The story will take place during the Season 2 finale: No Mercy.

Miguel pushed Robby backwards, casting the son of his sensei to lose his balance before using the opening to land a kick to his chest. Robby recovered quicker than Miguel had thought possible.

Robby threw a punch that Miguel block followed by a kick that he slapped down. Ducking under one punch and then another, Miguel tried to kick Robby only for Robby to catch the kick and pin his leg to his side.

Slamming his elbow unto Miguel's knee causing Miguel to wince, Robby used his other elbow to hit Miguel in the mouth, sending him crashing to the ground.

"Get up, I have more of that for you for taking advance of Sam" demanded Robby, his anger fueling his actions.

"I would never" snarled Miguel from his place on the ground as he climbed back to his feet, his eyes locked on Robby's form.

"Then why did it happen?" growled Robby, as Miguel charged him.

Robby punched at Miguel's face, only for him to slip under the wild angry blow and slam his shoulder into the ribs of Robby.

Robby didn't let that stop him as he used the leverage created by the move to knee Miguel in the ribs.

Miguel backed up and ducked under another swinging swipe by Robby, sliding around Robby to bring him to the ground and take two shots at Robby's ribs with his knees. Standing, Miguel kicked Robby in the stomach, forcing Robby to slide across the floor until he hit the guard for the second floor. His next kick hit the metal guard as he missed Robby and he felt the bones in his leg vibrate from hitting the metal.

Robby looked up at him with such raw hatred in his eyes and spat, "She doesn't love you, she loves me"

Miguel shrugged, "I suppose that's what she'd tell you after kissing me"

Robby jumped to his feet and jump kicked Miguel in the chest, Miguel crashed into the wall back first and Robby landed a shot to Miguel's head.

His vision swam and the next blow to his stomach made his gasp for air. But even as Robby landed hit after hit on Miguel, Miguel could still hear his sensei's words in his eyes.

'block high right, duck under the overhand'

Miguel did just that, using his forearm to block Robby's overhead attack and slipping out of the corner that Robby had forced him into. A kick to the side of his knee caused him to buckle for a second, but Miguel used it to drop below a kick to his face.

Sliding to his right, Miguel popped back up to his feet and Robby swung another wild angry sideways swipe that Miguel pinned to his torso. Using his right foot to trip Robby, Miguel used the momentum of Robby's fall to swing him over his shoulder and onto the ground.

Robby hit the ground face first, body in a prone position as Miguel held his arm behind his back, the twist on the hold making it very easy for Miguel to break it. But as Miguel held the arm, he looked down at Robby.

Robby was Sensei's son, a young man with anger issues and ... life issues as well. He was only here fighting because in a drunken moment, Sam and Miguel had made a mistake, done the unthinkable and kissed each other, cheating on their partners in a drunken haze.

Miguel was so confused about his feeling for Sam, he liked her but he always had a lot of questions about where their relationship would go. He had tried to fight for her so hard in the past and now he was quite literally fighting for her in this present moment as the girl he was actually dating, Tory fought Sam for him.

Miguel focused in on the wincing face of Robby, the pain of the arm hold getting to his troubled peer. What would sensei want him to do? Would sensei want him to snap his son's arm like a twig? Probably not because this was his son, but what about their rule? No Mercy was a way of life according to sensei. But as Miguel held him there, he thought back to a conversation that he had with Johnny not that long ago

"I wasn't taught the difference between mercy and honor, and I paid for it. If I'm extra hard on you, it's only because you have the potential to be better than I ever was," says Johnny, as a nod to the brutality he was taught to embrace as a kid.

"But I thought that we didn't show mercy to anyone?" questioned Miguel

"Knowing when you've won the fight and ending it on your terms isn't mercy, it's showing honor and respect to your opponent" answered Johnny as he ruffled Miguel's hair, "You'll understand when it happens"

Miguel understood what sensei had meant back then, now. He had already beat Robby, that much was clear by the position that he had Robby in. This was the perfect time to simply stop the fight. He had nothing to gain from hurting Robby any further, this entire mess had already gotten out of hand.

And just like that, in a matter of seconds, Miguel lost all of the will to fight any further. He took in the blood leaking from his nose, the pulsing bruises on his face, the way his hair was matted to his head with sweat and blood. Was it even his blood or someone that he had fought while racing through the halls? Even as his eyes darted around, seeing the mass of classmates filming the entire thing, screaming for blood and chaos, Miguel felt his strength drain from his body.

He pushes Robby's arm flat to the ground, releasing his hold on the arm.

"I'm sorry" whispers Miguel and he truly means it.

Robby roars with anger and spins as he gets up, hitting Miguel in the face with an elbow.

Miguel is stunned and can do nothing but stumble as the blow lands. The follow up kick to the knee causing him to twist and he not that far from the balcony guard for the second floor.

By the time Miguel gathers his bearings, his body is too heavy and he is too tired to muster up a guard. The kick is coming right at his chest and as it connects, he feels his lower back hit the metal railing and then he feels his feet lift up into the air.

He can't breath as looks up at the ceiling, he was falling. He couldn't be falling tho right? He had showed respect and honor to his opponent. He had done the right thing, but then why was he falling.

He tries to swing his arms, hoping and praying that something will magically come within his reach, that something will stop his fall. But as he sinks lower and lower, he knows that this.

He hears someone screaming his name, a female voice. He looks to the side and he sees Tory, her eyes wide with shock and concern. Her lips parted ever so slightly as she screamed his name. Her face was pale as she watched him fall.

He wanted to say that everything would be okay, that everything was gonna work out. But he couldn't breath, he couldn't stop flailing his arms and legs about. And worst of all, he knew that he couldn't stop falling.

'Sensei, I don't want to fall, I don't want to fail, I don't want to cry' thought Miguel as he closed his eyes as he knew he was about to hit something any second now.

And life made sure that he wasn't disappointed, he felt the beam press into his back with a force that he could never image. He felt what little air was left in his body ripped from his lungs and his world went black. He felt his body tumble, but he couldn't move, he couldn't do anything. He was so tired, tired, tired, tired.

'This is as good as any place to go to sleep' thought Miguel as he simply gave into the darkness that was consuming him.

Miguel was surrounded by darkness for a long time, only the sound of his breathing to keep him company. He couldn't move, not that he wanted to. His body was heavy and tired. He had never felt so tired in his life, not even when he first started training with sensei did his body feel this bad.

He was very much unsure of how he had been here, but surely someone was coming to get him right? He had school tomorrow, he couldn't miss school. His mom wouldn't allow it. So, why was no one here to wake him up, why was nobody trying to get up in time for school.

There was a flash of something in the distance and Miguel could only glimpse it out of the corner of his eye, his body refused to turn and see what it was. For the first time, Miguel looked down and saw that he couldn't see his hands or his torso or his legs.

It was as if he only existed from the head.

What's going on with me? Where am I?

But his voice never left his mouth, his words went unheard.

Why can't I speak? Why can't I move?

But the answer never came, as once again, nobody heard his question.

So, he sat there in the darkness, his only way to track time was his breathing. In and out, in and outx

19707 ins and 19706 outs later, there was another flash of light, this time in front of him.

He closed his eyes and when he opened them, the darkness was gone.

"AND IN THIS CORNER, WE HAVE THE DEFENDING CHAMPION, MIGUEL DIAZ!" screamed the announcer from the All Valley Tournament from last year.

Miguel looked down at his hands, his legs were there. But there was a tingling feeling that was running through his body, from the middle of his back down into this legs. He was dressed in his black Gi again, the Cobra Kai emblem on his left chest. The mat was the same, the ref was same, everything was the same as far as he could tell.

I have a body again, that's nice. I need a new one, the old one had a mean dent in the back of it.

Once again, Miguel found that he didn't have a voice to speak his words, his joke falling on only his own ears.

His opponent across from his was a blurry figure.

Ok, that guy is new, I don't know any blurry figures, mom wouldn't let me.

Miguel barely had time before that figure raced forward throwing a punch at his face that he could barely block, but as soon as his arm went up to block the blow, the figure was already spinning around his hastily put up defense.

Whirling around, Miguel found a knee burying itself into his ribs, causing him to gasp in pain. He took a step back, but that just allowed the figure to blur around his body and a hammer like blow slammed into his back, causing him to fall flat on his face as his entire world exploded on pain.

What is this pain? What is happening to me?

Miguel's body shook as he struggled to come to terms with the pain that he was experiencing and he found that he was in so much pain that he couldn't even move. Groaning, he found that the entire world around him was pure darkness once more and he was happy to not have a body anymore as the pain ceased to exist when his body did as well.

The downside was the since he could no longer see, feel, or hear anything, he had no way of knowing if time was passing again. So, he went to how he had done it the first time, in and out, in and out.

22412 in and 22411 out, that is how long it took for there to be another flash of light and Miguel was back in the arena, his Cobra Kai Gi on, ref and announcer saying something that he ignored this time, his attention solely fixed onto the blurry figure that was glitching in and out of existence before him.

You're not from around here are you?

Miguel frowned

Still no actual voice huh?

Miguel slipped into his fighting stance and this time he rushed the blurry figure, hoping to strike first, strike fast as sensei had always preached. But he found that the blurry figure was as fast as before, easily weaving in and out of his jabs. But he lacked the speed to land any hit, his arms and legs felt heavy, like he was swinging a pole that was too large to properly control. Growling with frustration, Miguel tried to land a jump kick, only to struggle to find the strength in his legs to jump.

Miguel's eyes darted back and forth, looking for the blurry figure before the scuffing of the mat alerted him to the location of the blurry figure behind him. He didn't have time to turn around before a foot made of brick slammed into the middle of his back and he hissed with pain, but remained on his feet.

He turned slowly to look at the figure, glaring with anger that he was unaware that he carry, Miguel found himself feeling strength return to his body. His legs that had felt like lead blocks only moments before were suddenly really light.

But as the strength returned to his body, so did his ability to feel pain. His back was burning, like a bubble of lava was placed under his skin, threatening to consume his entire being.

He dropped to his knees and he hissed in pain as the pain grew greater by the second and he found himself not breathing, his lungs seemingly frozen inside of his chest despite the heat surging through his back..

As he collapsed to the ground, Miguel was happy to find the darkness surrounding him, his body slowly disappearing. The darkness consumed the tournament around him and he found himself drifting off into the void, surrounded by sheer nothingness.

Is this really it for me?

That was a tough question that he was unable to answer despite it being his question. His entire life, he had always been waiting for something ... special to happen to him. He had been told that everything would be okay, that things would work out. But this didn't feel like things working out, this didn't feel like things being okay. He was tired, so very tired.

Maybe, I should just give up, take a short break and let the darkness consume me.

But then Miguel heard something that he hadn't heard in a while, his Yaya praying for someone's health.

Loving God, I pray that you will comfort me in my suffering, lend skill to the hands of my healers, and bless the means used for my cure. Give me such confidence in the power of your grace, that even when I am afraid, I may put my whole trust in you; through our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

She only says that one when she feels like someone is going to die, is she praying for me? I can't die on her, I can't die on my mom.

Miguel took a deep breath and the darkness around him faded, once again finding himself at the All Valley Tournament. His eyes looked around the room, everything was the same as the last two times that he had been here.

The blurry figure was waiting for him, but this time, it wasn't in a ready position to fight. Its body language was one of a person who was relaxed. It didn't appear as if it was going to fight him.

"Who are you?" asked Miguel, the words flowing out of his mouth much to his surprise.

"I'm you" replied the blurry figure as it lose it's blurriness and Miguel looked at his counterpart. He was a mess, blood leaking from his nose, blood smeared on his checks. His hair was caked to his forehead with a mixture of blood and sweat. He was wearing a long sleeved pink sweatshirt, a pair of black joggers and a pair of pink Nikes.

"I'm fighting myself" asked Miguel to his counterpart, his counterpart just shrugged and slid into a fighting stance that screamed lazy as it has several openings that Miguel could easily spot.

Miguel didn't want to fight anymore and didn't get into a stance, despite his counterpart being in a sloppy one.

"I don't want to fight anymore" said Miguel as he dropped onto the mat, landing on his backside.

"Miguel, if you can hear me, please don't stop fighting. You're getting better every day, just keep fighting" said a soft female voice.

Miguel looked up at the ceiling and around the room, but couldn't find the source of the voice. But they were pleading with him to not give up, to keep fighting. He couldn't let them down.

Outside of Miguel's mind:

Tory was holding Miguel's hand, his cold clammy hand was lifeless in her hand. She had come to visit him every single day after work. Her life was falling apart, her mother was sick, her brother could only eat when she was able to bring leftovers from the restaurant home.

But the worst thing was that the guy she cared for the most was sitting here in this hospital bed, weak and broken. AND IT WAS HER FAULT.

"Miguel, if you can hear me, please don't stop fighting. You're getting better every day, just keep fighting" she said as she continued to hold his hand.

She sat there for another hour, her hand never leaving his, until the alarm on her phone went off and she sighed.

"I have to go, I need to head home and get ready for work, I'll be back tomorrow"

She felt his hand squeeze hers ever so softly and she felt tears threaten to fall from her eyes, but she remained strong and put his hand back on the bed before letting go.

She gathered her stuff and quietly closed the door behind her, leaving him alone in the room.

Miguel coughed once, twice, and then thrice before his flickered open and he saw the bland tile of the ceiling above his bed.

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