A Gray Area

Quick note: This is still Sequence 12. Please refer to Chapter 21.

Chapter 25: A Gray Area

"Peasants are not allowed up here!" Max, Teo, Gabriella, and Cole looked around to find the source of the voice. On a rooftop not too far away stood a guard with a none too pleased look on his face.

"Best to avoid any conflict for now. We just miraculously managed to rid Cole's face and name from the city. And we can't afford to be in the spotlight at this point." Max mused.

Everyone nodded their head in agreement.

"Leave ora!" Another guard had made his way onto the rooftop and noticed the group. "You belong down below with the rats!" Another screamed. An already thin patience was thinning.

"We will meet on the rooftop of the Campanile di San Marco in the San Marco district." Teo instructed. Everyone nodded their head in affirmation; the location was a well known one.

"Bene, I will see you three tomorrow. Stay safe and stay out of sight."

"Last warning idioti!"

The small group carefully made their way off the rooftop, and then went their separate ways.

"Cole, wait a moment?" Gabriella called out.

"What is it?"

"You and Luisella; you two are committed, correct?'

"Si." Cole had an idea of where this conversation was going.

"And you two will love each other, no matter what?"

"Si." Cole couldn't tell if it was because of the dimness of the nightscape, but he could swear Gabriella's hazel eyes were glowing.

She smiled softly. "Then I will hold you to that statement. I will be watching to make sure that you do as well." Gabriella turned on her heel and walked away.

Her answer was not what Cole expected. There was no give away in her tone that she was up to something, but it did indicate that she knew something Cole didn't. Not to mention her unusual boldness.

Then again, she could be a master of deception. It always seems to be the quiet ones after all.


The next day…

Teo, Max, Gabriella, and Cole met on the rooftop Campanile di San Marco. They made sure that no one could see them and no one were none the wiser, particularly the guards. The guards have been especially and unusually vigilant lately.

"Does anyone have any leads?" Teo asked.

Everyone shook their head no.

"I managed to make contact with her but just as she was going to tell me where she was, our connection was abruptly caught off." Gabriella spoke up.

" Connection? What does she mean? How is this possible?" Cole thought while raising a brow. "This girl is a mystery…"

"Cazzo. This is not good." Teo said.

"Her future has become fuzzy as well." Gabriella continued.

"What do you mean her future?" Cole asked, concern and panic lacing his voice.

"It's not in the way that you think. It's just-"

At this point Violet had mysteriously appeared on the rooftop in a bright purple light.

"I received your message just last night Teo. She is in Toscana." Violet said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I saw where she was being held just as I was on my way to you."

"Why did you not do anything?!" Cole exclaimed angrily.

Violet shot him a look to calm down. Cole immediately and almost unwillingly backed down. "I could not; the area is small, compact, and heavily guarded. Not to mention Christopher was also in the area. He would have detected me if I even stepped an inch closer. If he hasn't already. That man is something else." She said while shaking her head.

Teo sighed. "Then what do we do?"

"Well that is where Cole comes in." She turned to Cole. "From the way I see it you have one of two choices. You have the ability to summon a great lightning storm, am I correct?"


"You could use that in a direct attack or even as a distraction to clear the area while the rest of us go in to search and rescue Luisella."

Cole pondered what she said. It could work.

"Or" She stuck up a finger to pause his thoughts. "Or, we can try a more concise approach. Xiomar and Uso were once mercenaries before becoming thieves. Their connections to the mercenaries as well as the thieves, especially those in Toscana are most likely still strong. They can create a distraction that could allow for us to go in, rescue Luisella, and leave."

"Wouldn't we be risking their lives? It wouldn't be right to sacrifice the lives of many for just one."

"You wouldn't have to worry about that; that is Xiomar's and Uso's specialty. And these mercenaries and thieves, they rival those of our own in Venezia. High endurance, highly skilled, they will give those guards, even Christopher, a run for their money."

"So what then?" Cole looked to Teo.

"This decision is in your hands Cole. We go by what you choose to do."

Everyone turned to Cole awaiting his answer. He turned away to think which method could be better. Which method had a higher chance of backfiring? Which method was more practical?

He sighed audibly. This choice was critical. If he chose the wrong method, it could very well spell the end for Luisella, for them, and most importantly, the Assassins.

The sound of a pigeon filled the air. A pigeon landed on Cole's shoulder and cooed softly. Cole put out his hand for the pigeon to stand on. The pigeon jumped into his hand and cooed once more. Cole noticed a note tied on the pigeon's leg. He pulled off the note and let the pigeon rest on his shoulder once more. He unraveled the message and read it.

His blood began to boil.

One true test of man is to see if he can accept change.

True Love means loving indefinitely and infinitely.

No matter what may have happened.

Tick tock, humanity is dead.

I'm waiting…

Your move.


That influenced his decision even more.

He turned around to the rest of the group and the rest of them perked up to listen.

"Alright, I've decided. But with a few adjustments, it'll be more than just providing a distraction."

"What do you propose Cole?" Teo asked.

"We combine them both."

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