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SPN100 Challenge: first

DEW Challenge: Crowley & ignorance

It's all about those little moments of pleasure, even when you're the King of Hell. 100-word drabble.

Written for the 'Drabbles Every Weekend' challenge at SPN BigPretzel on LiveJournal.


Blissful Ignorance

"And these moments given are a gift from time" – 'Moments of Pleasure', Kate Bush

It had been an exhausting day of tormenting souls in Hell. Crowley was pouring a generous, well-deserved Scotch when in burst a minion.

"You won't believe what those Winchesters have done!"

Crowley added another glug of whisky and sat with a heavy sigh. Those intriguingly well-fitted, denim-clad nightmares. It wouldn't be the first time they'd ruined his plans, but enough was enough.

"Alas, I fear I will," he replied. "Which is why you're going to bugger off and leave me to enjoy my drink in blissful ignorance."

Crowley took a long sip of his drink and closed his eyes. Delicious.