When Laney reached the garden, Loki and Star were waiting, with a full, very nice picnic waiting under the shade tree. "Hello darling!" Loki said happily, when he saw her walking towards him.

"Hi sweetheart," Laney greeted. She walked up to Loki and sat down beside him and gave him a kiss.

Loki returned Laney's kiss and smiled. "I know we had planned to take lunch inside today, but I thought you might like a little surprise picnic."

Laney felt herself blush and quickly stole another kiss from his lips. "Look at you being all romantic," she murmured.

"I can be, on occasion." Loki chuckled. "I wanted to surprise you, but I also wanted something simple since you are still healing."

"I'm practically healed now," Laney replied. "I actually forgot to ask Desi about it while we were talking, before I came here."

"I know, but I still didn't want to risk doing too much at first." Loki said truthfully.

Laney sighed softly and bent over to pick up a piece of fruit and pop it into her mouth. "You don't need to coddle me too much Loki," she assured. "I'm a big girl."

"This isn't coddling. I call it spoiling." Loki corrected with a little smile. He picked up and handed Star a piece of Jotun fruit to chew on.

"It won't be much longer until I can return to doing all of the usual things. I'm looking forward to it," Laney replied.

"I still want to make you feel special in any way I can darling." Loki cooed.

Laney smiled as she grabbed a piece of bread and spread butter onto it. "I know you do. I want to do the same for you when I'm able to do so. It's hard when the man of your dreams can get himself anything he could ever want."

Loki smiled and shook his head. "It's not about what I can or can't get. It's about the thought behind it."

"I know darling. It's just daunting sometimes." Laney took a bite of her bread and smiled down at Star, watching as she gummed at her fruit. "She's going to need a bath after we're done here."

"I know that, but that is what baths are for." Loki chuckled. "Don't think of it as daunting darling. You could pick a wildflower for me and it would mean everything to me."

Laney grinned around her mouth full of food and shook her head at him. "You always know what to say."

"It is just what I enjoy darling. Yes, I can easily conjure nearly anything. That can never replace the feeling of a little surprise though." Loki said truthfully, then picked up a piece of bread for himself.

A little surprise hmm? I wonder if I could surprise him with something once I'm medically cleared? Laney nodded and grabbed a piece of cheese and popped it in her mouth. "I will take that into account."

Loki smiled and grabbed a grape, popping into his mouth. "I have some other ideas in mind, but they still have to wait a bit longer."

She raised an eyebrow at him, wondering what was up his sleeve. "I guess I'll just have to wait then."

"It will be worth the wait, I promise." Loki said with a little grin.

"I'm eager to find out what you have in store, my dear prince."

"You will see, by dear princess." Loki said sweetly.

Laney smiled at him as she popped another bite of cheese in her mouth. "This picnic is perfect Loki. Thank you for doing this."

"I'm just glad you like it darling." Loki said truthfully.

"I love being outdoors, especially when it's good weather. I hope Star does too."

"So far, she seems to really enjoy the grass, so I think she will at least enjoy being in the garden." Loki said happily.

"She'll be playing in the dirt and mud before we know it," Laney replied.

"I hope so. That is the best part of childhood." Loki said happily.

Laney giggled. "There are many things that are wonderful about childhood. I cannot wait to teach her."

"I'm excited to teach her as well. Mother wants to teach her about the garden." Loki said, then gave Star a fresh piece of fruit.

"That would be sweet. It could be something they could do together," Laney replied as she saw Frigga walking towards them from a distance.

"I agree. I like that everyone has their own things to do with Star." Loki said, following Laney's gaze to see his mother.

Laney smiled at Frigga's greeting as she got closer. "Afternoon Frigga."

"Hello mother. Is everything alright?" Loki asked curiously.

"Everything is just fine. I was curious to see if I could spend some time with Star?" Frigga asked.

"Of course you can. She is just finishing up her fruit." Loki said, smiling at Star.

Frigga looked down at the little one, who was leaned up against Loki, sitting in his lap. "I think a bath is in order."

"I can give her a bath before you take her, if you want." Loki offered.

"That's okay darling. I don't mind giving her one. We can play in the bubbles like you and I used to," Frigga said.

"I think she will love that. Thank you, mother." Loki said with a soft smile.

"You're welcome love." Frigga walked up to Loki and Star then knelt down towards them. "Up Star?"

Loki helped Star up so his mother could pick her up. "Be a good girl for gramma."

Frigga picked Star up and cuddled her to her chest. "I haven't been called that yet. But I like it."

"You will be called that more once she is talking." Loki said happily.

"I look forward to it," Frigga cooed, then kissed Star's sticky cheek. "I will see you two at the evening meal, okay?"

"Alright mother. We will see you then." Loki said softly.

Frigga grinned and turned and walked away, talking to Star. Meanwhile Laney moved to lean against Loki's side as she watched them walk off. "Well... what now?"

"Do you want to go for a swim?" Loki asked Laney, holding her close.

"Is it warm enough?" Laney asked. "It's a long way to the hot spring from here."

"It's not a long way for someone who can teleport." Loki pointed out.

Laney blushed. "Is this one of your surprises?" She asked.

"It could be, you just need to wait and see." Loki teased.

"Then take me so I can find out," she replied, then kissed just beneath his ear.

Loki sighed contently then wrapped his arms around Laney and teleported them to the hot spring. The scent of roses hung in the air from the fresh petals that had been added to the water. Enchanted candles drifted on the water amongst the petals.

Laney looked around the spring with widened eyes. "When did you have time to do this?"

"I have my ways darling." Loki said with a little grin. "Do you like it?"

"I love it. This is amazing Loki."

"I have made it very clear this spring is reserved for the day, so I did not bring us any swim clothes..." Loki said softly, hoping to not make Laney uncomfortable.

Laney bit her bottom lip before she turned and wrapped her arms around Loki's neck. "Then I can tell you my surprise," she murmured.

Loki wrapped his arms around Laney's waist. "What surprise is that?" He asked curiously.

"I am cleared. Desi has given me the okay to be back to normal and I took my first vial today," she told him softly.

"It looks like this was all timed perfectly then." Loki chuckled happily.

Laney laughed and then leaned up to kiss his jaw. "Yes it was." I'll talk to him about the meeting tonight... I've missed him too much.

Loki shifted so the kiss met his lips. "Would you like to get into the water first?"

"I'd love to." She turned and faced away from him, then unclipped both sides of her dress before she let it fall, revealing her topless body.

Loki smiled and reached around her to gently cup Laney's breasts. "I have missed this."

Laney leaned back against Loki's chest and turned her head to kiss his neck. "I have too."

"After you darling." Loki said, leading them to the edge of the spring.

She smiled as she shimmied out of her undergarments and slowly stepped into the warm spring until she was shoulder deep in the water. "This is heavenly."

Loki quickly undressed, piling his clothes with hers, then he stepped into the warm water as well. "I thought this might help ease any aches you still have."

Laney turned and faced Loki as she eased around in the soothing water. "The only thing that's been bothering me is my back and my chest. Carrying our little one everywhere can cause a little ache, but I'm okay."

"I have been trying to carry her more to ease your strain. I think you just need a day off though, to fully relax." Loki said as he moved closer to Laney.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "A day off sounds nice. Although I think I would miss her."

"It doesn't have to be a full day to start. Let's just start with a few hours today." Loki suggested, holding Laney close.

"That sounds lovely," Laney grinned. "But what would we do with our time I wonder?" She asked playfully.

"For that, I will let you decide as I don't want to do too much too soon." Loki said truthfully.

He's so concerned about me. Where's my romantic Loki? Laney caressed the back of Loki's neck and ran one hand through the ends of his wet hair. "You're not going to break me Loki," she murmured.

"You just created an entire new life darling... I am worried about hurting you, because of how much I love you." Loki said then leaned in and kissed Laney.

Laney returned his kiss and gripped gently onto his hair. "What do you mean?" She asked softly.

"Your body has gone through so much to create our daughter. Are you certain you have had enough time to heal?" Loki asked.

Laney shrugged. "Desi told me I'm fully healed and to take a vial once a month for contraception," she explained.

"You aren't still sore or anything?" He questioned.

"No, I am not. Not when it comes to that anyhow," she assured.

"Then enjoy the water darling and we will retire to our room." Loki said softly.

Laney grinned as she ran her hands down the sides of his neck, then down his chest before she kissed him. "Wanting to show off, my prince?" She asked softly.

"Perhaps just a little bit." Loki chuckled, then pulled Laney into a deep kiss. "But I mainly want to show you a good time. The room will be ready when we are finished here."

"Ready?" Laney asked. "What could you possibly need to do to our room?" She questioned, though a smile was on her face.

"You ask far too many questions." Loki chuckled then pulled Laney into another kiss.

Laney readily kissed him back as they found themselves against the natural wall of the spring. She ran her hands back up his chest and into his hair while one of her legs lifted to rest over his hip.

Loki slowly broke from the kiss and pressed his forehead to Laney's. "Are you trying to tease me?" He asked as he let his hands fall lower down her back.

She let one hand move to rest against Loki's unoccupied hip and gave it a gentle squeeze while she caught her breath. "If I am?"

"It's working." Loki murmured, his tone more husky now.

Laney bit her bottom lip before she gently tugged on his hair and nipped at his jaw. "Is that a good thing?"

"You tell me." Loki said with a soft groan. He pressed his hips to hers so she could feel the start of his arousal.

"I don't think we'll make it to our chambers sweetheart," Laney replied. Her hips automatically moved forward, wanting to make contact with his skin.

"I could teleport us, unless you want to stay here." Loki said, moaning softly.

Laney captured his lips in a slow kiss, exploring his mouth. When she pulled away she met his eyes. "Which would you prefer?"

"I wouldn't mind the room, only because I had it all set up." Loki said truthfully.

"You can take us there whenever you wish," she replied softly.

Loki kissed Laney as he teleported them to the bedroom, then broke the kiss so she could turn and see their room. The fire had been dimmed and replaced by candles everywhere to give the room a soft, warm glow, and rose petals covered the floor and bed.

"You never cease to amaze me," Laney murmured as she leaned back against Loki's chest, not caring they were both nude.

Loki smiled and picked Laney up bridal style and carried her to the bed where he laid her down. "I love you."

"I love you too," Laney whispered. "So much."

Loki moved between Laney's legs while Laney reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. He positioned himself, then carefully pushed himself into her. "Please tell if I need to stop at any point."

"I'll let you know," Laney replied. She leaned up and captured his lips to distract her from the slight pain of readjusting to him.

Loki held still so Laney could adjust to him. "Are you alright?"

"I'm okay, love. It's just been a while," Laney answered.

"Do you want me to stop?" Loki asked, his brow furrowed in concern.

Laney shook her head and ran her hands over his shoulders and down his back to grasp his hips and gently push him forward, making herself gasp. "Not at all."

Loki gave a soft groan as he slid deeper into Laney's warmth. Shifting slightly, he began to move his hips, slowly at first to make sure he did not hurt her.

A satisfied smile lit Laney's face. It makes me feel powerful to know I can give him such pleasure. She arched her hips against his and gripped onto his hips. "That feels good."

Loki moaned softly and moved faster while still being mindful. "You feel amazing." He moaned.

Laney leaned up and nipped along his jaw before she gently bit down on his neck while her hands found and squeezed on his ass. "Gods, Loki. I've missed this."

Loki moaned louder, maintaining his pace. "I have missed your warmth so much."

"Lo-ki," Laney breathed. She began to meet his hips for every thrust and buried her head in the crook of his neck with a moan.

"You feel so good." Loki moaned, picking up his pace again.

Laney's nails but into Loki's skin as she urged his movements on. "Don't... don't stop," she gasped. Laney licked and nibbled at his neck, trying to give him just as much pleasure as he was giving her.

Loki groaned in reply, feeling a wave of sensation starting to build within him. "Bite harder..."

In response to his words, Laney bit down on the sensitive skin of Loki's neck while she felt him grip onto her body tighter. She keened in response, loving the feel of him as he moved within her.

"I'm... I'm close." Loki panted, further aroused by how Laney reacted to him.

Laney licked the bite mark she'd made before she decided to surprise Loki and used her strength to roll them over so she was on top. She looked down at him with a look of lasciviousness on her face as she began to ride him.

Loki grunted and then groaned at the change in sensation while he grabbed Laney's hips. He helped her move while also bucking his hips up to meet hers.

"I thought... I'd try something... different," Laney breathed as she leaned over Loki and put her hands on either side of his head while she ground her hips into his.

"I like it." Loki grunted truthfully as he bucked his hips faster into hers..

Laney captured Loki's lips in a searing kiss as she continued to ride him. "I'm close, love."

"Let go and embrace it." Loki replied, still tasting the lingering sweetness of Laney's lips on his.

She lifted herself upright and continued to ride Loki while her climax washed over her at his words. Laney let her head fall back as she moaned in release while her hips continued to roll.

Watching Laney and feeling her body tighten around him was enough to trigger Loki's climax as well. "Gods Laney." He moaned as wave after wave of sensation surged through him.

Laney could feel Loki's legs shake with his own release as she bent down to lay on his chest, keeping them joined together. She peppered his face with kisses and ran her hands through his hair while tears welled in her eyes with emotion. "I love you so much."

Loki let go of his hold on Laney's hips and wrapped his arms around her to hold her close. "I love you more."

She smiled and kissed his cheek, then his jaw. "I'm not sure that's possible."

Loki smiled and tilted his head to kiss Laney's lips. "I have no words for how much you mean to me."

"Neither I, for you," Laney replied softly.

"The only regret I have is being too scared to tell you how much I love you before you left the first time. I should have told you then, and I'm the luckiest man alive to have you now." Loki said softly.

Laney leaned up and rested her head in her hand as she looked down at him. "I didn't tell you either. But I don't know if knowing would have made things easier back then."

"We will never know, but I do know that having you has made my life perfect now." Loki said sincerely.

She smiled down at him and pecked his lips. "Just as you have made mine," she replied, emphasizing her words with a roll of her hips.

Loki gave a soft groan. "Are you wanting another round?" Loki asked, his tone amused.

Laney smirked. "I was just making a point," she chuckled. "I think this is the longest we've stayed joined."

"It is darling, but I am enjoying it." Loki admitted.

"I am too," she replied. Laney ran one hand along the side of his face then down his neck and chest. "It could always lead to something, or not."

"Your warmth feels wonderful either way." Loki said softly, then leaned up to kiss Laney gently on the lips.

A small blush filled Laney's cheeks as she returned his kiss. "I don't think I've ever heard you make bedroom talk," she murmured. "I like it."

"Would that be considered bedroom talk?" Loki asked curiously.

"It would. I've read a lot of stories that include bedroom talk or dirty talk," she giggled. Laney caressed along the planes of his chest, applying pressure to one of his nipples when she passed it.

Loki blushed softly. "I.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

"Don't be sorry Loki. I like it," Laney assured him. "It doesn't have to be something that's done all the time, but it adds a bit of excitement to things."

"It has always bothered me whenever I have tried." Loki admitted.

Laney furrowed her brow at him. "What do you mean?"

"I... kind of overheard mother talking like that when I was a small child. Whenever I have tried, that's what I remember." Loki grimaced.

"Awe... maybe we could try and change the memory sometime. It doesn't have to be immediate." Laney bent down to capture his lips as she rolled to the side, bringing him with her so they faced each other. But in doing so she felt him slip from her body.

"I would like that very much." Loki said truthfully. He gave a soft groan when he felt her warmth leave him.

"Disappointed?" Laney asked playfully. "Were you hoping for another round?"

"I was enjoying your warmth, and miss it already." Loki explained.

Laney smirked at him and trailed a hand along his side and hip before she let it rest over his ass. "I enjoy how you feel too."

"You are such a tease." Loki chuckled. He curled a lock of Laney's hair around his finger.

"I'm a tease? That doesn't sound like me," Laney chuckled.

"Oh, it doesn't?" Loki chuckled in reply. "It's a good thing you're so cute."

"Well you're just as handsome," she replied.

"And I have a nice ass." Loki teased.

Laney laughed and pinched one of his ass cheeks gently, feeling him jump. "Yes you do."

"Easy on the goods." Loki chuckled.

"Why easy?" Laney asked. She smirked and pinched him again before she pulled herself flush against him.

"You don't want to bruise those beautiful cheeks." Loki grinned and held Laney close.

Laney chuckled and pecked his lips, then his nose. "I don't think I ever could."

"I am just teasing darling." Loki chuckled, then kissed Laney's lips.

She returned his kiss, letting her free hand wind into his hair while the other gently squeezed his ass. "I can't get enough of you."

"It's good that I'm all yours then." Loki grinned. He then trailed his hand down to her hip.

"Forever," Laney assured him. She pecked his lips, then dared to lick his bottom lip, still feeling wound up.

Loki gave a soft groan. "You sure are playful. I like it."

"I'm glad. It's nice to be able to show my affections and not worry about getting too excited."

"You never have to worry around me darling. I love when you show your affections." Loki said truthfully.

"Just as I love when you do the same."

Loki smiled and flipped them over so he was on top. "We still have a little time left."

Laney chuckled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Eager for another round?"

"Are you?" Loki asked playfully.

"I could be tempted," she replied with a sultry smile.

"As could I. You are very good at tempting me." Loki grinned.

She chuckled and grasped the back of his head before she made him bend down so she could kiss him deeply, eagerly delving her tongue into his mouth.

Loki moaned softly into the kiss, letting his tongue explore Laney's mouth. He moved one hand from her side and lifted himself slightly to slide it between them to tease her lower warmth.

Laney moaned in response and broke the kiss to take in a breath of air. "You were waiting," she breathed.

"Are you disappointed?" Loki asked with a mischievous grin.

"Not at all," she replied as she pressed into his touch.

"I wanted to make sure you had enough of a break before continuing?" Loki explained. After, he slid his fingers into Laney's warmth.

Laney sighed and lifted her hips to allow him further access to her. "You have me all warmed up now."

"I have missed seeing you like this darling. Seeing you so overcome by passion is such a beautiful sight." Loki said, his tone husky again.

She grinned and rolled her hips against Loki's hand, loving the sound of his voice, making her shiver in delight. "I've missed that voice of yours," Laney replied.

"Is it as delightful as when you moan for me?" Loki asked though it sounded like more of a growl.

"Gods Loki... yes," Laney moaned.

"Music to my ears." Loki growled. He pulled his fingers free then settled himself between Laney's legs. Spreading her legs further, he lined himself with her entrance and pushed his full length into her.

Laney cried out in pleasure and grasped at Loki's hips, eager for the feeling of being full once more.

Loki moaned as the warmth surrounded him once more. He started at a quicker pace this time, eager to bring them intense pleasure. He ran his hands over every inch of skin he could reach while his mouth kissed and licked at her neck and shoulder.

"Don't stop Loki... gods..." Laney arched into Loki's touch, knowing there would be bruises left on his ass later as she dug her fingers into his flesh.

"I love how you sound." Loki moaned as he increased his pace, now pistoning his hips.

Laney buried her head in Loki's neck to try and quiet her loud wails of passion. "I-I'm close!"

"Don't hold back." Loki growled, getting close as well.

It didn't take but a few more fast and hard thrusts from Loki for Laney to climax, causing her to bite down on Loki's shoulder to dampen her scream.

The bite was enough to send Loki over the edge and trigger his own release, making him trust harder a few times before he partially collapsed on top of her. "Gods Laney... that was intense." He panted.

Laney slowly let go of Loki's shoulder and licked the wound, hoping to calm the bite, when she tasted blood. "Extremely... I bit you too hard."

"It was not too hard to me darling. I found it very pleasurable." Loki admitted.

"But... you're bleeding," Laney said softly. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me darling." Loki assured. "It felt good."

"I shouldn't make you bleed though sweetheart," she murmured.

"Darling, please don't worry about it. It was a moment of very intense passion." Loki replied. He focused a bit of energy and healed the bite wound. "See, all better."

Laney looked up at him with a smile. "I forget you can do that sometimes."

"I can, and those were only scratches. Please don't worry darling."

"As long as you're sure." Laney leaned up and captured his lips in a soft kiss.

Loki returned her kiss, then smiled when it ended. "I am absolutely certain darling."

She ran her hands slowly up and down his back. "What would you like to do now? I think that's the first time we've gone twice in a row."

"It is the first time and I'm not sure how much time we have left before Star will need you." Loki said softly.

"Well, I'm sure we will have more alone time soon. Did you still want to have our weekend?" Laney asked, although she made no move to get up.

"Of course I do. I want to see how Star has done this time, as it's her first time away from us. I don't want to go until we know she is ready." Loki said, also in no hurry to move.

Laney continued to caress Loki's back and hips while she relaxed into the pillows of the bed. "I agree. I'd like to know she would be okay. I'm not sure how she would be without feeding directly from me."

"I think having mother watch her for a full day, while we're still here would be a good idea. That way if she isn't ready, we are very close by." Loki suggested.

"We can try. I'm not sure if Star would take a bottle though," Laney replied.

"That's why I think we should try while we are still here. If she won't, mother can just simply bring her back to us." Loki said, just as there was a knock on the door.

Laney bit her lip. "Get yourself dressed and answer the door darling. I'll clean up and put on a robe."

"You can stay in bed and relax if you prefer." Loki offered. He kissed Laney one last time as he slowly removed himself from her, then slowly got out of bed. Using his magic, a robe appeared around him as he walked to the bedroom door. Once he left, he was barely gone for a few minutes before he returned with Star. "Mother brought her back to eat."

"I only had time to sit up," Laney chuckled as she covered herself with a blanket. "Is she fussy?"

"She has a piece of fruit to content her for the moment, but mother said she was becoming quite fussy." Loki said as he pushed the bedroom door closed behind him, then carried Star over to Laney. "She has already been changed and mother gave her a bath."

Laney took Star in her arms once Loki offered her to him, then gently took the fruit from her tiny hands. "She must be hungry then , little thing." She let the blanket drop from her chest and positioned Star to nurse.

Loki sat next to Laney on the bed and wrapped his arm around her. "I don't know if I'm ready to leave her for a weekend yet. She's still so small..."

"I know what you mean." Laney looked down at their nursing daughter and caressed her little cheek. "I don't know if I could leave her alone either."

"We don't need to jump right to a weekend away. We can start with a few hours here and there." Loki promised, smiling down at his little girl.

"Then that's what we'll do. Start small," Laney said softly.