little genius of the Gremory family." Yasaka navigated the situation immediately and much better than I did.

"Ah…oh, um." Milicas sort of shifted. "I thank you for inviting me, Lady Yasaka." He awkwardly mimicked the actions that he was probably taught many times in his life.

"You're just adorable." Yasaka cooed. "Would you like to change into your swimming clothing?"

"Yes Ma'am, I have it ready." He politely nodded.

"Kunou dear, why don't you show him the restroom where he can change." She sat Kunou back down on the ground.

The little fox's ears twitched. "Fine." She grumbled as the two moved off to the downstairs bathroom.

Venelana kissed me on the cheek. "You handled that well."

"I was like a fish flopping out of the water." I deadpanned.

"Don't belittle yourself for taking a proper step." She lightly chided. "How are you feeling?"

"Honestly? No idea, but I think….I'm doing good." I found myself smiling.

"We'll talk about it later, alright?" She said.

"Alright." I just nodded.

"Don't worry, small steps." She said with a warm and reassuring tone. "This isn't something you should stress over. Relax, enjoy the time, just do what comes naturally, you're not going to cause any harm. Millicas is a smart boy, he isn't oblivious to your feelings."

Right, no need to treat this like the….dinner from before.

This was supposed to be about relaxing and having fun.

"So is this everyone, or…?" I looked around as everyone was glancing my way, obviously they were watching me meet my Half-Brother for the first time.

"We have a few more arriving." Artoria stated. "But they are already prepared, we can depart once everyone here is ready and teleport them."

Sounds good to me!

Just a day of relaxing, I was already starting to feel better.


Stepping out into the sun with the warm sand beneath my feet, it was one of those feelings you don't really appreciate until it happens after a long time.

The last time I was at the beach….that was my date with Jinn and we just played around a bit. Actually, this seemed to be the same beach, which made sense considering I picked it out specifically last time because they prepared it for supernatural races to use without worry of revealing themselves to the mundane.

"I reserved this portion of the beach, so we don't have to worry about other people coming along." Yasaka informed us, and we saw that several umbrellas and chairs were already set up. She made a gesture with her hands and Soma appeared along with a few other Youkai who shot off to the sides and stood as guards a bit further away. She then turned to me and smiled. "Just let us handle everything and relax."

This was fine by me. It felt weird to not have a hand in what was going on I felt….ansy not immediately doing anything.

Might need to talk to Venelana about that when we sat down, I seemed to have trouble settling down for periods of time without feeling like this.

I pushed those thoughts to the side and would just do what made me happy right now. Without a second thought, I pulled Jeanne's long braid.

"Neh!?" She yelped from her stupor falling back as I caught her. "Will!" she puffed up cutely.

"Just to double check…..can you swim?"

"Uh…" She said quietly, looking down.

"Just be careful, alright?" I kissed her forehead again, something I had started doing quite recently and neither of us had addressed yet.

"I will." She smiled brightly but her face quickly turned red because my hand was unrepentantly squeezing her butt. "Ah, I'll be careful!" She squeaked out.

"Oh stop teasing the poor girl." Yasaka playfully slapped my shoulder.

I relented, even though I wanted to keep going. Though she was right, didn't want to make this all about me, Jeanne wanted to go to the beach too, this was a sort of lifelong desire of hers and I didn't want to ruin it.

"Aunt Jeanne, we have floaties." Kunou held up the innertube for Jeanne.

Jeanne wasn't offered in the slightest. "Thank you so much, I will use it well."

Everyone else was setting up on their own. Venelana was tending to Millicas, seemingly putting sunscreen on him.

I didn't realize Devils needed Sunscreen? Maybe it's a mental thing, like they think they should get a tanned or sunburn and their body reacts unconsciously and the act of Sunscreen prevents that for children?

Don't know why but seeing Venelana in her 'mothering' mode was always enjoyable to see.

[You know why.] Ddraig countered.

I ignored the grumpy Dragon.

Salem seemed to have claimed one of the lounge chairs. She grumbled about going to the 'beach' and well, I couldn't blame her all that much, it most certainly didn't seem like her 'thing'. But she looked very content to lay back and close her eyes, peacefully laying there.

Meridia also silently joined her, neither even speaking, but the fact that both of them were fine enough like this, well, it made my heart happy.

It seemed like Izzy was quick to join them as well. That trio of my girls who are more 'loners' than the others.

The others just started shuffling around, setting everything up, moving around. They were much more willing to 'socialize' or play around. Not that either side was right or wrong in how they went about this, they all had their own preferences.

I just took the moment to take a deep breath and let the salty air of the ocean hit my face and skin.

"You should go without a shirt more often." Jinn pushed her head into my shoulder.

I found myself giving her a head rub. "Maybe you should go without a shirt more often."

"I will~"

"She already runs around nude when possible." Scáthach snuck up on my other side, smiling warmly. "If practical, she would never wear clothing."

"It's nice to be back here. This is where Wilhelm took me on our first date." Jinn sighed happily.

"Oh? It is a good choice. I missed the shores of Skye from when I was a lass. I recall walking them for hours at sunset, looking out at the sea." She said wistfully. "Though the first date our man took me on was to fight some Gods." She said it rather bluntly, perhaps with a hint of humor, but there was not an iota of discontent in her tone. If anything, she looked very similar to Jinn right now.

"Wooo, Beach!" Ruby flew around happily. "Rin what should we do first!?"

"We need to get the others." She grumbled, snatching Ruby out of the air before she flew too far away.

Right, Artoria did say 'others' and I was guessing who that involved now.

I watched as she pulled on the Kaleidoscope with Ruby's help, creating her own portal and a bunch of familiar faces stepped through.

"My friend!" Thorum heartily shouted, waving to me. It was….odd seeing him in swim trunks considering his 'origins' but that quickly passed.

"Thorum!" He didn't even waste a moment and I found myself in one of his big hugs while he gave me that big goofy smile of his.

"Father, I brought the snacks you asked for." Mordred came through, wearing a bikini very similar to Artoria's but with a surfboard under her arm and holding up a big cooler over her shoulder in the other.

Her master, Kairi followed after her, carrying a bunch of fishing poles and fishing supplies.

"Good choice." I gave him a thumbs up and he shot one back at me.

"Been a while since I've seen the ocean." Achilles whistled.

"Spend years sailing and it quickly loses its appeal." Atalanta said dryly, but still, she looked happy to be there.

"Hey, I sailed all the way to Troy, that was not fun. But I still love to feel the warm sands between my toes." He chuckled.

"I do not believe I would ever find the waves to lose their charm." Sasaki hummed, likewise dressed appropriately as the others. He also was carrying quite a bit of fishing gear with him.

I could guess what they were going to get up to for the most part.

It's so weird seeing all these 'figures' from different points in time in things like Bikinis and swim trunks, but at the same time, it really is great to see them all come together.

My family and friends.

I only wish everyone could be here. Gramps and Lucretia, momma Pandora, even the others in time.

Perhaps this was just the first of many 'beach days' for the future.

"Oh, Thorum. Meet my Half-Brother, Millicas. Millicas, this is Thorum, my best friend." I quickly introduced them as Millicas came to join.

"Half Brother?" Thorum's eyes widened, looking at him. "I did not prepare a gift! What do you like, little one, perhaps I have something on hand?"

"You don't –"

"I like swords." Milicas smiled.

"Here, a proper Nord sword for you!" Thorum retrieved a steel sword, looking as if it was crafted with Skyforge steel at a glance.


"I'll take that." Venelana stepped in, grabbing the sword. "He's not allowed edged weapons yet. So I'll just hold onto it for now."

Thorum coughed awkwardly. "My apologies, Lady Venelana."

I just laughed, patting Thorum's shoulder. He meant well, and everyone knew it.

"Did you not invite Hel?"

"Erm, Lady Hel is…busy." Thorum looked away.

"A shame you won't be able to see her dressed for the occasion, huh?" I nudged him

"Ah the dress here is strange but….."

"I could imagine how it looks from your end. But it's alright to….appreciate the view." I put my arm on his shoulder, leaning on him as his eyes moved towards Jeanne and Atalanta chatting happily.

"Aye, it is a nice view." Thorum agreed.

"You ever been to the beach before?"

"I have, but not for purposes such as these. The waters of Skyrim are cold and harsh, it is warm and comfortable here. To relax and….seek enjoyment from lounging on the sands, it is an odd thing but one I find myself enjoying thus far."

"There's plenty of things to do too. We'll play some games and hang out, so feel free to mingle and do whatever you want. It looks like Kairi and Sasaki brought enough Fishing poles if you're into that."

Thorum rubbed his chin. "I may indulge." He grinned.

I pat his shoulder again as he moved towards the guys. It was far from the first time they've met, so I didn't feel the need to introduce them.

"Daddy, make a sand castle with me." Kunou pulled on my arm. Millicas was right next to us and while he didn't say anything, you could tell he wanted to join in. "….you can help too." Kunou added on begrudgingly.

Moments like that are when I just felt an overwhelming sense of pride as a father. Kunou growing up to be a good person.

"Let's find a good spot. Don't want to be too close to the water so it gets swept away. But the loose sand won't work too well." I just smiled and let them lead on.

Kunou took out a plastic bucked and started scooping the damp sand out of the ground while Millicas joined her.

"I'll make a moat." Millicas said.

"That's a good idea." Kunou looked at him. "Make it big so we can have a big castle. Daddy, you get started on the towers."

"How many towers do you want?" I hummed, getting right in there with them.

"How many towers do you think we should have?" Kunou looked over at Millicas.

"Uncle Ajuka's castle has four towers."

"Then let's do five, it'll be better that way." Kunou stated, using the logic that probably made sense to kids their age.

"There's the first tower." I finished my masterpiece.

"Daddy, that looks like a fat panda." Kunou laughed.

"What, it looks perfect!"

"No, it looks like a turtle. There's even a head here." Millicas pointed out.

"A two headed turtle." Kunou giggled.

"It's a perfect tower!" I defended myself.

"Your turtle looks like it's pooping." My Half-Brother pointed out.

"It does!" Kunou laughed.

"Alright, let me see you both do a tower then." I challenged them.

They quickly scooped up the sand and started shaping it into….admittedly, good shaped towers. Perhaps they were slightly better than my own…

[You have the artistic sense of a cactus.] Ddriag snorted.

I am an artistic genius!

[Yeah? Remember your painting of Kunou when you visited Soul Society?]

…..shut up.

I'll do a better one, just watch.

I quickly gathered a pile of sand together and started sculpting my new masterpiece.

"Daddy, it's worse than your other one." Kunou pouted.

Just….an arrow right through the heart.

They both seemed to ignore me and started 'fixing' my works of arts. "I'll do this one, you do the other one." Millicas spoke.

"Alright, let's meet around the next wall and combine them." Kunou smiled.

I stood up and stepped back and they didn't even notice me as they were playing.

Well, I would leave them to it. I was happy that Kunou was playing with someone her own age.

Instead, I found Jeanne sitting at the edge of the water, her toes basically dipping not it.

"It's not going to bite." I snuck up on her.

"Ah?" She turned her head. "I know, I just….was nervous." She admitted. "Are you not playing with them anymore?". She tilted her head, looking back towards Millicas and Kunou.

"I was kicked out because I'm too good of a sand castle builder." I sighed.

"…..I feel like that's not the real reason."

"It is, trust me." I said with a straight face. "Anyways…" I offered my arm. "Care for a swim?"

Jeanne smiled, taking my arm as we ventured forth into the unknown. And by that, I mean we went to knee deep water, very slowly, because Jeanne was enjoying it.

"It's salty." She spat out, a wave splashing up and some getting in her mouth.

"Yeah, don't drink the salt water." I deadpanned.

"I know that!" She puffed up. "It was an accident." She spoke, but another wave broke and splashed up into her mouth as she somewhat choked on it and spit it back out. She then looked up, noticing my grin, I would assume, and wordlessly started throwing her small fists at my shoulder.

"You can keep hitting me, but just know that I will spank you."


Well, not like I would need an excuse a this point.

That round butt of hers was mine.

"Want to go a bit deeper?" I offered.

"Um…okay, but don't let me go." She grabbed hold a bit tighter.

"I promise I won't let you go." I reassured her. There were times to tease her, but this was not one of them.

We went deep enough that our feet no longer touched the ground and Jeanne started…well, not panicking but she visible became more anxious.

"Just kick your feet, using your hands to push up." I gently guided her until she was able to properly keep her head above the water. "Don't panic if you go under, we're not too deep and I'm right here."

"Please don't let go!" She squeaked as a wave washed over, hitting us. "Bleh…"

She swallowed a mouthful of salt water again….

"Watch out, here comes another." I lifted her up so she wouldn't get submerged under a rather large wave even if I got pushed under while lifting her up enough.

Well, I had enough experience to keep my mouth closed, fortunately. Though I couldn't blame her, people usually learn the hard way when visiting the ocean for the first time.

Jeanne giggled happily as we were pushed around by the waves. "Nooo, don't let go!" She whined as I sat her back down. "Ah!" We got smacked with another wave again.

"You forgot to bring your floaties." I teased lightly.

"Neh!" She grabbed hold of me. "Let's go back to –"

The biggest wave of the day it seemed hit us and knocked us back into the water. It took me a moment to reorientate myself and make sure Jeanne didn't get disorientated herself, but she was back up laughing just as she was before, flipping her hair back as it had covered her face.

"This is so much fun!"

"…uh huh." I just nodded absentmindedly, staring at her.

"What?" She blinked, her eyes trailing downwards to see where I was staring dumbfounded out. It seemed to take her a moment to realize what was wrong.

A certain piece of clothing was missing from around her chest.

That is to say, her boobs were fully revealed.

"….today is a good day."

Jeanne's eyes widened and she let out a high pitched squeak and quickly covered her chest. "My top! Don't look, noooo!"

I looked around and found it floating next to use and casually handed it to her.

She whined, taking it back and quickly putting it back on while trying her best to keep herself covered.

"…..did you see?" She asked softly as we made our way back to more shallow waters.

"Do you want me to say I didn't?" I asked. "Because I will if it makes you feel better."

She covered her beet red face. "I didn't do it on purpose! Please don't think less of me."

"Jeanne, I promise I won't think less of you after seeing your magnificent breasts." I reassured her with the most genuine tone I could muster.

"I'm happy to hear that but at the same time, I really want to hit you for some reason." She whispered. "….take responsibility."


"Eh?" She seemed to panic. "Why did you answer so quickly!" She ran away.

I don't think she expected me to agree so readily and wasn't prepared.

Seeing an embarrassed Jeanne run away was very cute however. It seems she was going to where Mordred was, so it was fine.

I let out a content sigh and walked back towards the chairs where the majority of my girls were sunbathing.

They smiled as I approached and I happily collapsed onto an empty seat between them.

"Why did Jeanne go running away so suddenly?" Izzy asked.

"Boobs." I closed my eyes and recalled the memory from only moments ago.

"….how are you both so perverted yet also so constrained about it?"

"Constrained?" Salem snorted.

"Well, he does not grab my rear where others are watching." Izzy noted. "Frankly, he makes sure anything perverted he does is in private or without outsiders watching. Most perverts I've met don't care about that sort of thing."

"Well of course. I fully admit I'm a pervert, but I am nothing if not a gentleman." I harrumphed.

I liked to think I had enough class to not be crass about appreciating the bodies of my girls. And I would obviously respect any words they said in dissatisfaction about my actions.

"He knows what would happen if he slapped my ass in public." Scáthach added her thoughts.

"Pain?" I asked.

"Pain." She nodded. "I made certain to curb his desires early on."

"She did well to train him." Meridia chimed in.

"Am I a dog?" I said dryly.

"Well, you certainly hump anything with boobs." Izzy rolled her eyes.

"Some bold words for someone in humping distance." I shot her a smile.

"Don't you dare, my legs are still sore!"

"Oh?" Yasaka perked up. "I knew I smelled a little something the other day~"

"Hours!" Izzy huffed. "with my legs."

"Master's stamina is difficult to manage." Raikou stated.

"You're telling me." Izzy huffed again.

"Devils are notorious for it as well, but really, he's gifted even by that metric." Venelana added her own thoughts.

"Half-Devil, Dragon, Divine…..other things." I listed off and realized it was pointless to keep going. "My life has been really weird now that I think about it."

"If it wasn't, so many of us from different parts of life wouldn't have gathered together." Yasaka smiled. "And Jinn and Artoria are here."

"Oh, are we getting ready to start?" Jinn asked excitedly.

"Start?" I blinked. "Start what?"

Meridia held up her hand and did something that was so far beyond my peripheral that I only caught the barest minimum of its effects. Like a Bounded Field appeared around us as everything 'outside' came to a halt.

Before I could question what was going on, a piece of purple fabric hit my face. I recognized it as the colors Raikou was wearing, and it only took me another second to realize that it was the not top portion of her bikini.

Lewd below, skip if you don't want to read, it's sectioned off.

Raikou put one leg up on the chair and used her fingers to spread herself for me to see. "Mommy is going to take you right here."

"Oh…" Everything clicked. "You sealed off –"

"Hush." Yasaka put a finger to my lips, her boobs already free and pushed into my face, before I realized what I was doing, I already had my mouth clasped over one of her nipples. "Oh, you don't waste any time, do you~?" She giggled. "Don't worry about anything else. No one can see inside, no one will realize what we're doing."

"We wished for you to have a relaxing day but we also wished for everyone else to not be forced to endure the awkwardness of knowing what we were doing." Artoria added, she undid her top, letting it fall and putting it to the side. "With this method, we will be able to indulge your desires in privacy without disrupting the gathering or making it uncomfortable for them."

I released Yasaka's boob with a pop and looked at everyone. "….indulge, huh? And everyone is….okay with this?"

"Don't expect me to engage like they are." Salem scoffed. "…..however, I am aware of what was planned and I did not voice dissatisfaction."

Jinn was already naked and pushed up on my other side. "Don't think too hard about it, we're all here willingly. Just enjoy yourself."

"He is spoiled for choice" Scáthach dropped her top and moved towards my trunks. "Remove these, they are in the way." She didn't waste any time practically ripping them off and letting my cock spring free infront of everyone.

"Well, it's not as if we all haven't seen it at this point." Izzy muttered.

"I wouldn't mind a ride if no one else wants to go first~" Venelana, like Jinn was already out of her Bikini.

"I would like to go first." Raikou said oddly assertively.

"Well, who am I to get between a mom and her son." Venelana giggled. "Though, how about a mom and grandma tit fuck?" She offered, pushing her boobs up.

Raikou grabbed hold of my member with a firm grip. "I think Master would enjoy that very much."

Both of them knelt down together. Raikou opened her mouth, and her tongue began to run down my full length. "Mommy will take care of Master's naughty penis."

"I'll handle his balls." Venelana stated, immediately taking one into her mouth and she started sucking on it.

Jesus fucking Christ, I had both Raikou and Venelana working on me at the same time. I couldn't see much of Venelana, but Raikou looked me right in the eyes as she bobbed her head up and down, her tongue expertly massaging every part of my cock as it entered her mouth.

Maybe it was the groan that escaped or maybe it was my hand unconsciously moving to atop Raikou's head, but I felt Venelana release me from below and stop completely. "Careful, you don't want to make him go off too soon." She joined Raikou, running her tongue down the opposite side only to meet up on my tip as both their tongues intertwined together.

"Master has plenty of yummy seed for all of us." Raikou didn't seem too concerned, pulling back and propping her massive breasts up.

Venelana did the same and without hesitation they both pushed them together and enveloped my cock completely between. "How lucky you are, getting a double tit fuck from both your Grandma and your Mother, hmm? You know how rare it is to find another pair of boobs the same size as mine?"

Their breasts together squeezed me tightly and in tandem they started pumping me up and down with them.

"Mommy is happy. Master is always giving Mommy's large breasts plenty of attention. But I'm also upset, Master. You're supposed to come to mommy when you're upset but you never did."

"I'm sorryyyy." Her fingers squeezed around my balls and very quickly I knew she was deadly serious despite her teasing tone.

"Mommy will need to reeducate you." She said sternly, using that tone that I recalled back during our time in the Grail War. And frankly, it just made me even harder to have it directed at me. "Master is going to release all his pent-up semen."

It was a demand.

"Don't forget about me. Grandma wants to be covered in a nice hot load too." Venelana added in. "Let it all out on Grandma's fat tits."

I didn't even try to hold back, I just let out a big breath and let my head fall back as my first load of cum shot out between their breasts, splattering all over them.

They didn't even stop, their chests continued to move in tandem, squeezing and pumping every last bit they could get out from me.

"Master let out so much~"

"Not the first load of the day because of a certain couple~ But it's nice and thick and tasty." Venelana agreed, licking her fingers. "You better hop on that dick because I can barely hold myself back."

"Master I can't hold back it." Raikou flushed, covering her face as she hovered above my still erect cock, her pussy noticeably wet even from this angle. "Mommy wants your seed inside her womb. Please impregnate your mother." She lowered herself down without a second thought, no warning no hesitation and my cock was completely sheathed inside of her in one motion. "Aaaah~"

I honestly felt my eyes roll back ever so slowly as she squeezed down tightly all around my cock.

"Oh my all at once." Venelana giggled, pressing on the lower end of Raikou's stomach. "I can feel it right here."

"Oooh." Raikou let out another soft moan. "Master is filling up mommy with his healthy and strong penis."

My fingers inched towards her leg, even with her having me at her mercy and 'mothering me', I wasn't one to just take it without giving in return. I pulled her leg up and pushed her down on her side, letting her foot hang over my shoulder. "If Raikou wants a baby, then I'll do just that. I'm going to fill your womb until there's no room left, Raikou. I'm going to make sure you're never without my cum inside of you for now on."

"Ahh, master~" She whined as I began thoroughly plunging my cock into her properly. "So aggressive."

"This is what you wanted, right?" I grunted, her large boobs swinging with each thrust of mine. "You wanted every inch of me inside of you, impregnating you?"

"Yes, mommy wants it!" Raikou let out a moan. "Please fill mommy with your warm seed!"

I didn't care that I had just cum a few minutes ago. I just picked up the pace and even as Raikou fell off the chair and whined as she was pushed into the sand with my thrusts, I just kept going strong.

Her tight pussy squeezing me with each movement, and she was practically begging for it at this point.

"Master is so hard and intense; Master is going to let it out~"

She knew me all too well at this point and the second load of the evening erupted inside of her. I didn't stop moving, letting her innards to the work of squeezing it out, but I made sure to pump every spurt of my cum into her awaiting womb just like she wanted.

She slid off my cock and fell fully onto the sand, breathing heavily as it dripped out of her from below. She had a dazed look about her and just a content smile as she silently heaved from where she lay.

"Oh dear, I believe we've invited a monster." Venelana cupped her cheek as she looked down at my erection.

My girls, well, they were watching quite intently, some more intently than others. Jinn was just straight masturbating and gave me a little wave and spread her legs a little wider as I glanced her way.

"Next." I said.

"Oooh, oh~" Venelana let out a moan as she moved in tandem with my own thrusts. I held her up and her legs wrapped around my waist as she dutifully bounced on my cock. "I love it, this cock just fits perfectly inside me!" She let out another moan.

"You wanted it just like Raikou, I'm going to fill you up just as she is!"

"Yes, fill up your Grandma with your seed. Get me pregnant too, I want to bear your child." Venelana exhaled, moaning as her hands clutched around my back. "Let everyone see you give me a swollen belly."

She knew exactly the right words to excite me.

"Look at her having so much fun." Yasaka walked up behind. "Hogging it all to yourself."

"Oooh?" Venelana let out an odd noise, not quite a moan, but not dislike either. "If you're going to put a finger in my butt, you better commit to it."

"You're such a slut." Yasaka laughed as she very clearly helped Venelana from behind and Venelana just threw her hips forward without hesitation.

She just squeezed down even tighter with her alright supernaturally pleasurable pussy of hers.

I really never stood a chance with her, did I? I can tell people that she seduced me, but in reality, she ruined me fairly quickly.

I pulled her all the way down letting her get completely filled with my cock before I came again, making sure she was just as full as Raikou was.

I wanted her pregnant, no teasing, no hyperbole, no sex talk.

"You're going to bare my child."

Venelana simply let out a moan, clenching down just a tad tighter as an orgasm took her.

"I told you that you were going to commit~" Venelana cooed, as she sat on Yasaka's face with Yasaka's hands spreading those impressive cheeks. "You better get your tongue all the way inside, dear."

On my end, I held Yasaka's legs open as I just thrust right into her awaiting and wet pussy of hers.

"No fair, I want to sit on her face next." Jinn pouted.

"Oh sweetie, don't worry, if she won't I would be more than happy to." Venelana licked her lips.

"Oh." Jinn's eyes lit up excitedly. Then she looked around, eyes landing on Artoria. "Oh Artoria~"

Artoria flushed, but didn't escape once Jinn approached her.

I pushed her legs back and simply let my cock sink into her pussy. "Fuck it, I'm already committed Let's give Kunou another sibling."

"Mmfph." Yasaka's response was muffled from beneath Venelana's voluptuous rear.

"Oooh." Venelana let out a moan, leaning back and spreading her own pussy as visibly shuttered and another orgasm dripped from her.

I maybe paused for a second to watch because it was unbelievably arousing.

Venelana let out a content sigh. "I didn't tell you to stop."

Yasaka seemingly redoubled her efforts under Venelana and I too took that as a cue to keep thrusting, it didn't take long for me to be pushed over the edge, likewise filling her pussy with a healthy amount of my semen.

My cock slipped free of her, a muffled moan and whine was all the response she gave.

Venelana just looked down at me, unmoving from atop Yasaka and I looked down at Yasaka's quivering legs and shrugged, lining myself back up and pushing back in again.

Venelana threw her head back again with a soft moan in response to Yasaka's own muffled whine.

Another round wouldn't hurt.

I grabbed hold of her fluffy tails to stroke, much to her muffled protests, but there was no way I wasn't going to enjoy every part of her in this situation.

"Look at him, coming here and expecting something from us." Izzy snorted.

"Yes, he has that look on his face, does he not?" Meridia agreed. "As if we would drop to our knees at a moment's notice for his pleasure."

"He has his pick of women, of holes to use, and yet he sits here." Izzy nodded.

"He is a foolish man." Meridia offered.

"Foolish indeed." Izzy said.

I sat between them as they both had a hand on my cock, pumping it rhythmically.

It was a nice alternative to the fact that I basically had my cock inside one of the others for the last few hours nonstop.

"I bet he expects to ejaculate all over us." Izzy scoffed.

"Yes that is something he would do, is it not? To debase a pair of Goddesses with his seed like we're some sort of toy for his pleasure." Meridia drawled. "Perhaps this is not even enough to satiate his desires."

"That's right, off with your tops." I played along.

"Demanding something like that form us." Izzy scowled, not even hesitating to undo the top of her Bikini, letting her impressive bosom bounce free. "Are you satisfied now? I'm revealing myself opening for your pleasure."

"Hmph." Meridia scoffed just as well, undoing hers and dropping it to the side. "Never has anyone ever treated me like this before."

Yet their hands never once left my cock, vigorously pumping it non stop between them.

"Because you're both mine."

"Yours?" Meridia raised an eyebrow. "I suppose that is correct. I have become yours it seems."

"Yes, before I knew it, I fell into his clutches just as well. The only thing I can do now is to satiate his desires with my body. Very well, debase us even more, release your semen."

"As a Goddess, I will receive your semen just as she will." Meridia intoned.

I just relaxed as they literally squeezed it out of me from the first spurt as it landed on their hands. Their machinations didn't cease nor give me proper time to enjoy it as they continued to jerk my cock with the same speed and strength as before.

Even as the last of my orgasm subsided, they continued, unspeaking, unmoving. "I'm done….you can stop now."

"Oh no, this is what you wanted, isn't it?" Izzy had a mischievous grin grow on her face.

"Agreed, it is best to truly squeeze out every last drop of his perversion properly." Meridia's glare was intense.


"Student are you admitting defeat already?" Scáthach stood over me. "Your cock is looking frail and weak." Her finger slowly rubbed down my length.

"The heart is willingly, but Izzy and Meridia were brutal…" I laid back on the chair.

"A shame then, my student." Scáthach turned around, spreading her cheeks apart. "I was going to allow you into my anus."

And just like that, little Wilhelm was raring to go once again.

Scáthach just laughed, positioning herself above me. "Sit well and relax, allow this Scáthach's anus to pleasure your cock."

She lowered her hips as my tip pressed against her tight rosebud, and she slowly pushed on.

I felt it enter her ass for the first time, her walls immediately tightening around me. Scáthach's breath hitched, and she made a very uncharacteristic and alluring whimper with a small moan as it pushed deeper inside of her.

"There you go, my student. You are inside of your Teacher's anus, be pleased with yourself, this is a path not many have traveled." She relaxed as her hips touched against my legs, my member disappearing fully inside of her.

She slowly moved up and down, getting used to the size of my cock invading her tight hole. However, I grabbed her hips and her head slowly turned back and she met my gaze.

"Student – "

I pulled her down fully in one swift motion, my cock penetrating deep inside her ass all the way once more, but with a certain amount of force behind it.

She didn't speak, she trembled, her mouth hung open and her eyes lost focus. The only sound that followed was a splash of liquid that shot out from her front that hit the sand below us.

Scáthach just squirted.

Still trembling, she turned back to me after regaining focus, but her lips still were quivering and her breathing uneven. "Student, you are going to release your semen inside this Scáthach's anus until your balls empty. Then you will keep going." She stated with a low growl.

….worth it.

"Hmph" Salem let out a snort, sitting up from her chair. "You allow him too much and this is what happens."

"Yes, I have allowed him perhaps too much. Student I believe you deserve a punishment." Scáthach's earlier demeanor returned. "Will you assist me?" She looked up at Salem.

Salem's red eyes met mine and a small smile slowly grew. "I believe I can assist.

Salem walked over sensually, her ass hypnotizing the way it jiggled with each step. She stopped until she was standing next to my head then quickly swung one leg over the other side of the chair until she was hovering above me.

The sun was blotted out by the most beautiful rear I've ever laid my eyes on.

And gradually it was lowered onto my face.

Scáthach's tight ass began to move again, her hips slowing picking up pace. But I had neither the presence of mind nor the actual visibility to appreciate it as Salem's amazing ass suffocated me in the best ways possible.

Well, if you insist~

Salem, for the first time, let out a moan.

"Who said you could put it in my rear!?" Her voice was much higher in tone than normal and despite her aggrieved shriek, she did nothing to move.

"I think you all ruined him." Jinn poked my side. "I didn't even get to ride him yet!"

"You had him this morning, you don't get to whine." Yasaka looked like she twisted the plug in Jinn's ass, making her yelp before going to the cooler and taking out a bunch of things. "But I wouldn't mind getting a taste of you myself if he's clocking out."


"Hmph, he has more than enough left in him." Salem huffed. "If he has the shamelessness to try and tongue my behind, he has more than enough to keep going."

"I regret nothing." I shakily raised my tired arm.

"An unrepentant pervert!" She snorted, a slight red hue adorning her cheeks and a noticeable wet spot on her bikini.

"Now now, our man has shown he has more than enough in him to handle all of us properly." Venelana stood up straight, despite her leaking very clearly from her pussy. "Maybe we should take a snack break? Replenish ourselves, as it were"

Scáthach rubbed her bubbly behind. "I could use a break; my asshole is sore." She said, just as bluntly as she does most things, but I felt a twitch from my cock, nonetheless. "But his punishment is yet finished."

"You just want him to keep fucking your ass." Jinn pouted.

"The two are not mutually exclusive." Scáthach smiled.

Raikou wobbled over. "A break would be lovely."

"Perhaps a meal would not be remiss. The only thing I've had to eat today was what came out of him." Izzy huffed, jerking her thumb at me.

"Similarly, but I do not require sustenance. However, I would not mind a treat. " Meridia joined in.

"I could eat." Artoria said to the surprise of no one, but frankly, she had been eating already. Her 'meal' just so happened to be blue and loved to get anal fucked.

"Artoria, where are you going?" I spoke up, grabbing their attention.

"….food?" She questioned, in confusion.

"Your meal is right here." I pointed down to my cock.

Artoria's cheeks flushed as she immediately understood my insinuation. "I see…" She shuddered.

Artoria wasn't quite at the point of actual sex yet, she had a great many hangups that we slowly navigated, much less infront of everyone with her first time.

But she was most certainly not getting away from me.

As she approached, I wasted no time pushing her down onto the lounge chair, earning a small yelp of surprise from her. She laid on her back, face up to the sky with my full erection hovering over her.

Artoria licked her lips. "Please allow me this meal."

… know, I think the fact that she's always 'polite' about swallowing my cock is what really sets me off.

Her tongue was already out and licking me before I even initiated.

"Don't worry, I prepared this meal just for you." I lined up with her mouth and aggressively pushed it inside. I don't know why, but I wanted to be really rough with her this time.

"Gulghk." She made a choking noise as I pushed into her mouth and subsequently her throat opened up for me.

Oh, she was great at giving blowjobs and working my cock at this point, but I wanted to fuck her, and this was the only avenue I had at the moment.

I looked down at her petite body with her throat bulging from my cock and I had the most wonderful idea.

Her eyes widened as I grabbed her sides and lifted her up, holding her upside down in the air. She was petite enough that it wasn't a burden to hold this position.

Her hands clamped down around my back and she seemingly just accepted her new role as I mercilessly swung my hips upwards into the depths of her throat.

Her entire body jerked with each movement as she did her best to really suck my cock in the position she was in.

"Here's your snack Artoria, make sure not to waste it."

"Gulghk!?" Her choke of surprise only intensified as I released another load for the day, right into her stomach. Despite the position, the fact that she was upside down, her throat clamped down and like the glutton she was, she swallowed everything I gave her. "Gulgkhgl." She made another noise, her gaze relaxing, and she seemingly was enjoying the 'after glow' so to speak.

I gently lowered her back onto the lounge chair and released my cock from her throat.

Drool dripped from her mouth and a few tears swelled up in her eyes, but she held her regal expression just as well. "Thank you for the meal." She said with utter politeness and genuineness.

My cock twitched again. "You're not full yet, are you?"

Artoria looked at me, then silently opened her mouth wide again and I didn't waste a moment before plunging back in.

Today was a good day.

Lewd Over

Everyone got cleaned up fairly quickly. They put their clothes back and after a little while, well, there was no evidence left of what happened.

Except for a few limps among other things.

I currently had Salem wrapped up in my arms. She was 'upset' but not upset, if that made sense. I mean, she sits on my face, what did she expect to happen?

She was huffing and scowling, but didn't push me away or say anything overly negative.

Venelana let out a yawn and stretched. "Just what the doctor ordered."

"I don't understand how you're not sore." Izzy snorted. "My legs….again." She glared my way.

"Lots and lots of practice." Venelana hummed.

I glanced over to Artoria who was eating a snack of some sort, I met her gaze and she paused what she was eating, flushed rather cutely and went back to it.

Yup, today was most certainly a good day.

"Student, are you feeling better?" Scáthach asked, a slight limp to her and she rubbed her butt once before she stood up.

"I feel great." I smiled.

Though I couldn't say that for everyone.

Raikou was still laying face down on the lounge chair, looking limp and exhausted.

That one was my fault, I just couldn't help myself.

When she starts telling me to impregnate her, well….things just happen.

Yasaka, while having been very haggard only a few minutes ago, cleaned herself up rather well. She walked up, kissing me on the cheek. "Remember that we're here, okay? Don't let things simmer like they did over the past few days."

Yeah, things just stacked up at the worse times and hit me all at once.

Made me really realize how much I was juggling right now across many different worlds, and I had no intention of stopping anytime soon.

I just needed….to make sure I stopped every now and then and smelled the proverbial roses and took a break.

Luckily, I had plenty of reasons to take long breaks.

As Meridia removed whatever it is she did, I realized that only moments passed outside. I wasn't going to question he lengths they went to, I was frankly too exhausted – pleasantly exhausted – but exhausted all the same to truly care at the moment.

I stretched my poor muscles and felt myself utterly at peace.

"Daddy look, we're almost done!" Kunou called me over.

Their Sand Castle was looking….good, relatively speaking. Without my artistic genius to assist them I suppose it was good enough.

"It looks great." I smiled. "Why don't I add a little finishing touch?" I put my hand on the sand nearby, and cast a few spells.

Shaping things through sand like this was far from difficult, making the details mildly moreso. Altering the structure to preserve the form so it wouldn't collapse onto itself. And just like that the Castle was now manned by a few dozen 'knights'.

"Oh wow!" Millicas's eyes widened.

"Dad…" Kunou looked up at me. "Why didn't you just do that before?"

"…well, um." I coughed into my fist. "I didn't want to spoil your fun." I quickly found the most convenient excuse as to why I didn't think to do that earlier. "Hey look, watch this!" I put my hand back on the sand, but adding a bit of lightning this time, reshaping it, changing its structure until I literally pulled a sword from the earth and it maintained a solid and coherent form even without any additional input.

"There's actually a few ways to control it, the most pronounced and intricate way requires blood and refinement with a weapon. But there are telekinesis magics that allow you to do some tricks." I jerked my fingers and the 'sword' went flying off.

"Son of a bitch!" Achilles roared.

My sword may or may not have stabbed him in the ass.

"I use that though, and I can only make it float." Millicas pouted.

"Your method is probably wrong. You're mentally probably trying it like a hand, grabbing at it. What you need to do is wrap around it like a string and move it around like that."

Millicas looked thoughtful. "So a kite?" He asked.

I blinked in surprise. "That is a very apt comparison." He was pretty smart. "It's an okay method to start with but…" I let Mirage come out and it flew around me in a circle. "It won't be able to move like this. You need a proper weapon and to refine it with your own blood and magic to get it to listen to you like this."

There was more to it, but he wasn't quite ready for this I don't think.

"Thank you, big Brother!" He smiled happily.

"….no problem." I found myself smiling.

"Daddy, what about me?" Kunou threw herself at me with a pout.

"What does my little fox want?" I held her up.

"I want something too." She said.

"What – "

"Allow me to help!" Ruby flew over. "I sense the heart of a Magical Girl, do you want to join me and fight evil!?"

"Yes!" Kunou responded before I even had to a chance to rebuke her.

"Ruby, don't you dare!"

"Too late, Magical Girl Transformation sequence!" She shouted, colliding with Kunou.

There was a bright light and Kunou was then floating in the air…..complete with the same Magical Girl outfit that Rin usually wore when Ruby was being difficult.

….God dammit Ruby.

I just sighed, throwing my arms up. "I guess it can't cause too much harm."

"That counts as agreement, let's go Magical Girl Kaleido Kunou!" The Wand shouted.

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Spread the joy of love and justice to the world!"


"Hmm….that's a difficult question."

"Uh… about we turn everyone else into Magical Girls?" Kunou offered.

"You….I like the way you think." Ruby said rather….ominously. "Let's go spread the love and joy and justice of being a Magical Girl to everyone else!"

Under Ruby's ushering, Kunou began to zap other people with the same Magic that Ruby uses for her 'magical girl sequence'.

I don't think I ever needed to see Thorum in a skirt, but it happened.

"It feels breezy between my legs and I don't know how to feel about it."

Poor Thorum.

The shouts of confusion and surprise were fun, but I definitely didn't need to see Kairi in a skirt either.

A rather….small skirt.

You would think that a Servant's Magical Resistance would stop the spell, but apparently Ruby wasn't even hitting 'them' but 'around' them so it wasn't touching them, so to speak.

That's how Mordred ended up in a Magical Girl outfit as well.

Well, Jeanne looked excellent, I don't know why she was flushed red and trying to pull it down to cover up more. It's not like it was any more revealing than her booty shorts.

"Dammit Ruby!" Rin Whined.

"Get back here you damn stick, I'm going to break you in half!" Mordred roared.

"Muwhahahah." She laughed at them, floating higher up.

She then went after my Girls, and I just sat back.

I think it really peaked once Salem's outfit turned bright pink with the accompanying mini skirt.

Was her massive ass hanging out of it? Most certainly.

Was it also a wonderful sight? Absolutely.

"….is this normal?" Millicas asked.

"Pretty much." I put a hand on his shoulder.

"Oh." He was seemingly unphased.

Today was a good day.

"Alright, you all should know the rules by now, yes?" Yasaka looked around.

"Ball goes over the net, lands in square, get point." I summarized.

After the… 'incident' well, things calmed down.

"Please let me go, I'll be good!" Ruby whined, struggling while being tied to a post.

Well specifically, it was one of two posts holding up a net, a volleyball net. We made a little area for it and drew out the required squares on each side.

We made teams, well, duos.

"My friend, we shall obtain victory." Thorum slapped my shoulder.

"We got this." I grinned.

Of course I teamed up with Thorum.

Mordred was with Kairi, Rin and Artoria were together, Achilles and Atalanta, etc etc.

"I will be the judge, no cheating or you will be disqualified." Scáthach stated.

"Why are you looking at me?" I called out.

"You know why, student."

I feel attacked.

"Go Daddy!" Kunou cheered, from atop Yasaka's lap because she was in 'time out' for a little while after…what happened.

Everyone agreed not to speak about it again.

Salem was still flushed when I made eye contact with her, which was strange in of itself because she rarely got embarrassed like that.

"Are you skilled in this game, Wilhelm?" Thorum asked.

"Uh…sure?" I mean, how hard could it be? The rules were pretty straight forward.

"I will follow your lead then." He nodded.

"You may as well give up now, Schweinorg." Rin flipped her hair back. "Saber and I are going to crush you."

"Rin, don't be rude. Regardless of how true the statement is, we should respect our opponents." Artoria said with a straight face.

I raised an eyebrow towards her and she was expressionless.

Artoria was very competitive. "I will serve." She stated, taking her spot at the back of her field.

Thankfully, the ball was not going to break, courtesy of several people using Magic on it, because it was going to need it.

She thew the ball up and leaped into the air after it, the impact of her slapping it created a shockwave as it barreled to our side of the field.

I had to dive to smack it up, dispersing almost all of its momentum. "Thorum, set me up!" I called out.

Thorum rushed to below it, and he adjusted its trajectory as it fell, pushing it back up into the air for me right in front of the net.

I jumped up to meet it and spun my body, doing an overhead kick with all of my strength and it created an explosion of sand as it hit their side of the field, shooting past Rin's head.

"Well done my friend!" Thorum roared.

"Hell yeah!" I shouted back as we chest bumped.

"Disqualified." Scáthach deadpanned.

"Wait, what?" I threw my arms up in protest. "That was clean!"

"You can't kick the ball." She said dryly.

"…..woops." I blinked.

"My friend, I thought you were experienced?"

"Okay real talk, I've never played this game before in my life." I freely admitted.

"Get off the field, my stupid student." Scáthach commanded.

I looked at her silently, she met my gaze, her face hardening and she raised a threatening eyebrow.

My intrusive thoughts won out.

She fell through a portal that opened up beneath her and hit the water some forty or so feet away into ocean.

They all stared at me.

"I regret nothing."

"Are those your final words, my student?" Scáthach stood a few feet away from me, dripping wet now. "They are not the worse you could have chosen to write on your tombstone."

A foot collided with my butt and I went tumbling through the sand.

It was especially so when a worried Jeanne ran after me, making sure I was alright.

My friends and family, we were a very dysfunctional bunch, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

I just relaxed and closed my eyes as I managed to get my head in Jeanne's lap.

Today was a good day and I was happy.



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