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-Takes place early/mid season 6

-Tara and Willow are back together

-Xander and Anya are still engaged

-Jenny Calendar is alive and well and married to Giles (I had to okay my shipper heart ): )

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Chapter 1: Unfortunate Circumstances

''Here ye, here ye,'' Xander said dramatically, banging on the Magic Box's counter top, ''I call this 'End Of The World Meeting' to order. Please leave your provisions for the apocalypse at the door.''

''It is not the end of the world,'' Anya snapped. ''And where did you get a gavel?''

''Can we focus here, please?'' Willow asked as Anya swiped the gavel from Xander. ''According to this, the supernatural disturbances we've been seeing correspond to a Legendary Figure called 'The Green Knight'. His coming is due to seeking out Challengers to duel him and prove their worth.''

Willow passed the book around the table where she, Buffy, Tara, and Dawn were sat. ''That's a King Arthur tale,'' Dawn pointed out. '' 'Gwaine and The Green Knight'.''

''Ugh, I'm not gonna have to find Excalibur or something, am I?'' Buffy groaned. ''Cause rock hunting is really not my thing.''

''The Green Knight has nothing to do with Excalibur,'' Tara said, looking over the pages. ''All this says is that the Knight appears in order to battle a challenger. Nothing about why, or when, or how.''

''What's that?'' Dawn asked, pointing to another section. ''Why does it mention 'the Oracle'?''

''Oracle?'' Xander and Anya walked over from behind the counter. ''Isn't that a Greek thing?''

''There was an Oracle that was originated in Ancient Greece,'' Tara explained, ''But the concept of seeing the future and other seer like creatures is found all across the world. So, an ultimate the…''

''All it means is it's the 'Chosen' Oracle,'' said Cordelia, entering the shop. She and Angel had come in from LA to offer assistance. The appearance of this Green Night had caused some new monsters to rise, and the Hell Mouth had been bursting with activity. ''The gift of prophecy is random and many people have been known to have it, but to have it straight from a source like the Oracle of Delphi or another such powerful source is very rare.''

''Gee, Cordy,'' Xander said, ''where was this intelligence all throughout high school?''

''Yeah, you're really one to talk.''

''My Xander's smart,'' Anya informed her.

''Comparatively, I'm sure. But it's not like it's much of a contest, is it?''

''Hey, Green Knight, Challenger, remember?'' Willow once again called for order. ''So put aside the snide remarks?''

Tara, Dawn, and Angel watched this interaction silently. ''High school must've been interesting with them, huh?'' Tara asked Buffy.

Buffy gave a low whistle. ''You have no idea.''

''When Cordelia and I were scouting, we found more monsters,'' Angel said, ''these ones.'' He pointed to the open page of one of the books on the Green Knight. ''The signs all correspond.''

''So it's definitely him?'' Buffy asked. ''He's our bad guy?''

''It seems so.'' Angel gave her a look. ''I guess David was telling the truth.''


When they had first started investigating the strange occurrences, a demon hunter by the name of David Sloan had rolled into town. He was the one who set them on the path of the Green Knight, saying it was his goal to finally slay the monster. But to do that, he needed two things; the Challenger, and this Oracle.

''What about this Oracle?'' Buffy brought everyone's attention back to the matter at hand. ''How do we find her?''

''You don't,'' Cordelia informed her. ''The Oracle stopped back in the 1800s. No one knows what happened. Another Prophetess was never chosen.''

''Wait, I thought this Green Knight needed the oracle?'' Dawn asked.

''No, the Challenger needs the Oracle,'' Willow announced, looking back at the book. ''According to this, the Oracle aids the Challenger in knowing when the Green Knight is approaching, and helps in the battle by predicting outcomes….''

''Like, winning outcomes?'' Buffy prompted.

''Sounds anti-climactic,'' Xander mused.

''Yeah, it's much better without the Oracle, where the Challenger always dies,'' Willow replied darkly, gesturing to the book.

''Oh, in that case.''

''So, without the Oracle, Buffy's dead?'' Cordelia asked brazenly.

''Hey, why are we assuming it's me?'' Buffy demanded.

''Oh, I'm sorry, you're right. After all, it's not like we're on a Hell Mouth, where the Slayer is supposedly the strongest and therefore worthy of being the Challenger to this mystical thing.''

''…I have to say, I liked it better when you where in LA.''

''The stores there are incredible.''

''I know, right?''

''How do we find out what happened to this Oracle?'' Tara asked. ''I mean, without using creepy David's idea.''

They all fell silent at that. David claimed to have traced the Oracle's chosen one's lineage to his companion, Wendy Lane. The reason he came to Sunnydale was to procure their help in preforming the spell to redirect and summon the Oracle's power, which he assumed had died with the last Chosen Prophetess. To say they were skeptical was to say the least.

''Do we have any other choice?'' Dawn asked. ''Especially if you're the Challenger?''

''I don't trust him,'' Buffy told her, ''but if he really is hunting this Green Knight like he says, and as enthusiastic about it, then it's only a matter of time before he puts together I'm the Slayer, and- like Cordelia said- a likely opponent.''

Xander spread his hands. ''If Cordy can put it together…'' Cordelia slapped him upside the head, which Anya pretended not to notice.

''So, what's the plan?'' Angel asked. ''We see what he has to say?''

''I guess so,'' Buffy sighed, getting to her feet. ''Angel and I will go meet with him, you guys do your research on the spell, and someone figure out what to tell Giles when we say we're trusting this creep.''

''We can have Jenny do it,'' Anya suggested. ''She can get Giles to do anything.''

''That's because she's six months pregnant and Giles is panicking,'' Xander said.

''Whatever works,'' Buffy agreed. They went their separate ways.

To call David Sloan a creep was probably unfair. He seemed a regular, middle aged guy, regardless of the whole demon hunting career. He was normal looking, tall, dark hair, but Buffy just couldn't ignore the feeling something was off. It was too coincidental, him coming to town right when the signs of the Green Knight started appearing, even though he said it was his biggest desire to hunt it down. Something was up. Buffy just couldn't put her finger on as to what.

''If he really is hunting the Green Knight, then you'd think he'd be focused on finding the Challenger,'' Angel mentioned as they walked. David and Wendy had agreed to meet them in the graveyard. ''But he seems more hung up on this Oracle figure.''

''The Challengers are few and far between,'' Buffy pointed out, ''the Oracle used to be around all the time. Restoring the Oracle sounds like it would lead to the Challenger faster.''

''Maybe.'' Angel studied her face. ''But you don't seem to buy your own reasoning.''

Buffy thought it over. ''There are other witches, other Hell Mouths, so why Sunnydale? Because I'm the Slayer? Is that why he came here? Does he know I'm the Challenger and just not telling us, or is there some other reason?'' She shook her head. ''We're missing something. And I wish we didn't have to play along before we knew what that thing we're missing is.''

''Speaking of playing.'' They could see David and Wendy waiting for them. Both Buffy and Angel dropped their conversation and approached them with neutrality.

After exchanging pleasantries they explained their findings corresponded with what David had told them. The Green Knight was definitely coming, and the Oracle was- as far as they could tell- discontinued. David looked pleased. ''So you'll do it? You'll help me restore the Oracle?''

''What does this 'restoring' entail?'' Buffy questioned. ''What happened to the last one that the Oracle needs to be restored in the first place?''

''No one knows for sure,'' Wendy answered. She was younger than David, with long curly auburn hair, and sharp features. The same distrust Buffy felt about David she felt about Wendy. ''The most likely scenario is that before the last Chosen One of the Oracle could fully claim her powers, she died, taking the power of the Oracle with her. If we do this spell, that power will come back into the land of the living and enter it's Chosen One, giving this seer the power to see into the future and help take down the Green Knight.''

''And you think it's you?'' Angel asked. ''You think you're the next seer in line?''

Wendy had the decency to blush. ''The power of the Oracle is random,'' she admitted, ''but as a seer, yes, I think I have a chance to become that Oracle, and therefore help the Challenger destroy the Green Knight once and for all.''

''Do you know who the Challenger is?''

Buffy studied the looks on David's and Wendy's faces. She could tell they knew, and they knew they knew. ''Let's be honest with each other,'' David said, ''the Green Knight is coming. You have to fight it. You need the Oracle. Do you have any other solution other than mine?''

Buffy wished she did. She exchanged a look with Angel, and saw he was thinking the same. ''Let's go to the Magic Shop,'' she said to David and Wendy. ''Everything we need is there.''

They both smiled. ''Lead the way,'' Wendy said.

Spike watched the Slayer and her lap dog formerly known as Angelus walk across the graveyard. Despite helping Goldilocks and her gaggle of friends fight all the strange little monsters that had been popping up recently, no one had deemed it necessary to explain to him what was going on. Typical.

And now that Angel and what's-her-name came in from LA, he had heard nothing from anyone for the past three days. He'd be more annoyed if he wasn't desperately curious as to what disaster was about to strike. After all, Angel didn't often come into town.

He adjusted his position on the crypt roof to see better. Who were those two strangers? Buffy clearly didn't like them, neither did Angel. Demon hunters, by the looks of them. They were never good news. They were following Buffy and Angel out of the graveyard. Hmm, bad judgment on their part. Spike took a long drag from his cigarette.

Suddenly he straightened up. Wait a minute, he knew that guy. Where had he seen him before? He was familiar, really familiar…

''Bad man. Bad men are here. We shouldn't be around the bad men.''

Spike watched as the four people disappeared into the night. God dammit, this was gonna bug him…

''-And so we've judged the only thing to do is do the spell,'' Anya finished with a flourish.

Giles was furiously cleaning his glasses. Everyone in the shop took advantage of his averted sight to grab what they needed for the spell. ''The only thing to do?'' Giles repeated. ''Did you think about it for more than thirty seconds?''

''Oh yes, practically twice that long!''

Giles looked to his wife in disbelief, but all Jenny could do was shrug and share in the feeling. ''At least they thought it through?''

''Oh, I wouldn't go that far,'' Cordelia said, studying her nails. She wanted no part in the spell preparing activity.

Tara plopped a box of supplies on the table, just missing Willow, who was still sat at the table, obediently not touching any magic related objects. ''I think that's everything…Will?''

Willow was frowning. She flipped back and forth between the pages of the Green Knight and a spell book. ''Something's…not right.''

''Don't say that.'' Xander inclined his head to Giles. ''He's right there.''

''These ingredients.'' Willow glanced around and back at the book. ''They don't seem right for this type of spell.''

''What type? The 'bring back mystical power' type spell?''

''Well, yeah.''

''What type of spell do these ingredients fit?'' Dawn asked.

Willow studied the pages for a moment longer. ''I'm not sure…''

Jenny made her way over. With a protective hand over her stomach, she glanced over Willow's shoulder to see the book. She too looked concerned. ''I think you're right. Are you sure these are the ingredients Sloan called for?''

''I've read and re-read Buffy's text.'' Willow showed her the message.

Cordelia gave a loud sigh. ''Okay, so spell looks wonky, we all agree the people who are suggesting the spell looks wonky, so why are we doing it? This is the part in the horror movie where everyone's shouting 'don't do it! It's a mistake, don't do it!' ''

''Cordelia has a point,'' Giles agreed.

''-And the librarian is agreeing with me. I knew coming back to Sunnydale was a horrible idea.''

''The circumstances of this whole situation are not good,'' Giles continued, ''we should wait and do our own research into this Oracle business instating of trusting the word of rogue demon hunters.''

''We don't have time,'' Dawn argued. ''If that Green Knight is really coming to fight Buffy, then we need the Oracle!''

''According to Sloan.''

''-According to this!'' Dawn held up the book. ''Every Challenger who lost to the Green Knight had one thing in common; they had no Oracle!''

''This is too sudden.''

''Which is why we need to act fast!''

''They're here,'' Anya said from the window. Buffy and Angel entered, David and Wendy behind them.

The two strangers looked a little too eager for anyone's liking. ''Moons up,'' David said happily. ''Are we ready?''

After much debating and whispered arguments, it was decided Willow, Dawn, Jenny, and Xander would not be apart of the ritual. As much as he hated the circumstances, Giles refused to not be there to supervise, Anya stayed as a knower of Demon Powers, and Cordelia was made to stay as Overseer Seer.

''Just, watch Wendy,'' Buffy urged her. ''Something's not right with her.''

Cordelia sneered at the woman. ''Other than her fashion sense?''

Buffy instructed her to leave the woman's red and white checkered dress and matching bandanna alone and to keep her observations strictly on her claims as a seer. Cordelia shrugged, but reluctantly agreed.

As Tara painstakingly arranged the ritual, Buffy could tell she was nervous. Willow would be better at this type of thing, but no one even suggested her taking part, not even Willow herself. She had come too far in her battle with giving up magic.

Anya bounced on her heels as they waited, a smile on her face, probably from the memory of Xander looking worried at the idea of her taking part in such a dangerous event. Buffy hated the feeling in her gut that told her it was more Xander not liking the idea of Anya doing anything in regards to her demon side than it was concern for her well being.

Xander hadn't wanted to be left out, but with Willow having no magic, Jenny being heavily pregnant, he was the only one that Buffy could count on keeping Dawn safe should anything go wrong. It had crossed her mind to bring Spike in on what was happening, but that would take far too much explaining, and she really didn't trust him and Angel to play nice. Not to mention David and Wendy already seemed wary of Angel, and Buffy couldn't gauge how they would react to another vampire involved in the proceedings.

Finally they were ready. Buffy could see Wendy eagerly talking with Tara, gesturing with her hands about where certain object should go. Cordelia was noticing it too, and the look on her face was not reassuring.

They all took their places on the floor around the circle Tara had drawn. In the middle of the outline, Wendy placed some object from her bag. ''Oh Oracle, we call upon you, your humble servants. Show us the things we are too blind to see, to weak to feel, to poor to divine.''

A little jewelry box was placed in the center, as well as a cracked mirror, a piece of ribbon, a small doll. ''Enlighten our minds, fill up our hearts with the gift you have given us. Restore what was taken from us. Bring us back- to life!''

Tara began the chant form the book. The air in the room was cold. Cordelia nudged Buffy, gesturing to the items in front of them. Buffy admitted she found them strange. They didn't look like magical conduits. They looked like someone's personal items.

Wind starting spinning around them. Wendy threw her hands in the air. ''Come back to us!'' She shouted. ''Come back to life!''

A shock went through the room, causing them all to dodge for cover. Tara fell back and hit her head into the table, and Wendy stumbled into Angel, scratching him. She recovered herself quickly, wiping the blood onto the floor. ''Sorry…Return!''

A dark smoke appeared. Anya suddenly gasped. ''No!''

A sound like thunder roared. Light filled the room, and then everything stopped.

Waiting for your sister to be done doing a dangerous spell upon which her survival depended on could really make one nervous. Dawn kicked her feet on the park bench, glancing down the street at the magic shop, which so far still seemed dark. ''You think they're okay?''

''I guess,'' Xander replied. ''Don't you guess, Willow? Will?''

''Huh?'' Willow looked up from where she was standing, arms crossed, bitting her thumbnail. She wasn't doing too good being left out of the magical proceedings, mostly due to her nervousness that they weren't being done right. ''Uh, guess what?''

''That everything's fine,'' Xander prompted her, gesturing non-to-subtly at Dawn.

''Uh, yeah. Sure. Everything's fine. Right.''

An uncomfortable silenced followed that convincing statement. ''Well, I don't think everything's fine,'' Jenny interjected cheerily. ''Those two demon hunters or whatever they call themselves are up to something.''

''At least someone's honest,'' Dawn grumbled, looking at Xander and Willow disapprovingly. Jenny patted her hand.

''But Buffy and everyone have been through many things. They know something's up and they're on their guard. They'll be okay,'' she assured her.

Dawn nodded. She glanced back at the Magic Shop for moment before turning back with a sigh. She studied Jenny and her round stomach. ''You really not going to find out the gender?''

Jenny laughed. ''We really going to talk about this again? Now?''

''I just can't understand why you wouldn't want to know.''

''What difference does it make?''

''Just knowing. I mean, your doctor knows. That's gotta be annoying. How does that not drive you crazy? That someone else knows, but you don't?''

''Giles and I don't care, Dawn. It's fun not knowing. A little surprise!''

''I think it's a girl.''

''Care to put money on that wager, little lady?'' Xander pulled a list from his pocket. ''I got a pool going. So far we've got 4 counts for boy, 3 for girl.''

''You're taking bets on the gender of my child?'' Jenny asked, turning to him in surprise.

''You betcha. Can I cut you in?''

''Does Giles know about this?''

''I've been scolded about it at least 3 times, and threatened to have the proceeds of the bets stolen for the child's betterment.''

''Huh.'' Jenny leaned back against the bench. ''Put me down for boy.''

''Ah, that's our Teach! Will, hand me a pen!''

Dawn squealed in excitement. ''You think it's a boy?''

''The way I see it, I have a 50/50 chance of being right, so why not guess?''

''Yay! You think it's a boy!'' The excitement of the newborn Giles-Calendar overwhelmed Dawn once again, and she hugged Jenny.

''Uh, Will?'' Xander's concern was evident in his voice. ''Something wrong?''

''Yeah…'' Willow was staring at the Magic Shop. ''Did you see-''

A flash of light proceeded Willow's statement. The blinds in the windows shook. ''Dawn, stay here,'' she ordered. She ran to the magic shop, Xander at her heels.

Everyone slowly got to their feet, sputtering and coughing. ''Oh,'' Anya whined, looking at the mess. ''All the inventory…''

''Did it at least work?'' Angel asked. Buffy saw him rubbing his hand. ''Are you…Oracle-y?''

Wendy brushed the dirt off her dress. ''Umm….no,'' she answered, looking a little pink. ''I guess…I guess I'm not…the Chosen One.''

Cordelia scoffed and said in a not very nice way that that was obvious.

''But this means,'' David said, the excitement clear in his eyes. ''That the Oracle is in the world, and we can find her, and finally fight the Green Knight!''

''How wonderful,'' Giles said drily. ''So all you have to do is scour the world for the person the Oracle's spirt went into? Should be easy, and in time for Buffy to fight the Green Knight.''

The door burst open and Xander and Willow ran in. ''Are you okay?'' Willow asked. ''We saw the light…'' she frowned at the objects on the floor. ''What…what were you doing?''

''The spell,'' Tara answered. Wendy quickly began picking up the objects.

''Stop that!'' Willow ran over to her, and Angel snatched the objects from Wendy. ''Those aren't magical conduits! Those are just… things.''

''Yeah, that spell didn't feel very Oracle Spirt like,'' Anya mentioned. ''It was more…dark.''

''So glad you were able to witness and explain that to us,'' Xander muttered.

David help up his hands. ''I understand if you are skeptical,'' he placated. ''But I have spent many years searching for this spell, and trust me, we did it right. Didn't we, Wendy?''

Wendy nodded eagerly. She tried to take the objects back from Angel, but he refused. She gave up.

''We will find the Oracle,'' David promised, ''and bring her here to help you fight the Green Knight. That was the plan all along, and it hasn't changed. Some trust on both sides should be extended, no?''

''Where are you going to look?'' Buffy questioned.

David smiled. ''We have some leads.''

''That's it?'' Dawn asked at home that night. ''You just let them go?''

Buffy rubbed her aching neck. ''What else was I supposed to do? Apparently the Oracle is back in the world, and that was the goal. Now we wait for the Green Knight to appear.''

''So, David and Wendy are just going to find this Oracle? What if they don't find her in time? What if she won't help you?''

Buffy shrugged. ''They claimed to have a lead. But if they don't, I'll handle it. Everything's gonna be fine, Dawn. We'll do our research and they'll be no surprises when it comes to this Green Knight guy, or the Oracle, should we come across her. Don't worry.''

There were noises. It was loud. It was cold. People were talking. Lots of people, sounds of running. Beeping noises, oh that was horrifying. Stop the beeping noises.

''She's bleeding. I need help in here, now!''

''She's waking up. Put her back under.''

''Who brought her in? Is there family?''

''She's not making any sense. Miss? Miss? Can you hear me?''

She opened her eyes. It was bright. Sun? No, indoor lighting. Sunlight but not sunlight. It made her eyes water.

''Miss? Do you know where you are?''

She studied the woman leaning over her. Leaning over? She was lying down. It was very uncomfortable. The woman wore white. She liked white. Oh wait, that was a different type of white. White coat. What did that mean? White coat…

Beep. Beep. Beep.

What was beeping?

''Her heart rate's up…she's panicking.''

''There are two people who are demanding to see her.''

''Are they family?''

''They don't sound like it.''

Two people. Angry. Bad man. Have to get away from the bad man.

Someone came near her. They had a needle. She didn't want it.

''Miss!'' She sprang up, knocking them to the ground. Something felt wrong inside. Pain. Why was she in pain? It didn't make sense.

''Miss, please, you have to stay still.''

She covered her ears. The beeping. The stupid beeping. What was beeping? Something was attached to her arm. She followed the wires to a monitor on the wall. There was the beep, beep, beeping of the machine. It sounded alive. It said heart and BP.

Heart and BP?

''What is that?'' She asked. Her voice was hoarse. It didn't sound like her. She turned to the nurse. ''What is that?''

The nurse look flummoxed. It was as if she never saw people stand before. ''It's- it's a heart monitor,'' she explained. ''To monitor your…heart.''

The words took time to register. ''No,'' she said. ''No, I don't have a heart. It's broken. It's dead. It stopped working.''

''Your heart's fine.''

''No!'' She turned back to the monster, staring horrified at it. Beep beep beep. She ripped the wires off. The beeping stopped.

But the pressure in her chest…it stayed.

No. She wildly placed her hand on her chest. She waited, certain she would feel nothing, that stillness that was her only solace. But instead, she felt something unfamiliar, something…wrong.

Her heart… was…beating?

''No,'' she murmured. ''No no no. It's wrong. It's wrong. Something's wrong.''

''Miss, I-''

''WRONG!'' She flung the woman away from her. It took…effort. What's happening to me? What's happening to me?

Sounds from the hallway could be heard. It was the bad man. He was calling, shouting, looking for her.


She wasted no time.

She pushed the people who were trying to catch her out of her way. She ran into another room, and another, through the long corridors of this place. Hospital? Was it a hospital? It was cold and bright and ugly. She had to hurry.

Running…running felt strange. She was not fast, she was not quick. Her feet felt heavy. She felt heavy, everything felt heavy. What happened to me? What happened to me?

The bad man was behind her. He was coming. She darted up a set of stairs.

She didn't realize that she had been in the basement until she passed a large window. The sunlight streamed in. Bright, bright sunlight. It was blinding. It was ugly. She pressed her hands against her face, ready to retreat in pain-

I'm not burning.

She was too stunned to move. The light hurt her eyes, but the rest of her was fine. She was not on fire. She was not burning up. She could stand in the light.

Heart, pain, light. Heart pain light. Heart pain light.

She stopped running. The woman spotted her first. ''David, here she is!''

Drusilla waited. The woman ran at her, glee on her face, but she grabbed her and threw her across the room. She hit a wall. And chairs. Yay.

The man came next. He was laughing. Rude. ''You're not a vampire anymore, Drusilla. Throw a punch like that, you get a broken hand. How does it feel?''

Her hand did feel strange, but his words were what she was focusing on. Drusilla threw herself at him, and he was so surprised they went tumbling through the large window. Glass shattered, and they were on the roof, in the sunlight. Bright bright bright.

''What did you do?'' She couldn't see. The light was making her eyes water. ''What did you do to me?''

The man- David- he laughed. ''I did nothing.''

Drusilla dug her thumb into his neck. He gagged. She pointed her other two fingers. Blow out the candles. I'll blow out the candles.

''Wait! I didn't do anything! I swear!'' He hurried on. ''It was the Slayer! She did the spell!''

Slayer. Always a Slayer. Why why why why?

David threw her off of him. She went flying. She hurried to her feet and dodged as he tried to grab her. ''C'mon, Drusilla,'' he taunted. ''Look at you. Here you are, no protection, just a mere, weak human. The second creatures realize that you'll be hunted down so fast- my god, the were wolves alone will be celebrating for weeks! Your best chance is to come with me. I'll make your death quick, I promise.''

Drusilla pulled her hair. Breathing. She was breathing. And it hurt. ''Stop. Make it stop.''

''I'll do that. Make it all stop. All you have to do is come with me. C'mon, little seer. Accept your fate.''

'Accept your fate'. How dare he.

Drusilla barred her teeth at him. ''No.''

''God, you're so stupid, aren't you?'' He gripped. ''If you'd spent your time when you were alive actually studying your gift instead of trying to get rid of it, you'd know you can't avoid your fate, no matter what. Granted, getting turned the way you did wasn't your fault, but here we are, centuries later, and now your fate is sealed. Accept it.''

Drusilla glared. They were on the roof. She looked down. It was far.

David smirked. ''You're crazy, Drusilla, but not that crazy. You're human now. You make that jump, you die. ''


She ran.

He grabbed her. She twisted and hit him, but he held on. So she reverted to her favorite tactic; she bit him.

He screamed in pain and let go. She ran to the ledge. She jumped.

He was right; it hurt.

''Is she dead?'' That was the woman's voice. Drusilla heard David swear.

''No. C'mon, hurry!''

Drusilla crawled away. Pain. Pain. She wasn't used to feeling so much pain. Everything hurt. Why? Why? Why?

She got to her feet. Running, that was what she had to do, run. Run through the city, weave through crowds- anything and everything to lose the people on her tail.

She finally took refuge in an alleyway. She hid behind bins, pulling her jacket into her mouth to keep from crying out. She could hear the two people yell and run. They ran right past her. She sunk to the ground in relief.

So much pain. Burning, burning in her lungs, her heart, her head. She was on fire, but not on fire. Everything was too hard and too bright and too much. Too much noise. She didn't like the noise.

The ground was wet. She fixed her hands on the ground, prepared to push herself up, but paused. There was someone in the ground, in the water, looking right up at her. Who were they? They were very dirty. Their eyes were wild, their hair a mess. That's funny, they moved like she did, when she blinked and when she turned her head-

Drusilla stopped, the realization hitting her. It's me. I'm in the puddle.

It was her very own reflection. And she recognized it not one bit.

Sunlight, reflection, pain, heart beating. She knew it, yet could not believe it was true. Somehow, someway…

She was human.

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