The first thing I saw when my eyes open was darkness. It felt like my body was floating on a wave and there was no sound.

?: 'Where am I?'

I thought while trying to spot anything in the darkness.

?: 'Actually, who am I?'

Now growing increasingly worried.

?: 'I can't seem to remember anything about myself from when I was alive. The only things that come to mind are anime or stories I've read.'

I thought, glad some of my memories were still there.

The darkness and silence were peaceful and it was slowly making me grow tired.

?: 'I think sleep sounds good. It's the only thing I can do after all.'

I thought to myself. Out of nowhere, I heard what sounded like a humming noise. Opening my eyes I looked around and spotted a bright glowing orb of light.

[Your awake, good now we can begin.]

The shining orb said to me.

?: "What are you?"

I said back to the orb.

[I'm The Game known as Zero. A cosmic entity. And you are dead!]

?: 'Dead? How am I dead? I don't remember!'

[Well, You was stabbed to death by your girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.]

What...wait now I remember, her ex-boyfriend was very angry that his ex-girlfriend break up with him and jealous that I has stolen his ex-girlfriend.

[Anyway, you've been chosen as the Host of the Gamer System!]

The Gamer? As in, like the system from solo leveling!


Skills Gained

[Gamer's Mind] (Passive)

Allows the user to calmly and logically think.

Gives a peaceful state of mind

Immunity to psychological status effect

[Gamer's Body] (Passive)

Gives the body the ability to live like an RPG character

[Observe] (Active)

Provides information about the target

So, this system is like a game in a RPG. Is that means can I learn magic?

[You can actually. Let us get started.]

Choose Your Class

[Fighter] [Rogue] [Mage] [Support]

I want to learn magic. The others probably have their strong points. Like learning to use a sword, but magic. Who would give up that?

Choose Your Specialization

[Elementalist] [Summoner] [Necromancer] [Druid] [Illusionist]

What would be the best choice? Summoner and Necromancer sound amazing, but I don't want to have to rely on others. Druid... fuck that. I'm not going to be a tree hugger. Illusionist... I would have to trick others to fight for me. Elementalist is my choice.

Choose an element

[Pyrokinisis] [Aerokinisis] [Geokinisis] [Cryokinisis] [Hydrokinisis] [Locked] [Locked] ...

I was hoping for something with shadows that may be light. However, I guess I need to work for those.

I don't want Geokenisis because honestly, it is one of the lamest elements. So what you can control earth. It isn't like you can cause earthquakes. Well... you probably can, but it must be a lot of work. That may be something for another time.

Hydrokinesis sounds like an amazing choice. However, ice would be an upgrade to that element and it much cooler. That leaves Ice, fire, and air. Ice and fire sound amazing and I could bring down chaos, but fire seem better to me.

Class Gained

[Pyromancer] - LVL 1/100

Gain 5 INT and 5 WIS every level

Skills Gained

[Fire Magic (Novice)](Passive)

Gained instinctual knowledge about fire magic.

Fire Magic related spells are 10% stronger.


From your hand spews fort a small flame that burns and bites your target, Deals INT plus 50 Fire Damage

Costs: 50 MP

[Fire bullet]

Shoots bullets of fire from your finger. Deals INT plus 25 Fire Damage

Costs: 25 MP per bullet

[Fire Spear]

Launch spears of fire at your target. Deals INT plus 100 Fire Damage.

Costs: 100 MP

[Fire Wall]

Create an large wall made of fire for protection.

Costs: 50 MP

It's not bad at all, now my status.


Level - 1

Class - Pyromancer - LVL 1/100

Race - Human

Rank - Mortal

Alignment - Neutral Evil

HP - 100 [20 per minute]

MP - 150 [30 per minute]

STR - 10

END - 10

DEX - 10

INT - 15

WIS - 15

CHA - 10

LUK - 10

Points - 5

MP Regen = WIS X 2

MP = INT X 10

HP Regen = END X 2

HP = END X 10

So, my new name is Keith then again I don't remember my original name anyway.

Would you like to roll a random drawback for a perk?

[Yes] [No] ?

Sure why not let's test my luck.

Cursed gained!

[Stats Points Seal]

Your extra stats points from leveling up and training are locked until all five different classes are max. Only gains stats by leveling up your classes and stats crystal.

Perk Gained

[Great Magic Core]

Your magic generator is greater than many other

Mana regen from WIS is Tripled.

Shit! Oh man now I have to raise with the classes and stats crystal, but that magic core perk is helpful. Okay, one more time!

Trait Gained.

[Minor Sin of Lust]

You are attracted to the opposite gender, and it shows. After all, everybody has needs, but don't mistake this for perviness, there IS a difference.

Perk Gained.

[Alpha Male] (Passive)

You are the alpha of all male in any world. You are stronger, faster and smarter than any man that weaker than you will feel inferior compared to you and almost all women are attracted to you even if they don't know why!

All Stat gain and class EXP are doubled

All Rep, Affection and obedience gains increased by double to all female.

Alright! That perk will help me grow stronger way faster. Okay, okay, one more go...? Please be another good-

Trait Gained

[Major Sin of Greed]

You are never satisfied. Women, Money and Power you always want more and more...

Perk Gained

[Adonis Reborn] (Passive)

You are reincarnation the God of Beauty and desire. Your so handsome that all women are attracted to you even The goddess of love, Aphrodite will think that you are Adonis himself.

CHA is multiply by five

Increase successful with Charisma check

Trait Added.

[Perfect Dick]

Your dick will be the perfect size for the opposite sex. Your dick will never get tired after multiple sex!

[Perfect Body]

Your body will always be good looking no matter what you eat.

Okay three peak is good enough for me, time see my stats.



Level - 1

Class - Pyromancer - LVL 1/100

Race - Human

Alignment - True Neutral

HP - 100 [20 per min]

MP - 200 [120 per min]

STR - 10

END- 10

DEX - 10

INT - 20

WIS - 20

CHA - 10 X 5 (50)

LUK - 10

MP Regen = WIS X 6

MP = INT X 10

HP Regen = END X 2

HP = END X 10

Cool, I get 10 in Int and Wis from my classes instead of 5.

[Now we got that out of the way, you can finally start your adventure. One more thing...]

Skill Gained

[ID Create] (Active)

Creates an instant dungeon. More dungeon will unlock once each is complete.

Dungeons available

[Empty] [Zombie]

[Good luck with your next life! Try not to die too early, please.]

Keith: "Wait which world am I going to?"

[Sorry, but it's completely random, so good luck!]

The next thing I knew I was surrounded by a bright light and lost consciousness.

[You have slept in a bed HP and MP restored]

I awoke and opened my eyes but as soon as I did that a ton of knowledge hit my head.

After that massive surge of knowledge is over it give me a headache and feels dizzy so I just flops my ass down on to the ground and tries to calm down.

After few minutes I starts to feel fine and realizes that I am in Highschool Dxd world, my new identity Is Keith Vermillion and my new background.

I just moved to my family mansion in Kuoh which is fully furnished. I am wealthy from my deceased parents income.

I has my own wardrobe full clothes to every occasion but both of my "parents" wardrobes are there too so if any women needs new clothes, I can just take them for my mother's wardrobe.

I've look in the mirror in my room and looking back at myself I have a handsome face, short jet-black spiky hair with red highlights, I was standing at 183 cm (6 ft) with blue eyes with a muscular body and a slight tan skin.

Suddenly I hear a unfamiliar female voice.

Welcome host, I am the game system

Transfer was completed without any problems. If you have any questions you can ask now!

Keith: 'System what functions do you offer me?'

Host can currently use the following features Stats, Shop, Inventory and Quests

Keith: 'Okay I understand, and you can call me Keith and I'll call you Isis'

Hidden Quest Completed

[Name The System]

Rewards - Starter pack, 5000 credits

Keith: 'Damn I'm only here a few minutes and I'm already getting free stuff. Isis can you show me my stats'


Keith Vermillion

Race: Human

Level - 1

Class - Pyromancer - LVL 1/100

Race - Human

Alignment - True Neutral

HP - 100 [20 per minute]

MP - 200 [120 per minute]

STR - 10

END- 10

DEX - 10

INT - 20

WIS - 20

CHA - 10 X 5 = (50)

LUK - 10

Points -Locked

Credits: 5000

MP Regen = WIS X 6

MP = INT X 10

HP Regen = END X 2

HP = END X 10

As a reminder what the stats means

What each status relates to:

[Strength] (STR)

Strength measures your physical strength, which includes carry weight and how much force you can exert.

[Endurance] (END)

Endurance measures your health points and how quick they regenerate.

[Dexterity] (DEX)

Dexterity measures how deft you are with your hands, feet and determines your overall speed, agility and balance.

[Intelligence] (INT)

Intelligence determines how smart you are and affects your mana pool.

[Wisdom] (WIS)

Wisdom improves decision making, affects mana and is the sole factor in mana regeneration.

[Charisma] (CHA)

Charisma determines how well you can sweet talk people and how others see you. This affects how people perceive you and how easily approachable you are and people are more inclined to trust you.

[Luck] (LUK)

Luck can affect anything. Mainly affects quantity and quality of drops, outstanding successes or failures, critical hits.

Keith: 'Hmmmm, too bad I can't use any my points to increase my stats until I max out three classes. Hey, Isis can you open the starter pack for me.'

Yes, sir!

Starter Pack opened

-Gacha Tokens x3

-10,000 credit

-Necklace of Burning

Increase damage on Fire Spell by 10%

Keith: "The necklace will be helpful and I will saved my gacha tokens for later."

I walk out my home as I head out for school.

Keith: 'Hey, Isis how much time I have before the canon time to begin?'

About a week, sir

Keith: 'Good have enough to get stronger before canon begun!'

I managed to make it to school before the time ran out. Walking up to the gates I saw a girl that was wearing glasses tapping her foot. Walking up to her she noticed me and started walking over to me. While she was walking over to me I used [Observe].

Sona Sitri

Title: Chess Master, Heiress of the Sitri Pillar, Student Council President

Race – Pure-Blooded Devil

LVL - 63

HP – 10000

MP – 24000

STR – 72

END – 100

DEX – 78

INT – 120

WIS – 130

CHA – 95

LCK – 75

Sona: "Your new student right? Keith Vermillion?"

She asked me. I nodded my head at her kind of shock at how high her level and Magic is.

Sona: "My name is Souna Shitori. I'm the student council president and I am to show you around and lead you to your class."

Keith: "Nice to meet you Souna."

She nodded her head and starting showing me around.

She started leading me through the school showing me around. I noticed she would take peaks at me from the corner of my eye when she thought I wasn't looking. I didn't say anything and just continued looking around. Eventually, she leads me to my class and let me be.

I entered the classroom and all the girls started squealing and taking a look at them I saw lust in their eyes. The boys were staring at me like they were planning ways to kill me.

Teacher: "Will you introduced yourself to the class?"

My teacher asked me.

Keith: "Hello, My name is Keith Vermillion."

All the girls in the class raised their hands. I pointed at one of them and she asked me a question.

Girl: "Are you a pervert?"

Keith: "That is a very weird question. My answer is no, I respect all women and their privacy."

I said to her. Almost all the class lowered their hands and they all were happy with my answer and started whispering to their friends.

I pointed to another person and she asked her questions.

Girl 2: "Are you single and looking to be in a relationship?

Keith: "Yes, I'm single at the moment."

I answered back making all girls squeal in happiness.

Teacher: "OK, enough everyone settles down and no more questions. Keith you can sit next to Issei. Issei raises your hand."

He said. Issei raised his hand and I started walking to him.

Issei gave me a death stare as I just sighed and I sat down. I look towards the stereotypical protagonist seat while he stopped staring at me and he seem a plain looking dude as I hit him with [Observe] just in case, but the stats are so disappointing and weak.

Issei Hyoudou

Title: The Future Harem King, Red Dragon Emperor

Race – Human

LVL – 2

HP – 100

MP - 10

STR – 10

END – 10

DEX – 10

INT – 1

WIS – 1

CHA – 3

LCK – 100

He really is pathetic exccept for his luck, I could kill him with one spells. Issei is so weak that I don't know how these girls fell for him maybe because his high luck make all the girls to fall a love with him and he was too dense and stupid to realize he already had the harem he wished for so if you ask me he deserved this the answer is yes, but this Issei is not the original he just a copy created the Game. I won't make the same mistake that most harem protagonists do, for I will be the TRUE HARME KING! What better to do then gather a harem in the bountiful land of sexy women.

Quest Added

[A Man's Greatest Dream]

Show these harem protagonist what a real harem looks like and amass a harem of the most desirable women in any universe!

Objective A: Make a harem of 5 girls

Objective B: Make a harem of 25 girls

Objective C: Make a harem of 50 girls

Objective D: Make a harem of 100 girls

Bonus Objective A: Get 10 villains to join your harem

Bonus Objective B: Get girls from 10 different species to your harem

Bonus Objective C: Get 5 goddesses to join your harem

Rewards A: 50 stat points, 5000 Credits, 5 Gacha, All harem members get a permanent 10% stat increase, [Harem Prince] Title

Rewards B: 500 stat points, 50,000 Credits, 10 Gacha Token, all harem members get a permanent 25% stat increase, [Harem King] Title

Rewards C: 2500 stat points, 250,000 Credits, 25 Gacha Tokens, All harem members get a permanent 50% stat increase, [Harem Emperor] Title

Rewards D: 10000 stat points, 1,000,000 Credits, 50 Gacha Tokens, All harem members get a permanent 100% stat increase, [Harem God] Title

Bonus Rewards A: 250 stat points, 100,000 Credits, 10 Gacha Token, [Heartseeker] Perk

Bonus Rewards B: 5000 Stat points, 800,000 Credits, 50 Gacha Tokens, [Love for All] Perk

Bonus Rewards C: 10,000 stat points. 7,500,000 Credits, 100 Gacha Tokens, [Divine Seducer] Perk

Awesome, I can't wait to get all that rewards.

-Timeskip: Few Hours Later-

The rest of the day goes as normal as any school day would, with some girls trying to get to know me as my perk works amazingly. I honestly don't give them much attention, nodding along and smiling through their chatter. Thankfully, because of how low my magic is, Sona and Rias ignore me completely since they are focusing on Issei because of his broken power of his sacred gear. Not long after, the day finally ends as excitement bubbles inside of me, wanting to try out actual magic for the first time.

I give a quick glance to my home before walking further, hiding in an alley when I made sure no one was following me. I use [ID Create] and choose Zombie, since that's the only thing I currently have.

As soon as I use it, cracks appear on the ground and walls of the alleyway I'm in. I walk out, seeing Kuoh completely ruined, and not a single life is seen.

Quest Added

[First Dungeon]

Objective: Kill 100 Undeads (0/100)

Bonus Objective 1: Kill Dungeon Boss

Bonus Objective 2: Clear Dungeon without being below 50% health point

Reward: 500 Exp, 1X Gacha Token, 500 credits

Bonus Reward 1: 2000 Exp, 2X Gacha Token, 2000 credits

Bonus Reward 2: 5000 Exp, 3X Gacha Token, 5000 credits

I had heard the sound of shambling feet and groaning, so they are just generic zombies.

As the zombie walks onto the street and into my sight I take the chance to observe it [Observe]


LVL - 1

HP - 90/90

Really? 90 HP? I guess being a zombie reduce your max health as their body slowly rotting away, I have no reason to be concerned I could probably torch the first enemy with one spell since I remember that undead are weak against fire.

Keith: "[Firebolt]!"

I watched as the firebolt hit the zombies chest and immediately exploded onto the rest of the zombies body as if it was gasoline, before I could comprehend what just happened the zombie had dropped dead on the ground and I got a few notifications

[Level Up!]

Slay 100 Zombies (1/100)

Items Added!

Rotten Flesh x1

Yen x10

This is going to be so fucking easy lol. Anyways I'm off to kill more zombies!


Killed [Zombie LVL 1] x10

Killed [Zombie LVL 2] x10

Killed [Zombie LVL 3] x10

Killed [Zombie LVL 4] x10

Killed [Zombie LVL 5] x10

[Level Up!] X8

Slay 100 Zombies (50/100)

Items Added!

Yen x1000

Rotten Flesh x108

[END Stat Crystal] X3

Use to increase END by 5

[DEX Stat Crystal]

Use to increase DEX by 5

That was way too easy, I just spammed Firebolt on every single zombie, At least I got some good loot, I got 3 END Stat Crystals and 1 DEX Stat Crystal, i also got some skills and new perks for leveling up, so this is my status now.

Keith Vermillion

Race: Human

Level - 10

Class - Pyromancer - LVL 10/100

Race - Human

Alignment - True Neutral

HP - 400 [80 per minute]

MP - 2200 [1320 per minute]

STR - 10

END- 40

DEX - 20

INT - 110

WIS - 110

CHA - 10 X 5 = (50)

LUK - 10

Points -Locked

MP Regen = WIS X 12

MP = INT X 20

HP Regen = END X 2

HP = END X 10

Peak Added:

[Mana Battery] -(100 INT)

Mana gained from INT is doubled

[Magic Factory] -(100 WIS)

Doubles MP Regeneration

Skills Added:

[Close Wounds]

Flames that heal wounds and slowly close them, Heals 150 plus INT

Cost: 50 MP

[Fire Bomb]

You create a small bomb of fire that burns any that touch it, any who touch it will take 15 Fire Damage and be stunned

Can be made to cause an explosion of moderate size that deals 375INT Damage to any in range

Cost: 250 MP

I used those Stat Crystal immediately and that was definitely the right call, look at my HP now!

[50 Zombies Have Been Slain! Mini Boss Zombie Legion Will Now Spawn]

In front of me a massive pile of zombies fused together into one horrifying entity that should be killed on fucking sight! It's just so stupidly gross that it deserves to die! [Observe]

Zombie Legion

LVL - 20

HP - 2000/2000

It rushes me, making me cast Flame Wall in front of me. I widen my eyes and roll out of the way as it breaks through the wall with ease. As it keeps on going forward, I use the chance to bombard it with fire bombs. It dies after one minute of non-stop attacks to its back causing me to sigh in relief. If it had hit me, then I could've easily died...

I need someone to help me out. I might be able to easily overpower anything with pure offensive capabilities after a few levels but... One hit from these things and I'm dead.

A chest appears where the mini boss died, and I quickly jog over to it.

[END Stat Crystal]

Use to increase END by 5

[LUK Stat Crystal] (x3)

Use to increase LUK by 5

[STR Stat Crystal] (x2)

Use to increase STR by 5

I chuckle and use the crystal, checking on my stats once again

Keith Vermillion

Race: Human

Level - 15

Class - Pyromancer - LVL 15/100

Race - Human

Alignment - True Neutral

HP - 500 [100 per minute]

MP - 3200 [1920 per minute]

STR- 30

END- 50

DEX- 20

INT- 160

WIS- 160

CHA- 10 X 5 = (50)

LUK- 40

Points -Locked

MP Regen = WIS X 12

MP = INT X 20

HP Regen = END X 2

HP = END X 10

Okay with that done. It's time for some more zombie slaying

-50 More Zombies Later-

Killed [Zombie LVL 10] x50

[Level Up!] X 5

Slay 100 Zombies (100/100)

Items Added!

Yen x4000

Rotten Flesh x102

LCK Stat Crystal x3

CHA Stat Crystal x1

I'm so tired of this shit, Can I just fight the boss already? I have been here for like 2 hours at this point! I got to level 20 Now, And just look at my status.

Keith Vermillion

Race: Human

Level - 20

Class - Pyromancer - LVL 20/100

Race - Human

Alignment - True Neutral

HP - 500 [100 per minute]

MP - 4200 [2520 per minute]

STR - 30

END- 50

DEX - 20

INT - 210

WIS - 210

CHA - 10 X 5 = (50)

LUK - 40

Points -Locked

MP Regen = WIS X 12

MP = INT X 20

HP Regen = END X 2

HP = END X 10

Skill upgraded:

[Fire Magic (Apprentice)](Passive)

Gained instinctual knowledge about fire magic.

Fire Magic related spells are 20% stronger.

Skill Added:

[Fire Resistance (Apprentice)]

You gain a 20% resistance to fire damage

[Ray of Heat]

A large ray of burning energy shout out of your hand and scorches whatever it touches, on impact it will deal 600INT Fire Damage before exploding and dealing an extra 400 Explosion Damage

Cost: 250 MP

[Hellish Rebuke]

Whenever you are attacked with a physical attack you can rebuke with flames that are as hot and potent as hellfire itself, this rebuke can't be dodged, reflected or countered only endured

This attack deals 150 plus (DAMAGE TAKENx2) Fire Damage

Cost: 300 MP

[Fire Storm]

Where you target this spell, a large storm of fire erupts to burn and scorch all those in it's vicinity, Deals 1575 plus (INTx2) Fire Damage to anyone who is near the storm when it is created, and deals an extra 20 Fire Damage every 5 seconds to everyone in the storm

Cost: 500 MP

I also got some of these Stat Crystals and a stupid amount of rotten flesh this I can probably never use, maybe I could rotten flesh in potions later but right now i just don't care about that.

[LCK Stat Crystal] x3

Use to increase Luck by 5

[CHA Stat Crystal] x1

Use to increase CHA by 5

And here is the shitty amount of Rotten Flesh that I got.

[Rotten Flesh] x182

Yep some zombies (more like most zombies) dropped 2 Units for rotten flesh so now i have way too much in my inventory, also my theory of being able to use it in crafting was confirmed by the game because in my inventory it was sorted in the [Crafting Material] Tab which just makes me wonder what I could even craft with it? Like could I make some potions with it or could I make like an anti-zombie sword? Eh Questions for later.

So how is that quest now?

[First Dungeon]

Objective: Kill 100 Undeads (100/100) [Completed]

Bonus Objective 1: Kill Dungeon Boss

Bonus Objective 2: Clear Dungeon without being below 50% health point

Reward: 1000 Exp, 1X Gacha Token, 5000 yen

Bonus Reward 1: 3000 Exp, 2X Gacha Token, 20000 yen

Bonus Reward 2: 6000 Exp, 3X Gacha Token, 50000 yen

Alright so all I need to do is defeat the first Boss in this dungeon and I get my reward.


[You have Killed 100 Zombies, Special Boss Zombie Death Knight Has Appeared]

As I read those notifications, a large undead monster appears, it has a rotten dark face with glowing red eyes, wields a large broadsword that's around triple my size, has a large shield that it could use to block most attacks with and probably bash my head in and dark plate armor

I'm so fucked aren't I? [Observe]

Death Knight

LVL - 25

HP - 25000/25000

MP - 0

STR - 125

END - 125

DEX - 15

INT - 40

WIS - 40

CHA - 1

LCK - 5

[Death Knights Broadsword]

This is the weapon wielded by a Strong Death Knight to slaughter it's enemies to great effect, it has a special curse that makes it so that any who are of a holy race cannot wield it.

Damage - STR plus 50 Physical

[Death Knights Shield]

This is a large shield wielded by a Strong Death Knight to defend it from harm and attacks. It cannot be pierced by weak attacks.

This shield blocks 50% of all the damage of Physical Attacks

This shield cannot block magical attacks

25000 HP! Those Physical Stats! That Fucking Weapon! That Shield! I'm so Fucked! Why me!

While I am busy with screaming about how bullshit this is the Death Knight notices me and glares at me with the hate that could only be made by a undead with a hatred of the living

The Death Knight runs towards me with surprising speed and I cast 2 [Fire Storm] Spells before it gets too close, I aim the storms at it's feet because i'm not risking any damage with this

The Death knight hollows in pain at my attack for a few seconds before rushing me with renewed vigor. As the Death Knight approaches slashes it's broadsword at me I attempt to dodge it and succeed, after I dodge the blade I cast [Ray of Heat] 3 times. The rays burn off it's shoulder before exploding and knocking the Death Knight on the ground

Seeing my chance to end this bitch once and for all I rapidly spam [Fire Storm] four times on the visible chest of the Death Knight and watch in maybe a bit too much delight as it's kicks and screams in pain, but I avoid it kick

Holy shit this is way too fucking satisfying! How much HP does it have left [Observe]

Death Knight

LVL - 25

HP - 10590/25000

It still has 10K Health left? This is so fucking ridiculous, imagine if it didn't have that weakness to fire I would just fall over dead on the spot! Wait that means it still isn't dead.

I spam the spells that don't take time to use or could damage me [Hellish Rebuke] [Fire Storm] [Fire Storm] [Fire Storm] [Fire Storm]

The Death Knight immediately gets blasted by a large torn of flames that originate from his sword while storms and streams of fire consume his body, with it realizing that this may very well be the last moments of it's undead life.

The flames have already covered his entire body and he is now dying for good

The Death Knight Falls to the ground, now nothing but a burning corpse.

Huh, I did it.

Keith: "I won!"

Killed [Death Knight LVL 25] x1

[Level up] X5

Take that you game, I got a stupid amount of EXP for that kill, and I also got a strange item dropped

Items Added!

x100,000 yen

Death Knights Broadsword x1

Death Knights Shield x1

Summon Unlock Card - Death Knight x1

STR Stat Crystal x5

DEX Stat Crystal x5

END Stat Crystal x5

Now the money is normal, I defeated a really difficult boss of course I should get some money But that summon unlock card means I could summon it later. But when I try to actually use the item it says.

[Missing Pre-Requisite Skill]

And when I look at the items description it says that it gets summoned with Create Undead, so that means I probably need to get the [Necromancer] Before Using it.

Also I should probably use not just my new stat crystals but also the previous ones that I forgot to use before fighting the Death Knight.

With those changes to my stats and some of the new skill and perks that I probably got for leveling up, here is my Status.

Keith Vermillion

Race: Human

Level - 25

Class - Pyromancer - LVL 25/100

Race - Human

Alignment - True Neutral

HP - 2000 [400 per minute]

MP - 5200 [3120 per minute]

STR - 80

END- 100

DEX - 70

INT - 260

WIS - 260

CHA - 20 X 5 = (100)

LUK - 70

Points -Locked

MP Regen = WIS X 12

MP = INT X 20

HP Regen = END X 4

HP = END X 20

Perks Added:

[Strong Constitution] - 100 END

Doubles HP/Regen Gained from END

[Lord of Mana] - 250 INT

Once a day, your MP refills completely after it hits 0

All spells cost 10% less MP

[Wisdom of a Sage] - WIS 250

Your MP regenerates 25% Faster

Pary Members gain bonus EXP

Skills Added:

[Barrage Of Fire Arrows]

Out of the sky 10 arrows made of fire rain down on your opponent with the intent to penetrate their body and burn their insides, all arrows deal 400 plus (INTx2) Fire Damage

For Every 10 INT you have another arrow is added

Cost: 1000 MP

[Fire Arrow]

Out of your hand shoots forward a single fire arrow that penetrates a targets body and deals 400 plus (INTx2) Fire Damage

Cost: 100 MP

With that done, I had finally completed the quest in the dungeon.

Quest Completed

[First Dungeon]

Objective: Kill 100 Undeads (100/100) [Completed]

Bonus Objective 1: Kill Dungeon Boss [Completed]

Bonus Objective 2: Clear Dungeon without being below 50% health point [Completed]

Reward: 1000 Exp, 1X Gacha Token, 5000 yen

Bonus Reward 1: 3000 Exp, 2X Gacha Token, 20000 yen

Bonus Reward 2: 6000 Exp, 3X Gacha Token, 50000 yen

New Dungeon Available: Goblin

I have enough for today. I exited out of the dungeon as I was walking back home with a content smile on my face.

Sona POV:

Sona is sitting at her desk in the student councilor office.

Sona: 'I can sense something from Keith, it's faint but yet I felt drawn to him a unknown reason. Now the question remains does he know or is it just something powerful about him? Maybe I can get him before Rias.'