-4 days later-

During the few days of training in the dungeon, Rias and her peerage have made great progress in the dungeon.

Rias Gremory

Title: Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess

Race- Pure-Blooded Devil

LVL - 105

HP - 15000

MP - 35000



Title: Thunder Prestress

Race- Devil/Fallen Angel Hybrid

LVL - 100

HP - 14500

MP - 24000


Koneko Toujo

The Cat Loli

Race- Nekoshou/Devil Hybrid

LVL- 70

HP- 30000

MP- 15000


Yuuto Kiba

Prince of Kuoh

Level - 75

Race - Devil

HP - 12000

MP - 22000

Rias and Akeno are almost twice their level than before we had started while Kiba and Koneko are getting close to reaching level 100 like Rias and Akeno. While I do some leveling up as well myself.

Keith Vermillion

LVL - 350

Class - Necromancer- LVL (50/100)

2nd Class - Cryomancer - LVL (50/100)

Race - Human

HP - 30000 [6000 per min]

MP - 70000 [42000 per min]

STR - 1250

END - 1500

DEX - 1750

INT - 3500

WIS - 3500

CHA - 350 X 5 = (1750)

LUK - 500

Points - Locked

MP Regen = WIS X 12

MP = INT X 20

HP Regen = END X 4

HP = END X 20

With necromancer and cryomancer at level fifty, meaning that I can choose two classes at once.

Choose a new class

[Fighter] [Ranger] [Support] [Mage] [Rogue] [Production]

I was looking around every class in every category until I found a very interesting one called Techomancer, it is a magic version of an engineering class. With this class can create and control any machine with my mind, I can modify team Rwby's weapons in my inventory, or even better I can might able to control Android 18 or Penny when I summon them. I'm not going to pass on that opportunity. So, I have chosen Techomancer.

Class Gained

[Techomancer] - LV(1/100)

Gain 4 INT, 4 WIS, and 2 LUK at every level

Skills gained

[Technology Mastery (Novice)] (Passive)

Basic understanding of technology and its various uses

[Technokinesis (Novice)] (Active)

Users can control/manipulate any machine with their minds.

Current: Low-level tech/machine

[Summon Machines]

Allows you to summon machines

[Create Machine]

Creates a machine to serve and aid you, if you have the required materials.

Requires Blueprints

[Create Device]

You can create devices to use to help aid you, so long as you have the materials to build them

[Create Weapons]

You can create any tech-based weapon so long as you have the materials required to make it.

And here some cards to helped you get started!

[Card Pack (Machine)] x 2 added to your inventory

Oh? Thanks! Pulling one out I look at them in curiosity.

[Card Pack (Machine)]

Has 5 Machine Type cards of various levels of strength.

All right, guess there's only one way to check out. Opening up both packs as I look over the cards in interest.

Cards added to Machine Blueprints

Spy Drone (1 Star)

Cyber Mask (1 Star)

Junkbot (1 Star)

Signal Jammer (2 Star)

Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol (2 Star)

Robotic Spider (3 Star)

Armory Arm (4 Star)

Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle (4 Star)

Energy Saber (4 Stars)

Ancient Gear Golem (8 Star)

All Knowledge of how to build each machine is forced into my head like being hit by a truck, it hurts for just a moment, but the pain faded away afterward as the schematics and information about each machine are shoved into my brain.

Unfortunately, a lot of the knowledge is sealed away, only the 1-star machines are available for me at the moment, I need to level Techomancer more to get the higher-level machines. 10 Levels per Star, that's what my brain tells me.

At Level 10 I'll get the 2-Star ones, at 20 I'll get the 3-star, etc, etc. But, the big question is...

Keith: "Hai, Isis I have a question I can be able to control very advanced technology like androids and cyborgs like Penny or Android 18?

Yes! you can, but to control a powerful android like android 18 you need your technokinesis to reach the master level to control her!

Keith: "Okay, I need to work my way up to do that no problem with my special perk it will be easy.

Don't forget to get your second class, master!

Keith: "Oh yeah I almost forgot for a moment!"

Well, I guess I will pick thief since it will be useful to sneak around and for surprise attacks on my opponents too.

[Thief] LV (1/100)

Gained 5 Dex and 5 LCK per level

[Dagger Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Gained the knowledge of how to use a Dagger with some skill

[Acrobatics Proficiency (Novice)] (Passive)

Gained the knowledge to be more flexible, allowing you to move more freely

[Pickpocket] (Active)

Attempts to steal an item of choice from the target

Success chance is [Thief Class Level plus DEX/2 – Target's Dex/2]

[Sneak] (Active)

Attempt to go unnoticed, the detection rate is based on Thief Class Level, Movement Speed, Armour Type, and Dex.

[Lockpick] (Active)

Attempt to open a locked door.

Success chance is [Thief Class Level plus DEX/2 – Lock Difficulty LevelX10]

I decided that I want to go to the junkyard to find technology and some material to level up my class. I had asked Rias can we have a break for the day and she said yes since they are strong enough that losing a day is not going to affect them.

I flew back to Kuoh Town with my fire wings and stopped at the outskirts of town since it is a not idea to fly in the sky where people can see me and I going to use my stealth skill to sneak around town to level up my thief class to go the junkyard.

After sneaking around town without being seen and arriving at the junkyard, my thief had leveled up to level 10.

Entering the junkyard, I see all kinds of stuff in the junkyard from Phones, Laptops, Microwaves, Fridges, TVs, etc. I started disassembling them afterward I gathered the material and created my first junk robot.

Junkbot #1

Lv- 10

HP- 1000


It may not be the strongest or good looking that have created, but it is a start. I commend the Junkbot with my technokinesis to control it as the Junkbot obey as it started gathering around material in the junkyard and giving it to me so I can make more of them.


During a few hours, I made four more junk bots, a few spy drones, and a cyber mask that level up techomancer to reach level 20 that has unlocked 2-Star and 3-Star ones. I have already created 2 energy pistols, a signal jammer, and a robotic spider.

Skills Upgraded

[Technology Mastery (Apprentice)] (Passive)

You have a little experience understanding of technology and its various uses

[Technokinesis (Apprentice)] (Active)

Users can control/manipulate any machine with their minds.

Current: Middle-Level Tech/Machine

With that, I decided to leave since I have gathered a lot of materials, my devices, and junk bots in my inventory before anyone noticed and asked what am I doing in the junkyard.

After leaving the junkyard, I went to visit my home since I'm already in town. I was casually walking down the street and messing around with everybody's devices like turning off and on their tv and phone with my technokinesis that slowly leveling up my Techomancer class as I make my way towards my home.

After arriving at my home I was greeted by my favorite maid, Sakuya.

Sakuya: "Welcome back, master! Back so soon!

Keith: "Just visiting for a bit to see how everybody was doing while I was gone!"

Sakuya: "Nothing much, sir! Raynare, Mittelt, and Kalawarner are keeping the mansion all clean while you were gone. Rem and Ram are watering the garden. Asia and Musubi are watching tv in the living room."

Keith: "I see, well then I guess see Asia and Musubi while I'm here."

I went to the living room, seeing that Asia and Musubi are watching tv like Sakuya said until they spotted me.

Asia: "Keith! You are here!"

She rushed at me and hugged me as Musubi do the same as I hugged them back.

Keith: "Good to see you too!"

Asia: "Are you back from your trip?"

Keith: "Nope, I'm just visiting to see how everyone was doing while I was gone!"

Asia: "Everything is fine! Sakuya has taught me and Musubi how to cook."

Keith: "That's nice, Asia"

After talking to Asia and Musubi, I headed downstairs I find Mittelt cleaning under one of the cabinets, her short skirt failing to cover her panty-clad ass, and wearing blue and white striped underwear. I can't help but stare at the sight as her ass shakes slightly as she tries to reach further underneath, waiting for her to notice me. After a while she stands up, turning around as her proud smile swiftly drops and is replaced with a look of fearful submission.

Mittelt: "Lord Keith!? What are... I mean what can I do for you?"

She asks while blushing as she pulls the skirt down slightly.

Keith: "Oh nothing much! Just wondering where are Raynare and Kalawarner?"

Mittelt: "Yeah... Raynare is cleaning up the bathroom down the hall and Kalawarner is at the back of the mansion cleaning the windows."

Keith: "That's good! You don't mind that I borrowed you for a while.

Mittelt: "Huh?!"

She was confused as I pick her up and carry her to my room and locked the door behind me. I placed her on my bed as she was still confused as to what is going on.

Mittelt: Hm... master what are doing?

Keith: Oh nothing I just want to reward you for your hard work while I was gone.

Mittelt: "What kind of reward?

Keith: "I will you see!"

I sat on the bed while I had Mittelt sit on my lap. I ordered her to remove her top and she has taken off her top without hesitation.

Keith: "Now hold still and relax!

Mittelt: "Y-Yes, master!

I cast enhanced pleasure on my hands as I place my hands on her chest. She squirms beneath my touch, my skin is soft and pliant to the touch, but she's clearly still nervous.

Keith: "Try to relax more it is no need to be nervous about this!

Mittelt: "Okay!"

She exhales softly becoming more relaxed than before as I massage her chest, her blush is more out of embarrassment than pleasure though. I cast arose on her to make her a bit more horny as I started squeezing her small breasts as she started moaning.

Mittelt: *Moan*

Keith: "Feel good?

Mittelt: "Y-Y-Yes!"

Then I started to play with her nipple as more moans escaped her lips. After a while of playing with her chest, I decided to skip the foreplay and just get to the main part!

I command Mittelt to remove her clothes except for her stockings as she kneels on the bed.

She slowly bends down, her chest pressing into the sheets as she looks back at him teasingly, wiggling her ass as she relaxes just a bit.

Getting onto the bed, I slowly move my hand along her ass, my thumb teasing at her labia as she subtly shifts at my touch.

Keith: A smart girl knows when to say no, but you don't want to be a smart girl right now, do you?

I rub my cockhead against her pussy, feeling her push her hips back a bit, but enough to get me to push into her.

Keith: All you want is to feel good, isn't that right?

Mittelt: Y-Yes...!

I smile, my hand getting rougher as I grasp her ass.

Keith: Good...

She shudders slightly in anticipation, waiting for the second word, but...

Keith: Very good.

She pauses slightly but stays mostly still.

Keith: You don't need to think right now, Mittelt... Right?

Mittelt: Yes...!

My hand pauses slightly.

Keith: Yes what?

She bites her lip slightly, a shudder going down her back as she replies,

Mittelt: Yes Master~

Keith: Good girl.

Mittelt: Ahnn~!

Her voice fills the room momentarily as I thrust into her, small pants and moans spilling out with each swing of my hips.

Keith: A good girl can stop thinking so hard. You can just keep focusing on nothing but this.

You punctuate your words with a heavy thrust, fucking her into the bed roughly as her moans pick up.

Keith: All you need is to be fucked stupid like the toy you are.

Her pussy squeezes around me as I say that, her back arching further as she gasps in pleasure.

Keith: Isn't that right, slut?

Mittelt: Y-Ye-

I interrupt Mittelt with another forceful slam into her, her voice cutting out as she writhes in pleasure.

Mittelt: Yes yes yes yes YES~

Keith: Good girl. Just kept saying yes while I pump your slutty cunt full, and don't bother thinking about anything else. Just let every thrust fuck away all those thoughts...

Mittelt: Y-Yes Sir~...!

Thrusting forward, I let my throaty moans spill out as I slam into her, thrusting at a comfortable pace for a while as Mittelt's head goes blank with pleasure.

Her pussy just keeps squeezing around me, unconsciously trying to milk me as she shudders and squirms under me. When her pleasure slowly reaches the peak, her orgasm spreads through her entire body, I can feel it from the way she starts squeezing even tighter.

Keith: "You're getting close, aren't you?"

She barely nods, still muttering yes again and again, before I give her a firm slap on her ass.

Mittelt moans sharply, the haze disappearing from her eyes for just a moment as you say,

Keith: "You'd better be since I'm about to finish too."

A lustful, almost hungry look appears in Mittelt's eyes at that as she squeezes tight around me, the spank just enough to clear her head and get her to beg:

Mittelt: "Fuck yes, please~! Cum inside your little slut~!"

Grinning, I throw myself into each thrust, fucking her slick, wet pussy with abandon as I focus solely on going over the edge.

When it happens, it's with a loud groan of pleasure from me, and a squealing moan of ecstasy from Mittelt.

Mittelt: "F-Fuckkk~!"

I buck my hips into her several more times as I cum, her eyes rolling up at the sensation of being filled as she shudders and quakes beneath my body.

Each pulse of my cock and jet of my cum cause her to moan throatily, her mind still hazed out as the pleasure keeps pushing aside any thoughts.

She stays that way for a while after I finally pull out, my cum spilling out onto the sheets as she pants with a half-dopey smile.

Keith: "I guess I'm done here!"

I walk out of the room, leaving Mittelt in my room to rest up since I know that she will clean up after I leave. I went to find Asia and Musubi, so I can take them with me to help train Rias and her peerage.

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