Darkness Falls in Florence

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Chapter 27: Darkness Falls in Florence

Error: Memory Sequence too Large.

Crash Imminent…

Searching for solution…


Sequence 13M1: Three to Draw, Four for All.

Florence 1497

A lot has happened since the rescue of Luisella. She now has full control over her abilities, worries of killing or harming Cole has been contained. And their relationship has grown stronger.

Cole finally knows the truth about the identities of the group they have encountered. They are all like him. Victims of science experiments gone wrong leaving them with abilities that one can only dream of. He never thought he would encounter those just like him. And the best part?

All of them are Assassins.

"I possess the power of the wind and air. Sound needs air to travel. And I am always there to intercept it. Nothing is hidden from me." Teo stated.

"My ability is one that has always been studied and researched. No mind is impenetrable or inflexible. I am always in contact." Gabriella stated.

"I follow the current and the current follows me. But we only communicate when we are near each other. Min power differs from Luisella's in that instance. But maybe soon I will be able to open up my eyes and realize that water is indeed everywhere." Enzo stated.

"Sound can be beautiful and deadly. It can comfort the ears but also destroy it." Ilario stated.

"The light in all its glory can guide you or deter you. It can harm or heal you. Follow at your own risk." Maximilano stated.

"Fire destroys. It can be harsh and unforgiving." Uso began.

"But in the right hands it's beautiful to look at, practical, soothing." Xiomar continued.

"We make fire look and make the experience beautiful. But we can make the experience just as deadly." They both stated together.

'The Earth, she can be a difficult character to deal with. She can be stubborn and proud. She doesn't listen to me sometimes. But when she does, we swear to protect and serve a practical purpose in any situation." Nicci stated.

"Metal and steel is cold and hard to the touch; a powerful foe. But once properly utilized it can be warm and inviting." Ciana stated

"Violet is light and beautiful. A violet light is a marvel and a phenomenon to gaze at. Take a good look before it swallows you whole." Violet stated.

"And now we have you Cole; a man who can control one of nature's most wild animals. You demonstrate its immense power as well as its practicality and warmth. And you Luisella, a woman who is beautiful to look at, but deadly to face. You can take one of the calmest elements and show how powerful it is. You take nature's coldest weapon, and show us why it's better to watch it than to experience it." Teo spoke.

Cole and Luisella smiled softly.

"And together, we unify our abilities in the name of the greater good. We stand by the people and fight for the people. And now everything is coming to a head."

Girolamo Savonarola has complete rule over Florence, insisting and preaching that all should return to their medieval lifestyle.

" You should be cleansing your homes. Cleansing your SELVES! There are bonfires to feed! Prayers to be said! Penance to be done!"

The streets of Florence were filled with bonfires, burning all material considered sinful. It was a slow crawl back in time; a time when things were considered simpler and God commanded all. This time was commonly labeled as the Dark Ages. It was certainly working; the air around Florence was dark.

Christopher has also become active in Florence. He knows the Assassins have arrived to quell the growing uneasiness. He is preparing to strike. And time is becoming short

"He is a slippery one; he comes and goes and his trail with it. We need a way to draw him out somehow."Cole said.

"Christopher is a man big on retaliation; if someone attacks him directly his need for revenge is insatiable." Teo spoke.

Everyone else nodded their heads.

"Ezio is working to rid the city of Savonarola's nine main men. They are all powerful city leaders who are all unknowingly under his control. Using the power of Eden. As long as those nine men are in power, Savonarola's vision will become reality. "

"And as long as Christopher is alive, the Brotherhood will have no other way to stop him. All of Italy would soon be lost to the Templars. And the rest may soon follow."

"The rest?" Ilario questioned.

"We are not the only land in this world. We are also not the only people who inhabit this world." Nicci explained.

"Christopher has three powerful men who are keeping up with the Assassins. While they are also supporters of Savonarola, they report the Assassins' every move. They will let him know when the time is right." Gabriella said.

"These men also have their sights on you Cole. They plot of ways to return you to "your rightful spot" with the Templars."

"And because of them, our faces are all over the place. People speak of us and not in positive ways. The guards look at us with weapons drawn; only looking for a sneer to justify their attack."

"We are notorious once more…" Teo said.

"But it will not last long. If we succeed, the city will forget our names and faces." Luieslla chipped in.

"What are the names of these three men?" Cole asked.

"Davide LaRussi, Lazzaro Fracasso, and Rafaele Rivelli." Violet said.

"Any leads on their locations?"

It would take just three men to draw him out. It would just take four to end this all. Of course not to end the war with the Assassins victorious, but it would be a victory that would make sure they remain in the fight, stronger than ever.

"Their deaths must be done by your hand Cole. You attacking him directly would influence him more to come out from the shadows. And you are the best man capable for defeating him."

"We will pinpoint the location of his men, and you come in for the kill. And rest assured we will always be in the vicinity just in case things go wrong. But in your hands, it would be shocking if they did." Teo said.

Cole smiled knowingly and Luieslla squeezed his shoulder. Certainly nothing can go wrong if it is in Cole's hands.


Memory 1 Synched

Synchronization rate: 72%


Zeke and the Assassins have made a lot of progress these past few weeks. Two more of Michael Conney's associates have fallen. Two men by the name of Jay Ransel and Justin Hane. These two men were at the bottom of the list but Jackson said it would be wise for them to begin at the bottom of the pyramid and work their way up. Even those at the bottom serve a role.

" Strange turns of events have occurred these past few weeks. Congressmen Jay Ransel and Justine Hane were found dead within hours of each other. An autopsy on them both revealed that they were both poisoned with an undiscovered drug. Scientists are working around the clock to figure out its chemical properties and its effects on the human body."

" What is much more alarming is that the trail on who may have provided the poison has gone cold. Not a strip of evidence was found at either scene."

Just as it's supposed to be.

Jefferson, Zeke, Jackson, and Paul were gathered out in a room in the hidden Assassin base.

"Now gentlemen, I have returned with intel about Subject CV2 and the ruckus he is causing. It's quite remarkable how they have pulled this off."

Jefferson opened up a folder and pulled out pages of documents and photos directly copied from the archives themselves, on full display for Zeke, Jackson and Paul to view.

"They have somehow found a way to alter the timeline by hacking into the memories of Cole's younger brother. And from there everything had played out."

"If Subject CV2's ancestor is killed it may possibly cause an extreme form of desynchronization and will completely nullify him."

"So his ancestor being killed will cause him to be a vegetable, for lack of better words." Zeke asked.

"Exactly. This is all something known as a forced synchronization; something the Templars, primarily the First Sons have been studying for centuries. By doing this, they could force anyone, to follow the memory of someone crucial. Even if that person was not in their bloodline. The memories of Assassins would be accessible to anyone and everyone. But if the ancestor winds up being killed and the person relieving those memories is not in their lineage, it could cause an extreme and irreversible form of brain damage on the user."

"So if this guy is technically in Cole's lineage, why didn't he go to him instead?"

"It was defaulted. You can't have two different people reliving the same memory. The results would be unpredictable and catastrophic." Paul chipped in.

"But technically, Subject CV2 and Cole aren't that much different. The only difference lies in the matter of purity and impurity."

"The genetics would still clash." Jefferson replied. "Then there's the matter of the Bleeding Effect. There's no telling what could happen."

Zeke pushed his falling sunglasses further up his nose. "So what then? We just sit around and hope for the best?"

"Unfortunately. Cole is… a special case. Everything isn't on complete display for us to view. We see things just as they are happening." Jefferson responded.

"Man, I hate being sitting ducks. There must be something. A counter hack maybe?"

"An interesting concept but by the time we begin developing just a mere fraction of that, it could already be too late."

"We're that low on time?" Zeke asked incredulously.

"According to the files; darkness has fallen in Florence. This is the time when everything is coming to a head. It's the moment of truth right now."

"The best we can do for now is to continue whittling down Michael Conney's forces. Slowly but surely, we work our way up. Travis McKinney is a step below Conney. But we will get there in with time."

"We have locked onto three more of his men on the outskirts of New Marais. Once we gather more information as to what they are planning, we can move in." Paul chipped in.

"What're their names?" Zeke asked.

"Joshua Davis, Arnold E. Esther, and Baron Nash. Better known as "The Snipers" of their operation."

"If they're on the outskirts of New Marais, what do you think they could be up to?" Zeke asked.

"We are working on that."

The sound of a cell phone ringing filled the air.

"Hello?" Jefferson answered. He remained silent as he listened to the call. "Right away sir." Jefferson hung up. "McKinney and Conney have requested my presence to discuss the present circumstances now that they have lost two crucial Templar agents."

"Very well. Take heed Jefferson. You know what is at stake here." Jackson ordered.

Jefferson nodded and walked off to prepare.

"Zeke, Paul, meet with the others and pass on this information."

"What about you?"

"I'm going to tend to matters in the city and investigate why so many of Conney's men have descended onto the city."

Zeke and Paul nodded their heads and walked out of the room.

"Zeke? Can you spare a moment please?" Zeke turned around and found Jefferson standing behind him.

"What's up Jeff?"

Jefferson chuckled lightly at the nick name. "How's Cole doing?"

"He's doing okay I suppose. I mean he's as okay as you can be when you're comatose." Zeke joked.

He chuckled once more. "I mean how's he been? It's been a while since I've really seen or talked to him."

"You know him?"

"In a way, yes."

"You know he's been saving the world, defeated the Beast, the big hero. The Patron Saint is what the people of New Marais like to call him these days."

Jefferson nodded his head and smiled. "That's great to hear. Great to hear that those are not just rumors. Well I'm off, I'll be seeing you."

"That you will."

Jefferson saluted him and walked off, content with Zeke's answers.

And proud.

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