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Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
Darlin', you give love a bad name
An angel's smile is what you sell

You promise me Heaven, then put me through hell
Chains of love got a hold on me
When passion's a prison, you can't break free

The music coming through the speaker was not the music that Miguel would have picked, but Johnny was tried of listening to his music and was playing music from his 80's playlist. But Miguel didn't mind it all that much to be honest, he was the one who had put together the playlist for Johnny, meaning all of the music was things that he approved of.

The blaring loud music was the perfect song to get amped to, and as Miguel did his push ups, his arms wobbled and ached, but he felt pushing himself up then down and back up again. Sweat was dripping down his face, his hair was stuck to his forehead, the long dark locks filling his forehead with heat. Sweat was stinging his eyes and he could feel the burn pulsing through his arms and chest.

By the sweet mercy of God, Miguel finally hit 200 push ups and he lowered himself to the ground and rolled onto his back.

"Good shit Miggy" compliment Johnny as he watched his student finish the last of the push ups.

Miguel blushed slightly at the compliment, but he gave Johnny a smile at the reassuring words.

"I feel like I'm getting back to being me" said Miguel as Johnny tossed him some Gatorade.

"When I first met you, you couldn't even do a push up, now you're doing 200 of them coming off of back surgery" said Johnny in amazement, "We might need to drink to that with something a little stronger than Cool Blue Gatorade"

Miguel rolled his eyes and he looked up at the stained ceiling of Johnny's apartment when something occurred to him.

"So, sensei, I have to ask. As shitty as these apartment are, they still cost money. You've been with me every day for like 7 weeks straight now, how are you paying rent?" asked Miguel

"I guess you don't know, but when I registered the Dojo, they made me take a bunch of test about health and safety bullshit. I ended up getting licensed to be a physical therapist or something. Anyway, when I volunteered to help you recover from your surgery, they sent me a check from your insurance company and I tried to give it to your mom, but she refused to take it and told me to use it however I see fit. Which has been buying all the equipment to help you recover and paying my rent off for like 6 months" explained Johnny

Miguel couldn't blame Johnny for taking the money, but it also made more sense

"So, how's things going with Tory?" asked Johnny

Miguel rolled his shoulders as he sat up, his back tingling as put himself into the sitting position.

"Things have been good, couple of dates outside the complex now that I can walk again" said Miguel, "But I want to do something a little more than just some fast food or a walk in the park"

Johnny grabbed a pair of beers from his fridge before dropping onto couch.

"Then you should" replied Johnny

'You make it sound so simple" replied Miguel as Johnny handed him one of the cans and they both cracked the cans of beer.

Miguel winced as the nasty taste of beer filled his mouth, but Johnny downed the entire can in a single breath and a couple of gulps. He crushed the can with his hand.

"I've dated more than a couple of girls Miguel" said Johnny with a far off look in his eyes, "when you meet the girl that you like, the girl that holds your attention, the girl that makes you not even see other girls, it is that simple. It's supposed to be easy kid"

Miguel handed the can of beer back to Johnny who guzzled it down in an instant and stood up, stretching his back as he did. The stiffness that was constantly felt in his back required consistent stretching to keep it from tightening up on him.

"So, was there ever a girl like that for you?" asked Miguel

"Yeah" admitted Johnny, "A couple actually, but that is a story for another time. You are gonna take this ... ummm"

Johnny fished into his pockets and pulled out several folded and bent bills.

"74 bucks, take Tory out to the movies or whatever it is that you kids do now" said Johnny as he counted out the money and pushed it into Miguel's hand before ushering him out of the door.

Miguel didn't even have time to say anything before the door was closed behind him and he confusingly walked back to his apartment and took a shower.

By the time he was out and just about finished getting dressed, he received the text message to come outside from Tory, bringing a soft smile to his face.

"It's supposed to be easy" repeated Miguel as he grabbed his wallet containing the cash that Johnny gave him before exiting his apartment and locking up behind him.

Walking up to the Jeep that his girlfriend was sitting in, Miguel pretended to hit on her as he walked up to the driver's side.

"Ay ma, you look mad cute, you got a man?" he asked in a stereotypical street voice

She rolled her eyes but played along, her curly hair framing her beautiful face perfectly in his opinion.

"Yeah, I got a man, you don't want to be here when he gets here" she said as she batted her eyelashes at him, "He's the jealous type"

"Oh really? I think I could take him" said Miguel as he puffed his chest out

"No you can't" stated Tory, "He's the All Valley Karate Champ"

Miguel faked a realizing face as he said "My bad"

Tory giggled and leaned down before planting a kiss on Miguel through the rolled down window and said "Get in the car"

Miguel nodded as he could still feel the phantom feeling of her lips on his as he walked around the front of car before sliding into the passenger seat. He slipped a hand around Tory before pulling her into a deep kiss himself.

When they parted, they didn't turn from looking at each other, Miguel looked into Tory's eyes and she asked "What was that about?"

"I'm just showing you that I like you, making it plain and simple to see" said Miguel softly

Tory felt her face warm up before she kissed him again softly.

Across California:

Kreese slowed down on his motorcycle as he came across a scene that didn't look promising. Sliding off his bike, he looked sideways at the totaled minivan that sat on the side of the road. The front of the car was wrapped around a street light post and had clearly seen better days. The blood on the dash board and the lack of blood on the driver's seat told him that the driver had smashed their head on the dashboard upon crashing. They most likely had a rather serious head injury from the impact, they couldn't have gotten far.

Walking up closer, Kreese touched the blood, feeling that while it was drying, it was still mostly liquid. From his time in the Army, Kreese knew that that mean that the blood had been there for less than an hour. The smell of it was also human, another piece of knowledge that the Army had provided him. Ah, the great experience that it had provided him, the ability to smell that blood belonged to a human and the ability to place how long blood had been staining something, you didn't get such trauma based skills at your corner store.

Pulling back from the car, Kreese looked around. There was a small series of trees to his right. But that wasn't were someone who had just been in an accident would go. No, you don't venture into the unknown if you were hurt. Glancing to his left, it was a hill that lead to a small dirty pond. If they had gone that way, he'd be able to see them.

No, they didn't go left or right. Which meant they would either be forced to go forward or back where they came from. He hadn't passed any hitchhikers on the way here. Plus, Robby was running from his issues, he would not be returning to the valley just because of a car crash.

No, Robby would have stumbled forward, no matter how badly he was running. The kid was running from his past, his mistakes, his pride wouldn't allow him to return to valley.

A true shame because the kid was going to return whether he wanted to or not, it wasn't his choice. Johnny and that pathetic LaRusso had put him on the chess board already. Johnny refused to use him, treating him as a piece that was tucked away in the corner of the board never to be used. While LaRusso was a little better, using Robby as a Bishop or Rook, but even he was not giving the kid enough credit.

Robby was more than that, the kid was the son of Johnny fucking Lawrence. He was the Heir to the entire Cobra Kai system. Johnny refused to bring his son in, LaRusso limited him by being soft. But Kreese knew that once he sunk his Cobra Kai fangs into Robby, he would have his new 'Queen' per say if you wanted to continue with the chess metaphor.

While Tory was quite the fighter, she was far too independent and strong willed for Kreese to control for long. He knew that, she brought him more time as clearly Tylor and Hawk weren't going to be enough to lead them into the next phase of his plan.

Now, he just had to find the child.

Back with Miguel and Tory:

The young couple had gone to the movies, they had seen a terrible movie called Shadow in the Cloud, it had started a young attractive actress that they had both recognized, Chloƫ Grace Moretz. But the movie had so bad that it had quickly become funny to watch. They stumbled out of the theatre and onto the strip.

Miguel laced his left hand into her right hand as they walked down the various shops. Stopping at a Pizzeria, Miguel brought them a large cheese pizza and the two of them sat outside in the mild 60 degree weather.

"I am so sorry for picking that movie" apologized Miguel

"I think everyone is just sorry that it came out" joked Tory and they both laughed.

"So, how goes the rehabbing?" asked Tory after they stopped laughing, "You look like you're starting to lose weight"

"It's been going good" answered Miguel honestly, "I've been struggling to meet my former marks on things like push ups and sit ups, but sensei has been with me every step of the way"

"That's good"

"Yeah, we've gotten far into things. I'm getting back up to around 200 push ups again. It feels like I'm moving in slow motion right now. I have been doing all the school work that they give me, but even with me getting back to as close to normal that I can, I feel like I'm missing out on things" continued Miguel

"I get it" whispered Tory, "You've done everything right and somehow things just aren't breaking your way"

Miguel nodded and a waiter brought the large pizza on a pan to their table.

Miguel thanked the waiter and said "You get it" to Tory.

"I mean yeah, I know the uphill battle, that's my entire life until this point. This is the first time that I can remember where it feels like I can take a deep breath and simply live" replied Tory.

"What about you? Excited to be heading back to school?" asked Miguel

"Eh, a little bit. It might hurt my pockets but with the car, I can work a little bit later and still make it home way before I ever did" answered Tory

"When do you go back?" asked Miguel

"I start back up on the first of next month" said Tory as she grabbed a slice of the hot fresh pizza, the cheese broke apart and there was a long link of melted cheese that went from the slice in her hand back to the rest of the pie on the table.

She bit through the line and smiled as the cheesy goodness melted in her mouth.

"Hopefully I'll be back in school around that time as well, I feel like I'm getting close to being back to myself" added Miguel as he grabbed a slice himself and bit into the large triangle of pizza.

"That's good because while you're going to crush it back at school fairly shortly, I'm more interested in seeing you slip on that black Cobra Kai All Valley Champion Gi again at show the pathetic squirts we got down at the Dojo how it's really done" Commented Tory as she took a picture of Miguel biting into the pizza with her phone and uploaded it to Instagram.

"You're going to be waiting probably forever then" said Miguel firmly

Tory looked concerned by his words and raised an eyebrow "Are you afraid to fight? Because I understand that 100 percent"

"No, I am not afraid to fight, it's something else" dismissed Miguel

"You're out of practice, nothing some light spars over the next couple of weeks can't cure" said Tory as she continued to push the idea of Miguel returning to Cobra Kai once more

"Sensei and I are actually going to start on that in 2 weeks" said Miguel

"That's great to hear, but why do you still call Johnny, 'sensei'? He's not a sensei at Cobra Kai anymore" questioned Tory

"Because he's my sensei" answer Miguel, his words coming out sharp

"He was your sensei, Kreese is your sensei now" corrected Tory

"No, he's not" insisted Miguel

"But when you come back to" started Tory

"I'm not coming back to Cobra Kai" said Miguel sternly, his face completely serious

"You're not coming back to Cobra Kai, why not?" demanded Tory

"Because Kreese is a bad guy, I don't like him" answered Miguel "I refuse to fight for him, I refuse to learn from him. I'm not his champion. He's taught me nothing other than he's a liar and not to be trusted"

Tory frowned "He's been nothing but kind to me"

"I'm sure he has, he was Johnny's sensei. He was nice to Johnny as well, until Johnny refused to fight dirty against LaRusso back in the day" countered Miguel

Tory went quiet as she mulled over what Miguel had revealed to her. She was sure that there was more to the story, nothing on this planet was ever so black and white. And she knew that Kreese had only provided what he had to her in exchange for her leading listens for 2 weeks as he went on a 'trip' as he put it.

But she hadn't thought that Miguel would simply not come back to the dojo, she wasn't sure that she would continue to be with Cobra Kai if Miguel refused to ever return. But then where did that leave her in life? Cobra Kai had been the best thing outside of Miguel to ever happen to her, but she wasn't sure which one was going to be a long term thing at the moment. Realistically, after high school ended, she could become a sensei at Cobra Kai and make more than enough money.

On the other hand, Miguel was someone she loved and trusted. And he was saying that Kreese and Cobra Kai weren't to be trusted no matter what. She couldn't just ignore such a warning from someone she trusted. However at the end of the day, she was a big girl and had to make her own decision. And that decision wasn't going to be made today.

Miguel reached across the table and grabbed her hand, "Hey don't worry about it, we don't need to talk about any of that stuff anymore. Let's just enjoy the moment"

Tory nodded.

Sacramento California:

Kreese pulled into the parking lot of a cheap shitty motel. The appearance of the place was awful, the price of 17 dollars a night made him all too aware of what kind of place this was. His Army buddies and himself had been to places like this before, back in the good old days. They had partaken in so many sins in seedy places like this that he couldn't ever count them all, he could only ask for forgiveness from the guy upstairs.

Sliding off his bike, he didn't bother going into the sham of a front office, his 'friends' had already told him where he needed to go. Walking to his left, he stopped in front of the door 117. A fitting number for such a strong young man. His large hand knocked on the door once, twice, thrice.

The door opened slowly and Kreese caught his first glimpse of Robby Keene. The young man looked like Johnny in so many ways, the gash on his forehead reminded Kreese of the kind that he had seen so many times.

"The son of karate sensei Johnny Lawrence and alcoholic Shannon Keene. Initially a troublemaker that breaks the rules, Robby begins to change his ways after training with Daniel LaRusso." said Kreese in a mocking tone, "But really the kid is a shark who willingly kicked a kid over the railing at school, sending the kid to his death"

Robby paled at hearing those worse, he was clearly in no condition to fight from what Kreese could see.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Robby

"You're second chance" said Kreese with a sly smirk on his face.

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